#shes tired of his shit
betsy-lee · a year ago
God I can’t wait for this scene! I really love the whole atmosphere in Rise
Tumblr media
Also it looks like they gave Leo a regular Katana since the pommel of Leo’s odachi is blue, bummer. But i’m also excited since we’ll get to see Leo’s sword skills!
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thesamecatraeveryday · 2 years ago
"Shadow Weaver. Have I told you about the time my fath-" "About how your father almost dropped you off a cliff? Yes" "No not that, when he-" "Accidentally gave you a concussion during catch?" ".... How about when he" And on the conversation goes until Hordak dismisses Shadow Weaver.
shadow weaver: can i tell YOU a story
hordak: hm. i suppose
shadow weaver, already walking out: this is the story of how i left
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likeaspeedingarrow · a month ago
"Comics!Yelena is different from MCU!Yelena"
I think I've seen this film before...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
...and I didn't like the ending
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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quillsareswords · 3 months ago
Damian, minding his business, reading a book or smth idk:
Me you, a connoisseur of drama you're not involved in, speedwalking toward him: strap in bitch u aren't gonna believe the shit I just overheard from kori
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gentil-minou · a month ago
*writes an aged up au just to have an excuse for adrien wearing glasses*
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huntingrays · 4 months ago
obi-wan: *pouting laying face down on his floor* my body is betraying me
cody: no, sir, you’re exhausted. that happens to regular people when they keep throwing themselves into battle and refusing to sleep
obi-wan: i hate it
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spooky-ooky-juno · 4 months ago
one thing i despise about the aa fandom is the fact yall will take male character’s (possibly) unexplored emotional depth and make interesting pieces of fanwork, but then when a female characters have (usually) unexplored emotional depth y’all just call them ‘#girlbosses’ and walk away.
i have literally never seen anyone talk about the sheer TRAUMA a character like trucy has gone through, no one ever explores it. trucy is only seen as ‘#girlboss magician who does taxes and is the real parent here!’ and THATS THAT.
i hate it. i cant stand it.
i can admit, i am at fault of doing similar things in the past. of course, jokingly calling a character a girlboss is fine, but when thats all people see the character as is when its a problem.
maya fey is not your #girlboss, she is literally the survivor of AN ACTUAL CULT!! And no one talks about it!! like, ever!
to restate something i said earlier, YES! ITS OKAY TO JOKE ABOUT THIS! IT’S FUNNY TO JOKE ABOUT. But holy shit.  i literally have never seen ANY discussion of female ace attorney character trauma. It’s all ‘mia fey served cunt and died!’ and no one talks about the sheer amount of TRAUMA she went through but with a character like miles edgeworth or apollo justice people write PARAGRAPHS ON PARAGRAPHS about their trauma.
‘well the male characters trauma gets explored more in canon!1!’ okay? its not that hard to think of how trauma affects someone. pearl had an abusive and manipulative mother WHO WAS A CO CONSPIRATOR IN 2 MURDERS, it cant be THAT hard to think how that would affect her.
stop girlboss-ifying characters!! it’s genuninely upsetting. GIVE THEM THE EMOTIONAL DEPTH CAPCOM DIDNT!! PLEASE!!
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catzgam3rz · a year ago
Tumblr media
Playing around with my Kristin design ;w;
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illcasthealinghands · 7 months ago
welcome to my stream of consciousness because i’m bad at words: i’m so glad that i’m not on cr twitter and my corner of tumblr doesn’t buy into the weekly discourse from those who need to find a problem with the cast
like people who are still saying that sg was baiting because it wasn’t one of the main focuses of their arcs it’s almost as if asking the dm to spend more time on a romance would be unfair on both matt and liam because it takes time away from the actual plot and the other people at the table
sg wasn’t a focal point of either character’s story and it doesn’t have to be to be considered representation and to label it as malicious is exactly why mainstream media doesn’t touch us because it’s wrong to prioritise a queer relationship but also wrong to not do that? pick a lane and stay in it.
and people calling by predatory and fetishising because the cast make sex jokes and marisha posted about her lockscreen, it’s pretty apparent that the cast have a generally crass sense of humour and will apply that to whoever of their characters they choose (except caduceus after he said he ‘wasn’t into that’ wow so harmful) women having an interest in sex isn’t allowed i forgot.
people wouldn’t have a problem with this if marisha was openly queer but yes let’s pressure a group of people who are consciously private about their lives to justify the five minutes of outrage from people that have nothing better to do than consume the free content we get from these people and then spam abuse
wlw being comfortable in their sexuality after a campaign of growth and supportive moments is fetishising but because mlm didn’t kiss or fuck in game yet still got confirmed is baiting and you want to talk about fetishising queer characters that’s awful funny isn’t it
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mollyhats · 15 days ago
Selina Kyle and Helena Bertinelli have done everything the fandom wants Jason to do, except on-panel and in heels.
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thespineoftherighteous · 4 months ago
speaking of underrated aftg scenes: the scene in tkm where Allison is doing Neil's makeup to hide his scars and he decides to show the girls his tattoo
that's good shit.
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uraminowaltz · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
almost ten years. he doesnt deserve the place he still holds in my head.
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lovesickeros · 5 hours ago
did anyone ask for fatui found family hc’s?? no???? too bad anyway here’s my 300 page doc on why the harbingers + the tsaritsa are the ultimate villain found family trope and in this essay i will—
welcome to the fatui found family where their all trying to kill each other every other day. the tsaritsa is this close to just sending them all to group therapy. she doesn’t because she’s 90% sure their all just gonna traumatize any therapist she sends them to instead
like they are all a mess. scaramouche got abandoned by his creator on Sight and has Not been dealing with it well. childe literally got thrown into the abyss when he was like, what, 9? and forced to learn how to fight or he would die. now he’s just. vague gesturing. Like That. signora lost her lover during the cataclysm and was regarded as a monster. witch? yes. dottore...he’s just like that actually. he’s the weird edgy kid who’s like 37 but still stuck in their mcr phase
the first thing childe did with the polar star was a) immediately try it out b) immediately, also, ended up shooting scaramouche. dottore also got taken out because he laughed so hard he almost passed out
also signora, canonically, being older then scara is. something. scara refuses to accept it.
for reference the ages from oldest to youngest is; signora, scaramouche, dottore, childe
signora because she was alive before the cataclysm, since her lover died during it, scara because he was made sometime after once ei tried to make a puppet to rule over inazuma while she was in the poe, childe last because it’s canon he’s the youngest, which leaves dottore and he just. gives me awkward socially inept 37 y/o vibes. in conclusion dottore is a boomer and regularly falls for childe’s dumb jokes
teucer, bless him, ended up meeting each of the harbingers separately and now he has a bunch of new siblings!
who also happen to be some of the strongest people in Snezhnaya but its okay he doesnt know that. everyone else does though! so all he has to say is he’s going to call his big sister signora and everyone clears out.
he just thinks she’s well respected. she’s got a Super Important job after all! he doesn’t know what she does but she spoils him during the holidays and his bday so he doesn’t ask
scara is Awkward and doesnt know how to deal with kids but he tries. he usually just takes teucer out for food, or plays with him by letting him order around some unfortunate fatui. sometimes he’ll relent and show off his electro because teucer thinks its pretty
dottore is worse, somehow. but are we really surprised. he ends up babysitting teucer when no one else is avaliable, but its just him ranting about his latest experiment (heavily censored because. that is a CHILD, DOTTORE) and yknow. teucer doesn’t understand like 99% of the words he says but thats okay he gets candy afterwards :]
he doesn’t see the Tsaritsa as often but everyone knows she has a bit of soft spot for him. she can’t touch him but he knows better and takes that rule seriously! promise! plus she spoils him worse then signora. he’s basically treated as nothing short of royalty and he doesn’t question a damn thing. head empty
she even made him a fake cryo vision, and uses her power to make it look like he can actually use it.
teucer called her grandma once and childe almost died on the spot. he was ready to RUN. but the tsaritsa thinks its cute
they’ve all just got that ‘i would kill you if given the chance’ but also ‘if anyone hurts you i will make their life a living hell’ yknow? just a ragtag group of traumatized people who found comfort in one another but also if childe says one more thing signora is going to set the entire palace on fire do not test her
it was worse when childe was first inducted into the harbingers. he was even more feral, somehow. he didn’t even ask to spar most of the time he just started flinging hydro and electro around. constantly testing the waters and pranking scara and dottore to see which one would snap first
it was scaramouche.
at least they don’t need to bother with a family dog when they have childe
but also all of them having different names..the tsaritsa uses their actual names only when shes Pissed so if you hear her use it a) run or b) get the fuck out of her warpath
she picks up childe by the back of his shirt like a scrawny cat when he misbehaves
also getting foul legacy childe to take a bath..its, once again, like trying to bath a cat who HATES water
the tsaritsa considers just freezing him in place and washing him but also its. really funny to watch everyone else struggle to do it
hes also really agile in that form like. spiderman climbing up walls levels. everyone is both exasperated and annoyed BECAUSE DAMN IT AJAX GET DOWN FROM THE RAFTERS YOUR SOAKING WET YOU OVERGROWN UNGRATEFUL RAT—
also yknow that meme wheres its a dog on a counter and the women is like. why is he on the counter. because he likes to be tall. thats scaramouche on the counter w dottore, signora and childe. esp w childe and signora’s transformations
he’s so tiny its not their fault he’s so easy to bully
childe mentioned working with scara at some point and teucer was just like?? why do you work with a kid
scaramouche has never lived it down
the first and only time he considered the ramifications of throwing hands with a toddler
#sagau #genshin sagau #genshin self aware au #genshin cult au #genshin impact cult au #the tsaritsa #la signora #scaramouche #childe #ajax #tartaglia #lays down and cries #tired older sister signora. annoyed older brother scara. creepy nerd who never leaves their room dottore. youngest sibling childe.. #extremely tired and exasperated tsaritsa who is This Close to putting them all in a room and finding out what happens #just. a team of villains who do fucked up shit but would die for each other and see each other as family WAHHHH #childe being the baby of the family and while everyone bullies him about it they are also Really Protective especially at first #if you hurt childe. somehow. its on SIGHT #you'll have all the harbingers and the tsaritsa out for your blood good luck #if you break his heart???? you wont be seeing the pearly gates of celestia when the tsaritsa is done with you #she's the goddess of love for a reason and if you hurt her babies you wont even live to regret it #but also thinking abt how like. besides childe with his family..the others dont really have anyone else #before childe came along they never really celebrated birthdays. and now childe has them all memorized and makes sure they celebrate each #and every one #no exceptions #oh dottore wanted a really obscure book about an obscure topic in science that might not even exist anymore?? #its already on dottore's desk #i love them so much theres so much POTENTIONAL #please show the other harbingers being PISSED at traveler for signora's death #especially childe. specifically childe. hes the only playable one and the most. amicable of the 3 we've met. #so seeing him hate the travelers guts for what you did to signora.....WHOOOO BOY
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chusangwooo · 4 months ago
I get the feeling mo is not gonna be the same after this....he could've died.
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cloudwaeve · 7 months ago
Truth or dare
They are all a bit high from exaustion
Mina: So, Midoriya, truth or dare?
Deku: Hm...? Ah, truth.
Mina: Tell me how was your and Bakubro's first kiss?
Deku, blushing a bit but still too tired to react that much: W-why?
Mina: Just curious, really. Kirishima's and mine was chaotic because we accidentaly activated our quirks in the middle of it, by the way.
Deku: Oh...
Kirishima, overhearing from the couch where he was talking with a sleepy and grumpy Bakugo: Hey!
Mina: *winks at him*
Kirishima: *turns back to Bakugo while blushing*
Mina, with a small loving smile on her lips, looking back at Deku: so?
Deku: Uh... Kacchan bit my toungue... *realisation*
Deku, turning to Bakugo: Thinking better about it, why did you bit my toungue the first time we kissed?
Bakugo, replying imediatly and looking at Deku dead in tge eye: Why do you keep biting my neck every oportunity you get?
Bakugo and Deku: *staring at each other in silence*
Mina and Kirishima: *sigh*
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thebuttsmcgee · 5 months ago
I seriously hope we get a Willow focused episode in 2B, preferably one where she just goes ham and gets a hold of her true powers cuz then she'd be absolutely unstoppable
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imawake-butatwhatcost · 3 months ago
Bruce, tired new parent: get along
Barbara and Dick, who have known eachother approx. 15 seconds: no
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ocheabutter · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
#when you don’t want dad (or anyone) finding out that you're sleeping with your partner
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moth-crow · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
theyre friends?? can they please be a shitty evil found family
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shoujoaccent · a month ago
the new jjk bonus just has me thinking that gojo purposely tries to get a rise of utahime because he knows her real personality isn’t strict and uptight at all. he knows she’s goofy and isn’t this rigid person she has to be as a teacher. the baseball game during the goodwill event seems so random, but it’s her favorite sport and she was yelling at her students for not taking it seriously, even though they just went through an ordeal the day before. that’s her real face, emotional, loud, competitive, brutish, but also someone who wants to be loved 😭
#utahime #do I tag their ship bc this can read as romantic idc 😭 #gouta #gojo is arrogant but his technique literally is less tiring with him blind bc he’s aware of everything at all times #i am admittedly a shoko simp <3 but just the thought of shoko mourning geto in her own way #and thinking that their trio lost a member but utahime is also a puppy like gojo so she doesn’t rest #pray for shoko bc she needs sleep but when she’s not dealing with corpses #she has to go along with whatever shit gojo is doing and then being smothered by utahime aka her loved ones #shoko’s just trying to relax in her house and gojo & utahime picking up random stray kids everywhere they go pls 😭 #shoko was also a gremlin but i feel like to be a neutral person she deals with a lot of hidden feelings #like she thinks it’s dumb for geto to do all that but it’s not like she doesn’t understand bc she literally works in the morgue #and also she gets gojo’s dreams of reforming but she knows it’s not free of casualties so she just has to be neutral and accept things #omg this turned into a shoko rant but I love shoko that’s my baby #I’m sorry but I could read her x gojo x geto any time bc they’re just more confident & arrogant in a good way #like shoko literally has a technique that’s rare x gojo is a literal god x and geto is their sexy friend that’s also powerful #shoko being a little shit that avoids responsibility bc she trusts that gojo x geto will figure it out was perfect tbh bc they #were the type to act like they’re hot shit and I love it #I like the new trio but they’re def not as developed as I’d like them to be as friends tbh just a bit #I think it’s harder bc the two boys have the world on their shoulders and I personally think they ruined nobara’s backstory by making her #diss mai as her role as a woman lmao like I get it but sis #you were literally treated terribly for being outspoken in a small village 😭 like WHAT #nonetheless saori??? your WHOLE reason for being in tokyo?? being treated like shit bc the people thought her family thought they were #better than everyone like 😭😭 I get that saori feels closer to maki but even THAT SIS like you see how much maki struggles to improve her #ranking bc her family hates her like what makes you think mai is doing any better?? like just the misstep in that arc kills me
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