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Who’s got some shojou manga/anime recs with no bs or awful endings?

I need my lovey-dovey fix

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Natsuko: Hi Munakata sama!

Fushimi: Hi Munakata san!

Munakata:good morning my best clansmen!how is the training?

Fushimi:we are gonna to train now!

Natsuko:are you sir going to join us??

Munakata:I will be your trainer

Natsuko: practice sport??but we are police.

Munakata:what ever. want you?

Fushimi:No thanks we are late come on Natsuko chan!

Munakata:if you join me I will get you a week off,but you don’t so…

Fushimi: tch Ok you won.. I’m coming!



Natsuko:you look amazing!!

Fushimi:…shut up I just want the week off!

Natsuko: which kind of sport we will practice?


Fushimi & Natsuko: Nani??(what)

Munakata: I’m kidding..the basket ball

Natsuko:no way !

Fushimi:come on if you want the week off and we can spend more time together

Natsuko:for the last time of my life Fushimi kun

Munakata:nice to hear that from you!

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♥ my favourite shōjo [ao haru ride] along with my favourite shōjo boy…kou σ(≧ε≦o) after watching the anime I immediately started reading the manga which all in all ended in a way that made me feel very happy and pleased (๑′ᴗ‵๑) ♥

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