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#shiho suzui
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persona 5 – ryuji sakamoto/akira kurusu, ryuji sakamoto & ann takamaki, background akira kurusu & shiho suzui, background ann takamaki/shiho suzui

hycaeit au prologue, ryuji pov (821 words)

ao3 version

He’s unapproachable at best and an earful of biting remarks at worse, so maybe that’s why the smile from the transfer student sitting with Suzui a few aisles over and several desks forward throws him off so bad.

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It was morning. Several students were gathered around the bulletin board. It was plastered end to end with copies of the calling card. Sumire was walking by and she saw the crowd. Normally, she’d be adverse to large gatherings, but something about this drew her in. “Um, excuse me” she said, making her way to the bulletin board.

She began to read. “Suguru Kamoshida, the bastard sinner of lust. You push your sick and twisted desires on the children you are supposed to teach. When you’re not working them to their breaking point, you treat the female students as your own personal escort service. It’s gotten so bad that there are people out there that wish to see you wallow in agony as they send you up in flames. We cannot stand idly by and wait for that to happen. Henceforth, we shall steal your desires and make you confess your sins with your own mouth. From, The Phantom Thieves of Heart.“ She looked next to the calling card itself to spy a crudely drawn portrait of a thief in a top hat.

The students around were in shock. “Steal desires?”

“So, those rumors about Kamoshida are true?”

“Who are these Phantom Thieves?”

“What’s this ‘flames’ comment mean?”

Ren, Ann, Ryuji, and Morgana were watching from a distance. “This calling card is turning out great!” Morgana chimed.

“For real!” Ryuji said. “But, uh, what’s with that drawing?”

“Oh, I thought it needed something,” Ann said.

“OK, but doesn’t it look….” Ryuji began.

Ann was confused. “What?”

“Well, uh, how do I put this?” Ryuji said.

“It’s certainly eye-catching,” Ren said.

“Totally!” Ann said.

“…I think she missed your sarcasm,” Morgana said.

“WHAT?!” Ann said

“Yeah, it just doesn’t look good,” Ryuji said.

“Oh, like YOU could do any better” Ann huffed.

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Kamoshida: Well, Takamaki-san. I heard you're into girls? I assure you, one night with me could change that.
Ann: Tell me, Kamoshida-sensei. Have you ever made a woman have eight orgasms in a row?
Kamoshida: What?
Ann: Have you ever had your back scratched until it bled when having sex with a woman?
Kamoshida: Takamaki-san, what are you...?
Ann: Have you ever made a woman cum only by sucking her tits?
Kamoshida: It doesn't...
Ann: Then please, tell me how you're supposed to turn me straight by spending one night with you...
Ann: ... since I've done all of this?
Kamoshida: ...
Shiho: ...
Shiho: ... Ann, I'm not comfortable with you talking this much about our private life.
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