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#shhhhhhhhh i know
paulmccartney · 11 days ago
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wooteena · 4 months ago
wilbur soot good have easily written the communist manifesto but karl marx NEVER could have written sex sells
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thequeerspider · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
The evil wizards of the north One's heart shines a sparkly green, his eyes full of malice and greed. The other one's heart shines a blood red his lips curled in an expression of frustration and more importantly...bloodlust.
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londonfoginacup · 3 days ago
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Inktober Day 21 - Clowns
🎃 prompts source
🎃 inktober | k/inktober | instagram
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bemey · 7 months ago
nathan: ''hey, uhhhhh..... food person, he asked for no pickles''
pickles: ''oi food dood? my bandmate pal here asked for no pickles''
murderface: ''hey pal, he asked for no pickles. new order or new nipples for you''
skwisgaar: ''i'd likes to talks to de mangagers''
toki: [asked for no pickles]
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flowerbloom-arts · 9 months ago
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That's right, I'm droppin' some new OCs over here. Why? Because they're great and I love them, they're my children, if you wanna draw for the love of Tove please do.
Also shout-out to @katslaps for letting Oke hug Simon.
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dollsome-does-tumblr · 11 months ago
low stakes ask game, y’all!
send me a letter and i’ll tell you a:
tv show
song, and/or
fictional person
i like that starts with that letter.
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yaiamore · a year ago
Tumblr media
 cozy night in ⛄☕
... and that’s the queue!
photo edit 100% inspired by @pixelbots, idk how they do it but everything abt their blog and edits r incredible
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itsbeensforever · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Do you ever feel like someone is out of your league? Like, to the point it feels that the two of you are on separate planes? As if, they were sculpted from the finest marble, and you, the cheapest Play Dough? That's how I feel about this photo.
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delcattyz · 9 months ago
hey prospit mutuals, how are the horrifying visions going for you 💖
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highkey-lowkey-as-hell · a month ago
For the word ask game: heart?
"You are so goddamn stubborn," Eva mumbles - Kate still can't quite walk right, so she's got an arm wrapped tightly around their waist, holding her up as they walk through the palace.
"You've been saying that," Kate observes flatly.
"You were stabbed in the heart," Eva continues.
"Synthetic chamber of my heart."
Eva ignores this.
this is from my tlc au that i forgot about but i would like to finish this particular one shot at some point
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jawlesslipbite · 11 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More TK fren request doodles cuz I'm obsessive
Also the first one is a younger TK that I quickly doodled so consider that more of a concept, the gear eye was just a quick idea cuz I think they didn't always have that eyepatch thing they have going on jdhdjd
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motiveinmelodies · 3 months ago
I wanna draw... like specifically Vocaloid (by extention also Fanloid/Utau) and Ghost and Pals stuff... but I don’t know WHAT-
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