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atouchofcool · 2 days ago
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Beautiful Alexandra | ATOC
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misfitd0ll · 7 hours ago
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asablehart · 2 days ago
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Rabbit-Bone Wife is a short story about Roane Farinata, a noble woman who miraculously transforms into tiger overnight. One of my favorite things about it is how Roane is constantly described as how she used to be as a human, even though it directly contradicts her current state.
Transcripts under the cut.
“Lady Roane was fair and beloved, kindly but not naive, scholarly without the mark of cynicism. Her reputation preceded her. But most of all, she was the lamb of the priory.”
“[...] there lay not the same woman who had lain there yesterday—the gold-skinned one, the raven-haired one, the limpid black-eyed one—but instead a beast with tawny fur and black stripes.”
“She and Lady Roane had known each other since their girlhood, and thus there was not a single face she knew better than the lady’s. The noble arch of her nose and the green veins that pooled beneath her heavy-lidded gaze were burned into the disc behind Bellamy’s eyes.”
“Was this how one earned the trust of a wild thing? Bellamy wanted to scream. Ro was not a wild thing; she was doe-eyed and pliable, she fell into Bellamy’s hands like kneaded clay, she trusted as readily as a dog at her mistress’s feet.”
“She revealed teeth painted with the same carmine wax as her lips. She looked like Roane in the strangest ways, so their similarity made Bellamy’s skin itch. Nashwa was made of Roane’s soft gaze and swan’s neck; she was made as if Roane’s nimble fingers had been cut from the bone [...]”
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duffslut · a day ago
Meeting daddy
Tumblr media
Axl Rose x reader
Word Count: 355
Requested by anon: [...] could you write something with axl being a father and he comes home a few days after his wife gave born to their first baby girl and the first time he sees her? [...]
Warnings: Fluff!
Axl had missed the birth of his daughter, you knew it would definitely affect him, but when he warned you that his flight was been cancelled you were heartbroken, you knew these things happened when he was on tour, but for him it was worse, you remembered him crying on the phone the day his daughter was born and he wasn't with you.
It's been a few days since the baby was born, Axl would come home today and see your daughter for the first time. You were sitting in the armchair in the baby's room, rocking her in your arms as she slept peacefully. Axl appeared in the doorway, a bunch of flowers in his hand as he walked over to you and made himself on his knees in front of you and the baby. A tear leaked from his eyes even before you or he said a word, he ran his trembling hand carefully over her head, more tears fell from his eyes.
- My baby girl...
Axl got up and placed the bouquet on top of the dresser, he went to you and left a lingering peck on your lips that ended with a smile and your eyes watering.
- She looks just like you, a little redhead
Axl smirked at the baby sleeping in your arms.
- Can I get her?
Axl asked, his thick voice trembling with sobs. You lifted your arms and he took the baby, tears streaming from his eyes but he no longer cared to wipe them away. A genuine smile came to his lips as the little girl held his finger while she slept.
- Fuck! she's strong
Axl said as he rocked her in his arms like an experienced dad. "I love you so much" Axl whispered to her "I will always love you" the baby stirred in Axl's arms and he looked at you with his mouth open and his eyes squinted.
- Baby did you see this?
You smiled at your husband's excitement, it was so good that he was finally home, especially now that you guys were a complete family.
- She likes your voice - you said.
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eleyalvarez · 3 months ago
School just started last month, and these 3 say it all..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But then again, you really don't have much of a choice when Mother's looking😂
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notac00kie · 16 days ago
Yelena: You know what's really sad?
Natasha: What?
Yelena: My kids aren't going to have a cool auntie.
Natasha: What is that supposed to mean?
Yelena: Your kids are going to have a cool auntie and mine wont.
Y/N *walking in with popcorn*: You know what makes it worse?
Both: What?
Y/N: Neither of you are ever going to have kids.
Y/N *quietly*: I'm sorry.
Both *begin chasing after Y/N*
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just-me987 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
i’ve decided once I get my own place i’m gonna get one of those toys that people can control
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