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Week Ending November 23rd, 2020

  1. Destiel
    Dean Winchester & Castiel, Supernatural
  2. Bubbline +3
    Princess Bubblegum & Marceline, Adventure Time
  3. Catradora
    Catra & Adora, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
  4. Cockles
    Misha Collins & Jensen Ackles, Actors
  5. Lumity -3
    Luz Noceda & Amity Blight, The Owl House
  6. Zukka -2
    Zuko & Sokka, Avatar: The Last Airbender
  7. Wincest
    Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester, Supernatural
  8. Hannigram -1
    Hannibal Lecter & Will Graham, Hannibal
  9. Saileen
    Sam Wincester & Eileen Leahy, Supernatural
  10. Bakudeku
    Bakugou Katsuki & Midoriya Izuku, Boku No Hero Academia
  11. Jikook -3
    Park Jimin & Jeon Jungkook, BTS
  12. Dreamwasfound +1
    Dreamwastaken & GeorgeNotFound, YouTubers
  13. Geraskier -4
    Geralt of Rivia & Jaskier, The Witcher
  14. Bumbleby -2
    Yang Xiao Long & Blake Belladonna, RWBY
  15. Supercorp
    Kara Danvers & Lena Luthor, Supergirl
  16. J2
    Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles, Actors
  17. Ineffable Husbands +3
    Aziraphale & Crowley, Good Omens
  18. Drarry -2
    Draco Malfoy & Harry Potter, the Harry Potter universe
  19. Dani x Jamie -13
    Dani Clayton & Jamie, The Haunting of Bly Manor
  20. Zutara -3
    Zuko & Katara, Avatar: The Last Airbender

The number in italics indicates how many spots a ship moved up or down from the previous week. The ones in bold weren’t on the list last week.


Originally posted by nesnej

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Okay, so for this rant/idk what it is, I’m going to use Clone Wars as an example heh.

Many people ship many characters together. Take for example, Obitine. Two people who loved each other and were about the same age (I think but I’m not sure). It’s a pairing that’s okay to ship (and the other ships like Codywan, etc are okay too :D [I’m just using this as an example so bear with me])

And then there’s ships like Maulsoka and Rexsoka. Many (and I mean a whole LOT) have different opinions about it. Some say its pedophilistic, some ship it anyway. For this ship, it’s basically a togruta ex-Jedi/commander paired with either the 501st captain (Rexsoka) or a male force-wielding Zabrak (Maulsoka). Now, I understand why lots of people say it’s pedophilistic; I really do. But the thing is, when some people ship it, they might’ve changed the standards, like maybe Ahsoka is aged up (for Maulsoka or Rexsoka), or the clones aging stops (for Rexsoka). Many artists and writers do this, and I’m glad. Some other people might actually ship it, and I’m not judging, because isn’t shipping based on mostly personality? Like the age might play a part in it but it isn’t solely based on that. So those people who ship minors with adults either should change their standards eheh. No one will be like ThEy’Re NoT sUpPoSeD tO bE tHaT oLd if they see why you did it.

But then there’s those people who are actually ruining people’s reputation (idk wut else to call it). Like on Twitter the other day, I saw a person post something about another artist’s work saying not to look through their profile because they ship Rexsoka and it’s disgusting. Like man, do you know what you just did? You literally just might have crushed the person’s dreams/talents/inspiration. Like honestly, if you don’t approve of it, move on. If it’s inappropriate, report it. You don’t have to call out the profile and get a ton of people to agree with you; it’s sick. I’m not saying I’m perfect; I don’t ship some of them, but at least I don’t despise it.

And for crack ships, I have no comment XD

So for people reading this; if you don’t know what the characters are, here’s a little clarification (might need it to understand it; Idk lmao)

Ahsoka and Rex: A togruta who used to be a Jedi/Commander until she was expelled from the Jedi order during a false framing and a clone captain of the 501st legion. Ahsoka decided to leave the order when she was falsely framed, with nobody except her master Anakin and the senator Padme believing in her. Her closest friends are probably Clone Captain Rex and Anakin. Her relationship with Rex is as close as best friends as she was the one he was tossed on since she became her master’s padawan. The age difference between Rex and Ahsoka is by five years, but clones age twice as fast physically. Rex and Ahsoka both escaped Order 66 together, and as you can see, they both work in sync and how much they care for each other, showing the bond they had made over the years in war. You can technically see it platonically or romantically, depending on your point of view.


Maul: A force-wielding Zabrak dathomirian who was Sidious’s apprentice until he was cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi. He had offered Ahsoka to join him (she almost joined him; three times she refused after not believing Maul’s visions). They met in Season 7 and are equally skilled in combat. The age difference between her and Maul is 10+

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Thank you so much! We’re certainly on the way haha. It’s been such a great time getting to come back into fandoms and have such a great reception and so many sweet mutuals to share this with 🥰

Anyway, onto your ships!!


I ship you with Tony Stark!


Originally posted by tonyspepper

Tony was instantly drawn to you the moment you met. Maybe it was your peaceful nature, maybe it was the way you kept each other grounded. He loves to cheer you on and help you bring your ideas to life, and if you’ll take the time to listen, he loves yammering on about his latest projects and getting your insight on them as well. He oftentimes has a hard time slowing down enough for time alone, so sometimes it takes a little convincing to get him to spend time with you other than riding along with him on errands. When you can get him to take a moment to breathe, he loves just soaking in the moment with you. And of course there’s nothing he loves more than one of your homemade meals, especially if he gets to aid in the cooking process!

Star Wars

I ship you with Luke Skywalker!


Originally posted by tatooineknights

Luke always struck me as the anxious type, so having someone logical and grounded helps him ease that. He never shuts up about how beautiful you are, and he thinks he’s the luckiest guy in the galaxy to share his journey with you. He loves having deep conversations with you and is enamored with your connection to nature. On top of that, it’s always been a helpful skill when traveling new planets with new and unpredictable creatures. He practically falls into a trance when you sing for him, and on nights when his worries weigh heavily on him he will ask you to sing him to sleep.

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Even though I like the idea of Bellamort, I think in reality it would be a somewhat toxic and unbalanced relationship, with Bellatrix being completely head over heels and devoted to Voldemort, whilst Voldemort - although he might have feelings for her, wouldn’t have the same obsessive love for her that she does him - would be fully aware of the influence he has over her, and he would take full advantage of it.

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♬ Run out of words to say ♪
You’re broken down and tired
♬ I know this world can make ♪
Us feel so small sometimes
♬ It’s hard to know ♪
Where the right way goes

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

The Score: Comeback

❝ Cσмρяσмιѕє ωнєяє уσυ cαn. ωнєяє уσυ cαn’t, dσn’t. Eνєn ιf єνєяуσnє ιѕ tєℓℓιng уσυ thαt ѕσмєthιng ωяσng ιѕ ѕσмєthιng яιgнt. Eνєn ιf tнє ωнσℓє ωσяℓ∂ ιѕ tєℓℓιng уσυ tσ мσνє, ιt ιѕ уσυя dυtу tσ ρℓαnt уσυяѕєℓf ℓιкє α tяєє, ℓσσк αt thєм ιn thє єуєѕ, αnd ѕαу, ‘Nσ, YOU мσνє.’ ❞

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I showed my mom 90s love and I named everyone.

Then after she was like “those two on the couch”

Me: “winwin and yangyang?”

Mom: “Are they the ones that are dating?”

And she was dead serious.

I was like????


She thought I mentioned something last month about 2 members dating in some group and had no details

Which I’ve only mentioned people dating once and I cant recall ever mentioning like ships or anything

So I am Fascinated and I’m so mf entertained😂 and I hope you do too

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//I wanted to erase that “WIP” word on the first one (2019), but too lazy to open back the file.//

Between up and down, look at those contrast. 2019 and 2020. :0 

Also, 2019 one became sticker design; got to sell on one or two at two conventions last year! //no 2020 conventions this covid ofc, and gotta stay indoors avoid going to post office if wanna deliver orders (I closed my Storenvy shop until further notice.) Locals can post stuff locally, but if from local to international, it’s restricted for now. Saddest 2020 ever.//

Back then I was so enthusiastic to draw Final Fantasy XV; like, I’m an artist who rarely draw fanarts of any series UNLESS I genuinely enjoy them. I know some series and characters, but the most genuinely made me attached are Underworld Capital Incident (Gokutojihen), Voltron, Zelda, and the latest till now is Final Fantasy XV (subject to add if any!). BUTTT back then on 2019 was my final year degree so I was unable to draw full illust like I used to; except chibi version of shippy ships. Here they are! I wanna continue part 3 (Fleurentia, IgNyx, AraLuna, CindyLuna, ArdynVerstael, IgCor, ArdynRavus, RavusAranea), but the enthusiasm is not there anymore. :”) Someday I continue them.

But what I’m happy now is, these 2 eventually became my commission art samples, and so far few clients came by wanting me to draw the same thing for them with their partners or other ships (thank you)! I’ll post commission info here sooner or later. Gotta find the gigs and moneys in this dying times, digitally. 

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I decided to make a Castiel steampunk AU cosplay for carnival and I have this really big project for it. I told my mom about it and she was oN BOARD. She’s like super excited about it and this makes me very happy (quote intended).

It would be really cool if someone would like to form team free will 2.0 with me (steampunk au), cuz like people I know don’t like or know the show so yeah.

If someone in this universum might want to do that, it would be absolutely awesome. I’m looking for a Dean(dean is very important), it would be effing awesome, if someone of u guys wants to do it.

P.S.: I know that we might not even live on the same continent, but it would still be cool and not only team free will, like all charactrs would be awesome

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I ship you with Sirius Black!


Originally posted by himbopatrol

First of all, Sirius loves how tiny you are. He will always pick you up in his arms, bridal style, grinning at your blushing face. You two will spend time in his dorm, listening to any and all music, cuddling on his bed, talking quietly to each about anything.

Sirius loves listening to you talk about the arts, your love of fashion and your writing abilities. He’ll constantly ask you about what he should wear, loving how your eyes light up and you rummage through his clothes to find the perfect outfit for him. When you’re writing, he’ll sit behind you, arms around your middle and chin resting on your shoulder. He’ ll always read what you write, no matter how many times you tell him not to, even though you secretly love it.

Hold my hand, I’ll keep you safe.” Sirius is very understanding of your social anxiety. He never forces you to do anything you aren’t comfortable doing, especially the Gryffindor parties that he and his friends throw. If you’re happier being tucked away safely in your dorm, he’ll come join you after a few hours of partying and cuddle you. Or, if its a rare occasion where you attend, Sirius will be by your side the entire night, holding your hand and easing your anxiety where he can. If it gets too much for you, he’ll take you to his dorm to calm you down

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Thank you so much! Keep yourself well and safe! 💕

I ship you with Fred Weasley!


Originally posted by sirivsly

Fred is absolutely smitten with you. When he first met you, you were so introverted you barely looked at him. But after a month, you slowly started to change around him, making Fred internally scream at his success of getting your walls to crumble. The more time you spent with Fred, the more you tested the waters with your sarcasm and humour.

Being on the Quidditch team, Fred always loved seeing you in the crowd, cheering him on. It meant a great deal to him, considering you weren’t a massive fan of sports, for him him you would do anything. After every match, he would always come and find you, to pick you up in his arms and swing you round. He’d pepper your face with kisses, making you squeal and laugh.

Come on, love. Play me something.” Fred is entranced when you play the violin. The way you get lost in the sweet melody of the strings, closing your eyes and a soft smile on your lips. Fred could watch you play forever, being the most calm and collected that he’s ever been.

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You as well, i hope all is good during this pandemic for you as well lovely ❤️ and kudos to you, you should be so proud on what you have achieved in life! Keep it up girl, you sound like a strong and amazing woman❤️

I ship you with…..

Remus Lupin


Originally posted by ministryofmagiclondon

  • Remus would defiantly tease about your height compared to his bc he loved seeing how worked up it got you
  • He loved seeing how much effort you put into things
  • Notcing how you always make other’s smile, he would be the one making you smile
  • Would 100% always try to sneak into the Ravenclaw common room to see you
  • Sirius would defiantly be by his side trying to help him get in
  • Watching quidditch games together (and him teasing when Gryffindor won)
  • You always worrying about him every full moon & him reassuring you that he will be in good hands
  • Him making sure you are okay before he leaves for the shrieking shack with James, Sirius and Peter
  • Turns around to run and give you a kiss
  • Him coming back with new battle scars and you wanting to tend to them right away
  • He secretly loved it
  • Reading together in the library
  • Him making you sing because he loves hearing you sing
  • He defiantly would notice when something is bothering you and wouldn’t give up until you told him
  • Him planning the cutest dates he could possibly think of
  • He would defiantly plan to take you travelling after you guys leave Hogwarts
  • Would 100% always make sure that you’re happy and healthy
  • Always holding you hand in the halls
  • Walking you to class & giving you a kiss before heading to his own
  • Sirius constantly teasing him of how in love he is
  • Remus would just be the perfect boyfriend
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Okay so like. Unpopular opinion here. But.

I definitely get why people were mad about cas not coming back. I get why people are mad about dean not addressing his feelings for cas. And yeah, cw could’ve given us a lot more and probably should have. I get it, it seems homophobic and on some levels it probably was. I’m not finding the words that I’m trying to say here, but in short, I get why people are mad.

Honestly though? I sorta liked the end. Sam and dean were together and that, through all fifteen years, was the main point. Family. And they had everyone back. The earth was balanced and at peace like they’d fought for it to be. Jack was happy and at peace and glad to be everywhere and nowhere(dont get me started on his speech before leaving I will cry happy tears).

And when Bobby said that cas had been around? Something about dean just lit up. I have no doubt that pretty damn soon after he got sam back(just one song before he did, not very long) they went and found cas and dean hugged that idiot and probably kissed him and the next time they drove away, cas was in the passenger seat, holding his hand and wearing a ring.

They closed the doors. They let dean die, happy. He was ready to go, and not because he was suicidal. He was at peace and ready and he got a death with sammy by his side, doing what he loved. He got a chance to have a dog. Sam had a kid and named him dean and raised it with all the things that he never got as a kid. He got to let go after having the normal life that hed always fought for. He had his kid tell him he could go.

So yeah, I loved it. I would have loved to see mish and jens make out as much as the next destiel fan, but they closed it and left the rest open. Everyone can choose their ship and enjoy it now, and theres no reason they cant include practically anybody.

Because, in the end, that’s what fandom is about. Maybe we dont agree, and maybe our ships clash, but we all love the show. We all love the characters. We all want the opportunity for our people to be happy forever. And now? We have that.

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