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#shit gets real
This is probably weird to say but I'm so SO glad you included Mando sanitizing his fingers in the Blaster fic after the anal. Often I've noticed people disregarding how going from the rectum to the cunt can be a health hazard and it makes me CRINGE, so I was happy to read that bit lol.

Dude! Yes I’m like that too! When I read a fic with anal play I’m just like tracking that finger for the rest of the story like “where’s the poop finger now? It’s not touching anything is it? "🤭 Thank the Maker for Star Wars hand-wavey goodness where I can just pretend Mando keeps sanitizing wipes on his tool belt and just move on with my life

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Do we have to leave?!

Warnings: Unsympathetic!Patton; Manipulation; shit gets real(if I need more please let me know)

Ship(s): Platonic RemRom/Creativitwins

Okay so Im going to start this by saying, Virgil is a toddler, and Remus and Roman are 10.

Just clearing that up here! This is after they split physically but before they had to leave each other? You’ll get it..

I hope.

They were sitting in the living room together, playing around, minding their own business. “Remus look!” Roman said as he picked up his drawing that he made.

It was a drawing of a knight fighting a dragon, with his prince by his side. Remus starred in amazement. “Wow! Look at mine!” Remus said, holding his drawing up.

It was a drawing of an octopus, destroying and eating people on a ship.

Roman looked back at it with amazement. “That looks so cool!!” Roman enjoyed Remus’ art and was used to the gore and violence that came with it.

The two looked at each other with excitement, marker and glitter on their faces and hands. For some reason, they found this quite amusing and fell into a pit of laughter and giggles.

“We should show Dad!” Roman said, standing up. Remus looked at his drawing and frowned. “I dunno..”

“Oh come on, Rem!! I’m sure he’ll love just like I do!” Roman said, holding out a hand for Remus. “Okay..” Remus took Roman’s hand and stood up.

Together, they went to go see Patton.

He was in the kitchen as per usual, and he smiled at them brightly as they walked in. “Dad, look!” Roman said, showing off his drawing with pride. “Oh my gosh- That is so good, Roman! I love it.” Patton said holding the drawing. “How about we put it on the fridge?” He said and Roman nodded. After they put it on the fridge, Roman turned to Remus. “Remus made a drawing too!” Roman said, nudging Remus. “Oh! Uh yeah. Look.” Remus said, holding his drawing up. “Oh Remus that’s- uh-”

“Isn’t it great?” Roman said, cheerily. “I- Yeah. Yeah Remus it’s great.” Patton said, forcing a smile. “Really?” Remus said. “See? I told you he would love it! Let’s put it on the fridge too!” Roman said, taking Remus’ drawing and placing it next to his many others of knights and princes. Not a single drawing on the fridge was Remus’.

Remus smiled brightly, happy to see his drawing on the fridge. “Come on, Remus! Let’s go draw some more!” Roman said, dragging Remus to the living room.

As soon as they were done, Patton took Remus’ drawing off the fridge. He looked at it with disgust and sighed.


Patton knocked on Deceit’s door. “Come in.” He said firmly. Patton slammed open the door. “What the hell?!” Deceit said, surprised. He turned around and saw Patton. Deceit groaned. “What do you want?”

“I want you to look at this!” Patton said, showing Deceit the drawing that Remus made. “What about it?” Deceit said, looking at Patton.

“What about it?! It’s- It’s hideous! It’s terrifying! Think about the nightmares it could give Virgil!” Patton yelled. “It’s really not that bad.” Deceit said. “Not that- Not that bad!? It’s terrible! He’s a bad influence on Roman. I can’t stand it anymore. He HAS to go!“ Patton said, crossing his arms. "Go?” Deceit said, raising his eyebrows. “Yes! Go! I can’t have him ruining Thomas!” Patton yelled.

“You can’t just kick him out. He’s still young. Without guidance, he’ll just get out of hand.”

“Fine. Then you go too.” Patton said.

“Do you- What? Do you even know what you are suggesting?”

“I’m not suggesting it. I’m telling you to do it. Me, Logan, Roman, and Virgil, will live a perfect life and help Thomas without you two.” Patton said. “You do realize that by doing this, you are going to split the mindscape?”

“I. Don’t. Care. You two are toxic and aren’t needed to make Thomas happy.”

 Deceit knew there would be no changing Patton’s mind. If he wanted something, he was going to get it.

Deceit sighed. “Fine. But I’m taking Virgil with me.” Patton scoffed. “No you aren’t! He’s mine.”

“No. You are clearly too unstable to take care of a toddler. I will not have you brainwashing him. He’ll grow stronger and you’ll end up hating him as much as you hate Remus.” Deceit said.

“Dad? You- hate me?” Remus said, standing in the doorway, tears in his eyes. Patton turned around and Deceit stood up. “I- no- I don’t hate you! You’re my child! Dads don’t hate their children.” Patton said walking up to Remus. “Some do.” Deceit muttered and bent down to Remus’s height. “Hey hun, go say goodbye to your brother.”

“But- but why?” Remus asked. “I’ll explain it later okay?” Deceit promised. Remus nodded and went to go see Roman.

“Happy? You made a child cry.” Deceit said, walking off to go get Virgil.

“Why do you have to leave?” Roman asked and Remus shrugged. “Deceit didn’t say. But I think it’s ‘cause Dad hates me..”

“He doesn’t hate you!” Roman said.

“Yeah he does. I heard them talking about me..”

 Roman wrapped Remus in a big hug. “I don’t want you to leave..” Roman said, crying. “And I don’t wanna leave.” Remus said, hugging Roman back as he started crying.

Deceit, carrying Virgil, and Patton walked into the living room, to see Roman and Remus hugging and crying.

Patton pulled them away from each other. “Time to go, Remus!” Patton said, putting on a fake smile. Roman grabbed onto Patton. “Why!? Don’t make him leave!”

“I’m sorry Kiddo I-”

“You hate him! You hate him! Why!? Why?! Why?!” Roman yelled, hitting Patton’s legs.

“Roman, Hun, listen.” Deceit said, placing Virgil down and leaning down to Roman’s height. Roman turned to look at him. Deceit put his hands on Roman’s shoulders. 

“Remus, Virgil, and I have go. There’s no other way. I can’t expect you to understand. But please try and be that strong prince I know you can be, okay?”

“But why do you have to go?” Roman said, voice quiet and cracking.

“It’ll be better this way, okay?”

“Can you leave Virgil and take me? Please? I’ll go! I can be strong there!” Roman pleaded. “Roman.. You can’t go. You have to be strong and brave here. You’ll be the knight in shining armor here, and Remus will be the one where we are going.”


“The world can be a cruel and dangerous place. So, you gotta be strong, okay? For me?” Deceit asked and Roman nodded. “Good. Love you tons.” Deceit said, kissing Roman’s forehead and standing up. 

Patton glared at Deceit and Deceit glared back. “Come on, Remus. We gotta go.” Deceit said, picking Virgil back up. 

“Okay..” Remus said, heartbreak in his voice. They all turned and began to walk towards a door, with a dark and eerie glow. “Wait!” Roman yelled, running to go hug Remus. “I love you.” Roman said. “I love you too.” Remus said. They let go of each other and the three went through the door.

Roman ran up to Patton and wrapped his arms around his legs. “Why’d you make them leave?” Patton sat down on the couch and pulled Roman into his lap. “Well, it’s because they are a danger to you, me and Logan. And even to Thomas!” Patton said, rubbing Roman’s back. “But how?”

“Well, Kiddo, Deceit lies all the time. He can’t stop lying.”

“So all the nice things he said?”

“Were lies.”

“But what about Remus?”

“He’s even worse! He wants you to think that the things he thinks about or says are okay, but they really aren’t! They can make Thomas do bad things!” Patton said. “But what about-”

“That’s enough questions.” Patton said, cutting Roman off. “Clean up your mess and get ready for dinner.” Patton said, pulling Roman off of his lap and standing up.

Roman sniffed a little and took a deep breath. “Okay..”


“Why’d we have to go?” Remus asked. “Well, Hun, I’m going to be completely honest with you. Patton made us leave.”

“But why?”

“Well because he thinks we are bad- well evil.”

“Are we?”

“No! Of course not! It’s just that there are ways that society views things. And well, not all of the standards society sets are good ones. But we have to live this way.. Unfortunately.”

“But- nevermind.” Remus cut himself off. “What were you gonna say?” Deceit asks. “It’s nothing. But what are we gonna have for dinner?”

“Well what do you want?” Deceit asks. “Pizza!” Virgil says from his new crib, giggling and smiling. “Yeah. Pizza.”

“Okay. Pizza it is!” Deceit says, standing up to go get it.

Remus went up to his room.

“If it’s bad guys they want, then it’s bad guys they are gonna get." 

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To be a scientist is to be naive. We are so focused on our search for truth, we fail to consider how few actually want us to find it. But it is always there, whether we see it or not, whether we choose to or not. The truth doesn’t care about our needs or wants. It doesn’t care about our governments, our ideologies, our religions. It will lie in wait for all-time. And this is at last, is the gift of Chernobyl. Where I once would fear the cost of truth, now I only ask, ” what is the cost of lies?“ ”

– Valery Legasov

(HBO, Chernobyl )(2019)

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Posts I read about medicine: all you gotta do is get a sample for culture and hope it isn’t something super weird like TB or typhoid or dengue.
Me, in a small city of a tropical country, handing out RHZE FDC pills and streptomycin injection like candies: aw dude typhoid isn't that bad, most of the population here has an antibody titer of 1/80, what you gotta watch out for is them Leptospirosis *continues distributing erithromycin for diphteri contacts*
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It starts out really nice, but then it starts getting annoying, followed by insecurity and hard questions, then it gets to the point where every conversation involving this thing you’re trying so hard to make work seems to end on a low note? and how some people can’t seem to leave, or don’t want to give up on it, in spite of the hardship it puts you through, even when that hardship leaves bruises? And this thing you wanted so bad in the beginning just. won’t. end. yeah, I’ve felt that too. I just hope that it all ends like this for anyone in that kind of relationship. (Fandom or otherwise)

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Date: December 8th, 2018
Location: After dinner at the gala
Closed: @al-martins

   Dinner, dancing, visiting - Grayson’s participation in the events of gala were going wonderfully, but it had all felt better when he was with his beautiful date for the night. His goal had just been to get to know her, have a good time, and he hadn’t wanted to put much expectations on the evening - but as far as he was concerned, it had gone extremely well, both of their nerves aside. Grayson and she seemed to float apart after another game of secrets, or questions this time, and he found himself being yelled at - by Fitz, of all people. Once the altercation was said and done, Gray was feeling a bit crowded by the faces, drinking and smiling, the gala still in full throw. 

  His eyes sought out Alana, eager to have her presence after a bad moment with someone he considered a friend. She could fix it, turn the evening back into something of magic and excitement, but his place by the bar where it was most crowded made it hard to really catch sight of anything. Plus - they were both a bit on the shorter side, but by a stroke of luck, he noticed that glimmering dress across the ballroom. Gray’s eyes marked the spot she disappeared from, a door leading to.. well, he didn’t know. 

   After a few minutes, Gray pushed his way through the last couple, handsy and clearly in love as they displayed the fact all over each other in the privacy of the corner, and he opened the door, stepping through. “Alana?” He asked, blinking in the darkness of the evenings, realized he’d stepped out onto a little smoking area outside, of sorts. 

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Villain! Deku au; chapter fifteen: Personal Plague



Midoriya, Toga, and Dabi spoke until late, familiarizing themselves with their allies. At last, it was the relief that Midoriya had been seeking all day: it was his bed. The uncomfortable cushions that could cause discomfort to someone floating on top of said bed. However, he fell into the cot as if was a mattress made for a king. All he wanted was to sleep and forget about the dull ache over his body. He brought his blanket to his chest, feeling a childlike sense of glee wash over him in the form of a soft piece of fabric. It was going to be a good night, at least he had hoped.

Color washed over his dark vision, and a dream was being birthed right in front of his shut eyes. The walls were chanting in something of Latin; it was so familiar, but so foreign at the same time. The world was spinning, making him sick just standing, and all directions seemed to become one with each other. He felt a burning in his throat and a demon above his head. He felt watched with eyes of pure bloodlust. His hands were red as he looked over a sea of bodies, some he recognized. He ran, bolted even, in any direction he could manage, trying to get away from the agony pounding his memory. He could hear the yelling once again, this time coherent, ‘You did this,’ ‘This is your fault,’ and insults thrown at him like daggers. The ground began screaming at him, calling him a monster over and over. He saw a light and ran towards it like his life depended on it. His legs burned like the scenery around him, but he kept running. Out of the fire and brimstone, he saw her: he saw his mom. She sat in a field of flowers in rainbow, with a bright blue sky behind her. She wore a yellow sundress and a straw hat, both blowing in the cool wind. “M-Mom!” Midoriya almost hesitated calling out to her. “Izuku,” her voice was shocked, but the emotions within that shock were difficult to differentiate. He ran towards her as if his legs had known no troubles, tears leaving his eyes as he ran. He was so busy basking in her presence that he didn’t see the twist of her face. He ran to her side, panting, but smiling as he looked up at her. Her gaze was downcast, looking at something he couldn’t have seen from his original spot. Just beside the flower bed was a deathbed; a staggering cliff stared back at him, but what was most terrifying was what lay at the bottom of said cliff. It was a sea of bodies, somehow even worse than the one that threatened him in the previous world. He looked down horrified, but that couldn’t compare to the face he made when he whipped around. “I’m disappointed, Izuku,” his mother said so whisper like, with a face twisted with anger and sorrow. Midoriya had no time to react as he felt two hands brace his shoulder. He painfully felt the fingers roll off of his skin in slow motion as he fell victim to momentum. “Mom!” he called out helplessly as his body plummeted to the ground. Just before he was about to hit the bodies, he jolted awake in a cold sweat. A warm aura surrounded him in his quirk, only exhausting him further.

He felt the warmth go away, leaving him only with his tears and a blanket. He was, surprisingly, glad that he gave his blanket to the one UA student; he couldn’t even bare to think about it right now. He looked down at his hands as if they were still bloodstained, feeling every teardrop trying to wash away the bloodstains in vain. His body shook like an earthquake as he couldn’t bring himself to do anything but cry. Biting his tongue to stop from sobbing, he looked around at his “room.” Another wave of emotion hit him; sorrow, regret, a hint of anger, and a few other things he couldn’t quite name. His room was once that of a fanboy; he had All Might posters everywhere and so much hero merch it could drown a kid. His room had an open layout, plush comforters, pillows, and a fresh layer of hopes and dreams. The best part about his room, though, was how close it was to his mom’s. Now? He barely has enough room for his tiny, uncomfortable cot; a blanket and a singular pillow; bottles on shelves that looked anything but natural; and the smell of sorrow in the air.

How long had it been? It felt like hours, but it could have been only minutes. Midoriya went to the bathroom to wash his face, trying to navigate the dark halls and open areas. He saw a glowing clock, notting that it was almost time to wake up for the day. The blinding bathroom light revealed Midoriya’s sorry state. While his face wasn’t outing his tearful night, his eyes were hollow and dead even when looking directly into the light. He winced, testing that theory; it was very much a bad idea to look directly into a light after hours of pure, or almost pure, darkness. However, the water cooled his face, running down the skin faster than his tears did. All of the sweat from his previous terror left his face feeling lighter as he watched it wash down the drain like the tears of his past. That night’s sorrow was left in the bathroom to run into the sewers and be forgotten forever as Midoriya shut off the light and walked away. After a stubbed toe or two and a few hushed curses, Midoriya slunk back into bed. He was careful not to fall asleep, though. Instead, he wrote down notes about how the Mountain Infiltration would need to be structured.

There was no light to gently seeping into his room, becaning him awake. There was no soft voice nor hand calling him from consciousness. There wasn’t even an annoying alarm clock. The room was quiet, lest the casual ticking of the clock on the wall. Midoriya woke up everyday completely on his own; his internal clock had specific times for him to lay down and hope the world would go away, but it also knew just when to get up. He held the book of ideas he had brainstormed that night and planned to take them to Shiragaki. He planned on sweet talking Shiragaki into staying home, not that it would be too difficult. He thought himself to be the master’s prized puppet; he was the shell that would carry out All For One’s goal. Of course, he couldn’t do that it he were dead or injured. Not even Shiragaki would argue with a statement as solid as that. He rolled over getting ready to start the day.



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Villain! Deku au; chapter fourteen: A Strengthened Alliance



Walking in with just enough time to see Shiragaki walk out, Midoriya staggered into the doorway. He recognized immediately why the giant brat walked out when he saw Giran… ugh… Both he and Shiragaki could agree that they didn’t like him. He was an asshole who rounded up troubled kids and threw them into a life of crime as if that was their only option for a future. It didn’t help that the two people standing beside said asshole were, both, kids, and most likely fans of Stain. Tall, dark McStitches was the first one he truly noticed, and beside him was Psycho: The School Girl. “Who’s the kid that looks like he got out of a meat grinder?” McStitches was the first to talk, too, gaining only a sarcastic response, “Who’s the asshole that looks like Frankenstein’s creation during an emo phase?” Sarcasm was clearly the way to this guy’s heart, because he grinned and stretched out a hand, “Dabi, you?” Midoriya returned the hand weakly, but still with firm grip; a bad handshake was unacceptable. “Did you want my real name or a code name like your ominous ass?” it was, both, a mocking and a serious question. Before he could respond, Ball Of Energy jumped foreword. “I’m Toga! Himiko, Toga! Nice to meet you!” she extended a bubble hand towards Midoriya just as Dabi did. He warily took it after releasing Dani’s. “You’re just my type! Can I kill you? Please?” admittedly, Midoriya couldn’t help cracking a smile, “Izuku, Midoriya, and, no, the only thing killing me is this pain. Speaking of which, Kurogiri?” Midoriya held up the medical supplies. He weakly took off what was left of his shirt and sat down in a bar stool, placing the supplies on the counter.

The moment Kurogiri’s cold fingers brushed Midoriya’s skin was the moment his systems overloaded. Scorching emotions burned his brain. He felt all of the pain that Kurogiri had been through; every hit he took, every fear he had, every haunting memory rushed into Midoriya at one time. It was like a high voltage shock; as if he grabbed a power line of emotion. Giran laughed, opening his mouth to make a comment. Midoriya hated it; he hated that filthy mouth and everything that came out of it. It was just a matter of condensing that. Throwing the feeling as if it were a wave, he shattered the table beside Giran. “Shut the fuck up!” his voice boomed as violently as the blast. Kurogiri let out an almost inaudible ‘ah,’ as in: ah, that’s why the master wanted to see you. Toga and Dabi looked with gleams in their dead eyes. Giran’s face fell immediately; this kid was terrifying without a quirk, not that he’d ever admit that, but with a quirk? He was the embodiment of death, itself.

After patching Midoriya up, Kurogiri made drinks for the three sitting at bar stools, awaiting Shiragaki’s decision. Even Shirgaki wasn’t stupid enough to turn away extra help, not with his plans, at least. He eventually walked out of his sulking corner, “Fine, but don’t get too cocky. Your first mission is as follows:” he began explaining how they were going to infiltrate the first year UA students’ camping trip. He had specific details about each location and attack point. Midoriya couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Shiragaki started seething with rage; it was hilarious. “They’re obviously not going there,” he began and continued without any room for interruptions, “How often have you targeted UA? Even once makes us extremely suspicious! Do you really think that they’ll continue the plan as is fully well knowing that information has spread this far? A child tells a parent, a parent tells a friend, so on and so forth. Anywhere along those lines could lie a villain. They’re not that stupid.” Kurogiri took the reigns here to avoid upsetting Shiragaki, “What do you purpose?” Midoriya hopped off the stool, wincing slightly at his mountain of injuries, and grabbed a small notebook from his room. He flipped through a few pages before he found the page he was looking for. “The Wild, Wild Pussycat’s mountain,” he held up the book with a sketch of said territory along with bullet points containing information about the range. “Do you really think any school, let alone the hero prodigy school, UA, is going to bring students on a field trip for fun? No. This local is reserved enough to where we wouldn’t normally know where it is, and it has the perfect area for hero training. Of course, we can’t forget that there are pro heroes that know that land like the backs of their hands. It’s a perfect training facility!” he explained vividly. “Smart, too, what’s a brat like you doing here?” Dabi laughed, earning a glare from both Shiragaki and Midoriya. Their eyes wavered for different reasons, Midoriya was offended being called a brat, and Shiragaki who clearly just had his intelligence insulted. “So what kind of plan do you have for this mission?” Shiragaki practically spat, off from being proven wrong, much less insulted. “Well, obviously, we go in, and we wreck shit,” Midoriya gave him a ‘duh’ look, waiting for Shiragaki to recoil. “That’s the master plan? What did you waste all of your brain power finding their location, and now you’re wasted space?” Shiragaki seemed to be having his own rage field day. “Yes, that’s the master plan. To start off, when have you ever actually had a plan? Not that I’m complaining, but, this group,” he paused to add emphasis, “-isn’t the brightest bunch. Any plan that isn’t ‘hit them… really hard’ is like a foreign language. We’d waste so much time teaching them codes and locations! The master plan doesn’t always involve strategizing with knock off monopoly characters,” he explained, shutting his book and looking Shiragaki dead in the face. “Fair enough,” the sky was green and the grass was blue, Shiragaki admitted defeat. As he stalked off to go do… whatever it is that he does.

Toga and Dabi were extremely interested in this ballsy teenager. Then it happened, Toga was the first to reach out, grabbing and clinging to Midoriya’s arm. The girl’s life flashed before his eyes. Slums, abuse, violent murders from the first person. A hand flew to his head as Midoriya winced in pain. Then it happened again, Dabi reached out to help him. Skin contact triggered memories, physical pain was a flame engulfing his body. Midoriya fell to the bar as if all of gravity had been centered on him, every swear flew out of his mouth like a sailor’s flag flew in the wind. He coughed and sputtered trying to regain his breath. All he could manage was a half assed laugh and a “I can see why you guys wanted to join the League…” Both were confused by said action. A flame of negativity flicked from his wrist into his palm as he displayed his quirk. “Dark Heart; it has to do with negative emotions. As a side effect of my ability to use negative energy,” he placed his hand on Toga’s head and watched as his hand began emitting a similar energy. “Feels lighter,” she commented almost abently. “Both my own, and that of those I touch,” he displayed both hands, “As a recoil, though, I involuntarily see, and feel, all of the negative emotions that the people I touch feel.” Two dumbfounded looks fell upon Midoriya, so he demonstrated, “Your dad’s an asshole,” Dabi, “You don’t understand love, so your homicidal tendencies take over.” Toga nodded happily, “It makes me super sad!” she beamed. Dabi looked like he didn’t want to admit that his whole reason for villainy could be summed up in such a simplistic sentence, but any disagreement would have been justifying his dad. He shrugged, nodding with an outward glance.



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I was tagged by the super awesome and sweet @squigglysquidd and since I was finally able to write today, have a sentence from chapter 9 of Inferno:

“Victory at any cost, his mind whispered as he opened the door to his skycar. And what a price it was.”

I’m not going to tag anyone since most people I’d think to tag already were. But, if you see this and would like to share, please do!

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I’m not sure if anyone has said this already but it might be pretty hard for some people to get through the Kara storyline, whether it’s them playing the game themselves or watching a playthrough, due to their own childhood. So maybe it’s not that Kara isn’t liked, it’s that what she goes through with Alice is just too real for some people, such as myself.

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