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#shey talks

Happy birthday to me!


Hey fam,

Guess what it’s my birthday I’m officially in my mid 20s

Am I crying you asked?


Why you asked?

Cus.. Life.. And sadly cus of the pandemic we aren’t allowed to meet with any of my beasties and also… I wanted to make a SpongeBob cake where it has the 25 joke in it but.. I don’t have a printer and.. I’m shit a baking… So yeah…

But apart from that I’m healthy, my pals are healthy, and extremely grateful for that also from the bottom of dark soul love you guys and thank you for always making me feel welcome 🤗❤️

Stay safe and remember to wash your hands!

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Are you fucking kidding?!!!!

I’ve been nothing but vocal about liberating the opresition for black people lives in every single one of social media platforms.

And this Sunday I’m participating in a protest in solidarity to raise awareness for the movement and you think me sharing a video of end game who someone created on twitter and shared so everyone could see it reacived nothing but love but I share it here and I’m suddenly making fun of those in pain?!!!!



You don’t know me and don’t know my values or what I Stan for to come here and trash me and such stupid assumptions that’s wack af

Also I wanna make this extremely clear I will continue to support the BLACK LIVES MOVEMENT ✊🏽 in my other social media platforms I am no posting here so much because I’m busy sharing crucial information and educating family members about stereotypes and racism and why this is so important. Normally I share memes and happy stuff here to cheer myself up and my moots since we are going through hard times so I’m begging you to stop harrasing me.

If I see one of you harrasing or be pressed over something else I’m blocking you and reporting you I’m sick of yall

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ALSO I WILL FIGHT WEATHER FOR YOU 😤😤 my pretty baby Shei is looking so good tonight, and she’s bouta have a good meal too!! If rain decides to ruin this— HDHDHDHHS BARK BARK I WILL KAMEHAMEHA THE SKY 👹👹 not me being such a whore for you shshsh,, am in love what 😭💕💓 you have my heart, Shei— literally yoUREE SO CUTE 🥴✨💘😌💕💖🤩🥺💘 YOURE ALSO SO PATIENT AND SWEET WITH ME 😭😭 brb I’m crying in my corner cause you’re so wholesome 🚶‍♀️— 🍜 nonie

good!!!!! grades are important even if school is stinky as fuck 🤮 i hate my school rn, i’m big mad 😤

YES I LOVE THE ATTENTION ALKGALLSJFKS i love being validated idk why 😤🥴 but like i’ll shower you right back >:) so expect my love and affection

hello your crush is an idiot if he doesn’t like you you’re so sweet and super duper nice💖💞♥️💘💖💞💘💖💞✨ i literally hated math and i’m taking a math based major 💀 like wtf was wrong with me

IT KINDA WORKED. IT WAS RAINING WHEN I LEFT AND THEN IT STOPPED WHEN I LEFT THE RESTRAUNT 😤😤😤💖💖💖✨✨✨ the food was disgusting, i did not like it 🥴 like i got a veggie burger and it was covered in alfalfa sprouts which are not fucking good

awe >:) u have my heart too ily mwah mwah <3 TAKE YOUR TIME! i was an anon once too <3 then i said fuck the police and just akglalfkehs started doing wtf ever 🤪🥰

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i can say dick and cock as much as my lil heart wants but penis is the line. also boobs, like i cannot seriously write the word breasts for the life of me 🤭 boobies are also usually a no go

also why are there so many euphemisms for penis,,,,,,,,,,, and why are most of them bad💀💀💀

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i knew as soon as i posted this piece it was gonna be my post popular 💀💀 i could feel it in the air,,, the tsumu stans are HORNE Y’ALL HEAR ME ????? Y’ALL HORNE MOTHERFUCKERS

neways i’m glad i could help i guess 🤡🤡

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