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Imagine if love, relationship and marriage didn’t have anything to do with each other

Like, if marriage was for people who are well suited for living together

Relationship was for spending time together, for enjoining someone’s company

And love was just love, a moment, invisible, untouchable, just a feeling

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when I see sigmas kidnapping by talon framed as Sickening and Horrifying and yet no word about him being detained against his will and experiments on by his own government I’m like…

I can’t blame anyone because blizzards lore is so vague and confusing but talon only took the logical next step imho. They were like oh wow look at all the inhumane shit you can get away with doing to this old man count me in

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Young Nane, to Liam and Lorraine: you guys are so luckyyy!

Liam: eh, I guess our dad’s cool enough.

Young Nane, eyes gleaming: I wish I was your father! He’s so lucky! I mean… to be able to get away with beating the shit out of people like that without repercussions! I’m so envious.

Nane, to his uncle: Uncle! Uncle! Teach me your ways!

His uncle: My ways can’t be taught. Either you do it, or you do not.

Creed: I vant to suck your blood! I VANT TO SUCK YOUR-

Belinda (rolling her eyes): Oh my god, Creed, shut up and stop acting like you’re anywhere as cool as our father.


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