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#shipping issue
imperiuswrecked · 9 hours ago
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Would it be rude of me to kidnap your chef?
An act of war. But an understandable one.
Doctor Doom & Storm in S.W.O.R.D. (2020) #7
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paranera · 2 years ago
Some people: Ugh symbrock and all those monster fuckers wtf stop imagining weird stuff... yall only see what you wanna see
The actual fuckin comic: 
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damnbiel · 7 months ago
deancas really do be like [i don’t know how to ask people for things] [just ask me, just once] [i need to shut you out before you leave] [i cannot overstay my welcome] [will you abandon me like everyone does?] [will you to cast me out like everyone has?] [even at my worst, will you choose me?] [of course, i want to stay, of course, of course] [i will mourn you like a widower] [i will miss you like the dead] [i cannot hold you down] [hold me, please] [i cannot bear to say it, please just understand] [you forced me out once, i won’t be able to take it again] [stop, don’t go] [stop me, don’t let me go]
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thebigqueer · 2 months ago
Rick really put 7-8 teenagers (+ a feral satyr) on a boat and never once made them do something feral together like play Bloody Mary or some shit like what were they doing? Actually sleeping? Unbelievable. Wdym they didn’t get Nico to at least once summon some ghost while playing the ouija board??? He should have made someone’s hair catch on fire (someone who isn’t Leo) and have them all frantically run around. The entire series just felt like they communicated together for like 20 minutes in a business meeting in the dining room every now and again and then after that they just stayed with their partners. where was the big group friendship bro where were the shitty truth or dare games at 4am???? Random screaming contests??
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nerdsmcgee · 3 years ago
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Mike Hanlon has a country accent and plays guitar and no one can tell me otherwise. And Ben has body issues and thanks to @askpolylosersclub and a fic they wrote, I now ship stanscom with a burning hot passion. And reddie is disgustingly cute as always.
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puzzled-zebra · 3 years ago
For any Shaladin shippers out there feeling down about that darn age gap that a/n/t/i/s throw at you, allow me to introduce to you: Some “Questionable” Age Gaps of Actual Disney Couples!
(now since many of the princes don’t have confirmed ages, I put estimated ages I found and made age ranges. The reason these are “questionable” are because its either between a definable minor and adult or the age gap is “too large” which are common anti arguments)
Snow White
Snow White’s age: 14
The Prince’s age: 17-20+ (non confirmed but he was of marriageable age)
Age gap: 3-6+ years
Rapunzel’s age: 18
Flynn Rider’s age: 26 (It’s actually canon, look it up.)
Age gap: 8 years (I can hear the Sheith and Shance shippers cheering already.)
Mulan’s age: 16
Li Shang’s age: 20-28+ (non confirmed but he was a general so I was generous with the upper estimate)
Age gap: 4-12+ years
Pocahontas’s age: 18
John Smith’s age: 20-27+ (non confirmed in movie, but in IRL history 27-28)
Age gap: 2-9+ years
Beauty and the Beast
Belle’s age: 17
The Beast’s age: 20-21 (confirmed but he was 20 at the start and 21 at the end)
Age gap: 3-4 years
The Little Mermaid
Ariel’s age: 16
Prince Eric’s age: 18
Age gap: 2 years (tame gap but she’s still technically a minor y’all)
Jasmine’s age: 16
Aladdin’s age: 18
Age gap: 2 years (again, tame, but if you have a problem with a ship between an adult and a minor, welp 16 is still a minor by U.S. standards!)
Sleeping Beauty
Aurora’s age: 16
The Prince’s age: 20-26+ (non confirmed but from the start of the film he is easily 7-10 years old when first seeing the newborn Aurora. Still, I gave him a very low guessed minimum age just for good measure)
Age gap: 4-10+ years.
In conclusion, Shaladins are fine and have a wonderful day!
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starryglittermaiden · a year ago
reminder that it’s okay to have your f/os fluctuate!! if someone’s a main one day then isn’t another day later on??? that’s fine!
If you add someone to your f/o list, then later decide you don’t wanna ship with them? that’s fine too! Vice versa aapplies for the last one also!!
Selfshipping is for fun and for you, do whatever you want as long as you’re having fun!
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