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<div> —  Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight </div><span>You are all that exists on the earth and under the sky that I do love.</span>
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GUYS can someone explain how i can be in love with both Azriel x Gwen and Azriel x Elain ships. They both are so cute like i can’t pick and i know this is going to cause pain because someone is gonna be hurt 🙃


Originally posted by thepastelgothofyourdreams

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I’ve been drawing and I’ve erased my concept art a good 700 times and gave up and drew this.


Brain says “do fusion” hands say “do not” i must cry. Im just on an art block that is all

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I know Exactly who you are op, don’t hide yourself.

Also Aevon totally didn’t still Spec’s crown no they did no—

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Inverse Finance seizes tokens, ships code: Launches stablecoin lending protocol

Inverse Finance seizes tokens, ships code: Launches stablecoin lending protocol

Shortly after culling its community of inactive members, one of decentralized finance’s (DeFi) strangest experiments is launching a new stablecoin lending product.
On Wednesday Inverse Finance revealed the Anchor Protocol, a money market built around DOLA, a protocol-native synthetic stablecoin. Based on “a modified fork of Compound,” in a blog post Inverse Finance founder Nour Haridy compares…


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Oh yeah! I like genshin impact! I play it like, occasionally because I’m extremely fucking gay for Kaeya I like the style and the character and all that.

Oh yeah! I absolutely love Venti, he’s very cute 10/10 I might be simping. I haven’t seen any ships that include him (cause I’m not really involved in the fandom yet) but that sounds amazing can’t wait to see that.

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What’s your ship that’s your guilty pleasure (maybe because it’s problematic, or extremely dubious but the fandom itself is a little odd about it) ship that you love?

Mine is Helsa (Hans x Elsa), mainly because the fanfics are actually pretty good.

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Hiiiii!!!! I’m sorry for a slightly late reply, but yes my request are open!! As far as ships go I do selca, written, idol life, wedding, soulmate, random, join the group, and twin ships!!!!

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Uhhhh. Hmm.

-Jaune/Pyrrha: is there anyone who doesn’t ship those two at this point? Nevermind I don’t wanna know

-Blake/Sun: actually the second ship I ever had in this fandom! I think they’re cute together and I like how Sun balances out Blake’s temper and how Blake is able to Braincell the Monkey Boi. Plus I just really like Sun in general

-Qrow/Summer: never actually read a fic with this pairing, but the concept intrigues me.

-Raven/Tai: again, never actually read this one, but it gave us a canon character soooo

-I used to ship Glynda/Oz before I knew Oz’s backstory but now I would be highly amused to see a properly done Glynda/Qrow or a Glynda/Ironwood ship.

-Ruby/Oscar: not ENTIRELY sold on this one? Because I don’t trust Roosterteeth and they seem to be pushing this one. But I will admit the dynamic has the chance to be cute

-Mercury/Emerald: Honestly I usually platonically ship these two only, but there’s a really good fic on Ao3 that sold me on them as a romance pairing so.

-Ren/Nora: I used to *really* ship these two, but v7 and what little I know of v8 has started to sour that ship. Roosterteeth why can’t you handle a SIMPLE ROMANCE. You’ve already got the friend chemistry, it should be easy to just- not screw it up. And YET. *grumbles* but anyway I do still ship these two, I just feel salty about canon atm.

I can’t think of any other ships atm? But I’m fairly open to poking at other pairings so long as they aren’t slash or femslash (because as previously stated, just not my particular flavor of tea) or aren’t between relatives (thank heavens for Ao3′s tagging system but even so I DID NOT NEED TO KNOW THAT CERTAIN PAIRINGS EXIST. Moving on)

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                   The Adventure Hunter I am…..4

I am the hearth tender as the sun dips into the horizon, I am the lover of the flame as it wavers. I gain a fever of power when the fire pops and cracks. The sparks as the fly to the starts makes me want to fly with them.

I am the walker of shops and markets of spices and herbs. I have been blessed to walk the spice markets of Cairo. The scents and colors enchant my soul, even if I know most of them will not do my pallet any good. Jars packed full and baskets spice laidened, I love its all.

I am the harvest gatherer, helping the farmers take what they planted, filling up barns with hay bails, and baskets filled with fruits and veggies, tubers and gourds, shrooms and stalks. Herbs and spices. Knowing soon enough, in some other form, they will be in my belly.  

I am the explore of shops of books, wanderer of libraries and the raveller of scrolls. I am the story reader, the scribe and the librarian, I amd the student and the teacher. Leather bound booths are a jo to open and I find old maps  so much fun to unravel. 

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I wish I could ship characters the same way some people do. Those two characters are never in the same frame or place? ship them. They don’t know each other and never will? Ship them. Random side character crying about his cabbage stand? He gets shipped with random woman showing the Gang their place in Ba sing se. Karasu being a virtual assistant and is just a phone? He gets shipped with the MC

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should I post more ship headcanons?? 👀

(or just more of my bkdk headcanons??)

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Hey anon! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you but thank you for being so patient ! You sounds super neat overall, and I’m glad you entrust me w ships :) 

For Lord of the Rings - I ship you with Aragorn ! 

  • this is a big one but hear me out - he’s a guy who seems like he knows a lot about a lot, so with all your interests, he’d be happy to have someone who can keep up in conversation with him! 
  • especially during his time as a ranger, he relied on his own skill set to survive, so your resourcefulness and adaptability poises you as a good match for him. he can teach you about surviving in Middle Earth and he’d have such a great time having someone willing to learn ! 
  • your witty sense of humor provides a nice juxtaposition to his stoicism and seriousness. he’s the type to assume the role of leader without much question, and it’s hard for him to let loose and have some fun occasionally. so your humor/quips keep him on his toes and help him loosen up when he gets too caught up
  • your shyness wouldn’t bother him one bit ! the only time the distance might bother him is if there’s an issue between the two of you and you won’t talk to him about it. but he’s used to keeping a low profile, and i think seeing someone distant would scare him, he’s kinda the same way, the guy who knows a lot of ppl but doesn’t know them ya see. but i think he wold take them time to deepen the connection between you all so that they distance isn’t a problem ! 
  • i had fun w this one if  you couldn’t tell omg

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Was thinking about why I ship what I do and….

Joseph / Caesar : They are both so my type and remind me of my current big squish and childhood crush.

Jotaro / Kakyoin : I have too much in common with both of them

Avdol / Polnareff : Avdol deserves to be happy and Polnareff makes a good emotional support idiot

Josuke / Okuyasu : literally the dynamic of me and my childhood crush. “You guys flirt so much” “hahah no it’s just a bro thing, just guys being dudes, bestie stuff.”

Bruno / Abbacchio : I’m both a perfectionist with a savior complex and would follow my crush to hell and back if he asked.

Giorno / Mista : Giorno’s trauma makes me go same and Mista makes me feel safe

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I personally see these two more as an adoptive family member trope (idk what kind tho lol) but yeah this is valid too

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So either you’ve seen my FP!AU or you found this ship out of nowhere but here are your two funky fellows

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