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He's still very shy
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Dolce & Gabbana, Fall 2019 Couture
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Head empty, just thoughts of this trio
I am a whore
And literally need to write this so sorry that I'm a fucking whore for the GILF energy
Minors DNI 18+
"Give it back doll." you turned, laughing as you spun around. Naked except for the guitarists famous top hate. You managed to get write into Axl's arms, letting him fold you into him as the mischievous grin spread across your face.
"Oh no, you're not getting in trouble again. Right, honey?" you held up your fingers to signal just a little as Slash took his hat off your head and your hair tumbled down your back.
Axl delivered a kiss on your crown as you snuggled deeper into his embrace, letting him pull you into his lap as he fell onto the couch, an arm around you as you were glared at my Slash.
"You need to control her." Slash demanded as you stuck your tongue out. A small smack on the side of your face stunning you as you looked up at Axl, all pouts and glistening eyes now.
"None of that attitude, honey. You promised you'd be a good girl on this tour." Axl scolded you as you nodded, bottom lip still jutting out.
"Y/N is a VERY good girl. Right, princess?" Duff was sitting down next to Axl and at his praise you moved onto his lap, kissing his lips as a reward for being your ally.
"You're the problem." Slash pointed to the bassist as you sent him another dirty look for talking about you. "You let her get away with too much." Your pout was back as you looked at Duff.
His soft kisses on your face made you snuggle into him, squirming on his lap until you felt his cock pushing against you. Your eyes snapped up and you moved off, going to undo this buckle.
"Maybe you two just don't know what you're doing with Y/N. Because as you can see, she's a very good girl for me."
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May I have "I really like your smile" with Nightmare? And it's something he's being told, 'cause I wanna give him some love <3
Of course you can! I thought that this one turned out awfully cute ^^
Nightmare knew that his datemate wasn't paying attention in the meeting. It didn't didn't really matter because they weren't part of the Bad Sanses but it was still annoying to know that they were ignoring him for some reason. 
He was explaining his plans to the rest of the Bad Sanses, telling them what they were going to do and how to do it. Axe was nodding along, Dusty seeming bored, and Killer was paying so much attention to him.
A little strange but he knew why.
Error wasn't here, and Onyx said that he couldn't make it. Why? He didn't explain, and that's the most annoying thing in the world to Nightmare.
Why be part of the group if you're not going to bother even showing up to the meetings?
He ignored his anger to focus on the planning. He was smiling a little, even. What could he say? He was a tad giddy. This may be the end of everything and it'll end in his court. 
Everything was going to plan!
Finally, once he was done, he waves his hand "go, get everything ready. We leave in a few days" and with that, the rest of the group leaves. Axe was talking about whatever type of food that he was going to make everyone.
Just he and his datemate together now.
"You weren't listening to a word I said," he asks, looking at them, squinting, "were you?"
"Nope" they said, popping the P as they got up to come sit on his desk, smiling down at him and crossing one leg over the other.
"Then why come to sit? I know it cannot be that interesting" he responds and moves his hands onto their hips.
They hum, most likely thinking about it. He just kept holding them, lightly. He was really happy to be able to do this, it felt... Nice, you know, to have someone?
"I really like your smile"
He paused at that, staring up at them his cheeks feeling warm under the goop. "What?" he asks, tilting his head to the side. He was pretty sure he heard them correctly but it was still... shocking.
"I know you heard me" They coo, softly, and kiss the top of his head. It felt weird to be kissed because of the goop on his body... eating any or getting any on your skin normally isn't good for the person. 
"...Whatever" he turns his head away, huffing softly. Bullshit. That was total and full on bullshit. Damn his datemate.
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(This fic will be short. This fic WILL be short. This fic WILL be SHORT)
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﹒(੭ ´͈꒳ '͈)੭⠀  ⠀ (๑•ᴗ•๑) ⠀  ⠀૮⍝◠ ·̫ ◠⍝ა
﹒˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵ ⠀⠀  ⠀  ⠀ε(♡'-')з ⠀⠀  ⠀ ପ( •̤ᴗ•̤ )੭ु⁾⁾
﹒Ꮚˊ•ﻌ•ˋᏊ ⠀  ⠀ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ⠀  (∩˃o˂∩)♡
﹒⦮ ⦯⠀ ⠀  ⠀ ⠀  ⠀ᕱ⑅ᕱ⠀  ⠀  ⠀⠀ ᐢ⸼⸼ᐢ
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you're my, my, my lover
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• letters 'nd symbols :
𖨸 𖨷 𖨬 𖨧 𖨦 𖨥 𖨤 𖨡 𖨛 𖨙 𖨘 𖨖 𖨕 𖨎 𖨋 𖨊 𖨈 𖨇 𖨆 𖨂 𖧾 𖧽 𖧻 𖧺 𖧹 𖧷 𖧶 𖧵 𖧰 𖧯 𖧭 𖧪 𖧩 𖧨 𖧧 𖧢 𖧡 𖧛 𖧗 𖧖 𖧕 𖧑 𖧐 𖧋 𖧉 𖧁 𖦾 𖦽 𖦹 𖦸 𖦴 𖦳 𖦲 𖦭 𖦬 𖦩 𖦨 𖦧 𖦥 𖦣 𖦟 𖦞 𖦛 𖦖 𖦓 𖦒 𖦐 𖦏 𖦋 𖦉 𖦇 𖦅 𖦄 𖦃 𖦀 𖥿 𖥾 𖥻 𖥹 𖥸 𖥷 𖥵 𖥳 𖥲 𖥱 𖥰 𖥭 𖥩 𖥨 𖥧 𖥦 𖥥 𖥣 𖥞 𖥝 𖥚 𖥙 𖥖 𖥕 𖥎 𖥍 𖥋 𖥉 𖥇 𖥆 𖥅 𖥁 𖤿 𖤾 𖤺 𖤷 𖤵 𖤴 𖤳 𖤱 𖤰 𖤫 𖤩 𖤨 𖤦 𖤥 𖤣 𖤠 𖤟 𖤞 𖤝 𖤜 𖤛 𖤘 𖤖 𖤕 𖤓 𖤐 𖤏 𖤍 𖤋 𖤊 𖤅 𖤃 𖤂 𖣿 𖣼 𖣻 𖣺 𖣸 𖣶 𖣵 𖣳 𖣲 𖣯 𖣭 𖣦 𖣤 𖣣 𖣡 𖣠 𖣟 𖣙 𖣎 𖣍 𖣂 𖢻 𖢯 𖢨 𖢦 𖢥 𖢡 𖢠 𖢜 𖢖 𖢔 𖢊 𖢆 𖢄 𖡼 𖡰 𖡥 𖡣 𖡜 𖡛 𖡙 𖡘 𖡗 𖡖 𖡔 𖡓 𖡐 𖡏 𖡎 𖡌 𖡍 𖡋 𖠿 𖠾 𖠽 𖠹 𖠶 𖠴 𖠳 𖠲 𖠱 𖠫 𖠪 𖠩 𖠣 𖠢 𖠡 𖠟 𖠞 𖠜 𖠛 𖠚 𖠘 𖠗 𖠕 𖠔 𖠓 𖠑 𖠐 𖠏 𖠎 𖠌 𖠋 𖠉 𖠈 𖠇 𖠆 𖠅 𖠄 𖠃 𖠂 𖠁 𔙆 𔘾 𔘺 𔘹 𔘸 𔘷 𔘶 𔘴 𔘲 𔘱 𔘰 𔘯 𔘮 𔘭 𔘫 𔘪 𔘥 𔘤 𔘡 𔘠 𔘟 𔘞 𔘜 𔘛 𔘘 𔘓 𔘒 𔘏 𔘍 𔘄 𔘂 𔗾 𔗸 𔗷 𔗵 𔗴 𔗲 𔗱 𔗫 𔗩 𔗨 𔗦 𔗟 𔗞 𔗔 𔗓 𔗒 𔗑 𔗐 𔗌 𔗆 𔗂 𔗁 𔖨 𔖢 𔖜 𔖛 𔖚 𔖙 𔖘 𔖗 𔖖 𔖇 𔖃 𔖂 𔖀 𔕹 𔕸 𔕷 𔕳 𔕱 𔕥 𔕡 𔕠 𔕞 𔕛 𔕚 𔕙 𔕔 𔕒 𔕇 𔔻 𔔱 𔔮 𔔬 𔔩 𔔧 𔔦 𔔤 𔔣 𔔢 𔔡 𔔠 𔔙 𔔖 𔔕 𔔔 𔔒 𔔑 𔔎 𔔍 𔔆 𔔂 𔔁 𔔀 𔓾 𔓷 𔓶 𔓯 𔓨 𔓜 𔓘 𔓗 𔓕 𔓒 𔓐 𔓏 𔓎 𔓇 𔓆 𔓅 𔓄 𔓃 𔓂 𔓁 𔓀 𔒿 𔒾 𔒽 𔒹 𔒸 𔒶 𔒴 𔒲 𔒱 𔒯 𔒮 𔒫 𔒨 𔒥 𔒣 𔒡 𔒜 𔒙 𔒍 𔒋 𔒈 𔒇 𔒅 𔒃 𔑾 𔑺 𔑶 𔑵 𔑲 𔑯 𔑮 𔑬 𔑪 𔑘 𔑗 𔑐 𔑏 𔑈 𔑇 𔐯 𔐡 𔐙 𔐕 𔐓 𔐉 𔐄 𔐀 🝳 🝱 🝰 🝯 🝮 🝭 🝩 🝧 🝦 🝥 🝣 🝢 🝚 🝙 🝘 🝖 🝕 🝔 🝓 🝏 🝎 🝍 🝌 🝊 🝆 🝅 🝄 🝃 🝁 🜿 🜾 🜽 🜼 🜻 🜺 🜸 🜷 🜶 🜵 🜴 🜳 🜲 🜰 🜨 🜣 🜛 🜗 🜖 🜕 🜔 🜉 🜄 🜃 🜂 🜁 𑶧 𑶦 𑶣 𑶤 𑶢 𑶠 𑱗 𑱐 𑱘 𑣿 𑣲 𑣱 𑣰 𑣫 𑣪 𑣩 𑣨 𑣧 𑣥 𑣤 𑣢 𑣡 𑣠 𑣜 𑣛 𑣚 𑣗 𑣖 𑣕 𑣓 𑣒 𑣑 𑣏 𑣍 𑣎 𑣌 𑣉 𑣈 𑣇 𑣄 𑣃 𑣀 𑑛 𑑙 𑑘 𑑗 𑑕 𑑔 𑑑 𑑐 𑑏 𑊥 𑊢 𑊡 𑊟 𑊤 𑊝 𑊕 𑊔 𑊒 𑊑 𑊐 𑊊 𑊂 𑊁 𑈽 𑈨 𑈧 𑈤 𑈞 𑈛 𑈗 𑈕 𑈔 𑈏 𑈆 𑈀 𑇝 𑇜 𑇛 𑇙 𑇘 𑇗 𑇖 𑇒 𑇑 𑇐 𑅃 𑅀 𑄾 𑄽 𑄼 𑄻 𑄷 𑄤 𑄝 𑄙 𑄆 𑂼 𑂻 𑂯 𑂪 𑂧 𑂦 𑂥 𑂢 𑂡 𑂠 𑂟 𑂞 𑂗 𑂔 𑂑 𑂇 𑁯 𑁭 𑁬 𑁪 𑁨 𑁥 𑁤 𑁠 𑁘 𑁍 𑀯 𑀬 𑀣 𑀠 𑀞 𑀙 𑀍 𑀄 𑀃 𐴒 𐴐 𐴏 𐴈 𐴂 𓐭 𓐡 𓐗 𓐖 𓐐 𓐎 𓐍 𓏹 𓏸 𓏳 𓏲 𓏡 𓏠 𓏚 𓏘 𓏗 𓏖 𓏔 𓏓 𓏑 𓏏 𓏌 𓏊 𓎾 𓎻 𓎺 𓎶 𓎵 𓎲 𓎫 𓎧 𓎥 𓎠 𓍼 𓍱 𓍯 𓍢 𓍕 𓍔 𓍊 𓌱 𓌛 𓌆 𓋱 𓋰 𓋭 𓋪 𓊸 𓊬 𓊪 𓊗 𓊖 𓊕 𓊔 𓊓 𓊒 𓊌 𓉿 𓉸 𓉴 𓈟 𓈒 𓈑 𓈊 𓈅 𓈀 𓇼 𓇸 𓇷 𓇳 𓇯 𓇬 𓇨 𓇤 𓇣 𓇞 𓇕 𓇚 𓆩 𓆪 𓆠 𓆇 𓆂 𓄼 𓄹 𓄰 𓄧 𓃿 𓂋 𓂅 𓂁 𓂃 𓂂 𓂄 𐦟 𐦞 𐦝 𐦜 𐦖 𐦕 𐦒 𐦑 𐦏 𐦍 𐦉 𐦈 𐦅 𐦃 𐦂 ︎𐪞︎ 𐪜 𐪚 𐪔 𐪓 𐪒 𐪐 𐪏 𐪎 𐪌 𐪆 𐪅 𐪁 𐪃 𐩿 𐩾 𐩺 𐩳 𐩲 𐩰 𐩥 𐩣 𐩕 𐩔 𐩒 𐩇 𝞎 𝞋 𝞉 𝝵 𝝳 𝝯 𞥙 𞥘 𞥗 𞥖 𞥕 𞥔 𞥑 𞥂 𞥀 𞤹 𞤥 𞤤 𞤦 𞤗 𞋹 𞋸 𞋶 𞋵 𞋴 𞋲 𞋱 𞋫 𞋪 𞋩 𞋨 𞋧 𞋥 𞋣 𞋢 𞋡 𞋠 𞋟 𞋞 𞋝 𞋚 𞋙 𞋘 𞋗 𞋔 𞋓 𞋋 𞋈 𞋇 𞋅 𞋄 𞋃 𞋂 𝈉 𐠦 𐠥 𐠤 𐠡 𐠟 𐠗 𐠓 𐝡 𐝈 𐜳 𐜲 𐜮 𐜭 𐜬 𐜧 𐛒 𐛑 𐛏 𐛌 𐚽 𐚹 𐚲 𐚱 𐚰 𐚯 𐚮 𐚭 𐚬 𐚪 𐚩 𐚨 𐚧 𐚦 𐚥 𐚤 𐚣 𐚢 𐚞 𐚜 𐚔 𐚒 𐚐 𐚍 𐚉 𐚈 𐚆 𐚁 𐙿 𐙾 𐙼 𐙸 𐙷 𐙵 𐙱 𐙯 𐙮 𐙬 𐙩 𐙦 𐙥 𐙤 𐙣 𐙡 𐙠 𐙟 𐙞 𐙝 𐙜 𐙒 𐙔 𐙐 𐙌 𐙋 𐙆 𐙄 𐙀 𐘿 𐘾 𐘺 𐘷 𐘱 𐘰 𐘫 𐘦 𐘃 𐑷 𐑶 𐑴 𐑳 𐑰 𐑱 𐑲 𐑯 𐑬 𐑌 𐑉 𐑆 𐑀 𐐿 𐑁 𐑂 𐐺 𐐸 𐐷 𐐶 𐐵 𐐴 𐐳 𐐲 𐐯 𐐭 𐐬 𐐫 𐐪 𐐩 𐐨 𐐘 𐐗 𐐐 𐐏 𐐎 𐐍 𐐌 𐐊 𐐇 𐐅 𐐄 𐐃 𐐂 𐐁 𐐀 𐇼 𐇻 𐇺 𐇹 𐇸 𐇷 𐇶 𐇵 𐇴 𐇳 𐇲 𐇰 𐇯 𐇮 𐇭 𐇬 𐇫 𐇪 𐇩 𐇨 𐇧 𐇦 𐇥 𐇤 𐇣 𐇢 𐇠 𐇟 𐇜 𐇛 𐇚 𐇙 𐇘 𐇗 𐇖 𐇕 𐇔 𐇓 𐇒 𐇑 𐇐 ﹫ ﹪ ﹩ ﹨ ﹦ ﹤ ﹥ ﹣ ﹢ ﹡ ﹠ ﹟ ﹝ ﹞ ﹛ ﹜ ﹙ ﹚ ﹘ ﹗ ﹖ ﹕ ﹔ ﹒ ﹐ ﹆ ﹅ ︘ ︗ ⫐ ⫏ ⪦ ⪧ ⩟ ⩔ ⩓ ⩐ ⩍ ⩌ ⩋ ⩊ ⩉ ⩇ ⩆ ⩅ ⩄ ⩀ ⨾ ⨷ ⨃ ⨂ ⨁ ⨀ ⧠ ⧟ ⧜ ⧉ ⧈ ⧇ ⧆ ⧅ ⧄ ⦾ ❋ ❊ ❉ ❈ ❆ ❅ ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ ✿ ✾ ✽ ✼ ✻ ✺ ✹ ✸ ✷ ✶ ✵ ✲ ✱ ✰ ✯ ✮ ✭ ✬ ✫ ✪ ✩ ✧ ✦ ❍ ❏ ✑ ✐ ✎ ✄ 𐃹 𐃸 𐃷 𐃴 𐃳 𐃲 𐃰 𐃯 𐃮 𐃭 𐃬 𐃫 𐃩 𐃨 𐃧 𐃦 𐃤 𐃣 𐃢 𐃡 𐃠 𐃟 𐃞 𐃙 𐃗 𐃔 𐃓 𐃒 𐃑 𐃏 𐃋 𐃊 𐃉 𐃄 𐃃 𐃁 𐂾 𐂼 𐂻 𐂵 𐂴 𐂲 𐂬 𐂪 𐂨 𐂧 𐂤 𐂣 𐂢 𐂡 𐂞 𐂜 𐂖 𐂒 𐂐 𐁙 𐁑 𐁍 𐁋 𐁇 𐁂 𐁃 𐀼 𐀷 𐀶 𐀴 𐀬 𐀤 𐀣 𐀢 𐀔 𐀒 𐀏 𐀊 𐀉 𐀅 𐀁 �  ꩜ ꩐ ꥟ ꣘ ꣗ ꣙ ꣒ ꣑ ꣁ ꢾ ꣀ ꢸ ꢮ ꢭ ꢬ ꢫ ꢤ ꢢ ꢡ ꢜ ꢘ ꢐ ꢏ ꘫ ꘪ ꘩ ꘧ ꘥ ꘣ ꘡ ꘟ ꘜ ꘖ ꘓ ꘎ ꘏ ꗱ ꗯ ꗬ ꗦ ꗡ ꗝ ꗜ ꗛ ꗚ ꗓ ꗑ ꗏ ꗇ ꗃ ꗄ ꖹ ꖸ ꖷ ꖴ ꖨ ꖢ ꖡ ꖛ ꖘ ꖏ ꕺ ꕸ ꕮ ꕪ ꕢ ꕠ ꕕ ꕔ ꕊ ꕈ ꕃ ꔷ ꔵ ꔮ ꔫ ꔪ ꔧ ꔡ ꔛ ꔚ ꒿ ꒾ ꒻ ꒺ ꒹ ꒸ ꒷ ꒳ ꒰ ꒱ ꒫ ꒪ ꒩ ꒨ ꒧ ꒦ ꒥ ꑘ ꐪ ꐑ ꐎ ꐇ ꈔ ꈊ ꅔ ꄃ ꂔ ꁚ 𝇒 𝇌 𝇋 𝇈 𝇇 𝇆 𝇅 𝇄 𝇃 𝇂 𝇁 𝆹𝅥𝅮 𝆺𝅥𝅮 𝆹𝅥 𝆺𝅥 𝆹 𝆺 𝆸 𝆵 𝆴 𝆳 𝆯 𝆮 𝆬 𝆭 𝆫 𝆩 𝆤 𝆣 𝆥 𝆢 𝆘 𝆗 𝆕 𝆑 𝆐 𝆏 𝅕 𝅔 𝅓 𝅒 𝅑 𝅐 𝅏 𝅎 𝅍 𝅌 𝅋 𝅊 𝅉 𝅈 𝅇 𝅆 ⚠︎
ᰓ  ᰍ  ᰋ  ᰈ  ᯽  ᪥  ᪤  ᨵ  ᨴ ��ᨳ  ᨭ  ᨩ  ᨧ  ᨦ  ᨡ ⛻︎  ⛭︎  ⛨︎  ⛧︎  ⛘︎  ⚢︎  ⚘︎  ⚝︎  ⚣︎  ⚕︎  ☋︎  ☊︎  ◷  ◶  ◵  ◴  ◳  ◲  ◱  ◰  ◡  ◠  ◟  ◞  ◜  ◝  ◎  ◍  ◌  ◊  ◈  ◃  ◂  ▿  ▾  ▹  ▸  ▵  ▴  ▩  ▨  ▧  ▦  ▥  ▤  ▢  □  ⎚  ⎙  ⎔  ⎊  ⎉  ⎈  ⍳  ⍵  ⍰  ⍝  ⌾  ⌫  ⌨︎  ⌦  ⌧  ⌘  ⌗  ⌖  ⌕  ⌔  ⌓  ⌂  ⌁  ⋄  ⋃  ⋂  ⊸  ⊰  ⊱  ⊲  ⊳  ⊞  ᧉ  ᧈ  ᦸ  ᦣ  ᦢ  ᦞ  ᦒ  ᦈ  ᦊ  ᦑ  ᦏ  ᢧ  ᢦ  ᢄ  ᢃ  ᢁ  ᢀ  ᠗  ᠀  ៹  ៵  ៙  ᗢ  ᗣ  ᖘ  ᖗ  ᕳ  ᕲ  ᕱ  ᕰ  ჲ  ფ  უ  პ  ი  ၜ  ၈  ၀  ဧ  ဝ  ဗ  စ  ࿉  ࿈    ࿆  ࿄  ༗  ༖  ༕  ໒ ໑  ๘  ๖  ๓  ๒  ๑  ๐ ๏  ෬ ෧ ෦ ෂ ර ඵ බ ප ථ ඨ ධ ඉ ඊ ഭ  ദ  ೯  ೬  ೪  ೩  ೨  ౿  ౸  ୱ  ୭  ୬  ୪  ୨  ୧  ୦  ୡ  ୠ  ଡ଼  ଳ  ଭ  ବ  ପ  ତ  ଡ  ଘ  ଙ  ଜ  କ  ଓ  ଋ  ଌ  ଈ  ଉ  ૮  ૭  ૧  ૦  ઈ  ઉ  ઇ  ੭  ੧  ੦  ৹  ৶  ৵  ৬  ৫  ৩  ২  ১  ০  ৎ  ও  এ  ঌ  ঀ  ॽ  ९  ८  ७  ५  ४  १  
- pack by me, sukitos.
• nature :
𖡼.𖤣𖥧𖡼.𖤣𖥧 𓋼 𓍊 𓋼 𓍊 𓋼 𓍊 𓋼 𓍊 𐇵ꎺ𖥧𖡼 ~εïз~ ⋆ ࣪. ˖ ࣪⭑ ᓚᘏᗢ ⋆ ࣪.* ࣪.⋆   ᖭི༏ᖫྀ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 𐀔 ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ
• symbols :
༺☆༻ ꙳⸌♡⸍꙳ 𓆩 ♥︎ 𓆪 ʚ♡ɞ ꒰ა★໒꒱ ︎ ︎ঌ︎ ♥︎ ︎ሬ ︎ ︎
ঌ︎ ♡ ︎ሬ ᗣ⑅ᗣ 𖣠𖦹⭗ ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏 ︎  ︎⑅ ׁ 𓈒 ° ය ‧  ۪ ∘  ៹
• kaomojis :
⋆𑣈⋆ ૦ࡇ૦ (˃ᴗ˂)ദ(⌙.⌙ᶻᶻ ⌤ ᵕ⌔ᵕ ꢁ𖠗 ( _ _)zZ ^0^ ( -_・) ︻デ═一 ( 𖦹﹏𖦹 ) ´¬`) ~ Zz(_ _ ) ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ ˋ)੭‎ ( ˘ ᵕ˘(˘ᵕ ˘ ) 。゜゜(´O`) ゜゜。 (っ ̫-) ᜊ( ´ ˘ `) ੭♡ (˘ᗜ˘ ) .゚(›⩊‹)゚+.゚ ₍ᐢ..ᐢ₎
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s-eokie · 7 months ago
★ . . some meaning bios !?
𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗺𝗮𝘁𝗲: (n.) a person who is destined to find you. he/she is your another half, knows you so well that you can't imagine yourself living without, (𝗶𝗱𝗼𝗹).
𝘆𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗼𝘄 𝗽𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗻: (n.) someone that you feel secure with; this person will protect you no matter what happens and love you more than yourself, (𝗶𝗱𝗼𝗹).
𝗵𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗶𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀: (n.) the feeling of being truly happy; you feel happiness when you look at (𝗶𝗱𝗼𝗹)'s eyes or you notice that you live on the same planet as her/him.
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roseesy · 5 months ago
꒰ఎ symbols bios ໒꒱
◌ ⁺ 🥬 ઇ ﹗𓆪 👩🏻‍🌾 ٠
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thesmokingguns · a day ago
for (n)sfw night;
saw a prompt that said "Not accepting that it's time to start the day, and pinning them onto the mattress with either your whole body, a leg, or more risque touches." and I've been thinking of it ever since with Slash
Tumblr media
Minors DNI 18 +
You never slept enough. So when you started wiggling in bed slash threw one bare thigh over your body, keeping you pinned to the mattress and him.
Slowly you shimmied, closed and close until your lips were kissing his jawline and the idea of staying asleep were dissipating into ideas of how the pair of you could use the bed for more advantageous use.
“You’re not asleep.” Your hand gripped his length, up and down you worked his hard cock, “why don’t you help me fall back asleep.” He knew you wouldn’t go back to sleep but the way you were jerking him off made him groan.
His hips raised, Straddling your body as he sunk his cock into the wet warmth of your pussy. His thighs squeezed the outside of yours, forcing you to stay still under him. The friction on both your bodies in the position made you whimper one pleasure.
“More.” He chuckled at the one word, hips driving down and up, brushing your clit as you uselessly shimmed to try and take control but knowing you were not getting out from under him.
Not until he used you to milk ever drop of his cum out.
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antikristrecipes · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
French Style Braised Short Ribs
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icekult · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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izuminiwhore · a month ago
Tags: soft bkg, panic attack, anxiety attack, comfort
Bakugou running his fingers through your hair. Whispering sweet things and that it's going to be okay.
He doesn't tell you to calm down, to just breathe. His fingers work their way through your hair, down to your neck where he uses his thumb and forefinger to massage.
"I'm going to count, I want you to breathe in on one and out on seven, okay?" He whispers.
You follow directions to the best of your ability, choking up when you start to breathe out on three instead of seven.
He assures you it's okay, tells you to just keep trying.
The panic begins to settle, your nose no longer feeling fuzzy and mouth tingling. Tears don't fair to sting your eyes anymore.
He reaches to the side, grabbing a bottle of water. A kiss is pressed to the top of your head, a promise.
"Any better?" Bakugou murmurs.
You nod.
"Can you describe the feeling of my hand right now?" He asks, voice tender.
"Is warm, n you've got-got a cut on the uh knuckle right above your middle finger." You reply, slowly, as if in a daze.
"Good. Do you want to take a bath or a nap?" He questions, bottle of water still in hand. You lean into him.
"Alright, drink some water first." He hands over the bottle of water. Watching intently as you sip down the liquid, he flicks off the lamp and turns on the TV in your room.
"Come on, darling, let's take a nap." He mutters, already dressed down and on his side of the bed.
Katsuki opens an arm, gesturing you towards him.
And you do, you crawl into him and sleep like a baby. Safe, warm, happy.
You'll deal with the post-panic sweat later.
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tkives · 7 months ago
,, ♡ ˖ ˚ 𓈒𝗞͟𝗢͟𝗢͟ !˚ ୧ ꒰˵ˊᯅˋ˵꒱ ⌇ ! (zZz)
゜𓂂 ઇ s͟t͟r͟a͟w͟b͟e͟r͟r͟i͟e͟s͟ ˖ ! ˚ ♡ (੭ ´͈꒳​'͈)੭
〇 。·˚꒰ 𓈒 🧸🥯 ♡' s ! ‧ ( ´ ω` )
ฅ́˘ฅ̀𓈒 ˙ ♡ fl͟o͟w͟ers ˚ . !!⠀YuM
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nyugore · 2 months ago
⁺˳ ༚ ❊ 𓈒 ࣪ ⁀ ✦ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ✺ ⁎ ۫  ˖ ࣪ 🧿  ݈݇-
𓋼𓍊 ‧ ˖ ݁₊ ִ˚ ׂ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⏜ ʚ ї ɞ 𓈒 𓆇
◌ ☀︎ ˖࣪ ⌇ 𓂋 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀𓋜 ⊹ ⸼ ۫ ꒰ 🦩 ꒱
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i2jnk · 2 months ago
simple messy bios ૮₍ ˃ ⤙ ˂ ₎ა
ぬ̳ ꜝꜝ 🌱 gar.den ♡̷̸﹪ ⋆ ࣪.
𓂃 ִֶָ 𖠵🧺 village dream◞ ೫ .
༚.°ぬ̳ . 12:12 make a wish 𓂃 ִֶָ 💭 !
𖧧 ㄔ 🥝՞ kiwi 𖦹 lover ˃ᴗ˂
𓂅 𔘓⋆。˚ i adore you.  𖥨 🥛 °. ✧ !
🪦  。 ˚ 𓋼𓍊 shadow of your soul 𓆩 ♱ 𓆪
⌗ ،،̲ ִֶָ i love my web friends ᨒ 💻 !
⸼ ׁ ˃ᴗ˂ ﹕ vamp % lover !#!?
⸼ 𖥔 ָ ֙⋆ 𖤐 eyes full of stars 𓂃⌁. ࣪˖
𝅼⬫ ׄ 𓈒 baking_ cookies 🍪 ⋆ ࣪. ୧ 𓏸
𓆩♡𓆪 ʾ ִֶָ ᵎ i love cats ૮˃̵֊ ˂̵ ა ҂ ࣪˖﹫
Tumblr media
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xmalereader · a month ago
Bruce Wayne X Male Reader
|| Masterlist ||
Authors note: The request was really long so I had to cut it in half! But don’t worry I tried my best to adding everything in! Hope you enjoy it! (^ν^)
Requested: Hey hey hey, is it possible to write one where Bruce (Pattinson) meets his old best friend from kindergarden after years? Reader is now taller than Bruce, WAY taller, muscular, handsome, etc, he used to be really small compare to Bruce but tried to act tough even though he looked like little angry kitten (and it worked bc others were afraid of him) but now he's just giant mother hen? Like yeah he's even more scary now, but he's chill?
Warnings: Fluff, Bruce is a shy man, donations, reader is a teacher, children, children being wing man’s, just really fluffy and adorable, Bruce is a rich bitch.
Tags: @zoethestarofthesky
Word count: 2k
Tumblr media
He thought he’d never see him again, but yet, here he is. The Bruce Wayne, standing in the middle of a field that was filled with families and children. The school of Gotham was hosting a small charity event where the small children would make things of their own and sell them to the rich who took interest in the children.
The event is to help them raise enough money in buying additional supplies and books for the children who were wanting to learn. He just didn’t expect himself to see Bruce, standing awkwardly as he watched the event.
It’s been years since they’ve last spoken. The two were teenagers when their friendship became a thing. Bruce was still young and closed off to the world after his parents death while Y/n was full of energy and found ways to enjoy Bruce’s company whenever they were together. As the school years went by, the two graduated and went their own ways.
He expected himself to keep communication with the Wayne but never had the chance too. He was far to busy with his future and never did he think he’d become a kindergarten teacher. Bruce always thought he’d be a business man or maybe work for GCPD, no, he instead decided to work with children.
Most of his students parents found him intimidating due to his large structure, most people thought he hated working here that parents grew worried of him. It all changed when he took the chance to meet his students parents, smiling and speaking softly to them as he spoke highly about their children the improvement. Even the children would return back with smiles on their faces and ramble on about how their teacher taught them new things.
He grew popular in the school that most teachers had a thing for him, which didn’t bother him. He kept to himself and would rather date people he didn’t work with, he couldn’t bare being around someone everyday if things ended badly. So, instead he focused on the kids and watched them grow.
“Mr. Y/n!” His attention is taken away by the children who stood behind their booths. “Yes?” He asks, smiling at the kids who stared at him with wide eyes. “Can we get snacks?” The children bounced on their toes, eager to sneak away and check out the other booths and classes.
Y/n grins and bends down to their height. “Do you really want snacks or are you just trying to escape with your friends?” He questions, watching the children gasp. “We would never!” One young girl says as the others nod.
He laughs to himself and stands up. “You all have been here for awhile, why don’t you go and explore—your parents are around, go with them for a bit while I stay here.” He instructs, the children cheering as they run off to meet with their friends or parents.
Y/n sighs to himself, he had one of the smallest classes in the school. Again, not many parents trusted him being around their kids but that didn’t stop him from giving the kids a good future and to having fun.
“Your good with them.”
He’s startled by a familiar voice, looking up to see Bruce standing on the other side of the booth. His hands in his pockets as he gives him a soft smile, a real smile that is rare for the public to see. “You changed—gotten bigger.” Bruce mumbled out, causing y/n to smirk. “I guess I’ll take that as a compliment.”
Bruce shakes his head. “Sorry, I didn’t mean it in a bad ways it’s just—you changed a lot from when we were younger.” He clarifies, his face growing red in embarrassment. Y/n hums. “You still look the same.” He points out. Bruce used to be a scrawny kid who was always getting picked on, he remembers Bruce trying to gain the muscle at a young age in order to be ‘better’ but it never changed whenever they were in school. Y/n was also short and scrawny like Bruce and after graduation he started going to gyms and living a healthier life style.
“I’m not that scrawny.” Bruce mumbled out, avoiding his eyes as he blushed. Y/n chuckles, finding him adorable.
“Mr. Y/n!” The two adults look over to see a young boy running towards Y/n. He throws his arms around his legs, hugging him as he giggled. “Theirs a booth selling goldfishes! Can we get one as a class pet?” A few of his other students joined as they surround him. “Please!” They said.
Y/n groans, making a thinking face before giving in. “Alright.” The children cheered until he interrupts them. “But—! Only if we sell everything we made by the end of the day.” He challenges, the children whining but accepting the challenge. “You all have by the end of the event, if we can sell the majority of what we have then we can get a class pet.” He explains, providing the kids a further explanation. The children all nod, determination on their faces as they all go their separate ways, trying to lure people towards their booth.
“Your a teacher here?” He hears Bruce ask, forgetting that the man was still there. He nods in response, “I’ve been a teacher here for three years now. The kids are always so energetic but I enjoy teaching them.”
Bruce hums, standing close by as he says. “I always thought you’d be doing something else, like working for the paper or for GCPD, not this.” He didn’t mean to sound rude, he was just surprised by the sudden change. Whenever they were around each other they always spoke about their future and what they would be doing. Turns out that they did the total opposite of what they planned.
“Those jobs sound interesting but I’d rather be here. I always had a soft spot for children and liked teaching new things. So, when I applied to schools I mainly got rejected—“ he sighs sadly. “Many schools didn’t trust a man like me to be around kids, they had trust issues.” He understood why, many teachers his age could do horrible things to children but he was nothing like them.
“I got lucky when this school hired me—struggled to get students since most parents didn’t feel comfortable, can’t blame them when I look like this.” He gestures to himself, Bruce looking at him up and down as he clears his throat. “You don’t look bad, just bigger.” He mumbled.
Y/n laughs. “Anyway, I started off small and when the administration took notice of my way with children they decided to keep me around longer. More parents grew used to me and the children love me.” He says proudly. He loved watching the kid grow, but can’t help but grow sad whenever they left to another grade. Hoping to see them again next year but knowing that he wouldn’t.
“So, I ended up here.” He repeats. “And you? Did you take over your family business?” He questions. He knew the Wayne’s were a popular family and owned a company. He just didn’t know if Bruce would be the kind of person to continue on with the legacy or to drop it and do something else.
“No, I—I took over, I couldn’t just leave my parents work behind, you know?” Bruce says with a shrug. He honestly never attended meetings, convincing Alfred to cancel or to reschedule as many times as he can in order to annoy them but most times Alfred would find his way to make him go.
“I’ve been getting used to owning a company and being in charge.” He adds. “Been busy a lot.” He was busy, just not as Bruce Wayne.
“Can tell.” Y/n mumbled, turning his attention to a couple who caught interest in their booth. He gives them a smile and lets them see what his students made for the charity. “Everyone gets busy.” Bruce steps closer, standing next to the booth as Y/n helps the couple wrap up the gift and take the payment. “That’s true, but it got so busy that we never had time to see each other again.” He blushed at the thought of seeing Bruce again after years and being able to go out together.
Y/n always had a crush on the man, but was far too popular and Bruce wouldn’t find someone like him interesting. He shakes the thought away and hands the gift to the couple, thanking them and watching them walk away.
“That’s one!” One of his students shouts as he held a finger up to show the others and him. He rolls his eyes. “You still have a few hours.” He reminds the kid who pouts. “What about him?” One of the girls whispers to the boy, standing near him and pointing at Bruce who froze.
“Yeah! Hey, mister. Do you want to buy something from our class?” The young girl approaches Bruce and grips his jacket, pulling him out from hiding and towards the front.
Both Y/n and Bruce standing face to face with a table separating their distance. “What did you make?” Bruce questions, staring down at the little girl who goes around the table and stands on a step stool, pointing at different objects. “We made bracelets and stuffed animals!” She holds up a handmade cat that looked like it was falling apart, but the girl held it up with pride.
Bruce chuckles at the girls attempt of selling their items. “It all looks wonderful.” He praised the children who gathered around Y/n, hiding behind him or standing next to his side. Y/n crossed his arms and smirks. “So, buying anything?” He questions.
Bruce smiles. “I think I’ll buy everything.”
Y/n’s eyes widen in shock as the children gasped. “Wait, you can’t just—“
“I Can and will.” Bruce states. “As a matter of fact, I’ll buy everything and buy the goldfishes if your teacher allows me to take him on a date.” Bruce tells the children.
The children gasped and jumped all over Y/n, begging him to accept the offer and promising to take care of their class pet and to do all their homework. He had six children climbing all over him as Y/n groans from the weight. “Alright, alright!” He stands tall, causing the kids to freeze as they stared at him with wide adoring eyes.
Y/n glanced at bruce who stood waiting. He turns back to the kids and sighs deeply. “I’ll accept.” He mumbled out, the kids breaking out in a cheer and clapping their hands in excitement. “Yeah! Class pet!”
“Alright, that’s enough. Why don’t you guys wrap everything up so that we can send it to Wayne’s place.” Y/n glared at Bruce who's smile widens, happy that his offer was accepted.
The children scramble off him and rather you everything, wrapping things up in their own pace as they talk amongst themselves on what to name their new class pet and who will take turns feeding it.
“What exactly are you going to do with all of this?” Y/n whispers to Bruce, not wanting the kids to hear. Bruce shrugs his shoulders. “Probably donate it to the orphanage, those toys will cheer them up and will need them.” He explains, leaning against the table. “So, date tonight?”
Y/n’s blushed deeply. “I’ll be busy tonight with cleaning up here and letting the administration know about our sales but, tomorrow works for me.” Bruce reached over to brush his fingers against his hand, causing him to freeze. “Can’t wait.” He hears Bruce whisper before turning back to the kids, bending down on his knees.
“I have to go but someone will come and pick up the stuff, I’ll make sure to have your class pet ready by tomorrow.” He promises. The kids all nod happily, filled with excitement as Bruce leaves the fest.
Little did he know that he bought their class a pet chinchilla, getting the schools permission on the spot with no struggle.
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fluffffpillow · 3 months ago
Your old friend is here! 
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