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#shoto aizawa

Okay, imagine that in anime instead of the basic informations (you know, name and quirk) there would be their gay desription

For example

Kyouka Jirou: Undercut Lesbian

Mina Ashido: Chaotic Pansexual

Aizawa Shouta: Done™️

Aoyama Yuga: Glamorous Nonbinary

Iida Tenya: Straigh, but in John Mulaney kind of way

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how about fluff headcanon with chin kisses? s/o is short and only reaches their chins when standing on tippy toes, for keigo and aizawa?

Woot woot to all the other short people out there I’m 5'0 🤙hope you like this one 😘

  • “You’re being mean.” You pouted at your boyfriend
  • Who was purposely holding his head up so you couldn’t reach him
  • “You’re being short.”
  • You were trying to give him a kiss before he went out to start his patrol
  • “Keigooo.”
  • “What?” He asked trying to act innocent
  • But he loved teasing you because as he said you made the cutest faces
  • “Stop being an ass and let me kiss you.”
  • “Stop being so short.”
  • You moved from standing on you tippy toes and started to walk away
  • “Fine, leave without a kiss. I didnt want to kiss your stubby chin anyway.”
  • Keigo laughed, “okay I’m done.”
  • But you didnt turn around
  • “Babe?” He called after you
  • “You can get a kiss when you come back.”
  • He knew you were serious
  • So now he was the one pouting


Originally posted by bananadreamers

  • “What are you doing?” Aizawa looked down at you
  • You were standing on your toes trying to reach his face, “I’m trying something.”
  • “And what is that exactly?” He raised his eyebrow at you
  • “I’m trying to kiss you.” You were now leaning against aizawa chest but it wasnt working
  • But with a little hop you pecked him right on his chin
  • “Gotcha,” you said with a proud smile you
  • “But why do you have to be so tall?” You said shaking yout head
  • Aizawa smiled “And why do you have to be so cute?”
  • He said bending down and kissed the top of your head.
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