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I made an ao3 account for my Housamo fanfiction ideas so I can use the blog for requests, headcanons or even just ships and the ao3 account for my personal projects for things like my OCs that I wanna revisit one day. I’ll post this one both here and on my ao3 account so you all know it is me. I actually wanted to try to experiment with ship content more after talking to a few mutuals over the past few weeks.



~Gunzo thrusted his fist forward as he tried to break through Kengo’s defensive maneuvers but the rugby player had his hands met with Kengo’s palms each time. Again and again Gunzo tried to strike through but the martial artist had a response for every move. One deflection caught Gunzo off balance and he fell right on the dirt ground. “That hurt…” He muttered as he tried to get himself back up. Kengo let out a sigh as he stretched out a hand to the red head.

“Let’s take a break.” He suggested. The two shirtless torsos were covered in sweat and they huffed and heaved. Gunzo had approached Kengo earlier that week about training since they had the full weekend off from school. Kengo didn’t mind since he was always up for a new challenge but warned Gunzo he wasn’t an athlete like him. The rugby player understood that but still wanted to learn how to fight better. Kengo then suggested they go to the mountains to train even though Gunzo was partly reluctant to since Ashigara tended to train on the mountains as well, but quickly came around to the idea once the Summoner said he’ll make sure to take him to a different one. He didn’t even know why Gunzo was so reluctant to begin with since it was his idea to train…

Back to the present Gunzo extended a water bottle to Kengo which surprised him since the jock seemed a bit clumsy. “Hey! I-I can be helpful…! It’s important we stay hydrated during practice!” Gunzo snapped. “Besides our team manager kept reminding me about the water.”

Kengo snorted. “Knew it. Thanks though, I forgot too…” He took the water bottle from his trainee and took a big gulp. Gunzo couldn’t help but stare at Kengo in between sips and became immediately self conscious about his lack of body hair. Gunzo had also thought back to you and how you’ve been around Kengo a lot more lately. He didn’t want to admit it but he was jealous of Kengo’s strength and skill. But most importantly the rugby player was jealous of your classmate’s looks since you seemed to stare so compassionately at him. It really must be genetics… By this point Kengo took notice of Gunzo’s staring and asked “You good over there? Gonna burn a hole right through me if you stare any harder…”

“Gah!” He shrieked out in embarrassment as his face turned red. “S-Sorry! I didn’t mean to…!” The jock nervously sipped at his water while trying to avoid eye contact.

It was at this moment Kengo realized how shredded Gunzo was and how immaculate each muscle was trained. “For someone who doesn’t fight very often you’re definitely in pique condition.” The Summoner commented. “Guess those sports really pay off, yeah?”

“Oh, uh… I-I guess.” A compliment? From him!? Unthinkable! He’s the one in pique condition here! Gunzo’s face was burning beet red.

“So… why did you suddenly ask me to train you?”

Crap! Gunzo couldn’t just say to learn his secrets at wooing you, could he!? Of course not, he had to think of something. In his panic he had realized another motive for deciding to train as he had a thought about how Yasuyori always looked distant since coming back that day… “Actually… there is something.” Gunzo gulped. “Lately, I’ve been thinking that my strength alone isn’t good enough.” This piqued Kengo’s interest as he listened more. Gunzo’s panic suddenly became dejection. “When the seniors came back to school that day they… looked like they had gone through something tough… I guess it’s cuz I wasn’t smart enough to get it at the time but I started thinking maybe I’m just not strong enough to understand. I just don’t want any of my friends to go through that again. To do that I need to be strong like you. Then maybe-”

“You think I can protect everyone just because I’m strong?” Kengo asked with a serious tone in his voice. Suddenly he was looming over Gunzo which intimidated the athlete. “You think that if you get stronger it’s just gonna be easy?”

“N-No of course not!”

“This isn’t some game. I have to be strong. The strongest in Tokyo!” Kengo declared boldly. “Stronger than you, than the other guilds, than my partner-” He stopped himself when he saw how intimidated Gunzo was getting before taking a breath and calming down again. “I need to be able to tear down any wall that gets in my or my partner’s way.” The martial artist scratched the back of his head nervously while his face flushed. “I-I don’t usually talk like that…”

Despite his pounding heart Gunzo couldn’t contain his laughter. “You know, for a second there you reminded me of Ashigara.”

“Wh-What’s that supposed to mean, huh!?”

“Ah-! Uh, I just meant… you’re both um…” Gunzo dared not say scary for fear of being punched. “You’re both tough! That’s it, tough! You’re strong, j-just like him.” Kengo smirked and immediately pulled Gunzo into a headlock and noogied his red hair. “H-Hey!”

“So we’re both pretty strong, huh? Does this hurt more than when he does it?”

“Y-Yes!” Gunzo struggled against Kengo’s strength before being able to force the martial artist off him. Kengo was shocked by his trainee’s sudden rush of strength. Gunzo hadn’t realized Legion gave him the extra boost since they could tell Gunzo was being hurt. “O-Oh my gosh! I didn’t mean to do it that hard-”

Kengo shrugged it off and laughed. “Looks like you’ve got enough in you for a round two.” He rolled his shoulders and stood up to assume his defensive stance once more. “Come at me with all that strength you really got!”

Gunzo could sense his determination and decided to match him on it instead of being intimidated. “All right, you’re on! Here I come!” The two trained the rest of the day away til they were completely spent in the dead of night.

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Do you ever just want to post something but don’t at the same time? Well that’s me right now so here’s some marvelsepticeye because I love this ship.


Also @number1kb this is what I was obsessing about.

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<div> Wolfstar </div>
Who wakes up first?
Remus, he likes to wake up insanely early to read in the morning sunlight like a nerd (unless it's just been a full moon obviously). Sirius usually doesn't wake up until like noon
Who does the chores?
Remus too, he's not especially neat and his books are kinda messy but Sirius is ANOTHER LEVEL of messy
Who pays for meals?
Sirius! He has his parents cash to burn and especially loves to spend it one Remus both because he just loves spoiling his boyfriend but also because it pisses off his family
Who sings in the shower?
Both. Remus is really quiet and hums but Sirius literally yells/sings at the top of his lungs. They've had many noise complaints which Sirius always gets offended by ("they should be lucky to hear my angelic voice, most people have to PAY to hear a voice like that!")
Who is more dominant?
Usually Remus, he tells Sirius off if he's gone too far. But after a full moon, Sirius takes control to take care of Remus
Who is the cuddler?
Both of them are quite insecure (Sirius from his childhood and Remus from being a werewolf). So they can both be clingy/needy sometimes and ask each other for reassurance.
Who kissed who first?
Their first kiss was actually Truth or Dare where James dared Sirius to kiss Remus. So Sirius, technically.
How often do they fight?
Not very often. When they do, it's really tense and dramatic for an hour or so then they get over it quickly
Who apologises first?
Remus. Sirius is always too stubborn to say it first, unless he does something insanely bad (like The Snape Incident)
Who gets jealous most often?
Remus. Sirius is way too hot for his own good and tons of people hit on him.
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Israeli-owned ship docked in Dubai after mysterious blast

Israeli-owned ship docked in Dubai after mysterious blast

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DUBAI: An Israeli-owned cargo ship that suffered a mysterious explosion in the Gulf of Oman came to Dubai’s port for repairs Sunday, days after the blast that revived security concerns in Mideast waterways amid heightened tensions with Iran. Associated Press journalists saw the hulking Israeli-owned MV Helios Ray sitting at dry dock facilities at Dubai’s Port Rashid.…

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Thank you! Sorry this is so darn late! In a somewhat surprising turn of events, I ship you with the Texan cowboy himself, Jack Daniels!

This is part of my follower celebration! Click here for info!


Originally posted by pascalsky

At first, it’s amusement that draws Jack in. You’re cheerful, almost too cheerful, and he has to figure out if it’s all an act. Sure, he’s known to be fairly charming and fun, but even he has his low points, but you- he’s yet to see that cheerful exterior fade… So it turns to curiosity, watching you almost like he needs to see if you’ll crack. But when you don’t, when he realises you truly are just that bubbly and optimistic, well, it pulls at his heartstrings in a way that has him confused.

The curiosity he felt before seems to seep into something different, and now he wants to make sure you stay as happy and cheerful as you appear. He needs to make sure you’re always there with that smile that lights up his day, and it becomes something protective, something of a task for him. He needs to keep you happy, just as much as he needs the reassurance that you truly are happy.

His life has had too much heartache, too much pain, and to see you, cheerful and making people laugh, well, it gives him a glimpse of hope that life still has good in it.

Of course, with that intrigue comes an insight into you that’s an awful lot deeper than you think at first. He sees when the exhaustion starts to kick in, when you’re pushing yourself too hard to make everyone around you happy, rather than focusing on yourself first.

But he’s invested now. He needs you to be happy, like the sun needs the moon.

It’s just a cup of coffee, something to keep you going, something to lift you up. He doesn’t even actually mention it, just leaves it for you on your desk when he knows you’ll be back any moment. And the soft smile he sees when you see it? Well, that’s worth everything.

Of course you know it’s him, he’s the only one to ever notice the little things, like how you liked your coffee, or the fact you’d yawned not that long ago with only him present.

It’s your turn to surprise him when you wrap your arms around him from behind. He’s rigid in your hold, and it takes him a moment to relax against your hug, hell, when was the last time he was even hugged? But when he does relax, his hand coming up to cover your arm, it’s with a soft chuckle of amusement, and damn, he liked this a whole lot more than he should.

“You alright there, Little Bee?” he asks, and you can hear the amusement dripping of each word.

With a gentle squeeze, you let him go, a softer smile etched onto your lips now that’s sure to last the whole day. “Thanks for the coffee, Jack.”

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Gon: good morning killua, what do you drink?

Killua: water

Gon: it doesn’t smell like water

Killua: it is…. Imported water

Gon: oh… Imported from where?

Killua: from Russia…

Gon: Killua you drink vodka at nine in the morning!!?

Killua: is 9:37……

Ahhh I apologize for my absence… I will try to insert posts regularly 🙏

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𝚆𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚊 𝚡 𝚅𝚒𝚜𝚒𝚘𝚗 - 𝚖𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚖𝚢 𝚑𝚞𝚜𝚋𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚋𝚢 𝚖𝚒𝚝𝚜𝚔𝚒 (2)

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I’m in love with this ship 💙❤💜

They are precious and I just want them to be together 😭💕

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