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#short prose
iambrillyant · 7 months ago
“reclaiming yourself, will take time. stepping back into your power, will take time. unlearning what you thought was true and relearning to be gentle with the opinion you have of yourself, will take time. unearth yourself slowly, you deserve patience and all of that time.”
— iambrillyant
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twistedmusings · 3 months ago
Hello, can I request for prompt 14 "You'd look even better naked in my bed." for leona and f!mc? Thank you, and congrats for the followers milestone btw
(Sorry if i sent this twice, my internet connection went wrong when i was sending the first one)
A/N: And we are back lads, gals and nonbinary pals! It has been so long and my writing style has changed a little yet I hope I'm still doing the lion bastard some justice ó uò. Once again I apologize for just running away with the prompt! Request -- [1/20!] Warnings: Dubcon/Oral Sex and Leona realizing that waking up with a snack right in front of you means that you have to eat it right away.
Leona Kingscholar
What had been the exact chain of events that led up to this moment?
You didn’t necessarily know how to answer, in fact, you were sure of one thing and that was that you were confused and surprised. Confused because you didn’t think that Savannaclaw dorm leader even looked at you in any other way than an annoying herbivore.
And surprised because Leona’s grip was so tight.
His hands squeeze down on your thighs as you bite on your middle finger to keep yourself from making any more embarrassing noises. Noises he would brag about pulling out of you with his smug smirk and annoying quips. As much as you wish you could voice your true feelings about how stupidly well his tongue was moving against you, you knew he would just use it to your disadvantage the moment he pulled away.
As a favor to Ruggie, which wasn’t a favor more like him bribing you, you had gone to wake Leona up from his daily nap so that he could get out of the dorm and actually perform his duties.
Which was fine, things between you and Leona were as amiable as they could be and you weren’t exactly fearing for your life when you gently knocked on the door.
You open the door slowly, eyes squinting as you try to make any sort of shape amidst the surprisingly dark room. No wonder this beastman slept for so long, the room looked like it was simulating nighttime.
Already familiar with your surroundings, you gently tip toe over to the nightstand and turn the light on so that you could see a bit better, finally laying eyes on the lump of pillows and blankets--
And laughing when you see it start to stir.
“Ruggie shut the damn light off.” “As much as I wish I could do that, Leona-senpai, I have strict orders to do the exact opposite of what you say.”
The blankets stop moving for a moment before a hand peeks out of them, pushing all of them down as you make eye contact with the green eyes of a very pissed off looking Leona Kingscholar.
“You.” “Good afternoon~”
You kneel by the bed and smile as you see him sit up and brush back the hair out of his face.
“Did Ruggie pay you to come and bother me?” “Well with him performing half of the dorm leader duties--I figured I would help him with this one task.”
Leona blinks at you twice before you sigh and roll your eyes.
“He said he’d get me a sandwich from the school cafeteria and I can’t really say no to food in the situation I am in.”
Ramshackle was getting rougher and rougher.
The dorm leader groans and rubs his eyes as you stand up and wait for his ‘stretching’ to be over, smiling as you notice a dried trail of saliva near his lips. He seemed to feel it instead, trying to wipe it away but looking at you when you let a giggle escape.
“What's so funny?" "Nothing! Just--I think you'd look even better if you were a bit more awake."
He stares at you for a couple of seconds as you turn around.
“Come on, I’m sure someone is waiting for you at the Lounge--” “And you'd look even better naked in my bed."
It’s impossible to process his statement at a rational time, which gives him the upper-hand of grabbing your wrist and throwing you onto the blankets and pillows. You lightly bounce from the impact and try to sit up only to feel a pair of lips and two rough hands stopping your movements, a whole Kingscholar-shaped body now climbing on top of you as his thigh works on separating your legs while his hands work on your bottoms.
Whatever you were wearing below is swiftly removed, Leona's hands gripping your thighs and spreading them while using his grip to push you lightly forward onto your back--
"See? I'm always right, herbivore."
He licks his lips.
"You're looking far better."
Whatever quip or question you could reply back with is stuck in your throat as you feel his tongue against your folds while your hands tightly grip the sheets in surprise, eyes open wide as the grip he has on you is tight and stimulating.
It was as if he was forcing the best angle for your body to be in so the only thing he needed to do was just flick his tongue the right away--
Only for it to slowly travel closer that part that was throbbing so hard--
"Le--Leona! Leona!"
Press the tip of his tongue against it and rub it a couple of times, moving it side to side and pressing down hard to test what kind of noises he could pull out of you next, deciding that you'd sing the prettiest if he just bites down lightly--
The noise that escapes you is unlike any you've ever made, your hands tugging the sheets away from their corner of the mattress and your hips lightly bucking up as you cum on his tongue with no warning.
Leona lets go of your legs rather unceremoniously, wiping any excess on his chin with a smile before licking it up and grabbing your legs once again.
His tail flicks behind him as you feel the blankets shift, mind short circuiting as your body hums and opens itself up slowly to him just from the mere promise of more.
Or the promise of something better.
"He bribed you to wake me up, so I'm just going to offer something better."
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houseofprose · 4 months ago
I  wanted  to  be  loved  enough  that  hands  would  tremble  in  the  horror  of  losing  me.  Some  of  us  are  too  accustomed  to  the  idea  of  never  being  completely  loved,  never  grasping  love.  All  I  wanted  was  to  feel  full  in  the  spaces  between  my  bones,  replacing  cartilage.  I  wanted  to  be  soaked  in  it,  not  flushed.
Tumblr media
( artwork — Detail of 'El escultor ciego' by Jusepe de Ribera (spanish, 1591-1652)
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somethingrewritten · a month ago
“The autumn breeze sure feels a lot like falling in love.”
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azazielleasstral · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I recognize your taste. The feel of your skin. The beating of your heart. Trickles of blood in bodies of water; swirls of red ebb and flow. Your sips are fleeting but passionate and though I don’t know you, I remember the way you sighed after my juices touched your tongue. I remember the way you speak, the way you think. I’m so glad I met you. Do you remember me too?
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egoisme · a month ago
I was sorry, and I had learned by now that I can be difficult to love.
I knew to lower my head, and kiss the back of your neck so you understood I was sorry.
And I tried to absorb the warmth of your skin through my lips. And I tried to soften myself around you.
But I had not yet learned to say sorry with my mouth. Not fast enough, at least, for you to hear it.
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twinflamepoetry · 4 months ago
I've given so many pieces of me
Poured until my cup was empty
Stretched myself till translucent
And yet
With every new love
Like spring
Like dawn
Like the moon
I am renewed
And that is when I realize
This love that I hold
That neverending spring
Always refills
I am in awe of the woman i have become
The lover
The healer
The ancient well of love passed down through generations of women
Those who draw the bath
And light the candles
So when I am confronted by the fear of a new lover, with their
Cup empty
Missing pieces
And sword,  posed at my heart
I smile, and welcome them
The spring always refills
The moon will wax full
The sun will rise
And I shall be complete within myself
The healers burden/neverending spring
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plethora-of-words · a month ago
Crooked Pathways
CW: implied self harm Repent for your sins, it whispers to me, always. Repent for the way you wrote that exam, the way you couldn’t help that friend, the way nothing on your to-do list got completed. Somedays it feels louder than whispers, louder than a buzzing at the back of my mind. It's a scream, seemingly echoing larger than life itself. It’s demanding to be heard, piercing and brazen, a shockwave vibrating throughout my entire being. I move along with it mindlessly, a captive to my jailer, stuck in a prison cell built by my bloodied hands. It’s hard to tell where it stemmed from. It's hard to tell when its roots were planted and what nourished it, what fed it, what allowed it to grow from a seedling into an oak tree. So strong and formidable, turning it eventually into the menace that it is today. It's not black and white. It's not as simple as cause and effect. There is no direct correlation with another variable.  I wonder endlessly, ponder all possibilities. I think of the little tree outside of my house when I was in grade school, one whose stem was so weak it needed special rods to hold it up. Did I need them too? Did anyone ever hold them out to me with loving hands, plant them to my side, and tell me- lean on these for support? I think about the time I strolled through the park with a friend after class, and came upon one of the most crooked trees I'd ever seen before. Its trunk almost seemed to curl in on itself, with its branches outstretched and its leaves like the palm of a hand, face up and waiting for something to reach out, to bathe them in warmth and light. ‘It probably didn't get enough sunlight while growing,' my friend had said, gesturing to the dense woodland it was amidst.  I know it’s a part of the human experience, afterall, to sometimes not understand our own emotions. But how wonderful it would be to navigate the pathways carved in my mind with as much clarity as I had walked through the trails in that park all those years ago. How wonderful it would be to finally understand the ever-present, burning question of why. 
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twistedmusings · 3 months ago
CONGRATSSSSS RINNNNNN YOU DESERVE ITTTTTTT~~~!!! If your prompts havent been filled, maybe smut 11 or 13 (i can't pick so you decide) with tweels/mc? ? ?? If only one, then maybe with jjjjadee hhhHHHHHDKJJ bUT AGAIN CONGRATS RINN HERES TO THE NEXT ONEEE
A/N: I don't know if it's because I've been away so long but I am struggling with some of these boys? I haven't seen Jade in so long--Chapter 6 WHEN TWST? Aside from that, I gotta appreciate these prompts. They are getting me through some shit q wq. Warnings: Overstimulation and general smut.
Jade Leech
Jade was always pretty quiet.
Yet even with that, he didn't necessarily like messing around when it came to things he was serious about. His studies called for dedicated studying, his club called for dedicated collecting and his favourite collection of mushrooms called for meticulous attention and diligent supervision.
There was rarely a time he needed to speak out.
In many situations he preferred to remain quiet and listen for something he could use for future reference and whenever it was his turn to speak he made sure to keep his words from revealing nothing and letting the person he was talking to reveal everything.
A part of him believed that is why his Unique Magic turned out the way it did, it was his personality after all.
So what he was doing certainly was out of character.
But the good Prefect needed to learn.
Jade strived to keep himself away from predictable people and his current fixation was nothing short of interesting almost on a daily basis. Recently he had discovered that they tended to get very jumpy when he was around, sometimes dropping things and other times letting out little yelps whenever Jade called out their name or tapped their shoulder.
It was highly entertaining.
This only pushed him to do it more, smiling when the little Prefect would turn around and scold him for his actions with a face that clearly didn't mean any of the words they were saying.
Yet one comment stood out this time, something that had rubbed him the wrong way and had forced him to take matters into his own hands.
"I know you don't like me, but you don't have to keep teasing me!"
Jade was sure that land dwellers were familiar with their own customs, so he was confused as to why they did not see his intentions clearly. Humans teased and joked with the person they held deep affections for--why would they even insinuate of him not liking them.
His conclusion?
They had just not been paying attention.
And Jade didn't like how distracted they had been towards his meticulous advances.
So he would just need to be more straightforward.
“I may not be familiar with land dwellers' customs but I believed I had gained some insight once I started living on the surface. However--I did not think that such a hurtful comment would leave the mouth of someone I was courting.”
He sighs as he pinches down on the nipples in his hands tighter, the pretty Prefect sitting on their lap jumping up in surprise and letting out a soft whine as they slowly sink back on the cock that was pushed deep inside of them.
“I guess this is what happens when I try to do things in a way I am unfamiliar with.”
His other hand grabs their chin and tilts them upwards, taking advantage of their panting to slip his tongue inside and eat up all the soft, quiet moans that left their pretty lips as he continued to pinch, twist and pull until their chest was bright red with the blush that seemed to spread throughout their whole body.
Jade pulls away, letting his saliva drip down into their mouth slowly as his hands grasp Notheir hips when they try to move.
Their whine is adorable but Jade wasn’t going to let them move.
“What do I want?”
They try to move away but he tilts their head back so they are staring into his eyes but still not saying a word. Jade frowns and thrusts upwards once, their mouth forming an ‘O’ as their insides squeeze down on him. It was like they were begging him to move--but he was not going to give in.
“Say it nice and loud, Prefect.”
He smiles when he sees their eyes gloss over before their mouth starts forming the words he wanted to hear.
Their gasp is adorable as Jade stands up and pushes them so that their hands are grasping onto his bed, feet struggling to lay flat on the ground and forcing them on their tip toes as Jade pulled out only to slam back in with precision on the spot he had been nestled against for the past thirty minutes.
"See? This is what you do to me, my pearl."
Jade grins as his nails dig into their hips, leaning down to whisper into their ear.
"And if you forget, I'll remind you thoroughly."
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opes-magnas · 3 months ago
i wonder what i’d do if i were to be forgotten forever.
would i bloom a garden of chrysanthemums to place on the grave of the memory of me borne by the minds of the ones who discarded me, or would i brew a pot of tea, welcoming it with an open heart?  would i bellow a song so tragic as i reminisce the glory i once had or would i hum the tune of the angels, knowing all things in life come to an end?
would i fear the pain, or would i embrace it?
perhaps there is a reason life is an enigma. i wanted to live a secluded life, away from the crowd. the fragrance of pastel sky, a kitchen with fresh pastries and a similar soul to speak to were the reason for my everyday. but all things come to an end, and it includes the good ones. a compliment, a praise, a like, a follow - since when did these things begin to bother me? i wanted to live a secluded life.
now i wish to end it all, free my wings from the the mystic maiden’s vines. i don’t need them, i need me. for i am the only one who can love myself twice as much. i don’t need them, i need me. yes, me. i shall neither bloom a garden nor brew some tea, i would return back to the place i called home, deep in the woods - and live with the beasts where i belong.
but as i sit in thought, and time does its charms, chrysanthemums have bloomed in my garden and my hand grips a cup of tea. there are no screams, there are no songs, there is nothing but silence that rings through the walls.
i have been forgotten. and i feel nothing.
neither free, nor conflicted.
what would you do if you were to be forgotten forever?
this blog is so dead, i sometimes wonder if people have forgotten that we exist, or if people ever think of us. what a terrifying thought. never want to think that again.
taglist below! ask to be added/removed!
@kaavijournals, @hazelandsunshine, @47crayons, @writing-is-a-martial-art, @the-writing-avocado, @shinesundark, @artbyeloquent, @lexiklecksi, @croctears
@thelaughingstag @original-writing
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houseofprose · 3 months ago
There  is  always  a  tumult  of  hands:  hands  roughly  shoving  themselves  into  our  bodies  wishing  to  twist  and  dismantle.  Hunting  for  the  one  last  weak  spot  to  destroy —
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stormykatie · 4 months ago
December 15, 2019
Hey, it's me. We talked before. Now I am back to tell you more stories like I promised. My clock reads 11:30. I'm in bed, drinking my third mug of coffee. I am reading your favorite novel. It's silly but I feel nostalgic as I read it. Every chapter reminds me of you, my darling Ana. Your rawness, your beautiful flaws are all engraved in the words stained in each and every page. But before I totally lose myself in it, I feel it appropriate to ask first, how are you doing tonight? 
How are you doing there, in your time? Are you in bed reading too? Or are you in your desk writing the first line of your poem? It's something about him, isn't it? Oh don't worry, I know. 
I know that you think about love more often than you should. And you stain your notes with things associated with it. I want to tell you it's okay. It's okay to savor the moment. It's okay to fall in love. I don't know what age you are now. Maybe 16? All sweet and innocent. You know I fell in love for the first time when I was 16. Got my heart badly broken six months after I turned 18. It was a lot to go through but I survived. After that I stopped writing for a while. 
They say heartbreak makes a poet. Well it made me numb. I never loved again after I got my heart broken for the first time. I watched my shattered pieces,millions of screaming pieces bleeding on the floor. I spent years trying to mend me. But wholeness seemed evanescent. Lovers came and went, I taught myself to pretend. For years I rolled thousands of I love you's on my tongue while I felt so empty. So empty I wondered if anything could ever fill me up again. For something in me has died that day he ruined my faith in love and destiny. 
But he's a lovely memory. I never regretted loving him. He taught me how to sway in gaiety and laugh with the daffodils. He has to leave all right, and life was never the same. I began drinking when I was 19. I theorized liquor could drown my feelings, wash them all away. Since then I couldn't stop drinking. I took shots after shots as the crowd applaused me until I pass out cold. I was young and broken and stupid. Above all, I was numb. 
At 23, I became totally cynical. I took love for granted. Love took me for granted in return. I played fire like a fire dancer. I got burned but never minded the scars. I slept with lions but never feared death. Those moments, I was gladly signing my death sentence. At 25 I was totally addicted to loneliness. I began dining alone. I began doubting promises. I began driving people to the wall. I began breaking hearts. 
Are you still there?  I hope I am not scaring you with my stories. If I disturbed your poem writing, I'm deeply sorry. I just want to feed you tales. Tales you will search in your mind as precedents, before you make a decision sooner or later. Before you catch fire and burn. Before you catch cold and die. You know they always say, look before you leap. Well I say, listen to all these tales I keep. They waited years to be told. 
I was 27 when I realized it's time. It's time to  lower my guards down. It's time to trust love again. But that one person worthy of everything that I am never came until I was 28. And you know, when I caught a glimpse of him for the first time, I fell dazed. The familiarity was striking. The smile, the voice, the scent, oh it's him. He's the one I've been waiting. I looked at him and the world around me stopped. Everything else stopped. All of a sudden, it's just him and me. Even the cacophony fell silent to hear my heart drum erratically. It was surreal. 
We've been going out for months now and it always feels like the first time. It's crazy but I am head over heels in love with him. And you know what's even crazier, I actually got drank one Saturday to tell him what I feel. Oh, don't laugh at me. It's a clumsy move I know. But I was too nervous like a teenager. Too nervous I can't even act cool when he's around. 
Anyway, I hope you're happy my darling Ana. But if you're somewhere trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea, don't fret. Whatever it is that you're facing in your time, trust me there'll be better days. Tears are temporary. You will feel whole and loved again. If you're currently tearing yourself apart, don't revel too much in the pangs of brokenness. But if you have to, remember it isn't the end. Love will find you, slowly, eventually... 
Sorry I took a little of your time to tell you things you will later discover. You can go back to your poem writing now. Write about him, your love at the moment. Pour all your emotions, ink your diary with words that describe him. You will read them one day as I do now. And you will smile. But I would like you to know, your masterpieces will come years later. When you're 29 and start to write passionately about the man I told you about tonight. 
Wait for him. He will come. 
All my love, 
Your older self
Plot twist: I MARRIED HIM. 💗
-katie, 15:14
Tumblr media
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edenmuses · 2 months ago
my skin seems to stay
wherever the wind blows it
now- there's memories etched upon
the smile that can elapse into
an orange sunset or
a violent tempest or
the ebb and flow of
the ocean on the shore
and I do not need more,
no great lore,
what a bore-
what a chore-
just a silence that can
urge me to
reflect in
and linger within
a moment' s retreat
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somethingrewritten · 11 days ago
I know you aren’t mine and never have been. Maybe it was a dream or a story I wrote up in my head, but it felt like you were, if only for a moment.
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thepictureofezralaurent · 7 months ago
Do not let the world tell you that you are too much. Bathe in milk and rose petals. Kiss those you greet on each cheek. Wear formal clothes to mundane activities. Drink terribly inappropriate things from vintage teacups. Wax seal handwritten letters on aged paper. Listen to classic composers while watching the dusk give way to night. Drown yourself in the scent your lover adores. Apply a critical lens to a classic novel that the author would despise. Memorize a poem just to say you have. You were not made to please the world, the world was made to please you; it was prepared for your birth, it is your gift. Do not let external forces scare you from indulging in life’s pleasures and nourishing your soul.
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egoisme · 4 months ago
it makes me sick, knowing we’d already spent the better of our days. knowing i only get bits and pieces of you now. knowing time will never slow down for us again.
you reassure me, someday does not mean never. you say i’m pessimistic. maybe i am. or maybe i just see our lives for what they are. intersecting briefly and violently. then never more to touch.
i knew the day would come for you to go, and i know this is the better of our separations. but i'd hoped that i'd be able to digest it by now. yet, i'm as hopeless as ever, holding the end of you, water in my hands.
when you go, you leave my body a black hole. and when i go, i leave you the essence of my youth. i think i’ll always miss you. as young and beautiful as ever. dipped and buried in white. burning and dreaming. bright and fast.
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