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#short poem
drownedxvalkyrie · 5 minutes ago
"Rituals Desecration"
Poison tinted lips tracing frantic, innocent pulses,
Tainted words and venomous promises turning wills compulsive,
Deceitful whispers creeping along icy spines,
Unyielding grip strangles the rope on the neck of crime,
Piercing, shackling talons leaching pleading purity,
Rippling timelines with denials screams echoing the barbarity,
Void-darkened eyes beckoning deathly submission,
Treacherous defilement of souls to summon Death's apparition.
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juneepoetryx · 15 minutes ago
“loving her has never been easy
her dark crevices filled with
the wounds of life
her delicate soul
tinged with sorrow
but loving her,
loving her has made
every flower bloom with such vibrancy
every star shine brighter
and brought color
to such a dull life.
loving her brought me to life
i ache to hear her heavenly laugh
and feel her body intertwined with mine
for eternity.
For me there is no other,
her life was meant for me
as mine was meant for hers.”
- untitled // j.a.
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soulpiece · 27 minutes ago
I am the bomb
I am the cure
I am the nightmare that you dream
I am the gold
I am the wheat
I even follow you in your sleep
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perdituspoems · 46 minutes ago
Chilled to the Bone
Chilled to the bone this little bird doesn’t seek a warmer land staying home forgoing the sun, sea and sand
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rizkypungky · 48 minutes ago
Barang kali hidup adalah tentang pertanyaan, maka menjalaninya adalah hal yang bisa dianggap sebagai jawaban.
- rizkypungky
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semicolonsoliloquy · an hour ago
Lay down my porcelain skull, 
my rotting brain, 
grey-matter grapefruit 
getting softer, stranger.
Settle this black-beaked cloud of flies,
their harrowed feast.
My mind weeps onto sticky fingers
as I claw the rind back, 
searching for something to love.
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nestapaksara21 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Namamu pernah menjadi candu
yang membawaku pada rindu
sampai pada titik tujumu
kau hempaskan aku seperti debu
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vhaatever · 2 hours ago
Hear ye, Hear ye,
Across the horizons of time,
The deadlines you see?
A cycle of feeling confident.
Confident that your friends know the best.
About the next assignment.
About the next test.
It comes off as a surprise
That a year turned into a month
That will surely be your demise
When a month turns into a day.
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vhaatever · 2 hours ago
Lost again, in this cacophony
Lost again, in this symphony
A symphony of thoughtless tears
A cacophony of boundless fears
I look outwards to repair
Trying to find that someone.
I turn inwards in despair
Unable to find that "one".
The one who would tell me
"All I want to hear"
The one who stands by me
The one who tells me
"Weep all you want, I am here".
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sullivanwrites · 2 hours ago
I revel in blasphemy
It’s my home.
The sinner extraordinaire
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nanidsvv · 4 hours ago
Si tan solo sintieras los abrazos que a diario te mando,
Entenderías que te sigo amando
Que no es lo mismo cuando no estás a mi lado
Porque mi mundo se va haciendo pedazos
Y mi corazón grita a todas horas: “te extraño”.
Sin tan solo ...
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The soul
Energy that is immortal
And cannot be destroyed and lives within us the sole energy that pushes our physical bodies
To keep striving to be better in all aspects of our lives
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Love is
Heart breaking
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haikusandstuff · 6 hours ago
when you fall asleep
does my name turn over and
over in your mind?
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otoikatitikn · 7 hours ago
Do you ever feel?
Do you ever feel odd?
But when someone asks
You just smile and nod?
Going along with your tasks
You ever feel strange?
You see your grades falling
But you’re out of range?
Keep excusing your stalling
Do you ever feel weird?
Your eyes wishing to cry
Wishing your mind was cleared?
But your eyes remaining dry?
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