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#ship art
Can you give me some Remote×Black Hole arts?




oh hello, if anyone is still alive here, I’ve disappeared for a long time, for which I apologize, but I still accept requests, ahem. Yes, and not only ordinary, but also 18+

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Decided to do another redraw cause why not 😎

The first photo is from today (March 27th, 2020) and the second is from May 25th, 2019

{ Ink Sans - Comyet/Myebi | Error Sans - Loverofpiggies/Crayonqueen }

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Hi! Long time no see, I just haven’t been making much fanart lately(sorry about that)

Here’s some TaexJoker because I don’t see any art of them just being cute

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Ship art because I made up this ship in my head and I’ll tell ya why


The biggest reason why I think they’d go well together is for almost every other ship I’ve ever had that wasn’t canon; opposites attract.

V and Nico are VASTLY different from each other; while Nico is eccentric and pretty happy-go-lucky, V is more down to earth and quiet. Also, apparently they both like William Blake because Nico has a poem tattooed on her side. I sincerely feel like they’d be great because V can help keep Nico focused and Nico can help keep V grounded. The ship didn’t come up because of something stupid like “well, they both have tattoos”. I saw a cosplay photo of V and Nico together and it wasn’t anything romantic or whatever, but it gave me this brilliant idea…

Please; someone validate my ship.

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