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#shinsou hitoshi

Idk where the smut came from but it’s here so Smut Warning 5k prompts

This is driving me crazy,” Hitoshi growled grabbing your jaw and roughly crashing your two together. At first, Shinsou had no reason to assume that you had been dressing up for him, it wasn’t like he was your boyfriend. But the way you looked at him while you danced with other guys, letting them grind against you, your eyes locked on his. He knew that you were getting him jealous on purpose. 

“Is this what you wanted kitten? For me to get pissed off like this so I’d take all of my anger out on this sweet pussy?” he growled grabbing you roughly through your shorts. You moaned wantonly and melted against his touch. 

“M-maybe a little,” you gulped slowly humping his hand. Hitoshi hated this. Well, he loved you and your body, He loved biting your neck and fucking you. He loved it when you moaned his name when tears filled your eyes because of his brutal thrusts. 

But he hated it. He hated how he was just sex for you he wanted to kiss you without shoving his tongue into your mouth. This whole thing was really driving him crazy, but not for the reason you were thinking. 

This had to be the last time, he couldn’t take anymore, it was killing him. But if this was going to be the last time he better make it a good one. 

Your legs were twitching by the time he was done with you. He wasn’t fairing much better, his stomach fluttered with involuntary contractions. He sat on the edge of his bed not looking at you. 

How long are we going to do this?” Hitoshi asked although he wasn’t sure if he was talking to you or himself more. 

“What are you getting sick of me Shinsou?” you laughed, pushing your hair back from your face. 

“It’s not that I’m sick of you, but I am getting bored with this fuck buddies thing,” he grumbled maybe a little harsher than was needed.

“We agreed on-”

“I know what we agreed on. No strings attached, but fuck don’t you want more?” he sounded desperate, even to his own ears. You look at him. No pain, no longing, just confusion. 

“No, Shinsou, I really don’t. I mean things are fine the way they are, aren’t they?” you asked. He sighed before standing and shrugging on his boxers and jeans. This was his room and he could just kick you out, but he couldn’t seem to fight the need to run. He had promised that this would be the last time. But he didn’t really think that it would be.

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Your Person | Chapter Five |


| Chapter Five |

| Masterlist |

❥Synopsis: You’ve been friends with Midoriya and Todoroki since you could remember. You and Shoto were inseparable and you could always tell what’s on each other’s minds. So explain why you couldn’t tell that he was in love with you this whole time.


@iambashfulperson @theblueslytherin @myherotrashbin @lovelyyglowingeyes @koukatsuki@axerrri 

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Hello! I’m really excited that your asks are open and I was hoping you could write something for shinsou where his s/o is in an abusive household and finally moved out into their fathers place and she just needs a hug? I would really appreciate it!!!

sure thing! sorry this has been sitting in my drafts for a while hehe…

He couldn’t help it.

Shinsou couldn’t help but worry for you. He’d found out about your home life one of the hardest ways, and watching you leave him anytime the two of you went out stirred unease in his chest. But today you seemed upbeat, tired, but subtly upbeat, like you had something to reveal to him.

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I got you. nons!

tw: drug usage (weed)

Shinsou: I feel like he’d spring this on you after hearing you comment that you wanted a hit/wanted to try. He’d pull you into his lap, take a deep pull from the blunt and then bring your face down extremely close to his. Like a whisper of a kiss. Then he’d slowly exhale, letting you inhale the smoke. It’s just barely done when he presses his mouth to yours.

Sero: I don’t know why I get this vibe from him but…I can just see him, relaxing on the couch with you after a really rough patrol and the two of you are just puffing away. But with each hit, you both will try to hold it in your mouth before turning and blowing at each other.

((Send me a Kink and I’ll respond with some BNHA characters that I think would be into it!))

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My Hero Isekai

By: Madmaiden


A non-traditional reader insert following the readers OC Overclock on her adventures after being sucked into her favorite anime.

A reverse harem style retelling of the series from the point of view of a fan who was reincarnated as a character from her fanfiction. Stays fairly Canon compliant until after the licensing exam.

Lots of ships, lots of love, lots of memes and good times as you traverse a new world and a new identity.

Status: Incomplete  Updated: May 11, 2020

Words: 289,416  Chapters: 108/??  Language: English

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Hawks: OK I 100% thought of this immediately because of the bird side of him. But I think he would he super into it, both giving and receiving. His favorite place to bite on you is your inner thighs. They’re soft and right next to that special spot so he can tease you, drawing his mouth so close to where you want it the most.

Dabi: This man is a sadist through and through and he loves abruptly biting down to pull shocked yelps out of you. And he loves doing it so he can COVER you with marks. It shows everyone that you’re his toy and he gets to have fun with you whenever he wants. Also he would 100% trace one later and laugh, “You moaned like such a little slut when I gave you this one.”

Shinsou: Sometimes his Prohero work can leave him feeling so pent up. On those times he can get rough, but only of you’re ok with it. But biting? That pretty much always gets him going. He’s possessive and he loves leaving those marks behind on you. A favorite thing of his? You biting onto his shoulder or somewhere one him while he fucks you through an orgasm.

((Send me a Kink and I’ll respond with some BNHA characters that I think would be into it!))

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