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We Weren’t Made for Love
by Myakachan

Soulmate name on wrist AU.

Tomura’s soulmate died in a fire years ago. Not that it matters, Shimura Tenko is dead.

Dabi’s soulmate might still be out there, but he doesn’t need them. Todoroki Touya died years ago after all.

They’re villains anyway, it’s not like they deserve happiness, right?

Words: 4493, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Tomura finding a feral boyfriend in the dumpster out back behind dad's bar

The back is supposed to be secure. The tall fencing at the entrance to the alley and the harsh floodlighting that comes on at the mere twitch of a rat’s whisker are deterrents. It’s a pain in the ass working the lock open to drag the dumpsters out for collection, but Tomura manages. It beats having to deal with collapsed drunks and wasted tramps. It beats having to deal with people after the suffocating buzz of chatter in the bar on the nights he’s roped into helping out.

It’s supposed to be secure. No one is supposed to be there.

Which is why Tomura stops short, refuse sack in hand, when he notices that one of the dumpsters has been messed with. The lid is open. The light was off when Tomura came out, so whoever it was left long ago.

Or didn’t leave at all.

He swears - yells, really - when he goes to close the lid, pissed off that he’ll have to find a replacement lock for the gate, and he sees someone inside.

Eerie blue eyes peer up from the gloom, not much else distinguishable in the harsh shadow the floodlight is throwing. Whoever it is, they’re nestled deep within cardboard boxes, the sour smell of garbage as offensive as ever.

“Get the fuck out. You’re trespassing,” Tomura hisses.

The figure blinks, slowly. Sadly. Their head turns away, their chin down in dejection. “Alright,” they agree, and their voice is a shock to Tomura’s system. He didn’t expect them to sound so young, so vulnerable.

The teenager - he either matches Tomura’s nineteen years, or is at most two years older - slowly stands, unfurling from the foetid cavern he’s chosen to rest in. His clothes are foul, barely more than rags that stick to his skeletal frame in places and hang like mournful flags in others. His hair is so thick with grime, his face pale and sallow, those piercing blue eyes sunken in with a look of misery Tomura has only read about in those horrible Victorian English novels. His hands, when he grasps the edge of the dumpster, are thin, covered in cuts and scratches.

“‘M going,” the filthy man says. His feet are shaky beneath him as he lands, and he doesn’t reach back in to fetch anything else he might be carrying.

Alone, the harsh light throwing every mark of his plight into sharp relief, his soul disappearing into a dark abyss, he starts to walk away.


Tomura finds his breathing coming too fast, his mind filled with static. He flings the refuse sack into the still-open dumpster, hearing rather than seeing it land.

“How did you get in?”

The unfortunate figure shrugs, trudging away. “Want a demonstration?”

Tomura isn’t inclined to follow.

Something within him isn’t inclined to let the pathetic figure leave, either.

“Come inside.”

The other man stops at that, turns, stares. There’s a sharpness about his gaze, something not dulled by drink or drugs, nor by the young man’s plight. It’s hope, Tomura realises, a near desperate fervour for a glimmer of something better than sleeping in garbage, surrounded by stained cardboard in an attempt to keep out the cold.

Hope is a hard thing to believe when your life has none, though.

“You don’t mean that.”

“I do.”

It’s now that Tomura takes a step forward. He reaches out, his hand extending towards the other young man.

“No one will notice,” he tries to reassure him. “My dad’s working. I was just doing him a favour before I went to bed. Leave first thing if you want, I don’t care.”

But he does. He sees the flicker of hope catch, take hold, and something warm and beautiful seeps into the sallow man’s being.

His hand is still outreaching.

“I’ve got some clothes you can have. And some food. A shower.”

He’s not sure why he’s pleading, why he’s caring. But it’s working. There’s an abortive movement, followed by a clear decision. A cold, bony hand slides into Tomura’s, thin fingers holding on as tight as fragile hope can manage. It’s the sort of contact Tomura usually avoids, and others usually avoid making with him because he’s not like them, but he finds that, with this filthy wretch of a young man, it’s not unpleasant.

The slime from the dumpster is, but not the blue-eyed stranger.

There’s no smile, no sigh of relief at realising there is respite for one night at least, but the young man utters something that is a reward like no other to Tomura.

“Thank you.”

His own smile is crooked, and wrong. People don’t like it. They find it too intense, too unnerving. Tomura forgets not to give it.

And then he forgets that he was ever told such things, because the stranger’s lips quirk up in a whisper of an expression, something in those stunning blue eyes softening.

(Tomura hopes he stays forever.)

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“Tomura Shigaraki?” Kurogiri watched as the young boy as he played with his DS. He wasn’t very good yet, he still feared his quirk.

Tomura paused the game and looked at the misty man “yeah?”

“I have something for you. Will you come here for a moment?” 

Tomura set his DS down on the couch he had been playing on and slipped off the couch. He struggled in climbing the tall seats of the bar, but Kurogiri knew he wouldn’t let him help him. After a few seconds the boy managed to haul himself onto the seat. He cocked his head expectedly.

“Close your eyes.” Kurogiri told him.

Tomura frowned before closing them carefully, as if he expected something bad to happen to him. 

Kurogiri pulled out a small cake with the number seven on it and seven candles, as well as “Happy Birthday Tomura” written on it in blue. It was a plain cake, but Kurogiri had worked for a long time to make it, so he was slightly proud of it. He lit the candles and saw Tomura tense up at the noise, but he never peaked.

“Alright, you can open now.” Kurogiri told the boy, putting the lighter away.

Tomura’s red eyes slipped open cautiously. They widened at the sight of the cake, a small smile dancing across his chapped lips. “What’s that for?” he asked, pointing to it.

Kurogiri frowned, although you couldn’t tell from the outside, “It’s for you. Today’s your birthday.”

“Is it?” the young boy blinked.

“You’ve forgotten?”

“I…I don’t know…I don’t remember a lot of things.” Tomura looked down at his hands, an odd sadness emanating from him.

“Well I remembered.” Kurogiri told him. Tomura smiled, glancing back down at the cake.

“Do I blow those out?”

“Of course.” 

Tomura took a deep breath, paused, and then he blew out the candles. He wiggled 

excitedly as Kurogiri cut a piece and put it on a paper plate. “Did you make a wish?” Kurogiri asked after he passed the cake.

Tomura nodded, “Yeah. I wished you would be here with me forever!”

Kurogiri was taken aback. “You…Truely?”

“Uh huh. You kinda annoyed me when we first met, but I like you now.” Tomura stuck his fork into the cake, “This is good. You made it, right?”

“I did.” Kurogiri felt his heart soar at the happyness on Tomura’s face and the admission. “And I like you too. Oh my, I seem to have forgotten something.”

“Huh?” Tomura cocked his head again.

“Sensei said I couldn’t give you presents today, but…” Kurogiri shrugged. 

Tomura looked confused for a second before confetti rained down from a portal above his head. After the initial shock he giggled and tried to catch it. Some of the pieces were dust by the time it was finished, but Tomura didn’t seem to mind. Kurogiri reached out and ruffled his hair, pieces of confetti falling out of the light blue locks.

A while later, after Tomura was done with his cake and Kurogiri put it away, they were both on the couch watching a movie. Tomura had nearly fallen asleep on Kurogiri’s lap by the time it was over, and the man thought it was time to put him to bed. 

As he tucked Tomura into bed, he felt a small tug on his sleeve. “Hm?”

“Thank you for the birthday Kurogiri.” Tomura whispered, his voice tired “it was fun.”

“Of course young Tomura.” Kurogiri walked to the door and turned out the light “Happy Birthday.”

Tomura checked the clock on the counter. 12:01. It was his birthday today. His first without Kurogiri. He sighed, starting back to his room on slightly unsteady feet - his leg was still a little messed up, even if he didn’t need the crutch any more. 

As he entered the room and turned on the lights, a loud, “SURPRISE!” made him jump. He dropped into a fighting stance before his vision cleared and he saw the rest of the league all standing there.

“What the hell?” He asked, confusion written on his face.

“Happy Birthday Tomura!” Toga rushed up to him and gave him a hug. 


“Kurogiri told me when your birthday was before his arrest.” Compress told him, gesturing to the room, “They all wanted to take part in it.”

“I…You guys didn’t have to-”

“We know, bossman!” Twice pumped his fist into the air, “We just wanna bother you.”

Spinner walked up to him, “None of us know how to bake so…no cake, sorry. But we got you this.” he handed him a box. Tomura, still somewhat in shock, glanced around before opening it. 

It was a mix of things, and he took them out one by one. A deck of cards, a foldable knife with a pink hilt, a black plastic car, a red scarf, and a mint scented chapstick. He held out the latter, “Which one of you fuckers-”

“Dabi.” Spinner told him. Dabi shrugged, a smirk on his lips.

“I’ll kill you.”

“You’re welcome.” Dabi told him. 

Tomura rolled his eyes and went back to studying the gifts. The cards and knife were obviously from Compress and Toga respectively. The car…he held it up, “Twice?” Twice gave him a thumbs up. So the scarf was from Spinner.

“Thanks, you guys.” Tomura carefully placed everything back into the box, “I…It means a lot.”

“You’re welcome! Totally hate you!” Twice slapped him on the back, earning a grunt from his leader. “Oops”

“As much as this is all very exciting,” Compress cut in, “We have a lot to do tomorrow, and we should probably all get some rest.” 

“Aw man! No party?” Toga pouted.

“Nah, he’s right.” Tomura told the girl, “When we’re all done with all of this shit, we’ll have a big party for everyone, alright?”

That seemed to satisfy the girl. She nodded and gave him another quick squeeze before skipping to her own room. The others followed her, each bidding Tomura goodnight and a happy birthday until only Dabi was left.

“What do you want?” Tomura asked, putting the box under his bed. 

“I have two more gifts for you.” Dabi told him, sitting on the mattress. Tomura raised an eyebrow.

“What this time? Lotion?”

“Hell no, I know you don’t actually use the stuff.” Dabi grinned. 

“Well then?”

Dabi pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to his boss. Another box. When Tomura opened it, he blinked. Inside was a black cord with a blue bead on it. It was simple, but…something about it made him immediately want to put it on. 


“It’s just a necklace.” Dabi shrugged, “But I saw it and thought you might like it. I don’t know why though, you don’t really strike me as a jewelry guy.”

“I…I really do.” Tomura cleared his throat, “Like it, I mean. It kinda reminds me of you.”


“Blue eyes, blue fire, blue bead.” Tomura gestured to it, “And the black’s kinda like your hair.”

Dabi seemed to consider that, “Huh. Maybe that’s why I liked it for you.”

“Because you’re self-centered?” Tomura giggled. 

“Oh shut up.” Dabi lightly pushed the other man. Tomura handed him the necklace.

“Put it on for me?”

“Why not.”

Tomura lifted his hair out of the way so that Dabi could see what he was doing. After a few moments, Dabi sat back, “Finished.”

Tomura fingered it, enjoying the coolness of the single bead against his irritated neck scratches.

“I like it.”

“It’s pretty on you.” Dabi murmured. 

“You said you had two?” Tomura cocked his head.

“Oh, eager?” Dabi purred, which earned him a punch in the shoulder “Yeah, yeah. I’ve got another one for you.”

He pulled something else out of his pocket, “Close your eyes.”

Tomura complied, and felt something light tickle his skin. “Open.”

He looked down at himself and caught the colored paper that fell onto his lap. “Confetti.” Dabi told him, “No party is without annoying pieces of paper that take forever to clean.”

Tomura smiled, his heart lifting at the small, shredded pieces. “Thank you Dabi. I mean that.”

Dabi rubbed the back of his neck, “Yeah, well…you look cute now at least.”

Tomura smirked and gently leaned forward, pressing his lips onto Dabi’s. “Thank you.” he whispered against them. Dabi smiled and pulled back.

“Will you stay here tonight?” Tomura asked him, gesturing to the bed.

“Of course I will.” Dabi responded, pushing Tomura into the bed. “Happy birthday, confetti boy.”

Tomura punched him. 

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As Pretty As A Portrait
by Bam Bam bi

“What’re ya doing?” Tomura asks, watching as Dabi scribbled away on a small black sketchbook. He took another drag of the blunt before scooting over next to the raven-haired man. As his eyes scanned the paper his roommate was drawing on, he recognized the features of the drawing as his own. “Is … that me?”

Touya stopped for a second, glancing away as he felt his face heat up. “Yeah … you didn’t look too bad at that angle, mophead,” He mumbled.

Words: 1903, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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whenever i feel sad one of the literal first things i do is go look for new tomura/dabi content
it’s really weird bc i never really get invested in ships anymore but these two literally bring me a lot of comfort n. like. genuine joy??

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Tomura gets all excited when Dabi finally says that he's found a video game he likes. But then he gets confused when Dabi can't give him detailed info on the graphics, gameplay, or storyline. Because it's Pong

I can’t tell which option I like best: 

1) Dabi being a little shit who wanted to troll his boyfriend by getting him all excited and then pulling that bullshit on him.

2) Dabi being a smitten fool, madly in love with Shig and wanting to please him, but also an absolute grandpa who still has a flip phone and knows NOTHING about video games, and therefor genuinely things that this is a great gift.

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I like to think that Shigadabi’s kid likes to be held all the time. They always want their dads to carry them on their hips or up on their shoulders or in one of those little baby slings. They like snuggling up to Dabi because he’s warm and Tomura because they can play with his hair


This is so sweet, I understand this child, I too would want to be carried around by these boys whenever I got the chance. Now I’m just imagining Dabi and Tomura going on about their days with a tiny child clinging to them, they’re just so used to it by now they don’t mind.

And just the three of them in one big cuddle pile where the child when feel Dabi’s warmth AND play with Shigaraki’s hair!!! Aaaaah I love that for them!

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In case you're not tired of hearing about the Shigadabi civilian parent AU, they probably go through that thing every parent does where they lose their kid in the store. The other customers are treated to a show of two goth boys running around like headless chickens while their child is a couple aisles over munching on cookies


The day had started so well, they were doing some family shopping together and Tomura and Dabi was having a conversation about what good parent they were like “We’re such a good team babe, we’re doing so well together, I thought this would be hard and terrifying but we’re really good at it, we’re both naturals” and suddenly the child was gone.

They both started screaming and running around and asking people and even thought about calling the police, Tomura was having a nervous breakdown while Dabi was harassing everyone around them. Eventually, they find the baby just vibing with some cookies literally RIGHT NEXT TO THEM  but they’re both too relieved to realised how stupid they were. They both start crying while holding the child in their arms and get them a lot of toys and candy after that.

Okay but lowkey this is soft because they both have big abandonment issues and so they were terrified of being terrible parents to their child, pls I love them.

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Being the lazy asshole giraffe that he is, Dabi will gradually lean all of his weight onto the person of his choice with a straight face until they're smushed against the floor


Dabi is the asshole big brother of the LOV. He bullies his fam and always gets away with it. He will just lean against Spinner and at first Spinner doesn’t mind but then Dabi gradually shifts his weight and Spinner is like “OH NO IT WAS A TRAP, I GOT BAMBOOZLED”.

He does it with EVERYONE. He especially dramatic when he does it with Tomura though, because he pretends he is coming in for some cuddles and Tomura is like “aaaw nice” but then THE SHIFT OF THE WEIGHT HAPPENS and Tomura is like “STAWP BITCH STAWP” and Dabi is like “oh no … I can’t … it’s … the gravity … I can’t fight it” and then they’re both on the floor and Tomura is hissing and Dabi is kissing his face.

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Dabi makes himself the present to save money

Dabi might be a dumb bitch but he is also street smart somehow? Love that for him. What an icon. He be like “I’m your present and I’m free of charge baby.”

Also, I because I only ever think about possessive Dabi, I like to think that he is saving money so Shig doesn’t have to see all his sugar daddies as much anymore. Look at him go, he gets all his brain cells working when it’s about Tomura. 

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