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#shera and the princesses of power

Here’s the teaser for my spop fanfic :)

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Ok so I’ve been trying to write an spop fanfiction, and I’m thinking I’ll have more motivation if more people are interested? It’s a ballet school AU with a rivals to lovers arc for two dancers, Adora and Catra. I’ll post a teaser and if anyone would like to read this let me know!

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still not really over the fact that there is a she-ra character named “castaspella”. like that’s bad even for a show with an archer named “bow”

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my favorite trope will always be the hero “chosen one” type who does not want to be chosen/do what they are supposed to do/fulfill their “potential”/etc. duck newton, adora, etc… it just hits different idk

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can u believe i haven’t produced a single scorpia piece until today

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She-Ra cosplay but make it urban fantasy! This colouring page will be available for all patron tiers from the 1st of March.


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A commission for @inkubusmb, a scene from their fanfic “Closer Than I Hoped” 😊✨

It’s been a while since I last drew spop fanart, I enjoyed this so much 

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my friend made a catradora amv for me 🥺😭

please drop a like so i can show him how thankful i am 🙏🏻

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