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lorlocks · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✨They’re finally here!✨
Dabi and Shigaraki 3D mousepads are available for a limited run on my Etsy!
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fi-nn · a day ago
Tumblr media
“i do not want to be alone like this
why have you not come back to haunt me?”
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codenamesazanka · a day ago
The implication that in some sorta-nicer timeline, Tenko would’ve been the one to reach out to the bullied heteromorph kid or the ostracized blood-quirk girl. That maybe Tenko would’ve talked to and maybe get to know the homeless guy with the scary eyes while everyone else had ignored him; would’ve accepted and befriended the trans woman who is happy being gnc; would’ve not cared what other people think and associate with the man that’s the descendant of an infamous Villain thief. The implication that in this sorta-nicer timeline, Tenko would’ve been a hero in all the small ways that made a difference to people that Pro-Heroes overlook.
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Toga: Do you think different paints have different tastes?
Dabi: They do.
Shigaraki: ...why did you say that with such certainty?
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hhawks · a day ago
bet shiggy would love it if you sat on his face, his hands groping at your flesh, pulling at it, pawing his way under your lil skirt, grabbing you hard by the thighs and forcing you on top of him. He’d smear your slick all over his lips, chops and chin, like it’s his own personal chapstick and moisturiser. doesn’t even really wanna fuck or anything most days, just wants the comfort of your plush and the warmth of your thighs straddling his head like a big warm hug. Muffled noises into the fabric of your underwear. loving seeing how sensitive you got for him, and how you ride his face when aching for more of him, jus’ rolling you off to the side of the bed when you’re dumb, content just fucking your thighs until he reaches his high.
uh huh uh huh :( there's just something about desperate shigaraki you know. something about him pulling and digging his fingertips into your skin, bruising it just to get you closer to him. he wants to fuck you with his tongue every single night; it's his own display of power, his own show of love, pulling you on top of him and seating you down. he lets your rut against his face, covered in slick and spit and slobber. he's a messy eater, don't you know? wants you squirting on his face, tonguefucking your pussy until you cream for him. doesn't stop until you've cum at least twice, and then lets you down so he can bully your cervix with his fat uncut cock :( he's just so desperate to show you so much love. just wants to give all he can to you, take all you're willing to give him (and all he has to force out of you).
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tired-dust · 17 hours ago
Omg, I loved ur most recent fic!! I think I saw this hc on tiktok, but I was wondering if maybe u could expand on it/give ur thoughts? (and maybe a fic if ur feelin it) It's that when shiggy gets aggravated he starts crying, and I imagined him to be the type to kinda isolate when he gets frusterated. And maybe reader notices, and when they try to help he gets more frustrated and starts crying and when the reader comforts him he reluctantly accepts it (reader comforting shig has been on my mind 24/7 recently lol)
Sorry if this is rly awkwardly put, I kinda have a hard time expressing my thoughts😭
I'm always in the mood for Shiggy fics so you're absolutely getting one :) This ended up being more angsty than I intended and I also made Dabi a massive dickhead so I hope you aren’t a Dabi stan anon-
word count: 1,754
He’s not listening. Again. Dabi was always like this, always so flippant, so unfocused. Shigaraki despised it, despised him. Why did even agree to let him join the League? Finally fed up, he stormed out, trying to ignore Dabi’s chuckling as he left. God, did he have to be such an asshole?
Shigaraki stormed into his room, slamming his door a little too loudly, not that he cared at this moment. Toga complaining about her precious ‘beauty sleep’ wasn’t his problem. He threw himself onto the bed, shoving his face into his pillow and letting out a frustrated cry. There was no reason for Dabi to be such a prick. He’s not the leader. He doesn’t have the information or the power. Shigaraki does. So why won’t Dabi listen? More importantly, why couldn’t he even lead this tiny group of assholes right? Fuck, he was such a failure. And now he was spiralling into self pity. Master would be so disappointed in him. He was useless. A terrible leader, weak, unable to stop the heroes, completely worthless and-
“Boss? Are you okay?” He heard you call as you knocked gently. Ugh, couldn’t it have been anyone but you? You were the one person who definitely couldn’t see him like this. He wanted, no, he needed you to think of him as smart and powerful and a strong leader. He needed you to find him attractive too, he needed you to want him. Stupidly, he’d grown quite fond of you, thinking about you much more than he’d ever intended, craving your attention and touch and time. But not now, when he was irritable and so so weak. Anytime but now.
“Can you just fuck off?” He mumbled, just loud enough for you to hear him.
“I just want to help, Shigaraki, can I come in?” You replied. Always so kind to him, he almost couldn’t stand it.
“I don’t give a shit what you want, fuck off.” He shouted. Regret instantly took over him, he knew he was ruining his chances with you, but he couldn’t stop himself from pushing you away.
“Well, you know where I am if you need me,” You sighed. He listened to your footsteps quieten as you walked down the hall, forcing him to go back to his thoughts.
Now he only felt worse. Not only was he awful at being a villain, leading the League of Villains, he couldn’t even talk to the person he liked without acting like an asshole. His nails worked tracks into his neck, deeply scratching bloody trails into the side. Usually, the motion and the sting brought familiar relief, but now it was futile. All it did was make him feel worse. He could practically hear Dabi’s comments on his scars already. He’d never been one to care about how he looked, but something about Dabi made him feel so insecure. It was pathetic. He was supposed to be a leader, the successor of the most feared villain in history, and yet here he was, upset over the opinion of some random prick with no achievements and far too many shitty piercings.
It shouldn’t bother him, but it did. And that only made him spiral further, he could feel himself shaking now, hot tears threatening to spill. Taking a shaky breath in an attempt to calm himself, he let out a loud sob. Too caught up in his own feelings, he didn’t notice your steps returning down the hall, or that you’d heard him crying or even you entering his room until you sat on the bed beside him.
“Shigaraki?” You asked. He doesn’t look up, just mumbles something unintelligible into his pillow. “I, um, I brought you snacks.”
He looked up then, greeted with your soft smile and the bags on candy you had laid out across your thighs. God, why were you so kind to him? Glaring at you, he rolled over.
“Get out, I’ll fucking kill you.” He lied. He would never hurt you, but he couldn’t let you know that. You couldn’t see that side of him, even if he was sat here crying like a lost child, already so vulnerable.
“Kill me then. I’m not leaving.” You replied. He didn’t move. He didn’t know how to react. Why aren’t you scared of him like everyone else? “You don’t have to talk to me if you don’t want, but I’m not leaving.”
“Fine, whatever.” He mumbled, wiping away another tear he hoped you didn’t see. 
For a while, you two sat there, silent except for the sounds of Shigaraki’s frustrated cries, which slowly quietened. At first your presence unsettled him, but he soon grew accustomed to, almost comforted, by your presence. You weren’t bothering him anymore, he wanted you here. He wanted you to comfort him. He wanted you to care about him, yet another layer of embarrassment on top of how worthless and pathetic he felt.
And then you shuffled away, climbing off the bed. He turned to look at you then, red puffy eyes locked onto your back.
“Not leaving, huh?” He scoffed. Typical. You turned to look at him, his face clouded with... disappointment?
“I’m just going to the bathroom, boss.” You replied. He grumbled slightly, avoiding your eyes. “Is that okay?”
“I don’t care,” He snapped. You sighed slightly, leaving and closing the door behind you.
The tears came back then. Alone again. He was tired, tired of being like this, failing time and time again. He couldn’t stop failing Master or even stop failing himself.  He couldn’t even talk to you, the only person he wanted to talk to, to open up to. You came to him, to help him, and he’d pushed you away. He didn’t intend to, but he had, and then you’d gone. ‘To the bathroom.’ Yeah, right. You’d been too long for that now. Sure, he knew he wasn’t great company, especially when he’s feeling so pathetic, but that didn’t stop the sinking feeling that you’d never care about him. God, why was he so emotional? This was embarrassing and stupid, not the behaviour or emotion of an acclaimed leader.
“Sorry, I thought you might want a blanket, I got you one,” You say, re-entering with a fluffy grey blanket in your hand. 
“I have my own.” He mumbled, rolling his eyes
“It’s not fluffy though, is it?” You re-join him on the bed, wrapping the blanket around him. Your fingers accidentally brush his neck, then swipe through a few strands of hair. They’re so warm against his skin, soft and kind, the opposite of his, but they don’t linger. You lean back slightly, looking down at him smiling. “Better?” Not really, he still felt terrible, even if you were spending your time with him and your scent on the blanket surrounded him and he could still feel your touch, making him feel strangely warm But he didn’t want to say that. He couldn’t say that. He grunted in reply, and that seemed good enough for you. 
You laid down beside him, not talking to him, not even looking at him. But you came back. Maybe the blanket had helped. No, it was you. Your soft smile, your gentle hands, the way you never pushed him to talk, but gave him the chance to, even though you both knew he’d never take it.
“Tomura,” You whisper, breaking the silence and catching him off guard. Nobody called him by his first name, except Toga and he hated that. But it sounded nice from your voice. It sounded right. “Do you want a hug?”
What did you just say? A hug? He didn’t remember the last time he’d had a hug. Had he ever had one? He had no idea. But you wanted to touch him, even if it was out of pity. 
“Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.” You mumble. He looked at you, now playing with your fingers as you glance at the bed sheets.
“Uh, yeah, actually, I do.” He replied. He was embarrassed, unsure of how to act. Sitting up, he waited for you to rise to meet him. Instead, you pulled him down, his head resting on your chest. One hand rose up his shirt slightly, rubbing small circles on his back. The other reached for the blanket, covering the two of you then working up into his hair, working through it soothingly. It was so unfamiliar, warm and kind. He’d never been treated like this before. Unable to control his own emotions, he let out another choked sob.
“It’s okay.” You whisper. “You’re going to be okay.” He sobbed into your chest for a little, his fists balled in fear of hurting you. Listening to you talk, tell him it would be alright, he started to believe it, just a little. He never told you what was wrong, why he was crying. But you never asked, even when the tears stopped. And he never left your arms. 
After a while, you started talking about other things. It started with just complaining about Twice, his terrible playlist being played far too loud. The two of you could actually hold a conversation, a real conversation. You were so interesting, and you listened to him ramble, asking him questions, genuinely interested in what he had to say.
And then you two are on the floor, playing games on his old Xbox and eating the snacks you brought and laughing. He’d almost forgotten what had happened earlier, the pain and the disappointment. All he could think about was your arms around him just a few minutes ago, and your knee brushing against his as you lost to him yet again, your defeated sighs and grumbles. Losing again, you groaned as you saw him grin.
“Someone’s feeling better,” You said. “Guess the blanket worked. Or maybe the cuddles. Who knew you were so soft?”
“Shut up.” He mumbled, blushing slightly. “I just like kicking your ass.” He continued to argue with you, saying it’s just the games putting him in a good mood, that you were so bad at every game you played it couldn’t not be a confidence boost. The snacks and the blanket and your presence didn’t do anything for his mood, he said. But that didn’t stop him crawling back to you for cuddles whenever something pissed him off in the future, his fluffy head settling on your chest or shoulder, craving your pretty words and your presence. Because you always listened, even when there was nothing to say.
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Color by HEXAMENDLE on Twitter. Their page says credit if post and who wouldn't credit an artist or colorist.
Look at his face he's so happy.
Tumblr media
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incorrect-natshig · 2 days ago
Himiko: Sick of hearing about “healing crystals” that can “cleanse my aura”. I want to know which rocks can hurt you and fuck up the vibes.
Natsuo: Uranium
Shigaraki: Literally any rock if you’re willing to resort to violence
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But what if it's windy and what if Tomura's long white hair covers his and Dabi's face while they kiss.
What if Dabi uses his coat to wrap a sleepy and terribly cold Tomura, before picking him up and carrying him to a dry zone of the abandoned building.
What if Tomura kiss Dabi's staples.
What if Tomura uses his red cape to cover Dabi to hide himor keep him separated from the heroes, while Tomura fights them away.
What if Dabi brushes away Tomura long white hair, over his shoulder, before cupping Tomura's face between his hands and kissing the scar on his lips.
What if Tomura breaks a little when he hears Dabi calling him Tenko.
What if they are side by side, looking at themselves in the mirror.
What if Dabi falls into Tomura's arms after the final battle, because he always wanted to do so but thought it was not safe to let his guard down. But everything is over and he doesn't want to run away or fight anymore.
What if Dabi uses his quirk to light candle after candle around Tomura and promise him it's not going to leave him alone in the darkness.
What if Dabi is the arrow on fire that crosses Tomura's subconscious like a shooting star, and way if thanks to it Tomura remembers how much he loves the League, how he needs to make their dreams come true still.
What if Dabi prefers to stay with the League and Tomura in a shitty broken bar instead of the Todorokis house, because that's not his home.
What if Tomura asks Dabi why not him, why not choosing him for a partner.
What if Tomura is tired and lonely and rest his head against Dabi's back, even if he thinks Dabi could go away any minute. It's okay, he would never demand him to stay.
What if Tomura asks him only to come back. What if he gets uses to calling for Dabi, asking for him, even when he's not there.
What if.
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codenamesazanka · a day ago
Tumblr media
I do love that he’s so blunt about these other kids and himself, so candid about the facts. Yeah, all the other kids thought they were losers and they had no friends. So I played with them. I did a nice, good thing.
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arsonkindacutetho · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
I drew these super quick but seeing the kid shigaraki au buy @tunafishprincess I immediately had to sketch him. It's too funny go check it out!
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Shigaraki:'re gay? Why?
Twice: It started off as a seven day free trial, but I forgot to cancel, so here we are.
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haleigh-sloth · 19 hours ago
what did shigaraki see in bakugou before/during the kamino arc and what has changed since then? what made shigaraki lose his interest and how much of that can be attributed to his growth? do you see a place for bakugou in the shikgaraki&midoriya and LoV redemption narrative?
What did he see in him?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He saw a kid who was being treated cruelly, in front of an audience no less. Instead of taking any.... remotely normal measure, they put him on a stage looking like this.
Tumblr media
He saw a kid who he assumed was suffering in the same manner they were. I'd say close to the way Toga was suffering, being suffocated and suppressed for who he was. He saw a kid who, in his eyes, needed an out--an escape. He tried to give him one, but he didn't understand Bakugo as a person.
Lack of understanding is what drives the OFA/AFO plot line in BNHA.
What changed since then? Two changes took place. The first one:
What changed was his conviction. His first conviction was just "Kill All Might". Which, on the surface, nobody in their right mind is going to see the logic in that and agree to it. He wasn't making any real progress in his plans, because he didn't really even have any. He was called out by Overhaul for it. And Overhaul, to an extent, was right.
He changed from wanting a world without All Might, to wanting a different world altogether.
Tumblr media
He had forgotten about trying to "help" Bakugo, and moved on at this point. He didn't want to try to reason with heroes anymore. He just wanted to wreck it all and start over. Bakugo was old news.
The second change:
Tumblr media
The possession. I still don't think Shigaraki himself gave a damn about OFA before this. He didn't show any interest in it until he woke up from his surgery, which we know at that point AFO was in his head.
Tumblr media
Not on his radar anymore. His focus was on Midoriya at this point, for his quirk. Letting go of the idea of forcing Bakugo to join the LOV was his own choice, going after OFA was not.
Shigaraki had tons of growth in the story. He wanted a world that benefitted not just him, but others too. He wanted it so bad that he got too close and, well, it came back to bite him.
Do I see a place for Bakugo in the Shigaraki & Midoriya redemption narrative?
Tumblr media
Oh yeah, for sure. I think Bakugo's arc was always tied into Midoriya's from the beginning.
Bakugo doesn't actually have a villain to save. But his apology in chapter 322 seems, to me, like a pretty solid indicator that whatever comes of his arc is going to tie into helping Midoriya. In a way, to make up for how he's treated him, but also, because I think he'll come to understand that Midoriya is right about Shigaraki.
I link to this post I made a while back quite a bit, but my point in it about what Bakugo's role in the story was still stands.
Bakugo started off as needing to learn what being a real hero was, and stop bullying others to lift himself up. His arc was about learning that.
But his role in the story as a whole was a testament to how persistent the main character is willing to be when he sees potential in someone to do better. Midoriya saw it in Bakugo, and Bakugo pulled through.
He sees it in Shigaraki, he just needs to reach him to give him the chance to do better.
Basically what I said in my post about villain prototypes: Bakugo was a rehearsal for Midoriya to save Shigaraki. Midoriya's first moment of triumph was with Bakugo, and it's repeating itself with Shigaraki.
Shigaraki is the real final challenge for Midoriya.
Tumblr media
Midoriya's relationship with Bakugo throughout the whole story prepared him for it.
Tumblr media
I think Bakugo is pretty firmly tied into the OFA/AFO plot line at this point. I don't know exactly how he'll help, but it'll be a learning and growth experience for him as much as it is for Midoriya.
I think all the kids, specifically the main 4 will end their arcs having redefined being a hero in BNHA's world.
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Izuku: Everyone say hi to my big brother, Tenko
Denki: Uh, no. Weren't you listening? That's his big brother Tenko
Shigaraki: Sup, dumbass
Denki: Izu told you to stop calling me that!
Dadzawa: *tired*
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