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Now what do you think of Shiratori especially after his love story with Kobayashi?)))

They’re cutie pies. (*¯ ³¯*)♡

I was rethinking my thoughts on Shiratori. And made a conclusion that the most creepy part was when Kid was disguised as Shiratori. But Shiratori himself with an old design gives me vibes of “I’m smarter and better than you, morons” (and at the same time I love his old design, so it gives me mixed feelings). And we can’t just forget a part when he calls the whole police department to stalk on Sato and Takagi (to keep them from making out). (⊙⌣⊙) (it’s hilarious, but man) Hehe, anyway, I’m glad he finally found his destiny and that we saw him as a kid, he was so cute.♥️ Also, I love Detective Boys reaction to all the romantic things going on. They’re just like: “My God! Just confess already!”

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m/s “Lydia” - Hellenic Mediterranean Lines, 1956-1967. Route: Piraeus, Alexandria, Limassol, Beirut, Port Said, Alexandria, return directly to Piraeus. Connecting the Levant.

Source: Ignacio Carzotti - @carzotti

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Roatan Mangrove Tunnels


#Lets_Go_Roatan_Tours 👈💥😎

Roatan Tour with cultural & historical explanations, zip lining, a monkey sanctuary with SLOTHS 🐒 , snorkeling, Scuba-diving, parasailing, jet ski, west bay beach.

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#LetsGoRoatanTours 👈🌞💥

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