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jordynhaiku · 2 days ago
Hate speech. Injustice.
Why can't we look at the stars
and love a bit more?
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lovesick02 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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anjo-umbra · a day ago
no lo sabras. Y lloraras de pena y reiras, y tendras, el alma a flor de piel y amaras
unos ojos
you will not know. and you will cry with grief and laugh, and wear your soul for all to see and love
a pair of eyes.
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ellenya · a day ago
One day, one rhyme- Day 3088
I built a fine house of pastry
With apple fill inside.
An apple pie fit for a queen,
Twas all quite gentrified,
But before I could have a taste,
As poshness has ordained
I had to switch to formal dress-
Standards must be maintained.
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exitwound · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
text id: A not admitting of the wound (1188) by Emily Dickinson. // A not admitting of the wound / Until it grew so wide / That all my Life had entered it / And there were troughs beside — // A closing of the simple lid that opened to the sun / Until the tender Carpenter / Perpetual nail it down — /end id.
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silent-insanities · 2 months ago
I know I deserve better than this, but does better even exist?
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wlwdaydreamms · 5 months ago
i didnt fall in love with her because she was pretty, though she was beautiful.
i fell in love with her because of the way she made me feel. it caught me off guard and never have i imagined you'd be the girl i would fall for.
and i never thought you'd fell for me too.
i fell in love with her because she made me fell in love with myself as well.
and i think thats the beauty of love.
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a-moonlit-poet · 8 months ago
I looked into the mirror
I didn't see myself.
I saw the person
who has seen a lot more
than I ever did.
I saw the scars;
which others found fake.
I saw all the pain
which others call mistakes.
I traced my fingers over the wounds
that no longer hurt.
The dried up blood
from the deep cuts of bloody words.
I devoured the eyes
which are tired yet beautiful.
I tasted the lips,
which are hiding some unspoken truth.
I love her.
I love the person she has become.
I fell in love
With the flaws that make her.
All her imperfections
That slowly builds her up.
She is everything
I ever hoped to be.
And also someone
I could never ever be.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pragyawrites · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
"She was beautiful poetry in a world that was still learning alphabet."
~ Unknown
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etherealwwords · a month ago
Tumblr media
naik || 25/11/19
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illusoryescapee · 8 months ago
when a girl starts growing up then all her loved ones start fading into unfamiliarity. The mouth of her mother starts spitting venomous hatred towards her growing skin. Father's opinions start falling low, shaming her for desiring extra air, outside his suffocating layers of thick curtains. The mind of her friends start revealing to be shallow, cheapening her skills to just sly trickeries. The eyes of strangers, old or young, start turning hungry, beseeching helplessly everywhere around her, to destroy.
The smell of burned dreams and an intolerable noise surrounds her, blaming her for all the impurities in the world, till she dies, sometimes even after that.
Is it abuse, when you were too young to realise? Is it abuse, when the criminals are your loved ones?
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jordynhaiku · 17 hours ago
Your robust beauty
I couldn't sculpt you from clay
It wouldn't hold you
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millen-poetry · 2 months ago
speak of her over my grave
Tumblr media
and watch how she brings me back to life.
~Mahmoud Darwish
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the-random-girl-diaries · 2 months ago
All I need
Read to me quietly while running your fingers through my hair. I don’t need endless intimacy, just show me that you’re there.
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illbeyouranchor · 2 months ago
We’ve been meeting in our dreams for years
To play out the kisses we conjure in our minds
Just a pair of on-screen lovers
Who are in the right place at different times
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jwjj420 · a month ago
Twin Flames
Tumblr media
I see you
You see me
This is not a bond of lust
But a connection of truth
I see me 
You see you
Two halves evolve whole
Mirroring the soul's source
We see you
We see me
A spirit split into two forms
Exiting our physical being
We are me
We are you
Divine manifestation exists
Synchronization of energy
We are we
We are ONE
Walata M.
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silent-insanities · 7 months ago
I crave a life different than this.
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wlwdaydreamms · 3 months ago
i know its painful when someone you thought will be your forever just turns out to be another heartbreak. its hard to let go of someone who made you feel safe and needed. maybe you'll even promise that you will never love another again.
but you will be okay. you will pick yourself up once more, like you always have. you'll learn to let go and continue your own path.
i hope you're able to see the love around you again.
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a-moonlit-poet · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I write...
Not because people tend to hear me.
But because
for once;
I am willing to hear myself...
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pragyawrites · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
"You pierce my soul, I'm half agony and half hope."
~ Jane Austen
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