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brightgoat · a month ago
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chiyahowo · 8 months ago
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Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No, it’s a shopping cart with distant screaming.
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i learned that the inventor of shopping carts, Sylvan Goldman, had to hire "decoy shoppers" to wheel the carts around stores and demonstrate their convenience, due to not catching on initially (x)
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mindblowingfactz · 3 days ago
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The inventor of shopping carts, Sylvan Goldman, had to hire several male and female models to push carts around in his store, demonstrate their utility, and explain their use to other customers, due to not catching on initially.
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beloved-luna · 2 months ago
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dougthemacrophile · 4 months ago
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"Come on sweetie, I only need a couple groceries. It will be a quick trip" Vicki beckoned to you. But you sat with your arms crossed like a difficult child, hoping to remain in the oversized passenger seat while she ran her errands.
"Can't I stay here?" You whined. "I don't want to be seen like this..."
"Awwww, baby!" Vicki cooed. She knew you were having some self esteem issues since your shrinkage. "I'm sorry, but its too hot to stay in the car. And you can't hide away from the world forever" She gave you a sympathetic gaze. "Besides, almost all the boys are your size or smaller these days! Jeannie's boyfriend shrank so much that she carries him with her to the store in her purse!"
She was trying to make you feel better. But it wasn't working.
"Come on, now my little man. If you're good, I'll pick the shopping cart that's shaped like a race car! Wouldn't that be fun? It will feel like you can drive again! Vroom vroom!"
It was humiliating when she spoke to you like a child, but that's essentially what you were to her now. It's what all guys were becoming. Its just the way things were. At least she offered the race car cart.
"Ok, babe" You mumbled as you resigned yourself to the shopping trip.
Vicki put her hands under your arms and scooped you up like a toddler, holding you tightly against her breast as she took big, swaying strides into the grocery store. Every foot fall from her 'petite' feminine feet caused your whole body to quiver. You still weren't used to being carried.
In the parking lot you could see other women walking with their pint-sized partners. One guy was struggling to carry a paper shopping bag that was nearly as big as he was. He was racing to keep pace with the leisurely stroll of the towering woman next to him. She had to be at least 5 times his size. You were certain the bag was filled with bread or chips. Something light that the man's girlfriend or wife would let him handle while she carried the 'heavy' stuff. You hoped you wouldn't get that small and have that sort of blow to your masculinity.
"Speaking of Jeannie and her boyfriend..." Your attention moved back to your own giant girlfriend as she spoke. "I was thinking she could come over later. Me and her can catch up and you and Chris...I think his name is Chris..., anyway, you and her boyfriend can have a little play date. I'll even let you pick out some snacks for you boys to munch on while you watch some sports thingies or however you decide to play. Maybe some pizza rolls? Juice boxes? Sounds fun, right?" She shined her big bright smile as she bent down and unloaded your little body into the race car shopping cart.
"Yeah. Sounds great" you replied meekly, feigning interest.
"You'll have to play nice though and be extra gentle. Like I said, Chris got really small. You're so lucky to have stayed big. Well, relatively big. You know what I mean" Vicki brushed off her misphrase and pushed the cart into the store.
'Yeah, real lucky' you thought to yourself as you toyed with the fake plastic steering wheel of the 'race car'. At least you were still bigger than someone out there.
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blondebrainpower · 10 months ago
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things-saved-on-my-phone · 2 months ago
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franklucaphotography · a month ago
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Last minute shop.
By Frank Luca
Instagram: @franklu.ca
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paintingorsomething · 3 months ago
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Matt Bollinger
Entertainment Center, 2020
Flashe and acrylic on canvas, 78 x 124 inches (78 x 62 inches each)
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scurybooween · 5 months ago
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Waiting on you to take me Halloween shopping...
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misterhayden · 7 months ago
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jusybrowsing2 · 9 months ago
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no one likes a cliché bully traaavis
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imforeverjustyours · 6 months ago
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I’m just going to leave this right here ...
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volatileproximity · 6 months ago
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a-faith-forgotten-land · 6 months ago
I just had the weirdest visual of Cardan rolling down a hill in a shopping cart and Jude is the one who pushed him, Vivi acquired the cart and The Roach and Oak are cheering him on whereas Heather is the only one who is showing ANY signs of distress
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thewildnopeboat · 3 months ago
Ghost, taking the guardian shopping for once: Okay, now what do you need to do?
Guardian, pouting: Stay in the cart.
Ghost, pushing the Guardian around the store: And if we see anyone we know?
Guardian, legs dragging behind the cart because they are stuck in the child's seat: Kill them.
Ghost: NO
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streetmatt · 4 months ago
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Shopping cart.
By Matti Merilaid.
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wonderful-emoji · 2 months ago
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theyrefuckingmental · 12 days ago
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u put my heart on spin cycle.
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