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sinswithpleasure · a day ago
Temptation (ft. TWICE's Sana)
Tumblr media
"Thanks for the fuck, honey."
Minatozaki Sana's saccharine voice echoes in your head, long after she has left the room. The scent of her perfume still lingers in the air, every whiff a reminder of your guilt, your regret, your sin.
Did you take pleasure in it? Reluctantly, you have to say yes. Did you want to? You would be lying if you said no. Now that you had stepped beyond the line of salvation, did you regret it? Yes. A definite yes.
You stare at the ring around your left ring finger. The promise ring you bought your girlfriend last month for your second anniversary, where you had promised her it was "us together, forever". How could you uphold that promise anymore when you'd just slept with someone that wasn't her?
The party was a bit too loud for you. Sure, you knew what you were signing up for when you attended, but the music, cheap booze, and drunken young adults milling about weren't as fun as you thought it would be.
As you go down the corridor, sidestepping couples brazenly making out, a game of beer pong you decline to join, and rejecting the allure of one more drink at the open bar, you step up the stairs to enter the first room you see, seeking some peace and quiet.
"Oh, hello."
You freeze. You know that voice anywhere—Minatozaki Sana, the campus' It Girl.
"Hello," you hesitantly reply. You close the door, turning to look at Sana. She looks… hot, so very hot, and you have to admit that fact. After all, even with a girlfriend, you still are allowed to peruse the menu, just not allowed to order again.
"What're you doing here?"
"I just needed some peace and quiet. The party downstairs is getting a little too loud."
"And you choose my room, out of all places?"
"Oh, sorry, I… I guess I'll leave."
"No, no, you've made your choice, take a seat." Sana pulls out a chair at her desk, tapping it. "Come on."
You hesitantly sit on her chair, and she sits opposite you, on her bed. She crosses her legs, one over the other, resting her elbow on her knee, her chin on her palm.
"So how was the party, other than it being too loud for you?"
"It was fun until about seven minutes ago. I took my time drinking, dancing, and just hanging out, until my friends disappeared."
"Mm, that's good, that's good." Her eyes shine, and her smile is mesmerizing. "Here with a plus-one today?"
"Oh no, not tonight. My girlfriend's busy, and she told me to have fun on my own."
"Girlfriend? How long have you been together?"
"Two years as of last month. She's really the best."
"Ah, that explains the ring on your finger. Promise ring?"
"Yeah…" You sheepishly scratch your head, shyly admitting what Sana wants to hear. In her head, she grins. A promise meant something to corrupt, something to ruin.
"In that case, I propose we toast to that. A celebration of young love." Sana walks to a mini fridge under the table, pulling out a bottle of wine and two glasses. She hands you one, pouring the wine for you, then she pours one for herself. She raises her glass to yours, then the both of you down the glass, enjoying the wine.
"A few more? Let's not waste such good wine." Sana gives you a smile, with puppy eyes for good measure. You can't really deny her, seeing as this was her wine.
The wine was your undoing.
You were tipsy. Sana somehow is more sober than you. She also gets bolder. Her legs, formerly crossed, now spread open. Her short skirt somehow gets shorter, giving you a glimpse of her lace panties. Sana knows where your eyes are, and she approaches the topic head-on.
"Quit staring at my panties, you pervert." Sana smirks, making no motion to close her legs. "You men are all the same, aren't you?"
"Huh— no, I wasn't staring, no."
"Yeah, and pigs can fly. Tell me, did you like what you saw?"
You could either deny that you saw anything, or admit that you did like what you saw. However, tipsy you is a lot more honest than sober you, and words tumble out of your mouth before you can stop them.
"Yes, Sana, I do like the pink lace panties I'm looking at right now."
"Would you like to see more?" Sana raises both legs to the bed, spreading herself wide open for you. At this point, you remember the promise ring.
"Wait. No. I can't do this."
"Why not?"
"I have a beautiful girlfriend waiting for me at home."
"And the fact you have a girlfriend didn't stop you from looking at my panties. Funny time to suddenly have morals, no?"
"I'm sorry, I can't."
"Oh yes, you can." Sana gets up, draping herself over your lap. She tips your head up with fingers under your chin, staring into your eyes.
"She's not here tonight. I am. You know you're attracted to me. For a start, I particularly like you. However, take your pick: either you stay and I make it fun for the both of us, or you can leave and I'll just say you tried something funny with me. It'll be my word against yours, and you know I'll win. So what'll it be, honey?"
Damn, she was good.
"It looks like I'm staying."
"That's right. Now, where were we?" In a blink of an eye, Sana has her crop top off, tie loosened, and crop top… dress shirt… eh, whatever it is, unbuttoned. Her full breasts, clad in a matching lace bra, are displayed in front of your eyes, making your pants tighter. She unties her hair, letting it fall over her shoulders, over her chest and back.
"Tell me, who's hotter? Me, or her?"
"You." There was no hesitation—Sana was definitely hotter.
"Hehe." Sana giggles. "So honest. You should be rewarded." She pulls her tie and top off, then she undoes her bra, drawing it off her arms. She cups both breasts with her hands, playing with them. Her eyes meet yours.
"Go on, touch them. You know you want to."
You reach for both ample breasts, kneading them, feeling their weight in your hands. Sana moans, her voice so sultry, so addictive. You want to hear more of it—you start to play with her nipples. Tug, pinch, tweak, everything you can think of, you do. Sana just moans in pleasure, wrapping her arms around you, resting them on your back.
'Taste them."
You rush to lick a nipple, to suck on her tits. Every movement of your tongue, teeth, and lips against her nipples draws reactions from her honey sweet voice. You want nothing more than to take her and finally have a proper taste of her.
You pull Sana towards you, lifting her up and dumping her on her bed. You rush to unbuckle your belt, pulling your pants and boxers off. Your hard shaft springs out, sticking out in the air. Sana is not idle on the bed—she pulls her panties off her, getting on all fours. Her skirt is hiked up, showing you her dripping pussy and her asshole.
"Fuck me, honey."
Against your better judgement, you grab her by the hips, pulling her to you. With your shaft lined up, you grip her by the wrists, pulling her arms behind her, and you thrust into her with one sharp push of your hips. Immediately, you start wrecking her hole, planning to punish her for making you cheat. Screw foreplay, you just want to fuck Minatozaki Sana.
"Ah, ah, ah! Yes! Yes! That's right, honey, fuck me just like that! Yes, yes, yes!"
You let go of her, making her fall forwards to grip the sheets. You slap her right asscheek, spanking her while you fuck her.
"You slut, thirsting after a taken man. Fucking bitch, take this." You give her ass a particularly hard slap, making Sana cry out in pain and pleasure.
"Yes, I'm a slut. I'm a whore that loves seducing taken men. I love it when they fuck me while their girlfriends wait at home for them, not knowing how they're fucking another girl out there. Punish me, punish me for being such a slut!"
With Sana's words, you grip her hips, pounding her into the mattress. You want to wreck her body, show her that you're better than that. Dimly, you think about it—you chose to fuck her, you're the cheater, but you tell yourself it's her fault she tempts you. It's her fault, not yours.
It's. Her. Fault.
You grip her by the hair, pounding her from the back. You eye her asshole, knowing your next target. However, you want to finish in her pussy first.
"Take my fucking cum, you whore."
You pound Sana until the tension in your body snaps. Your warm semen fires deep into Sana's pulsating pussy as she gets pounded through both her orgasm and yours. She screams as her pussy milks you of your load, and you fire thick ribbon after thick ribbon of semen into her womb.
You pull out of Sana, breathless with exertion. Sana is a fucked out mess on the bed, panting in exhaustion as sweat drips off her body. You grip her hair again, moving to her ear.
"I'm not fucking done with you, whore."
You position your hard shaft against her asshole, the tip poking the entrance. Sana turns to you, her mouth uttering words of protest, but her eyes daring you to commit. Perhaps she gets off on the act, perhaps she wants you to immerse yourself fully in the sin. Commit to it.
"You wouldn't dare."
"I would."
With those words, you push yourself into Sana's ass. Her ass parts, not without resistance, but you thrust into her nonetheless, gaping her hole with your shaft. Her ass is somehow tighter than her pussy, and with the pleasure you obtain, you go to town on her once more. Similar to earlier, she is on fours on the bed while you're behind her, pounding her ass instead of her pussy. Sana moans with each thrust, and you wreck her harder, hoping she understands your message.
"That's it, that's it! Punish me, spank me, wreck my holes! Make me a good girl, fuck me good!"
You grip both her wrists, pulling her arms back and lifting her body off the bed. You piston your hips against her ass, your shaft never leaving her asshole.
"Fucking temptress, take this."
Three more thrusts into Sana's ass is all you need before your cum fills her ass. Your second load of the night shoots deep into Sana's rectum, filling her other hole with your seed. Sana moans with each spurt of thick, warm cum into her ass, and she masturbates to an orgasm under you once you let her wrists free.
You collapse on the bed, panting. Next to you, Sana gets up from the bed, laughing.
"Congratulations, cheater. Now you have to go back to her knowing you've just fucked both of my holes and filled them with cum."
"Fuck you, bitch. You're the one who made me cheat. Either I take the fall for something I didn't do, or I have to fuck you. What else can I do?"
"Oh, that. I was never going to say anything, you know? I just wanted to test you. It looks like you've failed." Sana twirls her hair with her finger, smiling.
"Yeah, I was never going to ruin your reputation… or I would have, I don't know."
"So you're telling me I cheated for nothing?"
"For your own pleasure. Not for nothing."
"I took no pleasure in this."
"That's a fucking lie." Sana laughs again, squatting over you. She spreads her pussy open to show a trail of white leaking out. Behind her, a drip of white from her asshole leaks on your chest.
"If you didn't take pleasure in this, why does my pussy and ass leak your cum?"
The weight of what you've done hits you.
What you said to your girlfriend a month before rings in your head. "Us together, forever."
"Thanks for the fuck, honey. You know you liked it as much as I did." Sana gives you a wave and a wink as she leaves the room in her bra and panties. "See you around school. I hope she never finds out."
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joli-bonbellas · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Morgan Harvill
Photo: Jesse Tam
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luxsit · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
 Viehscheid - Bavaria
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sinswithpleasure · 3 hours ago
Imma simping for black hair dahyun in beret
Part of the Job (ft. TWICE's Dahyun)
Tumblr media
BFH time!
"Take a photo of me, please?"
"Okay, boss."
"Yaaah~, it's not 'Boss'! Dubu! Dubu will do~!"
"Okay, fine, fine... Dubu."
"That's right!"
Kim Dahyun squats down, posing next to a potted plant in the lift lobby, flashing you a grin. You snap the picture on your phone, and she stands up, grabbing your arm.
"Hey, um... come to my office?"
"It's... y'know, I need an early... tea break. You know what I mean."
You plant Dahyun on her desk. You take her beret off, placing it on the side. You push everything aside, letting her sit on the now empty space. Immediately, your hands are tugging at her shirt, pulling it off her to expose her milky skin to your eyes, encased in a sky blue bra. The bra is next to go, letting your eyes feast on her pert brown nipples atop her petite chest.
"My skirt too, please?"
Your hands work at her skirt, pulling it off her hips when she raises them off the desk. Her underwear is soaked, dark with arousal, and you grin. That is the next garment off, leaving your boss naked on her desk, slick staining her crotch. You give her a perverted smile, lifting her panties for a sniff, making her groan in embarrassment.
"Put that down, you pervert!"
"Only for you."
Your clothes are off next, leaving you just as naked as she is. You sit on her chair, leaving you at eye level with her crotch. You dive in, tongue all over her labia, her clit. You leave kisses on her thighs, making Dubu groan and whimper in pleasure.
"Please, please..."
"Please what? Use your words, Dahyunnie."
"Please eat me!"
You wrap your lips around her pussy, your tongue spreading her walls open. A thumb on her clit, your tongue in her slit. Dahyun moves to lie on her desk, kneading her breasts to elevate her pleasure.
"Oh, oh, oh, yes, yes!"
Dahyun tastes heavenly. You drink up whatever leaks from her cunt, then you switch the positions of your mouth and fingers—you suck and lick her clit while fingering her pussy.
"Ah, fuck, fuck, fuck, there, there!"
You strike at that patch with your finger, sucking on her clit relentlessly. Dahyun moans, her eyes squeezed shut in response. She tweaks her own nipples, pushing herself closer to orgasm.
"Yah, I'm close, I'm close!"
You give her clit a hard suck, hitting her G-spot relentlessly. Dahyun shudders, broken cries escaping her lips as slick pours from her orgasming cunt. You never stop fingering her, but you replace your mouth with your other hand, so you can watch as your boss orgasms on her desk. She moans through everything, whimpers and cries all music to your ears.
When Dahyun stops orgasming, you stand up, licking her slick off your wet hand. You grab your shaft, dripping with precum, lining it up with her hole. When Dubu nods, you push the tip in slowly, filling her inch by inch with your shaft. You lean over her, taking her lips, slowly thrusting into her pussy. Dahyun moans as she tastes herself on you, then she carries on moaning through your thrusts.
"Fuck, Dahyun, you still feel so good, fuck!"
"Ah, shit, shit! You're still just as big, still filling me up, just like during college days!"
You thrust hard, grabbing one of Dubu's breasts. She moans louder when you knead it, rubbing the nipple with your palm. She grabs your arm with one hand, the other moving to rub her clit.
"Make me cum, make me cum, please!"
You start to thrust hard, making Dubu whimper loudly. The feeling of her tight walls squeezing you, her moans echoing around her office, the sight and feel of her naked body under yours, all these push you close to the edge.
"I'm about to cum, Dubu."
"Pull out, cover me in your cum."
You pull out, jerking yourself hard. Streaks of white, hot cum paint the milky skin of Dubu's torso, across her stomach, her chest. Rope after rope of cum covers her body as she groans, falling over the edge while watching you cum all over her. Both of you orgasm almost simultaneously, the sight of the other pushing your respective orgasms to the next level. Slick pours out of Dahyun, making her pussy a creamy, dripping mess.
You collapse on Dubu's chair, and she falls limp on her table. You look at how far the table has moved from its original position, and you chuckle. Dubu sits up, grabbing some tissues to clean herself up.
"I noticed you called me Dubu a lot just now."
"Ah— uh..."
She giggles. You laugh sheepishly, before you vocalise what you were thinking about.
"Thank you, Dahyun."
"Aish, no need to. I've already said this during our college days—you need to destress, call me for a tea break. I need to destress, I call you. Besides, now that we work with each other, I can say that it's part of the job."
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femmedreams · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
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eleyalvarez · 25 days ago
School just started last month, and these 3 say it all..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But then again, you really don't have much of a choice when Mother's looking😂
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