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toebeens · 5 months ago
Hey everyone, I don't mean to be a bother but I'm in a pretty rough place. I had my first day back at work, and not even two days later we has a shooting. A man came in, killed his wife (or girlfriend) and toddler, and then turned the gun on himself. Thank God, no one else was hurt and I happened to be off that day, and my heart goes out to their family. Needless to say, I'm a bit nervous about returning to work, but am going to because of my needs of course. As difficult as it is to say, I'm absolutely terrified to sleep in my car right now and am seeing if I can raise funds for even just 2 or 3 nights in a hotel so I can catch my bearings. My parents passed and I don't have a family I can turn to, and I also have bills past due.
I have $68 and am trying to raise $400 for my bills and 2 nights at an inexpensive hotel. As always, reblogs are greatly appreciated. I'm sorry to ask for help a last time, but I can't begin to explain the state of mind and fear and anxiety I have in my car. Thank uou for your time.
Message for Zelle if that's preferred. I'll update as I can.
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dreamyygeorgenap · 26 days ago
Sapnap: “Patches, her whole life is just walking around the house. Like imagine how boring that is.”  George: “That’s what...
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one-time-i-dreamt · 2 months ago
My (mean) biology teacher, now assistant principal, rounded up a group of us students and called us into an empty classroom. There was an area he could climb up into. He pulled out a gun and started firing, and hit one kid behind the ear. Then, he just left. The kid who got hit didn't really seem injured or phased, and I had to convince him to go see the school nurse for a bullet wound.
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obsidiancreates · a month ago
Two Halves Are NOT Better Than One
When Danny's parents found out he was Phantom after a fight gone wrong, he thought they'd taken it surprisingly well. They apologized for shooting at him, helped patch him up, and sent him to rest. For a week, he heard nothing more about it.
And then he walked into his house, Sam and Tucker behind him, and was blasted in two.
Tucker caught the Human Danny, and Sam caught the Ghost Danny.
"Got 'im!" Jack pumps his fist with joy while Maddie lowers the gun, smiling.
"We saved Danny!" Jack gestures to the Human Danny. "Ghosts were after him because of his condition, so now they won't be!"
"But you split him in half! The last time this happened it was terrible!" Sam shakes Ghost Danny at them (he's very light of course, like a tuft of fuzz).
"Into a hippe slacker and an old cartoony superhero, right?" Jack says. "We prepared for that! His brain isn't split like that this time, don't worry!"
Sam and Tucker share a look. Yeah, they're still worried. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"How many fingers am I holding up?"
Danny is frowning, arms crossed. "Three."
Maddie grins. "Perfect! Alright, now-"
"Mom. Give me back my ghost half."
"It's too dangerous, sweetie. But don't worry, your father is making sure it's also functioning right. And it'll stay with us until it's adjusted."
"He, Mom."
"Sure. He."
Jack nocks on the door, and slowly opens it. He has a sheepish grin. "So... you know how ghosts can go through walls? The good news is the Ghost has that power working just fine."
Danny slams his locker shut. "I feel worse than when Spectra was counseling everyone!"
"Because you can't phase out of lockers anymore?" Tucker asks.
"Because of all of it! I swear, I'm about one bad piece of luck away from-"
"Hey, Fen-Turd!" Dash picks up Danny by his shirt collar. "What's wrong with you? Miss your Nerd Club? Ha!"
Danny scowls. "Not in the mood today, Dash."
Dash drops him. "Not in the mood, huh? Then let's see who is!"
He grabs Tucker next. "Hey Drool-y! Let's see how you look with this stupid beanie stuffed down your throat- AHCK!"
Dash drops Tucker as Danny leaps to tackle him like a raccoon! Dash doesn't fall over, but screams and stumbles as Danny tries to take him down, completely clinging to his torso!
"... I think we need to find Phantom," Tucker says, watching Danny pull on Dash's hair.
"You think?" Sam snarks back, already grabbing the Thermos and a detector.
Danny kicks a pebble as they walk home grumbling.
"Danny, it's been like, hours. You need to chill."
"I can't chill, Tuck!" Danny kicks the pebble harder. "Mom and Dad think no powers means no ghosts, but these guys hate me for me! It's personal! I have no powers, no way to defend myself, no way to defend you guys or anyone else!"
"And no ice powers," Sam adds.
"Look, we'll find him." Sam pats her bag. "I grabbed your Thermos when you were mauling Dash-"
"I wasn't mauling."
"You bit him, dude."
"-but we didn't find him anywhere around the school. So you go inside and meditate or something, and we'll find Phantom."
They find him pretty easily. Not hard to miss a ghost boy lounging atop the Nasty Burger sign, stuffing his face.
"HEY!" Sam waves her arms. "PHANTOM!"
He looks down. "HI SAM!"
"OKAY!" He flies down and wipes his mouth on his sleeve. "What's up?"
"Danny is losing his mind."
Phantom nods. "We're supposed to be one person. Plus, I have our Core." He taps his chest. "That's got to mess him up, haing this ripped out."
"So you'll come back with us?" Tucker dares t ask hopefully.
Phantom shrugs. "Sure."
Sam crosses her arms, eyeing him warily. "... Why're you being so easy about this?"
Phantom shrugs again. "I just don't feel like fighting."
Tucker's eyes go wide. He points. "Because you are Danny's Chill! You're the missing Chill!"
"Yeah, I just said that." He taps his Core again.
"No! I mean, yeah, but, you're his ability to be calm! Oh man Danny's parents are really reckless!"
Phantom nods, and then winces. "Oh, yeah. If I'm his Chill, then he's probably going to blow soon. We go through way too much stuff on the daily for him to be okay right now."
"Danny, now calm down son-"
Danny shoots the laser again. "I'M GOING TO BREAK THAT THING!"
"It's a good weapon!" Maddie snaps from behind a table. "If more Halfas show up we ca save them too!"
Danny blows up another ghost hunting device. "I AM CLEARLY NOT DOING BETTER!"
"He's not wrong," jack points out while hiding behind the table.
"WE'VE GOT HIM!" Sam and Tucker sprint down, Phantom following lazily behind.
"Hi Danny." Phantom waves.
Danny waves back, very angry. "I'm blowing up the gun that did this to us!"
"Okay. But um, you've blown up a lot of stuff."
"I KNOW! I DON'T KNOW HOW TO WORK THIS THING!" Danny smacks the gun, making it fire again. "JUST- WORK, DARNIT!"
Phantom drifts over. "Let me see it. ... Maybe this is the auto-aim?"
"... Maybe," Danny huffs.
Phantom nods. "Let's see... here's the off button." Phantom presses it. "How come you didn't see it?"
"I was too frustrated," Danny says, scowling. Phantom pats Danny on the back.
"It's okay buddy. We've all been there. ... I guess I haven't, as a, separate being from you right now."
Jack ad Maddie peek out, watching the two halves of their son work together.
"So let's aim it like this-" Phantom helps lift the gun. "What're we shooting again?"
Danny points at the splitter. "That!"
"Oh, yeah."
They shoot it, blowing it to smithereens! They both look quite pleased.
"Wow, I hope that Skulker didn't hear that," Phantom says, sitting down.
"Um. Why?" Danny tenses.
"I saw him earlier. He tried to get me but I just went into the ground when he wasn't looking and got away."
"You didn't fight him?! What if he hurts other people!"
"Oh. I didn't think of that." Phantom puts his hand to his chin. "Huh."
"How did you not think of that?!"
"I wasn't worried about it."
"You should be!"
"Um, guys?" Tucker taps Danny's shoulder.
"You don't think of everything, either."
"Maybe separating them wasn't a good idea," Maddie says, tapping the table nervously.
"One brain, two boys." Jack rubs the back of his head. "I guess halving his soul had consequences, who could've guessed?"
"GUYS!" Tucker shouts. All eyes turn to him. "How're we going to put them back together?"
"... Well." Phantom looks resigned.
"We're ruined." Danny sinks to his knees.
"I guess Passive Phantom and Danny Feral are here to stay." Sam sighs and looks at The Fenton parents. "Please tell me you ca fix this."
Jack moves his hand in the 'fifty-fifty chance' movement.
"At least Dash isn't going to mess with us for a while," Tucker tries to joke.
"You're next if you mention it again," Danny growls. Phantom rubs Danny's back, and shakes his head at Tucker to let him know Danny was fibbing. Hopefully.
"Maybe now you'll seriously consider my suggestion of therapy?"
Everyone screams at Jazz's sudden appearance, except for Phantom. He just waves.
(Random joke fic, based on the idea of "What if Danny Without Powers was just a Feral Little Man who attacked Dash like a cartoon raccoon)
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witchern · 8 months ago
i don’t usually post super-serious stuff on my blog (my blog is a dumpster fire first and FOREMOST) but if you haven’t heard yet, 8 people were killed in shootings at 3 different massage parlors in georgia tonight. most of the victims were asian women.
anti-asian hate crimes have risen by nearly 150% in major US cities since last year, thanks to the prejudice against our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. i know pretty much everyone’s financially hurting right now, but if any of you could spare a dollar or two for one of these great orgs working to combat anti-asian racism, it’d really mean a lot. and if not a donation, at least spread the word:
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ stop asian hate (gofundme)
and here’s a carrd for anti-asian violence resources that includes more donation links as well as educational resources, petitions, mental health resources, and more.
our community is scared and heartbroken, so thanks in advance for whatever you’re able to contribute or share 💕
(and please feel free to add more links and resources that you find!)
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tmmyhug · a month ago
i just watched that christian covid movie and it’s exactly as funny as it sounds. i could have edited this in imovie. every other scene is to christian rock music. there’s an amazing grace rap. they spend half the movie spray painting the icthys on random trees. the hacker character knows how to use microsoft word and google images and that’s like it. there’s an entire plot twist where the daughter of the police chief turns out to be on the good guys’ side and then nothing happens. when she’s tasked with executing their leader she just straight up kills him. and apparently the hero got engaged to the love interest and we don’t find out until the very last scene when the police drive him out to a forest at night and shoot him in the face while he flashbacks to karaoke night (?) there’s supposed to be hundreds of thousands of people in their movement and there’s like fifteen people in the movie tops. please watch it it’s hilarious
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one-time-i-dreamt · 2 months ago
I killed Lucius Malfoy in my grandma’s kitchen with a gun and then I saw a massive tree at the bottom of her field and ran down to it, only to see a massive treehouse (like the one from the animated Alvin and the Chipmunks series). Then I was suddenly digging a grave for the body and there was at least three other bodies in the grave.
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pro-birth · 8 months ago
I really wish re(p)orters would st(o)p dancing a(r)ound the reaso(n) why a sex addict would kill several Asian American women.
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soulmemes · 7 months ago
send " get down! " for the receiver to be tackled to the ground and shielded from an attack ( i.e. gunfire, explosions, etc. ) by the sender.
alternatively, send " what are you doing?! " for the sender to be tackled to the ground and shielded from an attack by the receiver.
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blades-queer · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
I mean no disrespect to this hero. Only a warning to others who use their second amendment rights to protect protesters about how fascists do not see you as human.
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jacnaylor · 3 months ago
I haven't seen any posts about this but the UK has just experienced its worst mass shooting in a decade with six people being killed. The shooter is a self described incel, posting rants about not being able to meet women, his opinions on single mothers and his own mother who he also killed, and the youngest victim was three years old.
It's just so awful and there's so many questions about how he was able to have a gun licence which is supposed to be well monitored. He had his guns confiscated last year over assault allegations and they were returned to him last month which is just shocking.
I don't want to focus on the gun man and thoughts are with the families of the victims.
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A police officer just killed a mother and her son because they argued back against him.
A child just proudly proclaimed “My father is a policeman!” Then stood back and watched without remorse or guilt when her father shot the mother and son point blank in front of her.
Please don’t be silent. So many crimes committed by the police here in the Philippines go unpunished and silenced. Police Brutality runs rampant in our streets, and everytime I go out, I cower in fear not just because of the virus, but because of the fear that the very people, who were supposed to protect me, will kill me.
Please help spread awareness!!
Warning: The video (if you happen to look for it and if you decide to watch it) is very triggering. Please be warned.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tagging @one-time-i-dreamt and if you kno other popular blogs, pls tag so other ppl can know
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