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#shojo kakumei utena

Buenas noches 💛 Me estoy durmiendo pero bueno… Aqui está el reto número siete del #tvtober2020

✨Final amado u odiado: El final de “Shōjo Kakumei Utena”, lo amé… Realmente sentí una felicidad genuina a ver a Anthy, liberarse de aquéllo que le hacía tanto daño.

Quisiera hablar más al respecto, pero le haría el spoiler de la vida a un amigo.

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Utena was not yet fully asleep, but her face was lit by the stars in the purple-threaded sky as they rotated and bled into the room. They had been talking for a time, but then Utena had closed her eyes, her eyelashes blending into one row of fluttering soldiers, a yawn taking over her face and a stretch and a roll onto her side– Anthy thought, Utena is the most handsome girl I know, and I do not know what I would do if I were not by her side.

aka i finally wrote utena fanfic!

anthy/utena character study. 500 words, rated g. ao3

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