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Where Do I Shoot Up?

I usually shoot up on the top of my hands out the side of my wrist. But lately I have been having a lot of trouble hitting there. I don’t shoot in my arm because my veins are way too deep. Does anyone know any other vein I can shoot in? Message me or reply to this please

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This Is It

I would have never guessed this would have been the way I died. Bleeding out on a church floor like a pig, for what? Hell with what time I have left I doubt I’ll understand why. At least I’m not alone at least my childhood best friend is by my side. Of course I don’t want Charlie to die, I’m glad my wife escaped.

I’ve known Charlie since I was in first grade, shit no matter what happened he always had my back. He changed though even than he was still there, He married a sweet young woman who’s family was very religious. Now that was some shit, see me and Charlie didn’t believe in god. After our dads died in the mineshaft collapse 20 years ago we just couldn’t believe anymore, Our dads died together as well.

My mom and Charlie’s mom prayed all night we did to but their bodies were recovered. Me and Charlie stopped praying and stopped attending church. Charlie though he was angry so angry for years, he drank and drank. He met Mary and he became the Charlie I knew before our dads died. This is where it really blew my damn mind, Charlie became a pastor! Yep a pastor right in our little hometown.

He tried to convince me that god is real, still to this day I don’t know. Maybe I should have listened because I’m afraid, I feel so tired. I can see blood pooling around Charlie’s head where he fell. Both of us shot in the back what kind of coward shoots up a church. Oh damn my wife Clarice, we were gonna start a family now I doubt it.

“Jackson…” whispered Charlie as his eyes stared straight to the ceiling. I turned slowly creeping over to his side, I nestled my head on his shoulder despite my side and all now being engulfed by his blood. I couldn’t hear the shooter walking anymore I could hear screaming outside but no shooting. I looked around slowly raising my head as high as I could so many bodies layered the floor.

“What is it Charlie…” I whispered.

“It’s okay to be scared.” Charlie said trying to soothe me I reckon. Usually I would fight his beliefs that he fought just as hard 20 years ago. However I knew that’s we wasn’t going to make it, it doesn’t really hurt but I can barely keep my eyes open. Charlie pulled me in weakly as I watched one looked like a tear stream down his face.

“See you on the another side…” I said trying my best to be a damn man and die without a tear but I didn’t want to go, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I watched as Charlie slowly shook his head he chuckled blood trickling down the side of his mouth as he smiled weakly.

“Oh Jackson…there is no another side…this is it.”

A story I wrote inspired by a quote from Bojack.


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