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#shoto todoroki

word count: 1.8k

warnings: none

a/n: @bnhabookclub​‘s mermay event part two!
you can check out part 1 here.

You aren’t sure what the way back home is. You’d never gone outside of the kingdom, not even with your father or sisters, you knew nothing about the world outside your realm. You swim aimlessly, there’s nothing and nobody nearby to ask for directions.

You surrender to your weak limbs down on the marine subsoil. You hadn’t had time to put together what had happened a few hours ago. Let’s see… You ran away from home, helped a human, ended washed up on an unknown beach, and then almost got seen by three humans. Well, one of them actually did see you. You’re 99% positive Shoto looked right at you before you rushed back into deeper waters.

Both of your hands shoot up to your face. You’re blushing all over again. Why was that human’s gaze so intense? God

I really want to see him again

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me, realizing this is in fact my blog and I can do what I want: more Todoroki fics it is. 

Todoroki x reader 

warnings: none this is fluff city baby

word count: 1,200 (about)

summary: Todoroki is more of a socially awkward dork than anyone gives him credit for, so when he decides to ask out a girl for the first time, he turns to the internet for guidance. 

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More of a hc then a theory but

Shoto Todoroki can and will join the league of villains

TW: mentions of abuse and some swearing

  • Shoto has seen first hand how corrupt the world of hero’s can be
  • He grew up with the hero he was supposed to be looking up to the most ruining his life
  • But he goes into UA thinking not all hero’s are like that, and he can make the system better.
  • Right?
  • Well not quite.
  • Slowly, he starts to question things.
  • If hero’s were all about saving people then why was there rankings? Why is the hero billboard chart even a thing? Why was the UA sports festival broadcasted like it was collage football?
  • Shoto begins to realize these things but it doesn’t stop him. He wants to help people, no matter how questionable the system is.
  • But then something to shoto. Most likely he gets kidnapped but idk I’m not very creative.
  • They ask him to join and of course he says no, he’s not stupid.
  • So they keep him there because they can’t have him leaking their information.
  • So Hawks is there for his mission one day and holy shit this is where endeavors son is
  • So they talk for a while since neither of them have anything better to do
  • And Hawks talks about his past how he feels caged in and Shoto thinks yknow what maybe being a villain isn’t so bad
  • So after a while he agrees to join.
  • Explaining his reasoning to the league changes things a bit.
  • Shoto knows more about hero’s then any of them, so if they want to take them down, he is there best bet.
  • But shoto doesn’t want to hurt people for the sake of hurting people. He wants to hurt the people who hurt him and so many others.
  • They start going after corrupt government officials.
  • They kill off abusive parents and take the kids in (which is arguably not the best thing to do but they’re villains they’re going to do some bad)
  • They send Shoto back to UA so people don’t suspect anything, and he starts speaking out against practices of the hero corporations.
  • Something happens in this time gap but like I said I’m not creative but time has passed by now
  • Shoto gets in a fight with some hero and people start going apeshit
  • During a fight someone asks him why he did it. Why he joined.
  • His response:
  • “People think that just because you’re called a hero you’re a good person. Hero’s aren’t supposed to be celebrities. They’re supposed to truly help. If I were to reveal the truth no one would believe me. No one would be held accountable. This is the only way to truly help people.”
  • Of course people freak out once the statement gets public.
  • I didn’t plan this too far ahead but one of the siblings comes forward and talked about everything endeavour did and how none of them said something because it wouldn’t end well for any of them.
  • The people who believed it started worrying because they were trusting an abuser with their life. And who knows how many other horrible people were hero’s
  • Hero agencies probably wouldn’t change immediately but damn the public opinion does.
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MHA Headcanon: Being Apart of Both The Baku + Deku Squads

(Description: Wow! I’m so happy with the amount of praise my FatGum fic has gotten! I cannot thank you guys enough for over 100 likes/reblogs, you all mean the world to me. This idea struck me in the dead of the night and I just had to write it down. Love you!)



Requester: No One!

Reader Gender: Gender Neutral (They/Them)

Style of Story: Headcanon(s) // Just some funny ideas I had. Nothing extremely romantic about this one, unless you count Denki’s insatiable flirting attempts as romance!

Word Count: 2.7K Words

WARNING(s): None, just a few cuss words here and there.

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“Let me at ‘em!”

Todoroki, Bakugo, Kirishima + Midoriya and Kaminari because I dunno, I just felt like it

I try not to make a habit of writing for these 3 since they’re SO popular already -and I have like very little interest in writing for them- buuuut I just couldn’t pass up the chance of writing something for a s/o with potential anger issues- I am a SUCKER for issues of any kind (U3U)

Anywho, thanx for requesting!

…. .. 。・° • ° ・。 .. .…


•Shoto Todoroki•

° Out of everyone, he’s least likely to make a fuss about it, but that definitely doesn’t mean he isn’t concerned for your safety and overall wellbeing

° If he witnesses anything break out in front of him, depending on how long you’ve been together, he’s gonna a little awkward and tense because like… should he physically grab you??? Would you listen to him if he just told you it wasn’t worth the trouble??? How had the fight started in the first place??? He looked away for 3 seconds and next thing he knew, there were fists being thrown

° Immediately afterwards will ask what happened and will, a little awkwardly, reassure you that you can talk to him about it if you’re that pressed

° The gears start turning in his head and he starts wondering things like “Well, maybe there’s some underlying problem I should look into,” or “Perhaps it’s got something to do with their family,”

° Really, truly wants to get to the root of the problem

° And he’d ask, but he’s super apprehensive about prying, partially because he’s not looking to stir up trouble and start an argument with you and partially because he feels like it’s not really his place to do so. Plus, it could be considered rude

° He knows all too well how tricky emotions, and to a greater extent family, can be

° Introduces breathing techniques and meditation methods that he uses when he feels like decking his father

° Probably doesn’t work out too well

° Which I mean, yea, meditation doesn’t work for everyone but he thought it was worth a shot

° Then it dawns on him that maybe you just…really enjoy fighting

° And if that really is the case he’s even more confused

° “But…why?”

° You shrug

° “Just…feels good get all that aggression out, I guess. Besides, the last guy totally said something slick about your scar. Don’t worry though, he apologized after his face was in the dirt,” you smirk

° His heart rate picks up a bit at that one

° Doesn’t know whether to thank you or question you further

°…He does both


•Katsuki Bakugo•

° A fucking cosigner

° May or may not cheer you on…in his own way

° Initial reaction is a cross between “What the fuck?” and “Damn, okay then.” but he’s…not exactly gonna stop you

° Assumes that not only did the other party start it, but that you’re fully capable of handling the situation without him intervening

° Smirks if you win, scowls a bit if you don’t

° Expects you to win but won’t actually think any less of you if you don’t

° He’s just a lil disappointed he can’t brag about it is all

° Stands there holding a handkerchief to your bloody nose after the fact

° “The hell was that about?”

° “I dunno. Probably something stupid.”

° “…”

° “What?”

° “So we’re just…fighting random people for no reason now?”

° “Oh, I know you’re not talking Katsuki.”

° “The fuck is that supposed to mean?”

° Knows full well he’s instigated a shit ton of fights in the past but he’s not keen on admitting to it- that’s in the same vein as admitting defeat

° Loves that fighting spirit though, he can’t lie

° It’s slightly annoying, but he finds it endearing for the most part

° From then on, it’s kind of a coin toss whether or not he stops you. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn’t

° Honestly just depends on his mood, who it is, and what they said

° “Midoriya just called you hotheaded…Imma go beat his ass.”

° Gets almost excited at the prospect and his grin is just a little too sinister

° “Don’t hold anything back, babe. He can take it.”


Eijiro Kirishima•

° Thinks it’s cool you can hold your own but tries to steer you in a less violent direction

° Literally jumps when he sees you throwing a punch on your date, he’s just that startled

° “Woah there, (Name)!”

° His strong arms are around your waist in seconds - holding you back and attempting to talk you down from your anger over your protests as he lifts you off the ground

° “What’s up, Buttercup? We were just talking and…?”

° “…They looked at me funny…”

° Blinks

° Okay, he knew you could be volatile, he just didn’t know it rivaled Bakugo’s volatility

° Don’t get him wrong he adores how passionate and fired up you are, he just doesn’t think it’s the best idea to swing on people so regularly

° A little worried you’ll start making enemies at some point

° Then he gets the bright idea to take you to the gym once or twice a week to workout some of all that tension and aggression- it’s what he does!

° You’ve gotta hand it to him, wailing on a punching bag and sweating out the anger feels good. Like, really good

° And it actually really helps curve the urge to smash someone’s face in!

° …For a while

° “(Name), hold on! Just- calm down and talk to me a sec!”

° He’s got you caged in his arms, actively holding you back from ripping that guy a new one

° “You were doing so good! What happened?”

° “He said your quirk was shitty! I’m not gonna let him get away with that crap! Let me go!”

° He’s so touched he’s almost moved to tears

° But also very conflicted- senseless violence is stupid but you’re doing it for his honor like- ??? should he…should he let you go?

° By the time he looks up you’ve already wormed your way out of his arms and he has to chase you down

° Fucking Hell, he loved you so much


•Izuku Midoriya•

° Boy oh boy a s/o who’s as fiery as his childhood friend?

° Feels like every interaction with Kacchan he’s ever had should have prepared him for this

° And honestly, it kind of does

° Helps that he’s not that same scrawny kid he used to be

° Also helps that he’s so analytical

° Tries to reason with you while nervously holding you when you feel the urge strike someone

° And with his new workout regimen, has no trouble holding you back when he has to

° It makes him a little flustered the first few times, and he’s a little embarrassed because people are looking your way, but he’s not about you let you start fighting someone so recklessly, especially not right outside the dorms

° “(Name), please calm down!”

° “But Monoma-”

° “Always says that kind of stuff. It’s totally fine, I’m used to it!”

° Unfortunately, saying something like “I’m used to it”, also knowing that Izuku used to get bullied quite a bit, only adds fuel to the fire

° But he manages to calm you down and after a quick impromptu sparring session, you’ve mellowed out some

° You guys are called in for dinner and all seems well until Bakugo deliberately pushes past Midoriya in just the rudest way possible without so much as a word

° Heard your sharp inhale and catches your wrist before you can move any closer

° “(Name), please don’t-”

° Such a worrywart, this one


•Denki Kaminari•

° He likes to think he handles you pretty well, flying fists and all

° He doesn’t condone it per say, buuut it’s pretty entertaining to watch

° -Or record-

° “Ew, look at her hair. God, she’s so ugly.”

° It was a classic mean girl, nothing Kaminari thought warranted much attention, if any at all

° So when you got up from your spot in the caf and kicked her square in the back, he was more than a little startled

° He’s clumsily tripping over chairs in panic trying to get to you

° Somehow manages to pull you off the girl before any of the teachers can rush over

° “(Name), what- chill!”

° He usually tries to calm you with shoulder massages and light kisses to any part of you he can reach, but half of all the students in the cafeteria are already looking in your direction and he’s thinking maaaybe that’s not the best idea right about now

° You start to compose yourself as he’s rubbing your arms soothingly

° “You’re right…I think she’s learned her lesson.”

° Tentatively and slowly releases you

° “I love a good cat fight as much as the next guy, but that was a little uncalled for, sweetness.”

° Flinches a little when you shoot him a sharp look

° “Sorry…,” you apologize a little reluctantly with a pout and God, he’s just…so weak for you-

° “It’s totally fine! I mean, not totally fine but-,” you don’t give him time to finish but he could hardly complain with your lips against his

° When you pull away he’s got this goofy grin plastered on his face before he snaps back to reality

° “Seriously though (Name), you should try not to get into fights on school grounds

° You huff but grab his hand and squeeze

° "Yea, okay… I’ll try.”

° You start to lean in for another kiss before being interrupted by the intercom

° “(Name) (Last Name) to the principal’s office!”

° “Fuck.”

° He chuckles a bit

° “C'mon, I’ll walk you.”

…. .. 。・° • ° ・。 .. .…

Why do my headcanons keep turning into scenarios? (=_=;)

@uacrack @kurinhimenezu @fortheloveofbakugo @sadistiks @quirkless-fics @laughsinthiccc @nishihaul @2-player-game @tooloudarts @beauty-in-ferality @alright-same @riotfuckery @babybakuu

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A/N: I love you all but all you do is hurt me with these angsty prompts. W h y ?

Have some aged-up Todoroki angst, since that’s what you guys want so much

(Also thank you so much for the compliment! I’m glad you’re enjoying my fics! I hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe as well!)

“How could you ask me that?” + “Don’t you dare walk out that door.” from this prompt list (feel free to send in a sentence(s) and a character)

Summary: Love makes everything complicated. So, when you come home, on multiple occasions, late with varying excuses, Shouto starts to doubt not only the validity of your excuses, but your love for him as well

Words: 2,462

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The red he loved

Resume: Haru is a student of UA, along Midoriya, Bakugo and the others. Her quirk is serving her well but when the shadow of Death darken her fire, she need a spark to snap out of it.

Haru was definitely an introvert, but meeting people never failed to interest her, she had this greed of knowing and understanding. She had this greed of living.

For someone who had her quirk, it was on point; being the embodiment of the Bird of Fire had their perks.

Her parents were more than happy when she developed it, but rapidly lost their smile when they understood that the fire and the wings weren’t negotiable and that it would take time for her to eventually control it fully, even if some big mood swing could still cause her to pop up those wings and a bit of fire.

Naturally, being send to UA felt like a relief: her parents finally got to see Haru fully living her quirk, with no worries of destroying nor hurting people.

She had met wonderful people there: Midoriya, always inspiring her and reassuring her in a way no one could, Ochaco, who seemed to be the only girl understanding her fully, even when Haru herself couldn’t understand what she was going through; Iida was the best fort discipline and she sometimes needed it so much; Kaminari knew what it meant to have a powerful yet uncontrollable quirk, Kirishima was there to cheer Haru up, when she felt like a freak.

But her real friends were Bakugo and Todoroki. Those two never seems to get along, but with her, they were patient and attentive, Bakugo was calm, and Todoroki, less condescending.

As well as Todoroki, they were fire quirks owners, and they could help when she was afraid of her quirk.

Bakugo was calm with her.

Which was so different from everything she had seen from him.

Usually, he would yell at all their classmates, but when talking to her, he would lower his voice and look her in the eyes, always in a calm and careful manner.

Haru thought that they shared this together: the feeling of being a bomb and being afraid of it.

While Bakugo gained a boost of self confidence, Haru restrained herself and never unleashed her quirk, leaving her behind.

But not with Bakugo.

He took his time to understand her quirk, and the look he gave her when she popped her wings out, burning and proud, Haru will always remember it.

“They’re for fucking big! You can fly?!” He had asked in a shocked tone.

She nodded, batting her wings to gain some height.

It wasn’t shock that she could read on his face, nor in his eyes, but simple and pure wonder.

This red, he would always like it.

The red from her flames and those feathers that were slightly scattering some areas of her body.

He loved it.

And he always associate it with her warm personality.


Even when she’s fuming and burning in the sky.

That incident was after the death of her parents, killed by some villains.

She had lost control, after crying for a few minutes in front of Aizawa, who had been announcing the heart breaking news. He didn’t want her to acknowledge it through the TV news, so he went himself.

He knew how this would turn, so he brought her to the training field, where she exploded.

Fire scattering everywhere around her, he stood at a reasonable distance from her, trying to let her blew some steam off.

When Midoriya, Ochaco, Tsuyu and Iida came running toward their friends.

Aizawa stopped them.

“Leave it. She needs it. Go back to your dorms.”

Midoriya insistes in staying, and while the other got back, Kirishima appeared with Bakugo.

Todoroki came too.

“Sir! We have to do something! She’ll end up getting hurt!” Yell Kirishima, concerned.

“I prefer that Todoroya destroy the training field, conceived to resist to you quirks, than the new dorms.”

Kirishima frowned and kept looking at the fire that was burning on the ground, occasionally cracking toward the sky.

“I’m going to see her-“ said Kirishima.

“You shut your mouth.” Said Bakugo suddenly.

He took a step toward the living torch burning in the middle of the field.

Todoroki followed, his ice could save lives.

Bakugo didn’t looked one time at Todoroki, and approached Haru, enough to see her trembling form between the slit of her wings.

“Haru!” He shouted.

She jumped in fear.

“What do you want!?”

“Come back Haru. Come back with us.”

He included Todoroki.

Her blazing eyes raised to meet their gaze.

“I can’t!” She screamed, turning around.

Bakugo felt his heart tightening and his throat hurt. Todoroki seemed to falter a bit.

“You can, we’re close to you.” Said calmly Todoroki.

“You’re too close! You’re gonna get hurt!” She shouted in despair.

She was afraid to hurt them, even if they both claimed that hard to do, she was putting them in danger.

Get a hold of yourself! For mom and dad.

Her tears doubled but she felt her fire weakened.

Bakugo approached again. He didn’t dread fire like the other, his explosion were burning in his palms, so he reached for her.

“Haru, come back.”

“I’m alone, I don’t want to be alone…” she cried.

“We’re here Haru.” Said Todoroki.

Bakugo could hear that it came from his heart. And if he heard it, it meant that Haru did too.

Her fire weakened some more, she was just burning at a moderate intensity, her feather colored in a dark red, seemed to brighten a bit.

Bakugo approached and knelt next to her, atretching his hand out in the flames, but he didn’t feel much, Todoroki silently covering his hand of frost.

Noticing his hand, Haru jumped and her fire disappeared, leaving her wings lightly burning in her back.

Bakugo smiled: she didn’t hurt him.

“We’re here Haru.” Said softly Todoroki.

Bakugo reaches one more time for her shoulder, Haru wriggled our her shoulder.

“Go away” she cried silently, still turning her back to them.

It ended Bakugo throat, that started convulsing, his heart tightening at the point of pain in his chest.

Todoroki got up silently and back up.

Bakugo turned her shoulder to him.

“I’m here.”

Her eyes were full of pain and her cheeks, soaked.

He approached some more, covering his knees in dust, and reached for her.

He carefully caught a hold of her neck, to gently push her against him.

“I’m here, you feel me Haru?” He whispered in her hear.

Her face buried in his shoulder, she inhaled deeply and grabbed a fistful of his shirt.

Bakugo start petting her hair, trying to calm her down.

A few minutes later, she wasn’t moving anymore.

Todoroki was back at their side.

“She must have fell asleep, let’s get her back to her dorm.”

Aizawa was watching them from afar, waiting for his students to get back to their dorm.

Bakugo got Haru in his back, her wings, fully opened, pending at his side and brushing the dusty ground.

She was asleep and safe, thought Bakugo, looking at the feathers. Back to normal.

A bright red.

The red that he loved.

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💚 Y/N’s Friends


💚 Izuku’s Friends 



💚 💚 Warnings: 16+ for some suggestive content, drinking, etc. but mainly fluff, and a lil bit of angst.


Y/N is a TV star starting her own YouTube channel. In the mist of vlogging, she reveals her horrible cooking. Her fans immediately tell Izuku, a cooking channel on YouTube, that she needs his help. They decide to collab and suddenly cooking is much more interesting to Y/N.

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important things to note: soft deku!! cute kaminari and kota! todoroki included even though he’s not doing anything just lovely how he is. MINA AND URARAKA WITH IIDA’s GLASSES>  made my whole heart happy!

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