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demonofnoontide · 3 months ago
The shirt touches his neck and smoothes over his back. It slides down his sides. It even goes down below his belt— down into his pants. Lucky shirt.
The Shirt by Jane Kenyon collected in From Room To Room
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astrolavas · 24 days ago
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brainstorming some human realm outfits
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furbysareillogical · 9 days ago
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Spock this, Kirk that... McCoy is the real star (heh) of the show.
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38across · 3 months ago
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➥ requested by anon
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sketchywave · 2 months ago
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God i just could not keep this in my head
Bonus other shirt options under the cut 'cause i couldn't decide
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I feel like this may or may not be a meme template
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conscious-naivete · 2 months ago
shoutout to ppl who make art of dsmp!beeduo hugging michael_b. because the baby needs to be hugged and i cannot hug him myself
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bbrissonn · 20 days ago
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solistair · a year ago
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Tiny Living Add-on Pack!
My Paranormal add-on pack was so so well-recieved and I got so many questions about if I had any other add-on packs... and now I do! For February, it’s an add-on for Tiny Living! I'm having a lot of fun working on add-on packs as it really challenges me creatively and is so much fun as well. I hope you'll like this!
Base Game Compatible
Rearranged UV maps for less clipping
11 total items
6 items: 3 tops, 2 acc tops, 1 earring (+more colours)
ALL the original swatches
20 extra solids in the Hibiscus palette
All LODs
👉 Download on my Patreon (free!) 👉 (Public Access on 11 March)
Your pledge as my patreon and coffee at ko-fi help me so much as I’m currently unemployed and every single penny goes to rent and food. Thank you so very much for your support, truly, and I wish you a lovely day!
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maiseey · a year ago
For that shirt thing, Fox's shirt would say “Sleep comes last.” on the front, then “So keep drinking Caff.” on the back. Poor boi needs a break
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Let him rest
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loving-villanelle · 3 months ago
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I just need to know why Jodie is trying to kill us
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heffrondriving · 23 days ago
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🌼 In Bloom 🌼
#yeah i'll say it again: i am just positively infatuated with kendall in this shirt <3#god his fits this tour have been pure serving. the tucked shirts and pop punk waist plaid + ripped jeans (even literally ajajaja) and round#sunglasses and miami sunnies and twinning with carlos and even beige fisherman schmidt with the hat drip....stg i could go on forever#also the tank tops with red & black pattern/starry pyjama pants!!! and the shiny pink jackets they wore for madison square garden!!!#and we can't ever forget the pride slash trans flags that he was vv gentle with bc we stan an iconic supportive king!!! [loot dropped: 👑]#DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON KEN WITH THE ELECTRIC GUITAR BC EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT IT I FEEL LIKE JUMPING RIGHT INTO A RUSSIAN SINKHOLE#AND PSA BUT COWBOY HAT KENDALL CROONING COUNTRY SONGS I WAMNA KISS HIS CHEEK COUNTRY BOY I LOVE YOUUU#i'll forgive my mild gripe with the dad hat that's welded to his head (freethefloof2k22!!!) bc this man is gorgeously glowing onstage 😍#btr#big time rush#kendall schmidt#forever tour#btr forever tour#photoset#edit#mine#lockscreen#wallpaper#rusher#btredit#kendork#stop it forever#a perfect original#big time concerts#had a little too much fun with this comfort edit but i rlly like the way it turned out??? the colours are just mwah c'est magnifique :'>#i'd love to do concert edits of the other boys but i'm mad lazy and looking at tour photos makes me too emotionally unstable :/#also every time i see 'in bloom' my mind immediately goes to both the nirvana and the neck deep song so um. ✨ the more you know ✨#and i think there's something else written on this shirt just below the flowers but i can't be bothered to rectify the caption anymore >_>#in conclusion: i love kendall francis schmidt with everything that i've got and i'd risk it all for him. if you even care btw
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cynric · 2 months ago
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there’s a panel in impulse 19 where bart’s wearing a backwards baseball cap and i’ve been thinking about that look since i read it its taken over my life i love him and his dumb hair
[Image: a digital drawing of Bart Allen from DC Comics, he is a white teenage boy wearing a teal baseball hat backwards with a ridiculous amount of hair poking out of the front of it /end ID]
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cannibaldatingsite · a year ago
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okay yall know how i feel about cas trenchcoat SO this is like u cant really see this cus i planned this badly but i wanted to take their fave shirts (for dean im thinking led zepp merch and for cas like some dumb tourist tee that jack got for him on a roadtrip with dean) and THEN they have the date engraved with the help of weird girl sammys lesbian knitting community members some of them 100% do embroidery anyway dont ask what ash is doing idk either
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mystery-box-gifs · 17 days ago
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Jinyoung - Homecoming BTS Prt. 2
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clumsyyhearts · 11 months ago
Inej and Kaz helping each other get dressed in the morning…… Inej doing up Kaz’s buttons on his shirt and waistcoat and tightening his tie…… Kaz cleaning Inej’s knives and sheathing them and buttoning her vest… oh hold on a second
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hellosnoobposts · 11 months ago
WILD WEST AU 2: Electric Boogaloo! With horses and alternate outfits. Tried to make the colors as close to the Imperial versions as possible! On another note, what are their horses' names? Cause I have nooo idea.
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❤My boys❤
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l8tof1 · 3 months ago
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