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Mammon: Definitely started this. He was in the human world on “professional” business and saw a mug at a tourist trap. He bought about 20 and hid (sold) all of the house’s other mugs. 

Levi: Was definitely already aware of the meme. He’s not the type to buy gag items when that money could be spent on idols but he does have a fun week texting Satan various images and gifs. 

Beel: Is a complete sweetheart. He doesn’t quite get it at first but he isn’t the type to seek out jabs. Unfortunately, he will do just about anything for food, so someone hands him a mug or bribes him with a burger and Beel has joined in. 

Asmo: Got a shirt, wore it once, then DIYed it into a tube top. Incidentally, this removed the word not, so now he has a tube top that says “Today Satan.” If there’s ribbing to be had he’ll be right there. 

Satan: Is NOT happy about this. He has that heartless smile and even manages to bite back the first few jabs, but he then went off and tortured the first random people he found making the joke outside of his family. 

Belphie: Knows how to twist in the knife and can’t resist a good jab. Even if they get along pretty well that just means Belphie saves it for when it’ll really sting. Or be particularly funny. Or if Satan has hurt Beel’s feelings.

Lucifer: If bothers Satan, it can be used as a punishment. So it is. In mild instances he will simply bring out one of the mugs for his morning coffee, if a more severe punishment is needed he hexes the phrase onto Satan’s jackets when hanging him from the ceiling.

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what do you mean I have work to do? I’m busy drawing sexy bisexual mermen

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