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justpaul · 2 days ago
Me: I'll kill anyone who will hurt John or Sherlock.
John & Sherlock: *hurt each other*
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helloliriels · 2 days ago
The best places to go for Sherlock canon:
John Watson's Blog
Moved to Tumblr when the real site was deactivated this year (find it here on waybackmachine)
Sherlock Holmes' Blog
The Science of Deduction blog also moved to Tumblr when the real site was deactivated (waybackmachine)
Molly Hooper's Blog
All of Molly's comments on John's blog (wayback machine).
Arwel Wyn Jones' Blog
Seems suspiciously limited for being an actual industry portfolio (wayback machine).
Connie Prince's Blog
Television personality from Sherlock episode. Also had a real live blog online (wayback machine).
Ariane DeVere's Show Transcripts
Amazing, amazing resource for any Sherlock writer!!! I guarantee you – that materials will be found resulting in your immediate ability to find the required line of dialogue. Don’t reply – just look delighted and flail wildly. (Downloadable Copies)
Sherlock Promo Image Galleries
I'm sure they've all been shared somewhere before. Just linking them in one place for quick reference.
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knives-out17 · a day ago
Y’all remember how in literally the very first episode of BBC Sherlock, John shot someone, he took a mans life, for Sherlock, to save Sherlock??? And then the BBC spent the rest of the series tryna pretend those two didn’t have mad feelings for each other and that John was straight???? Tomfoolery.
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bedeliaswhore · a day ago
Sherlock: *In a relationship with Irene*
Irene: *ships Johnlock*
John: *In a relationship with Mary*
Mary: *ships Johnlock*
Mycroft: *In a relationship with no one*
Lestrade: *ships Mystrade*
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vulcanhugsclub · a month ago
Instead of the sun/moon trope, how about the lightning/thunder trope
which of your otp is showy, bright and illuminating, always visible and dramatic, lights up the earth, usually looking for a fight -- not subtle at all and truthfully, not very threatening
which of your otp is subtle but also very scary, is not always visible, is always a threat, shakes the earth, and is mostly peaceful until they're not -- a subtle but ever present threat
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helloliriels · 13 hours ago
BBC Sherlock || John Watson || Soldier || OneAlyssa
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ghostflowerdreams · 14 days ago
Differences Between British English and American English
I hope this chart is a helpful reference for all writers. I used dictionaries, checked a couple of language forums, blogs and other people's charts to compile this. It also includes slang. I know that some of them won’t be a completely accurate comparison, but I tried to find the closest equivalent to them.
Please, keep in mind that some of these may vary throughout the years and could depend on the region. For example never in my life have I ever heard of the Water/Drinking Fountain in America (or at least in my area in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, etc.) be called the Bubbler. But apparently its very common in the Midwest of America, in particularly in Wisconsin (also in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for people to actually call it that). 
I left it out of the chart because it’s only a few areas that call it that and not all of America. I imagine something very similar to that is likely to happen for those in the UK too, and if so, please share any differences in the words and/or slang in your area.
Note: It’s been pointed out to me that some of these are incorrect, however, like I mention earlier at some point they were once true (like maybe 10 to 30 years ago) and some of them are still accurate, but it just depends on the location. I went more into it HERE. 
Remember, I’m only one person, who spent their own free time to work on this, so please cut me some slack. And if anything, I hope to encourage you all to make your own charts, because the current information online is out of date and unclear about where exactly in the US/UK that the words and slang came from.
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