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what about changing the colour of your lil leggies?? Are you the type of octopus that can do that?

I can, yes. Shu, look, I’m pink now!


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Sorry if this is bad, I didn’t have much inspiration today



Tenko, no, Tomura writhed around in his bed, pulling at the artist gloves that seem to caress his hands. He doesn’t like them. He doesn’t like them at all. He supposes one would expect that, since he’s never had to wear them before. He’d been training himself on finger dexterity but until he mastered sleeping with curled fists he wouldn’t be able to sleep without his gloves. Oh how he loathes them.

He gets up to check the time. 3:00 AM. Three hours from the time he was supposed to wake up. Sensei said 6 hours was a good amount of time to sleep for the eleven year old, not too little so it wouldn’t damage his brain cells much, but enough to train him to not need rest as much. Tomura didn’t really like it considering that he woke up in the middle of that time anyways, but he’d go along with it for now. When he became king he could make his own sleep schedule and not have to listen to Sensei’s words all the time. Not that he minded too much. Sensei was kind to him, Tomura just preferred to go at his own pace. 

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Okay okay okay but like. If Touya has red hair. Then we just need Dabi to grow his hair out, and let the roots show and stuff. And then.



Red >>Pink >>White

It’s perfect

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I’ve got NO shame 😶 Dabi Shiggy poly is what I LIVE for I’m bad with ideas Rip How about Shiggy and Dabi got a thing for the leagues “mom” member (she cooks cleans takes care of their injuries etc but she isn’t helpless she is a villain after all. Even if they are really nice) Can be gender neutral (I put she but It’s outta habit to lazy to fix tbb 😭😂)

A/n: I felt that sometimes I get out of habit of using gender neutral pronouns if I’ve been working on other stuff

Shigaraki x reader x Dabi


Originally posted by causeimfeelinblue

• Shigaraki will be the first one to ‘claim’ you as his

• dabis gonna be like fuck you they’re mine

• after a l o t of arguing and petty moves they’re going to agree to share you

• I’m the beginning they’re going to compete over everything

• and it’ll be stupid stuff too like ‘who have you made the most meals for, how many times have you tried to comfort one of them’

• it just gets ridiculous

• Of course they won’t even realize that until you’ve had enough and go off

• ‘I’m sick if this shit, it’s like you two are just with me because it’s a competition’

• after you storm off they’ll share a look of oh shit what do we do

• they’ll silently follow after you and climb into bed, Shigaraki clinging to your front and Dabi around your back

• ‘I’m sorry doll, we didn’t mean it like that.”

• dabis rubbing your back as you sniff as Shigarakis pressing quick kisses all over your face

• this is probably the first time they haven’t argued over you

• and one of the lasts after this they’re arguements are playful and meaningless

• they baby you alllll the time

• it’s like they forgot they spent months trying to get you to join the league

• but they won’t stop, not when you ask not ever

• just because you’re the mom friend of the group doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be pampered with affection

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PSA for mermaids: do not take handheld consoles into the bath even if you dry your hands off you still might break them. Together we can all save Shu money 🛀


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WaIt if Mura found Dabi how’d you know where Shu took him?

Call it a sixth sense. Or telepathy. Or a trail of water leading to this house. Or Dabi being loud.

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yes! ma boiii, add Shu. it's your relationship you guys can add who you want. as long as you talk to each other about it first of course :3c





What are you guys doing?


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What do Octo-Shig and Su think of the smol fish?


I wish Dabi would stop feeding them his entire dinner, but they’re certainly less problematic than the other two.

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