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you find beauty in destruction
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You gotta dress fancy for the end of the world mister
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n-taszka · a day ago
The homoeroticism of turning yourself into Godzilla for your boyfriend leader's sake.
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haleigh-sloth · 2 days ago
No one has talked about this yet but Dabi's speech pretty much mirrors that of Toga's both with Deku and with Uraraka a while back. He shows disappointment in Shouto's words believing that Shouto has rejected him just like all the league has been rejected by someone time and time and time again. Dabi's 'but I knew it' is the same as Toga's 'I thought so' to Uraraka and her sad smile to Deku. Shigaraki likely has a same moment as well but I'm going by recent memory here. this misunderstanding 1/2
between villain and hero leads to then the villains getting extremely angry because of how hurt they are deep down and going for the kill because they have given up all hope that a hero will reach out a hand or that a hero will give them that chance. It's only momentary in Dabi's case as Shouto rectifies his mistake right away because he has an opportunity to do so but I thought that was a neat comparison he had with Toga and likely Shigaraki and how Dabi wants does want to be saved 2/2
You’re so right though. And actually I think the rejection moment with Shigaraki already happened:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And then his final rejection moment with a Midoriya—
Tumblr media
The final moment before Midoriya had a change in perspective.
Deku wasn’t the catalyst for Ochacko’s change in perspective, but he was the final straw for Toga before she completely gave up on heroes. He was never going to be her hero, but him screwing up was essential for him to learn and for Ochacko to seize her opportunity.
Yeah, it wasn’t in a sequential order like: 1. 2. 3., where it was the same type of circumstances in which all these moments happened.
It was scattered and kind of covered up by the surrounding events. But all 3 villains HAVE had that “we can never get along, we will never understand each other” moments:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shigaraki: “I don’t care if you don’t understand, that’s what makes us heroes and villains.”
Toga: “We are destined to remain apart.”
Touya: “A warped rail can never mingle with a straight and narrow one.”
So naturally the only solution to the problem is to force the issue, whether the villains like it or not:
Tumblr media
Which I think it’s safe to assume that they’re obviously not a fan of intermingling now, but of course they will in the end when they’re shown that their fates aren’t sealed.
I just love how the kids have been shown to be uncertain at times, they’re just kids. They don’t KNOW if they can make any difference for anybody really, while the LOV are just SO sure that nothing will ever get better and believe that their only options are to reject everything once and for all. They’ve all but given up (deep deep down they haven’t though) and they’re “done” listening. So now the kids have to force it.
Because things got this far to where, whether the LOV like it or not, they’re all going to mingle.
Which brings back the notion that giving help that’s not asked for is what makes a hero:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tomura: After a thorough medical assessment, the doctors have described me as 'a lot. just like a lot to deal with'
Dabi: I go in for a stomach ache, and the doctors are all like 'i think we should just pull the plug now'.
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Shigaraki: Have I ever told you that you cook well?
Dabi: Aww, no, you haven’t!
Shigaraki: So, why do you keep cooking?
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thingsoverheardatua · a day ago
Toga: But, Shiggy, I love him!
Midoriya: [tied to a chair] Sir, I did not agree to any of this. Now can you please call the fucking cops?!
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dab1-ex · a day ago
Tumblr media
I'm always watching
Part 2
Tomura x reader
Synopsis: your stalker can't give you break until you meet Tomura.
Warnings: smut, dark smut, like it's really dark, gun play, Dom and sub, male Dom.
Part 1
"(Y/N), my love are you ready?" Tomura asked as he re-entered the bedroom.
He stood before you with nothing but a pair of shorts. You knew those marks, the marks all over his flesh that HE had, the ones that looked like burn marks but were actually dry and scratched skin that were now scabbing, how didn't you notice it earlier on in your relationship.
He walked over to the bed, sitting in the middle of it while you still stood by your dresser. You were in shock unable to move, what were you supposed to do now, the man who had seeked comfort and protection from harm and danger in was actually the man that caused you to be in harm and danger.
You didn't dare move, you gaze was fixed on the ground and you could feel his eyes on yours.
"Princess" he said. You were terrified but you didn't want him to know that you knew who he was, so you slowly turned to face him.
"Come on princess put on a show for Daddy"
You turned you head to the dresser looking at the letter that had exposed all truth with one simple line and then looked back at him who was smirking at you. You mustered all the strength in your body and walked till you stood at the foot of the bed directly opposite Tomura.
"You know what to do princess"
Of course you knew what to do, you had exposed yourself to the man who was your boyfriend, but the man infront was no longer that, now he was HIM and you were nothing but a sheep in the wolf's den.
You slowly dropped the strap of you dress to fall down your right shoulder and then did the same to your left, your gaze held fix down to the floor as tears brimmed your eyes.
"Come on sweetie, you know I like to see that pretty face"
You looked up at him with tear filled eyes, as you began to pull on the zipper at the back of your dress. You slowly pulled it down your body as it peeled off againt the soft curves of your body finally dropping to the ground leaving you in nothing but your pantie.
Your nipples became hard in the open air and your eyes filled with more tears threatening to spill at any moment.
"One more piece baby"
You fiddled with the hem of your pantie, you didn't want to take it off but if you didn't he'd know you knew and what would happen then, would he do all those things he promised to do to you in his previous letters. You were about to pull them down when he said.
"Turn around, and bend while you pull them down"
You did as he said you turn so that your back now faced him, now it was time for the hard part, even though you back was towards him it didn't take away the feeling of being vulnerable.
You slowly pulled you pantie down as you bent forward keeping your legs straight until your pantie was at you ankles.
"Stay like that" he said as he moved from the head of the bed down to the foot. You could feel his breath against your bare pussy.
He spread your ass cheeks further apart as you were bent and he examined your pussy, the way your lips of your pussy were puffy and how you clit was there yearning to be touched as you slutty hole was wet. He took a lick of your cunt and you moved forward knees pushed together.
You could hear him stand up from the bed and lean over your bent body.
"You know (Y/N), fear tastes amazing on you" he said with a maniacal laugh.
Your eyes grew big as his words rung through your ears, he knew that you knew. Of course he did.
"Did you enjoy my little love letter ~Princess~" he said as he pulled your hair.
"I knew you would, I've been waiting for you to read it for a year now" he said letting go of you hair and standing straight as you remaind bent.
Tears were now free falling from your eyes and on to the floor.
"Aww my precious princess doesn't like her prince anymore" he said as he began to pull down his shorts revealing his hard cock that was leaking precum at the tip.
"You know playing housey with you was fun baby, but you know I have dark urges" he said teasing the tip of his cock at your entrance.
"And you happen to help me fulfill those urges" he pushed the head of his cock in as he pulled your hair making you stand straight.
" Oh (Y/N) the things you do to me, can you feel how hard I am in you, I could cum just like this. With you crying as I have my cock in you baby" he said kissing your shoulder.
"But now since the cats out the bag I guess I have to really take advantage of this opportunity" he said as he fiddled with your nipples.
He slowly pulled out his tip and picked you up throwing you on the bed front first.
"Why Tomura? Why?" You screamed through tears.
"Why are you doing this to me, please just let me go. Please!" You begged.
"Oh baby, Daddy is going to explain while he fucks you, come on face down as up" he said tenderly.
"Tomura please, No, just please don't" you said moving away from him.
"Come on now baby, I don't want to do this; make it easy for me baby, your begging is making me so hard just let me fuck you the easy way"
"No! Fuck you Tomura " You said scrambling off the bed as quickly as possible and running to the door.
"Oh baby, you're making me upset and I'm leaking here just get on the bed, I'm warning you"
"NO!" You said shaking on the door handle of the bedroom to find it locked.
"Okay then baby, you wanna be bad well Daddy can be badder" he said as he walked over to his draw pulled out a handgun.
"Get your ass over her so I can fuck it and here you beg for me to cum in you or I fuck you but no sound will come out with the bullet in your brain" he said tilting his head with a smile.
Your eyes was wide as he pointed the gun at you, you had two options get fucked by Tomura and endure the horror or have him fuck your lifeless body. You slowly began walking to the bed again, sitting on the edge.
"Come on baby face down as up"
You obliged positioning yourself in the way he wanted.
He got behind you teasing his tip at your entrance once again, as you cried into the bed quietly.
"You know how badly I wanted to tell you the truth baby. How I wanted to come out and tell you I was the one who sent you those letters" he said as slowly pushing in, you could see the gun next to his body.
"Oh fuck baby, you're so tight, I wanna cum right now like this, just putting it in"
He slowly began to fuck you.
"I just wanted to protect you from this dark cruel world, I just wanted to be your provider. I mean I'm ah I'm wealthy and could give you everything" he said as his pace started picking up.
"But you never sent me a letter back and you began to dissappear from your normal places you didn't even show up to work anymore baby, and that upset me"
As he finished his sentence you reached for the gun.
Tomura saw your movements and quickly grabbed it before you could reach it.
"What the fuck slut, I'm telling you how I tried to protect you and save you and you fucking do this shit" he said as he fucked you harder.
"You know what" he said as he pulled out.
"You wanna play with guns" he said placing the gun to your temple.
"We're about to have some real fun now, slut"
He lined his cock up to your ass.
"Tomura please, not there, please Tomura" You begged.
"No, you're being a bad girl and a bitch gets fucked in the ass when they misbehave" he said as he slipped his whole cock into your ass feeling like you had just been split in half, as you screamed in pain.
"You know what, I'm not going to stop fucking your ass till you love me (Y/N)" he said as he thrusted and pushed the gun at your temple.
You cried and screamed as his thrusts were fast and deep, hitting a part of your body you had never felt, you hated that it was pleasurable, you hated him and hated this.
"Say you love me!"
You started crying louder
"Fucking say it" as he pressed the gun deeper in your temple.
"I love you" you said through tears.
"I LOVE YOU TOMURA, I LOVE YOU!" You screamed through pain and pleasure.
As he continued to fuck you, he had you saying that phrase over and over again until it was the only thing you could say, I love you Tomura.
"Oh yes Princess I'm gonna cum" he said pulling out quickly and putting it back in your pussy.
Feeling him in your pussy was to much for you as you squirted all over the bed. Tomura couldn't take the sight he was beholding and he came squirting hot cum straight into your womb as your own orgasm milked his cum to your womb.
He pulled out panting as you fell down onto the bed starring at the ceiling.
He lied down next to you, looking at you moving the hair that now sticked to your skin.
You were unable to move to think to feel, from what had just happened and you just wanted to be held by the closest warmest thing and sadly that thing was Tomura.
You moved into his arms as the tears slipped throught your eyes without a sound.
He looked down at you, the man who destroyed your life.
And yet the phrase that he had imprinted in your brain while fucking you was the only thing you were able to say.
"I love you Tomura"
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petty-ha · 2 days ago
"Their Reaction To You Being Cold And Distant Pt. 1" pt.2
✿ Reblogs are highly appreciated m.list
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He'll probably keep a safe distance with you and just watch with a worried face. When he couldn't take it anymore, he went to bother Aizawa to ask him what was going on with you.
He'll most probably glare at you until you talk to him. And of course you need to talk to him, because if you don't, you won't be able to use your quirk until further notice.
He'll whine while following you around the campus all day. He's so loud that Principal Nezu scolded him for disrupting ongoing classes.
She'll get you off-guard and will use her quirk on you. When you wake up, your in your room with no escape from Midnight.
' So, why were you being distant? ' She'll say seductively.
Though he looks big and scary, he'll actually panic internally thinking about of what he might've done. He'll curse himself so bad.
He'll probably hold your hand and drag you all the way up to the sky and talk to you there. Try disobeying him and he might let go of you.
Please don't be cold to him or else, nothing will happen. Neither one of you will talk to each other.
He will not be bothered. Please, he already needs to take care of the whole LOV. They're all children. Literally.
He's pretty cold, but if you're the one being cold to him, HE. HATES. IT. He hates it so much, that he thought of burning you.
She'll threaten you about drinking ALL of your blood out of the blue. No questions asked.
Tumblr media
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thetreefairy · a day ago
𝐘𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐜!𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐤𝐢 𝐓𝐨𝐦𝐮𝐫𝐚/𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐮𝐫𝐚 𝐓𝐞𝐧𝐤𝐨
Title: My dear, let papa take care of you
Tw: /quirk malfuction/swearing/first activation quirk/
They-them pronouns. Reader is 6.
Fluff/angst/soft yandere
My friend told me Nee—Chan is for sisters and Nii—Chan is for guys. Correct me if I'm wrong, thank you for reading <3
I did a random character lol
Part two
Tumblr media
Shigaraki Tomura remembered all too well how he got his quirk. It was back when he was still Shimura Tenko, back when he decayed his whole family.
The reader was six when they got their quirk. A slight late bloomer. They were playing with their best bud Toga, they were playing heroes and villains, but were in the villains keep winning. To Toga's disappointment she had to be the hero all the time :(.
During a play-fight Toga lifted the reader up and threw them on their bed, but as soon the reader fell on the bed every furniture piece started floating. Toga included.
"DABI CALL TOMURA, PLEASE!" Toga shouted. "N/N (nickname), are you okay?" Toga then asked the floating child who was obviously distressed.
"Toga-Nee, why are we floating? Is a hero gonna cowe and twake na away?" Reader cried out, tears streaking down their face. "What's going on here, Toga?" Dabi walked in annoyed but when he saw them floating. "I'll call Tomura. Try to get everything down and calm reader." Dabi said in a bored tone.
"SHUT IT, I'M CALLING HANDY JOB!" Then Dabi heard a tud and a door closing While Toga stumbled on the floor. "I think n/N is scared—"
Tomura arrived seconds later after the call. "Where is my baby?" he asked Toga holding her by her collar threating to put 5 fingers down. "In her room, crusty lips." Toga answered annoyed. "I tried getting her out with her favorite snacks, didn't work tho."
"Give them here." Shigaraki snapped and took the tray with snacks from the bar counter. "Don't you want to know their quirk, crusty b—!"
"SHUT IT, MY BABY NEEDS ME YOU BLUE BITCH, I'LL FIND OUT LATER! YOU AND TOGA CAN SEARCH UP PARENTING CLASSES BECAUSE NEITHER OF YOU ARE EVER BABYSITTING AGAIN!" Shigaraki started walking to his child's room, mumbling curses towards Dabi and Toga. Just when Kurogiri and Twice have a job when this happens, Twice may be bipolar but he sure can handle kids.
"Hey, baby, could you let papa come in?" Tomura asked sofly as he knocked on their door. "NO! I'LL HURT YOU!"
"Is that it or just your fear?" Tomura questioned. "Papa, please leave me alone." Reader sobbed. "My dear, please let papa come in." he cooëd. "I can't open the door, papa..."
Tomura opened the Door and saw reader all crawled up on her bed. Their hands barely intact. "Oh, love." Tomura dropped the tray with snacks and sat down on the bed. "I'm going to kill those morons." he whispered. "Toga-Nee and Dabi-Nii did nothing wrong!"
"Now, now, the only person you should worry about right now is yourself."
"Am fine! Hands just hurt! Don't hurt Toga and Dabi!" Awh, how your heart is sometimes too big for you. Tomura hummed as he said: "Well then, My dear, let papa take care of you."
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chaoticbisexualvomit · 2 days ago
I see a lot of post talking about people being worried about shigaraki, dabi or toga dying by the end but weirdly enough I don’t think any of them will die.
It just doesn’t make sense for the main trio to die in my opinion.
But the person I am worried about is spinner. Spinner is the only member of the original league besides the main trio who hasn’t died/ gotten captured yet. So after magne and twice’s death and kurogiri and compress getting captured I am so fucking scared my poor lizard boy is gonna die. Considering how devoted he is to shigaraki it’d probably happen while trying to help/protect tomura.
Like especially after twice’s death I’m so worried about spinner.
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kintagonism · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
not pictured: shigaraki’s yamper
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itsnothingofinterest · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
So does this ending signify we’re getting AFO Vs Endeavor & Hawks next chapter? That seems an...odd choice.
Like, I’ve mentioned more than once how this arc is tragically tensionless because the whole war’s stacked too much in the heroes favour; with the villains VASTLY outnumbered, outgunned, & outplayed. The heroes have a few hundred times the forces they actually need to win this war, and that’s taking Tomura & AFO into account. So long as a proportionate amount of heroes were sent their way with any modicum of pre-planning (both of which seems to be true), this fight is already over.
And that’s true for the other fights too; Bakugou was right for the wrong reasons when he said it was obvious Shoto would beat his brother, and the Spinner & Toga fights are pretty much already decided too, baring an increasingly unlikely upheaval to the whole war. But those fights still work because we really care about the characters involved and their connections.
Not really the case here; these are some of the most polarizing/outright hated characters in the series, and I’d be wondering who to root for if there was any question of who would win, so my initial thoughts seeing this match-up were “if ever there was a fight that could happen off-screen”. I think the only thing I’m interested in with this is seeing what reason Endeavor absolutely had to be here instead of confronting his son.
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haleigh-sloth · a day ago
Tumblr media
It’s their get along scarf
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mrpotatohead-14 · a day ago
Tumblr media
I seen the recent spoilers and I need to heal with more fan art (if I have time tho)
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totallycorrectlovquotes · 2 days ago
Shigaraki: Toga, we need to talk about-
Toga: The building was already on fire when I got there.
Shigaraki: What?
Toga: What?
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buttercupshands · a day ago
Apologising in chapter 235
First of all I don't really know how 'in norm' that is, and how much of it is just Kotaro's way of being father
But that one thing about 'don't let him in until he apologises' finally connected in my head with a moment from chapter 236
And yeah I don't know if anyone already said it so I don't know if I repeat something known to everyone!
And before we get there it's a sad thing that official English translation decided to translate it differently for some reason both first and second one
And with how it's not so uncommon for chapters to not make sense because of it it's probably that again
Tumblr media
In official version Kotaro says that Nao and Tenko's grandparents shouldn't apologise to Tenko for Kotaro, that doesn't make sense especially with how other fan translations didn't choose it
Tumblr media
And if you take easiest way and just translate this from original Japanese vers he actually said that Tenko should apologise and only then come home
That makes Nao's worry seem less weird because if it was Tenko's will to go home when he pleases he wouldn't stay outside without any reason
But if it's forbidden until he apologises that makes a little bit more sense
So if we're done explaining why that scene is different actually
It's important that it is, because that directly connects to Tenko trying to speak even if his voice doesn't work
He had to apologise to his Father, otherwise he's not allowed to come home
And with how he stayed outside until dark he probably didn't do it before his Quirk activated
Tumblr media
So yeah if that scene didn't feel as bad, with how Kotaro reacted to Tenko's words... he understood why Tenko said it
So the fact that Tenko tried to get help from Kotaro only after apologising makes sense
And fact that Tomura apologised for Kotaro's hand falling is probably not so different from that, so that little rule never really left
Tumblr media
And with how hands of his family and his Father allowed him to do everything he wanted with them close
Tumblr media
Because he allowed himself to use his Quirk only if they allowed it
AFO said that he controlled himself not even knowing it and that's why
Tumblr media
So that moment of Tomura destroying his Father's hand is kinda more powerful knowing this
He didn't need his Father allow him to do anything anymore
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hebiko-chan · a day ago
>favourite character is the mc
>either excuses all of their actions or writes a thesis full of guilt and buzz words every day to not get cancelled for liking a flawed protag
>likes characters because they're nice, talented or funny
Tumblr media
>chooses a favourite character before consuming the media piece
>chooses a villain. never gets disappointed, no need to analyse their flaws. They're a one big flaw
>criteria for choosing a favourite character: a) sexy b) cool powers
Tumblr media
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koriand · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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espressovis · 4 months ago
The raging urge to be a villain’s favorite person.
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