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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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why snakes are autistic

  • they are cute. autistic people are cute as well
  • can only be pet a specific way and gets hurt if pet incorrectly
  • samefoods (usually some type of bugs or rodent)
  • misunderstood
  • stims by wiggling tongue at things
  • likes warmspots
  • needs a VERY specific habit or it will die
  • comes in all types of sizes and colors but they’re all snakes
  • needs love
  • affectionate with specific people
  • can twist it’s body into the autism symbol :)

i present to you an autistic boy!!!!

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Send and emoji and get an answer!

👋 You making a pass at me, sister?

🍳  Did those bullets scramble your egg?

😈 …or have you always been a naughty broad?

🧱 I hear “dig” from you, babe, and all I can think of is a shovel. How can this be?

🔄 Nice charlies. Give them a shake for the Ben-man, will ya?

💎 Where’d you learn that 18 karat trick with the heels of your feet?

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summer from the adult swim “rick and morty” is a redhead. her mother is blonde and her father has brown hair. if you remember your punnet square from science you would know that you need to have to parents with certain genes to have a certain appearance. jerry, summer’s father, is most likely a carrier of the MC1R gene that gives us red heads due to the lightness of his hair. beth, summer’s mother, does not have this gene because she is blonde. one MC1R gene will not give you a red headed baby, so the only way for summer to naturally be a red head is if she’s adopted. this, however is not the case. in the episode “Rixty Minutes”, we learn beth debated having summer aborted, meaning summer is beth and jerry’s biological child. so the only logical conclusion (other than the creators making a mistake) is that SUMMER SMITH DYES HER HAIR.

edit: this was disproven by a friend. summer is a natural red head. blonde people have the MC1R gene (i thought they didn’t, i was wrong).

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me, at 1 in the morning: blease,,,,I just want to Sleep

the horrible lump of electric meat in my skull: oh, ho! But have you considered: what if you fell into horrible financial ruin? now imagine that vividly for the next two hours.  

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