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skywalkerstyles · 5 months ago
Poly Relationship with Bakugou, Deku and Todoroki:
Imagine 3: Just us
Summary: Bakugou and Todoroki were just a bit too rough with you. Good thing Deku is there to comfort you after
Warnings: 18+, aged up characters, mentions of rough sex, after care gone wrong, hurt comfort
Tumblr media
“You did so good little Princess.” You’re lying on your stomach, face buried in your pillow so they can’t see your tears as they clean their cum from your body.
Pro Hero work wasn’t easy. It was stressful, especially for the top theee hero boyfriends you have. So you’re more than willing to help them relieve some of that stress.
But sometimes they take it too far.
You’re sore, your jaw hurts and your body feels sticky. Shoto and Katsuki sing your praises, telling you how well you took them and how good you were for them, touching your body gently and caressing you. But it didn’t do much to soothe the ache you felt.
You were, to say the least, exhausted and in some pain.
You reach back and push their hands away from you, gasping as you struggle to pull yourself up.
“Teddy-“ Katsuki reaches out to steady you and make you lie back down, but you brush him off.
“Let her go Katsuki.” Shoto says. You look at him to see his eyes are clouded with concern but he doesn’t stop you as you get on your feet shakily and head to the door.
Deku’s in bed, scrolling through his phone when you slowly open the door. He looks up, hearing it creak and the smile on his face changes to concern as he sees your naked marked up body. He looks at the hickies, the dried cum on your stomach and thighs, he just studies you for a moment.
Then he gets up and pulls you into his arms. You fall into his embrace willingly, relaxing as he runs his fingers through your hair.
“I know you took them like a champ baby.” He whispers, kissing your head. “Didn’t want their after care huh?” You shake your head, clinging to Deku’s shirt.
“Wanted you.” You mumble. He chuckles, reaching down to lift you into his arms, he brings you to his bed, lying you down.
“I’m gonna get a warm rag to clean you up baby. Want a hoodie?” You nod furiously, anything to be wrapped up in him for a while.
He goes to the bathroom while you lay there. The soreness fading away, replaced with the warm feeling of being loved.
He cleans you up, wiping the cum from your body and caressing you, touching you gently. Then he helps you put on his hoodie and you get under the blankets, curling up in his arms. His back is to the door and you’re pressed into his chest. You feel yourself start to fall asleep when you feel him shift and sit up slightly.
“Get out.” He says firmly. You lift your head to see Katsuki and Shoto standing in the door way, peering down at the two of you.
“We just wanted to make sure Y/N was okay. Things got a bit rough....” Shoto says softly, Katsuki’s face is tinged red, but his eyes never leave your face.
“She’s fine. We’re taking a nap now. So leave....please.”
“C’mon,” Katsuki whispers to Shoto, who refused to move. Deku pushes you back down, pulling you close to his chest. “Let her rest. We can apologize later.” Shoto hesitates, but finally allows Katsuki to close the door as you drift off into a peaceful sleep in Deku’s arms.
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awaari · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And then Deku stayed in the Todoroki’s family forever Trying to pull that scene from Mulan
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skywalkerstyles · 5 months ago
Poly Relationship with Bakugou, Deku and Todoroki:
Imagine One: mornings
Warnings: aged up characters, 18+, pro!heroes, fluff
A/N: my first imagine! Enjoy! Requests are open and please like and reblog
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You always wake up first. Buried underneath a flurry of limbs, you always manage to disentangle yourself from your boys, slipping from the California King bed and padding your way to the kitchen.
Shoto always wakes up first. He likes to stand in the doorway of the kitchen, leaning against it and watching you for a moment as you dance around the kitchen, humming to yourself and making breakfast. It’s when you’re making the pancakes he comes up behind you, slipping his arms around your waist and resting his forehead against your shoulder.
“Good morning baby.” He whispers, pressing his lips against the juncture of your shoulder and neck. You always turn your head and kiss his hair before he lets you go and sits at the island, still watching you.
Deku wakes up next. He comes into the kitchen cheerfully, saying good morning to Shoto before nuzzling his face into the side of your neck. He smiles, breathing in your scent and the food you’re making. “Puppy c’mere. Wanna kiss. P-please let me have my kiss now.”
“Will you sit down if I give you one and let me cook?”
“Yes.” He says it so surely. So definitively that you can’t help but chuckle. You turn your face to kiss him and as you pull away he brings you back, trying to deepen it. You shove at his chest lightly and he lets you go, taking his spot by Shoto.
Katsuki is last. He’s surprisingly quiet in the mornings. Mainly grumbling to himself as he walks into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes. By the time he gets up the food is done and you’re making the plates. When you see him you just open your arms, letting him fall into your embrace, his forehead on your shoulder. You rub your fingers through his hair and kiss his cheek. His grip on your waist tightens just a little bit.
“Sit down baby. I’ll make your plate.” He scoffs, scrunching his nose up before letting you go. When his eyes meet yours they’re soft and adoring.
“Don’t tell me what to do.” He says in a teasing tone.
“Wouldn’t dream of it.”
You smile as you finish making the plates, looking over at your boys. You know how lucky you are to love them and have them love you and you wouldn’t trade mornings like this for anything-
“And miss out on Y/N’s food? I’ll pass.”
Nope. Still wouldn’t change a thing.
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fixxxit · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“There is nothing so cruel in this world as the desolation of having nothing to hope for.”
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skywalkerstyles · 5 months ago
Poly Relationship with Deku, Bakugou and Todoroki:
Imagine 2: you and Bakugou have a huge fight
Warnings: angst, fighting, 18+, sad to fluff, hurt comfort
Tumblr media
“Hey....Katsu?” You open the door to his in home office, quietly knocking. He’s still on the phone with his manager, arguing with her about something.
“Jesus-hold on Mei-what?” He snaps at you, causing you to flinch a little. He doesn’t notice, too irritated to care.
“Sunday dinner? It’s almost ready. Deku, Shoto and I are waiting on you.” He waves you off with a roll of his eyes.
“Just leave me a plate. I’m busy.” This irritates you. Sunday dinners are sacred. The one day of a week the four of you sit down and just be. You don’t move, narrowing your eyes and crossing your arms. When he sees you’re not budging his cheeks turn red and his jaw twitches.
“You’re still here?” He snaps rudely.
“It’s Sunday dinner.” You growl, a warning to him to stop while he’s ahead. “No more work. Come down” It was the way you said it, the tone of your voice that had him slamming his phone down and barreling towards you.
“I depend on you too Katsuki!” You scream back. You can hear Deku and Shoto’s footsteps racing up the stairs at the commotion. “We depend on you! And you’re never here lately-“
“Let’s take a walk Katsu-“
You could hear him screaming at Shoto as Deku wrapped his arms around you and walked you down stairs. You didn’t even make it to the first step before you broke down in tears.
“Y/N. Puppy. It’s okay he didn’t mean it.” You sniffle, pulling your hoodie up over your head and withdrawing from his arms.
“Yes he did. Katsuki doesn’t lie.” Before Deku can say another word, you’re walking towards your bedroom. Not the big master bedroom the four of you spent almost every night in, but the room that was solely yours. You climbed into bed, burying yourself beneath the blankets and sobbing.
You don’t know how long it is before you hear your bedroom door opening and the shuffle of three pairs of feet, and then the bed shifting under the weight. You keep your eyes closed, dried tears leaving their mark on your cheeks and the redness of your nose giving away the pain that had been caused. You felt a warm hand reach up and brush your hair back from your face.
“Teddy bear?” Bakugou’s voice was softer, almost shy or scared as he whispered to you. “Teddy bear I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I know how important Sunday dinner is. Baby I’m sorry.” You don’t say anything for a moment. You feel who could only be Shoto, lay down behind you and wrap his arms around you, pulling you back into him. Deku climbed over the bed, lifting your head and placing it in between his crossed legs, while Bakugou continued to stroke your face. You could feel the tension radiating off of him. You peek an eye open.
He’s looking down at you, watching your face. He cracks a small smile when you open one eye.
“If you ever yell at me like that again I will leave all three of you.” You saw Bakugou stiffen, the small smile gone as a look of fear crossed his features. You could only imagine what your other two boys looked like, but you heard Deku’s breath hitch and felt Shoto tighten his grip.
Bakugou sighed, bowing his head. “It’ll never happen again.” He says weakly.
“Come here.” You whisper, voice trembling. “I miss you.” He smiled again, leaning down to kiss you. Deku and Shoto shared a moment. A smile on their faces. No matter what, they knew the four of you would always find a way.
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kerasion · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Is Dabi Touya Todoroki or is it maybe Geten? Let’s see what they say
This silly idea is what I came up with after I found out about the “Geten is Touya” crack theory :’)
Do not repost
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lavander-cherry · a year ago
Todoroki x Reader: Mommy
Tumblr media
Warnings: smutty content ahead. Somnophilia, Praise kink, mommy kink and dub-con… read at your own risk.
I do not own Bnha nor the picture
Every one of class 1-A was in the common room looking at Shouto. More specifically, a child version of Shouto that sat between Aizawa and Recovery Girl. Aizawa explained what happened, telling his students that a villain wannabe attacked Shouto and turned him into a kid, while Recovery Girl told them that the effect would wear off in a week.
“What should we do now that Todoroki is a kid?” Midoriya asked while eyeing his friend.
“He hasn’t spoken yet. We don’t know if even his mindset has been reverted into that of a kid. So until he says something we cannot think of a plan.” Aizawa said looking thoughtful at the kid next to him.
Shouto’s eyes shone at the information. Till now he hadn’t uttered a word too ashamed of being in that childish form in front of you, but now, thanks to the new information that his professor just gave him, his mind thought of a plan. 
Shouto had like the longest crush on you: firstly noticing the personality traits that you and his mom shared, and then your body just added to make him hot and bothered every time he thought of you.
This was a one-time chance for Shouto to get closer to you, and he will not let that chance slip through his fingers. Mustering the best cute and needy expression of a child, he got off the couch, walked toward you, and stopped in front of your legs, lifting his arms.
“Mommy!” he said. Surely his cheeks were bright red, burning up due to the embarrassment he felt, but this alone would let the others think that he got totally turned into a kid, and if everything went accordingly to his plan, Recovery Girl and Aizawa will give you the task to take care of him.
His classmates widened their eyes and stared at the chibi version of him. Shouto took notice of the red dust that covered your cheeks and was internally proud of himself.
“It looks like even his mind was reverted back.” Mumbled Aizawa looking at you expectantly. Shouto, noticing that you weren’t taking him into your arms he took your shirt and tugged you downwards.
“Mommy!” he half-shouted hoping that you will get the hint and finally let him rest into your arms. You gulped and lifted him on your thighs, while Shouto hugged you with his short arms and nestled his head into your chest, sighing satisfied at the situation.
“Y/n, you will take care of Shouto for the entire week. It seems that he thinks of you as his mother, maybe something about personality resemblance or aspect, I’m not really sure since I never met her. But he seems much more comfortable with you, so you are in charge of making sure that Shouto is taken care of. We will not tell his family about that, Endeavor will get mad and honestly I don’t have the time nor the patience to deal with him. Got it Y/n?” Aizawa asked looking at you.
“Got it!” Aizawa and Recovery Girl left the common room while Mineta began shooting daggers at Shouto, that was happily cuddling between your breasts.
“IT’S NOT RIGHT! I’M A KID TOO! Y/N LET ME REST BETWEEN YOUR TITS TOO!” the purple insect shouted taking a grip of your right boob. You were ready to punch him but Shouto was faster to turn Mineta into an ice cube.
“Touch her again and I’ll kill you!” he threatened with the cutest, childish voice. You looked at Shouto in awe, gushing over how adorable his pout was. The rest of the girls tried to cuddle and play with Shouto, telling him that he did a good job at protecting you, but he wasn’t listening to them, too focused on trying to leave small kisses on your jaw. Now that everyone thought of him as a kid, he was free to shower you with all the love he wanted, without passing as a pervert.
Remembering that you still had homework to do, you got up and decided that it was best to go to your room. Keeping Shouto into your arms, you excused yourself and went toward your room. During the walk, Shouto kept rubbing his nose into the juncture of your neck while his hand clutched your shirt. The smile that appeared on his face threatened to stay there for the rest of the week.
Once you reached the door you were quick to open it, letting out a puff as you put Shouto on the bed to take out your textbooks and notebooks. Shouto focused his gaze on you, slightly upset that he wasn’t into your arms anymore.
“Now, be a good boy and wait till I’m done with my homework, then we can play something together!” you said, flashing him a sweet smile.
Shouto’s cheeks flared up, and suddenly he remembered one of his wet dreams where you would be on top of him, praising him for how good he was making you feel. Shouto came, a long time ago, at the conclusion that he was a closet pervert, and he was doing literally nothing to deny this fact about himself. 
However, he will never tell you how he would take pictures of you in positions that could be considered scandalous, nor how he would take peeks at your hero costume’s openings. He always found himself having his eyes lingering on your curves, desiring nothing more than to touch your body.
After five minutes he got bored of waiting and hopped off the bed. Walking toward you, he climbed on your lap and rested his head on your chest. Looking up at you he noticed the smile that was on your lips and he smiled back. You patted his head with your free hand while the other kept writing.
And that’s how Shouto fell asleep on your lap, with you cuddling him and your heartbeats lulling him into a peaceful slumber.
Shouto was woken up by a soft tug. Slowly, opening his eyes, the first thing he noticed was your smile. Groggily, he put his small hands on your cheeks and lightly kissed your nose. You squealed in delight at his cuteness, hence you began to leave kisses along his forehead, cheeks, and nose, giggling at his reddened face.
Shouto thought he was on cloud nine, you were kissing him all over his face, and his heart was beating like crazy, threatening to burst out.
“Shower time baby boy!” you said, taking him into your arms and marching toward the bathroom. Shouto widened his eyes in horror. This wasn’t supposed to happen! You are not supposed to see him naked in this childish form!
He noticed that you already prepared the bath and tried to wiggle out of your grasp, but you kept him firmly against your chest, arms tightening around his small body. Shouto looked at you, eyes widening in horror while you just looked at him with curious eyes.
“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” you asked patting his head, trying to understand why he had small tears at the corner of his eyes. Thinking that he was afraid of bathing alone you smiled at him.
“If I take a bath with you, will it be better?” you asked leaving a small peck on the top of his head.
Shouto’s whines stopped, while his cheeks burned up at your words. His face was now as red as his left side, while his heart was going wild. You wanted to take a bath with him and that meant he was going to see you naked!
Now, it was true that inside he was a pervert, but it seemed cruel to take advantage of this situation like that. You needed your space and he was extremely scared of what would happen if you found out that only his body was turned into one of a child, not his mindset and way of thinking.
Too scared to say or do anything he didn’t even notice that he was already naked and in the tub, but once he took notice that you were undressing he hastily turned around to look at the wall, avoiding your naked body. His heart was throbbing into his chest and his quirk threatened to lose control.
He could hear the soft thud of the clothes that hit the ground and the way you were shuffling around the bathroom. Once he felt your presence behind him, getting into the water he stood there petrified, not daring to move an inch of his body.
When Shouto felt your hands on his shoulders he jerked up and looked at you with trembling eyes and with red cheeks, his small hands began to sweat uncontrollably while embarrassment seeped through his body once again. His heart and mind stopped working at the sight. You were wet, the ends of your hair stuck to your body, and the foam was luckily covering part of your chest. You were looking at him with curious eyes, wondering what was wrong with Shouto and why he seemed scared.
After the display in the common room you really thought of him as a kid, even if you had a crush on him. But due to this weird quirk that turned him into a child, you treated him like one, and taking a bath with him didn’t bother you at all. Even if you liked the normal version of Shouto better, his chibi version was adorable. Also, you didn’t have to worry, because once he will turn back to his normal self he will not remember a thing and if he did, oh well, you’ll deal with that later on.
Flashing him a reassuring smile, you took him and positioned him on your lap, his small back pressed against your chest, while you rinsed his hair with water, preparing him for the shampoo.
As minutes passed, Shouto relaxed in your arms and enjoyed the alone time with you, wishing that in the future you two will have the possibility to spend some time together just like that.  
Once the both of you were out of the tub, you moved toward your room and put on your nightwear, that consisted of a pair of short shorts and a simple white thank top, then you went to Momo’s room and asked her to make some clothes for Todoroki.
As days passed, everyone understood to not touch you while Shouto was around, and that was 24/7. Kaminari and Mineta avoided you like plague and stopped making remarks about your ass or boobs, trying to not piss off the kid version of their classmate. Everyone came to the conclusion that Shouto as a kid has no chill, and was ready to freeze or roast alive every single human that tried making skin contact with you.
Truth be told, Shouto never knew that Kaminari and Mineta were so disgustingly clingy toward his female classmates, and that was partially his fault for not noticing earlier. Before turning into a kid, and before spending so much time with you, he never really paid attention to those two, and he surely didn’t know how much trouble they were making you go through.
While Mineta was fuming with rage at the fact that Shouto was having the time of his life surrounded by hot girls and receiving cuddles and attention from each of them, the child turned around, taking notice that his purple classmate was currently shooting daggers at him, again.
Shouto, just to make the point clear that you were his, he groped your boobs -even if they were way too big for his small hands- and looked at Mineta with a smirk on his round face. The girls gushed over how adorable Todoroki was while Mineta’s and Kaminari’s souls left their bodies.
“I think it’s time to go to sleep!” You said trying to conceal a yawn, oblivious to what was happening between the child that was in your arms and your fellow classmates. You quickly said ‘goodnight’ to your friends and moved to your room, Shouto still in your arms while he had his small ones wrapped around your neck, placing small kisses under your ear, making you giggle at the feeling.
“You want to watch a movie?” you asked him while ruffling a bit his hair. Shouto looked at you thinking about the offer, then nodded his head. 
“Can we watch Avengers?” he asked, eyes wide while a small smile played on his lips. You smiled back at him and nodded, taking your laptop and putting on the movie.
“Everything you want sweetheart!” you hummed. After starting the movie you moved toward the door that was left open and closed it. Then, you placed Shouto on your bed, in front of the screen, as you began to take off your uniform cravat and shirt. Sitting on the bed to take off your shoes you quickly glanced at Shouto.
“Aren’t you going to change?” you asked while placing the shoes on the shoe rack. Shouto nodded but kept his gaze on your bra. Even after so many days it was the first time he saw what kind of bra you wore, and to be honest, Shouto loves your underwear choices. Enticed by your figure he didn’t even realize that his hand gripped the strap of your bra.
“Leave it on.” He said, looking at you in the eyes. You tilted your head to the side but said nothing. Moving to put your nightwear on, Shouto began to do the same, undressing of his day clothes and then put on the ones that Yaoyorozu created for him. 
Halfway through the movie, both of you fell asleep, with Shouto nestled into your chest and your arms securely around his little body. 
Shouto woke up with a slight headache. Glancing at the clock near the bed he noticed that it was early, way too early to be up. Rubbing his eyes he noticed that his body was back to normal. Thinking that it had been a dream he looked around the room and instantly relaxed his shoulders when he noticed that he was in your room.
Feeling something snuggling into his side he looked down and noticed your disheveled form. Your hair was ruffled onto the pillow, the strap of the tank top was down your upper arm, leaving the strap of your lace bra to be seen. Your mouth was agape and small puffs were released while one of your legs was over his lap.
Shouto smiled at the view before snuggling again into the crook of your neck, but he couldn’t contain himself as his hand ran slowly from your knee toward your ass. He kept stroking gently your thigh and rubbed his face into the juncture of your neck, inhaling your sweet scent. Hearing a small whimper leaving your lips made Shouto stop all of his movements, while his heart leaped into his ribcage as fear crept inside him.
Looking down, he took his time to admire your sleeping figure and softly began to trail soft and wet kisses down your neck toward your chest. His breath began to deepen at the thought of continuing, even if he knew that what he was doing wasn’t exactly morally correct. Taking advantage of a sleeping person wasn’t something to be proud of, but he couldn’t control himself. So many times he jerked off at the thought of you, and now, that you were finally into his arms, so close and half-naked, was making it hard for him to resist any longer.
Carefully, he moved your body making your back press fully on the mattress, while he positioned himself in between your legs. He began to lightly run his hands down your sides before gripping the hem of your tank top. Slowly, he pulled it up, leaving open-mouthed kisses along the way, halting once his thumb came into contact with the edge of your bra. 
Deciding that he wanted to leave some hickeys on your skin, he bit softly under your bra and sucked at the skin between his teeth, leaving behind a sweet reminder. At the third hickey, Shouto heard a little moan that escaped from your lips, and that sound traveled all the way toward his groin.
With burning cheeks and trembling hands, he pushed up your tank top, fully revealing your bra to him. He was extremely grateful that he told you to keep it on and that you complied with his request, that item looked wonderful on you.
Licking his lips, he began to trace the sides of your breasts with the pads of his thumbs, then let his fingers lightly run down the crack between them, before finally cupping them. He sighed with contentment at the feeling of being finally able to completely cup your breasts with his calloused hands. 
He squeezed them lightly, grazing your nipples with his thumbs through the fabric of your bra. Shouto leaned down and traced the edge of the bra with his lips while gently rubbing the tip of his nose against your soft skin. The smell of vanilla and lavender was overwhelming and he gingerly bit down on the exposed part of your tits.
Feeling impatient, noticing your hardened nipples peeking through the lacy material, he was quick to take one into his mouth, licking, sucking and twirling it with his tongue, dampening the fabric. Shouto released a muffled groan as he felt his cock twitch into his pants. 
Moving his hands toward his groin he stroked it through the fabric of his pants. For better access, he moved his right hand down your body and parted some more your legs.
His hips made brief contact with your lower region. The light contact was enough for Shouto to arouse him to the point where he bit a little harsher on your nipple, effectively waking you up.
“Shou-“ you mumbled, but the words died in your throat when Shouto suddenly shoved his hips against yours, making a shiver run down his spine at the sweet friction. A moan slipped past your lips as you felt your wetness running down your thigh. Looking down at Shouto you noticed how his eyes were locked into yours, mouth still wrapped around your nipple, sucking on it eagerly as if his life depended on it. Feeling your face getting on fire you tried to avoid his eyes by jerking your head back, whimpering when he pinched and pulled the other nipple.
Shouto released your nipple with a sweet ‘pop’ and pulled you into a hot and wet kiss, effectively entangling your bodies as you involuntary moved your hips for more friction, enticing out of Shouto a low groan. He began to caress your inner thigh and his fingers made contact with a trail of your arousal. Shouto chocked out a groan while his hand tightly gripped your skin, surely leaving some fingerprints on your thigh.
“Y/n… I really like you… can I-“ you nodded pulling him back into another kiss while Shouto moved his hands over your body, exploring every inch of your skin. You locked your hands into his bicolored locks and pulled him closer to your body, grinding your hips against his, hoping to get some relief. The wetness and arousal between your legs were becoming unbearable, your core was throbbing for attention and desire.
Shouto ran his fingertips down your stomach, grazing the edge of your short shorts before sliding them down your legs. To help Shouto into his task you lifted your hips, eyes soon falling onto your dampened panties. He released a shaky breath, fulfilled that your arousal was caused by him, and no one else.
Neither of you needed words. You knew by his actions that Shouto had a thing for you, and a pretty intense thing if he was willingly showing you his vulnerable side. And for sure, he knew that you reciprocated his feelings, otherwise you would’ve choked him to death by now. 
The bicolored boy looked into your eyes, searching for approval for the next step. You smiled at him and laced your thighs around his waist, encouraging him to continue with his ministrations.
Shouto’s hands trembled in anticipation and excitement, quickly moving them on your hips while biting on your neck. Your little and short whimpers were everything to Shouto. He knew that he will grow addicted to your sweet noises, and surely, that idea wasn’t bad, in fact, it felt like a blessing.
He shifted his position, one of his legs at your side and the other in-between yours, his knee was touching and feeling your drenched panties. Shouto sighed at the feeling but soon widened his eyes when you began grinding on his knee for some more friction. 
Stopping for a second his movements to observe the sensual movements of your hips, Shouto whimpered again, aroused. He brought his hands back on your chest, squeezing and pinching your nipples while, ever so slowly, pushing down your white lace bra. Once your breasts were freed of the lace material, they popped up in front of his eyes. A shaky breath escaped his lips as he kept admiring your chest.
Moaning in exasperation, you jerked your hips on his knee, while your hand traveled down toward your soaked and throbbing core. Even if you were a calm and patient young woman, you couldn’t wait anymore. You needed relief, and you surely didn’t care about the embarrassment of him seeing you pleasuring yourself. Your hand disappeared under your panties and found soon the bundle of nerves, coating two of your fingers in your own juices you began to play with your clit, completely forgetting that Shouto was on top of you.
Shouto watched intently as you pleased yourself, hearing the squishy sounds as he also grew impatient. Lifting up his upper part, he lifted your legs and took off your panties, throwing them at the end of the bed. His hand grabbed your wrist and stopped you, effectively denying you an orgasm. You groaned dissatisfied, ready to complain, but stopped as soon as you saw him positioning your legs on his shoulders and his face getting closer to your soaking wet entrance.
You watched him peppering your inner thigh with kisses while your heart was threatening to burst out of your chest at any given moment, adrenaline running through your veins eagerly waiting for his next move.
A long moan was ripped out of you as soon as his breath hit your exposed pussy. Shouto experimentally flicked your clit with his tongue, eyes locked on your face for a reaction, and once you arched your body whimpering in delight, he took it as a cue to continue. 
Shouto could feel your juices coat his chin but he paid no mind to it, too focused on your sweet taste. Shouto found himself completely mesmerized by your taste and moans that left your mouth and unconsciously sped up his tongue movements, lapping into his mouth as much juice as he could. Then, focused only on your clit: sucking, flicking, and kissing it while two of his fingers found their way to your entrance.
Your head was buried deep into the pillows, as your thighs began quivering. If it wasn’t for his firm grip you were sure you would be squirming uncontrollably and you would have surely tried to close them tightly. Shouto was devouring you, making you see stars. Shouto was so overwhelmed that his quirk acted on its own, making his tongue as cold as ice.
“Oh my god…” you panted arching your back and taking a grip of his bicolored tresses. Shouto’s breathing was becoming heavier and rushed, feeling as if he could just come by your cute but at the same time lascivious moans. He kept his tongue cold, still playing with your clit, while his fingers entered you slowly. He closed his eyes, focusing on your silky and warm walls around his fingers. He could feel the way you were clenching around him, and he could also feel how you were getting wetter by the minute.
“Curl your fingers…” you mumbled panting hard, feeling as if the oxygen in your lungs was running thin. Shouto hummed, the vibrations hitting your clit as you let out another pitched moan. He did as you said, and soon he was pumping his fingers into you at a steady pace. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head in pleasure and your moans slipped out uncontrollably.
“Oh my… Good boy… I’m going to-“ Shouto found himself speeding up his movements at your praises while your pussy tightened around him ready for the sweet release. Soon, he was immersed with the smell of you as you came around his fingers with a long and strained moan.
With a soft pop, he separated himself from your cunt and guided your hips back onto the bed. His mouth was glistening with your fluids and used his tongue to clean the corners of his mouth, before wiping his chin with the back of his hand. You pulled him into another kiss, locking your thighs around his waist and pulling him closer to you. Your hands moved toward the elastic band of his pants, but Shouto was faster into throwing them away, finally freeing his cock that sprang free from his confinements, the tip touching your slippery entrance.
Understanding that Shouto has a praise kink, and a more submissive personality in bed, you encouraged yourself to be vocal with him, even if it was a little embarrassing. You put your hand on his cheeks caressing softly his skin, thumb lightly grazing his scar.
“Do you want me to suck you off or would you prefer to fuck me?” you asked him shamelessly. Shouto quivered as his tip was getting soaked with your fluids.
“I…I want…” he was a stuttering mess, both of them sounded equally good to him.
“Come on, tell mommy what you want…” Shouto’s eyes widened. He could not believe the fact that you were teasing him right now, but he couldn’t deny that he was getting so aroused by it. He could feel his cock twitch in delight at your words, and he was sure you could feel it too. Due to the rush of excitement that ran through his body, his cock slipped into your wet and warm cunt in a swift motion, ripping a groan out of the both of you.
“It feels so good…” he mumbled absentmindedly before looking down. His cock was buried deep into your core and a feeling of fascination ran through his body. He watched attentively as you tried to push your hips toward him, hoping that he will start to move soon, but he didn’t.
“Please… move…” hearing your plea he began with an experimental thrust, enticing out of you a small whimper.
“Shouto, do you want to make mommy happy?” you asked, locking eyes with him. Shouto’s hands shot to your hips, gripping them as they were his lifesavers, nodding his head furiously.
“Then move” you ordered sending shivers down his spine. Shouto began thrusting into you at a slow pace that was internally killing you.
“Faster baby…” Shouto promptly complied. He began to pound into you faster to please you. There was something that was making him go crazy about you, and the fact that now you were calling him things like ‘good boy’ and addressing yourself as ‘mommy’ was firing him up with passion and delight. He had endless dreams about you for the past year where the two of you would be in this kind of position. And now, that everything was really happening, he felt like he could fly on cloud nine.
Seeing how much you were enjoying it, seeing the bliss on your face and contentment, Shouto wanted to give more of him to you. He wanted to prove to you that he was, is, worth your time, and worth for you as a man. He wanted to please you in any way, shape, and form he could.
His thrusts were beginning to get faster, and his cock pondered deep into you, hitting your cervix every time successfully. He could feel that he was getting closer and closer to his climax, but he couldn’t bring himself to come until you said so.
“I…I’m close…” he stuttered, looking at your face, his eyes flickering from your eyes to your bouncing tits.
“Come, baby.” You said, feeling your second orgasm hit you. Shouto came into you, releasing everything into the warmness of your cunt. As soon as he pulled away, his seed trailed down your pussy, staining the bedsheets. 
Realizing that it finally happened, a feeling of euphoria enveloped him. A genuine smile took place on his face as he plopped next to you, cuddling you into his arms and repeatedly kissing your forehead and cheeks.
“I love you… I love you so much Y/n…” he kept repeating in a daze. 
“For how long?” you asked, placing a small kiss on his jaw while making yourself comfortable into his embrace.
“Two years…” his grip on you tightened, but you didn’t complain.
“What? Why haven’t you told me sooner?” you asked, guilty at the fact that you never noticed that.
“I was afraid of rejection… also, I don’t have any experience with girls…” he mumbled, avoiding your eyes. You were mad at yourself for not noticing his feeling, but in your defense, he always wore a poker face, and reading his emotions was kind of a difficult task.  
“I like you too… I don’t know if it’s love, because truth be told I’ve started to like you this year.” You said while your fingers traced his collarbones.
“I will make you fall in love with me! If it’s alright with you...” He said, caressing lovingly your shoulders. You hummed, locking eyes with him while a smile played on your lips.
“I would love that!”
[Bakugou ver.]  [Baku + Todo ver]
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ultimate-astridwriting · 8 months ago
*coughs* so I saw your no nut november headcanons and I was wondering if maybe I could get some for Todoroki, Tamaki and maybe Overhaul? Odd combo i know lmao, but only if you are alright with it!
Todoroki, Tamaki and Overhaul during NO Nut November
note: i’d be happy to write for you
also this ones a little different from the rest because of the characters personalities hope that’s okay ;)
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
• He probably heard about this from Kaminari and thought he had to participate in it
• He seems composed but on the inside he’s v salty that he can’t touch you
• Accidentally lights parts of his clothes on fire because he loses control of his quirk when he’s thinking of you
• Suddenly everything you do turns him on
• He’ll see you eating ice cream, turned on. You’re all sweaty and panting from working out, turned on.
• He actually set ground rules to make sure he wouldn’t lose
• You stopped showering together :(
• He also put pillows in between you guys on the bed because he couldn’t stop getting boners when he felt your body on his.
• He did last the whole month but he told you he would never go that long without touching you again
• Told you to come over as soon as possible and the next day your throat was sore for multiple reasons
Tamaki Amajiki
Tumblr media
• Why would you do this to him?
• When he heard about the challenge he didn’t really think much of it
• It was actually your idea to see how long your boyfriend could go without sex
• He was pretty sad when he found out he had to go one month without you
• Ended up agreeing when you promised him a surprise if he lasted the whole month
• He’s a lot more anxious and antsy
• Really wanted to know what the surprise was so he tried his best to his his horniness
• Keeps one of your scarves and hoodies with him just to have your scent comfort him at all times
• Near the end of the month he was very touch starved and you could see that he longed for you
• Because of that you ended up shortening his time and fucking him not being able to see your boyfriend so down
• It was very soft and reassuring. You told him you’d give him the surprise another time since right now you wanted to show him how much you missed him
Overhaul (Kai Chisaki)
Tumblr media
• You guys didn’t really have sex that often so it wouldn’t be that big of a deal
• What did annoy him though was that it wasn’t his choice to participate. You were basically closing off your body from him for a month
• Tells you that he doesn’t care because it’ll lessen the chance of him getting your germs but he is LYING
• The whole month is him just being frustrated and horny
• You wanted to see how far you could go so you even decided to tell him kissing was also off the table
• He keeps trying to convince you to give up with lingering touches but everytime he thinks you’ve given in you just pull away and smirk at him while saying “not yet”
• As the month grew closer to it’s end you could tell he was about to snap as well
• The last day of November you decided to turn in a little early trying to prolong your teasing
• You were woken up to a very pent up Kai on top of you. He looked at you like he wanted to devour you.
• “You are gonna regret teasing me, Angel”
• He tortured and teased you the whole night keeping you close to the edge and taking it away right when you were about to come.
• You didn’t regret it. It was honestly the best sex you’d ever had. #noregrets XD
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ezaxiii · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just a quick silly sketch. Still confused about Touyas haircolor. Is it white or red...or pink?
(english is not my native language. Sorry for any spelling mistakes)
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theincorrecthellscape · a year ago
Midoriya: For my next stunt, I’ll wake up at 5 am on the day I can sleep in!
Iida: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise
Todoroki: Early to bed and early to rise makes me a massive bitch
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