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#shinsou x reader
rosieposies-world · 2 hours ago
send me a request!
• my masterlist •
university au + crushing (pt. 1)
• keigo
what woke him up was the sound of his doorknob rattling, not the floor thumping from the bass music blaring from the room below his.
it freaked his drowsy mind out a little, even more so when the rattling didnt stop, so with all the manliness he could muster, he stands up and marches to the door to give whoever stood at the other side a piece of his mind for disturbing his sleep.
spoiler alert, he didnt, and instead kind of froze when he saw you, a little tipsy while trying to hold up your roommate with one hand and a set of keys dangling from the other.
"oh, hi keigo!" you blink in confusion, "what are you doing here?"
"sleeping? as one should be doing in their dorm at 2:24 in the morning?"
"but this is my dorm-" you glance at the plaque by the door, eyes now a little clearer and you see that you were, in fact, attempting to unlock the wrong door.
with a look of horror on your face, you wince, "i am so sorry,"
he laughes, shaking his head in amusement, "one too many drinks huh?"
"i just had one, i swear," you sigh, "tomura was manning the drink station,"
"ah," he nods in understanding, leaning against the doorframe and watching you look around awkwardly.
"im really sorry for disturbing you, ill just be on my way and ill see you tomorrow at class?"
as you turn to leave he asks you to wait, disappearing into his room and coming back out in a jacket, "let me help you to your dorm,"
"oh, you dont need to! ive disturbed you enough!"
"well, you look like youre about to pass out, and since im awake anyways," he shrugs, lifting your roommate effortlessly onto his shoulder and gesturing for you to lead the way.
the journey was mostly spent in silence, since you were wrapped up in your head trying to figure out a way to thank the man, and when you safely got your friend into their bed, you stepped outside with him to talk.
"is there any way i can repay you?"
"like i said," he says, "theres no need,"
"really?" you whine, "im gonna feel really bad about this-"
"okay, maybe theres one thing," he taps his chin playfully, "but i dont know if can handle it,"
"wow, you doubt me?"
he chuckles, crossing his arms over his chest, "theres a cafe that recently opened up down the street, come with me tomorrow to go check it out,"
"what-like a date?" you ask jokingly.
"yeah," he says simply, "like a date, if you want it to be,"
• shinsou
start of the year, and shinsou already wanted to drop.
the poor man was trying to concentrate on his first assignment of the semester, but he couldnt with all the clubs and school orgs have been knocking at his door all afternoon trying to recruit him even though he has said time and time again that he wasnt interested in joining clubs at the moment.
"dorm life was a big mistake," he groans in frustration, rubbing his eyes as another knock echoes around his room.
tiredly, he throws open the door, growling out a, "what do you want?" and being answered by a light laugh from you, and his face just errupted into a red hue.
"bad day?"
"yeah," he rubs the back of his neck sheepishly, "there were a lot of recruiters coming and going and i was trying to finish up homework,"
your face turns apologetic and he waves his hands up in an attempt to reassure you, "you didnt disturb me at all! i was about to take a break!"
"well, thats a relief, oh-" you smile before perking up in realization and remembering why you knocked on his door in the first place, "i think this is yours? i found it in the lab,"
"so thats where that was," shinsou sighs in relief, his fingers brushed against yours as he reaches for the book and he turns even more red.
"are you okay? you seen a little flushed," you press the back of your hand against his forehead, "you havent been overworking yourself, have you?"
"no! no!" he wraps his hand around your wrist and he tugs your hand to hover around his rapidly beating heart, "im fine, just a little warm in my dorm, uh, thanks for, for this," he waves the book in his hand.
"dont mention it shin," you pat his cheek playfully and he swore that you must have been able to see the hearts forming in his eyes.
• denki
it was way passed closing hours, he thought as he creeped towards the source of the light in the dimly lit library with an encyclopedia over his head, there was no way anyone was still here!
the rustling in the corner, however, said otherwise.
bracing himself to greet whatever horrible being he conjured up in his mind, he jumps out from his hiding place in amongst the shelves with a war cry that died on his lips when he saw you, dropping the encyclopedia with a loud thud.
you jolted awake at the sounds, barely registering the apologies denki was spewing out in rapid succession when the panic began settling in when you realized you had fallen asleep in the library.
"are you okay?" denki asks unsurely, cringing at the embarrassment pooling in his stomach.
"yeah," you grip the side of the table and blink rapidly in an attempt to ground yourself, "sorry about that,"
"sorry for waking you up," he chuckles nervously.
"dont be! i might have been locked in the library overnight if you didnt," you laugh.
gosh, you looked adorable when you did, droopy, sleepy eyes and all.
he watches you pack away your things while he picked up the encyclopedia and a sudden surge of confidence flowed through him when he stood upright.
"hey, uh, would you like me to walk you to your dorm?"
"oh," you pause in your movements and he was worried for a second that he overstepped his boundaries, "its really late, are you sure? what if something happens to you on your way back?"
"you dont have to worry about that, because i," denki pretends to flex his arm muscles with a cocky expression on his face, "can throw a pretty good punch,"
you grin, albeit still a little unsure, "well, if you put it like that, then yeah, i'd feel safer if you walked me to my dorm,"
"and do you think we can drop by the convenience store? im kind of hungry,"
you shake your head fondly at the excited man, "sure denki,"
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pudimsuki · 4 hours ago
300 followers event!
Tumblr media
Hi my sweet peaches ❤
As a celebration for the 300 followers, I created a small event to thank you for all the love and support you are giving me!
➼ It will work like this: Send me an ask with "Character + place + genre" and I'll write something for you. For example: "Kirishima + beach + NSFW"
➼ You don't need to follow the blog to request, but I would appreciate it!
Also, look at this pretty banner that I made. I'm proud of myself 😂
Tumblr media
➼ Bakugou Katsuki ➼ Kirishima Eijirou ➼ Takami Keigo ➼ Hitoshi Shinsou ➼ Togata Mirio ➼ Amajiki Tamaki ➼ Todoroki Shoto
➼ Mall / Clothing Store ➼ Movie Theater ➼ Park ➼ Apartment / house You can specify, like: couch; kitchen; bathroom; bedroom... ➼ Hotel ➼ Beach ➼ Hospital ➼ Restaurant ➼ Pool
➼ SFW ➼ NSFW (all my characters will be aged up) ➼ ANGST (happy ending, sad ending, or my choice?) ➼ Yandere (specify if you want SFW or NSFW)
Tumblr media
That's it! I don't know if someone will participate since it's my first event, but I think it will be fun! I'll let you know when the asks are closed.
Angie ❤
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uchihacumdump · 6 hours ago
My hero academia twitter links
Hi everyone this is the second installment of the NSFW twitter links saga! If you want a part two to this one OR to my Akatsuki twitter links my Asks/Submissions are open!
Included: Denki, Kiri, Bakugo, Todoroki, Deku, Hawks, Dabi, Aizawa, Toshinori, Shigaraki, Endeavor and Fatgum! Plus.. 3 surprise bonus characters!
18+ Minors DNI, NSFW below the cut!
Icy hot
Blue Flame
All Might
Mind Control
Please let me know if any of the things stop working!
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doinmybesthere · 7 hours ago
Monoma walking in seeing you masterbate to the idea of ur stupid excuse of a boyfriend, berates you by the door and invites shinso to see this shit. He just snickers and records and tells you to continue. Call out his name when you cum so his boyfriend knows how to make you cum.
sadlkghlaks;fjlkasdgfj fuck
Shisou flips his phone around, and the bright light of the flash let's you know he's recording.
"Whatsa matter?" He purrs. "Bakugou leave you high and dry again?" You can only whimper, because it's true, he'd had an early training the next morning and left after a quickie. The two men elbow their way into your room, and Monoma frowns.
"You can't think youre going to get anywhere like that?" He says, eyes full of mocking concern, "With your little hands?" As if they were communicating telepathically Shinsou rips your hands away from your dripping core, ignoring your mewls of protest as he pins you down.
"If you your boyfriend can't take care of you, we'll do it." Shinsou says, with all the air of a gentleman, "I mean, leaving you you to this," he gestures to your panties, so soaked they're transluscent, and his lips curl into a sneer, "Would be, unheroic." You buck your hips against them.
"Guys, Katsuki's gonna-" Monoma rips off your panties and shoves them in your mouth.
"Don't worry princess," He coos, "We'll save you."
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katsupremacy · 10 hours ago
receiving affection.
various x reader
genre: fluff
type: headcanons
Tumblr media
absolutely crumbles, red faced, stuttering, flailing around, the works - someone call them an ambulance, please -> IZUKU, eijirou, denki, AMAJIKI, kyoka, TENYA, tetsutetsu,
acts like tough shit and they don’t care but is secretly losing their shit on the inside, buries their face into your shoulder and scowls when you call them out -> KATSUKI, hitoshi, neito,
willingly leans into said affection with grins and cocky smiles (and hides their shaking hands because wow you’re so soft i can finally leave this plane in peace), mentally thanking every entity for this moment -> mina, HANTA, ochaco, nejire, MIRIO, AOYAMA
is pleased and pleasantly surprised, won’t say no but will ask if you’re uncomfortable every now and then, please kiss their forehead -> momo, SHOTO, TSUYU, kouda, ojiro, SHOJI, tokoyami, satou, KENDO
Tumblr media
boku no hero masterlist.
taglist - @tobi-momo @combat-wombatus @vhskenma @zerohawks @donutwithinadonut @kona-writes @chickiebear @lonely-dreamer @misssugarless @hp-hogwartsexpress @crapimahuman @yuujisbby @kloudyisdepressed @blackweebtrash @booyouwhore-andotherstuff @honeykami @buckybarnesjustneedsahug @chickiebear @luluwiie @lilsparkyswife @mizukihotaru @asaincy @angiebug101@kouilla @izukulus @izukxnnie @aizameow
sign up for my taglist!!
Tumblr media
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fxllfxryxu · 17 hours ago
Mha characters reacting to you cuddling a body pillow of them- FLUFF
I got inspired from a tiktok a saw so just enjoy this fluff ❤️
Characters: Uraraka, Dabi, Todoroki, Shinsou, Izuku, Bakugou, Kirishima, Sero,
( About to find some simps👀)
Warnings: Cussing and a whole bunch of fluff🥺
----- Ochaco Uraraka 🍭🤢💗
> She'd be surprised to say the least..
> " I-I"ll just go." and quickly goes back out
> You'd end up apologizing saying you'd get rid of it if that would make her.
> She"ll say its okay and end up giving you a big hug <3
----- Dabi😈🔥🟦
>" Dumbass if you want cuddles just say so."
> Tbh he's honestly offended you were here cuddling a body pillow when you could've just been cuddling him.
> You end up spending the rest of the night with him cuddling you.
----- Shoto Todoroki 🤍😐❤️
> Not impressed at all.
> " Turn it over.."
> You'd have to explain you don't have anything bad on the other side.👀
> You end up just cuddling with him instead because well.. why not.
----- Hitoshi Shinsou 😴💜
> I don't even think he cares.
> silently walks over to you, puts the body pillow away, and just ends of cuddling you for the rest of the night.
> In end he thinks it cute that you have a body pillow of him for cuddling but ask you if you ever want to cuddle just tell him.
----- Izuku Midoriya 🥺💚⚡
> Gets sad.
> He thinks he didn't give you enough love. ( aww he loves you so much 🥺)
*cough* *cough* anyways
> You'll end up cuddling with him telling him how much you love him and that he did nothing wrong ∩_∩
----- Katsuki Bakugou 🤬🔥🧡
> Gets mad at the body pillow.
> Will glare at the body pillow before making his way to you.
> Will cuddle you the rest of the night.
> Next morning he will destroy the body pillow.😃
----- Eijiro Kirishima 😁❤️🪨
> Pouts about you not cuddling him :c
> " Hey pebble can we just cuddle."
> you end up cuddling him while watching your favorite movie ^.^
Hope you enjoyed this 🥺
Remember that you are always loved and if you think nobody loves you, I do 😃 even tho I don't know you don't mean I can't love you. I appreciate every single one of ya'll :D
Have a Amazing day/night!
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noaprugna-bookshelf · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
boku no hero academia section
All of the fics are not mine! The thumbnail tho it is, so if you want to check on my fanarts this is my main blog > creativity orchard
⁕ reuniting with a crush | hawks ; shinso ; tamaki ⁕ first kisses with you | shinso ; todoroki ; bakugo ; kirishima ; sero ; kaminari ; midoriya
Tumblr media
fanfictions (sfw)
shinso hitoshi
⁕ fate's kiss (pt 1) | siren shinso x rich reader ⁕ somewhere in neverland | thief shinso x royal reader ⁕ through the wall | guitarist shinso x fem!barista reader ⁕ turn on your airdrop (list) | social media au , chat fic x fem!reader ⁕ red scarf (pt 1) | siren shinso x pirate captain fem!reader ⁕ competition | shinso x teacher reader ⁕ royal affair (pt 1) | royal au ⁕ shinso hitoshi doesn't think he's stupid | crush realization ⁕ escape artist cat | neighbor shinso
shoto todoroki
⁕ ice cream kisses | fem!reader , bakudeku ⁕ arrhythmia | todoroki childhood's trauma ⁕ saturdays are for the boys | todoroki tries to impress you badly ⁕ look at me | todoroki x fem!reader , jelous bakugo, angst
monoma neito
⁕ bloodlines | royalty au arranged marriage
shindo yo
⁕ dear santa | enemies to lovers , collage au
kirishima ejiro
⁕ the pizza delivery guy
keigo takami
⁕ head in the clouds | reader with maladaptive daydreaming ⁕ when the day met the night | writer reader ⁕ the little things | artist reader
Tumblr media
fanfictions (nsfw)
shinso hitoshi
⁕ trident tale (part 1) | siren shinso x fem!reader ⁕ don't ask | sugar baby shinso x fem!reader
todoroki shoto
⁕ eat the rich (list) | ceo todoroki x barista fem!reader
sero hanta
⁕ words on glass | roomate au
keigo takami
⁕ through a golden lens (pt 1) | photographer fem!reader
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0sugarytea0 · 22 hours ago
~𝑌𝑎𝑛! 𝑆ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑠𝑜 𝑥 𝑅𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟 𝑤𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑎 𝐶𝑟𝑒𝑒𝑝𝑒𝑟 𝑞𝑢𝑖𝑟𝑘~
(Me and my dumb autistic and ADHD brain thought of this idea so, please enjoy.)
Type : Fluff and general headcannons
My Inbox is open!!~
Quirk : Creeper
You basically blow your body up. Your body reforms of course.
You two met during training and you blew more than 5 opponents up with your quirk! He was quite impressed with your power so, he wanted to find out more about you and eventually... He was obsessed with you.
He knows everything about you! It’s strangely impressive.
However, unlike other yandere stories where the yandere kidnaps their angel, you two got together normally! Surprisingly.
When you two hang out or are just together (not in public which is rare.) he cuddles into your chest while his arms are wrapped tightly around your waist cuddling each other. What can he say? Your warm.
Tumblr media
(Sorry! added the gif on accident but, it’s funny! ^.^)
He, like any yandere is extremely protective and possessive. You don’t really notice that much.
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cmonandslambert · a day ago
Announcement: New Story!
Tumblr media
Resonance - Rated M.
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peachnopolaroid · a day ago
Hey Peach! Hope you're having a wonderful day!! :) Could I please request some angsty Shinsou x gn!reader where the angst is just him yearning and pining and not thinking he has a chance with them? From his POV please 👀 - 🐦
i love shinsou so much poor baby
Pairing: Shinsou Hitoshi x Gn!Reader
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Self deprecating thoughts, cursing
Gen Taglist: @fluffyviciousbunny
Tumblr media
“Go away,” Hitoshi groans, refusing to meet Denki’s smug gaze. There’d been an opening in the hero course since Mineta Minoru’s dismissal, and Hitoshi had been selected to fill it.
“Nope!” The blind chimes, popping the p. “You’ve got a little lovesick face going on, and I wanna know who’s got your little heart in a twist.”
Hitoshi scowls and snaps his head toward Denki, eyes narrowed. “You shut your fuck, you don’t—” He sighs, his expression softening and voice lowering. “You don’t know shit.”
Denki thinks a moment, then bumps Hitoshi’s shoulder with his own. “So, you do like someone?”
Hitoshi looked almost pained as he responded. “Maybe.”
“I knew it!” Denki beams, resting his arm on Hitoshi’s shoulder as he scans the area with a mischievous glint in his eye. “Who is it? Mina, Midoriya, Uraraka—”
“No, it’s no one in this class. Shut up, you don’t need to know who it is.” Hitoshi rolls his eyes as Denki just shifts to listing off names of students in class 2-B. His eyes settle on you, his face settling into an impassive glower.
“Holy shit.”
“What?” He snaps.
“You like L/n, from class 2-B.”
Hitoshi goes still for a second too long before scoffing and shaking his head. “That’s ridiculous.”
Denki’s smile is blinding, he’s practically vibrating with misplaced (in Hitoshi’s opinion, anyway) excitement. “You like them! Oh my god, that’s great, you’ve gotta tell them!”
“No, I dont.” Hitoshi bites out, eyes narrowed. “I don’t have to do shit, leave me alone.”
Denki’s expression falls into one of slight confusion and concern. “But, Hitoshi, you two are already friends and everything! It’s a classic friends to lovers story. You have to tell them how you feel.”
Hitoshi stops in his tracks, and Denki stands with him. They stand until most everyone has left the area, and then Hitoshi speaks again, staring straight ahead. “How would that work?” He asks, then scoffs. “Hey, I really love hanging out with you and training with you, and I want you so bad that I’ve forgotten what it feels like to want, but I imagine it must be this aching that exists every time I see you. And I know you’re not looking for a relationship, and even if you were there’s no way you’d want me, but I think I could fall in love with you. Anyways, what do you want from McDonald’s?” He pauses, looks down at his clenched fists, and continues. “And then they’ll say they want a ten piece chicken nugget, and I’ll get a twenty piece because they always end up sharing. And I’ll ask what kind of sauce, and they’ll say two packets of honey mustard but I’ll get them three, because they always run out.”
Denki stares at Hitoshi with wide eyes. “Oh, Shinsou.”
“Don’t look at me like that,” Hitoshi rolls his eyes and shoved Denki lightly. “It doesn’t matter, I really don’t care. Now c’mon, we’re going to be late.”
The rest of the day Denki watches him with this look, and Hitoshi hates it. He doesn’t need anyone’s pity. He’s accepted the fact that he can’t have you, why can’t everyone else just accept it?
It’s frustrating, truly, and what better way to take out that frustration than during joint training?
It was going great, really, until he overheard whispers all around him. He was sparring against you, which made it difficult to concentrate all on its own, but then he could hear people talking about the two of you. Despite being so fundamentally similar, your quirks were on two completely opposite ends of the same spectrum visually. It was like comparing Fumikage and Yuga’s quirks to one another.
Among most students, you were widely recognized as the picture of what a hero should present themselves as. Warm, bright, patient, pleasant—though Hitoshi knows that’s more what your quirk forces most to perceive you as on default, he knows you better than that, he knows that you’re not the perfect hero. You’re even better, because you’re real.
That doesn’t stop people from making comments, of course.
“This is hilarious, putting the class hero against the class villain.”
“My mom says good always beats evil, if that holds true then L/n should win. I mean—look at him. Kinda dark, right?”
“I don’t know why they’d let him in the hero course, you know, I heard he’s being suspected of being a traitor.”
“I caught him looking at L/n earlier, do you think that creep actually thinks he has a chance with them?”
Hitoshi knows that it’s all people who don’t know shit about him, and likely don’t know much about you, given what they’re saying about you. That doesn’t stop the words from seeping into his mind and taking root.
He almost had you beat, but he falters at the last second and you take advantage of it, sweeping his feet out from under him.
He hits the ground with a thud, barely putting his hands forward in time to keep himself from hitting his head. The next thing he knows, you’re right next to him offering your hand and you’re giving him that soft fucking smile that always gives him the stupidest fleeting sense of hope, and then you’re saying something he can’t hear but he can tell it’s teasing because that gorgeous smile shifts into one of your godawful gremlin grins and fuck, fuck he wishes he could kiss you just once. That’s not how your dynamic works, though, so he takes your hand and yanks you down to the ground beside him with a grin that he hopes matches your own.
You shriek as you fall to the ground next to him, pouting slightly. “Mean, Shinsou.”
He snorts and shakes his head. “Just payback, you understand.”
Naturally, you completely ignore him. “Hey, to make up for it you should let me pick your hero name.”
“For the last time, I’m not going to be Mind Fuck.”
“Why don’t you love me.”
That night, like most other nights, Hitoshi didn’t sleep.
He sat on his bed, blanket wrapped around him as his laptop sat open on the bed in front of him, playing a series he was barely paying attention to. Thoughts of people’s words from earlier played him, and he caught himself wondering how on earth he could have the audacity to want someone so perfect. He rationed, then, that he didn’t want perfect. He wanted you.
He wanted you in all of your glory; wanted your highs and your lows, your every goodbye and hello, he wanted to be yours as badly as he wanted you to be his. Hitoshi wanted you so badly that he ached, which made sense. He was, ironically, mind numbingly in love with you, how awful is that? How absolutely dreadful, to fall in love with someone who by all reason should never love you back.
“I know you’re out there.” He says aloud, squeezing his eyes shut and praying the hot burning of tears in the back of his throat doesn’t make his voice waver. “Either come in or go back to your dorm.”
His window slowly creaked open and a solid thunk sounded through the room. The next time he opened his eyes, you were in front of him staring owlishly. “Hey.”
You got that Look on your face, the one he’s come to understand means he needs to concentrate very hard on saying no. You pouted and poked his arm through the blanket. “Why don’t you ever let me into your mind?”
Hitoshi smiles a melancholic little smile, shaking his head slightly. “You wouldn’t like it in there. Do your classmates not know the extent of your quirk? It’s really similar to mine, and yet you’re the image of perfection and I’m Japan’s next top villain.” He tries not to sound too bitter.
You roll your eyes, heaving an annoyed sigh. “It’s a side effect of the persuasion. People believe what they want to believe, people while the prejudice that appeals to them the most. My quirk just makes it more comfortable to perceive me that way, so people do. You’re one of the only ones who can look past it, but I think it’s because you know me the best.”
He nods, and when he doesn’t say anything else you speak again. “Monoma asked me out.”
Hitoshi freezes, looking up at you with what he hopes is a calculated gaze. “Oh? Are you going to go out with him?”
You shrug and pick at a strand on his bed, thinking for a moment. “Maybe. Do you think I should?”
He wants to say no. He wants to tell you that Monoma sucks and you should just stay with him. He doesn’t. “I think you should, if it would make you happy.”
You eye him carefully for a few seconds, then sigh. “Yeah. I guess I will, then.”
“Right. Yeah. Uh, I’m, I’m really tired.” Hitoshi sinks further into his blanket cocoon, staring at his laptop. “I’m going to sleep now. You should go back to your dorm before you get in trouble.”
“You’re right, I guess. Goodnight, Toshi.”
He watches as you go, the ball of tears in the back of his throat growing once again. He doesn’t often cry, but once you’re gone he can’t stop the tears.
He finds his phone and texts Denki.
hey. are u up?
yeah wassup?
nothing. nvm
no wuts wrong??
y/n got asked out
Denki didnt answer, and Hitoshi set his phone to the side and shrugged off the blanket, staring blankly at the wall as his shoulders shook slightly. After a few minutes, his doorknob rattled a bit before the door swung open, Denki slipping in as quietly as possible. He took one look at Hitoshi and his face fell, making a small ‘hm’ sound.
“Oh, Shinsou,” he whispered, frowning. “I’m so sorry.”
He sat on Hitoshi’s bed, opening his arms wide for the teen to sink into. Denki traced small patterns on the other boy’s back, humming quietly.
“It hurts, Kami.” Hitoshi says, squeezing his eyes shut. “I feel fucking stupid for being this upset, I don’t know why I’m surprised.”
“You’re not stupid, you’re just in love.”
“Same difference.”
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aizameow · a day ago
Call It What You Want SMAU
☕ Pairing: Shinsou Hitoshi x F!Reader
☕ Warnings: slight suggestive themes, language, allusion to blackmail
☕ A/N: hi hi sorry for the super late update i hope you guys haven't abandoned me yet ;___; i've decided to add some fun facts bc why the hell not? i tried to sync in the dates for aizawa's convos but it's not really that important. and as always, let me know what you think!
Prev | Masterlist | Next
Chapter 16 — Simp
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☕ Fun Facts:
Y/N had also accidentally called Aizawa "dad" in person. Aizawa didn't mind it all. Y/N wanted to be swallowed whole by the floor.
The voice changer that those people were going to use was a prototype of Shinsou's persona cords.
Shinsou's not really simp if it's mutual, right? 😂
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th0tfairy · a day ago
Thinking abt writing a fic where bakugo or Denki or dabi or hawks or someone else ? is mouthing off / disrespecting you and you get them back by edging them until they learn their lesson and apologize .... Who should I write abt tho???
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starryparkrr · a day ago
Hey. My Name is Miriam. I would like a strawberry boba. I also prefer Man.
I'm a tall blond girl with long blond hair. My Eye colour is blue to grey. I love to listen to mostly any kind of music. I also read a lot, mostly fantasy , and love to watch movies. I play the flute and I'm also a part of the volunteering fire-fighter youth. My sign is Aries. I'm a quiet person in class and mostly outside but with my friends I can be very crazy. I also don't really like to break rules since they are made to protect and respect people.
Tumblr media
𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘬 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘰 𝘮𝘶𝘤𝘩 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘵𝘪𝘤𝘪𝘱𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘪𝘯 𝘮𝘺 𝘮𝘢𝘵𝘤𝘩𝘶𝘱 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘯𝘵 ! 𝘪𝘵 𝘮𝘦𝘢𝘯𝘴 𝘴𝘰 𝘮𝘶𝘤𝘩 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘦 ! 𝘯𝘰𝘸 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘧𝘶𝘳𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘦𝘶 𝘪 𝘮𝘢𝘵𝘤𝘩 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘶𝘱 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You and Tenya I swear 💀 ok let's start off by saying you made it into UA alright? I could see you have a music themed quirk??? OR a water quirk :)) ANYWAYS!! You're in UA and Tenya is preaching about rules as usual and I can see you speaking up and agreeing with him that "yes we should follow the rules. They keep us safe." And that man is in so much shock he just stops functioning 😭 basically began to mumble nonsense and walked back to his chair all stiff and awkwardly </3 he was definitely embarrassed after that.
From that day forward he just started to admire you. He slowly works up the courage to talk to you and sparks fly immediately. I could see both of you guys holding off on confessing for the LONGEST TIME!! Mutual pinning that everyone sees but neither of you acknowledge. However, you both finally confess when he gets attacked by Stain and ends up in the hospital. You were so scared after what you heard you rushed to the hospital and hugged him really tight and accidentally confessed. Both of you were a red mess but it payed off when he said the feelings were mutual 🤧
You guys are the calm sweet couple of UA that everyone just adores. You guys are basically the mother and father of class 1A. He absolutely adores you and he is honestly a simp 💀 He loves that fact that you volunteer at the firefighting youth (especially if your quirk is water). He feels so proud and lucky that he was able to get an amazing girl like you 🥺
I could see you guys spending date night inside most days. Just meeting up in one another room and simply putting on some background noise (muisc/movie/show) and either talking and messing around or reading together.
You guys would definitely have your own book club where you each pick a book for the week and read it then discuss your opinions on it. And if you guys ever disagree on a book and how good it was I could see you guys getting into little arguments and he'll start to do the chopping air thing 💀 you find it so cute you end up laughing and he gets all flustered and embarrassed but you kiss him and tell him that you love him and it's adorable :)) that's probably the first time you guys say it to eachother 🥺lots of cuddles as well. Starts off so stiff it's uncomfortable please guide him he doesn't know what he's doing </3 (however after that incident he definitely went a googled all about relationships so he could do everything properly 💀)
Overall you guys are couple goals and everyone can see the pure love you guys radiate for one another. They just know that you guys are eachothers endgame 🥺
Tumblr media
𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘧𝘦𝘦𝘭 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘪𝘵 𝘸𝘢𝘴𝘯'𝘵 𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘪'𝘭𝘭 𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘪𝘭𝘺 𝘥𝘰 𝘪𝘵 𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯 ! 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘭𝘮𝘬 !
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slytherwrites · a day ago
(Not) One in the Same
Rating: T
Character(s): Shinsou Hitoshi
Warning(s): N/A
Summary: Shinsou confronts you after the Sports Festival when you've been ignoring him.
Shinsou Hitoshi noticed two things about you. One, you never shared your quirk and Two, you kept trying to befriend him since he never shared his. Sure, he could see your hair and eye color or what you usually get for lunch, but those were the things that he could confidently say he noticed that nobody else did—he always prided himself on being able to real others pretty well.
Though, after his failure at the Sports Festival, he can confidently say there’s a third thing to that list: you’ve been avoiding him.
From taking up the seat across from him at lunch to immediately heading out of Yueii when school gets out. You were most definitely avoiding him, probably for his quirk like everyone else eventually does. Brainwashing is a scary, villainous thing after all.
He doesn’t blame you, but something inside him turns sour. Of course you’d turn your back on him—the one person he’d consider a friend. He’d laugh at the situation if it didn’t hurt inside.
So he devises a plan. Corner you. If you can’t get away, you could explain yourself. And if you hate him afterwards… then he could live with that.
Moments before the lunch bell rings, he grabs onto your wrist and looks at you. Your eyes widen and you try to release yourself from his grasp as the bell rings and the rest of your classmates ignore the two of you.
“Y/L/N,” he asks, “Why have you been ignoring me.”
“I haven’t. You lie, “Please let me go, Shinsou.”
“Be honest.” These words put you in a trance. His voice is slower, smoother and you can’t focus on anything and you haven’t registered you answered until you’re brought back to reality.
“Quirkless?” Shinsou asks, “Why’d you think that?”
You’re able to yank your hand from his grasp while he’s shocked.
“I just…” You look at your feet, “I just thought you were like me ya know? Not sharing your quirk and being overly hostile to people who asked you about it. But you have this really cool quirk and I’m reminded how many people actually don’t have a quirk.”
He lifts your chin up with his fingertips, “You’re quirkless?”
“...Yeah.” You let out a bitter laugh, “Pathetic right?”
“It’s not pathetic.” Shinsou opens up, “I thought you were scared of my quirk. Everyone is.”
“You’re not scary, Shinsou.”
“And you’re not pathetic, Y/L/N.”
“Thanks.” You reply, “...lunch?”
“Yeah, sure.” He replies, letting you lead the way.
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wushiji · a day ago
content warnings : soft dom hitoshi. phone sex. pillow humping. voice kink.
Tumblr media
"your voice is really pretty," was what you whispered to yourself upon hearing hitoshi recount his patrol over the phone, it was not meant for him to hear but he heard it all the same — with the way he started laughing, voice dropping an octave lower. "yeah? get off to it then. hump on your pillow while listening to me okay, kitten?"
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mindfulvenus · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you all for 200 followers!! That is such a huge milestone for me and I hope to continue writing and growing for as long as I can!! Love every single one of you :)
Tumblr media
event options.
(I will be writing drabbles for this event!)
Tumblr media
↻ Give me a word + a character
Ex. Hawks + Headphones
↻ Give me a prompt from this, this, or this list + a character
Ex. “Well, you’re extra clingy today.” + Oikawa
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↻ I will only write for male characters from the following anime/manga: bnha, hq!!, op, p5, jjk & aot.
↻ This event will close on July 1st
Tumblr media
list of requests.
• Oikawa + “Shh, just stay still. Let me hug you for another few minutes”
• Oikawa + “Shh, just stay still. Let me hug you for another few minutes”
• Oikawa + “Shh, just stay still. Let me hug you for another few minutes”
• Zoro + “I don’t know how we keep ending up in each other’s beds...”
• Sabo + “I didn’t know how badly I needed this.”
• Ace + “I’ll tear my walls down for you.”
• Hawks + “My shirt is way too big on you...but it’s cute.”
Word Prompt
• Hawks + Cats
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fxllfxryxu · a day ago
-Telling Them They’re Beautiful(MHA boys)
Hii Everyone~! This is my first ever writing I’ve done. Not just tumblr but ANY writing site I never wrote something for people. I hope people will enjoy this and please give me ideas!!
(Warnings: probably some spelling mistakes :,) and 1 cuss word.
Includes: Bakugou, Todoroki, Shinsou +Tamaki
-----------------------------------------                        -------------------------------------------------
----- Katsuki Bakugou
> Will look at you like you ligit lost your mind.
> It was just out of nowhere. 
> He was studying, having a very intense look
> When you had looked over.
>The light from the window was just making him look like a picture.
> And, whoops.. it just slipped.
> “Y’know your so beautiful....”
> This man freezes. Looks at you from the corner of his eye.
> “What?”he raises a brow.
> “I-I just..uhm..I mean..” you begin trying to find an excuse so you dont upset him.
> He scoffs, a very light tint of pink on his face, looking back at his textbook.
> “Whatever, just answer the damn problem.”
> You can’t see it but his ears start turning red.
----- Shoto Todoroki 
> He stared at you for a moment, not understanding why you would say that.
> I mean, he knows he’s not bad looking since alot of people told him he looked handsome.
> But Beautiful?
> “Thanks?” he said, head tilted.
> You giggle, hugging him while kissing his cheek.
> “Don’t be so tense, Sho! Its a compliment!”
> “ I know.” he said, cheeks burning a bit while he returns the hug, “I’ll just..have to get used to all the compliments you give me.”
----- Shinsou Hitoshi
> Literally never been complimented like that before.
> Sure, girls have said he was good looking before.
> But, he never would have thought himself to be....beautiful.
> day you and him were both sitting on the bed together watching a movie.
> "Y’know your’e really beautiful Toshi.” you mutter side looking at him from the corner of your eye before turning back to the movie.
> Just like Bakugou, he freezes beside you and looks over at you, eyes wide.
> “I’m what?”
> “ I said your’e beautiful!!” you say again but louder before sitting up.
> “I.. don’t know what to say...” he mutters, face turning a light shade of red.
> “ Well, does it make you happy~?” you teased.
> He scoffs and rolls over so his back is now facing you, “I’m gonna kick you out my room.”
> “Liar!!” you yelled, pouncing on him.
> He laughed while you whine and cling to him as you compliment him even more. 
----- Tamaki Amajiki
> Tamaki.exe stopped working.....
> “W-W-What?” he choked out, looking at you wide eyed, red tint on his face.
> “I said you’re beautiful.” you smile widely at him.
> “I-.....” he swallows thickly, looking away  facing a wall. “Not really.”
> “Tamaki!” you gasp as you walk between the wall and him so his head is resting against your shoulder, “You can’t just tell me your not beautiful when I just said you were!”
> “You may think I am but I don’t.” you sigh, cupping his cheek making him look at you.
> His face is red all the way to his ears which make you smile.
> You kiss his lips while hes not looking.
> He squeaks, looking at you wide eyed once again.
> “Beautiful~” you giggle while he buries his face in your neck from embarrassment.
I would like to thank everyone who read this!! <3 I will try to post weekly depending if i have time. I hope you have an amazing day and remember you are loved~!!
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kiwibirbs-library · 2 days ago
Could you do headcanons or one shots for pro hero! bakugo, kiri, denki, and shinso (separate) moving to America and moving in with the (fem) #1 pro hero and they end up falling in love with them and chose to stay in America? Bonus: the #1 pro hero has a personality of “I’m sweet and loving and patient but try me and I’ll become a villain real quick 😁”
Thank you so much I really appreciate it! I’m new to this blog and I wanted to see what your take on the whole roommate to lovers thing would be!
a/n: and they were roommates... oh my god and the were room mates. Ok sorry sorry but anyways I LOVE this and it shall be done
Anyways also sorry if some aren’t as romantics inclined but I thought a more before relationship look would be good for them you know
Pairing: pro hero! Bakugou, denki, kirishima, and shinsou x reader
Warning: alcohol drinking
Bakugou Katsuki
Tumblr media
In all honesty he already planned on going to america
Cause he’s an all might fan boy
Cause he thought he would get good training and experience from it
Lol everyone was surprised when he made his announcement other than deku
Deku saw it coming
Anyways when he got there he stayed at the agency he was signed with for a week before really finding anything good apartment wise
And then you came into his office
You’re the number 1 in America and have been for a while so of course Bakugou came to your agency
But you came in and saw the sleeping bag and the obvious lack of sleep on Bakugous face and stated you were looking for a roommate.
It’s a miracle he didn’t call your bullshit
Your the number one hero for goodness sakes
You didn’t need a roommate with the money you have
Anyways he’s kinda wary at first and didn’t accept it until you came in the third day with a coffee for him and asked again
And so began your wierd relationship with the god Explosion murder
He kept your house even cleaner than you did and you would force him out of his room every other night for “roommate bonding”
Honestly he was really indifferent to you until there was a large scale villain attack near by
Apparently you had a version of league of villains in America too
He was tying his mask and running out the door when he saw you leaving the convenience store across the street
You immediately dropped your bags, hit a button on your watch and took off to where the source was
He was shocked
That button held your hero suit and made it easier for you to just change into it immediately
But he was just surprised you didn’t hesitate in any of it
When he got there you were in the middle of fighting
Ngl he was a little curious for a while how you got your title with how nice you were
But he saw the villain say something and your eyes darken
Mans took a step back and deciders to just watch, help if you asked ya know
You beat the crap out of that guy man
Anyways here’s the story of how he really fell for you:
Bakugou stopped when he heard the front door click open.
“Oi dumbass, get your ass in here I made dinn— y/n?” He turned the stove off upon seeing you. You had cuts everywhere, most not that bad but a couple needed attention. Your hero suit was ripped and your footing was unsteady.
“Oh hey katsu—“ you wobbled a bit as you walked. “Um Im gunna be in the bathroom for a while ok?” You gave a pained smile. He immediately was in front of you.
“Oh no you don’t hold on,” you were surprised by how gentle his touch was as he picked you up. You didn’t even argue this time. You didn’t have the energy as he placed you down on the bathroom counter. As he cleaned your wounds he couldn’t help but remember when this was switched. When he came in looking like this, maybe worse and you helped him. You walked him to the bathroom and made him bite down on something before cleaning him up.
“Thank you,” he heard you say quietly. He looked back up to find your smile. He felt a twinge in his chest, like something was swelling. He gulped hard before looking back down do your waist where the deepest cut was.
Staying in America for longer than planned wouldn’t be too bad right?
Ejirou Kirishima
Tumblr media
When he first moved there he found a flyer at the gym for a room mate wanted
He was like yes cool cause he had been staying in a motel
He never expected for an answer so fast and defiantly didn’t think that he would meet the american number one in the coffee shop the next day
And he DEFIANTLY did not know you were that pretty
anyways as he moved in you noticed all the work out equipment
“do you not like the gym at your agency?”
“nah its cool there too but I like having my own personal one too. Makes it easier to work out at 2am ya know,” he smiled and gave you a thumbs up
you laughed at that one
yall like to play wii sports every wednesday
literally no reason and you have no idea how it started it just did
mans is a GOD at wii tenis
like how the fawk
at one point yours and his agencies teamed up and you got to work together
lot of people were surprised to see how well you two knew each other
that team up was when the media took you two going in the same direction home and RAN LIKE THE SPEED OF LIGHt
you two were in the tabloids for weeks
what got you out of it for that was a villain defeat you both did
it was a robbery gone wrong and kiri happened to be in the area
you got called in after a little 
finally you got him pinned and he started going nuts with his mouth
literally bad mouthing the police, you, the system, anything he really could ya know
you didn’t care for a while but the minute he said something about Kiri you snapped and smacked him so hard he was knocked out
ngl made things easier for cuffing and dealing with him
and now heres the blurb of ‘how did I fall in love you her?’
“pssssst,” Kirishima flipped over to his other side. “psssst Kiriiii,” he groaned before opening one of his eyes.
“hello?” he yawned. 
“hi,” you smiled at him from beside his bed. “so uhhhh can I used your work out equipment?” you whispered. Kiri watched as you swayed from side to side in front of him. It took him a second to process what you said. 
“wait what?” he propped himself up on his arms.
“your workout equipment, could I use it?” you folded your arms and put your chin on them. He smiled a little.
“only if I can join you,” he yawned again before rolling out of bed. You bounced up and happily skipped out the door. He grabbed his speaker before following you down the hall and into the office area, setting it up before turning back to you. You were wrapping your hands up and standing front of his punching bag when you looked up to him. He smiled at you, stepping behind the bag and holding it. You tilted your head a bit.
“what, I’m helping you,” he laughed at the look on your face. “now ready?” he smirked at you.
“I feel like I’m being challenged,” you smiled.
“maybe,” he shrugged with a smile. “its a test of manlyness,” he smiled widely. You drew back, your smile widely.
“oh I am so doing this,” you laughed, getting in a readied stance. You jumped a few times before hitting the bag a couple times.
“that all you got princess?” he laughed. You gapped at him for a minute before rolling your neck. You hit the bag a couple more times, each one getting harder and harder. The last one hit so hard Kiri had to step bag for a moment. 
“mmm? You ok love?” you giggled to yourself as you bent to meet his eyes.
“alright I admit that was manly as hell,” he laughed and sat down. You smiled and popped back up.
“want some ice?” you asked, reaching hand out to help him up
“Pfft oh shut up,” he laughed before grabbing your hand and pulling you down on top of him. Ya he could live like this for a long long time.
Denki Kaminari
Tumblr media
he went to america on accident
like the trip was fully planned and he was planning to go and everything but only after a week of accidental planning that he just did on a whim
like he just did it for fun and then ended up following through
he was a little nervous at first but that drained in an instant when he walked into the agency he switched into
like he walked in and you were passing some paperwork to one of your sidekicks and he fell like that man
literally you went to go say hi and he just stared at you for a hot minute
then you waved your hand in front of him and he went full flirt mode
you almost got wiplash from how fast he switched that up. 
you literally have no reason what so ever to have found it so cute but you did and it took you like a week to start the rumor around the building you needed a roommate
and by rumor I mean sending an assistant to his office and acting like people were talking about it
literally five minutes later he was skidding to a stop in front of you and asking if the offerw as still open
and now its been a few months since then and you dont regret anything
he likes to bring random flowers he finds either on patrol of when he goes out home to you
one time he showed up with a handfull of weeds tho and you died laughing
poor babe
he ran out after and came back with a little tulip though and said this redeemed him
and now heres your blurb:
You two were on patrol with each other. A crowd had gathered around you after a robbery you both stopped. Many of them asked how you did it or if you were ok since the guy was at least double your size. Denki found it hilarious how you just kicked him down and sat on him. You ended up kicking him so hard he was crying. Not gunna lie you felt a little bad. 
Anyways as the crowd thinned there were still a few there asking for autographs. One little girl came up, her mom giving her a thumbs up before she stopped in front of you both. Denki smiled and signed her little notepad before she came up to you. You laughed a little and squatted down to her before sitting fully on the sidewalk. You crossed your legs and started talking to the little girl a bit as you signer her notepad.
Denki couldn’t help the smile that stuck to his face as he watched you interact with her. At some point she was called back to her mom and you looked up to Denki.
“whats up?” you asked, tilting your head a bit. You shook his head a bit before giving you a hand to stand up. 
That was the first day he held your hand almost the entirety of patrol.
That was also the day he decided that he could live in America a little longer than he thought.
Shinsou Hitoshi
Tumblr media
Shinsou went to america because of you actually
He heard of you through Aizawa when he mentioned wanting to reach out a bit
literally the first thing he did after the flight was go to your agency, well his agency
when he met you he was kind surprised ngl
you were way more chill and foreward than he thought
like he had seen your interviews and fully thought you were like midoriya or ochako or something but you kinda gave him todoroki vibes if he had to compare you
he was actually the one to bring up living together
you were telling him at a meeting how you wanted to move into a higher apartment instead and he offered his place
and now here you are tripping over boxes as he helped you unload some things
ngl he had started feeling wierd things after a week
he never thought he would feel things that fast but here he is
he passes out on the couch all the time and you always cover him with a blanket
you take pictures of him all the time when they take naps together 
he doesnt understand but thats ok
next on the ‘im in love with you’ show:
How the hell can one report take three hours? Shinsou groaned as he unlocked the window to the apartment balcony. He knew the using the Aizawa wrapp TM to get home. Once he got there he was expecting to be welcomed by your music quietly drifting through the apparment as you sat at the coffe table with either some paperwork or a book. What he got was your cat purring loudly on top of you on the couch. You were passed out with him on your chest and neck. Shinsou could feel the warmth grow harshly on his cheeks.
He sat down on the ground next to you, staring at the table where a bunh of paper work was spread out. He smiled at the sticky notes everywhere. Half didn’t even have anthing to do with the work. 
‘remember to give so and so paper to juli’ ‘ramen on the second shelf’ ‘get waters’ he read through them all and got more and more amused. He stopped at the last one.
‘tell shinsou today’
He felt himself swallow. Tell him what? He felt you squirm behind him. When he looked back the cat was on the back of the couch and you were on your side. Your arm came around and wrapped around his shoulder and pulled him closer. His eyes widened as you rolled into a ball and you face went into his hair.
Well he would need to stay as long as he had to to find out what you needed to tell him.
And to return the gesture.  Of course.
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