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#shera and the princesses of power
samm-arts · 2 days ago
Catradora WIP
Progress on this sketch
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candaceaprillee · 2 days ago
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✨The Calm: A Fan-made She-Ra Visual Novel✨
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Cause I just really wanted to draw She-Ra.🗡️
I made a 1-2 hour She-Ra mini-adventure in visual novel form - read it here NOW. And let me know what you think! :D
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Tumblr media
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catrasarm · 17 hours ago
why is this kinda--
ship? why was prime stroking the clone's hair like that? and then he was just straight up staring at him?? CUPPING THE CHEEK????
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kirkisms · 5 months ago
she-ra is so fucked it’s just like. here’s a human being in pain on one side of a war. here’s a human being in pain on the other side of that war. they are right and they are wrong and they are human beings and their emotions are worthy of respect even if their actions are reprehensible. the political and the personal are so deeply intertwined. everybody feels and wants something and loves something and needs something even the worst villain even the shining hero. they are all the same and they are all crying out to be loved even as they fight to save and to destroy.
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samm-arts · a day ago
Some catradora for the soul 😌😌
WIP posts here
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Catra: Adora and I don't have pet names for each other
Glimmer: what do bees make?
Catra: Honey?
Glimmer: huh, really thought that would work
Catra: ha! You idiot
Adora, from another room: yeah?
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