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Peter had been waking in a cold harsh sweat every night for a week, and every night Tony moved and pulled him close, telling him to breathe. Peter had his first kill a week ago, Tony was right there on the mission with the boy when it happened, the kid wasn’t a killer, Tony knew that and it was definitely keeping the kid up late every night since.

Tony pet over Peter’s hair as his breathing started to even out, the boy relaxed back against Tony’s chest and Tony kissed the top of his head. “Let’s get up. Go make something.” 

He shifted and got out of the bed pulling Peter with him. The younger male was quiet and went with him into the kitchen as Tony pulled a bowl and ingredients out and Peter looked to him quizzical. “What are we making?”

“Bread.” Peter laughed softly at that and Tony handed him a box. “You’re in charge of the measuring sweet, everything in that bowl there.” PEter was grinning after a bit, as they moved around the kitchen, Peter laughing his cheeks flushed when he threw a chunk of flour at Tony and caked his face perfectly with it.

They waited for the dough to prove Tony holding Peter in his arms and kissing him softly as they boy stared up at him and brushed some of the flour dust from his hair. “Thank you. For so much you’ve done this week.”

Tony shook his head. “We could bake bread everyday at 3am for the rest of our lives and i’d be a perfectly happy man with that.”

Peter’s eyes sparkled. “Tony Stark, was that a proposal?”

Tony laughed then and leaned close kissing Peter’s neck. “Only if you want it to be Pete.”

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1,300 Followers Challenge!

Requested by Anon

Words: 882

Warnings: Teasing, possible threat of attack

You still weren’t overly sure why Geralt allowed you to travel with him, in fact, some days you were sure that he was more than keen to get rid of you, and yet, he never said anything directly.  You weren’t going to complain, there was both danger and safety in traveling with a Witcher, but it did make him just a little harder to read than you would’ve liked.

It had been an odd coincidence that the two of you came across each other on the road, Geralt having been riding along when you were being threatened by two idiot bandits. You’d been standing your ground, more than armed and ready to fight for yourself, despite not knowing much, but as soon as they caught sight of Geralt, they took off.

Quickly realising that the two of you were going the same direction, you stuck together until you reached the next town, but once you realised that it really wasn’t for you, you decided to stick with him.  He never agreed or disagreed, so you simply did what you could to stay on his good side.

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hellooo im back on my shit again haha here goes a legit fic (its a short one shot) by me after a billion years again i tried to write sth again! its omegaverse bcs yeah
pairing: alpha!yoongs x alpha!seokjinnie
tags: its alpha x alpha so yeah, alcohol, abo dynamics, gay af, PLOT WHAT PLOT / PORN WITHOUT PLOT
1.8 k words

lmao okay hope u like it ^^ kudos, comments, any reaction is giving me life so dont be shy <3

ALPHAxAPLHA? read here ♥

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directed by Scott Armstrong

A woman troubled by a dark secret feels alienated from her tribe, and so sets off on her journey in search for answers. Though she tries to leave something behind, it finds its way back to her. Can she escape this horrible feeling?

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The Oceanmaker (2014)
11 min | Animation, Short, Action, Adventure, Drama

After the seas have disappeared, a courageous young female pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds.

Director: Lucas Martell
Writer: Lucas Martell

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ORDEEER! (2020) - Ordeeeeeeerr!

Anicet Ngrt

“Imagine that you are in the House of Commons and you play John Bercow, the Speaker of the House. Shout at the mic in rythm and bring back order in the room for as long as you can.”

Developed during a game jam, this game is very difficult to play because the synchronising has to be exact but it is hilarious, such a fun idea in theory and practice.

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A Small Papyrus Story

It’s a genocide route

You’re face to face with Papyrus

The skeleton that helped you with your journey

The skeleton that befriended you

The skeleton that has no harm to hurt you

You take a breath and run up to him and slice his neck

But wait…your’

But how?

You look at papyrus’s headless body in the distance

You give another slice at his armor

But..noodles appear..

He’s sphagetti

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