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A:Just because you’ve been there for me when no one else could and always made me the happiest person alive doesn’t mean you could wear a dark vader costume and go to our kid’s school and scream “Your father is here!!!” to just give them their lunch box that they forgot and fight a teacher

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Since we reached 500 followers I wanted to do an

Art contest!

The rules are simple

  • You have until the end of the year (might extend it!) to create a piece of art which will involve a ship with atleast one of my characters
  • You can do Poly Ships, My Characters x Canon, My Characters x My Characters, My Characters x OCs/self inserts
  • I WON’T accept ships between an adult and a child and incest
  • You can do digital art, traditional art, animation, I’ll accept writings too!
  • To make sure I see your entry, please tag me! I’ll make sure to reblog it in the span of a few hours
  • If I don’t reblog it, please send me an Ask, as Tumblr probably didn’t send me a notification or I simply missed it


  • FIRST PLACE - Around 1500 word writing piece, might be less might be more
  • SECOND PLACE - Around 1000 word writing piece
  • THIRD PLACE - Around 500 word writing piece
  • HONORABLE MENTIONS - Something special~

And if you don’t have ideas for ships, then here under the cut you have a list of my canon and noncanon (but I wish it was) ships and their shipnames (if they have any)!

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This ship is the first and cutest sideship-


This aspect gives something I don’t have w/Tony and Floyd:

Tony able to dominate the lil waman-

Like this ship’s dynamic is sweet and casual w/out some stress Tony won’t have 🥺 I love this honestly and its one of the first ships I have in twst that’s straight and yo the ideas of Tony using his UM to flirt with Aster’s just 👌👌👌 Either way Floyd and Aster are in for a treat bc Tony’s starting to gain confidence~ U//w//U

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