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zu-is-here · 7 months ago
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Day 1: Protect | Crossmare Week
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cloudvampire · a month ago
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@wavougeweek Day 1: Fashion ✨
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wavougeweek · 2 months ago
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✨ Mark your calendar, Wavouge Week is happening again! The week will be held during July 11 - 17th. ✨
> Please read the rules before participating! <
💎 Day 1  [ July 11 ]   Fashion
💎 Day 2  [ July 12 ]   Knights / Pirates
💎 Day 3  [ July 13 ]   Vacation
💎 Day 4  [ July 14 ]   Hurt / Comfort
💎 Day 5  [ July 15 ]   Adventure
💎 Day 6  [ July 16 ]   AU / Alternate Universe
💎 Day 7  [ July 17 ]   Free Day
Remember to use the hashtag #WavougeWeek2022 and #Wavouge on your post and tag us @wavougeweek​ if you want, too!
We also have a twitter (@wavougeweek)! It will be used to archive the week, you can tag your work with the same hashtags #WavougeWeek2022 and #Wavouge. If there’s any questions, please message us!
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transfemlogan · 4 months ago
Sanders Sides Events in 2022! Last updated: July 8th, 2022
These are all the ship weeks and other events I know as of right now (including birthdays). If you are hosting something or know of a hosted event not included in this list, feel free to reblog with the addition or send me a DM or an ask!
There is also @edupunkn00b 's calendar, which doesn't work for me personally, but you can check it out if it works for you!
[Name] [dates] [@] [prompt list]
Logince: january 23rd - 29th (@loginceweek2022) (prompts)
Analogical: april 3rd - 9th (@analogicalweek) (prompts)
Moceit: may 1st - 7th (@moceit-appreciation-week) (prompts)
Roceit: may 8th - 14th (@roceitweek) (prompts)
Prinxiety: june 5th - 11th (@prinxiety-week-2022) (prompts)
Loceit: june 27th - july 3rd (@loceitweek2022) (prompts)
Dukexiety: july 3rd - 9th (extra day: 10th) (@dukexietyweek) (prompts)
Royality: july 31st - august 6th (@royalityweek) (prompts)
Dukeceit: august 14th - 20th (@dukeceitweek) (prompts)
Anaroceit: august 29th - september 4th (@anaroceitweek) (prompts)
Anxceit: september 4th - 10th (@anxceit-week-2022)*
Intrulogical: october 3rd - 9th (@intrulogicalweek2021)
Pintroverts: october 10th - 14th (@pintrovertsweek2022)
There is no intruality (@intrualityweek2021) week this year. There has not been a Logicality or Moxiety week ever! I cannot find any polyamorous ship weeks.
*this anxceit week is hosted by a different person than last years! Check out anxceit week 2021 here: @anxceitweek21
Other events:
Aro Sides Week: august 21st - 27th 2022 (@aro-sides-week) (prompts)
Sanders Sides Big Bang - Schedule and FAQ (@sandersidesbigbang)
Sanders Sides Big Bang - Schedule and FAQ (@ts-storytime)
Transgender Sides Week: september 11th - 17th 2022 (@transsidesweek) (prompts)
Sanders Sides Anniversary: October 19, 2016
Thomas Sanders' Birthday: April 24th
Patton Sanders' Birthday: January 15th
Janus Sanders' Birthday: February 3rd
Roman Sanders' Birthday: June 4th
Remus Sanders' Birthday: June 25th
Logan Sanders' Birthday: November 3rd
Virgil Sanders' Birthday: December 19th
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kanejweek · 3 months ago
Kanej Week 2022 Official Prompts!
Kanej Week 2022 will be occurring from Sunday, June 19th to Saturday, June 25th 2022. Here are our winning prompts!
Sunday, June 19th: Royalty
Kings & Queens
Monday, June 20th: Storytelling
Once Upon a Time
The 5+1 Trope
Tuesday, June 21st: Relationships
First Dates
Wednesday, June 22nd: Supernatural
Angels & Demons
Thursday, June 23th: Affection
Rooftops & Stars
Love Language
Friday, June 24th: Perspective
Outsider POV
Saturday, June 25th: Growth
Sharing & Secrets
See you in June!
Each day has a theme with two prompts each that you can choose from. You can just follow the theme or be as creative with the prompts as you’d like! All kinds of content creation are allowed for submission. Please tag @kanejweek and tag #kanej week whenever you post so that we can reblog your submissions!
Our FAQ will be linked soon. Our askbox is open if you have questions or would like clarification on anything.
We’re so excited to celebrate with you!
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holidayturkeyy · 3 months ago
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hello!!! im holding a silly little gatorbun week prompt thing next week (may 9 - may 15) !! mainly on twitter but i thought id share the prompts here too!!
if u want to do some days and not others or Just Do a sketch thats cool too!! idrc Have fun!!!
prompts again incase its hard to read:
1. First Meeting
2. Based on a Song Lyric (of ur choice)
3. Alternate Universe
4. Comfort
5. Date night ^_^
6. Outfit swap
7. FREE 4 ALL!!!! Or if u really want a prompt u can try to draw them kissing or something
if no one does it its fine bUt i will be attempting to do everyday to the best of my abilityyyyy
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shadowxamyweek · 4 months ago
SHADAMY WEEK: JUNE 19th -25th, 2022
Results are in!
The topics for ShadAmy week are as follows!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
1- Future or Past/Fankids
2- Folklore/Fairytales
3- Trapped Together/Promise
4- First Date/Comically Drawn Out Confession
5- Baking/Magical Girl AU
6- Wedding/Body Swap
7- Dancing/Flowers
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Thank you again to all who voted!
Remember: You have the choice of either topic for any given day. Also, please, do not feel bad if you can't complete every day! The whole goal of this is to have fun and share art/writing/whatever!
•♡•Happy shipping! •♡•
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thecrowinacrown · 4 months ago
Hey guys, would you be interested in Logicality week? 👀👀
(Pls reblog this post so more people can see it)
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oumota-events · a month ago
OUMOTA WEEK 2022: July 25 - 31
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Hello, everyone!  ★  
I’m happy to announce the prompts for Oumota Week 2022!
★ DAY 1: pre-game AU  |  post-game AU
★ DAY 2: prom date  |  missing scene AU
★ DAY 3: misunderstanding  |  trapped
★ DAY 4: idol AU  |  partners in crime
★ DAY 5: historical AU  |  ugly sweaters
★ DAY 6: the ultimate hunt  |  the tragedy AU
★ DAY 7: masks  |  cuddling  |  hobbies + free prompt!
Remember to tag your content using #oumotaweek or #oumotaweek2022 so that all of the works can be reblogged on this blog! For more information, check out our FAQ and Rules.
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laismoura-art · a month ago
💛It has started Babies!!! The @subscorp-week 2022! 💙
Tumblr media
💙Here's Day 1: Vampire AU!💛
I couldn't decide who I wanted to be the vampire so I said "Both. Both is good!" And of course, my favourite thing about vampires? They turn into Bats! 🦇
I also made them slightly inspired by actual bats Kuai is an Honduran White Bat and Hanzo is the classic Vampire-Bat!
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royedpalooza · 5 months ago
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As promised, here’s a little 5/20 event! Prompts are above (and below, if the image gives you trouble)!   
downpour                   live wire                       silence everything is                           the same                 FREE SPACE                  unleash except ___ “Since when?”         modern AU            double or nothing
   What and when is it?
A little 5/20 challenge in the form of a prompt bingo board! You’re welcome to start working on a piece or pieces at any time, but posting will be open from May 20th-May 31st, 2022. There is no obligation to share your board at the end of the month, but go for it if you want to!   
How does it work?
You make something – anything – Roy/Ed-related for any of these prompts that appeal to you. Feel free to do just one, or try to finish enough in a row to make a bingo! If you’re able to complete the entire board, you will get a standing ovation from me. :D
When you share your finished (or mostly finished, or half-finished, or whatever you like!) work after May 20, tag the blog here @royedpalooza and/or on Twitter at royedpalooza, and post any fanfiction to the AO3 collection!
The rules/guidelines/FAQ are basically the same as the ones for Roy/Ed Week, but I don’t want to type all of that out again, so please take a look at those! Drop me a line if you have any questions! ♥♥♥
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cloudvampire · 8 days ago
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@wavougeweek Day 4: Hurt / Comfort
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zukaangweek · 2 months ago
Zukaang Week 2022: Rules, Prompts, and FAQ
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Thank you everyone for your prompt suggestions! The prompts have been chosen for Zukaang Week 2022, which will run July 4-July 8. Every day will have two prompts for you to choose from.
This post is intended to serve as a masterpost for the entire event. It will include the dates, prompts, rules, a FAQ, and some helpful resources! Make sure to click the read more to get ALL the information!
Prompt List
Tumblr media
(prompt list also in image ID)
All works must focus on the romantic relationship between Zuko and Aang. Other ships are welcome, as long as Zukaang is front and center.
There are 2 prompts for each day. You can choose one or both of them to inspire your work. If none of the prompts speak to you, feel free to create your own Zukaang content. The prompts are meant to promote creativity, not restrict it!
NSFW/Mature content is allowed, as long as you tag everything appropriately. So on tumblr, that means following their guidelines for NSFW images. On AO3, that means giving your fic the appropriate rating and tags.
Any kind of creative content is allowed! Fanfiction, fanart, edits, playlists, headcanons, moodboards, ANYTHING!
(click under the readmore for FAQ and resources)
How do I participate in Zukaang Week?
Create your content and post it on tumblr. If you post on AO3, make sure to share the link on tumblr. Also make sure to add it to the Zukaang Week AO3 collection, which will be posted about later. Tag this blog in the main body of your post (@zukaangweek). In the tags, tag “zukaang week."
If we don’t reblog your post within 24 hours, feel free to send us a message with the link! I’m sure we all know how unreliable the tumblr tagging system is, we would never intentionally not reblog someone’s post!
If I’m not a creator, how can I support Zukaang Week?
The best way to support content creators leading up to and during Zukaang Week is to let them know you support them! Reblog and comment on their work, send zukaang content into this blog for us to post, etc. We’ll be reblogging zukaang content from now up until the week itself. Supporting that work now will encourage creators for the event week itself.
Who is in charge of Zukaang Week?
This blog and the event are being run by @thetpot, @lady-tortilla-chip, @praetorqueenreyna, and @aucatgirl.
I have a question that isn’t here!
Feel free to send us asks, we’d love to hear from you all! They can be questions, headcanons, ideas, or anything else! If you have a question you’d like us to answer privately, be sure to let us know in the ask. Otherwise, all other asks will be published on our blog.
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glimbowweek · 19 days ago
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It's almost that time again!
The third annual Fall Glimbow Week will be held from September 9-15th, 2022. (Starting on Bow's birthday!) Please vote on the prompts you'd like to see fan creators make art, fics or other content for using the form linked below! Voting Ends August 8th, 2022 (Voting is now closed. See the final prompts list here.)
Reblogs appreciated!
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rosebird-week · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hello everyone! We’re pleased to once again announce another week of rosebird, Rosebird Week 2022!
The week begins Monday, September 19th and ends the following Monday on September 26th with eight days of prompts for you to enjoy.
Prompt List:
Day 1: Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk
Day 2: Hobbies/Downtime
Day 3: Mythology
Day 4: Saying Goodbye
Day 5: Patching Wounds
Day 6: Gangs/Mafia
Day 7: Promises/Betrayals
Day 8: AU Day
Remember to tag your works with #rosebirdweek in the first 5 tags and make sure to check out our rules, especially if you’re unsure of something.
Thank you again everyone for all the positive feedback and I hope you're all looking forward to another year of rosebird! See you then!
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wintercherryx · 4 months ago
Day 3 - The First Contact
Tumblr media
Yeee! Day 3 has been posted! Though later than usual as I got distracted by youtube oof.
Also ignore how Ink's design seems to change time to time, idk how I want to draw him yet lmao
As always, Errink/Inkerror Week is by @squidiotslittlevoid and a written one shot under the cut, as well as explanations!
Please do not Copy, Trace or Repost, Thank you!
"So, you're telling me that you never touched anyone before?" Ink asked in surprise as he then glanced at the other, who just curled up in more on himself, Ink finds the other odd in all honesty, especially with the fact that depsite the numerous amount of times that they've been fighting, Error's always been the one that first approaches him. It confused him, as they were supposed to be enemies.
But ah well, Error not destroying means that he doesn't have to fight him, the guy's actually interesting after all! "No..." Error replied as he then leaned back. "I nEvEr ReAlLy LiKeD... tOuCh. EsPeCiAlLy WhEn ThE fIrSt TiMe I tOuChEd AnOtHeR, i ExPeRiEnCeD pAiN." Error admitted, looking up at the Outertale sky above them.
"Ah... That was probably my fault, whoops." Despite having feelings thanks to his vials, he's still unable to feel stronger feelings like compassion, sympathy, empathy, love, etc. etc. Error knew that somehow though... He probably told him before but forgot honestly, eh, not much he can do about that.
"YeAh... It... WaS..." Error trailed off as he then leaned back on the rock he was leaning on and then looking up at the vast space above them. "Oh! How about we try handholding?!" Ink suddenly sprang up in excitement and Error glanced at him in shock.
"Wh- WaIt WhAt?!" Error scooted back from Ink at the sudden suggestion and Ink just grinned at him. "Yeah! I mean, since you told me that one time you wanted to touch people again, why not start now?"
"WaIt... YoU rEmEmBeR tHaT?" Error raised a brow. "Well yeah, I have it on my scarf so... Actually, I think that's the reason why I wanted to meet up." Ink grinned while Error then shook his skull. "No, No WaY. i DoN'T... i DoN'T wAnT tO eXpErIeNcE aNyMoRe PaIn DaMn It." Error frowned and Ink's grin dropped a bit. Right, that was his fault...
"Oh come on Error! I promise I won't hurt you." Ink gave Error a smile and Error stared at Ink with clear distrust. "... PrOmIsE?" Error whispered and Ink nodded. "I promise." Ink then lent his hand for Error, who then stared down at it before shakily reaching out. Ink was quite patient, which was surprising, as he was always impulsive with everything, and impatient.
Ink watched as Error reached out before retreating his hand a bit a few more times before closing his eyesockets and reached out, quickly touching Ink's hand, Error could feel his glitches starting to act up at the action. It was... Painful. But mostly on the uncomfortable side... But...
Ink couldn't help but feel giddy when Error's touching his hand, Error did it! He actually- gagging once he felt Ink rising in his mouth, he turned to the side to quickly puke out the ink, blinking a bit before turning to Error happily. "Error you did it!"
Error's eyesockets opened quickly at the exclamation and quickly turned to the hand and gasped. "I... i DiD iT!" Error couldn't help but feel proud of himself. He did it! He actually touched someone! And the proud look on Ink's face made him even more happier. He's definitely gonna keep this memory for a long time. If not, forever.
~~~~~ Explanations ~~~~~
Anyways, so, explaining Error's speaking first.
This was set before Day 1 and 2, for when they're only just starting to get along, so Error's speaking isn't really... Controlled yet, and still erratic and glitchy as hecc
Also, yes. Most, if not, all of my entries are gonna be set in the same Multiverse, so yeah, this is still FGOD AU.
Now for the explanation of Ink, since this was set in the FGOD Multiverse, Ink was a dum dum and attacked Error because he thought he was evil, but they became friends because Error's been meeting up with Ink and been starting conversations with him in hopes to get him to understand why he does what he does eventually, which led to them ending up as eventual friends, or frienemies. They still fight, but not as often now.
So ye :D
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shinnagaweek · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello and welcome to Tumblr’s second annual Shinnaga Week! Last year went AMAZING, and i’ve received a few messages about hosting another one, so here we are!
Just like last year, Shinnaga Week will be held from August 15th - August 21st. Prompts and regs below!! (click for better quality)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Reblogs are greatly appreciated! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, send a dm or ask!
Tumblr media
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