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I know you,

Want to smack and tease me and toss me over and just do all the naughty things you could think of to me.

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I’m missing you next to me ,

“ The way you touched my virgin body always gave me goosebumps because you’ll whisper “ give your self up to me baby” into my ear as you do so. “

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by Lile Ghost

Today is my birthday.

Mom brought me to a toy store.

What toy should I get? 

There’s just so many toys!

A car? An action figure? Oh, I can’t decide!

I walked all over the toy store but there’s nothing I don’t like!

The train set looks so cool!

The puzzle seems great!


The remote control car…it’s AMAZING!

I want it!

“Mom, I want this car!“

“That car? Oh, but it’s too expensive…how about this action figure instead?“

“But, mom, you promised me you’d buy me anything? It’s my birthday!“

At the end, I didn’t get any toy.

I cried and cried on our way home.

I hate my mom! She doesn’t love me!

This the worst birthday!

When we got home, mom cooked some spaghetti.

It’s my favorite but…

“Here’s your yummy present!“

She’s my mom and I love her!

This is the best birthday ever!

The end.

Author’s notes:

Children’s emotions are unstable 24/7. This story was created um…during my 12th grade as a commission for my rbf’s comic requirement for his “Personal Development” class.

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As the Last I may Know 

SL Huang

Remember how one of the people on the Manhattan project said that they should put the nuclear codes next to someone’s heart and so to use the nukes they would have to kill someone in front of them. That’s what this story was. It was a really interesting look on WMDs and I really liked the two perspectives you got from the president and her teacher. I understand why it won the Hugo but it wasn’t my favorite short story of the year. 


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is amazing.

It just 3 months left in 2020 and here I am, fighting to get a job after finished my study, along with the COVID-19. 

I hope this year, everybody can make it. This pandemic is a new challenge for us, just what’s God promises us, as human being. Could we step to the next level of our live? 

Please be happy, keep healthy.

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Di sebuah cafe, kopi, matcha dan coklat dijejerkan dalam masing-masing toples bening sehingga para pelanggan dapat bebas memilih dan menunjuk minuman kesukaan mereka. Warna hijau cukup mencolok diantara coklat dan kopi yang memiliki warna gelap, selain itu mereka memiliki rasa yang sama. Pahit.

Para pelanggan asik berdatangan. Tidak peduli dengan denting jam dinding tua yang selalu berbunyi tiap satu jam sekali. Meja-meja terlihat penuh, tentunya dengan minuman mereka masing-masing. Di dalam masing-masing cangkir tersebut ada beberapa yang berisi kopi dingin dan juga coklat di setiap meja. Namun, kopi menjadi pilihan yang disenangi para pelanggan. Mereka bisa menambah sekali atau bahkan dua kali.

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Death Awaits

“ As they were approaching a dead end , upon realizing they have no way to escape the unavoidable , Death approach them and asks ” What is your final wish before your life will be taken ? “ . The first out of the 3 said ” I just want a quick death , no pain no torture “ . The second said ” I want my life to have an impact to the world as others did . Finally , the last person said “ I want you to give my siblings , parents, friends and everyone a happy life . ”

What does this means?🍂

The first guy wanted to save himself therefore being selfish

The second guy wanted everyone to remember him for what he did and being humble and thankful

The final person wanted his family , friends and everyone around him can have a happy life


“ Life is like a maze full of scorpions , they might be venomous and sting you but the stings are always there for a reason ; to teach u a lesson ”


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Disclaimer: This story deals with character death by their own hand. The characters in this story are fictional. This story was written as a short to discuss end of life of current story plots. This story is not canon.

“I never…thought it would be like this….n-never.” His voice quivered after each of his words, his hand could barely keep the pen upright. There was a lot to write, a lot to get on pages he was writing for his daughters. First he would cover the inheritance the parents kept a secret, even after Aellana sported a rather pricey diamond ring. She had joked with the girls that the ring was stolen from one of her contracts, just another prize to flaunt around.
The other topic would be the story of how their parents met, the adventures they shared together. Despite their struggles, their differences, Aellana and Emil Stillblade were the kind of couple people admired. Those two shared a type of chaotic and passionate love that was fascinating to witness, they always left you wondering.

Aellana was the waves that crashed his boat every time he set sail; despite it all Emil would ride in those roaring waters because he knew of the treasure that lay on the other side.

That treasure was their family and each other; they were and had always been resilient. Equal love, equal trade.

Tonight, the mansion was quiet. Strange. The old house in Duskwood had never been this quiet in the thirty years they lived on their little plot of land. Just outside, the old guest house had been rented out after Fiine, Inola and their kids moved away to Kalimdor. Before then, it remained empty for some time until the unanimous vote suggested they should profit off the plot with no inhabitants. The bedroom where Syl lived was empty, she too had made her way to venture off and practice her craft without toddlers running around. All that remained were Aayda, M and Tadaar…

- their sheets tonight were stained in crimson, eyes and bodies now lifeless.

The marshal cleaned the aged pistol; first the barrel, wiping off the fingerprints of his late wife. It was a beautiful weapon, an anniversary gift, made to perfection to fit her delicate hand. It was a mixture of white ivory and gold, short body and a lightweight trigger lined in silver. It was one of her prized possession, next to the blades that marked every kill. Carefully the warrior filled the tube full of gun power, plunging the barrel and tightening the igniting material just so; next he would pop two bullets deep within its pristine chamber.

Emil rose from the chair, setting the small hand weapon on his desk. He paraded his body over to the lager mirror, flattening out his jacket and patting down his slacks; his eyes bloodshot, the fur of his drooping cheeks matted with tears. “You told me….” He drew a shaky breath, wiping away streams that pooled against his cheeks. “You told me…they’d never find you..” He whispered to the void, and the empty room. Her word was true…up until that night.

The family had sat peacefully eating supper when a gang had infiltrated their house, they slaughtered everyone leaving behind corpses of his loved ones before he had gotten home from his celebration with Ellie. Emil found them all…gone, not a single chance to say goodbye.

“I wish I didn’t have to leave today…” he yawned, pulling the rogue into his chest. “Get up and go babe, the older you get the lazier you are…” Aellana  teased, poking his blinding white chest. “I know, I know…jus’ been so tired lately is all.” The warrior stared up at the ceiling while rubbing her shoulder. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head. “Awwwlright….” he body rolled off their large bed, giving his old bones a much needed stretch. “I’m excited to see the girls this weekend,” Emil chirped while throwing on his military dress. “I can’t believe Ellie is finally goin’ta retire…else I wouldn’t even go.” Aellana got up and pulled her thick hair into a messy bun, nodding at what would soon turn into an Emil Stillblade rant. “The quicker you leave, the quicker you can get home.” She had a point. “Ugh…alright…I’m leavin, I’m leavin…” The warrior adjusted his suit jacket, straightened out his tie and walked over to his wife. “I’m headin’ out, I love you Stillblade..” The old marshal leaned down, tilting his wife’s head up to kiss her lips, what he didn’t know was this would be the last time.


Emil took himself out of the memory, it was an internal rerun that played for what felt like hours as he cleaned the area around. He played over the last thirty years of his life, their wedding, the birth of their daughters. He played over their holidays and birthdays, the day he taught Lynara how to hold a blade…he still never understood why Mur loved her so much. He replayed the earful Aellana had given Dorian for following in her mother’s footsteps; even Syl had warmed them she would be just like Aellana. She was right. She was always right..even right about their carelessness…that it would one day lead to their demise.

One by one, the marshal lined the letters on his desk. The names all read:

To my sister: Fiine
To my brother: Inola Bloodmane
To my loves: Lynara & Dorian Stillblade
To my pain in the ass : Sylvie Reed
To my heart: Aellana Stillblade.

Each letter carried the seal of their family crest. A black raven, holding a rose next to a sea of stairs.
These letters would remain unread.

Emil took his stone, calling the only number he knew would answer…….Fiine’s.

“Hey you…I…” he caught his voice in his throat, trying again.
“Hey you, you should..come home soon.”
“Emil, is something wrong?”
“No, nothing, nothing…just come home…ok?”
The line remained open while he placed the stone on his desk.
The marshal took hold of the pistol, staring at himself in the mirror for a few moments before his eye glanced over at the body he lay peacefully on their.

She looked beautiful, dressed in her favorite dark robes, the blood cleaned off for the most part. He did this with everyone, cleaned them off and laid them to rest with flowers from their garden.

“You and I found each other when we didn’t know we needed one another. You were always so rowdy, so loud…a real pain in my ass. You know..I can’t be here without you…just a few more minutes, promise I’ll find you. I love you Stillblade.”


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Losing Control

I feel you so close,

At the same time so far.

Come with me,

The demon is here.

Let me touch you,

And I’ll show you the true.

Let me mark you,

I need to have you.

The demon tears me up inside,

Devouring my soul.

I’m losing control,

And you’ll lose it too.


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Fighting against his command, shakes whilst reaching his cup. Still attempting to understand, his thought ends abrupt…

“Martin, Did you know that man?” Asks Alexa, on the other side of the booth.

“No… I can’t say I do.” Says Martin, sorely confused. “He seemed familiar… though I have no proof.” He takes a swig of the cup, though his grip is still loose.

She holds out her hands and grabs on to his. Strengthening his grip as he sips.

“Thank you.” He smiles.

Alexa nods. “This whole thing just seems so odd. Why would somebody attack you? What would he want?”

He didn’t know how to respond, but the memory still haunts.

Martin recalls what the man said, “I offer release.”, repeating the line in his head, he tightens his fist.

“Perhaps some cultist freak…” Spiraling. “…Or or maybe some disgusting thief! Like the ones on T.V., a disease of these streets! How should I know him or his beliefs! Why should I be targeted for his vile misdeeds? How could I…” Crying. “… how could I just sit there and watch him retreat? What would have happened if nobody seen…?”

She squeezes his hand gently.

“…should have stayed asleep.” he panders sheepishly.


Immediately looks to his feet. Letting the tears stream off of his cheek.

“It’s okay, Martin, you’re safe here with me. I can take you back home after you finish your tea.”

He shakes away the tears, calmly breathes, finishes his drink before they leave.

Getting into her car, he finally feels at ease…

“Your soul shall be relieved.” Says the figure from rooftops peak, overlooking their car pull into the street. Lowering his hood, grinding his teeth.

“It is your destiny, next time we meet.”

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“Well you’re looking awfully damn cozy,” Arin said as he strut out onto the pavement surrounding the glistening pool.

Dan was sprawled out on a reclined lounge chair, his feet overhanging the edge. He had sunglasses on, and his hair looked like a curly pillow splayed out in a halo around his head. He cracked a grin and said, “I am indeed a happy man,” without looking up. 

Arin couldn’t tell if his eyes were even open, even as he stepped in the way of Dan’s sun. “Dude, do you even need to tan?” he asked. 

Dan giggled, “I actually think I might have accidentally started to flag down some planes to land here with my skin beaming a white glow into the sky. Besides, it’s toasty.” He gave a little wiggle, as if that emphasized his point. 

Arin laughed at the mental image. He gave Dan’s hair a ruffle as he said, “I hope they have those inflatable slide emergency exit things on their aircrafts.”

“What? Why?” Dan asked with a light chuckle and a grin, peering up at Arin over the rim of his glasses.

“Because then we get free waterslides for the pool, duh,” Arin said, sitting on the chair next to him.

Dan snorted, “Oh, you’re right. I’m sure they’re detachable. That makes them an extra safe safety feature.”

“Uh yeah,” Arin scoffed, “then they can just be used as extra floatation devices!”

“You’re so right,” Dan said, bowing his head. “I defer to your superior knowledge of planes and their safety features.”

“Cool, because I’m definitely gonna need you to get in this pool with me.”

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The year and a half that Natalya and Sapphire spent with each other were filled with ups and downs.  Life and death situations that quickly built the bond between them.  It was all too clear that they were both pining for one another and they finally couldn’t hold their feelings back.

Pairing: Satalya

Word Count: 3770

          They had been travelling for weeks and they finally made it to a city with a large bathhouse.  There were multiple rooms for public bathing, but there were also private rooms that were sectioned off for an extra price.  It was always Sapphire who suggested that they should take a nice long soak and unwind after for a couple of days after so much continual hard work.  It would drive them crazy if they never took a break, she would say.  She was more than willing to pay for the private room and any cleaning that their clothes and armor needed.  They were escorted to their private room, given towels and a tray of hygiene amenities, then they were left to their leisure.

           “Sapphire, how deep is the pool?” Dop asked as she leaned over the side, staring down into the murky water.

           “This doesn’t look clean,” Eclipse added.

           “The depth depends on the bathhouse, but it should be five feet at most in the center and shallower at the edges.  Also, the water isn’t crystal clear because they add oils into the water.  It keeps your skin soft and healthy, my dear,” Sapphire said, casting her towel to the side and walking into the pool.

           “How hot is it?” Dop was still leaning over the side, clutching her towel.

           “Too hot to jump in.” The teen deflated and waddled over to the edge.  She slowly hiked up her towel as she stepped in.  The water felt like it was boiling compared to the frigid air outside.

           “Oh geez, that’s so hot.”

           “I told–” A wave of water splashed over Sapphire and Dop as Eclipse had jumped into the center of the pool.  She popped back up and pushed her bright red hair out of her face.

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The Canterville Ghost

I won’t give a more elaborated detail about this book but it is all about a family who move on this spooky mansion and they tried to change how things in this mansion had been and they kind of wake the Canterville Ghost up who tried to make the family leave the mansion.

I read this before bed time and it feels so cozy, not so spooky since I think the story is intended for middle grades and younger. This is just so cutesy and I think it sum it all up.

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