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#shoto todoroki
wrongmha · 2 days ago
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A friend told me once that there's no faith but what you make, and I think he's right. What makes a hero is their ability to choose light over darkness, to walk through fire and not be burned, to fall from great heights and not be broken, to be changed and reborn and be better for it, again and again. It's who you become when you lose someone close. When the world stops making sense. When you're thrust into responsibility that you never asked for. That's what makes a hero, and that's what makes class 1-A some of the greatest our universe has ever seen.
Source: Red vs. Blue
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yesitsmewhataboutit · a day ago
so i just thought of something
Todoroki has a closeted raging mommy kink (bc his mommy issues and ya know) 
Todoroki and reader were getting into some fore play and he started the suck on readers tits for quite a bit. he seemed to be quite into it as well. then reader was thinking maybe he liked it so much bc he has a mommy kink. so she decides to try it out. long story short, Todoroki was absolutely smitten.
(if you don’t feel comfortable doing this or no real inspo comes to mind that is totally understandable)
thx regardless<333
Additional Warnings⚠️: Dry humping
Todoroki lays you on the bed as you kiss, his hand slipping from your back to your waist where his other one rests. He moves his thumbs to rub slow circles on your skin. He lowers his body on yours, moving his hands to your shirt and taking it off. He pulls away from the kiss, smirking when he sees you didn't have on a bra. He presses his lips to your jaw, tracing them down to your neck as he brings both hands up and massages your tits in his hand.
You shutter when his cold fingers close around your nipple, rolling it and pinching it lightly. He moves his lips down to your chest, leaving kisses as he goes lower and is at your breasts. He removes one of his hands, taking your nipple in his mouth and sucking. He sucks on it, moving his and slowly massaging your other one.
He does that for a while, eventually moving his hand around your back and pulling you closer to him as he sucks on your nipple. At first, you don't think anything of it, but after a few minutes of him only sitting there sucking, you got a little confused. He must have really been enjoying it. He had slowly been grinding his clothed cock against you, his eyes closed, and his mind focused on your nipple.
You'd always wondered in your mind if Shoto had a mommy kink, but you never said anything, not wanting to make him uncomfortable if you were wrong. Now though, you figured it would be the perfect time to test it. You brought your hand up in his hair, running your fingers through it as you say, "You like sucking on mommy's nipples, Sho?" A whimper leaves his throat, his hips bucking against you as he sucks harder.
You smirk, lifting your hips to meet his thrusts. "You're making mommy feel so good, Sho," you moan. His body tenses, his mouth falling open and his hips still. His forehead falls on your collarbone, panting, his breath coming out short against your skin. You feel Shoto pull away, not lifting his head to look at you. You see the wet stain on his sweatpants, biting your lip at the thought of him enjoying it so much.
Not wanting him to feel bad, you bring your hands to his face, lifting it so you can kiss him. He closes his eyes, melting into the kiss. "You up for more? Will you make mommy feel good? Will you let mommy ride you?" you say against his lips. He nods quickly, turning around and sitting against the headboard, waiting for you to come to him. You turn to him, smiling at the blush shred across his cheeks. You hook your fingers in his waistband, pulling them down, letting his hard cum covered cock free.
You pull your shorts down, getting on his lap and sinking down on his cock. You moan once he's all the way inside. "You stretch mommy so well," you whisper against his ear. Shoto's cock twitches instead of you, and his hands fly to your waist. You smile, tugging ff his shirt and pulling his body to yours, then kissing him again. You start to roll your hips, moaning in his mouth. His hands tighten on your waist, lifting you slightly and dropping you again.
You speed up moving on him, getting a good pace, feeling his cock twitch and throb inside you. Shoto dips his head to your chest, sucking on your skin and leaving hickeys. "You wanna cum? You wanna cum and fill mommy up?" you ask him, slowly your pace momentarily. He whimpers against you, nodding his head. "Gotta use your words, baby," you say. He hides his face in your neck, the tips of his ears red with embarrassment. "Yes. Yes, mommy, please. Wanna f-fill you up," he says, his voice broken and shaky against you.
"Good boy," you coo, "Cum. Cum and fill mommy up." You say, feeling him buck his hips into you. You raise your hips, speeding up your pace again and pulling him tight against you. "So good. So good. You're so good for mommy," you moan, feeling him brush your g-spot with each thrust, working you quick to your orgasm. Shoto moans, gripping your waist tighter and moving you quicker, pistoling into you from under you. You gasp, your eyes rolling back as you cum, your cunt squeezing around Shoto's cock, making him cum, hard, milking him for all he has.
You roll your hips gently a few more times, working you both through your highs as you pant loudly. You finally still, pulling away from him and lifting his head up to face you, looking at his tired face. You bring your hand up, rubbing it across his head before leaning and kissing his forehead. You lift off him, reaching over for a towel to clean you both up. When you're finished, Shoto lays down, his arms open wanting to cuddle you.
You lay down, pulling him to your chest, rubbing his back, and cooing sweet things softly. "I know that was different. You did good, baby," you praise. "Thank you, mommy," he says softly, his voice slow and tired. You smile, rubbing your hands through his hair and on his back, lulling him to sleep.
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cactussnake · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A bunch of Todorokis from October
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thatrandomhuman · 2 days ago
BNHA 336 Highlights🦹🧀
F for all my female faves ❤️‍🩹 (this is neat though)
Tumblr media
⬇️There’s a lot going on here…I’m excited to see how Shoto combines his powers but wth is going on in the last panel
“Kill the Beast” “Not Even Human” idek what the other part says but geez 😬 playing a dangerous game here calling heteromorphs “beasts” and “nonhuman”
I just really hope this discrimination conflict is handled well…
Tumblr media
Broccoli Brigade stand up! 🥦💚
Tumblr media
Shoutout to Horikoshi for beating the lazy writing allegations!🤍
Tumblr media
I love this “Traitor Shading” The back of his hair reminds me of Mirio and All Might 🌗
Tumblr media
From Day 1 huh? 😔
Tumblr media
This makes perfect sense, I always thought it was kinda odd that we didn’t see more of the quirkless 20% of the population
Also, Parents of Quirkless Children just need a support group cause this is getting ridiculous
Tumblr media
Where do we go from here?
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya: World’s Best Friend
Tumblr media
No babe, you’re a definite victim but they’re gonna get you some help 💛 (I hope 👀)
Tumblr media
Seriously, where do we go from here? 🤔
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glorystory · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hello Tumblr, it's been quite a while but I've been preparing a new post series! Pokemon au as it has always been one of my favorite AU'S. I will first post an idea of what their teams could be like, you can suggest changes and additions and maybe even headcannons you have for those pokemon and especially why you'd pick them after that I'll start preparing a post where I describe the relationship the character has to their pokemon, how they obtained them etc.
First of all is best boy, katsuki Bakugou with his team. I decided not to make him a mono type trainer and instead give him a diverse team of pokemon that suits his personality.
Tumblr media
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lexiv-web · 18 hours ago
Beach day
You and Shoto spending the week at his family's private villa at the beach during the holidays.
Just you and him alone together to do whatever you want because Shoto could never say 'no' to you.
And after a day full of swimming and eating gourmet foods made by the private chef; he'll tell you to take a nice warm bath to wind down.
When you're done and waiting for him in your shared room, he'd ask you to wear something that is comfortable, but still one that is able to keep you warm from the windy weather.
When you take a look outside, you see a hammock that has been placed on your first floor sheltered balcony.
He tells you how he had seen other couples sitting together in a hammock while watching the beautiful scenery of the sunset on the drive here on the first day, and would like to try it with you.
You obviously have no rejections towards his offer seeing as how you can get as close to him as possible.
He smiles at your eagerness as he first lies down in the hammock followed by you next as he gently covers you both with a blanket.
As the sun dips below the horizon, the fleeting colors of dusk began to fade away; allowing the beautiful moon to ascend.
The wind gently rocking you both to sleep as it gets deeper into the night.
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tododekucrumbs · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WOMBO Dream AI’s take on Midoriya and Shoto 🎨
Fun to play around with:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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notgraceful4 · a day ago
Shoto Todoroki comforting crying reader:
Tumblr media
* When Shoto finds you crying he thinks your really sick because your bawling your eyes out really hard
* So he goes down to the store and buys you some tissues and other essentials for being sick
* Then he comes and finds you to hand the things to you, telling you that they are to help your sickness
* You look at him confused and tell him that your not sick, which then makes him confused
* He asks you if your not sick then why are your eyes watery
* You end up explaining to him that your just sad, so your crying which happens to the best of us sometimes
* Finding out this new information he doesn’t know what to do, so he’s just standing next to you awkwardly while you continue to cry
* He hands you a tissue from the box to blow your nose and wipe your eyes
* Then he leaves the room and texts Fuyumi for some advice on what to do which wasn’t very helpful because she just told him to follow his instincts
* Entering the room again he slowly starts rubbing your back, robotically saying something like “there there” since he saw someone in the park do this once
* This gets you to look up at him which makes him stop rubbing your back and turn away, thinking that you didn’t like that and it made you feel worse
* You tell him that it’s actually making you feel a bit better and that he should carry on
* Which he then does and the both of you just sit in silence while he strokes your back
* This is the first time Shoto has ever properly comforted someone, hopefully with more practice he gets better at it for future times.
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aj-lenoire · a day ago
no okay no this needs a post of its own—
my hero academia (spanish dub)
midoriya sounds like a grown ass man it’s so funny and yet not at all intimidating—though something about his spanish VA there is a similarity to his english voice
bakugo sounds the same as in english, i.e., like an asshole and also an adult man
present mic sounds like a mario villain 😭
hawks sounds... really good guys. just. really good. he sounds so cool and i can’t handle it. oh my god.
idk what it is exactly but colgate sounds so fucking funny he came out of a spanish soap opera oh my GOD
bakugo calls uraraka... ‘bread face’??
the way they pronounce the names is also extremely entertaining like they say ‘izuku midoriya’ like i know that’s just spanish inflection but hearing it on japanese names has increased my life expectancy
once again the dub uses their first names?? but unlike the french dub the subtitles also do this so it matches—izuku still calls him ‘kacchan’ though
ochako’s voice is a little younger-sounding than english but still has that vibe of like, cute bubbly girl who can also be tough
incidentally hearing her call him ‘katsuki’ and him calling her ‘ochako’ is kind of fucking adorable
aizawa has generic spanish voice. istfg i’ve heard that voice on duolingo
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