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#short poem
samsketchbook · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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inksomniac · a year ago
One of the many fascinating things about poetry is that the reader does not know for whom it was written - And sometimes, Nor does the poet.
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morganharpernichols · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
you are not weak
for needing to rest.
you are not weak
for needing time
to sort through this.
you are not a burden
for having burdens
that you are learning
to lay down.
you are not a failure
for not reaching
the heights you thought
you’d reach by now.
you are who you are:
a living, breathing human being
who has a soul
in need of Truth and Grace
to make it through
these things.
and no matter how
you were made to feel,
feeling does not
make you weak.
you are free
to learn to seek
what your soul
truly needs.
morgan harper nichols
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i-wrotethisforme · 2 years ago
I’m so lucky to have met you, I hope you know that. No matter how things turn out in 2, 5, 10 years, just know that right now I’m so happy to know you and even if things turn bad, it doesn’t change the fact that I’ll always be happy to have known you.
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inksomniac · a year ago
It is an art of the most exquisite kind to touch someone's soul before touching their skin.
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i-wrotethisforme · 2 years ago
No matter how many times you replay the whole timeline in your head, you’re never going to be able to pinpoint the exact moment it went wrong. Rereading months of text messages isn’t going to give you any clarity, or make it any easier. You won’t get answers out of his friends, or his horoscope, or the pictures he’s liking on his phone. Sometimes you have to tell yourself it’s not something you did, or didn’t do, and there’s nothing you could have done differently, and it’s not because you were too much to handle, nor is it because you weren’t enough. And then you have to just let go, because it’s all you can do.
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inksomniac · a year ago
We are writers, my love. We don't cry, We bleed on paper.
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poemsivewritten · 2 years ago
I know
you think you‘re complicated
did you ever saw great things being easy?
I choose your chaos
over every tidiness I can get.
I choose storms and rain
over a sweet summerbreeze,
lightning and thunder
over sun
I choose you
in a million lifes
all over again.
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i-wrotethisforme · a year ago
For anyone who needs to hear it right now: he’s not going to find someone better than you. And no new girl is going to do the things you did for him, and he’ll realize that. Maybe not right away, but one day he’ll wake up at her apartment and there won’t be coffee waiting for him and he’ll realize how much you actually did for him, and for a brief second it’ll hurt him, right in his chest. And no matter how quickly he moves on, no one will know all the things you know about him. That’ll take years. And he won’t have the level of comfort he had with you and that’s noticeable. And at first, new things are exciting but that wears off and he’ll realize all the stories she doesn’t know and the years worth of inside jokes she wouldn’t understand and the tears she wasn’t there for and all of a sudden his new toy won’t seem so shiny. You aren’t replaceable and you aren’t expendable and you aren’t forgettable. People leave and they move on and sometimes it’s a mistake and sometimes they realize that. But sometimes it’s not and sometimes you both have separate happy endings.
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