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When you too #tall to bend over to tie my #shoes 👞 ————————————#tallpeopleproblems #funnyvideos #tallgirlproblems #feet #shortgirlproblems #shortgirls #7f2vs
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I am a 22-year-old female and ever since I was 11, I’ve worn the same shoe size. Depending on the shoe, this usually falls between a kids 3-4. While I save money, shopping for shoes is frustrating. There are only so many options available. I’ve just accepted this small curse. I’ve never ventured out into women’s sizing.

With kids shoes running along Men’s sizing, I’m interested in the conversation. I’ve always thought that women’s shoes were too big, so I’m suspicious. Does W - 2 = K (Therefore, 3 + 2 =5)? My arches are quite high, not sure if that factors in.

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As the title says I need some help with my choice of football shoes.
The problem is, I usually buy average ones. Not too cheap but not too expensive shoes.
The prize range is about 40Euro (+/-10Euro).

The but now the problem is, after like 3 months my shoes literally fall apart and I would ask for some advice on what materials I should be looking for in shoes and what price range would be the best for me.
Like is it actually worth it to buy shoes for over 100bucks or not, and if so what brand and materials???

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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RICKY LIVE - Hoy a las 19 Hs te invitamos a la charla con Ricky: “Nuestros primeros pasos”. Conectate en nuestro Instagram Live!

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