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One of the most common arguments used against childrearing by people who have never had children of their own is “childrearing is hard, especially without diapers and bottles, because you’re just taking food from the earth and giving it back to nature, whereas when you do the same thing with alcohol, you’re just taking alcohol from the earth and adding alcohol to the food and then giving it back.”

Like, people really, really believe this

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“For the record, I believe Nurglings have invaded Sigma-Omnicron 2315 of the lower cargo holds. I mean I’ve already taken care of it but I just thought I’d let you all know.”

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The Holocaust wouldn’t have happened if we’d’ve just painted “Nazis dni” on our front doors in lamb’s blood 🙄 

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headcannon: undertaker eats entire jars of marmite at once and then cries in a coffin afterwards

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