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D- Neutral. I had never considered this but it is kinda cute.


Bc I know what/who Kurogiri really is, I struggle to ship him

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Of course you can! Hope you like it!

Lord of the Rings

I ship you with… Pippin!


Originally posted by kingsbridgegifs

Oh boy does Pippin adore you. He loves to take walks with you around the Shire where the two of you will stop in random fields to lay in the grass. When you cloud gaze together, you play a game where you point to clouds and say what they look like. Sometimes you disagree about the shapes, but you usually end up laughing about it. Pippin loves to sit and watch you take things apart. He loves it even more when you try to put them back together again because he loves the look of concentration on your face as you work. Pippin appreciates your helpful nature. He thinks you’re very sweet when you lend a hand to whoever needs it. You love to bake? Pippin is constantly offering to be a taste tester (even when you don’t ask) and has never ending compliments for what you make. Pippin loves all the food you prepare and you can often find him bragging about you to whoever will listen.

The Hobbit

I ship you with… Bifur!


Originally posted by emmaneverbetter

(Okay, so I know I’ve said in the past that I don’t feel like I have a great grasp on Bifur’s character, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot and if you just bear with me)

Bifur only speaks Khuzdul, so communication can be difficult, but the two of you make it work. You use actions and gestures to communicate and it actually works pretty well for the two of you. Bifur can tell when you’re feeling down just by seeing your face and he’s quick to make you feel better by presenting you with one of his creations. He smiles when you smile and it’s adorable. He even tries to show you how he makes his toys, wanting to teach you about his craft. He’s down to lay outside with you all day if you want. The two of you don’t need to talk, just being together is enough. He watches the clouds with you and points out the ones he thinks you’ll like. Bifur presents you with things he’s made to show you he cares about you and you do the same with your food. He’s always excited when you hold out some baked good for him. After he tastes it, he goes on a rant about how wonderful it was and how talented you are. You don’t understand the words, but he makes the message clear.

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B- so cute

It’s cute. It’s nowhere near my fave ship for either character but the content is soft and I saw fanart about Todo counting how many of Izuku’s freckles hes kissed and I cried from uwus

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I hate to be that guy but

C- not a bad ship

I dont dislike them.

I shipped it at first (bc drarry vibes) then I didnt bc of the fandom and then *HEROES RISING SPOILERS* Heroes rising said bakudeku rights.

It’s alright. I think when Katsuki gets his shit together I’d like it more.

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B- So cute!

Iidachako is like ron and hermione but genderswapped (ron was smarter than the films gave him credit for)

They’re adorable, this is in no way my fave ship but its cute

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A+- otp (this is the first A+ yet)

we love OT3s in this house.

They’re icons. Denki deserves all the boyfriends. Their dynamic is really funny yet also wholesome

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C- Not a bad ship

It’s cute. I love both characters and they’d be decent together.

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why would you need to pick?! just multiship. there’s enough love to go around!

B- So cute!

I actually like Monoma and wbk that Shinsou is my best boy and I they’d have the classic obnoxious idiot X brooding emo dynamic that we all love.

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Thicc Queens!!!

B - So cute!

I love me some lesbeans. just imagine them on a super cute picnic date and Mina’s just talking Ochako’s ear off and Ochako is making a daisy chain for Mina and I just 🥺🥺🥺

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A- I love them! (this is my second favourite ship for both characters!)

They have such a sweet dynamic and they both deserve so much love. They’ve had cute moments and Momo doesn’t deserve the hate she gets. This ship is so sweet 💞

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This is the kind of rare pair I want. So rare that there is virtually no content for it.

A- I love them!

The fanart for this ship is amazing. also Shiggy being unable to function around Miruko is a fat mood. like same bitch.

Shigaraki needs to be pegged and Miruko is the woman for the job.

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A- I love it.

A fun dynamic between two absolute cuties who I would die for. 10/10 would ship.

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TETSUKENDOU IS SO CUTE. I have ships for both that I way prefer but they’re so damn cute but also powerful. wow what a power couple.

also looking at including the ship in an upcoming fic 👀👀👀

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C - Not a bad ship

Dont hate it, dont love it. It exists and that’s fine.

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A - I love it!

Todoroki and Bakugou have the funniest fucking dynamic. Their interaction from the hero licensing course onwards are hilarious. Todoroki being all “were friends” and Bakugou yelling is iconic. I just think they’d keep themselves to themselves and be a quiet, soft behind closed doors type of couple.

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Listen..I was dreading this one.


I’ve seen way too many fandom be destroyed by ship wars and I will never hate on someone for shipping a perfectly legal ship. Please remember: I hate the ship not the shippers. I have never and will never send hate on anyone who ships it and makes content for it. Those people put so much effort into their content and I even sometimes like it if it comes up on my twitter feed bc I appreciate the artists and their art is stunning! (I have the tag blocked on tumblr tho)

I despise Kacchako. I hate it with the passion of 100000 burning suns. That’s just an opinion, nothing more. I just simply do not vibe with it.

Please be respectful on other peoples opinions and remember that it’s just a fictional ship!

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My fave Shiggy ship and My second fave Dabi ship 🥺🥺🥺

I’d die for them, I’ve written poly shigadabi twice and I wanna write more bc I LOVE them so much. Whenever I see soft shigadabi stuff I have to take a 10 minute break to recollect myself bc it’s too much for me to handle!!

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