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#sherlock x oc
thebadboyfanclub · 9 months ago
It’s Alright Darling (Sherlock x Reader)
Ok... Was this requested? No. Am I writing it cause anything Henry Cavill related makes me feel happy? Yes. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Being Sherlock Holmes assistant was something a lot of people would kill for and that makes it even better if you think about the irony of it. However, since Sherlock wasn’t a normal person to mostly everything he did, he had decided to hire a woman as his assistant, Mycroft called him mad and unhinged almost every time he brought up her name. (Y/n) was one of the most intelligent people he had ever been around, combining that with a charming personality was the recipe to success.
“Well, well, well I see my brother is full of surprises”
“Hello there Mycroft is so nice to see you again as well”
She spoke in an clearly ironic tone as she took of her gloves, she was never a fan of hats other than the occasions she knew she would be under the sun for hours. As she walked in the living room area for what seemed like their childhood home, Sherlock had requested for (y/n) to arrive a day later than the brothers, knowing that her and his older brother were like oil and water he chose to “prepare the grounds” first.
“Where is the young little Holmes?”
“Inside, talking with miss Harrison”
“Alright... who is miss Harrison?”
“Miss Harrison is an excellent teacher and a friend of mine, come to think of it maybe you should go in and ask her to take you as well... you might be a bit old but I’m sure she can make an exception”
Mycroft found (y/n) intolerant, she was dismissive, unladylike, mouthy and a feminist, he still does not understand what asset do she brought to his younger brother. She only smiled while sitting at one of the chairs
“I will let you know I was an excellent student in all my academic achievements, although I suppose you were one as well that doesn’t really prove someone’s intelligence or manners, right mister Holmes?”
Sherlock let a laugh be heard at (y/n)’s quick response, even though he would never take sides and sometimes wanted them to get along, he had accepted that it would never happen and simply enjoyed the situation.
“Amused brother? Of course you are as mad as her since you didn’t only hire her, you kept her around and brought her in my home”
“Now Now mister Holmes, what type of gentleman would you be if you threaten to through out not just a lady but your younger brothers guest, unfortunately you are just further proving my point about our little quarrel”
Before he had the chance to respond a young girl walked in, wearing a white undergarment dress and looking disheveled. The girl who (y/n) could only assume was the infamous Enola didn’t even notice her being in this room.
“No, don’t do this to me. Let me remain happy, I am happy here”
“You are a young woman now Enola, you need an education”
“Test me, on anything you think I need to know in order to be sufficient for this world”
“If she taught you so well, you wouldn’t be standing in your undergarment in front of me”
Silence fell in the room for a quick second. His disgusting answer to his own sister made (Y/n) get on her feet, Enola quickly let her gaze fall on the young woman that was now in her house.
“Why is that a problem Mister Holmes? Undergarments are scandalous for the men when a woman they are interested in wears them, she is your underaged sister”
“This is a family matter, it does not- I repeat- does not concern you”
“Of course it does not concern me, but it does concern me when a young girl is being held accountable for walking in her home, to her brothers, completely covered and still being shamed for it”
Enola understood by that quick argument the lady was not here because of Mycroft, so it only meant she was Sherlocks company, she is not his wife since if not invited he would have at least informed their mother, so perhaps a girlfriend?
“Enola you have no hopes of making a husband out of your state, neither do you... miss (y/l/n)”
“I don’t want a husband”
Enola claimed, raising her voice at the ridiculous claim her brother made. Even though they haven’t been properly introduced they had developed a mutually liking for each other, at a brief look they seemed to have the same outlook on life.
“And that is another thing you need to have educated out of you”
At that Enola turned to look at her other brother, Sherlock, who had remained radio silent throughout this entire conversation. Enola kneeled in front of him, as Sherlock looked at her and then broke eye contact to look down at the book he was holding.
“Sherlock, Don’t let him do this to me”
“You are his ward”
“Make me yours. Guide me. Teach me. For him I am nuisance. For you-”
“Enola. I’m sorry, but it’s out of my hands”
“Just like his cruelty to our mother was out of your hands”
Cruelty to their mother? No, Sherlock would have never allowed his mother to go through anything, he is a man of honor... isn’t he? (Y/n) felt her stomach tighten as she saw this tragic scene unravel, she hoped Sherlock would have accepted and took her in.
“She is not dangerous. She is remarkable and always has been. And if you still can’t see that then shame on you both”
“So remarkable she left you in my care”
Mycroft shot back. (Y/n) could almost feel the pain the young girl felt, you could see it in her eyes how that was an arrow straight in her heart. (Y/n) decided to step up and try to help, she approached the young girl with a kind smile and placed a hand on her shoulder.
“Come on, let’s get you out of here to calm down. Seems like your brothers don’t share the same love and admiration you do for the woman that made them who they are”
“I am a self made successful man”
“but you wouldn’t be no man if the woman you frown upon had not broken her hips and went through hours of painful labor. Take that as some food for thought before you school me on my manners”
Sherlock looked at her in awe, as she stood proudly next to his sister and became the shield he should have been. Standing up for a girl you haven’t even spoken to or knew before this.
“Let’s go young Enola, seems like a woman’s presence is wanted here only when she does as she is told”
“Come in”
“Can I open this door and be promised that I will remain safe or are you holding a dagger and you are ready to take me out of this world?”
“Don’t be ridiculous, dagger you in your own household? I would probably wait to poison you a few days after we leave and write the paperwork of you firing me”
He smiled at her plan as he closed the door in her room. It was already nightfall and the only light here were a few candles, he had let her take a breather after the unfortunate event that had occurred previously. Even though he wasn’t the one that she went toe to toe with, his silence was as obnoxious to her as his brothers loud ignorance towards the female gender.
“You are upset”
“Of course not, why would I be? It’s not like you let that man embarrass his own sibling and talk down to his mother without her being in the room”
She had remained sited in the chair next to the table, a book open that seemed like she was writing on rather than reading it. He was aware she was holding a journal, he didn’t blame her for it, having a job like she did she was in desperate need of something to keep her sane.
“This is a very wary subject”
“I am aware of it, I just can’t seem to understand why not comfort her, try to change your brothers opinion, anything that will show you care for her, you do care for her, right Sherlock?”
“She is my baby sister (y/n), that’s a given”
She closed her book. She ran her hand through her  through her hair and got up from her sit, her hands going in front of her torso at a defensive demeanor, even when Sherlock should be cold or show his higher position to her, he couldn’t help but seek some type of truce with her, how could he not? She looked so beautiful even when she mad at him, the eyes he was so caught up in looked at him with fury, her delicate feature went harsh and she was dressed more... lightly now.
“I spoke with her earlier, she was in the garden”
“I know, I saw.”
“She asked me about you, asked me if you were my lady”
Her eyes went wide for a split second before regaining her composer and turned her back to him. She approached the window before she spoke.
“If you think of how she became familiar with me, she was probably certain I wasn’t even friends with your holier than God brother”
“You mustn't be angry at me”
“And why is that?”
“Because other than my sister and mother, I care for you and for your opinion about me”
She remained silent. Not only because she was caught off guard by his comment, she also didn’t know what he was talking about. Sherlock stepped closer to her, his steps making her heart flutter and her palms sweaty. He stopped when he was right behind her, he wanted to hug her, caress her, kiss her, still he was uncertain of how she would react.
“I still remember the night you got kidnapped”
Someone that Sherlock had helped uncover had escaped prison and kidnapped her. Luckily, she was retrieved safely yet again she was still shaken up by the scary experience, when Sherlock found her awake next to the fireplace she was so vulnerable and grateful to be alive she launched at him and kissed him passionately.
He shared his bed with her, in the middle of the night though she had gotten up and left, when morning came she acted like nothing had happened, barely even looked at him in the eyes for a week.
“Please Sherlock don’t pick at my brain”
“Why did you leave that night? Did you regret it that much”
“That night... was the most blissful I have ever been.... However you are still my boss Sherlock”
“That’s all I am to you? Your boss?”
(Y/n) turned to look at him, tears welling up in her eyes. Those eyes would be the death of him, it was with no doubt the window to her soul, that pure gentle soul of hers.
“What am I to you then Sherlock? This wasn’t just about me”
“You are.... what I never knew I needed”
His hands went up to her forearms instinctively, a soft caress that made her think his hands were made out of the finest silk, she felt goosebumps as he touched her. Her lips parted slightly as she took in a heavy breath, her eyes searching for a hint of a lie in his words.
“Shhhhh, It’s alright darling. You don’t have to say anything”
At that he slowly leaned in, his lips on top of hers at a shy and gentle kiss. Her hand went to his neck, bringing her torso to touch his as the kiss deepened, her entire body felt a rush go through it as they should the passion they held for each other with this kiss. As she pulled back her fingertips traveled to his face, taking in his attractive features
“I had almost forgotten how good of a kisser you are”
“Oh love, you will never forget it ever again”
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magicmanias · a year ago
What's in a Name
Request: “Sherlock x reader with prompt #1 (but with just the first name) where the reader is friends and in love with Sherlock but they're all sad because the name William is on their wrist [... (contains spoilers)] Do what you want with that, cause like, suspense. Love your writing as always! ❤”
1. Soulmate’s name is marked on the other’s arm.
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Reader
Summary: Y/N has loved Sherlock for a long time. And even though his name isn’t the one fate has written on her arm, she can’t seem to help but be drawn to him. 
Warning: Fluff, Two swear words (that's right)
Word Count: 1.8k
A/N: I've finally written something!
Tumblr media
"No," she huffed, taking another sip of tea.
"Andrew," he said.
"Christopher?" she repeated.
"It was the most popular baby name from the 1980's," he said, as if everyone knew that. He didn't say anything after that, waiting for her response.
 There was a long pause. "Sherlock, I'm not telling you." She left the table in the small kitchen and proceeded to the couch.
He growled in frustration and rose from the table to follow her. "Well, why not?"
"Because I don't want you to go looking for him," she asserted. "I'll meet him when I meet him."
"Oh, that's daft," Sherlock groaned.
"You know what? Fine, I'll tell you," she said. Sherlock approached her, hands behind his back. She continued, "If you tell me yours."
His face showed no emotion when he said, "No, absolutely not."
"Why?" she asked. Sherlock didn't answer. Y/N knew better than to pry. If he didn't answer her the first time, she'd never get an answer out of him.
They both sat in silence. Sherlock read the news and Y/N tried her best to focus on the cup of tea in her hands.
"John?" she countered.
"Alright, fine," he muttered in the newspaper.
"Who do you think Sherlock's soulmate is?" Molly asked, looking up from the microscope. 
Y/N shook her head in amusement. Molly had only asked her a thousand times before. "John says it's Irene Adler." Molly bit her lip in disappointment. Despite the fact that a "Harry" was out there for her somewhere, she sorely fancied the Great Sherlock Holmes. "It's too bad John has some "Mary" out there. I think Sherlock is in love with him," Y/N added.
"That poor woman," Molly said abruptly. "Sherlock's soulmate," she clarified.
"What do you mean?" Y/N asked. Molly liked Sherlock, didn't she? She didn't blame her, though. Y/N had been in love with the detective for a while… Too bad his name wasn't William. She rubbed her arm thinking of the name etched onto it. She used fantasize about a handsome William that would sweep her off her feet. Now she quite resented the name.
"It's just… He's so reserved," Molly answered. "I know he has emotions in there somewhere, but he's just so…"
"Dickish?" John's voice came from the entrance of the room.
"That's one way of putting it," Molly said  timidly, with a nervous laugh.
"John," Y/N greeted. "Why are you here?"
"Sherlock wanted me to ask Molly about borrowing another body from the morgue. Some experiment he's doing for a case," he said.
"Oh, sure. I have one that would work," Molly said.  "I'll go prep it now." She left the room promptly for the morgue.
"So, running errands for your husband? It's nice to have Sherlock off his feet for once. You know, always up and about with the kids," Y/N teased.
"Oh, shut it," John rolled his eyes. "I actually came here to talk to you. He just gave me a few things to do from the convenience."
"Oh. What do you need?" she asked.
"An old military mate of mine is visiting and we were going to go out for drinks. Sherlock's coming, too," he said.
"Oh sure! I'd love to meet the mysterious men you hide from us. Is his name Mary?"
"No, his name's Sam," he huffed. "Do shut it, will you? Keep going at it and I'll tell Sherlock your bloody soulmate's name."
"You wouldn't."
"I would. I love you, but there's isn't enough love in this world that could prevent me from telling Sherlock his name if you don't bloody stop your teasing," he threatened playfully. "Poor William."
"Stop!" she seethed in a whisper. " Sherlock might hear you!"
"You think too highly of him, Y/N. He wouldn't put in so much effort to listen in on us. Probably finds us too boring," John said. "I don't understand why you won't tell him though."
"Because I—I… He—I just…" Y/N stuttered.
John interrupted her blabbering, "You know, if Sherlock wasn't so bloody blind, he'd be able to tell, just like the rest of London, that you love him."
"What? I don't—Shut up."
"I'll see you at the bar," John left, leaving her scared that Sherlock would find out how she truly felt about him.
"Sorry, John. Can't make your friend thing," Sherlock said mockingly as he entered the flat. "I've got a lead on a case that's very important."
"I thought you were dropping that case because it was boring," John said confused. "And yes, you are coming because you said you would. When friends make commitments, they stick to them."
"No, I don't think I will," Sherlock replied bluntly.
"Y/N will be there," John encouraged. "She said so this morning."
Sherlock paused before saying,  "What does that matter?"
"Oh come on, Sherlock! I know you're in love with her," John finally admitted.
"You always said I loved Irene Adler," Sherlock said matter-of-factly.
"I say that when Y/N's around," John explained. "You know I'm right."
"John, I'm incapable—"
"Of human emotion? Oh that bullshit, Sherlock. I see the way you look at her. It's different from the way you look at Molly, Donovan—hell—even Irene! Ever since she showed up your doorstep looking for a case, you've been head over heels for that woman."
"And what if I said she's not my soulmate?" Sherlock asked solemnly.
"And what if she is?" John pushed. "Look, I have no clue whose name is on your arm, but I do know that right now, you're in love with Y/N… She's in love with you too. Don't mess this up."
Sherlock stared at John. Of course, John couldn't tell what he was thinking. Finally, Sherlock said, "Fine, let's go." 
Y/N changed into a pair of jeans and a sweater for the cooler weather that drinking at night involved. After putting on a light layer of makeup, she called a cab and drove to the bar.
"Y/N!" John called from the back of the bar.
"Hi, guys," she said, taking a seat. She saw Sherlock from the corner of her eye, but her main focus lied on the new man in front of her.
"You must be Sam. Y/N," she said with a smile. "John's told me a lot about you." 
"No, he hasn't," Sherlock said, not bothering to look up from the bar menu. "He's only just told you about Sam briefly this morning."
"Well I mean—"
"You were just trying to be polite? It would have backfired anyways. Sam asks too many questions," Sherlock answered for her. "He kept asking me about the blog and—"
"Ok, Sherlock. That's enough," John interceded. "Apologize to Y/N and Sam."
"Really it's fine," Sam said. You looked up at him shyly. He smiled at you. "I guess I do ask a lot of questions." 
The four talked into the late hours of the night. Although, it was mainly Sam flirting with Y/N, as Sherlock would have put it. It was a good thing Sam was sitting across from her or Lord knows what he would have tried under the table. 
John noticed Sherlock getting antsier and antsier. He tried to shoot him a couple subtle looks but nothing worked. Sherlock continued to get worked up and make petty remarks and Sam.
"So you're in the army," Sherlock started. He tried to sound intimidating, which he did. John groaned under his breath. "What happened to school?"
"Oh, well my dad was in the army and I wanted to follow him in his footsteps. You know, protect and country and such. And the queen, of course," he joked. Y/N giggled at his joke, making Sherlock frown in annoyance. 
"Wow, look at the time," Sam said. "I gotta get to my train or else my sister will kill me." He turned to Y/N. "It was nice meeting you."
"You too," Y/N returned. "Here, I can walk you out." 
The two left before Sherlock could protest that Y/N would get cold. He didn't want her to get a cold and then infect him, of course. Or that he would be the one to walk out the bar with her. To keep her safe, of course. 
"I'll go pay the bill," John said and left the table. 
Sherlock swiftly left the table soon after John and went out the door. He saw her just as Sam stepped into the cab.
"William Sherlock Scott Holmes," a voice said behind Y/N. She turned to see Sherlock standing close behind her.
"What?" she asked, confused.
"My full name is William Sherlock Scott Holmes," he repeated. "In case you and Sam were looking for baby names."
"What? Sam and I aren't… Wait, what's your first name?" she asked, incredulous.
"...It's William," he hesitated.
"William," you repeated.
"Yes, that's right."
"Sherlock, who's your soulmate?" she asked bluntly.
"Her name is Y/N," he said softly. 
"All this time..." she laughed and shook her head. "You asked me constantly. Almost every day who my soulmate was you always knew, didn't you?"
"I did," he admitted.
"The one thing I expected you not to know. You've know since the moment you learned my name."
"I did," he again admitted.
"I…" Y/N could hardly form words. "I've loved you this whole time and this whole time you knew I was destined for you."
"I...I did," he breathed.
There was a long moment of silence. He just looked down at her while she stated at her hands.
"Do you love me?" she finally asked.
"I..." Sherlock hesitated. "John says I do."
"He says you love Irene Adler," she corrected.
"John only says that in front you," he explained.
"That bastard," she laughed. "Did he know?"
"No one knows about my soulmate except Mycroft. And you."
"Sherlock… Do you love me?" Y/N repeated.
"From the minute I learned you name," he said.
"I love you," she said. It felt like a weight had been lifted off her. "I love you," she repeated. I love you, I love you, I love you.
"I love you, my darling Y/N."
"I knew it!" John called out from the bar's entrance. 
"Fuck off, John. I've found my soulmate and I would like to kiss him without interruption," Y/N said. John lifted his hands in defeat with a large smile on his face. He turned and looked for a cab.
"Something about kissing me?" Sherlock asked.
"Maybe," Y/N teased. "If you behave."
"Oh, I guarantee you I won't," Sherlock smirked.
"Just kiss me, William." Y/N grabbed him by his coat and placed her lips in his.
He broke the kids quickly. "Never call me William," he growled playfully.
"Fine, kiss me, Sherlock."
Tumblr media
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ikittiekat · 4 years ago
You were wrong | Sherlock x reader.
“I had a plan, you know? Get to Europe, make a european fall in love with me, get married, get a visa. Is that a bad plan?”
Sherlock rolled his eyes. Americans, he thought. 
You were laying on the flat’s floor, kind of drunk. Really drunk.
It had been a bad day, a bad week, a bad month. A bad everything.
You felt so lonely, but you’d never show that. Sherlock would only see how cheerful and gleeful you were. You knew he needed that in his life, even if he didn’t know it. But lately, you were the one that needed that. Of course, Sherlock didn’t notice, because he couldn’t read you and because he was, after all, Sherlock.
He was sitting in his chair with his eyes closed trying to get into his mind palace, but you were too distracting, all drunk and talking about your life. Normally, he would tell you to shut up. But not tonight, no. 
Tonight, he could see it in your eyes. You were going to start crying any minute.
You kept quiet for a second and the alcohol was working on making you fall sleep even when you were resisting it. Suddenly, you felt someone laid on the floor next to you. You opened your eyes to see Sherlock looking at the ceiling.
“So how is your plan going?” he asked. You looked at him confused. “Your plan on getting your visa” he reminded you.
“Oh, that” you whispered “I haven’t made any european fall in love with me yet”
You were so wrong in that. Sherlock thought and smiled at you.
Tumblr media
Gif not mine.
So it’s eastern week so I’ll have little time to write a little more. I havent been active lately, so sorry! Thank you for the support to my little stories.
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thebadboyfanclub · 9 months ago
You Are Family Now (Sherlock x Reader)
So I had to repost this, @elanna-elrondiel​ was the one that requested it and i’m so happy they did, I feel like since I had to post it once again I should name you for this brilliant idea. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Mister Holmes may I introduce you to my niece, miss (y/f/n)”
A young woman smiled at him as she extended her arm for him to take, her hands were covered but a pair of silk black gloves and her white dress complimented her complexion perfectly. Sherlock took her hand and gave a gentle kiss, before looking straight into her eyes, however she could swear that he looked in her soul.
“Sherlock Holmes, Charmed”
“Likewise, what brings you to my dear uncles event? I don’t recall being in your presence before”
“Destiny I hope, only that could explain being around such an ethereal woman”
After that fatal meeting Sherlock had pursued her, he was astonished by her kind heart and lively spirits, she looked at the world in rose colored glasses and her curiosity about everything was so heart warming to him, it was also a reminder that not everything has to be a mystery and sometimes you need a little sugar in your coffee.
“Happy birthday beloved”
“Oh Sherlock, you spoil me way to much”
“As I am expected to do, especially since it’s your first birthday we spend together”
Sherlock had asked he to spend the night in his home, after their engagement a few days ago she was free of the judgmental eye of the public and could do whatever she wanted with her fiancé in public or not. Sherlock touched the button of her nose with the red rose he had brought with the breakfast, he could not believe how fast he had fallen for her, she was needed in his life, she grounded him, she was the sensitive happy little tune in his head that brought a smile on his face.
“Happy birthday dear”
“Thank you honey”
He leaned in to give her a gentle kiss that made her smile in between the quick little pecks that moved from her lips to her entire face. She started giggling at the matter and tried to push him away.
“Sherlock the food tray”
He swiftly placed it on the floor and dove under the covers yet still on top of her. She kissed him back as her hands held on the material of his shirt on the side of his torso. She loved how smitten he was behind closed doors, how his hands felt almost like feathers by how gentle he was with her, as he pulled back and looked at her, her right hand traveled to his hair, combing through his curls with the feeling of it making her smile once again.
“How did I get so lucky?”
“I don’t know, I guess my uncle hosts great events”
The scene was interrupted by a ring of his doorbell. He wasn’t expecting anyone, he had made sure to not be disturbed today, it was all about her today so a sudden visit was the last thing he needed.
“Maybe it’s your brother”
She spoke, sensing his irritation and questioning the rude visitor. He looked back to her and gave her a kiss once again, dreading the fact that he had to go and open the door.
“Whoever it is, they are getting a brief excuse as for why they can’t come in. I’ll be back in a minute darling”
He put on his robe and to cover his pajamas and left her with her breakfast. (Y/n) didn’t mind it, her stomach was very excited about the delicious treats she was offered by her love, the smell of the pastries and the orange juice definitely made up for the few moments he had to be away from her.
As Sherlock opened the door he was met with the very last person he expected it to be.
“Oh Sherlock, it’s so nice to see you”
Eudoria didn’t miss a beat nor took into consideration her sons wide eyes and shocked demeanor, she hugged him tightly as a way to show how much she had missed him, even thought she valued her kids independency, they were still her children.
“I wasn’t expecting you to visit”
“Oh dear how could I not? As soon as I got your letter informing me of your engagement I had to come and meet the girl that will be a part of our family, you have a lovely home by the way”
She said as she looked around. It was the first time that Sherlock didn’t know what to do exactly, his mother was in the same home with his fiancé that has no clue of what is going on.
“Is she here? Of course she is, you were never fond of high heels”
She let out a small giggle as her gaze found the shoes that were placed right next to his from last night. Sherlock quickly regained his cool and smiled at his mother.
“It’s her birthday today”
“Oh good, go get her for me please. I’ll wait in the living room for you two”
Without even waiting for a positive or negative response, she walked away from the hall and onto the living room. Sherlock huffed as he walked up the stairs, he had no doubt that his mother would adore (y/n), however (y/n) always became nervous whenever the topic of meeting his family was brought up. As opened the door of his room, there she was eating the breakfast he had made for her, she looked  up at him with her mouth full, it was such a sight to see her do anything, she truly looked like a princess.
“Who was it?”
Silence. As (y/n) waited for him to laugh or show any hint of this being a silly joke of his to tease her, as she waited the chances of it being a joke became thinner and her heart started to beat faster by the second.
“I wrote to her about our engagement, she came to see you”
“no, no, no this can’t be”
“Darling, calm yourself”
He approached her, his hands taking hers. Of course she wanted to meet his family, she always tried to get some stories of them out of him, his mother sounded like a very interesting and excellent lady. Yet, this wasn’t the way she wanted to meet her, wearing the dress she wore last night, her hair is a mess and she didn’t have a stitch of make up, she couldn’t meet her in this state.
“Sherlock I can’t meet her, i’m not prepared”
“Dear she will love you no matter what, come on let me help you with your corset”
Sherlock took the tray and placed it at the table a few steps away from his bed. He was expecting her to be on her feet when he turned around, to his surprise she was still in bed, looking utterly mortified.
“(Y/n) come on now, she is waiting”
“What if you tell her i’m sick?”
“Dear, she is not stupid and she traveled all the way here just to see you, wouldn’t it be rude if you didn’t come down to meet her?
“I suppose so”
“Let’s get you ready”
(Y/n) let her feat touched the ground and slowly collected her dress. She stood still as Sherlock started tying her corset, he was.... used to assisting her tying it back up.
“What if... she thinks I’m not enough for you? What if she advised you not to marry me?”
“Then I guess we have once less invitation on our wedding”
“Don’t be ridiculous Sherlock, we can’t marry without your mothers blessing”
“And we won’t have to, you are a remarkable young lady that I am blessed to have in my life, I am sure my mother will think the same”
with one final tie, her corset was ready. Sherlock placed a light kiss on her shoulder and span her around to look at those eyes of hers. His arms wrapped slowly around her waist, bringing her closer to him.
“I will give you a few minutes to get ready, I will be right next to you through the whole thing alright?”
“Fine. I’ll be down in a minute”
He left her get prepared and for one last time went back down to his mother was had sat down in one of the chairs next to the window. The light of the sun brought warmth in the room and showed off the furniture that he had chosen.
“She is quite nervous to see you mother”
“Oh nonsense, I’m not some stuck up mother that thinks no one is enough for my son.”
“She just really wants to make a good impression, she always asks about you”
He sat in the couch close by her, patiently waiting for lovely little (y/n). Not even a minute went by before she appeared, her her up and away from her face and a nervous smile on her lips, she walked to Eudoria and bowed to an extent that made Sherlock think she touched the ground.
“Miss Holmes, it’s an honor to meet you”
“The pleasure is all mine dear. Let me look at you”
(Y/n) straighten her posture and smiled even brighter at the woman. Eudoria took in her sons fiancé before smiling herself.
“Oh my, you are a true beauty dear. My son is a very lucky man”
“I think I am lucky to have him in my life, you raised a very noble man miss Holmes”
“He is alright, but you... I see why he chose you”
Sherlock decided it was a good time to join the two women. He stood next to (Y/n) and took her hand in his, giving it a light squeeze just to let her know he was there for her. He looked over at his pleased more that was still staring at (y/n)
“She is even more wonderful once you get to know her mother”
“I have no doubt about that. What is your name love?”
“A  beautiful name for a beautiful lady. My so told me it is your birthday today”
“Yes miss Holmes it is my birthday”
“Oh please call me Eudoria, you are family now aren’t you”
(Y/n) almost collapse to the floor. Joy took over her and it was shown by how red her cheeks had gotten, with shaking knees she held herself and nodded at the request Eudoria had made.
“We must celebrate then, Sherlock I’m sure you can make a reservation to a nice restaurant for dinner”
“Of course, if (y/n) wishes to do so”
“I would love to have dinner with your mother”
“Excellent, now I have reserved a room for me in the Lenox hotel, I’ll give you two some privacy now”
“Allow me to walk you out mother”
Before she stepped out of the room, Eudoria opened her arms and hugged the young girl. (Y/n) restrained herself from fainting and hugged her back, the nervous smile was replaced by a big happy smile that reached her ears.
“Welcome to the family (y/n)”
“Thank you miss- I mean Eudoria”
Eudoria giggled at the flustered (y/n) and walked away accompanied by her son. As they reached the door she turned to her son who was also smiling, of course he was sure that they would get along but it was even better now that it actually happened.
“She is a lovely girl Sherlock”
“I know mother, she is perfect”
“Now Sherlock, marriage is not an easy thing so please don’t make me come here and beat you with a stick, cause I will if I find out you are being a bad husband”
“Mother if I recall correctly marriage is between two people, not just one”
“Oh please Sherlock, the girl almost passed out when she saw me, I saw how she relaxed when you took her hand, she loves you”
“And I do as well”
It was true, Sherlock loved and adored (y/n), she was his one and only. Eudoria hugged her son once last time and walked out of the house. As Sherlock was returning to the living room, he heard quick footsteps coming towards him and in a blink of an eye (y/n) had ran to him and hugged him tightly, making him take a few steps back by the force of hers
“Well now, someone’s excited”
“She called me family”
“You are family (y/n), I told you she would like you”
“Yes you did but.... she did as well”
Sherlock could only giggle at her cute outburst of excitement. (Y/n) had a lot of friends and family members that were already married or engaged so she had heard the mother in law horror stories, she was delighted that Sherlocks mother was not one of them.
“We must find an excellent restaurant for tonight”
“Yes, before that”
A squeal was heard that had escaped (y/n) as Sherlock swiped her off her feet and took her in his arms bridal style. Another kiss was given to her that she responded almost immediately this time.
“I have to give you one of your birthday presents”
“Of course, one for your personal pleasure and another to flaunt to those rude little “friends” of yours”
“They are better than your brother”
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Being Sherlock’s Neighbour And Having A Crush On Mycroft Would Involve...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Being Sherlock’s neighbour and having a crush on Mycroft would involve:
Sherlock was never formally introduced to you; after a series of odd events, you decided to go over to your neighbours.
John was friendly and tried to reassure you that nothing was wrong, but of course the gun shot in the wall worried you.
That’s when you met Sherlock.
Although Sherlock didn’t exactly make friends easily, he did take a liking to you because you had a very unique view on cases and occasionally pointed out things he had missed.
Dr Watson enjoyed that immensely- finally someone who could compete with Sherlock’s intellect, and challenge his ego.
Over the next few months, you grew closer to the two men, and they were definitely close friends of yours- if not the closest that you had.
You met Mycroft after you’d gone round Sherlock’s in your pyjamas to see if they had any milk. (You’d run out and you’d be damned if you didn’t get your cereal in the morning.) Like usual, you’d walked into the apartment and announced yourself to Sherlock and John, only to run into someone who was definitely not Sherlock or John.
(“Hey Sherlock, John, do you guys have any milk? Can I just check the fridge-” 
“-Not Sherlock or John, I’m afraid.” 
“Oh. Right. Who are you then? Sherlock doesn’t seem to have too many unannounced visitors- unless you’re here for a case?”
 “Try family business.”)
After that, Sherlock reluctantly introduces him to you: Mycroft Holmes. His older brother.
You don’t know whether it was the way he dressed or the power and respected he commanded (well, from everyone except Sherlock), but there was something that you were very attracted to in Mycroft.
And, you hoped you would be seeing him again soon.
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newts-fan-case · 4 years ago
Sweet Treats
One-shot/Chapter number: One-Shot/Drabble
Pairing: Sherlock x Reader, established relationship
Summary/Author’s Note: This was supposed to be for the Valentine’s Day Challenge, I panicked and didn’t post it. Now I’m posting it, hopefully you will like it.
Warnings: fluff, mild-swearing, mild-smut, Sherlock might be a little ooc
Word Count: 448
Request/Prompt: “This is an interesting twist on Valentine’s Chocolates”
221B Baker Street surely was a boring place in Valentine's Day. Sherlock was out on a case and John was with little Rosie, Mrs Hudson gave you some chocolates and went on a date with the man from the cafe.
So, there you were, eating the chocolates on Sherlock's chair and watching crappy telly when Sherlock bursted through the door and flopped on the couch, sighing.
"What happened?" You asked, "did you solve the case?"
"Yes, and it was easy, why can't they- What are you eating?" He jumped out of the couch and walked over to you.
"Nothing, they are mine."
The truth was that Sherlock had a sweet tooth, and you didn't feel like sharing. Besides it was Valentine's Day, he should have give you chocolates.
"Come on, give me some."
"I had a boring case."
"I don't care."
"Please, (Y/N)" He whined,  crouching in front of you.
You sighed, "fine, but..." an idea popped into your mind and you smiled. It was Valentine's Day after all, and you two were alone in the flat. This could be fun.
You pressed a chocolate square between your teeth and smiled, "get it" you said, face inches away from Sherlock's. He looked surprised at you, but then a wicked smile sat on his face.
"If you insist."
Sherlock grabbed your waist and approached you slowly, his mouth inches away and took the chocolate with his teeth, smiled and dragged you down to the floor with him, kissing you and sharing the chocolate.
You laughed and straddled him, he looked up at you and smiled.
"This is an interesting twist on Valentine's Chocolates"
"Oh, you have no idea" you said, and started grinding him, leaning down to kiss him again, some chocolate still lingered on his lips and you could feel him starting to get hard.
His hands roamed your back and squeezed your ass, you moaned and moved your hips harder, grabbing his hair.
He started to kiss and nip your jaw and neck, finding your sweet spot immediately.
"Please, Sherlock, please" you moaned, feeling his cold hand at the hem of your shirt, touching you beneath the fabric.
He growled and sat up, getting rid of your shirt and caressing your face. "We should move this to the bedroom, I wouldn't like to fuck you on the floor in Valentine's Day"
You squirmed at his words and nodded, giving him a short peck and standing up followed by him.
First time making something public, requests are open, so if you liked this tell me. I will start writing Tom Hiddleston and his characters, BBC Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, Fantastic Beasts and other stuff. Don’t be shy!
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fanaticwritings · 4 years ago
DAY #2
At your service again, readers. It’s been a while.
“Would you stop frowning at me and tell me what’s the matter, (Y/N)?”
You rolled your eyes at the detective. He could be so impossible sometimes.
“You know what the matter is, Sherlock,” you stated, turning away from him and continuing to vacuum his dusty flat.
He squinted at you, noticing the soft curls that framed your face, the rose blush that suffused your cheeks, your eyelashes curling perfectly as you squeezed your eyes shut, exhasperated at the mess that was Sherlock’s flat and the way your pink lips arched in a perfect bow as you huffed. His breath hitched at a sudden thought that flashed in his mind, his cheeks reddening, embarrassed by this sudden fantasy he’d concocted.
He looked away, trying to focus on the case at hand. He, however, caught himself looking back at you again. He wasn’t going to admit it but you mesmerized him.
You were his girlfriend, for two years now, and you still managed to take his breath away everytime.
“You want to celebrate Valentine’s day,” Sherlock observed, glancing at you.
“Bravo,” you muttered sarcastically, side-eyeing him. You strode over to his side and placed a hand on his arm. “It’s what couples do today, love.”
The detective shook his head, his black curls bouncing a little. “Why would you want to celebrate a holiday created specifically to boost sales in the greeting cards and Candy Industries?” the detective questioned, gazing at you.
“.. Because I love you.” you stated simply.
His chest always warmed everytime you said this. It, as many say, “made his heart flutter”. He glanced at you, not understanding why a beautiful being such as you, loved an utter a****** like him. Some questions, he’d never know the answer to. He loved you more than he dared to admit, afraid to lose you because he knew emotions weren’t his fortè. 
He continued to type away, in order to hide the blush that he was sure was spreading across his cheeks.
You, however, grew annoyed at his lack of reaction to this. He wasn’t the one to show affection, let alone confess his love for you, but today was Valentine’s day, for God’s sake.
You turned away abruptly, ready to storm away from the egoistic detective, only to be stopped by his firm grip on your hand.
You didn’t dare turn as you felt two arms, his arms, embrace you from behind, gripping tightly around your waist.
“Sorry,” he said softly, spinning you around so you faced him. He pulled you in, kissing your nose before leaning down to your ear to whisper something that warmed you to your toes.
“I love you very much, (Y/N). Don’t doubt that, ever.”
You smiled coyly as his lips brushed your cheeks and one hand tucked a curl behind your ear. You couldn’t resist any further and pulled him in for a kiss, throwing your arms around his neck.
He pulled away quickly, much to your dismay, before whispering into your ear again.
Smirking he said, “And I don’t need a greeting card to prove that. I have better ways.”
You gasped.
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xwing-baby · 3 years ago
I Am The Bullet
Sherlock has been investigating a serial killer for months to no avail as it seems. He has be leads, the suspects he had are now victims and nothing is going right. He’s giving up. Finally, someone has beaten the Great Sherlock Holmes. That is until the one person he’s after lands on his doorstep. Now, tied and gagged in his armchair in 221b, all he can do is listen.
"Im a doctor. Worked in A&E for ten years then moved onto being a surgeon. I saved people’s lives, curing them of otherwise incurable aliments. I was a saint. I had the job, the house, the husband. Everything.
But, it just got... boring. Gratitude only lasts for a short amount of time when you've saved someone's life. But seeing someone life just fade from their eyes, their relief when it finally happens and their gratitude that I finally pushed them over the end with my own hands. That, Mr Holmes is living. That is life."
"Honestly I'm rather surprised it took you so long to find me. From what I'd seen before you're very quick to find the culprit. Though I won't lie. I did take inspiration and some personal guidance from your favourite. You know, James Moriarty? According to him, you were great friends a few years ago. Lovely guy, turned me to a great tailor.
You're probably wandering why I'm telling you all of this? Huh? Maybe it's because its what us villains do? Spoil our master plan so that the sweet little hero can finally win after struggling up that climactic hill. Problem after problem till I finally I give you the answer to the final problem and the end can happen. Im not telling you to let you win. Im telling you because I know what will happen. Im not the big bad boss you think I am. Neither's Moriarty. Theres a new player in this town Sherlock.
I've made my debts with the devil. I know I'm going to die and I've made peace with that. John is going to come rushing in here with his gun raised at me. He would have got that gun from the guys who are attacking his hotel room right now. He'll come in and we'll talk for a second before he see's your bloody body, I'll say something snide and he'll shoot me. Either here or here. I'm not entirely sure. He'll save you and step right over my body before calling your lovely friend Lestrade.
So I want you to know everything. I want you to know exactly what is going to happen next before you're world crumbles around you after I'm gone. I'm the bullet. I start the end. You'll wish I'd just killed you.”
"Told you,"
Hello! Long time no talk. Whats up you guys? Im literally 1 away from 500 followers so if you’ve just stumbled upon me, hows about you be my 500? I have no idea where this monologue came from? It was stuck in my head for days before I wrote it all done. Am I the only one that acts things out when they write to make sure it makes sense? I did this a lot while writing this, considering its so short I definetly had a lot of fun. Slightly darker fics are always fun to write and act.
Anyway! Stay safe, love you all.
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ikittiekat · 4 years ago
Next Step | Sherlock x reader
“It doesn’t have to end like this” your whispered.
Sherlock was looking away. He didn’t answer anything.
“Sherlock, you’re my friend”
He gulped.
“I thought we could become more than that” he whispered.
And with that said, he put up the collar of his coat, turned around and left.
You were a simple person, living an ordinary life, but for Sherlock, you were everything but ordinary. You had this special way of smiling and everything gets lighten up whenever you would look at him. The small touches he had received from you had felt like the most intimate contact. He could stared at you for hours and never get bored. He used to do that when he knew you couldn’t notice.
He had protected you since he met you, since you were the first one to ever call him friend, to treat him with respect and not mock him for his peculiar personality. He loved your laugh, your cleverness, the joy you had brought to his life, and how you’d always come to the flat in your bad days. He liked the thought of how he could make you feel better.
Sherlock would laugh at your stupid jokes about him and John being a couple and how you’d encourage them to get married. He never thought there was such a beauty in the world until the day he saw you in John and Mary’s wedding, wearing the graceful lilac dress Mary had picked for the bridesmaids. You were astonishing and he couldn’t looked away from you the whole night. The feeling of having you so close while dancing made him realized what he had been trying to deny for so long: he had fallen in love with you.
So he decided to give the next step, to do what normal people do and ask you out on a... how did John had called them?, oh yes, a date. 
So here he was, in front of your flat, waiting for you to open the door. When you opened, he felt so sorry. It was so obvious that you had been sleeping.
“Oh, did I wake you?” he asked, concerned.
“Not really, I was watching Netflix and, you know, chilling” you joked.
Sherlock smiled brightly. You invited him in and you both walked towards the living room. 
“So... what you need me for?” you asked with a smile. He looked at you confused. “Are you getting me out in the middle of the night to go and solve a case?”
Sherlock giggled.
“No” he answered. 
He decided it was his moment, he had to do it now. It was now or never.
“I was actually planning to get you out...” he doubted, but kept on talking “... to get you out on a date... with me... if you want”
He finally looked at you directly in the eyes and your gazes met. His hands were fists inside of the pockets of his coat. He could feel his whole body trembling. 
You looked away. There were so many things going through your mind right now. Oh, no, breathe, (Y/N), just breathe. Just say it.
“Sherlock...I...” you started “I... I can’t”
“Why not?” he asked, trying to keep a slight smile. He was panicking in the inside.
“Because you are my friend” you stated.
“Oh” that was the only thing he said.
You were looking at him and feeling miserable. You didn’t want to do it, but you knew you had to, sooner or later. You had noticed his change of attitude towards you and since then, you had been just hoping that he’ll never ask, that he’ll never take the next step. Because you didn’t want to do this, you didn’t want to reject him. 
Gif not mine.
Tumblr media
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somegirl29 · 9 months ago
Sherlock X reader - Bored
Author's notes:I was as bored as Sherlock so I wrote this
The gif is not mine
feel free to make requests, or constructive criticism
I'm thinking of writing two long fanfics one about the story of the last fanfic of a chapter I posted. I should post soon, I hope you read
Tumblr media
"bored! bored! I'm boreeeeed '' yells sherlock as he shoots against a wall
‘’ What the fuck are you doing? '' He hears the girl's voice screaming, the noise of the shots ended up preventing him from realizing that she was arriving in the room
When he looks in his direction, he sees the girl with an expression of extreme bad mood. As much as they had been together for a long time and she was used to Sherlock's bouts of boredom and general behavior, eventually her tolerance was reduced to zero, and that happened whenever he woke her up with some loud noise. she absolutely hates being woken up. It was 4 o'clock in the morning and he prevented her from sleeping for hours, making her discover creative ways to entertain him so he wouldn't go bored, and now just 2 hours after she got to bed he woke her up to the sound of gunfire. It made her want to strangle the boy's neck.
She took a deep breath so as not to end up doing something she would regret. She loved him after all.
‘'I’m going to die of boredom (Y / N), I have no cases to solve for more than a month‘' the girl takes the gun from his hand and points it at the wall shooting several times 
'' to start the conversation the shots were on the wall, but I wanted to shoot you in the forehead for waking me up '' he looks at her with a surprised look and feels a little insulted '' 
and secondly, I confiscated all of your other bullets except for those in the gun
which I just finished with, good luck passing the boredom in another way ''she walks towards the door listening to him complain.
 when she would close the door she looks at him and ends by saying'' And don't even think about using drugs again, I got rid of all those that were around the apartment and if I have to pick you up at some drug point again remember that I still have my own gun that is well loaded and you wouldn't need more of morphine or any drug because I would really shoot you in the forehead this time''
‘'I love you too (Y / N)‘ ’he screams in order to provoke her
'' Fuck you '' she screams in response making him laugh and walk towards the room she just entered
If he couldn't use drugs or shoot the wall then he would irritate his girlfriend as she is to blame for he having nothing to do to escape  boredom.
It's not like she was really going to shoot him anyway.
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heyyyalexa · 3 years ago
A Time Of Change - Chapter One - The Arrival
Title: A Time Of Change
Chapter: One- The Arrival
Summery: Ava Bradford is a former Behavioural Analyst of the Miami Police Department. After the events of the past force her to journey to England and take up a job away from the family she had created, she tries to start anew. At Scotland Yard, she struggles to keep to herself and her life under control, as her nightmares from her past come to haunt her once again.
Author: Alexa @alex-awesome1023
Words: 1986
Characters/Relationships: OC x Sherlock
Warnings: Depression, Anxiety, Past Physical Abuse, Nightmares
Author’s Notes: Ok so this is my first ever Fanfic yay!!! Im super excited for you guys to read it. I’ve had long night and worked super hard with the help of Maddy and her wonderful patience and editing, she has been a super awesome teacher through his entire thing and a great new friend. Please let me know how you guys like it and what you think. There will be an update later on in the week of the next chapter. Love you guys!!!!! 
- Alexa 
Hey guys! This is Alexa’s very first fic and we are both super excited for you guys to see it!! Please let us know what you think about it by leaving us an ask in our inbox @sherlockxreader or even just reblogging it to another blog! We love hearing what you guys think of our fics so let us know!!!
- Maddy
Original Character Ava Bradford inspired by Zoey Deutch. Enjoy!❤
All I could hear was the pads of my feet smacking on the pavement as I ran. I felt the rain drops hit my face like daggers against my skin, the cold evening air shocking my throat and lungs as I inhale deeper, faster, harder. Holding my side, I try to stop the blood coming from the throbbing gash I had. Feeling the warm blood seep out of the exposed wound, I press my hand closer against my side to stop the free flowing surge of sticky blood, but wasn’t helping anymore. I ignore the ache in my muscles, the fog in my brain and I tell myself to keep going. I knew he was right behind me. My heart beats frantically, all or nothing. Fail and my whole body will pay the price, run and the damage is limited mostly to my shins and knees. My lungs and heart were pumping, but the air didn't seem to be enough as I sprinted forward, panic trembling into my exhausted limbs. I can hear his heavy steps pounding against the asphalt. His groans of infuriation. He's right behind me. I feel his hand on my shoulder...
You jerk awake as the train stopped. Your heart was pounding, your mind empty, clear of distractions, as if a needle of adrenaline had been emptied into your chest. You unconsciously reach for your locket around your neck, rubbing it between your forefinger and thumb.
Tumblr media
Telling yourself that it was just a dream, you feel your breathing and heart rate begin to steady. You looked out the window, realizing where you were. Westminster, London. Your decision to move here was sudden but you were looking for something and ended up here. You had a purpose to fulfil, or at least you were trying to find one. Moving here was your first step to finding what you had been looking for a long time, what you were missing. The plus side was that there was a job opening and you had family here. Your Aunt Martha moved here after her husband faced the death penalty and you hadn't seen her in a few years so you were excited to see her.
You gathered your things and headed towards the metallic doors of the train. You stepped out of Westminster Station, filling your lungs with the London air. It was a cold, muggy and damp kind of air but it was better than the hot humidity of Florida. Determination drew itself on your face and you straighten your back and your eyes, though set, were still soft in their emerald brightness.
You pulled out the small piece of paper where you had written the phone number and street address you had gotten from your Aunt when she mentioned that one of her friends was trying to rent a flat. Even getting a special deal out of it because she had talked her friend into giving it to you half price if you could pay the first couple weeks rent up front.
With your luggage filled with the essentials, which pretty much meant that you stuffed everything you owned into a duffel bag and a rolling suitcase, you walked aimlessly around London. With your earbuds still in from the train ride you decided to turn up the volume, taking in the sights a bit and dwelling in your own little day dream for a little while. You were in London, finally. You could check it off your bucket list of places to go.
It was colder than you had expected but you found yourself relishing in the new climate. As a kid you loved the idea of winter and snow but you always got cold easily and had to bundle up in many layers to keep the weather at bay. You still do in fact. You had on your white, scoop neck t-shirt, covered by an oversized white knit sweater and your dad’s old denim jacket, which never failed to give you warmth. Paired with your thickest leggings and you favorite converse with polka dot laces, you managed not to shiver in the cool air of the city. (Picture not mine)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had walked for a quite some time, taking pictures of everything that stood out to you in the foreign land and, when you stopped for some food at a nearby cafe, you looked to your watch, seeing that your inner wanderlust traveler had caused you to lose track of time. You began to head in the direction of where you thought you had come from, not looking at where you were walking as you used your phone as a GPS, until you were knocked over by a man running in the opposite direction. You fell to the ground and dropped your phone onto the pavement with a harsh sounding clatter.
"Ow!" You felt pain radiate from your arse and your face was twisted with it.
"Oh gosh, are you alright? I'm terribly sorry!" You heard the man ask from above you, his accent evident in his voice.
"Oh no don't be, I was the one not paying attention." You said as you stood back up looking down at your phone, facedown on the pavement. Wincing at the sight, you went to bend over to pick it up, but he beat you to it.
"Oh here, let me." He leaned down and retrieved your phone with delicate looking hands. His short brown hair was slicked back and his suit was obviously tailored expertly, the expensive fabric clinging nicely to his body. Great, I just had to walk into someone important.
"Oh um... Thanks." Your eyes narrowed suspiciously at his politeness, not quite used to people being so nice, but this was London, not Florida where the beaches were littered with cranky, old people in retirement who complain about the young folk and their habits.
He stood and looked at your phone, his dark eyes flickering to yours briefly. A feeling you weren't quite sure of stirred in your gut however you pushed that aside, anxious about the state of your phone.   
"Is it bad?" You questioned, scrunching up your nose and bracing yourself for the fact that you might have to buy a new phone, or a least repair the one you had, with the little money you had on your person.
He twisted the phone in his hands a few times before looking at you with a coy smirk upon his face. He handed you the phone.
Tumblr media
"Not even a scratch." The Irish accent think in his voice.
"Oh thank God." Relief flooded through your body as you looked over the device and grasped the phone to your chest.
"I hope your first day in London wasn't ruined." You raised an eyebrow in suspicion. Did he find me? Already? Your eyes shifted as you felt your heart skip with anxiety but mentally, you shake your head and the thought away.
You looked down at your shoes and with a light laugh, peeked up at him through your lashes, a coy smile on your face. "Is it that obvious?"
He gestured toward your luggage. I really was stupid and paranoid for no reason, there’s no way he would have found me. Not this fast anyway. With a slightly mysterious grin and glint in his eye, he answered. "Well... I just know how to look at people."  
"Clearly. And you must be someone important, judging by your Westwood suit and uppity demeanor." You smirked, crossing your arms over your chest. You could tell he thought your comment clever by the way he raised his brow and curled his lips into a cheeky smile.
"Oh someone who knows their stuff, I like you already."
Stretching out your hand you introduced yourself. "Ava. It’s a pleasure make your acquaintance… um…"
“Jim." Taking your hand in his, he kissed your knuckles, at which you grinned and raised a brow It was obviously meant to be charming yet you saw through his mask when the corner of his lip twitched ever so slightly. So slightly that anyone else would have missed it entirely however, you weren’t just anyone else. Shaking your head, you cleared your mind. You weren’t working yet.
"Oh a lady-killer as well, uh?" You playfully ask.
"You have no idea. Are you here on business or pleasure?" He let go of your hand and stood straight again, his head cocked in curiosity. Choosing to ignore his comment you answered.
"Oh um, both I guess." You had always wanted to live here and it just so happens that there was an opening in your choice of work, but he didn’t need to know that. You heard a distant voice in your head, repeating words of advice. Remember, become anonymous as much as possible. No loose ends. Remember why you're here.
You were brought out of your thoughts when this man’s, Jim’s, phone began to play Staying Alive. His face dropped as he retrieved it from his pocket and answered the call. Putting it on hold he looked at you with a forced smile. "Well I must get going. As an important person, I'm very busy. Welcome to London." He said as he waved goodbye.
"Thank you. Bye!" You replied as you waved back and turned to walk away, curiosity getting the best of you as you kept him in the corner of your eye. You walked casually towards a nearby statue and hid behind it, peeking around the corner to see him as he brought the phone to his ear. He listened to whatever the other person was speaking about before he spoke back. Your eyes widen as you see his mask fall into an expression you can't explain. The soft and mischievous look in his eyes he had moments before had vanished, and were instead replaced with a clenched jaw and eyes as hard as the pavement below his feet, a face you had seen before in the past. Sending you to the dark corners of your mind, back to a weak, little child in a cramped, dark room, crying for her Mommy.
You closed your eyes as the memory flashes across your vision, clenching your fists as you felt your eyes begin to heat up with tears and your heart beat harder and faster. As you try to slow your breath down, you reached for your mothers necklace hanging around your neck and repeated the words like a mantra to calm the nightmares. “Stop. It’s not real, you’re fine. It’s….. Not real, not…. Anymore.” You say with a small quivering voice, tears begin to drip down your wind-bitten cheeks. You weren't in that room anymore, you are stronger than this. You weren't that little girl anymore.
Looking at your feet and taking a deep breath you felt yourself start to calm down. You put your  earbuds back in and found a song, the song, to drown out your own thoughts. You found your mother's favorite, Blackbird by The Beatles. It had always calmed you as a kid whenever you got scared or sick. Sometimes she would use it as lullaby to put you to sleep. Turning the music up as loud as you could take it, you leaned on the statue and just listened, letting your heart synchronize with the beat of the music and calming you down.
You walked towards the main road when you could breathe steadily again and hailed a taxi. You took out an ear bud as you heard the driver ask about where you were heading. Looking at the piece of paper you said the street address of where your new life was waiting to begin "Westminster Baker Street. 220B Baker Street please."
You see his eyes light up in the mirror looking at me with excitement "Oh, that's the street where Sherlock Holmes lives!"
You raise an eyebrow in question. "Who?"
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emmacharmin · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“ You I know I support your judgement but why would you put two detectives on a case? It’s a stupid idea if you ask me , you know in two seconds I’m better than her “
“First of all , you think every of my ideas are stupid . She’s been the one paying you for all the cases you’ve done , secondly she came to see how you worked right now she’s doing better than you “ Sherlock didn’t say anything but rather turned around to see her swabbing one of the victims mouth then rubbing onto litmus paper , he saw confusion in her eyes . Quickly she touched the victims chest to find it was filled with liquid
“ May I touch the body?” She was already puttting on gloves which she had in her pocket
“ Go for it , forensics already took the pictures “ She nods a thank you and turns him . She does a light compression on his chest and sees a clear liquid come out his mouth
“ Forensics! I need a pH meter ” a huddle of people come over and offer their help “ Just one of you give me your pH meter “ a women on left lends her the equipment and instantly she gets to work , rips off the lip with her teeth and lets the tip of the stick rest on the liquid “ it’s a pH of... 9 , he drowned in chlorine water , someone write that down ” Sherlock turns back to Lestrade
“ She’s useful unlike most of your officers ”
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sherlockxreader · 2 years ago
A Time Of Change - Chapter Eleven - The Man With The Umbrella
Title: A Time Of Change Chapter Eleven: The Man With The Umbrella Summary: Ava Bradford is a former Behavioral Analyst of the Miami Police Department. After the events of the past force her to journey to England and take up a job away from the family she had created, she tries to start anew. At Scotland Yard, she struggles to keep to herself and her life under control, as her nightmares from her past come to haunt her once again. Author: Alexa @alex-awesome1023 Words: 3240 Characters/Relationships: OC x Sherlock Warnings: Depression, Anxiety, Past Physical Abuse, Nightmares Author’s Notes: Ho ho ho ho... Wow four chapters in one day is just crazy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All you could hear was the ringing of your ears and the fiery pain coming from your upper arm. You let it a grown as you felt your adrenaline lessen and the pain rush in. Holding your arm you slowly get up and walk over to Jeff who was whining and squirming from the painful gunshot to his right shoulder.
Sherlock rushed over to the window seeing the bullet trail lead to the other building across the courtyard. You knew it was John… It was a good shot. You stood over Jeff's body watching him squirm with pain and discomfort making a grin appear on your face.
“Who is your sponsor?” You said sternly glaring down at his body, you watched as he shook his head at you which made you clench your teeth. “You're dying but there's still time to hurt you.” You said a you lifted your foot above his wound and applying slight pressure. “Tell me!” You didn't register Sherlock’s gaze as your vision became closed with determined rage.
“Who told you about me?! You shouted
“A name!” Sherlock interjected as you put pressure into Jeff's wound. His agonizing scream filled the classroom.
“Moriarty!” You removed your foot and the whole room was silent once more. You met Sherlock's gaze and he was as confused as you were. What kind of name is Moriarty?
The question rattled in your mind, never dulling as you sat on the back steps of one of the ambulance with a paramedic tending to your arm. Good thing was that it was just grazed from the bullet; nothing a few painkillers and gauze couldn't fix. Across the way, you see Sherlock similarly sitting on the back of another ambulance and you watch as a paramedic puts an orange blanket around his shoulders as Lestrade walks over to him. You couldn't help but laugh at the sight of him waving it around in Lestrade’s face. They're talking about the shooter I bet.
As the paramedic finishes tending to you, they placed another blanket on your shoulders and you instantly felt warmer, bringing the edges closer to your chest to tighten the cocoon. You thanked them and stood, noticing Lestrade was gesturing you to come over. Reluctantly you obeyed making your way over. You started nibbling your lip as soon as you got within hearing distance.
“Ok, before you fire me let me just say this. After you sent me home, I deduced that it was the same cab driver that had drove me home earlier this morning. And then I figured it was him and he had the phone so I tracked it with the tablet.”
“Detective Brad-” Lestrade said but you were too immersed in your own guilty words.
“I'll take the responsibility for any reckless endangerment. I worried because I figured out that he was after Sherlock so I took action. I know it was dangerous but-”
“Ava!” Lestrade said raising his voice a bit to get your attention. The sudden outburst made you flinch but not enough for him to see, but of course Sherlock noticed. The middle of his eyebrows creased in concern. “I'm not firing you. You did what you were trained to do and both you and Sherlock caught us a serial killer.”
“Well, more or less.” Sherlock said bluntly to Lestrade.
“So you're not firing me?” You asked looking to Lestrade with hope.
“No, I’m not. If anything you helped Sherlock catch him. You were the one who found him.” Lestrade said confidently looking between the two of you, making you look to Sherlock for a moment watching as he mumbled out a yes and cleared his throat, avoiding eye contact. “But next time call it in first.” Lestrade said jokingly making you smile. “Now, since we have nothing on the shooter, I'll need to pull you both in tomorrow to take statements.”
“Yes sir.” You said quickly nodding your head, as you did you noticed John standing some distance away behind the police tape, looking as if immensely interested in the architecture of the school. The sight made a smile appear on your face. Sherlock seemed to noticed him as well and without a word he walked over.
“Hey, wait up!” You jogged to his side, waving to Greg over your shoulder kindly. “Have a good night.” As John notices you both approach, he scuffs the toe of his shoe on the concrete and Sherlock, taking his time in crossing the street, takes the opportunity to speak to you privately, albeit briefly.
“Thank you, for um, what you did.” Sherlock said lowly making sure those words were only for you. Turning your head to him politely, you watched as he threw his shock blanket through the window of a nearby police car, his eyes darting to look everywhere after except to meet your own. You smile at his obvious nerves. You could tell he didn't do ‘Thank yous’ well.
“No problem, you're worth keeping around.” Your cheeky smile brought his gaze to your face and you could see the surprise, amazement and genuine relief upon his own.
“Um, Sergeant Donovan's just been explaining everything to me, about the two pills. Been a dreadful business, hasn't it? Just dreadful.” John mutter nervously looking around. Sherlock looks to you for a moment, confirming his suspicions.
“It's a shame about the shooter.” You said giving him a small, knowing smile, shrugging towards the building.
Tumblr media
“Ava, I'm so sorry that I-” John started muttering an apology but you cut him off by look him in the eye.
“No, I told you not to miss and you didn't. End of story.” You said quietly putting your hand on his shoulder to reassure him that it wasn't his fault, and really, it wasn't. You were the one who jumped in front of the bullet.
“But good shot nonetheless.” Sherlock said quietly to John making him shuffle once again in his shoes trying, and utterly failing, to look innocent.
“Yes. Yes, must have been, through that window.”
“Well, you'd know.” John looked up to him, still unsuccessfully trying not to let his expression give him away. “But you’re getting rusty.” Sherlock added gesturing over to you making you glare at him. You knew John felt horrible and you didn't want him feeling any worse.
“Anyways, you need to get the powder burns out of your fingers. I don't think you'd serve time for this, but let's avoid the court case.” Sherlock finished noticing the glare you sent his way making him think twice about what he was going to say. You notice John clear his throat and look around nervously.
“Are you alright?” You asked as you squeezed his shoulder making him look to you.
“Yes, of course I'm alright.” John says with a smile trying to his his nerves.
“You’ve just killed a man.” Sherlock says looking intently to John.
“Yes, I…” John trails off making Sherlock look at him closely. “That's true, innit?” Making you grin, Sherlock continues to watch carefully. “But he wasn't a very nice man.” You watched as John’s expression change and his body language relax you knew he was okay in a sense and you dropped your hand back inside your blanket. You look to Sherlock who noticed the same and continued, nodding in agreement.
“No. No, he wasn't really, was he?”
“And frankly a bloody awful cabbie.” John adds making the three of you burst into quiet chuckles as you start to walk away. You couldn't believe these two grown men. Laughing at a crime scene.
“That's true. He was a bad cabbie. Should have seen the route he took us to get here.” Sherlock continued making you and John burst into giggles and Sherlock smile.
“Sherlock! Quit it, we can't giggle, it's a crime scene! Stop it!” You whisper shouted over your shoulder trying to shush the laughter coming from the two men behind you. But you couldn't help the laughter coming from your lips. You couldn't believe these two.
“He's the one who shot him. Don't blame me.” Sherlock sassed back to you making you turn and face a face at him.
“Keep your voices down!” John looked around and found that Donovan was walking past the three with a distasteful look. “Sorry - its just, um, nerves, I think.” John said towards Donovan as she passed. Hearing Sherlock mutter a ‘sorry’ in her direction as well.
“You were gonna take that damned pill, weren't you?” John asked spinning around and looking puzzled to Sherlock. As he did, Sherlock shot a look your way, knowing what you heard and saw…
“Course I wasn't, I was biding time. Knew you two would jump in at some point. I needed Ava to figure out the end game beforehand so I bought her time, well she did but not long after you fired your shot, hence her arm.”
“No you didn't. This is how you get your kicks, isn't it? You risk your life to prove you’re clever.” John says looking at him with disbelief and amusement.
“Why would I do that?”
“Because you're an idiot.” You spoke up answering his question simply making John chuckle and agree with you.
“Exactly.” John agreed with a satisfied grin on his face.
At that moment you saw Sherlock's eyes soften and his lips form into a beautiful smile, one that you could tell doesn't come often. It was a look of contentment and delight. He had finally found people who understand him and, more to the point, didn't care about his eccentric behavior. But he only showed it long enough for you to witness before forcing his smile down.
“Dinner?” Sherlock asked looking to both of you.
“Starving.” John simply replied. You on the other hand watched as the to men walked ahead of you. You watched the back their heads and couldn't help but feel a crack in your mask. You had never met any men like these two and strangely, it was comforting and refreshing. As you were getting lost in your inner thoughts, John’s voice brought you back.
“Ava, are you coming or are you gonna stand there and shiver?” John yelled turning to you making your train of thought come to a stop. Quickly you sped up to catch up with them. 
“Yeah, sorry. Where are we going?” You asked as the three of you continue to walk. Unconsciously you snuggled closer to your shock blanket. Was I meant to return this? Oh well.
“At the end of Baker Street, there's a good Chinese place that stays open ‘til two. You can always tell a good Chinese place by examining the bottom third of the door handle.” Sherlock starts to explain as you walk. Looking down the road you see a car pull up and a tall man with an umbrella and a very pretty woman exit. Apparently John noticed them as well.
“Sherlock. That’s him. That’s he man I was talking to you about.” John says quickly not braking his gaze on the duo. As Sherlock’s eyes lock on the man, his expression and body language change.
“I know exactly who that is.” Sherlock says before walking over to the man with an angry look. John looked around searching out where the police were in case they needed to be summoned.
“So, another case cracked. How very public spirited… Though that's never really your motivation, is it?” The man says pleasantly to Sherlock who returns it distastefully.
“What are you doing here?” Sherlock asks angrily.
“As ever, I'm concerned about you.”
“Yes, I've been hearing about your ‘concern'.” Sherlock replied gesturing slightly to John who was avoiding the man's eyes. At this moment you too the opportunity to ‘look' at the mystery man.
Telling by the suit, he had money and the way he held himself with such high regard means that he has power but he's humble about it, but still wants to subtly show others his success. Tiny ink stains on his fingertips and jacket; he's a busy man, probably government official of some sort going by the car and assistant. You tilted your head as you started picturing a brotherly figure. Telling by his shoulder and body language he’s an older sibling, probably seven or eight years apart. John said that he was interested in Sherlock and his whereabouts… Looking down to the man's umbrella you notice an engraving ‘To my brother, Mycroft’. You smiled to yourself as you read it, looking up to Sherlock who still held a distasteful look for the man. You looked between the two of them for a long moment. Sherlock and the man had noticed your movement and turned to you. John had seen the change as well and looked to you as you were spaced out in your deductions.
Tumblr media
“Ava?” John's voice went unheard as you continued to gaze at the two men.
Looking back and forth between the men you start to make the connections. The structure of their faces are a bit off but uncanny. The heights are right and the mannerisms are on par. Finally you looked hard to their eyes and made the final conclusion. 
“You both have your mother’s eyes. But Mycroft, you have her smile.” You said aloud making the man, Mycroft, freeze in shock for a split second. Sherlock on the other hand, grinned at the fact that you had figured out that he was if fact his brother so quickly, exactly 7.4 seconds. Mycroft tightened his grip on his umbrella but other than that, he seemed as composed as ever.
“And you must be Ava Bradford. Sherlock’s new colleague?” Mycroft started to ask in a annoyed manner, his voice making you snap out of your thoughts and look quizzically to the men.
“Oh! I’m sorry, did I say that out loud? I didn’t mean to, I swear.” You asked worriedly to John who had disbelief written all over his face and Sherlock was in complete awe.
“No, no, wait. Who’s mother? Ava, are you saying that they're brothers?” John spoke up trying to figure out what was happening.
“She's not wrong.” Sherlock said looking to Mycroft with a raised brow.
“She’s good, almost better than you. She might even be faster.” Mycroft said with a challenging look on his face to Sherlock who rolled his eyes at the comment.
“Oh I wouldn't say that at all, I’m just… He’s more precise and to the point with his deductions. I’m mostly… wrong.” You spoke up looking between them then down to your shoes realising the words as they left your mouth. Unconsciously you spun the ring that was on your right ring finger. And once again Sherlock notices your thoughts change.
“He’s your brother!?” John sputtered with disbelief, thankfully pulling you out of the spot light for a moment.
“Of course he my brother.” Sherlock says rolling his eyes, annoyed of how obvious it was.
“So he’s not…”
“Not what?” Sherlock asks as both him and his brother turn to John who shrugged out of embarrassment.
“I dunno - a criminal mastermind?” You could see him grimace at even having suggested it. Sherlock looks to Mycroft disparagingly. All you could do was laugh at how childish their brotherly bond was.
“Close enough.” Sherlock replies looking to Mycroft who rolls his eye and sighs. Even their eye roll is the same! As the thought came, you couldn't help but cover your mouth to try to muffle the laughter trying to escape.
“For goodness sake. I occupy a minor position in the British government. Nothing more.” Mycroft says with a sigh looking to John.
“Oh please, you practically ooze ‘British government’. By the car, video surveillance, your tailored suit and freshly polished shoes.” You said looking him up and down to emphasize his authority. Mycroft was taken back by your knowledge, not confirming his use of video surveillance.
“Did John tell you about the cameras?” Mycroft asked with raised brows. Looking to John with distaste.
“Lucky guess.” You said coldly making your point clear. Mycroft stayed silent, failing to look unmoved by your skills. You could practically see his skin crawl. “I’m not a fan of people who use power to intimidate others, especially my friends. Now, it was very nice meeting you Microsoft, but I haven't slept in forty-seven hours and all I've eaten in that time is coffee and sugar cookies so good day!” You stated with an innocent smile but your eyes held only a cold stare. You spun on your heels, the orange blanket flaring out spectacularly and, with your nose in the air and a Cheshire Cat grin on your face, you began to make way, yet you turned back briefly at hearing the eruption of laughter come from Sherlock and John.
“Good evening, Mycroft. Try not to start a war before I get home. You know what it does for the traffic.” Sherlock bids him goodbye, walking away to catch up to you. John starts to follow him but then turns back to Mycroft, who has turned to watch his brother.
“So, when- when you say you’re concerned about him, you actually are concerned?” John asked making Mycroft turn his attention to him.
“Yes, of course.”
“I mean, it actually is a childish feud?” Mycroft turned back to watch his brother.
“He’s always been so resentful. You can imagine the Christmas dinners.”
“Yeah… no. God, no.” John shaking his head to rid himself of the image he had created, before half-turning to follow the both of you. “I-I’d better, um…” John said to Mycroft but before he could he eyes the woman from earlier,  ‘Anthea’, who has been standing nearby throughout the conversation with her eyes fixed on her BlackBerry. “Hello again.”
“Hello.” She looks up and smiles brightly.
“Yes, we- we met earlier on this evening.” John explains but she only stares at him as if she's never seen him before.
“Oh!” She says pretending to remember him making John give up hope on her.
“Okay, good night.” John quickly bidding her and Mycroft a somewhat exhausted ‘goodnight’ before catching you to you and Sherlock. “So, dim sum.”
“Mmm! I can always predict the fortune cookies.” Sherlock says confidentially, side glancing John.
“No you can't.” John says straightly without having to look up at him.
“Almost can. You did get shot, though.”
“In Afghanistan. He’s talking about your shoulder, John.” You spoke up, leaning forward to look past Sherlock to John innocently. Sherlock wasn’t even surprised
“Oh, yeah. But how did you…”
“When I had squeezed your shoulder back in flat when I thought you needed a seat. You didn't notice but your shoulder tensed by the pressure. I thought it was just because you were nervous but when I did it a moment ago to the opposite one, there was no tensing.” You explain simply without taking a breath.
“So you can tell that my shoulder was shot but Mycroft’s cameras? That was a guess?” John stops in the middle of the pathway, looking at you in puzzlement. Sherlock had also stopped to see what you'd say.
“Oh but John, I never guess.” You said spinning on your heels to look at the boys. “Now, come on. I don't know the way back home and I'm starving.” You turned your attention back to the road leaving the boys to catch up, all the while your smile hid the worrying topic racing through your head. Who is Moriarty?
As Mycroft watches the three of you walk away down the street, ‘Anthea’ turns to him.
“Sir, shall we go?” ‘Anthea’ gestures towards the car.
“Interesting aren’t they? That soldier fellow and the detective woman.” ‘Anthea’ looks briefly at the departing trio, then turns her attention back to her BlackBerry. “They could be the making of my brother – or make him worse than ever. Either way, we’d better upgrade their surveillance status. Grade Three Active.” ‘Anthea’ looks up from her phone.
“Sorry, sir. Whose status?” She asks looking between him and the street. “Sherlock Holmes, Doctor John Watson and Detective Ava Bradford.”
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somegirl29 · 9 months ago
Sherlock X reader- a romance to killing it (first chapter)
Synopsis: Sherlock falls in love with a girl, but what he didn't know was that she was a murderer sent by moriarty to kill him
Sherlock X reader
Author's notes: this is my first fanfic here
I may have a spelling mistake because I am Brazilian and my English is not very good
feel free to make requests, or constructive criticism, say what you think of this fanfic so I can know if I keep writing or not
Tumblr media
When Sherlock first saw the girl at a crime scene as a transferred detective he didn't pay much attention, he was focused on the case and thought she would just be more of an annoying cop who would just hinder him, in a matter of minutes she won her attention interrupting his remarks by saying details that went unnoticed at the crime scene, this made him question himself his observational power had never failed before. When he let his eyes fall on her, all he could see were unknown. She looked like a blank sheet of paper. He couldn't deduce anything about her and that completely puzzled him.
     It was a matter of time before she became one of the closest people he has ever had in his life, perhaps the factor of thinking similarly to not understanding human feelings, or she was able to reach complex case conclusions in seconds being the most experienced person who he already knew even surpassing himself. At one point he fell in love with the girl, then she moved to Baker Street and as she was perfect, he was never frightened by the body parts in the fridge or the house, he did not interrupt him in his mental palace, nor his days in silence where he only played the violin. And he never felt bored or felt the need to use drugs, because she was a great mystery that entertained him when he had no cases to solve, he wanted to understand her and was in fact beginning to believe that love is not a chemical defect, and he accepted that if he really was, he was willing to accept such a defect.
(Y / N) was a really mysterious girl, nobody knew what she was thinking, they never knew how she would react to anything, they also had no information about her personal life or past she emerged as a ghost without anyone knowing an explanation to do so, however, their talents to solve crimes drew the attention of everyone by diverting their suspicions. The cruel truth was that the girl was a murderer, everyone in the world of crime knew her for her cold and bloodthirsty murders. She had fun with what she did, tortured victims until she was bored again, killed when she wanted or when they hired her for such a function, her life came down to that, and this time his mission was more than just ordinary murder.
Moryart told Sherlock that he would burn his heart and that was the criminal adviser's new plan, he knew that girl would be able to win over the detective and knew that he would suffer from the sad reality when he discovered that it was all just a plan, when she got tired playing house with Sherlock she might as well kill him as she wished, and her fame as a torturer gave evidence that she would destroy him physically and psychologically, it was all just a game.
A very fun game
Eight months passed, Sherlock and (Y / N) had a six-month relationship. Both were on an ordinary day, the girl was lying on the leather sofa staring at the ceiling, the detective was out chasing some criminal as usual. Her attention was diverted by a call which she answered simultaneously
'' This game is starting to get boring, does he keep meddling where he shouldn't and taking away my patience, when you plans to kill him? '' The girl hesitates to answer '' don't tell me you got attached to him, I expected more from you, 24 hours to kill him or others will go after him and in that case know that the target will also include you '' and so the call was disconnected without her being able to say a word.
It was a blow to the assassin's pride when she realize she had become attached to that boy, the way he thought of her intelligence, the way he looked at her as if she were the most important being on the planet with those beautiful blue eyes despite his terrible temper and difficulty expressing feelings she knew he really loved her. However, this was her job, she always knew that this moment would come.
'' Why is this so difficult? '' She yells at herself in frustration
''What is so difficult? '' She jumps up, sitting on the sofa, turns around and looks at Sherlock in the doorframe, how long had he been there without saying anything?
Without saying a word she walks up to him and hugs him making him be amazed
‘'I’m starting to get scared, you usually hate any show of affection, and you avoid them more than I’ ”he jokes
She walks away and offers him tea walking towards the kitchen where she makes one of the most painful decisions of her life.
When he returns to the other room, he hands the cup to the boy, who soon ingests the liquid and extinguishes it in his chair. She walks to the room where she picks up all her belongings, changes clothes by dressing discreetly, she would need to go unnoticed when she runs away. At the bottom of her bag is a loaded gun which she hesitantly holds. She closes her purse and walks towards Sherlock, unlit sleeping innocently with her calm face. She wished he had found out who she was, ending up in prison would be better than that.
Hours passed she walked uncertainly around the environment, he could wake up at any moment, and then in an attempt to buy time she vacates her hands by placing the gun on a support on her leg, removing handcuffs from her pocket '' doing this with him awake and a little dizzy and helpless can be better isn't it?" I always liked to see the despair in the eyes of the victims' I tried to convince herself, by closing the handcuff on one wrist she is surprised because he quickly attaches it to the other side of the handcuff.
Surprised and without knowing how to react she looks at him, he opens his eyes and looks at her seriously
‘’ I knew something was strange ’'
‘'Did you take time to realize ohh great detective, why did you hand cuff me to you?’'
‘‘Thinking fast, I deduced that it mustn’t be pleasant to be attached to a corpse ..’' he would say something but it was cut off with a gunshot
In the case the noise came from her gun which she pulled quickly and fired at an assassin at the door.
‘'I advise you to get up and follow me now Sherlock’'
‘’ What happened to nicknames like love or Sher? ’’ He asks sarcastically as he stands up and has the question completely ignored.
'' I think you've already noticed what's going on at that point .. '' he can feel the regret in her voice '' Where are we going? '' He asks being ignored as she drags him running along dark, little-moving paths from London, watching the surrounding area fearing new assassins lurking.
At some point she shot the handcuffs, breaking them apart, separating the two, but she forced him into a car, he silently obeyed her, but soon he couldn't contain himself.
‘'Was that car your plan for escape? ’’ She nodded saying yes in response ‘‘ have a gun in the glove compartment, I advise you to take it out just in case, there must be more assassins on the way ‘’
After that they spent hours in silence in that car until she finally parked it and was followed by him.
''Where are we ? Would you mind answering me now please ’'Sherlock asked in anguish, the whole situation was destroying him.
She closed the door locks and sat on a large sofa
‘’ This is the safest place I know, my house, the rest you deduced already ‘’ he felt hurt when she talked about that being his home, he really liked to believe that her house was on 221B with him
''You are a murderer, hired to kill me, because of the way you shot that man, you seem to do that often, can I dare to ask why? ’'
‘’ I was bored ’’ the room was flooded with silence until he got up his courage, he handed her the gun he had picked up in the car and placed next to her on the couch, he knelt in front of her.
‘'Go ahead, kill me’'she cannot help being astonished to hear Sherlock utter such words
‘'What do you think you’re saying?’'
'' Feeling is a chemical defect found in losers, I am admitting my defeat, love is in fact a dangerous disadvantage .. ’'
(Y / N) stares at him in amazement as he completes '' I really love you '' ducking his head waiting for a coup de grace from her '' Stop being so heartless and kill me .. '' he is cut by a kiss, her arms soon fall over the girl's waist and hers hug her neck. When they separate, she dries a lonely tear that drips from one of his beautiful blue eyes. ‘'I love you Sher, at first I really planned to kill you but I ended up falling in love, we’re two losers’' she hugs him
‘’ What’s going to happen now?’’ He asks fearfully '‘I’m going to murder everyone who might hurt you and protect the love of my life’ ’
It would be difficult from now on. But nothing they could not face for each other, she would surely save him.
second chapter: here
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therantygeek · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
MRW scrolling through the comments left on Ordinary now that the whole fic is up. <3 my lovely readers!
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sherlockxreader · 3 years ago
A Time Of Change - Chapter Seven - Angelo’s
Title: A Time Of Change Chapter Seven : Angelo’s Summary: Ava Bradford. Behavioural Analyst of the Miami Police Department. Or former Analyst after the events of the past force her to journey to England and take up a job away from the family she had created. Here, she struggles to keep to herself and her life under control, quickly takes over as she readies for her future on Baker Street. Author: Alexa @alex-awesome1023 Words: 2178 Characters/Relationships: OC x Sherlock Warnings: Depression, Anxiety, Past Physical Abuse, Nightmares Author’s Notes: So.    Freaking.    Late. P.S. Don’t hate me… There’s been a lot of stuff happening with my family and i and i’m the one having to fix everything. I’ve also been really busy with school and trying to find a job. I’m also working on future fanfics as well so bare with me. I really am trying. Thank you for all the love and support so far with the other chapters i couldn't have gotten this far without you guys and especially @laterthantherabbit Maddy!!! Oh and let me know about the pictures and gifs, i really want to know what you guys think!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Where are we going?” John asked as he caught up to you and Sherlock. You smile at him knowing he couldn't resist the chase.
“Northumberland Street’s a five-minute walk from here.” Sherlock said plainly.
“You think he’s stupid enough to go there?” John asked with surprise and confusion making Sherlock and you smile expectantly at the question.
“No – I think he’s brilliant enough. I love the brilliant ones. They’re always so desperate to get caught.” Sherlock said excitedly making you roll your eyes and chuckle to yourself. He speaks from experience. Always wanting to show off.
“Why?” John asked
“Because they want appreciation for their work; to be seen as the smart one in the game.” You said looking to John then to Sherlock, who was looking to you as if he knew what you were talking about. You walked ahead a bit in order to go by the other side walkers.
“Appreciation! Applause! At long last, the spotlight! That’s the frailty of genius, John. It needs an audience.” Sherlock stated indirectly, smarting off to you to make a point. You look back and catch each others glance, looking away just as quickly with matching smirks and reddened cheeks. .
“Yeah… okay.” John looked between the both of you, the cogs slowly turning in his brain. .
Oblivious to the implication, Sherlock spins around to indicate the entire area as he continues down the road. “This is his hunting ground, right here in the heart of the city. Now that we know his victims were abducted, that changes everything. Because all of his victims disappeared from busy streets, crowded places, but nobody saw them go.” Sherlock said looking around him trying to think.
“But that still doesn't explain how he lures the victims with no suspicion.” You stated looking to Sherlock and at how he was getting frustrated by the whole thing. He held his hands up to his head to try to focus his thoughts.
“Think! Who do we trust, even though we don’t know them? Who passes unnoticed wherever they go? Who hunts in the middle of a crowd?” He shouts trying to figure it out making you and John look to each other with a shrug.
“I dunno. Who?” John asks simply. Sherlock stops in his frantic footfalls and lets his arms drop.
“Haven't the slightest. Hungry?” Sherlock says shrugging before crossing the street, leading the the both of you onwards and into a small restaurant. The waiter near the door opens and addresses Sherlock with a head nod and gestured to the reserved table by the window.
“Thank you, Billy.”
Sherlock replies to the waiter before removing his coat and scarf, taking a seat on the bench. John takes a seat as Billy takes the reserved sign from the table. You go to grab a nearby chair but before you do, Sherlock leans over the window bench and pulls a chair over for you to sit in, surprising you and John.
“Thanks.” You said politely, choosing not to take it to heart. He turned to look out the window to the busy street, seemingly unaffected by the exchange.
“Twenty-two Northumberland Street. Keep your eyes on it.” Sherlock said nodding towards the building.
“He isn’t just gonna ring the doorbell, though, is he? He’d need to be mad.” Amused, John opened his menu and scanned the contents.
“He has killed four people.” Sherlock replied bluntly not taking his eyes off the street.
“Okay…” John hums every so often when an option catches his eye. You look over his shoulder, intrigued by his browsing. It was five minutes away might as well come here if I want to eat out. As you did a large man approached the table, his cheeks reddened with the exertion in the kitchen yet a warm smile upon his face..
“Sherlock. How are you?” The man says shaking Sherlock’s hand who gives him a small smile. “Now, anything on the menu, whatever you want, free.” At the mention of free food you nearly choked on air, clearing your throat you caught yourself and continued to look at the menu. “On the house, for you and your friends.” Sherlock seemed to notice your expression which humoured him, his amusement limited to a small twitch in the corner of his mouth. .
“Do you guys want to eat?” Sherlock asks.
“May I just get a coffee please, cream with five sugars please.” You asked with a sweet smile, the man returning it ten-fold, though with a confused look in his eye. You looked up to find John and Sherlock staring at you like said something terrible. “What?” You asked looking to the both of them cluelessly.
“Of course, anything for a beautiful lady. This man got me off a murder charge.” He said making you look to Sherlock with surprise.
“This is Angelo.” Sherlock introduces him. Angelo offers his hand to John, who shakes it. And you a kiss on the hand. Sherlock watched as Angelo greeted you and couldn't help the clench in his jaw. He didn't know what he was feeling but he knew he didn't like it.
“Three years ago I successfully proved to Lestrade at the time of a particularly vicious triple murder that Angelo was in a completely different part of town, house-breaking.” Sherlock explained, glancing at you for moment before shifting his sight back out the window.
“He cleared my name.” Angelo said triumphantly to John who was smiling along.
Tumblr media
“I cleared it a bit. Anything happening opposite?”
“Nothing.”Angelo replies shortly then turning to John. “But for this man, I'd have gone to prison.”
“You did go to prison.” Sherlock states bluntly.
“I'll get that coffee for you, ma'am.” Angelo says before leaving, you just nod at him.
A few minutes later Angelo brought back your coffee, setting it down in the table you thank him and he replies with a wink. Smelling the caffeinated drink eases you yet as you take a sip, you grimace and set it down, your mouth downturned at the corners. You see John looking at you with both disgust and humour. Sherlock was still looking out the window..
“Too sweet for you huh?”
“What? Why do you keep staring? And no, there’s no cream.” You asked in an annoyed tone.
“Cream? Why would you put cream in your coffee?”
“Cause it’s nice?”
“Like five sugars is nice?” John was simply stunned at the fact that you could handle the sickly sweet beverage.
“Yes, five sugars. I'm worse with tea.” You mocked back, making John shake his head and chuckle.
“You might as well eat. We might have a long wait.” Sherlock said to John with his eyes still fixated outside.
A little later, John had a plate of food in front of him, helping himself to it whereas you were enjoying the silence slowly drinking your coffee, which had needed more sugar to balance out the lack of cream. Sherlock's eyes hadn't left the window once and he had started drumming his fingers on the table to shrug off boredom. Setting down your cup, you closed your eyes and took a quiet, deep breath. You decided to calm your brain for a minute considering you hadn’t slept in twenty seven hours. You wanted to rest. Becoming completely still and silent you breathed deeply and started to fall into your mind palace...
“People don't have arch-enemies.” You were jarred away at John’s unexpected topic change. He was talking about earlier. You stayed silent and still as your subconscious listened in. It took a moment but Sherlock finally replied.
“I'm sorry?”
“In real life. There are no arch-enemies in the real life. Doesn't happen.” John said matter-of-factly. That sounds boring.
"Doesn't it? Sounds a bit dull.”
“So who did I meet?”
“What do real people have, then, in their ‘real lives’?” Sherlock said avoiding the question. Damn it.
“Friends; people they know; people they like; people they don't like… Girlfriends, boyfriends…” John started simply. John looked to you and Sherlock thinking the ‘perfect match’.
“Yes well, as I was saying - dull.”
“So you don't have a girlfriend then?” John asked, looking to you again noticing you were seemingly oblivious to the world.
“Girlfriend? No, not really my area.” Sherlock answered making you flinch a brow a bit but not enough to be noticed. He couldn't be… Just as you had the thought a moment passes before John realizes the same possible significance of this statement.
“Oh, right. D’you have a boyfriend?” John asks a little unsure making Sherlock turn and look at him sharply. “Which is fine by the way.”
“I know it's fine.” Sherlock responds with a bit of annoyance.
“So you've got a boyfriend then?”
“No.” Sherlock says bluntly. You could practically hear and feel the awkwardness at the table. These two will be entertaining.
“What about you, Ava? You have a boyfriend? Girlfriend?” John asked after a very awkward silence. You opened your eyes seeing John make a pleading look to save him. You looked at him  blankly and answered.
“I, uh. Nope… To both. Not anymore.” Your eyes widened at your slip of your tongue.  You glance to John, who seemed surprised and interested to find out who you had eyes for in the past and Sherlock was looking directly at you with a scrutiny you knew was from deduction. You were spinning the ring on your right ring finger fast enough to draw his eyes to your hand. It was recent but not a long enough time to be unaffected by the heartbreak. The ring looks to be newer, at least a year old. A rough break up and one she regrets.
“What do you mean, not anymore?” John asked confused wondering if you were lying or it was someone from the states.
“Its means I used to have one but not anymore.” You snapped and whipped your gaze out the window to avoid his own stare, that's when you noticed a cab pull up. As you watched nobody was getting in or out. Odd. If it's him, then its clever. Very clever. John was asking another question but you weren't listening.
“Sorry John, hold that thought. Sherlock… the taxi.” You said not taking your eyes off the cab.
“I know, I see.” He said knowing exactly what you were thinking. It’s him.
“What?” John asked looking between the two of you seeing the change in your faces.
“Look across the street. Taxi” Sherlock told John nodding towards the window. John twists in his seat to look out of the window where the taxi was parked at the side of the road with its back end towards the restaurant. “Stopped. Nobody getting in, and nobody getting out.” You watch as the man in the rear seat looking through the side windows as if trying to see somebody particular. “Why a taxi? Oh, that’s clever. Is it clever? Why is it clever?” Sherlock said to himself trying to deduce the situation. You were already up and by the door putting on your coat.
“That’s him?” Looking confused he turned to both of you.
“There's one way to find out.” You said with a wink before opening the door to exit. John turned back the window to look at the taxi.
“Don't stare.” Sherlock said.
“You were both staring.” John replied looking round at him.
“We can't all stare.” Sherlock said getting up grabbing his coat and scarf heading for the door. Quickly John picks up his own jacket and follows. Outside Sherlock meets you on the sidewalk, you both meet gazes communicating the same thought. Turning back to look at the cab you see the passenger continued to look around him, then turned and looked out the back window. His gaze falls on the restaurant and he looks at it for a few moments while you and Sherlock stare back at him, then the man turns towards the front of the vehicle and the taxi begins to pull away from the curb.
Almost immediately you launch into the street forgetting the traffic. Before you could get hit Sherlock pulls you back and John pulls your arm with him. You fall against Sherlocks chest with your heart pumping watching the driver angrily honk his horn as he drove past while John mutters out an apology to him. You look up at Sherlock who glances down to you with a raised brow and with an awkward smile, you thank him. The warmth of Sherlock’s chest was soon lost to you as he shot forward onto the road, following the taxi. You and John chase after Sherlock, who runs a few yards ahead before realizing that he can't catch the taxi and slows to a halt.
“Don’t worry, I’ve got the cab number.” John’s pants fill in the gaps in his speech as he hunches over slightly, his hands on his knees.
“Good for you.” Sherlock mutters before bring his hand up the either side of his head to try to concentrate on a way to go. “Right turn, one way, roadworks, traffic lights, bus lane, pedestrian crossing, left turn only, traffic lights.” He quick fires out as if going through a map in his head. An alternative route. You saw his coat trail behind a wall and your heart sped as you and John followed.
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