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I’m a Shoto Todoroki kinnie and not quite proud of my daddy issues, it gets even worse when you realize I also simp for Aizawa

But hey:) it’s no big deal compared to being a Doofenshmirtz (gosh I hope I got it all right) kinnie:D


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First thing rei does once shoto is out of the hospital is dress him up like a sailor again

Sure it was just his school uniform but can we get some sailoroki???

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A/n: With everything going on rn, it’s calm but I still have that tinyyyyy feeling of impending doom lingering over my head, so here’s some cute hcs for your ultimate comfort.  Take extra good care of yourselves ^_^   Happy Reading!!










💚 I feel like he’d ask a lot of questions to understand what’s overwhelming you and would ask if there’s anything he special needs to do to help.

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Everybody talks about how Todoroki doesnt get cold in winter or hot in summer because he can regulate his temperature with his quick, but I’ve been thinking and I have another idea.

You know how it feels when the sun is out in winter so half of your body is sweating and the other needs like 3 more layers and its really annoying? I think that’s how he feels all the time and I will not accept anything else anymore

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Lost Bonds: Chapter 1

I’m posting this as a test more than anything. I just want to see what people think of my writing. I wrote this in June, my writing has improved. I just want to know if people like the plot/style.

Warning: Swearing

He was all over the news. I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing his face. The new Number One Hero had defeated the most powerful and most advanced Nomu the heroes had ever seen. Him and the Number Two Hero together had saved everyone in Fukuoka, where it attacked. I could never escape him, especially with him now being the Number One Hero. His face was forever burnt into my mind. The Flame Hero: Endeavour, Enji Todoroki. Or as I knew him, my father.

I made my way back to the dump my team mates and I were currently calling our hideout. Toga and Bubaigawara are talking, the former acting crazy as usual. Sako and Iguchi are in the corner, silent. Shigaraki is at the bar, clawing at his neck like a predator clawing into the carcass of its prey. “So, you’re back from where?” He growls. His voice gets on my nerves, its so dry. “I’ve been assessing the damage High End did to Endeavour and Hawks. From what I can see, it scarred Endeavour, and did some collateral damage to Central Fukuoka. Endeavour may be out of commission for a while. That’s about it.”

Shigaraki grabs a glass from the bar and throws it across the room, it disintegrates as it flies at the wall. “All this is going to do is give people more faith in him!” Kurogiri enters the room, in his usual suit. “Tomura Shigaraki, calm down. There is an advantage to this. Endeavour is injured, which will put eyes on us. They will want to know more about the Nomu we sent for him. It was more powerful than any other we created, even the Level 3 Nomu we sent at All Might in the Unforseen Simulation Joint. It’ll fill people with fear, especially while Endeavour is in hospital, and when he first goes back to fighting.”

I sigh. “Fucking hell, Kurogiri. Don’t get his hopes up. That’s like telling a child you’re getting them a new phone for Christmas, but giving them a toy phone for babies. Endeavour will bounce back from this well, he’s not the Number One Hero for nothing.” Shigaraki turns and glares at me. “Are you calling me a child, Scarface?” I walk over to him and lean down slightly to put me eye level with his seated form. I breathe out, “yes. You’re a child, Shigaraki.” Rage fills his eyes, and shoots his hand out to grab my face. Kurogiri interferes, opening a portal to another part of the room, where his hand can’t hurt anyone.

I roll my eyes and tell him, “you’re not a bad leader, though. You just have a bad habit of throwing fits when you’re plans go awry. That won’t interfere with my main goal while I’m here.” The both of them look at me confused as I turn around and walk away. “What is your goal while here, then? Being an annoying, half-assed, lazy team member?” Shigaraki asks. I pause and turn my head, “to avenge the Hero Killer, and show society what a true hero is.” I turn my head back in the direction I was walking and exit the room.

I haven’t been able to find a location to stay since our move away from Kamino, so I stay in a room in the disgusting bar we’re forced to call a hideout. I sit on the mattress I have to use as a bed and stare at my hands. I remind myself of him so much, I’m surprised no one has noticed who I am. We both do nothing but destroy. He just gets a permit. A sponsored tool of misery. And he gets other priverlages with it. He gets to neglect his oldest children. He gets to abuse his wife. He gets to psychologically destroy his youngest son. He gets to forget his oldest son ever existed. Endeavour knows who I am, I’m sure of it. He just refuses to address it, and face the consequences of what he’s done.

It’s his fault. It’s all his fault. I’m this ‘villain’ because of him. He drove me away, made me hate the idea of 'heroes’. Stain’s ideals showed my that I’m not alone in my thoughts. 'Heroes’ get to behave as they please, as long as they claim it’s for everyone else’s good. Heroes and villains, the titles have no meaning. People with power, they just mindlessly fight. The 'heroes’ side with the government, all because they just want fame, respect and money. 'Villains’, they choose the right path. They know that fighting for what’s right comes at a cost, they lose everything.

Society has become pathetic, ever since Quirks started. Its like the early ages, when someone’s skin colour, someone’s gender, someone’s sexuality could make or break who they were. Now, believing in what’s right destroys someone’s hope at a future. Society needs to return to the early days. We need that time back where you didn’t need government approval to fight. The time when a hero was someone that rose up, and fought without any care about themselves. The time where they never seemed any praise or compensation, they just wanted to help those in need.

I take a cigarette out and light it. I take a drag from it, and slowly breathe the smoke out. Endeavour needs to go, he’s the current reason that society is twisted. He is the centrepiece of this dystopia we call Japan. Everyone is being forced into the mindset that everyone but heroes should be oppressed, and sponsored violence should be glorified and seen as a fight for peace. Violence doesn’t prevent violence, it condones it. All they’re doing is fighting fire with fire. And when that happens, the world goes up in smoke. I know that better than anybody. After a few minutes, the cigarette has burnt down to the butt, and I throw it across the room. I take my jacket off and throw it aside, too. I lay down on the spring mattress and close my eyes. I whisper to myself, “for a better world.” Sleep pulls me into its murky, vast waters.

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ofc i can :) sorry this took so long, was rlly busy :/

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-he finds the dresses really gorgeous. his favorite is the white lacy one you’ve had for years. he thinks it makes you look like some fairy princess.

-sometimes he jokes about hosting a ball just to get you to wear your fanciest dresses. well. half joking. he really does want to see you in them, but doesn’t know how he’s even meant to host a whole ball.

-to spend all his father’s money, he buys you all the dresses you want when you finally move in with him.

-you demanded you both moved into a woodsy cottage, and of course he made that happen.

-you both love the small cottage. even though you had always grown up with people at your service, it feels nice to be able to step outside and think am i in a fairytale??

-sometimes, you like to pull out his quirk’s page in your book and randomly freeze his feet into place. it confuses him so much, he always looks all around for whoever the perpetrator was just to find you absolutely losing it.

- his favorite thing to call you is, of course, “princess” or “dove”, he 1. likes the huge blush it gives you, and 2. he thinks it fits you well, obviously.

-whenever he makes you fancy dinners possible for him, even though he’s absolute shit at cooking, he always makes you wear the dresses, and he gets into a suit.

-he likes to take you on walks around the woods.

-he insists on carrying you bridal style when you get tired. especially when you’re wearing the poofiest dresses imaginable. what can i say, he’s a gentleman.

-honestly, whenever neither of you are doing hero work, you both just stay home. enjoying each other’s presence and lowkey ghosting everyone else.

-the most recent gift he bought you was one that was not, um.. well not of the ordinary-…..

“shoto, what is the box on our bed?” you called from your bedroom, slipping your heeled boots off of your feet. you’d just gotten home, and was planning to take a bath until a box appeared ontop of your sheets.

you heard footsteps towards where you were, and your husband quietly stood next to you, swooping you into his arms.

“well, princess, go ahead and open it,” he let you go after a few more seconds of holding you, excited for you to open whatever was in the box.

you nervously walked over to the box. you could feel his intense gaze from behind you, and you scratched at your arm once or twice before he said, “go on, y/n,”

inside the box was a delicately folded, red and white dress. it wasn’t as fancy as the usual, but you quite liked it. 

actually, you weren’t even sure if you should call it a dress. it was very short and tight. you wondered if it’d even fit you. 

“what’s this, sho?”

he chuckled from behind you and walked closer to you, stepping behind you and basically using his hands to guide yours. he showed you it further, and the excitement deep inside you grew.

it WASN’T a dress, it was a costume. you’d never gotten to celebrate halloween or any holidays for dressing up, and you guessed he remembered the one time you’d mentioned it years ago.

it was a fairy costume, and it fit perfectly.

idrk where this went to.. hope its good though!

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Midoriya: Finally worked up the courage to tell Todoroki he was beautiful and only puked twice!

Iida: Did you puke on him?

Midoriya: That’s not important. What is important is that he knows how I feel.

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You had talked about Quirk Awakening, before. However, you also stated that you didn’t know if you could say or add anything to it that people haven’t already thought of. But, I still wanted to ask. If Shouto had a Quirk Awakening, how much more powerful would he be, and what would change?

You see, your first mistake was ever reading a CBR “article” in the first place. I’m pretty amazed no one has ever asked me to talk about them before. I even decided to look over that article for the sake of this ask and my goodness do these people not understand how this series works. It’s almost like it was written with no knowledge of the series other then that it was popular.

Since neither Dabi nor Mirio need Awakenings, I will focus on Shoto and Bakugou. For Shoto, one possibility could be that he produce fire or ice on either side of his body. I will admit though that this is more for a thematic reason. Shoto’s big arc has been him trying to reconcile all of his family issues, especially in relation to his Quirk. Being able to use either side however he wishes would be a punctuation to all of his issues, finding balance with himself and his Quirk. As for Bakugou, what could be done is that he could just make explosions anywhere on his body. Many people have come to me and asked about that being an evolution, but I didn’t think it was really in the cards given that his Quirk focuses solely around his hands. However, as an Awakening is an expanded version of a Quirk, I believe that could be something that could come about. Like the sparks from his hand can be produced from anywhere on his body.

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lmao i thought this was Touya at first and i was like aww he got healed then it was like sike bitch you thought it’s Bakugo who iF I MIGHT ADD IS SERVING US WITH A FANFIC TYPE SHIT

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