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#short poem
I think, in your effort to love me I broke something within you.
You wanted me to accept you loved me so desperately.
Only I was incapable-
Critically limited when it came to being loved.
Yet you tried so bitterly.
Now I wonder if loving me was the most painful thing you have done.
- I do not regret knowing you, I regret making you love me.
- [i.r.] //[09.24.21]
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egoisme · a day ago
you told me to breathe it in. you said it was like seeing god. and you know what, i did see god. he was right in front of me. and he looked at me through your eyes. and i saw him on your lips. i saw him in between your fingers. i saw him in the valleys of your collarbones. and in the hollows of your hips, that’s where i worship. and i’ll kneel for forty days and nights if it meant i could be saved by your gaze, just one more time.
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allnightsong2 · a day ago
Scribbled a quick fantasy
on the back of a fallen leaf
I carried it into October
to place it in a bonfire at midnight
I watched the fire like veins
turn amber to golden then to ash
breathing in the smoke
I fed my dreams back into my blood
and remembered
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merely-a-fool · 3 months ago
when it's morning and you can feel the cold sitting on your uncovered skin and every breath is tangible and distinct and there is a crumpled kind of softness over everything
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poetryworld-1212 · 5 months ago
Educate Yourself
Educate yourself on other cultures.
Educate yourself on the difference between the Asian ethnicities.
Educate yourself on not letting your racial bias get in the way of growing.
Educate yourself on how to educate others.
Educate yourself on how to be an ear or shoulder in this troubling time.
Educate yourself on the difference between cultural appreciation and appropriation.
Educate yourself on the proper way to lend a shoulder or ear to your friend who is a person of color.
Educate yourself on the difference between ethnicities within different cultures.
Educate yourself on all the facts of the case before you jump to conclusions.
Yeah please please please educate yourself with everything going on. Don't forget to get all of the facts before you voice your opinion because there will always be someone out there who might know more on the subject than you.
Please educate yourself on other cultures and do not forget...
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a-moonlit-poet · a month ago
Oh Mother!
Oh, were you wrong!
The monster was never under my bed.
It was in Me all along.
Hiding in the shadows
of my melancholic soul,
Afraid to come out
Cause he knows he's alone.
Hearing voices.
Feeling touches.
But he is hiding behind a mask of my smiling whole.
Feeling ugly to even look at his breaming sins,
Covered in blood and went cold.
He is afraid of what the world holds.
He is scared of being the most coward of all.
Oh mother!
The monster in me,
Even hides from the things
That are created for console.
He hides in the dark
Away from the truth.
Cause he knows,
It's better than some pretending angels,
Murdering people
with their smiles dipped in sins.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fixing-bad-posts · a month ago
Tumblr media
[Image ID: A tumblr text post, edited blackout-poetry style. Resulting poem is below.]
ideal relationships (a poem)
we'll have pillow fights and we'll both forget we're just dumb wax on and on and on about life.
achillean love, idolization. i wanna watch the stars with a boy, fantasy a real person
exist as some kind of being
safe please safe just still
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inksomniac · a year ago
It is an art of the most exquisite kind to touch someone's soul before touching their skin.
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allnightsong2 · a day ago
Friday afternoon
my dissatisfied mind
falls into the goldenrod and sumac
and the world is gone
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soulpiece · 18 days ago
we followed eachother's rhythm
reading between the lines of poetry across our skin, and every heavy exhale
fingers and palms and heartbeats
slow and steady and sometimes passion filled and frantic
you're safe, you're safe, you're safe
Tumblr media
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