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#shinsou hitoshi

Can someone else from the Bnha fandom please tell me how my comfort characters ended up being a burnt chicken nugget, a crusty gamer and an insomniac child-

Because I am genuinely curious-

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Shinsou: I’ve been dropping him the most insanely obvious hints for like a year now. Still no response.

Kaminari: Wow, he sounds stupid.

Shinsou: But he’s not. Just kind of dense.

Kaminari: Maybe you just need to be more obvious?

Kaminari: Like I don’t know—

Kaminari: Say “Hey! I love you!”

Shinsou: You really think that would work?

Kaminari: I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot?

Shinsou: I guess you’re right.

Shinsou: Hey Denki, I love you.

Kaminari: See? just say that!

Shinsou: Holy fucking shit-

Kaminari: If that flies over her head then I’m sorry, Hitoshi, but he’s way too stupid for you.

Shinsou: Seriously?

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Originally posted by h-arleen

  • The first time you saw Shinso was when you were three
  • Your family always came to this lake house, but it’s the earliest memories that you can pull out
  • The neighbor, Aizawa, had just adopted a little boy with purple hair
  • And at the time your favorite color was purple so you were immediately mesmerized and in love
  • Then you got closer and noticed his eyes were purple too??
  • Oh biTch
  • Your toddler heart was about to jump right out of your chest
  • You scared him at first ngl
  • Jumped right out of the flowerbeds and to him and scared the fuck out of him
  • Shinso fell back, screamed on instinct, then stared at you with wide eyes
  • Aizawa ran out and straight to Shinso, then noticed that you looked equally as scared since Shinso screamed
  • Your mother also ran out, collecting you up in her arms while Aizawa grabbed Shinso, then your guardians introduced you both to each other
  • You screamed “I LOVE YOU” at Shinso immediately
  • He was embarrassed and hid in Aizawa’s hair, but whispered out a compliment about the sundress you wore
  • You spent the rest of the summer playing with Shinso in the connected yards, and playing in the shallow part of the lake unless you had on floaties
  • You also tried to help Aizawa teach Shinso how to swim, but apparently “just throw him in” isnt great advice
  • You were five when Shinso and you were allowed to be in the lake alone. He had become a strong swimmer, and you already knew, so your parents and Aizawa had no problem letting you two sit in the shallow part alone
  • Even if “alone” really meant that they didnt watch like hawks the entire time
  • You were still simpin hard on Shinso, so you suddenly whipped around to this boy one day while building a sandcastle
  • And kissed him
  • You basically just slammed your faces together
  • And because Shinso was both a child and a boy he got up, screamed, gagged, and shouted that you had cooties
  • But later on that day he snuck over to your yard while you were playing
  • He kissed you then
  • And it was a much softer slamming of faces
  • He told you he was your boyfriend then ran away, saying that you still had cooties
  • You were simpin even harder, head over heels for him
  • You were six when Shinso broke your heart
  • He told you the first day of your summer vacation all about his new girlfriend at school
  • He completely forgot that he said you were his girlfriend the year before
  • Your mom couldn’t figure out why you cried so hard that night
  • You tried to avoid Shinso the rest of the summer
  • But Aizawa was still friends with your parents, so that failed
  • Shinso kept trying to talk to you, but you ignored him
  • He asked why you were ignoring him and suddenly you said that he had cooties
  • How fucking dare you
  • Shinso was now just as upset as you were
  • Aizawa and your parents hoped that you two would forget about all of this by next year
  • At eight he stole your diary
  • You were sitting in your room, scribbling away in the glittery purple journal, and he stomped his way up to your room
  • But he got quiet when you didnt notice him, a big grin on his face
  • And he snatched your diary away when you were mid sentence
  • You jumped around, trying to grab it out of his hands, shouting at him to give it back
  • Shinso read it out loud, holding you back with one arm while he held it with the other
  • He didn’t know why it made him mad when he read that another boy kissed you
  • He threw the book down, scoffed, called you a “stupid girl” then walked out
  • You collected your pride, and your diary, locked it with the flimsy key it came with, then stormed after him
  • You said he was mean
  • He said you were dumb
  • You said he was just angry that his girlfriend dumped him
  • He fizzled, trying to think of something then just called you dumb again before he ran out and to Aizawa
  • Your mom told you that he probably didnt mean it, but it was okay to be mad at him
  • So you didnt talk to him for the next few days
  • But then he showed up with a shitty bouquet of purple flowers
  • And apologized, blushing and muttering that you werent dumb
  • You forgave him, after punching him in the arm, then dragged him up to your room to draw and color
  • You drew your favorite disney princess
  • Shinso drew you
  • You were nine when Shinso saved your life
  • Aizawa was babysitting both of you when your parents went on a date
  • You and Shinso asked if you could walk to the boardwalk to get ice cream and play at the arcade
  • You went to cross the street, but didn’t look
  • A car was coming, and Shinso jumped, knocking you to the cement on the other side of the road
  • He laid on top of you for a second, both of you trying to catch your breath after the car passed
  • He stood, then helped you back up
  • Shinso checked your scraped up knees and hands then cleaned them with his water bottle
  • He also scolded you to be more careful
  • Then he teased that you owed him since he saved your life
  • “Well, what do you want?”
  • “I dunno yet. I’ll tell you when I figure it out.”
  • You both still got ice cream and Shinso didnt even get mad when you stole a bite of his
  • He got payback when he beat you at dance dance revolution 15 times in a row
  • When walking back he held your hand while crossing the street and made you look back and forth with him
  • Aizawa helped patch up your hands and knees when you got back, then he saw Shinso’s
  • Shinso was in even worse condition than you had been, his palms nearly completely cut open from when he tackled you
  • Aizawa had to use butterfly stitches on Shinso
  • When Shin walked you to your door later you called him your hero and kissed his cheek
  • He was thankful you had already ran inside before he turned bright red
  • When you were eleven you both thought you had fallen out of it
  • Shinso and you spent most days at the boardwalk or swimming in the deeper parts of the lake
  • He didn’t get all red when you hugged him
  • You didn’t get embarrassed when he teased you
  • Shinso still had little scars on his palms from two years ago, and you loved to look at them
  • You said he was still a hero since he had saved you
  • You also asked him if he knew what he wanted yet
  • He didn’t know
  • At thirteen Shinso decided he knew what he wanted to be
  • He ran up to you, smiling wide, and eyes twinkling
  • “I’m gonna go to UA.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Zawa teaches there, and I wanna be a hero.”
  • You smiled, poking his forehead and laughing when he got confused
  • “Oh, Toshi!” He hated that nickname “You already are a hero! My hero!”
  • He couldn’t help bit smile at that
  • You and Shinso started to hang out alone
  • You went to the local mall and he went to the arcade
  • Shinso kinda hated it when he saw you in a store talking to a boy
  • He really thought he had gotten rid of those silly things called feelings
  • At fourteen Shinso got your number
  • He didn’t know why he hadnt asked before
  • But you were sitting on the dock of the lake, texting something to your mom
  • And he asked for your number, rubbing the back of his neck while heat hit his ears and turned them pink even if he wasnt sure if the sun did that or his heart
  • You gave it to him
  • When the summer ended he said he would text you every day
  • He did
  • Shinso texted you every day, and you got in trouble a lot for texting in school
  • Your friends teased you for texting him so often
  • But then they saw a picture of him
  • And now your friends were suddenly hounding you to see more of him
  • Shinso felt a little odd about it
  • How come your friends said he was cute but you never did?
  • It was at the end of the school year you got asked out by a kid in your class
  • You said yes
  • You were 15 when Shinso got angry at you
  • You were sitting to the side while he played a game, but you were texting
  • He was ranting about a fight he got into
  • But you werent even listening
  • Shinso suddenly snatched your phone from your hands and texted the boy “we’re over” before he tossed your phone away
  • “Hey! Toshi!”
  • “You aren’t even listening to me!” He threw his hands up, scoffing “I got punched in the face and you don’t care!?”
  • “I- you got punched in the face??”
  • “Wow! I texted you about it too. You havent even been reading what I’ve texted you?”
  • You looked for excuses, stumbling for them then fully tripping over them, but Shinso just got more upset with each excuse
  • “Get out!” He shouted, then kicked you out of his room
  • You tried to convince him to let you back in, but he refused, so you left
  • He cried once he heard the back door shut
  • You didn’t text your, now ex, boyfriend back
  • Shinso only forgave you once you showed up at his door with ice cream and shouted your apology through his door at him
  • He said you were dumb and hugged you
  • Shinso also shoved your face into your ice cream so maybe he hadnt completely forgiven you
  • He also apologized for texting that to your bf
  • You said you wanted to dump him anyways, but he gave you attention
  • Shinso said it was mean to use guys like that
  • You agreed
  • He asked why you didnt date someone else then who you did like
  • You had to hold back from asking him if he wanted to date you, and instead said you didnt like anyone else
  • Shinso had to hide his disappointment
  • At sixteen Shinso screamed and spun you around
  • You two had driven your parents car to a carnival in town
  • He played shitty carnival games and won dumb prizes with you
  • Then he got a message from Aizawa while you were walking, and he froze
  • You looked back at him, and he got this dopey smile before he picked you up, twirled you around and shouted “I got in!” at you
  • He said it wasnt the hero course, just general studies, but he knew the sports festival gave him a chance
  • A big chance
  • And you kissed his cheek and said you were proud
  • He felt like he was a kid, smiling wide and happy, and his heart felt like it was going to burst
  • Shinso knew he had feelings for you
  • He liked texting you too much, and he couldn’t stop staring at you whenever you went swimming with him
  • But he also knew other guys had noticed you as well, of course they had
  • Yet you rejected every guy that asked you out
  • Shinso appreciated that a little too much
  • He gave you almost every stuffed animal he won in dumb games that night
  • Which included a massive panda bear
  • You said it was your kid and he was the daddy
  • He really loved that bear if it meant you called him daddy more (I’m sOrry)
  • You did refer to him as daddy more often, but only when holding a stuffed animal.
  • At seventeen when Shinso finally asked you out
  • You had been on a paddle boat in the center of the lake, splashing water at each other until he turned to you
  • “Hey”
  • “Hey Toshi” oh he loved that nickname
  • “Remember when we met and you screamed that you loved me?”
  • “You mean the cringiest moment of my life? Yes. I remember. Why?”
  • “Because I never responded to it.”
  • “What-”
  • “I love you too.”
  • He then proceeded to throw more water in your face
  • You then proceeded to jump on him, knocking the boat upside down with both of you stuck under it as you smashed your faces together in an attempt to kiss him
  • You were twenty two when Shinso Hitoshi finally told you what he wanted for saving your life when you were nine
  • You were standing in the arcade, having lost at him once more at dance dance revolution before he smiled
  • “I know what I want in return from when saved you from that car”
  • “Oh really? What?”
  • You spun around to face him, shocked when Hitoshi was down on one knee, holding a ring up to you
  • “I want your life.”
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Not A Kid


part 7 - i ain’t no foreigner



✯ pairing: hawks x reader

✯ genre: enemies-to-lovers au. expect crack

✯ summary: celeste, also known as y/l/n y/n, is the youngest pro hero to be in the top 10, at the young age of 19 she is occupying the #5 spot. she is also known for having a strong dislike for the #2 hero, who responds by irritating her even further, but what even caused her to hate him in the first place?

✯ a/n:everything’s about to get MESSIER and i honestly don’t know how hawks is gonna redeem himself also can u guys start messaging me or going to my inbox to be added to the taglist!! i’m getting confused now 🥺👉👈


@nerdynstoned @aesthcss @myheroheacanons @kpopfan-cpop @breaking-ur-kneecaps @kukiisan @thechloethings @food8me @kittyddandnyla @imuziawi @hawksexual @iwaizumi-chan @procrastinationinawriter @bigatomicenergy @x-a-delama-x @thenerdyrebel @wisteriaa-js @princessmidas @roxybefab @d-2seoks @wasting-away-on-the-internet @mylovelyreblogs @monviemoo @udontneedtokno @thedamjokes @syzygymai @joeigiarts @kageyamauwu1 @importantknightalienneck @last-three-braincells @chaelysian @dumbepiphany @ksyy @chrisrue15 @simixchan @yourlocalkpopandanimenerd @coconutabs @rejectsleep @kuroosleftfoot @fern-writes-ig @icy-hot @adriloen

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Zombie AU Drabble

It had been months since anyone had seen Shinsou. The general consensus was that he was dead, or worse. They had all tried comforting Denki in their own ways, even the dekusquad. Nothing worked though. How was anything supposed to help when you’d just lost the person you loved? They were supposed to graduate together, and then the zombies came and they were going to survive together. 

It took six months before anyone saw him again. It was Eri who found Shinsou, hiding out in one of the many demolished buildings. Is this where her brother had been this whole time? Why didn’t he come home? And then she sees the bite. But he isn’t attacking at all, he seems scared of her. He’s frantically signing, and she understands. ‘You have to go, please don’t tell anyone I’m here. Please. I’m dangerous.’ 

“I’m going to come back for you. Maybe my quirk… Once I have control maybe I can fix it!” She says just loud enough for her brother to hear, before running back out to the scavenging party and saying she found nothing. It hurt to lie right to dad’s face, but she had to. They’d kill him.

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