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#shoe shopping
queer-cosette · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Everyone please admire my amazing new shoes omg I’m so fucking happy I feel like the coolest person on earth
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danismm · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
“Look! It’s just my size!” 1941
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tomwindeknecht · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
It's not a glass slipper...but it will do. 😁👠✨
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1, 2, 3, or 4?? And THESE....
Tumblr media
Are the boots I adore, but I’m not paying £200+ for boots.
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bluedesignwall · 9 months ago
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It’s Friday and I had after work plans which did not include biking home into a strong easterly wind. I went shopping instead. First shoes, times two, on sale, of course. Then fabric shopping for a quilt backing fabric for my Hexie quilt. Went with plain black in the absence of anything suitable. Then I checked out the Warehouse for yoga cubes. Daughter wanted two and I needed one more. I texted Daughter who was in the middle of a workout, she had worked up quite a sweat and sent me a picture as proof (i will spare you). So with numbers confirmed and with three yoga cubes, two pairs of shoes and 2.5m of fabric I juggled the phone well enough to receive the next message. Daughter asked if I could bring her Sushi. I paid for the yoga cubes and rushed out to see if there was any Sushi left at the Sushi store. I got the the last pack. Hubby texted he was in the carpark waiting for me. Sushi and yoga cubes were delivered.
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blankdblank · 9 months ago
Hobbit Soulmate Pt 29
Tumblr media
“I told you,” Lee said making you roll your eyes inside the taxi that was called for the both of you and a string of colorful apartment buildings you were approaching not very far from the studio at all. “That one’s my building.”
“Not bad.” You said and climbed out once parked as he paid. To the door he led you unlocking it to let you in flashing a quick wave to the woman in the office who returned a flinch of a wave and looked you over. Anxiously you smoothed your fingers through your hair laying over your chest in entering the lift another couple exited grinning to the assumed new neighbors they didn’t recognize. “Maybe I should cut my hair when I get back.”
Lee, “Up to you, I love your hair, if it helps.”
Smirking at him you said, “I don’t mind changing my hair. Nearly every role I’ve had till the Selkie one had me in a wig to hide my curls. Even Darkness Falls had me straightening my hair. Let me keep the color though. And the Ring just played up my hair to make me look crazy.”
Down a grey wood lined hall he led the way to one of the last apartments he unlocked and let you inside. From the front hall the laundry was closest to the door with the kitchen behind that open and facing the carpeted living room empty. Past that were the twin carpeted bedrooms with large windows and decent sized closets separated by a shared bathroom. “Nice, really nice,” you said eyeing the un-inflated air mattress still inside the box left in his chosen room, the larger one.
“Told you,” With a nod he said, “They have some flyers downstairs for some of the vacant apartments if you’d like to send them to Richard.”
“Sounds good,”
With a grin he looked you over and said as it drooped, “You really didn’t want this job, did you?”
“It’s a great show, from the little I know about it. Just so used to being ambushed with mystery roles lately I suppose. I’m glad, Rich will be happy I can get paid to be out in Canada too. Suppose the reads will eat my vacation time up.”
“It won’t be that bad.” You nodded and he said, “Let’s go drop by the office, they’ll be glad to hear someone else might want to rent here, might even show you a few more layouts.”
“Oh yes, just what I need. More raised hopes like the guard who I now have lied to on staying home for months.”
Lee smirked at you, “The past two reads have been in New York, come on, you get your days off still.” Stealing a quick hug drawing you along to the door to show you out again. The woman was busy to not be able to show you open rentals in waiting for another couple who made an appointment already, but shared all the possible info on what would be required to rent here and saw you leave her sight. While waiting for the food you ordered at a restaurant Lee watched you use the payphone on the wall to call the airport to confirm the next flight time to New York. From which you sighed once hung up and walking back you flashed him a grin, “Five hours, they will have our tickets ready for us at the desk when we get there.”
“I’m sorry. You can drag me around all month if you like in payback.”
Shaking your head you said, “Maybe we could find a second hand shop nearby. Find you some chairs at least. Possibly some pop up tables.”
That was the plan and post meal conveniently fifteen minutes from the apartment you found a shop and in a chuckle at your own insistence a pair of round lounge loveseats in charcoal grey Lee relented accepting your help in decorating his place. To go with those a set of three triangle tables in a trio of heights enabling tucking them under the largest was added to the mix and the giggling shop keep took your answer of being able to carry the purchases home yourself as a chance for her son to earn his daily pay by using the shop truck to help you take the purchases on the short drive just a few blocks over.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Down to the bustling corners of town you hadn’t been in far too long once again that favored shoe shop welcomed you with milling familiar Queens from the club you dropped in on when in town all flashing waves from their seats a bit busy mid adjustment of their choice of shoes to come greet you just yet granting you a free path to the Queen you wanted. “Jaqi Pear!” Dolly again smiled and hurried around the counter having just come out from the back office there to the bell and gave you a tight hug, “There you are! I saw you in the papers with Lee at that premier. I cannot stand horror flicks but Madi has promised to watch it for all of us and show how amazing we all know you were in it.”
That had you giggle and say, “Not sure how amazing I’ll be for her, I was told not to blink at all in my later scenes.”
Still she looked you over asking, “So, I know you haven’t worn through those shoes yet.”
“No, I was wondering if Lucy and Cher was free.”
That had her gasping, “Your hair?”
You nodded, “They want it to about boob level, when it’s straight, so I figured try to cut it now so in January I could possibly have them help me lighten it to brown.”
Dolly, “For a role I hope, your hair is perfect already.”
“Thank you. Ya, Lee got me wrangled into a tv show up in Canada, last minute of course their main girl dropped out so they needed another crazy lady for his baby sister.”
Dolly nodded her head calling out, “Madi, watch the shop!” Taking your hand to guide you two shops over past a dress shop to a hair salon, half with Queens fixing their wigs on stands secured to vanities and the other half with those working their outgrown natural hair in actual salon stations. “Lucy, Cher!” The two ladies giving tips to a young Queen in training for her first pageant fell silent and smiled seeing who she was bringing to see them with Lucy flashing the purse you had given them on her day to use it still in pristine condition.
“Hello our lovely Lady Pear!” Cher said leading the way to you in the open walkway between the split of the stations. Bending to claim a hug of her own followed by Lucy’s.
Lucy, “What brings you to our little corner?”
Dolly, “Someone needs a haircut.”
Their jaws dropped and you said, “Show starts filming in January, but I figure we could cut it now, see how they like the length when it’s straight before worrying about dying it.”
Cher smoother her fingers through your hair gently easing it straight, “How long?”
“Boob level, roughly when straight.” You said holding your hand to where Tracy had pointed out the original girl had hers. “Which straightening it will be-,”
Lucy cut you off, “So much fun, we have been dying to get our hands on those curls. What color did they want it?”
“I was thinking deep brown, I didn’t tell them but I have a stunt double role afterwards where I’ll need to go blonde,”
Cher, “How blonde?” You pointed at Dolly and they both went, “Ooh,”
Dolly, “Your eyes will be stunning with platinum hair.”
“I figure lightening from brown to blonde will be easier than all in one go.”
Lucy, “You are right there.”
Cher smiled guiding you to her empty station, “You just relax, and let us work our magic.” A few snaps and rings were removed with a group of straighteners brought over to help straighten the sections of your hair that was divided up to ease the job. All over still a bit irritated and puffy the sheets of hair settled around you and in the reflection a bit closer to your elbow the hair was cut for a first look over sure to spring to your shoulders once curled again that the group carefully inched up a bit more to a more playful length in the front sloping down in the back to ensure when curled at least you could still tie it back.
“Thank you, so much.”
Lucy smiled saying, “They will love it this length, plus you still have so much hair to play with still, and when you are ready for that color let us know. We will find the right shade for you.”
Cher, “And don’t you dare bring out any money, you don’t pay here for some trimming.”
“It took over an hour-,”
Cher, “Nope, not a peep, now you go and show off your new length to the streets, and you better strut your stuff.”
Tumblr media
Lee was stunned to say the least, but liked that it still had some give to it and couldn’t help but laugh seeing it curly again in a poof angered and looming barely to your shoulders relaxing a bit over the evening while he was off to a late shift on a temp job for some spare cash. Papers were signed and in two weeks the first read was held with a check of the length the Producers and Director approved of before introducing you to the rest of the cast. 65k an episode was contracted thanks to your lawyer who ensured to add the clause on completing filming of each episode, not just those that are broadcast as Fox was finicky on dropping shows in the past. Thankfully Lee had also landed that clause in his due to his agent’s diligence on the fine print, not on contract speaking levels with Tracy you just hoped she’d taken care of that detail as well as her parents were in producing so she had that foot ahead in the business.
Right away melting into the scripts offered your focused furrow was smirked at and focus approved by all as sign for those you didn’t know that you would do your best to help this show do well. October bled into November, which had you on the bus out to meet up with the wardrobe crew to give the various outfits a try granting them time to tailor then to fit you better.
Tumblr media
December had crept up on you and before you knew it from your bed you sighed to the sound of the intercom buzzing trying to tear you from your relaxation with lifted foot bouncing in the air plopping down for you to get up at the next buzz. “I hear you,” you muttered and crossed the apartment to your intercom you hit the button to say, “Hello?”
“Hey Jaqi, thought you might want to get our nails done before the premier.”
Wide eyed you asked, “Jen?”
“Yes,” she giggled into the intercom.
“Um, let me just change,”
Though when you turned your head you heard her say, “Ok, oh.” The door opened beside her and you heard Lee say, “Sorry, um,” the sound cut off and Lee hit the button saying, “She’s on her way up Jaq.” With a point of his hand she nodded and smiled thanking the stunned Lee on his way to lunch with his brother glancing back on her path to the stairs wondering why the star was here as you hadn’t mentioned anything to him the night before.
Shaking your head you hurried to the closet to find and bounce into a pair of jeans covering your panties with just a baggy tank top on you grabbed a bra to slide through the wide open sleeves. The hooks were secured at the knock on your door and you trotted on your toes across the chilly floor wiggling your arms into the straps in time to unlock and open the door grinning for the smiling actress. “Hey, sorry,”
She shook her head walking past you in your step back to let her in, “No problem, thought I might catch you off guard. Nice building.”
“Thank you,” you replied without a giggle guiding her towards the bedroom where the sound of the Green Gables film series was still playing. “You’re not thirsty are you? I think I have some sprite left if Lee didn’t drink it all yesterday.”
She asked and you glanced back at her from the closet putting on your socks, “The guy who let you in, we went to school together, best friend, lives downstairs.”
“Ah, so that’s how he knew to send me up.”
You giggled and asked, “You know many other people in this building?”
Giggling back she said, “No,” her eyes focusing on your curls asking, “You cut your hair?!”
“Oh, ya, I got a part on a show with Lee, up in Canada, but they want my hair straight, so it’s about past boob level where they want it. Waiting on dying it till January for the filming after the premiers are through.”
“Well I think it’s cute,”
You giggled saying as you grabbed a warm grey sweater sent to you from Richard in his hatred of not being able to see you just yet, “It’s still angry with me. Cute or not.”
A belt was added and she said, “Hair can be so petty sometimes.” In a glance around the room she asked, “Is your heater broken?”
“In a matter of speaking,” you said exiting the closet to turn off the film once your heeled boots were added knowing it was too cold outside for converse, “Someone stole our new furnace off the delivery truck, so the company is sending a new one. Heat is down till tomorrow night, possibly.”
That had her chuckle, “I don’t mean to laugh,”
“Oh no, you can laugh. Every time the landlord buys something from the designated company it ends up stolen. I think they just don’t want to admit they can’t meet the original shipping date. Don’t have many overthrowing delivery trucks no matter how shabby the place may look.”
“This is not shabby. My first apartment had bullet holes to let in the cold.”
“Firehouse on the corner and police on the other with an army recruitment place three doors over, nope, dad was sure this place was bullet free zone. Not to mention he’s friends with the landlord. So he technically has an ear to the ground out here.”
“How is your dad?”
“Good, helping with my new cousins. One of them had to have a surgery,”
“Nothing serious I hope.”
“Oh no, they had this weird little cluster of cysts on their lower back. Thought it might be a tail at first but turns out the twins who used to be triplets had little bits of their brother they ate on their backs,”
She giggled and covered her mouth, “Sorry,”
“Don’t be, the little cannibals were caught red handed. Nothing harmful, gave full scans that was the only hidden pockets the triplet was in. Given the all clear, just their mom is still a bit weirded out about it.”
“Understandably.” With a grin she waited for you to finish grabbing what you needed and walked out with you excited to take you to the high end salon she had booked the private back room to for the pair of you. A gesture in a good day to hang out before her final leg of press the week before the premier when it would be all in front of cameras and divided between required splits from the group for questions, photographs or otherwise.
“So I watched The Ring,” That had you giggling at her finger poking your arm, “Girl you did not blink once!”
“They told me not to, said it would be creepier. And it creeped the nice lady I worked with in my asylum scenes and Naomi especially when she came to talk to me.”
“It is so good though, creepy but good. I did not know you could go that far on that end of the broken scale.”
“Oh yes, got the creepy side out and this next film should show off my lovely depressed side too.”
“I can’t wait, got my invite to the premier, thank you.”
“You are very welcome, you and the guys from the Lord of the Rings all split up the rest of my tickets for the France, London and New York premiers.”
“So what’s this new show about, can you say?”
“Well,” you giggled to yourself drawing her eyes to you in a quick glance. “I work in a gift shop at Niagara  Falls, deliberate underachiever since getting my degree, and I start hearing animal figurines talking to me, try to get me to help people around me.”
“It’s so weird but it’s got one of the wittiest most sarcastic bits in a tv script I’ve been given.”
“Oh well if it’s a comedy then that’s good. Who’s putting it out?”
“Fox is behind it.”
“Ooh, nice hear they pay well.”
“Just about passed out hearing how much my lawyer got me.” She looked at you as you said, “65k an episode. I mean it’s not the most, my supposed love interest is getting near double that since he’s been in a few successful films and is better known in Canada. But still, that’s so much money.”
“They must have good hopes for it.”
“Hopefully, if not they worked in a clause I get paid per episode whether or not they get aired or not.”
“Very nice.”
“Yes,” you giggled, “Lawyer is also my grandparents’ and he no doubt is firmly reminded not to let me get dropped into the bin contract wise.”
“Good thing too, we should all have our grandparents choose our lawyers and watch over them. Do us all some good.”
“Didn’t help when they looked into Fox and saw they tend to drop projects all the time by the second season.”
“Ya, tv shows can be like crap shoots sometimes. Why I switched to films and my own music as quick as I could.”
“I do like films better. Even if they flop they feel safer. And you don’t have to worry about too many rewrites.”
“Any new projects?”
“So far there’s a small bit I have in a reshoot out in England, just a few lines for comedy and so far that’s it. Richard’s agent said there’s a few jobs possibly circulating to ask about me when they get their boat together to send out official asks. One would be with Richard, so that would be fun.”
She chuckled and asked, “So where is this mystery man hiding at?”
That had you giggling again. “He’s got a job, they’ve been catching up out in Europe for a few shots before they switch to Canada. Last I heard he had two flights and a train to catch. So just me and my adventures out and about through town to keep me busy. According to everyone I’ve worked with who meets him I mope.” You opened the front door for her and she led the way down the stoop to the waiting suv she opened and hopped into.
Up behind her you climbed in and closed the door ignoring the few flashes from the shivering cameramen who clambered back to their cars to follow you both. “Managed to slip most of the others a couple miles back, not bad just the five of them.”
“Oh no problem. Had some cameras at the airport on the way back from the premier. Apparently a woman thought I was Milla Jovovich.”
She giggles, “Did you have to sign anything?”
“She shoved a magazine at me.”
“Did you do the squiggle?”
“Yes, I couldn’t tell how the name was spelled so first letter squiggle was my go to. That ever happen to you?”
“Oh yes, when I was starting out. Some people didn’t even know my name they just recognized my face not knowing from where and then tried to read my signature to thank me. You get some crazy names when they do that.”
“I bet.” After a moment you asked, “So I guess you’ll be at the Daredevil premier then?”
Her smile split wider, “I don’t know, depends where I am. It’s out when?”
“’04, I think. Ways off.”
“We will see, either way I will be watching it and keeping my eyes peeled for you.”
“Ooh, hope you buy the tape you might need that freeze button.”
“Can’t be that bad,”
“They cut it into two films, then scattered me in random extra bits in Daredevil cuz I got pushed to the Elektra film and even that isn’t guaranteed by the time they finish filming the rest of it around, Jennifer Garner and the other main six. I know I’ll be a Stewardess at least, and I’m drinking in a cafe, twice.”
“Well there you go, can’t just leave it to Ben and the other boys for the whole film, need some gorgeous ladies in the mix.”
“Sorry,” You huffed brushing your hair from your face, “They decided to split it right when I got hurt on that wiring stunt and ended up in a boot. Just bit petty.”
“I nearly broke my foot in Gigli, really don’t look forward to seeing that scene. I get it, others just get to watch the film but we can pinpoint ‘oh that was the day my foot got fucked up’ or ‘I had such bad cramps that day’ or ‘what the hell did they put in my food I’m supposed to be eating in that scene’. I swear sometimes they hide stuff in my food to throw me off. Had a salad once that tasted like cinnamon. Just drove me crazy when they said they didn’t.”
“They put hot sauce in my soup on one of the Lord of the Rings scenes. Was inching close to a cold coming up on a week I’d have to run nonstop and some of the Maori guys said to eat a bunch of peppers and hot sauce and just, oh I was about in tears. And the stomach pains after, I can eat it but their sauce just comes back with a vengeance.” Making her giggle, “I’ve had Indian food more forgiving than that.”
“Yes, certain peppers even have me on my knees. You have to learn your limit early. Did it help at least?”
“With the cold ya, and boy did they brag on it.”
She chuckled and at the fancy salon you eyed the glass walls no doubt sport for those passing by along with the cameramen and after a quick smile your way she led the way out and waited for you to hop down and close the door to follow her inside. A shift of your coat over your side unbunching it from under your arm and up your hand went to brush your curls back that only fell back into your face again thanks to the chilly breeze the cameras would absolutely hate waiting through. Inside the door already the waiting hostess stood blocking the path farther saying in an eerily calm yet nasally voice, “Your private room is ready.” On her heel she turned and Jen smirked to you at her double finger wag over her six and a half foot high apparent shoulder towering over you and similarly curvy and petite Jen to her waif like self. “This way please.”
Holding back the urge to mouth her words and mock her off kilter sway you simply lowered your hands tapping your fingertips under the base of your sweater to your shifting thighs on each step taking in the shop along the way with plenty of eyes fixed on you both. “There you are little Madame!” An exuberant voice sounded and all six foot five of the lanky beautician in staggering five inch heeled boots similar to yours but in bright yellow stood and strut his way over to your side making you giggle at his hand extending that yours laid inside to be patted by his free hand, “I am, awestruck. I watched your show on Broadway, and you earned every ounce of that Tony you tiny ferocious thing you.”
That had you giggle again. “Thank you.”
“Then what do I see you go and do? Repping Miss Queen Dolly’s shoes on that carpet and stage, you are striking, you put her on, the, map.” The final three words accentuated with brief pauses for sassy head swaggers before he turned popping his hip in a centering pose almost before guiding you to the pedicure station on the end that was clearly his for his long legs.
“Queen Dolly’s shoes?” Jen asked pausing at her station beside yours unzipping her raised boot to be put in her rolling cart to house them and her socks.
Turning your head you said, “My grandparents sent me a car to take me shopping for the Tonys and I got turned out of Loubiton and so I went to a friend’s shoe shop, Queen Dolly.”
Your beautician raised his foot pointing to his shoe, “Nearly had to cut a bitch for these.” Spreading Jen’s smile as you giggled removing your first boot and sock you tucked inside it to remove the second still up on your toes. “Queen Dolly and her friends look after me. Helped me my first year when I fell down some subway steps in winter and since, so I couldn’t think of anyone else’s shoes I wanted to wear knowing I’d have to go alone.”
He lifted a finger, “You little Madame made our lives with just flashing those heels on those steps to the stage, and you should have heard the screams through the clubs and our block when the article came out and you named her shop! Now it is the top of the top over those two bit amateur Borodin Brothers shop on 32nd, you know I bought some boots there once and the zipper tore clean off?! Then those assholes made me buy the damn boots like it was my fault they fashioned them together with paperclips.” Up he helped you into the chair and began to roll up your pant legs saying, “You have lovely feet for a dancer. I have trained in ballet, and it is not easy to get your feet like this, you must live in salons.”
“No, I just learned how to do it myself. Salt soaks and pumice scrubs and lotion soaks under socks. Heater is spotty at best and I hate calluses. Bruises are hard enough. Sort of my spoil me time. And my Mate gives the best foot rubs I’d hate to scare him off.”
That had him laugh, “No you do not.”
Jen smirked saying as she settled into the chair beside yours, “I think we should go shoe shopping after this.”
Her beautician smirked saying with a point of his own, “Straight to Loubiton, go wave your cash in their smug faces.” Then he asked, “What color are you wearing to the premier Miss Jen?”
She answered, “It’s this lovely sort of plum color with a metallic sort of finish to it.”
“Ooh, nice,” he replied and looked through his selection of nail polish for a few options for her.
Yours asked, “And what ensemble will you be killing it in?”
“Well it’s black, but with a gold lace accent on the top over a ribbon belt.”
“Ooh,” the men said together.
“So I was thinking maybe a light gold or a pale yellow?”
He nodded and smiled at you, “I think I know just the color.” On his own while you soaked your feet once back with the color of his choosing he asked, “Please tell me you don’t perm that fabulous hair.”
“Oh no, all my curls here.”
“I am so glad of that,” he said brushing his own long curly ponytail back over his back reaching to his belt. “We need some more curls flaunted on the red carpets. And I did love me the good screams watching the Ring, but I was beside myself hoping those were real curls and not forced then run ragged on you in that film.”
“They thought teasing them a bit would make me look more disturbed.”
Jen’s guy scoffed, “The staring did that plenty for me.” Making you grin to yourself in your gut settling down again at your feet.
Their conversation drifted off while Jen shared the rest of her travel plans for the week including press she was scheduled to bounce all across the country to drop in on top tv shows making her ask, “Are you booked for shows for your film?”
“Through Europe mainly. Three in England, a morning and two evening shows, sort of a Letterman vibe.”
“None over here?”
“I did get an email from Good Morning America, they said they would let me know if one of their zoo shows had to cancel. Something about a film they were asked to lend a monkey to.” At her frozen expression you giggled, “I’m bigger in England it seems. Sir Ian McKellen drops your name you get noticed. Not to mention the rumor mill I apparently stirred up over this film. Apparently I heard from Richard’s brother there is now an elephant and a team of hippos in it that are trained for some musical number. If there is it’s news to me.”
She chuckled and said, “Well maybe this premier will change things for you. Make them take notice. We are friends after all I will not hesitate to name drop if I have to.” You giggled again, “Gotta stick together.” Looking you over she asked, “So I’m still not going to be able to meet Richard?” That had you giggle again and cover your face a moment as she said, “Because me and Natasha are just dying to. He looks so nice in those pictures from your other premiers you took him to. Surely he can’t be worth hiding-,”
Lowering your hands still giggling you said, “I will see what I can do. He’s been up to something the only times he’s radio silent is when he’s planning something. Last time was this sweater he mailed me and the time before that he dropped in on me in Texas sharing he was hired as my costar for the new film. So it varies in size.”
“Least it never grows old that way.”
“No it does not,” You giggled out. “Even when we’re at the same place he’s always coming up with dinners or little adventures. Even his dad took us on a tour of the nuclear plants out there one summer.” You caught her eye saying, “His dad used to work at one and it was their summer vacation destination, tours of all of them. Helped to keep him humble.”
“Wow, so his dad worked on nuclear plants and yours worked on oil rigs.”
“Yes, just call us the energy wonder kids couple. His brother does on occasion.”
“How do you surprise him then?” She asked with a smirk making you roll your eyes.
“After the winter break we first met in when I was back to New York I left him one of those day to day calendars with notes and pictures through it. And some sheets since he hadn’t made his bed past tossing old clothes on it.”
“Aww, so sweet.”
“He’s a moper too.”
“Which flower is it you’re allergic to again?” Your guy asked with a pair of bottles in his hands.
“Lavender.” You replied with Jen looking at you while he smiled and bent to grab a yellow bottle on the bottom of his cart.
“Then you miss Madame are going to smell like honey. No one asks for this one and I can not tell you how many people want to smell like different types of flowers. Just about makes your eyes cross by closing time.”
Jen’s smiles saying, “Just got some peach you asked for, love the smell.” He said smirking after stealing another sniff of the scrub for feet and legs.
She smiled saying, “Thank you.” And looked at you asking, “Is that like a severe allergy?”
“Um, I can be around it, for a short time but I know in the other horror film I’m in they washed the nurse costume with lavender and I had to soak with salts to keep from breaking out and to soothe the few rashes I got. Usually I only go to spas when my grandparents plan it and they always call ahead on the restriction.”
“That’s good, I got a cousin whose kid swells up from lima beans, odd allergy. Just actually got a call from her they’re planning to head to the Alamo in the spring, he is obsessed with it.” After a moment she asked, “Have you been?”
“Oh ya, raised in Texas. Sort of required by some. School had a field trip there and to the River Walk. Pretty fun, expensive but fun. Our bus almost got towed actually. The bill for the parking lot got stuck in the slot on the unmanned pay station and it tore in half and by the time the driver came back with a new bill from the bank nearby the tow truck came for its second towing round of the day.” After a moment you asked, “Is it the cowboys he likes? Cuz there are tons of cowboy museums in Texas.”
“He loves cowboys, his dad actually took a work trip to Texas and found a few he’d like.”
“Fun phase, cowboys, then again I grew up in a ranch so I never really grew out of it. Part of why filming in New Zealand was fun, all those horses.”
Jen’s guy asked, “Like a real ranch? Like you rope cattle and all that?”
“Rodeo is a staple back home. We mainly have sheep and horses, one of my uncles runs the bull breeding on the other end of our property. They tend to like it quieter and our donkeys like to agitate them.”
Your guy asked, “You have donkeys too?”
“They’re one of the best guards for sheep. Make tons of noise if they hear anything and they have hooves hard enough to bash the hell out of any coyotes or mountain lions that try to sneak up on the little fluffy guys.”
Jen, “You have mountain lions?”
After a giggle you replied, “Not like pets but they come down sometimes from the peaks to try and scope out our herds. Normally steer clear though after their first scare.”
“So you could just get mauled? Out of nowhere?” She asked.
“We have guns and bows if they do get close, but they don’t generally attack people out of nowhere, more likely to take on the cattle.” Again you giggled at their wide eyed stares, “It’s not as dangerous as it sounds. It just comes with the territory, gonna raise animals you got to be ready to protect them.”
Jen, “You miss the ranch?”
“Sometimes. I can always go home, it is nice not having 4 am chores and jeans without mud caked on them. Do miss the free supply of firewood and fish though. Have our own woods we clear of fallen branches and ponds to fish in. Saves a bundle of you stretch it right.”
Jen, “That sounds nice, little place it in the middle of nowhere. Grow old on some land of your own.”
Her guy said, “Long as I can have some buff guys to keep on hand for some tilling I am all in girl.” Making you giggle with her as the conversation shifted to this ranch film the guys tried to explain rather vaguely to try and figure out the name of the guys lead in it lasting through the leg and foot massage and finish of your pedicure. Foam sandals were given for the walk you were helped down to tenderly step over to the nail station for the second half of your pampering as your feet rested under the lamps above the foot rest.
A bit more the guys asked about favorite films and actors they couldn’t name blending through to the final addition of three fake clear gems on your pinky fingers in a flower design with a tiny black leaf painted on before the final wait to dry under the lamps. Carefully socks and boots were added again with hugs traded as Jen insisted to cover the nail outing then eased her arm through yours saying, “Let’s go find you some shoes.”
Red bottomed with straps ankle to the ball of your foot in a strikingly tall heel the black pair sat on the shelf just above your reach and while Jen had two aids helping her to inspect her own choices the same man from before the Tony’s came over with a creeping grin. “Might I be of assistance?”
“Do you have those in a six?”
His eyes followed your finger seeing the shoes from the year prior soon to be taken down to be replaced by a newer style after not selling too well and he said, “Let me check.” Hurrying off exhaling softly in a calming way in his guess you didn’t remember his turning you away before. For a deal you accepted the pair and brought out the cash for them ticking up his brow a moment seeing you were buying your own shoes while Jen was getting most of hers for free in hopes she would wear them out somewhere in front of cameras. She could have just added your pair to hers but he had to appreciate that even in the big haul of shoes sent out to the way of cameras instead of possible future sales there was still cash in hand. With hold of the bag he eased your pair into you sat back by Jen helping her to wade through her twelve choices for the five she settled on for the upcoming press stops and premiers she had outfits already for each.
Pt 30
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re-inventingthewheel · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
It also doesn’t help that I have flat feet, shopping for shoes is a bloody nightmare. 
Based on a conversation with my therapist.
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loleverlasting · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Why is this an ad...wait why is this so expensive? WHY IS THIS A SHOE!?
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xinthislonelyhourx · 7 months ago
Good shoes take you places. I rescued a pair of shoes. They were trapped in a store. Life is short so I bought the shoes. So I love them a lot. Thanks @coachnewyork for the boots.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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chumwalla · a year ago
Tumblr media
Aubrey shops for shoes
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danismm · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
“The shoe indicates many usages for plastics”. 1945
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thelaughingpoet · 9 months ago
pov: me, a broke college student in Walmart, a mad expression on my face as I sweep every box of cheap flats and sandals into my shopping cart because I know no matter the quality of the flat I buy, it will be utterly obliterated within a month and what about comfort? Ha, you fool, we know that comfort does not exist in the same world as flats. Comfort is the word for soft, plush slippers that you rub your face in and cry, but flats, nay, flats are pure evil, inventions begotten by the devil himself to torture humans. What could possibly be better than bare feet? Wrapping the feet in the most uncomfortable substances that have ever existed so they will sweat and scream. At least they protect ones feet from the dangers of the filthy street right? FALSE! The shoes of deceit include a sole that is somehow even less of a sole than the sole of my bare foot. No rock, no pebble, no single grain of sand passes unnoticed by the poor soul who treads the paths of the world in flats. So yes, I am resigned to the pain, and I exchange mere pocket change for an item I know I will loathe, and the world just keeps turning.
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etraytin · a year ago
Quarantine, Day 77
Very big day today! MIL got her test results in that prove that her mild fever really was just that nasty sinus infection (the fact that the antibiotics made her feel better immediately was a good sign, but the test was nice for corroboration.) Officially Fit for Outside once more, we embarked upon our greatest adventure yet: the shoe store! 
Now you may think that this trip is somewhat frivolous, but if you believe that, you have neither seen nor smelled my child's current pair of shoes. He has had them for six months, which is approximately one geologic age in ten-year-old's-shoes years, and they are basically ruined in every way. My shoes are less visibly ruined, but the sole is completely peeling off one of them and that is less than ideal. My mother in law, of course, had those two falls the other week because she was wearing slippy-soled shoes and has been wearing her sandals ever since despite the rainy weather. And my husband always buys the same pair of black shoes every time he shops, but that doesn't mean he doesn't need to try things on. And carry stuff. At any rate, we all needed shoes very badly, so we have been discussing the big Shoe Store Visit for literally weeks now. 
The trip was complicated from the outset by the fact that kiddo's shoes were not only visibly ruined but still completely soaking wet from yesterday's water adventures. We tried unsuccessfully to tumble dry them, but Nana's high-tech dryer cannot understand the wetness level of shoes and kept thinking it was done. I eventually just made him wear them the way they were and bring along a second pair of socks so he wouldn't be trying on shoes with wet socks. That is rude even in normal times. 
He was pretty excited because this was his first time in a store that was not a convenience store since March. I have gone out shopping an average of once per week, and my husband went to campus until the powers that be allowed him to remote teach from home (more than a week after they sent the students home), but we've kept the kiddo pretty much away from anyplace where he might give or get germs. Some people have to take their kids with them to shop, I figure, so it's better if everyone with the luxury to shop alone does so. He has his own mask with Dr. Seuss characters on it, but he's only really had to wear it when we stop for gas on our long car rides. 
Kiddo was not wild about wearing the mask in the store, not least because the mask is a little bit big for his face and he couldn't look down very well, but he was good about keeping it on. As things open up and we can go out more with him, I'm going to have to see about getting him some masks that fit better. it's possible that if schools reopen on schedule in the fall, he might have to wear a mask for some or all of the school day. If that's the case, it had better be comfortable! Anyway, we went as fast as we could, splitting up so everybody could get shoes with maximum efficiency. I had to measure his feet myself and wound up getting it wrong, but we figured out the correct size by trying on several pairs that did not fit (but remained totally dry!).
He got a cool pair of tennis shoes in size five and a half, (holy puppy-dog feet, Batman!) and a pair of red socks with cats on them. I tried on shoes faster than I ever have before because everybody was waiting on me by the time I finished with the kid, and got myself a comfortable pair of walking shoes with both soles firmly attached. My husband found a two for one deal in the men's department because I have trained him to spot a bargain, coming away not only with his usual plain black shoes, but also black winter boots. I was very proud! My mother in law got a new pair of shoes with much better soles, so overall we came away with all objectives accomplished in only about forty minutes. Nearly everybody in the store was wearing a mask and distancing well, and the fact that it is a massive warehouse-sized store helped. 
So that was our big thing for today, a quarantine milestone! Today's lunch was salsa chicken again because we had lots of leftovers, but I dressed it up by making fresh tortillas. Learning to make pasta has considerably improved my kneading and rolling game since the days when I lived in Laredo and try to make tacos to fit in. While I would not characterize my efforts as round in any form, they were substantially less like pita pockets than the ones I used to make. In Laredo they sell raw corn tortillas in the grocery store so you can cook them yourself at home. I miss that! Dinner was a recipe for "fancy Hamburger Helper" that my husband found in the New York Times, which was good, and the lettuce greens I picked up at the farmer's market this afternoon. Everyone at the farmer's market wore a mask. I read an article that said doing pretty much anything you'd normally do indoors outdoors instead reduces the risk of sickness, so a farmer's market with everybody in masks and the booths 20 feet apart  is basically the shopping ideal. 
Also, if you want to try and make tortillas, they are great quarantine food so long as you have flour. I bought lard specially to make tortillas with, but I am told margarine also works. Lard is cheap and it keeps for a long time, though! You basically whisk together four cups of flour, a half teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of baking powder, then add two heaping tablespoons of lard and mix it with your hands until the lard is all spread throughout and has changed the consistency of the flour. Then you add a cup and a half of water and knead the resulting dough on a flat surface until it's smooth and stretchy. Then you divide it up into 24 little balls, roll them out individually, and cook them very quickly on a hot skillet, flipping them once each. It turns out that 24 tortillas is Very Many Tortillas for four people, so next time I will halve the recipe, but they were good! 
Tumblr media
Also for some reason I spent nearly all day thinking today was Thursday. Eventually time will become real again, but it doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. Oh and for the record, for the Me keeping score from the future, today is May 27, a Wednesday. Today is notable because it marks 100,000 COVID-19 deaths in the US. We have been in quarantine since the schools closed on March 12, and away from home since May 1. Wow, May went by _really_ fast. 
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cringeyjesus · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
my drawings are really small,, so I have to zoom in and crop them smh,,
I wuv tom tho,,
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toodamnshort · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love me some Steve Madden.....
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