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henlo! BNHA matchups please! I’m a girl with soft, shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and turquoise eyes. My height is probably about 4’10”, and I’m a little chubbier than thicc. I have a big bright smile with some crooked teeth and I like to give warm hugs and encouragement. I’m really soft and sensitive, and many call me a mom friend. I prefer any gender, but I lean towards males.

I match you with -


Originally posted by anima-posts

I think you and Shoto would match well!

  • He towers above you but whenever he wants to give you affection he just leans down.
  • Your smile drew him in, the moment he saw it, he knew you were the one for him.
  • He loves your hair as well, it’s soft and he likes to run his fingers through it.
  • Cuddles, need I say more? He’s the best big spoon ever.
  • Expect Shoto to be awkward at first, it’s a bit new to him. Once you two are together for a while he’ll warm up to affection a lot more and seem like a natural.
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(yn)’s breath was short and staggered as she continued to practice her fighting style with Midoriya. Throwing punches at him, she got him in the gut causing him to grunt and lean over in pain. It was her opportunity; (yn) twisted him to the floor and pinned him to the ground.

“Your getting better (yn)!” Midoriya said as (yn) helped him up.

“Thanks. You are too though, I could barely dodge your attacks.”

“Thanks!” He looked at the time, “Oh shoot, we should probably get dressed, it’s almost time for school.” (Yn) nodded and walked into the locker room. The cooling sensation of water drizzled down her body.

When she finished she walked outside and waited for Midoriya. A few school days had passed since the last time she spoke to Todoroki. Speaking of whom was looking at a batch of forget-me-nots, (yn) laughed at how ironic the situation was. He wasn’t like she remembered him, he used to be cheerful and talkative. But now… he seemed distant. He also had a large scar on the right side of his face. She started to wonder what had happened to him that caused him to change so much.

“Is something wrong (yn)?” It was Midoriya behind her.

“Huh? Oh nono I’m good, why do ask?”

“Well I noticed that you seem nervous when you are around Todoroki, why is that? Do you know who he is?”

A blush crept onto (yn)’s face. “Well I uh-” she sighed, “I guess I know him but not really. If you get what I mean.”

He nodded and the two of you started walking to class.

“I get it! I bet you know who his father is huh, I got nervous too when I realized he was Endeavor’s son.” The news almost gave her a heart attack ‘HIS FATHER IS THE NUMBER 2 HERO?’ She internally screamed.

“What?! I-I didn’t know about that!” (Yn) was shocked, how could someone so calm come from such a scary hero. “Yeah, I thought Todoroki looked familiar so I did some research and found out his father is Endeavor. Pretty cool right!” he had a glimmer in his eyes from how excited he was, “That reminds me! You have hero parents too right! Why didn’t you tell me that’s so cool.”

“Well I didn’t want to seem standoffish if that’s the right word,” So many thoughts were swirling through (yn)’s head, “Plus I didn’t see the need to haha.” She giggled and sat down at her desk.

“Hm that makes sense.” He replied with a nod and walked to his desk. He seemed to have a lot on his mind too.

Mr. Aizawa had announced that there would be an activity held in the U.S.J; a type of rescue practice. Everyone headed to the locker room to get changed into their hero costumes. (Yn)’s hero costume was a black bodysuit with accents of metal, and slits down the legs for mobility. The sleeves stopped at her wrists, it had a pair of black heeled boots, and a hood. (Yn)’s suit was made of weather resistant material in order to be compatible with her quirk. It hugged her perfectly.

Once (Yn) arrived to the bus and got in she noticed there was an empty seat next to Todoroki so she decided to fill it.

(Yn) gave Todoroki a wave and a smile as she sat down. (Yn) pulled out her phone and a pair of earbuds, she was about to play a song but she heard Todoroki ask a question.

“(yn), what song are you listening to?”

“Oh! It’s called Saudade, It’s a really good song, want to listen?”

“Sure, if you don’t mind of course.”

“I don’t mind Sh-Er Todoroki.”

A nervous laugh came out, she had almost called him Sho'not good’ (yn) thought to herself as she handed him an earbud and pressed play.

It had been 20 minutes when the bus finally stopped. (Yn) tapped on Todoroki’s shoulder but he didn’t move, 'Is he asleep?’ (Yn) whispered into his ear gently, “Hey Todoroki, we’re here. Wake up.” Her voice was hushed in order not to startle him.

He woke up and looked dazed for a second, when he finally realized where he was he went back to his composed self in less than 2 seconds, “Come on Todoroki!” (Yn) said enthusiastically and hopped off the bus.

Once inside everyone got to meet Thirteen. Thirteen had started to explain the different rescue scenarios when a group of villains appeared. The class was surrounded by darkness, it seemed to be a quirk from one of the villains. The entire class was warped into different rescue zones and separated from one another. (Yn) seemed to be in the squall zone.

“Hello?” You heard a voice behind you, it was Tokayami.

“Hey! Over here Tokayami”


While (y/n) was walking towards Tokoyami’s voice she sensed someone behind her. (Yn) held her hand out towards the entity that was about to charge into her. She shot a lightning strike at him causing a loud explosion to ring around them.

“Are you alright!?” Tokoyami was a few feet away facing more villans.

“Yes, I’m fine but it seems like we are gonna have to fight.” (Yn) took a fighting stance and faced the villains surrounding her.

“Then lets get started.” Tokoyami’s voice was full of determination.

(Yn) reached into the air and conjured another lightning strike, barreling it downwards to a group of villains in order to stun them. It was a success. Tokoyami was able to take down a few too. (Yn) felt a throbbing pain in her shoulder, she felt a warm liquid drip down. She looked at her shoulder to find a dagger had penetrated her right shoulder.

“Ugh- Dammit.”

“Are you alright (y/n)?”

“Yeah, I’m fine ” she called back with as much reassurance as she could.

A villain with many knives started lunging towards her. The man was on top of her now, he ripped out the dagger that had previously been in her shoulder.(Yn) winced at the pain.

He scraped into her right cheek with a scalpel and then dug it into her forearm, there was blood everywhere. (Yn) was finally able to kick him in the gut and shove him off. Tokoyami gave him the last blow. (Yn)’s blood colored the concrete beneath her.

“(Y/N) you look hurt, lets go find you some help.”

“Y-Yeah, we need to find the others and make sure they are alright!”

(Yn) had finally managed to find some of her other classmates. The group consisted of Yayorozu, Kaminari and Jiro.

“Is she alright?” Asked Jiro.

“What happened?” Asked Kaminari.

“Let me help.”

The voice was Yayorozu’s. (Yn) nodded and watched as she was created a pack of medical supplies.

“First we need to wash this off and disinfect the wounds.”

“I can do that Yayorozu,” (Yn) replied and spritzed water onto her wounds from her hand. “Done.”

“So your quirk is water control? That’s awesome!” Kaminari spoke.

“Not exactly, I can control elements related to weather like electricity, wind, water, and air. That kinda st-” her reply was cut off as she winced due to the alcohol that was being applied to her wounds.

“That’s so bad-ass!” Called out Jiro

(Yn) thanked them for the compliments, “All done (Yn)!”

“Thank you Yayorozu.” (Yn)’s wounds were now cleaned and wrapped. “Lets go find the others and help them out!” Everyone was in agreement and they headed torwards the others.

After a few minutes most of the class had regrouped, “Where’s Todoroki?” (Yn) asked the group. Ochako pointed to the the group of villans at the end of the stairs. 'Oh my god..

Todotoki was about to fight the disturbing creatures called Nomu’s but then All Might had appeared. (Yn) felt a little relaxed but still had some anxiety about the situation at hand.

The rest of the time was full of cheering for All Might. Thankfully he was successful, and other Pro-Hero’s had arrived on time.

Once reunited with Todoroki she gave him a hug.

“Are you alright Todoroki?”

“Yes I’m fine thank you (Yn)”

“Good, because if you weren’t then who would I have to talk to on bus rides?”

(Yn) gave him a smile and a playful punch to the shoulder. He smirked back at her, it seemed like he almost had a blush on his cheeks.

“Hey, are you alright though, it looks like you got roughed up a bit.”

“I’m fine it’s just a gash to the face and a pathetic little stab wound, nothing a haven’t trained for.”

“Good.” His voice sounded lighthearted. He was starting to feel more comfortable with (Y/N) but there was still a feeling he couldn’t explain when he was around her almost of familiarity.

Hero costume!


Credit: Cherrysdesigns on Deviantart

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by Strawberriboba

Summary: The beginning of a new year means new people. (Y/N) didnt expect to see a familiar face she had longed to see. He was different from what she remembered and she wanted to know him for who he had become. But there would soon be trouble along the way.

Notes:This is a pretty mediocre story but hey! Were are in quarantine rn so i might as well write to keep me occupied!


1. Quirk-Atmokinesis

2. This is just got fun!

3. I dont own any of the characters in this story!

4. I will probably post a new chapter every Sunday

Chapter 1: Recognition


This is just for fun and i dont own any of these characters!


(Y/N)- age 16

Favotites- Music, Shoto, and watching rlly bad movies to criticize

Quirk- Atmosis! Allows her to control atmospheric elements like wind, electricity, ect.


There will be a pic of ur costume on ch 2

Chapter Text



As (yn) woke up from last nights rest she could hear the birds chirping from outside her apartment window. She got up from bed and stretched making sure to pop her stiff joints.

“Today is going to be my first day at U.A.” (yn) said to herself while smiling. She could hardly contain her excitement. (Yn) glided over to the closet opening it to reveal her schools uniform, once she had put it on she made sure to flatten out the skirt so there would be no visible wrinkles. After brushing her teeth she finished off her morning routine by brushing her (h/c) tresses, the clock read ‘7:12’ by the time she finished.

She rushed to the kitchen in order to prepare herself some breakfast, today she decided to make waffles with a side of sliced fruit. while eating she thought about her parents and how proud they had been when she told them she had been accepted into U.A. she missed them. Their Hero-work kept them busy so they wouldn’t be able to answer her phone calls, she was so grateful that her family was financially stable enough to support her decision on moving closer to the school and into her hometown of Matsutafu. Of course (yn) missed her friends back in Kyoto but she couldn’t pass the opportunity of going to U.A. and becoming a hero like she had always wanted. You thought back to your early childhood.


The smells and sounds of (yn)’s old home flooded her senses, the sound of the neighborhood kids laughing brought a smile to her lips. She could remember playing with them and showing each other your quirks, in particular she remembered a pair of hetero-chromatic eyes that belonged to a boy she had nicknamed ’Sho’ It wasn’t anything creative but it was what she remembered. When the two of them had met they were playing tag around a playground.

The two of them became best friends and would always hang out with each-other playing tag, coloring, or just talking. Eventually (yn) started seeing him less and less, he said it was his father who wasn’t letting him go out as much as before. The two of them wrote each other letters when they eventually didn’t see each-other anymore, the letters were full of life updates and cheerful comments. In fact (yn) still had his letters, the last one saying, “Woah your atmokinesis quirk sounds awesome! you have to show me sometime (Y/N) and then I can show you my quirk - Sho”

(Yn) was never were able to show him her abilities to manipulate atmospheric elements. When (yn) had moved the two of them had lost contact; she thought of him from time to time and wondered if he did too.


Beep-Beep-Bee- she shut off the alarm that was ringing from her phone and checked the clock, '7:40’

“Did I really spend all that time daydreaming?” She asked herself and got up to clean the plates. Once that was done she snatched her backpack and put on her school shoes making sure to lock the door behind her, (yn) walked to the bus terminal in order to catch her ride to school.

Once on the bus (yn) continued reminiscing, she thought about how she had studied and trained hard with her mentors to get to where she was and it had finally paid off. Even though she got in through recommendation she passed with flying colors on the written exam.

Her mother ranked 8th on the hero billboard she was always so lively and cheerful. She had a way of making people smile. Your father ranked just one place below her in the 9th hero spot. They both absolutely adored you since you were their only child. (Yn) was lucky enough to inherit a rare mix of quirks. She were proud to be a (y/l/n).

The bus came to a halt and she stepped off. There was still 30 minutes left to spare. (Yn) checked her schedule to make sure she was going in the direction, “Class 1-A, Mr. Aizawa.” She mumbled to herself and finally reached the classroom. There weren’t many people present yet, (yn) set her things down on a desk near a window. It was a pleasant view of the cherry blossom trees and flowers around the campus.

A girl with brown hair and rosy cheeks greeted (yn), “Hi I’m Ochako Uraraka It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, I’m (y/l/n) (y/f/n)”

“This is Midoriya, and that’s Iida.”

The boy who (yn) assumed to be Midoriya greeted her first with a polite smile and a handshake, then it was Iida he gave her a firm handshake that almost knocked her over. He apologized profusely but (yn) assured him it it was fine. The four of them got to know each other better, (yn) learned about Ochako’s family company, Tenyas hero family, and Midoriya’s studious behavior. He even pulled out a notebook full of hero studies, (yn) noticed her parents had their own pages but she didn’t say anything to him.

The bell rung and the rest of the class got in their seats. While waving goodbye to her new friends (yn) noticed a classmate with half and half hair, she smiled at him but he turned away quickly. She didn’t think much of it.

“Goodmorning students, Im Mr. Aizawa.” His voice was lazy and husky, “Today you will all talking a physical evaluation.” The room was swirling with questions but it eventually died down and everyone was instructed to meet out back once everyone had their gym clothes on. Once everyone was present the test began.

(Yn)’s ability to control wind aided her in most of the tests and she ended up in 4th place overall. She was congragulated by her new set of friends, but eyed by a certain blonde and red eyes classmate. (Yn) tried to comfort Mioriya but it came to no avail. Her eyes searched the board and saw a name that sounded familiar ’Shoto Todoroki’ She felt a cold hand on her shoulder and (yn) had locked eyes with the boy who had been staring at her earlier. It hit her at that moment. It was Sho, the Sho you wrote letters to, the Sho who was her childhood friend in the flesh.

“Apologies, but your name sounds familiar. Do I know you?” His voice was smooth like silk. (Yn) wanted to scream from excitement but didn’t want to embarrass herself by saying, 'OH MY GOD YES ITS ME (Y/N), DO YOU REMEMBER ME.’ just in case he wasn’t the right person so she managed to reply, “My parents are hero’s so you might recognize my last name.”

“Hm, that must be it then I’m Todoroki by the way. So who are your parents?”

“It’s nice to meet you Todoroki I’m (y/n). My mother is Terra-Nuevia and my father is Atmos.”

“Hm so you must have high expectations from your parents too.”

(Yn) nodded and was about to continue the conversation but the bell rang signaling the end of the school day. She waved good bye to Todoroki scolding herself mentally for not having enough courage to ask him about his childhood. She spent the rest of her day thinking about him.

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Indie Todoroki Shoto Roleplay Blog | Selective | Multiship | Multifandom | OC Friendly | NSFW | Literate | Both Manga and Anime Based | Follow @coldwordsburningheart |


Likes and reblogs, appreciated

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Season One: 
“Aw, look at this precious green bean! Getting to be a hero against all odds! Careful now, there’s some scary looking villains out there! Good thing All Might’s here! What a happy, fun show!” 


Originally posted by jinx-night

Season Two:
“Aww yeah, a tournament arc! Look at all these precious children! Todoroki’s tragic backstory! Ishida’s tragic family drama! Stain and introducing hero society and sociology? Well, isn’t that neat! Oh, who’s Shigaraki working for? Man, this series is getting great!” 


Originally posted by wrenrouge

Season Three:
“Aah – Summer Camp Fun with the kids! Wait, villains kidnapping students? Wait – All For One….vs…..All Might?! All Might’s powers are GONE?! Dorm life? Sweet – but – Bakugo and Deku release their pent up frustrations against one another? The kids are growing up! Uhm, random glance into villain backstory – anyone else notice a tiny tone shift? Who’s this Overhaul character?”


Originally posted by spikytyphoon

Season Four:
“Quirk-using…Yakuza? Quirk-enhancing drugs and a black market? Using a girl’s blood and tissue to create bullets?! Students going undercover to raid a gang base? Subjects of child abuse and societal sociology shifts? Character DEATH?!  Uhm…anyone else sensing a dark shift in tone–OH! Wait, Gentle and La Brava and a culture festival! The children are so precious! And look! A beautiful flying man! Woah – Endeavor seeking redemption?! What an amazing season!” 


Originally posted by darkgreenmeadow

I think I’ll just read ahead in the manga to see what’s going to happen in Season Five…


Oh, so wait…


…hold on…









WELL….UHM….. *Clears Throat*


Originally posted by derikisu

Looking forward to Season 5! 

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Oh sorry ok how about headcanons on yandere Shoto reacting on hisdarling only seeing him as a friend

[Pairing: Yandere!Shoto x Reader]

[TW: Yandere]

[Reader: Gender Neutral]

[Summary: Shoto’s darling tells him they only see him as a friend.]

Sorry it took so long to get to this!



Originally posted by baekugos

  • “I’m sorry Todoroki, I only see you as a friend.”
  • Those words cut deeper than any knife could. As Shoto heard those words fall from your mouth, he felt like his world just ended.
  • “What do you mean Y/N? I… I love you!”
  • Shoto wanted you to love him, to see him as the perfect boyfriend who could protect you any day. However, you denied him.
  • That was your first mistake.
  • You just told Shoto you saw him as a friend more than anything else, he should’ve respected your opinion. Yet you didn’t think the possibility that Shoto was a Yandere.
  • If you didn’t listen to his words he would just go on and try and be friends with you. He’d put up an act and try to make you see him as more in the future, but he wouldn’t push it.
  • However, when other guys would flirt with you he would slowly fill with rage. You didn’t see him as a lover but you could consider these lowly classmates?
  • “I’m sorry, Y/N. This is for your own good.”
  • He would say that as he kidnapped you, most likely keeping you at home. His family might know and be concerned, then again his family might not care or even notice you were there. My god, he had a big house.
  • This was just a road bump, you’d see him as something more if you only spent time with him! That was his thought process.
  • Don’t make that mistake again, for your own good.
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request: Omg I stumbled upon your page and love love love all the BAKUGO HC! I’ve begun rewatching all the episodes and in S1E6 kaachan and Deku are fighting and running in a maze as they battle. I thought this would be a wonderful HC story for Bakugo/Todoroki/Deku/Kirki where their S/O teases them if they can find her they can win a prize. Can be fluffy, naughty, or anything you can come up with!

a/n: hope this is okay! i love how soft these turned out and i think that i got their character traits pretty good!

warnings: none



Originally posted by raittos

Katsuki Bakugo.

  • as soon as you said the word “prize” his game face was ON
  • does he know what it is?
  • no
  • but does he want to win it?
  • oh hell yes.
  • you two snuck into the training grounds
  • though waiting wasn’t his favorite thing, he did so when you told him you were going to hide.
  • your goal was just to stay as far away from his explosions for 15 minutes
  • which was harder than you thought
  • katsuki’s explosions made him fly surprisingly far and fast
  • whenever he’d fly past you, you couldn’t help but to let out a giggle
  • which was your downfall
  • “oi! i can hear you giggling!”
  • you put your hand over your mouth but to no avail
  • soon enough he blew up the wall you were hiding behind with a big grin
  • “now, gimme my price!”, he held out his hand proudly
  • to his surprise, you took his hand and pulled him towards you
  • you planted a kiss on his lips and then backed away with a big grin
  • “all my efforts for that?”
  • as you were about to say something he grabbed you by the collar and pulled you in for another kiss

Originally posted by uchihaharunoss

Shoto Todoroki

  • he didn’t get the idea at first
  • “prize? what prize? what happens if i don’t find you?”
  • but when you said the prize was a surprise
  • and added that it would be good training
  • he was in on it
  • when he started he was a bit too careful though
  • so you decided to up the stakes by shooting around your own attacks
  • it ended up not being much of a game of hide and seek and more of just a battle
  • eventually he got up to you though
  • shoto grabbed your wrist and pulled you into him
  • “i caught you”, he whispered
  • “guess i have to give you the prize, then”
  • you leaned in a kissed his lips softly
  • he ended up just staring at you with a redened face
  • you never kissed him out of the blue
  • he kind of needed a warning before you did anything
  • even something like holding his hand
  • “could i kiss you again?”

Originally posted by snowmiya

Izuku Midoriya

  • he was on it as soon as you said training
  • training? yes
  • training with you? oh fuck yeah
  • he only realized what he was getting himself into when you were hiding
  • but he’s not one to back down from a challenge
  • and he really wanted to know what that prize was
  • so he’s going through building after building
  • literally
  • and finds you pretty quick
  • by now he knows you as well as the back of his hand
  • since you have a bit more space in his notebook of quirks
  • so of course he would know where you’d be hiding
  • “guess i’ll have to give you the prize now!”
  • you leaned over and gave him a soft kiss to his lips
  • this boy exploded into a flustered mess within seconds
  • a bunch of mumbling came out of his mouth
  • that was the first kiss you had ever given him that wasn’t a peck on the cheek
  • mostly because he got nervous if you were just holding his hand, so you hadn’t taken that step yet
  • yeah, you’re gonna have to take him to recovery girl

Originally posted by deku-smash

Eijiro Kirishima

  • he’s gonna freak as soon as you say challenge and prize
  • “let’s do it!”
  • excitement is an understatement when it comes to how eijiro is feeling
  • and you’re getting a bit nervous if the prize is going to live up to it’s  expectation
  • still, you go through with it
  • and eijiro is fast
  • he doesn’t waste his time busting down walls that he’s not sure you’re hiding behind
  • which saves him a lot of time
  • when you first start noticing the wall your hiding behind breaking your heartbeat quickens
  • “aha! i found you!”
  • you’ll laugh nervously and hope he’s forgotten about the prize
  • because you’re self confidence is completely gone
  • so you try to walk away but he stops you
  • “hey, where’s my prize? don’t think i forgot about it!”
  • “fine. close your eyes.”
  • once he closes his eyes you lean over and kiss his lips
  • before you can back away he grabs your waist and pulls you in, letting the kiss linger
  • “that was one hell of a prize”, he’d mutter against your lips with a grin
  • now that you initiated it, be ready for random kisses here and there
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“Mina please!” But it’s too late, Mina’s already pushed him out on stage with hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of curious eyes watching him as he’s handed the microphone as he furiously shakes his head no.

“Come one Kiri, we need you to stall just for a bit.” Jirou clasps her hands together, looking nervous that he may not go through with it.

He did have a song that he was writing but it wasn’t done yet, hell- it wasn’t even half finished, but he was going to sing it.

He willed his legs to stop shaking violently, looking similar to an animal taking its first steps.

He blinks as he sees the crowds eyes start to close in, as they start to look impatient and angry.

“Why couldn’t they just have gotten Kaminari to rap or some shit?” Kirishima thought to himself as he gulped.

“Why would you send him out there? We’re not sure if he can sing or not!” Hagakure whispered non to quietly to Mina.

“No, he can sing! I know he can! You can do it, Kiri!” Mina’s last sentence echoes in his ears, as if his brain was missing from its place in his skull.

Kirishima licks his lips and looks into the eyes of his peers, some that he knows and some that he’s never seen before in his whole life.

Shouldn’t they be done by now? Kirishima realizes that it hasn’t been an hour, it’s only been 10 seconds.

At that, he stills and smiles.

“Ladies and Gentleman and others , I come here with a song that I wrote for you all called “Nobody likes the opening band.” Kirishima clenches his teeth as he says the title, looking at the people that were supposed to be ready for this.

Why was he pushed out on stage?

He was supposed to be in the stage crew, not having his boots stand heavy on this platform in front of thousands of people.

But he can’t let Jirou and the gang down, he can’t let Kaminari’s guitar go untuned, Bakugou’s drums go undrummed, he can’t let THEM down.

Why the hell weren’t they ready?

(He would later find out it was because SOMEONE couldn’t their eye makeup together *cough* Bakugou *sniffle, sniffle*)

So if he had to sing a song that he’s barely finished with a shaking hand on a Microphone and a heavy drum like beat in his heart?

So be it.

He didn’t even have a beat he just went for it, acapella.

He wasn’t sure how it would play out against the piano banging in his head but he hoped it would sound good.

He surely wouldn’t want to introduce the main attractions to an angry mob.

“Oh come and see the opening band,”

The crowd got really quiet, all eyes that strayed away were now glued to his shaking, slightly bent form.

“Now that you’ve got your tickets and beverages in hand, they look so tired, sound uninspired, guitars are second hand”

He wasn’t sure if the guitars were old or brand spanken new since all the instruments were Jirou’s, the girl that was looking at him with a proud look on her face.

“Cause no one likes the opening band,” He looked nervously at the sidelines, it seemed they needed another minute.

“Nobody likes the opening band, their set times far too early and I’ve never heard of them.” His throat felt dry, waiting for the booing and throwing of stuff to start anytime soon since he wasn’t supposed to be on the stage at all yet here he was.

Singing in front of thousands of people he will never see again most likely.

“And chances are they won’t go far, career is sure to end, cause no one likes the opening band.” Kirishima took a glance at the side stage and saw Kaminari’s offended facial expression. Jirou didn’t look any different either.

“Oh, unfamiliar things will make us nervous..” That part was true, he felt like up chucking on the floor right now. But he couldn’t let his friends down even if he was pushed out here against his will.

“But singing here for you gives me a purpose.” He knew the others could see him constantly looking to the side but he really needed their support. He almost didn’t see Bakugou arriving on the side of the stage (finally).

“So, take pity on the opening bands, Cause no one came to see them-“ Kirishima locked eyes with Jirou’s parents who were looking a bit confused cause they most likely (definitely) expected their daughter to come out for the show.

“Except their mom and dad” Kirishima saw Eraserhead, Present Mic, Loud Cloud in the crowd, somewhere in near the front, Mirio and Eri was we’re with them, Eri being on Miro’s shoulder. He smiled and really wanted to say hi to his family but he had to finish the song.

“But if you lend an ear and give them just a little chance.” He went into a high note, he wasn’t even expecting for his voice to do that himself but the moment just felt right.

“You may just like-, you may just like the-, you may just like the opening….” Kirishima closed his eyes and readied himself for a big finish.

“Band.” His voice was loud in the microphone but he held the note, something he’s seen Jirou do lots of times in her songs and figured it was right for him to do.

His chest heaved as he looked in the crowd that was eerily silent, he was waiting for the screaming, the booing, the hissing but what he wasn’t expecting.

Was the standing ovation.

He smiled really big, wiping the sweat that built up a bit on his forehead.

“Alright people, I’m gonna need you to do the same for the real opening band! Everybody say hey to the dope gang!” Kirishima finally handed the microphone over to Jirou who did a quick version of their overly long handshake which he received with as much coolness as he could muster.

“HEY!!” The crowd said as loud as they could when the whole band arrived on stage.

“Hey! How come when he does that, you guys go crazy!” Present Mic yelled over the crowd just enough for Aizawa and Shirakumo to hear him.

“Just face it, Mic. Our kid is cooler than you.” Aizawa yelled back and Shirakumo nodded, agree with him.


He walked off stage and to the sidelines.

“Yo Todoroki, you mind me a block of ice?” Kirishima said, already taking off his shirt.

Todoroki nodded and starting with an ice like ball and kept adding on to it.

“Kirishima, that was amazing! I didn’t know you could sing like that!” Hagakure came up to him, a bit of a squeal in her voice.

“Well, I actually can’t sing, I was just-“ Kirishima didn’t see the look on her face but with her demeanor, you could tell she didn’t believe a word he said.

Neither did the rest of his classmates.


This is dedicated to my friend @darknoahshere , they helped me a bit with the idea! Awesome friend!!

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watched this ep just now,, pretty late ik.

and it has left me speechless-

im left w more ques than answers now a days while watchin the anime, and ssly gonna start readin its manga. originally I had started watchin bnha as a newbie in the anime world, not knowing how much I’ll end up engaging myself into it in future, and nvr considered it as a necessity to read the manga even after have gotten attached to the characters and taken intrested in the plot. imma give it a shot now,, lmao.

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  • Todoroki + architecture 

can’t see him as much of an artist, but considerin’ his ability to furnish/enhance a plain space makes it kinda apparent,,

  • Aoyama + Culinary arts

i see him aspiring to be a pastry chef in specific.

  • kyoka + music technology/audio production

self explanatory, ya.

  • Ashido + mass communication

she can be an amazing interviewer and would be great on camera as well, you can’t convince me otherwise-

  • denki + modern languages

considering his surprisingly large vocab, i as well see him as a pretty badass writer, heavy reader and someone who’s interested in languages 

  • Kirishima + physical education and  Kinesiology

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Deku: It’s kinda strange. Endeavor has been acting….funny lately when I see him on TV. Hes acting very awkwardly.

Todoroki: Its because he’s trying to be nice now. This is a complete foreign concept to him and he doesn’t have a good handle of it, but it seems like he’s actually trying his all if I must say though.

Deku:…… can being nice be a foreign concept to someone?!

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