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#shindeku month

Whispers in the Rain: Find it on Archive of Our Own here!
For ShinDeku Month Day #1
Prompts: Promise || Whispers
Checkout the Tumblr: @shindekumonth
Checkout my ShinDeku One Shot Collection here!

Summary: “Shinsou Hitoshi was tired. God, was he fucking tired. But alas, there he was, pushing the limits with ten minutes left before the school fitness centre closed for the evening. It was exam season, but it wasn’t the written tests he was worried about. After spending his first year in general studies, he hadn’t had time to work out as much as he used to prior to the entrance exam. What he’s saying is that he was out of shape. He still had a bit of muscle mass, but compared to his jacked classmates, Hitoshi was behind. Like, Majorly behind. So that’s why it was 9:10 at night and he was still sparring with his father.”

Or, Aizawa is too strong for his own good and ends up putting Hitoshi in the hospital wing– where he happens to make a new friend.

Tags/Rating under the cut!

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ShinDeku Hc #87

Shinsou loves using his voice altering mask to pull pranks on his classmates. Deku isn’t sure he approves at first (Shinsou scared Kaminari pretty bad one time), but the first time he hears Shinsou laugh over one of his pranks, Deku wants to frame the memory and hang it up on a wall. He’s totally sold. He even assists Shinsou sometimes for the more involved pranks~

(Credit to @ofekma

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ShinDeku Month may officially be coming to a close, but it’s never really over on this blog

(aka my lame ass excuse to continue posting my doodles and headcanons past the deadline~~)

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@shindekumonth​ final prompt; Free day

I still love the mask kiss idea. I still love the whole mask buddy aspect of their coustume. Something all of us Shindeku shippers - if romantic or platonic - probaly have pointed out by now.

It is a semi redra/sequal to my very first Shindeku fanart I ever drawn -

This also my final prompt for the mohnth - not meaning I stop drawnign this two hah but also gonna focus on some other fanart too. Got not to all prompts I would ahd like but I still had fun.

Love these two, as best friend or lovers, it works all for me.

Comprastion to the old picture under the cut.

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