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traum-arbeit · a day ago
I need some poetry to read. Any advice?
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theyoungdumbbrokegirl · 21 hours ago
"He will never understand just how much love I had for him"
Written by Cindy Cherie
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haleyincarnate · a day ago
I see you in the ivy snaking up my bedroom window; living just outside my touch. Inside the jewelry box atop my dresser, a memento, a memory kept close. The warmth radiating beneath my comforter. There is so much peace, so much calm in the thought of your hands holding tight to my own.
what a simple sort of tangible love // Haley Hendrick
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aaronawbra · a day ago
Tumblr media
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thegreatestlone · 23 hours ago
I'm reaching a point I can't even erase, reading the first and last paragraphs of our short story, all I can do is just put up a smile. "Don't think I'll ever be able to settle down, at least for now".
Storyline of You & I - #end
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elluno · 2 months ago
And what can be said
of the jewel covered lady?
When the deaf man appeared
And tore her scale for scale,
left her bloodied -
Dead -
She lived to give him sound
And she screamed until his soul bled
For mercy.
(inspired by Jibaro)
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soulpiece · 6 months ago
I dream of shame
the only constant in the ruin of my life
I dream of the hard clench of its claws on my heart softening
I dream of slender necks and elegant faces
pressed against mine
I dream of thin fingers rose tinted from heat and desire
I dream of shouting to the world
that I touched myself the way I wanted to be touched by you
if only you wanted the way I did
if only you carried this shame, too
i dream of exposing my stomach to the world
a death wish, if I thought about it too much
a desire, a fire, a hurricane
the way I felt with you
as if one day I'd stumble and the truth would fall from the tip of my tongue
as if I'd fall and feel the tip of your touch
Tumblr media
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stardustthroughthecracks · 23 days ago
Although there may have been many versions of me,
Most of them were lonely.
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unspokenevermore · 22 days ago
Have you ever had a dream so real you think it is a memory?
- I’m still trying to figure out if you were real or not
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fallintothefloor · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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aurelius-xx · 7 months ago
Your smile, damn.
Seeing you smile is like drinking sunlight.
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silent-insanities · 4 months ago
I know I deserve better than this, but does better even exist?
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writingandyearning · 13 days ago
Life isn't easy, it won't ever be. But it's better with you in it.
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iambrillyant · 3 months ago
“your moments of stagnancy have something to teach you. you’re not stuck, not moving, or not progressing. you are simply where you need to be until you absorb and learn everything that you need to learn about this current phase.”
— iambrillyant
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greyhoundai · 6 months ago
i'm going to start doing poetry commissions for a $3.50 minimum and $0.25 per line depending on syllables. I can write in English and Spanish and any rhyme scheme or meter requested (though it's $0.50 a line for iambic pentameter because it's difficult).
Here is some of the work I'm proud of if you think you'd be interested
I was published in @hee-blee's Heartfelt collection February 2021.
DM me to request! If you have the length + meter in mind, I would prefer being paid in advance.
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little-witchys-garden · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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andromeda-aesthetics · a month ago
“For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse.
So collapse.
This is not your destruction.
Tumblr media
This is your birth.”
-n.t. ✨💥✨
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