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#shimura tenko

Character: Tenko Shimura/Tomura Shigaraki-centric

Warnings: Blood, gore, spoilers for post Overhaul/My Villain Academia, ghosts, past demons, angst 

Word Count: 4612

A shiver echoes up Tenko’s spine. 

It feels like someone is dragging a cold finger down his back. Startled, he gasps and turns, his eyes scanning the darkness. His heart is pounding in his chest. He doesn’t like the sensation. It makes him feel lightheaded. 

There’s nothing there. It’s just the blank white wall that greets his frantic gaze. 

Not that walls stopped them. No, they weren’t confined to the usual, physical boundaries anymore. They often came to him when he slept. Once, he’d felt their hands against his mouth, cold, wraith-like fingers trying to smother him from existence. 

He didn’t blame them.

Notes: Welcome to angst city. I went for a different writing style in this fic. It’s a little unconventional with dialogue and narrators. This is my first real offering for Halloween 2020, so lemme know what you think! Not beta edited, so any and all mistakes are mine, and mine alone.


noun, plural
an apparition or specter.

Tenko wakes to a dark room. 

He’s forgotten to leave his side lamp on again. There are no windows in the part of the compound that he now calls home. There’s hardly any windows at all, save the two frosted panels that flank the front entrance. Small hands reach out into the inky blackness. He’s about to flip the switch of his light when he realizes that his gloves aren’t covering his fingers. Instinctively, he flinches back, his fingertips curling into his palms. 

He’s accidentally destroyed three lamps in the last 18 months. Sensei always says it doesn’t matter. Focus on honing your skills Tomura, he’d say, everything else is just excess. Mindless noise that doesn’t matter. 


It still sounds strange to Tenko. He can’t get used to it. Sensei had told him that it meant, “to mourn.” It was used at funerals or when you were remembering the dead. It made him shiver. He didn’t like it.

No, it’s not that.

He was scared of it. It felt more like an omen than a name. But, whenever he remembered…nothink about something else, Tenko.

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After the clocks change,

Twice : *Tearing up*

Shigaraki : Uh why are you crying?

Kurogiri : *Sighs because he already know why twice is crying*

Twice : Why’s there twenty-five hours in a day I just don’t understand *Crys harder*

Shigarki : *joins the crisis*

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POV: you’re Dabi and Hawks and you just asked Shigaraki how long he’s been streaming for knowing that he’s been at it for 12 hours and has been living off of four mountain dews and a pack of stale pocky.

Or, if you want to be cute or whatever,

POV: you’re Dabi and Hawks and you told Shigaraki just how much you like him and describe in heavy detail how kissable his face is.

I like them both. 😌

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Sinamon rollls or Cinamon rolls ?  🤔

Yes yes… I am a firm believer in the dabi is a todoroki theory

Playing around coming up with color palettes… Feel free to use it & tag me if you do, I’d love to see it

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Reality: Tenko’s itch and skin problems are his body’s reaction to negative emotions and anxiety that he has developed due to living in a toxic household. It’s also a real, actual thing that happens to some people with anxiety.

Big Brain AFO: No, it’s actually connected to your quirk :)
You see, Tenko, your quirk is controlled by your desire to destroy! If you’re feeling itchy, it means that Decay is affecting you because you want to destroy something… And it’s definitely NOT because of all the self-hatred, anxiety, fear and panic you feel And if you want to destroy something, surely it means you hate it :) Always do what you want to do! Listen to your urge to destroy :) And if it ever feels like I’m teaching you to ignore your conscience so I could turn you into an unfeeling killing machine… Y O U  A R E  W R O N G :) :) :)

Shigaraki, a highly anxious teenager who believes that his anxiety-induced itching is a sign that he wishes to destroy things, stepping out in the big world for the first time ever: uhhh h h h ?????????????

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