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#shooting star gif
heartsnmagic · a month ago
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ashleyrguillory · 3 years ago
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Made this after the first time I saw Call Me By Your Name. 
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wishreblogger-blog · 4 years ago
About the Shooting Star Gif
Okay, so I've been reblogging this gif whenever I see it for the past 2-maybe-3 years and I'm not a superstitious person, but I believe wholeheartedly that something's up with it. I've reblogged it quite a few times and had 3 of the wishes I'd made come true. The ones that didn't come true usually had something in common with each other. For instance, whenever I put a time limit, (I wish for _______ to happen by next week; this counted for most of the wishes I've made), it doesn't work. Same for if I wish for something for which there is pretty much no chance of happening. (I wish to befriend *insert random celebrity here*. I know, pathetic, but I just thought I'd try it, okay??) I also don't really have any luck when I go looking for it. It has to randomly turn up on my dash or in the blog of someone I'm stalking. I have to not be thinking about it when it shows up for it to work. However, things that are possible, but very, very unlikely, are the things that work for me. The first time it worked, I was very skeptical, like you should be with all things like this on the Internet. I had really been missing my best friend who I hadn't talked to in a year due to a horrible fight, and once I saw people's stories of how it worked for them, I decided to give it a shot. After all, I had nothing to lose. They never wanted to talk to me again after what I did, so I figured there was no harm in trying. About 2 weeks later, I was watching something on Netflix when my phone buzzed. I picked it up expecting it to be my mom or something, but almost dropped it again when I saw their name on the screen. The second time, I was a bit more open to the idea of this being legit. I had been wanting to go to this YouTube convention called vidcon for like 3 years, but my family doesn't have a lot of money, so I was never able to. It was looking like there was no way I would get to go that year either, but my mom got a huge raise out of nowhere a couple months before they stopped selling tickets, and I was finally able to go last summer! The third time is what fully convinced me. There was this very creepy, sexist, racist guy who wouldn't leave me alone, and who also happened to sit next to me in one of my classes. He was known in the class for being annoying, so when someone overheard that he was going to try to ask me out, they kindly slipped me a note. Normally in this situation I would "casually" mention the fact that I'm a lesbian, but this guy had previously told me that he carries weapons to school "just in case", and even showed me his butterfly knife under the desk. I was terrified of how he would react if he found out, so I just kind of went along with it and always made sure I was never alone with him. A couple days into this routine, I came across our lovely friend, the shooting star gif. I wished to be safe from the guy. Not even a week later, he announced to the class that he was switching to a different school! Huzzah! I realize as I'm writing these down that I can't seem to word them in a way that makes them feel as significant as they were. Like, if I forgot about them ever happening and read this, I would say that they were just coincidences. Which they weren't. I think about these events, and how unlikely and impossible they seemed, and how the only thing they had in common with each other was me using the shooting star gif.
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lavendarwaves · 5 years ago
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Your dash has been visited by a shooting star. Make a wish.
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angelstellaluna · 6 years ago
That shooting star gif really needs to make its way back to my dashboard because i could sure use a wish right about now
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montanaskye27 · 6 years ago
I'll give someone a massive hug or something if they can get that shooting star gif on my dash again....please.
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skeysesil · 6 years ago
ok,just so you know,the fucking shooting star gif that OH MY GOD IT MAKES MY WISHES COME TRUE shit DOESN'T!
well maybe not all the time but I had one wish and nothing happened,the deadline was this week so life is shit...
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