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Back from shopping, and just before the “Stay at home” order kicked in at 5pm.

Still no social distancing, yet lots of people were wearing masks and gloves. Go figure.

Interestingly eggs seem to be the impossible to find thing. I wanted eggs, but I don’t need them. I make the occassional omelette, but mostly I just use them in cooking. 

The “Groot guy” checked me out and he said it was a madhouse in the store yesterday. Glad I wasn’t there then!

 I do wish I didn’t feel I mangled the conversation with him. I hate spending the ride home thinking of all the things I should have said. It’s particularly annoying since I’m going to try to go two weeks without shopping, so it will be a while before I see anyone else. That gives me LOTS of time to review my conversational errors! LOL

I cut my hand last week putting the hog feed in the trunk, and did it this week putting in the dog food! I’ve never cut my hand putting in animal feed before, and now I’ve done it two weeks in a row! I spend days using a saw and such like without even a nick, but buy groceries leaves me dripping blood all over the place???

Anyway, the refrigerator is full for the first time since I’ve been here on my own. I should be good for two weeks, which I know I didn’t have to do but it seemed like a good idea to try.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention……

I have a toaster oven now!!!!!!!!!

Sculpting may begin again! 

Though I should just experiment a day or two. Ovens can have different heating times, and when you are talking such small things a minute or two can make a huge difference. I’d hate to burn something after going to a lot of bother to make it. (When you see this month’s sculpting you will see that when the last toaster oven died it burned one where I’s spent forever making a frog on someone’s head) (What’s so odd about having a frog on your head? I mean, I’ve sculpted octopuses, cats, dragons, bats, snakes and mice on people’s heads. A frog seems rather ordinary really…)

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🤔A lot of ppl are dying but it shows a lot of people were not taking care of themselves as well. We know most death cases are older ppl who Systems are compromised & have prior issues but for the younger ppl who don’t eat right but seem healthy are just as much at risk. If u don’t take the right things (minerals&vitanins, nutrients) to be strong💪🏾 how can u fight off a virus? 🦠 or a cold or a pneumonia? The veggies were stocked & the meat 🥩 sold out? 😳🤦🏾‍♂️ wtf? #besafe #corona #stayhome #coronavirus #quarantine #shopping #thoughts #nyc #harlem (at New York, New York)

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