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#shooting up

♥About To Do This Monster Of A Goofball! Poured The Last Of My Drugs Into This Baby.

♥Approx: .25 of Black Tar & .3 of Crystal.😍

♥FINALLY Scored Some Crys For My Goofballs! It’s Been EXTREMELY Hard To Find In My Area Lately Due To Quarantine.

×× May 25th, 2020 ~ 9:58 A.M. ××

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I Got All These New, Sterile Rigs… But I Have Nothing To Slam…


**Attempted To Make A Syringe Heart Because, Well, This IS Tumblr.

× Ugh. I NEED Something To Put In My Veins! 😥

× May 14th, 2020 – 10:59 P.M. ×

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♦ I Am Flesh & I Am Bone.

♦ Arise; Ting Ting…

Like Glitter & Gold.

♦ I’ve Got Fire In My Soul.

♦ Rise Up; Ting Ting…

Like Glitter.

**Here’s Some Updated Selfies Of Me. All My Other Selfies Are From 3+ Months Ago.

× May 14th, 2020 – 10:14 P.M. ×

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well this is lame guess i do this shot and look at my own pussy😒

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