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#shes right tho she.......sure is..... a lot of things fgjfjdfg
aeipcthy · a month ago
Tumblr media
    “ i’ve been told the same by at least half a dozen angels. you’ll have to forgive me if i’m wary. ”   for such righteous creatures as they, angels were certainly not always honest. at least he can say he is being earnest in his statement, regardless how difficult it is to address how overwhelmed he feels otherwise.   “ i’ve never heard of you, besides. would you care to explain who you are? ”               ∟    @heartlanded​​  //  (x)
     ‘  just half a dozen?  ’ almost leaves her lips, but she thinks better of the jest.  Instead opting for a more... respectful silence.  At least for now.   “I know how that can be... sorry.”  Not as if she felt she were at fault or something, no-- just, you know-- empathizing that’s all.  She’d be lying if she said she’d never run into angels with less than pure motives.  As much as her brethren would probably despise her for admitting it--  she’s met demons who were more honest than some angels.   And that is why she takes her time with him-- gives him space, listens to how he feels, and hears what he thinks.  Because she knows.  She knows enough.
Tumblr media
“Y’know,” she tips her head, lips pulling halfheartedly into a lopsided smile.  “--Think I’d be more surprised if you had.”  There were those who knew of her existence-- many of which were unfortunately dead now-- but there were... some.  She has long since come to terms with this fact though.  She wasn’t a secret.  Just... unknown.  There was no reason for her to be known. Knowledge of her existence would serve no significance nor positive purpose. It wasn’t as if she’d ever be participating in wars or contributing her power to anyone but the human race in any case, so---
“... I feel like that question should be a lot easier to answer than it is.” she jokes. Or.. half jokes anyway. Brows raise apologetically, and she splays a hand, lips parting in an attempt to explain.  “I’m...”  And her lips press together just as quickly, fingers curl on themselves.. and she lets out a sigh, shoulders relaxing.  “..Well... a lot of things, I guess.”  Which she knew was entirely unhelpful (yet at the same time, she suspected.. somehow relatable).  So.. she tries elaborate, in some way at least.  Takes a half step toward him, hand extended-- tentatively offering to share something with him.   “You’ve never met or probably even seen me before-- most angels haven’t--  but you’ve felt me...” a tick, “...  you know?”  A little cryptic maybe but... she smiles softly.  “Every time an angel enters prayer; that warmth that washes over you...  The  holy  cleansing  light-- ?”  a shallow, nod-- eyes soft; pleasant. Eager even, in sharing this with him.  Oh, to be known-- it’s surely not the greatest thing in the universe... but oh, it is nice sometimes... isn’t it..?
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