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Whumptober Day 8″Where did Everyone Go?”

Prompt: Isolation

TW: Loneliness, mentions of Kamoshida

Wordcount: 360



It’s not like it’s a weird thing for the apartment to be like this. 



Ann hadn’t needed a nanny in years, so while her parents were abroad, the only other person who came to the house is the cleaning lady who came by every other week.

It’s just. It’s supposed to be movie night.

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favorite character: this is a rough one! I’ll go with ann since she’s my pfp.

second character: kanji. bad boys who are much nicer than they let on are an epic trope ngl.

least favorite character: I don’t Hate hate any of the persona kids but mishima is so bland for a major social link.

the character I’m most like: I am 👌 this close to kinning ann or chie or anna.

favorite pairing: I refuse to let go of the idea of shihoann where shiho gets some actual plot development but souyo is also neat because it was. a Whole Entire canon romance route that was cut last minute and all the buildup is still in the game.

least favorite pairing: it’s a cheap shot to say you don’t like the problematic ones but the options to date grown women as a teenager are weird. also akira/futaba (they are Siblings)

favorite moment: ann’s rooftop rant about how she had the chance to kill kamoshida for his crimes and chose not to because she thought he’d suffer more living with guilt was ICONIC.

rating out of ten: this prompt is ambiguous and I don’t have the energy for a list rn but my favorite demon design is the nekomata or agathion. make of that what u will

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To Strengthen Your Heart

Throughout middle school and on into high school, Ann had only managed to deem one person a close friend and her name was Shiho. Expanding her friend group had never come to mind when most of her peers either ignored her or spread rumors about her. Now, as a founding member of the Phantom Thieves, Ann is ready to start tearing down her walls to strengthen her heart, so that she could be someone her friends could rely on.

(A series of one-shots focusing on Ann.)

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Still can’t believe the fact dudebros will play through persona & argue that all the thieves are straight, when they aren’t.

Like? Ann for example? Ma’am you aren’t fooling anyone with how much you gush about shiho. Ann pines so hard for her, and wants to be strong for shihos sake. The bond her and shiho share is so much deeper and I think it’s beautiful. That’s honestly why I couldn’t bring myself to date Ann, and when I accidentally romanced her in vanilla, I started panicking and ejected the game so I could fix that.

I just wish we could comfort our female confidants when they’re at their lowest without it resulting in a relationship.

There’s also Ohya. God, the first time I saw her and played through her route I was 100% convinced she was a lesbian & was using the term ‘partner’ romantically when talking about Kayo.

The girls in persona 5 (and P4, looking at Chie & Yukiko 👁👁) have such strong bonds with their “gal pals” that I absolutely refuse to believe any of them are straight. Maybe Bi, because they can date the protag.

It’s just,,,, the WLW energy is overflowing and I’m sick of dudebros saying “it’s just a friendship” like shehebejsjsbehei nah homie, they gay.

Edit: I’m convinced Ann listens to Girl in Red & has cried to “girls”, “I wanna be your girlfriend” & “we fell in love in October” and you can’t change my mind

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I’m mostly into shipping Ren and Akechi, because I love drama, angst, and there’s just a LOT to explore there.

Meanwhile, Ann and Shiho are happily in love and living their best lives. I just assume this is true and happening in the background of every fic and AU.

I don’t even care if Ann is dating someone else in a story. She’s also dating or married to Shiho. You can’t change my mind.

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Absolutely! I love these two, especially through my play through of P5r. Idk why exactly, but there just so cute vbefubveiu.

-They had always had a thing for each other. Ryuji had actually assumed that they were already dating.

-After the situation with Kamoshida, everything came into perspective for the both of them. And it all sort of came out naturally.

-Of course, with everything that happened, they weren’t able to spend as much time with each other as before- what with Shiho transferring and Ann joining the Phantom Thieves.

-But at any opportunity Ann visits Shiho. In fact, she ends up practically moving in with how often she stays over.

- Shiho’s mom absolutely adores Ann, because why wouldn’t she.

-Since they’re so close, Ann struggles to keep her identity secret from Shiho. Both emotionally and in how bad she is at lying. Although she hadn’t outright said it, Shiho managed to figure it out on her own.

-Ann doesn’t realise how they’ve basically both become a couple since said heart to heart- until Haru outright asks if they’re dating.

-To it, she discovers that all the other Phantom thieves had just assumed they were.

-That’s when Ann realised how obvious how she felt about Shiho was, and with a push from Akira, she decided to be upfront about it.

-Luckily for her, Shiho was basically on the exact same wavelength.

-Shiho has heard all about Mika, and is ready to throw hands if she ever has to come across her. Or at least have a very aggressive conversation.

-Shiho shares Ann’s appreciation of desserts, however can’t keep up in their snacking sessions.

-They’re just out there being adorable, and Shiho pretty much becomes an honorary Phantom thief. 

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