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#shoto x reader
atsumuscumslut · 3 months ago
Where they prefer to cum (BNHA)
►Haikyuu ►Jjk ►Aot ►Sk8 ►Bsd
Tumblr media
Bouncy Tiddies: Shoto, Izuku, Mirio, Iida,
Jiggly asses: Aizawa, Toshinori, Tamaki, Monoma, Fat gum. Shoji
Down your throat: Hawks, Shigaraki, Denki, Sero, Shindo, Tokoyami
Breeds you: Bakugou, Dabi, Kirishima, Shinsou, Enji
Tumblr media
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azucanela · a year ago
bakugou/todoroki reacting to their s.o. who usually wears long sleeves and pants wearing a casual dress? please feel free to include anyone else! also if it's ok can you add a bit of spice or smth 👉👈
[ft. bakugou katsuki, shinsou hitoshi, todoroki shoto]
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: for the first time, the boys witness you in a dress and... it ends pretty well for you. 
WARNINGS: make out session, kissing, insecurities, SPICE, implications 
A/N: THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING THIS IT MAKES ME HAPPY TO WRITE IT <3 also this is as unholy as it gets [for now] a lil spicy hehe, just a tad 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he’s taken you on dates, and normally you wear jeans and a t-shirt, and he’s fine with it, he doesn’t care, your clothes your business, you wear what you want and look good no matter what it is. sweats? hot. sweatshirt? hot.
dress? probably hot, he hasn’t seen you in one yet.
it’s getting warmer, and pants are for losers, so naturally, you wear a pretty lil sundress for your upcoming date with bakugo
he comes to get you in your dorm room, and you text him that the doors unlocked and he’s like AIGHT BET
not the type to knock before entering, but you have thankfully already been dressed and as he enters he realizes that his hypothesis was in fact correct
you are very hot in a dress
very pretty
he’s confused though, like since when is this a thing, why are you being so casual about it? did he forget something important? when was your anniversary? 
“what the hell?”
you’re like ??? because nothing has changed
so he’s like “you’re.. in a dress.”
“OH,,, haha... yeah.”
now he’s made you insecure, you suck katsuki
once he passes the confusion he is checking you out, your thighs are exposed, and so are your arms, so he’s a lil distracted and doesn’t realize he’s distressed you
when he finally comes to he goes to compliment you, “you look-”
“bad? i should change-”
“NO.” he shouts, and it is a little too quickly and aggressive, so his cheeks flush at this outburst, “you look pretty.”
then he realizes he was too nice, “idiot.
you smile at him, and move to the door, only for him to kick it closed
you’re like ???
he’s like
Tumblr media
Katsuki tries to avoid the looks he gets from the rest of his classmates as he makes his way to Y/N’s dorm room, hands shoved into his pockets as he walks. They had a movie to get to, and Katsuki wanted to make sure they had time to get snacks before the movie started, so he intended to begin rushing her. Removing one of his hands from his pocket, he turns Y/N’s door knob, shoving the door open.
He pushes it slightly behind him, but not enough that it closes since he doesn’t intend to be here long, Katsuki looks up and turns to her, “oh hey Katsuki.”
She’s putting some things in her purse, which is on her bed, so she’s slightly bent over as she shoves some cash inside it. Meanwhile, Katsuki can’t help the astonishment that washes over his features as eyes her. “What the hell?” He can’t help but exclaim at the sight before him. This was the most skin he’d seen since... since ever.
Not that he was complaining. 
Y/N’s brows furrowed at his comment, standing up and bringing her purse onto her shoulder she looked at him and tilted her head in confusion. “Excuse me?”
Katsuki opened and closed his mouth once or twice, trying to find words as he let out a noise of frustration, gesturing to her, “you’re wearing a dress!” Exasperation clear in his tone, confused as to how she hadn’t seen this as an abnormality. Had he forgotten something? An anniversary perhaps?
Y/N, on the other hand, felt her cheeks warm at this. It hadn’t really crossed her mind that she didn’t wear dresses often, much less clothing that revealed her skin, which was littered with scars from the training and all the incidents there had been in the school year thus far. She couldn’t help the thought that rushed through her minds as she responded rather lamely, “yeah. I am.”
Katuski collected himself, “well, you look-”
“Bad? I should change-” Y/N began, preparing to go to her closet to find another outfit.
Only for Katsuki to call out, “NO!” His cheeks flushing red as he realized how ridiculous his outburst must look, Katsuki looked away. “You look nice... idiot.” 
Y/N beamed at him, moving towards him and the partially open door that he stood by, she grasped his hand, “let’s go then!” 
As she brought her hand to the knob, she was yanked back by Katsuki, who released her hand when she was close enough pulled her to his chest, pressing his lips to hers. Y/N’s free hand came up to hold his jaw, while his hands dug into her hips as he kicked the door behind him closed before shoving Y/N onto it. 
Gasping at the sudden movement, her other hand came to his hair and tugged harshly on it. In response, Katsuki released her lips and brought his mouth to her neck, one of his hands coming to the bare skin of her thigh and pulling it up to hold against himself. Pressing open mouthed kisses onto her neck, Y/N let her head fall back onto the door, giving him better access.
Exhaling deeply, Y/N spoke, “Katsuki we’re gonna be late.” As much as she wanted to disregard the movie, they’d already paid for their tickets, and she wasn’t in the mood to waste money.
In response, he bit down on her neck, causing her grip on his hair to tighten before he looked back up at her, swollen lips baring a cocky grin, “I don’t mind being late, babe.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he’s so cute ugh
anyways, i feel like his range in terms of style is trash bag or finest man in the room so he doesn’t care how you dress and if you switch it up on occasion
this does not make him immune to the S H O C K
you’re going out with friends, but he doesn’t know this so he comes over
you open the door for him like ? but then a light bulb goes off in your head like yes! your bf! he can help! surely!
so you let him in and now he is in shock
like wow you are always hot but WOW
dresses 4 life in shinsou’s book
rip shinsou 2020
he’s dead
look what you did
who gonna help you with that zipper now huh
very respectful gentleman though
he looks RESPECTFULLY and TOUCHES respectfully
and he really wants to touch 
helps you with your zipper tho
because he is a good boy
but you lowkey noticed his change in attitude and well...
Tumblr media
Shinsou was bored, so naturally, he was going to visit his lovely girlfriend at her dorm. It was odd, not receiving the cruel glares from his fellow students for his so called ‘villainous’ quirk. Then again, his girlfriend was the most powerful student in her dorm, and the people there either already liked him, or were forced to get over themselves when the two had started dating.
Nobody wanted to face the wrath of Y/N L/N.
He made his way to your door, smiling briefly at those he passed, a small wave to one student he knew particularly well. Shinsou knocked at the door, and the sound of shuffling came from inside, before the door peeked open slightly to reveal Y/N’s head, a smile making its way onto her face as she saw Shinsou.
“Oh, Shinsou! Perfect, come in and help me.” Cute.
His brows furrowed in confusion as he looked at her, and a small laugh left him, “alright.” Y/N. was sure to hide her body behind the door as she let him in, only increasing his confusion as he entered and she closed the door behind her. “Babe, what are you doing?” 
When she closed the door, he finally got a full view of her body and realized she was wearing a dress. Shinsou couldn’t help the moment of shock he had as he looked her up in down. “You look beautiful.” He commented, coughing as he averted his eyes. He was looking, respectfully until his eyes trailed a little too low and-
“Would you mind zipping me up?” Y/N asked, turning around, exposing her naked back to him, save for the clasp of her bra. 
Oh god you were trying to kill him.
Inhaling sharply, he nodded, “yeah, yeah, sure.” He replied. Moving closer, he brought his hands to her hips, allowing them to linger momentarily. He tilted his head as he noticed a scar running up her back, and couldn’t help but trace it upwards. Y/N felt her cheeks warm at this action, a shiver running up her spine being all it took for Shinsou to break contact entirely, “sorry.” He mumbled, embarrassed, his hand coming to the zipper and pulling it upwards.
She simply shook her head, turning around to face him, his cheeks burning red. “It’s fine.” Y/N brought her hand under his jaw and pulled him into a kiss, her other hand going to his arm.
Shinsou hummed into the kiss, allowing his hands to trail up his back once more, he finds himself regretting that he helped her zip of the dress as he presses her closer to him. 
Y/N pulls away momentarily, much to Shinsou’s dismay, before pressing another peck to his lips and shoving him backwards. The backs of his knees hitting her bed frame, causing him to fall into a seat on the bed. Shinsou raises a brow, watching her figure come between his now spread legs and tilt his head up to bring him into another kiss. 
His eyes flutter close as he finds his hands gripping her thighs, pulling onto himself before the other followed, allowing Y/N to straddle him, “what’cha doing, kitten?” He mumbled against her lips. She released his lips only to bring her own to his neck, as his hands hands went under her dress and up her thighs until-
“I have to go meet my friends.” She mumbled into his neck, exhaling deeply.
Shinsou groaned in annoyance, falling backwards onto her bed, “tease.” He grumbled under his breath, looking to her as she slipped off of him and amended her appearance, he couldn’t help but smile. “Have fun.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ahem anyways.
shoto always looks nice, its in his nature and how he was raised, so he could be the wearing the best fit in the room and you could be wearing sweats but he really does not care
he doesn’t really notice what you wear tbh, you’re pretty to him no matter what so
bb boy is just sitting at the bench, you two had agreed to meet up at the mall, and he intended to SPOIL you, per usual, not that you knew this
you did not approve of his spending habits
you are his spending habits
he’s on his phone, preparing to text you, and he sees a figure appear in front of him, white dress with flowers on it is all thats in his vision
he’s about to be like stranger danger what do you need until he looks up and sees
GASP its you!
and you look MIGHTY FINE 
you always look mighty fine, no matter what you wear, but the fact that this was something new made it even better. shoto didn’t particularly care what you wore but WOW
he kinda just cannot speak, like his mouth gapes open, you have left him speechless, good job
he’s definitely eyeing you, and he isn’t very subtle but you look so GOOD like what the hell who allowed this
insert anime nosebleed from todoroki
you are going off on a tangent about bees or smth idk and he’s like not paying attention your words but he certainly is paying attention to how nice the upper half of your body is looking rn
he does not understand the feeling he is having but he does understand he really really really wants to kiss you
several times
and he wants to touch
you are there like “shoto???”
and hes like yes, anything for you my sweet love, what do you need
“yes love?”
ugh shoto and petnames just
a simp
anyways you guys go to the mall and he’s holding you closer than normal, and even if todo is an oblivious bb, if he happens to come across someone look at you the way only he can look at you?
its over lol burn down the mall
what was SUPPOSED a lil intimate lunchtime behind the mall in a more empty area turns into spicy todo
Tumblr media
Sighing as he shifted on the bench, phone in hand as he prepared to text his fashionably late girlfriend, Shoto realized someone was approaching him, a white dress spotted with pink flowers filled his vision and his brows furrowed. Shoto opened his mouth to speak to the stranger, looking up only to realize it was no stranger.
It was his fashionably late girlfriend. 
Shoto couldn’t help but straighten his back at the sight of her, mouth gaping open as he eyed her appearance. This was... abnormal. He rarely took note of her outfits, however he’d never seen so much bare skin, that much he knew. 
Y/N simply pressed a kiss to his cheek, as though nothing was amiss, she began to speak of the difficulty she experienced on the way to the mall. Shoto failed to pay attention though, his eyes lingering on her upper body as he nodded along in the midst of his shock.
“Anyways, would you mind if we ate first?” The breeze blew her hair slightly, and Y/N basked in the sun, “maybe we could eat outside.” She suggested.
Snapping out of his trance, Shoto nodded rapidly, “of course, love.” 
Y/N beamed at him, extending a hand for him, which he accepted, pressing a kiss to it before sitting up. 
This was also... abnormal. Shoto never deprived her of affection, but in public it was rare for him to kiss her and he just- Y/N tried to shake herself of these thoughts, but couldn’t help the warmth that she felt spread across her cheeks as they began to head inside the mall. When they made it to the food court Y/N selected a soba place, bringing a smile onto Shoto’s face, though when she tried to pay, Shoto had already been tipping the person at the cashier $100. 
As Y/N had previously suggested, the two made their way outside, and as Shoto suggested, they found a more desolate space to enjoy their food. They had ended up behind the mall in a small, unbothered, field. He’d stopped by a store to purchase and blanket, and Y/N couldn’t help but get excited at the concept of a makeshift picnic. The pair sat down on the blanket, placing the bag of food down. 
Shoto couldn’t help the smile that found its way onto his face as he looked at her, “you look beautiful.” He complimented, crossing his legs.
Y/N beamed up at him, “thank you, Shoto.” She leaned forwards, on her hands and knees as she pressed a kiss onto his lips. Shoto pulls away momentarily,  only for his hands to find their way onto her face, deepening the kiss.
Pulling away, Y/N raises a brow, “you’re awfully affectionate today.” She points out, moving to sit down closer to him as she brings a hand to play with his hair.
“Well, I want to touch you.” Comes his response, and in that moment Y/N contemplates cursing Shoto out for his bluntness, though she’s distracted when one of his hands comes to her thigh, “may I?”
Oh god.
Y/N nods, enjoying this side of Shoto as he brings his other hand under her other thigh, pulling her into his lap before pressing another kiss to her lips. Shoto sighs contentedly at this, and Y/N’s hand remains in his hair, tugging gently at the bicolored locks. Meanwhile, his hands wander her body in wonder as he breaks the kiss to place his lips on her neck. Y/N can’t help but lean her neck further back. 
“Happy?” She mumbled as he pressed a kiss to her collarbone.
Shoto looks up at her to respond, “very.”
Tumblr media
A/N: this is my favorite thing it was literally so fun to write omg
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ultimate-astridwriting · 8 months ago
*coughs* so I saw your no nut november headcanons and I was wondering if maybe I could get some for Todoroki, Tamaki and maybe Overhaul? Odd combo i know lmao, but only if you are alright with it!
Todoroki, Tamaki and Overhaul during NO Nut November
note: i’d be happy to write for you
also this ones a little different from the rest because of the characters personalities hope that’s okay ;)
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
• He probably heard about this from Kaminari and thought he had to participate in it
• He seems composed but on the inside he’s v salty that he can’t touch you
• Accidentally lights parts of his clothes on fire because he loses control of his quirk when he’s thinking of you
• Suddenly everything you do turns him on
• He’ll see you eating ice cream, turned on. You’re all sweaty and panting from working out, turned on.
• He actually set ground rules to make sure he wouldn’t lose
• You stopped showering together :(
• He also put pillows in between you guys on the bed because he couldn’t stop getting boners when he felt your body on his.
• He did last the whole month but he told you he would never go that long without touching you again
• Told you to come over as soon as possible and the next day your throat was sore for multiple reasons
Tamaki Amajiki
Tumblr media
• Why would you do this to him?
• When he heard about the challenge he didn’t really think much of it
• It was actually your idea to see how long your boyfriend could go without sex
• He was pretty sad when he found out he had to go one month without you
• Ended up agreeing when you promised him a surprise if he lasted the whole month
• He’s a lot more anxious and antsy
• Really wanted to know what the surprise was so he tried his best to his his horniness
• Keeps one of your scarves and hoodies with him just to have your scent comfort him at all times
• Near the end of the month he was very touch starved and you could see that he longed for you
• Because of that you ended up shortening his time and fucking him not being able to see your boyfriend so down
• It was very soft and reassuring. You told him you’d give him the surprise another time since right now you wanted to show him how much you missed him
Overhaul (Kai Chisaki)
Tumblr media
• You guys didn’t really have sex that often so it wouldn’t be that big of a deal
• What did annoy him though was that it wasn’t his choice to participate. You were basically closing off your body from him for a month
• Tells you that he doesn’t care because it’ll lessen the chance of him getting your germs but he is LYING
• The whole month is him just being frustrated and horny
• You wanted to see how far you could go so you even decided to tell him kissing was also off the table
• He keeps trying to convince you to give up with lingering touches but everytime he thinks you’ve given in you just pull away and smirk at him while saying “not yet”
• As the month grew closer to it’s end you could tell he was about to snap as well
• The last day of November you decided to turn in a little early trying to prolong your teasing
• You were woken up to a very pent up Kai on top of you. He looked at you like he wanted to devour you.
• “You are gonna regret teasing me, Angel”
• He tortured and teased you the whole night keeping you close to the edge and taking it away right when you were about to come.
• You didn’t regret it. It was honestly the best sex you’d ever had. #noregrets XD
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h2bakugou · a year ago
bakugo, kirishima, and todoroki headcanon reaction to their s/o’s ahegao face during an orgasim ???? if you’re not comfortable with that I understand :)
a/n: yess! i am a big fan of the ahegao face askfkdsjf sorry for not updating for a few days, just been super busy outside of tumblr and such.
all characters aged up 18+ au!!
headcanon: them reacting to their s/o’s ahegao face during an orgasm
key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (e/c) - eye color / (h/c) - hair color / (y/q) - your quirk
warnings: swearing, smut
nsfw under the cut!!
»»————- ★ ————-««
katsuki bakugou
Tumblr media
»»————- ★ ————-««
Jagged breaths and moans flood the room. Bakugou’s thrusting into you harder and harder with each passing moment.
Your sense of time is erased as all you feel is immense pleasure flooding from your core and your abdomen.
“H-harder!” You moan as Bakugou’s hands grip at your hips, forcing you to stay still as his hips rut into you.
“Fuck baby.” Bakugou curses. It’s hot, Bakugou cursing is always hot.
“I’m gonna cum!” You tremble as you feel your release overpowering your senses.
Your mind goes blank as your mouth open and your tongue lolls out to the side, your eyes rolling back.
Bakugou’s taken aback by the lewd scene, only seeing stuff like this in porn, not that he’d watched any recently, let’s be honest he has you, he doesn’t need anything else.
But the scene was enough to make him lose control. His grunts turned into growls as he bent down and gripped your throat, cumming inside you.
“That was so fucking hot.” Bakugou sputtered, his hips gently rocking into you.
“K-Katsuki.” You panted, throwing your arms around his neck to stabilize yourself.
“Why didn’t you tell me you made that dirty face, baby?”
»»————- ★ ————-««
eijiro kirishima
Tumblr media
»»————- ★ ————-««
Kirishima’s fast but gentle. He’s hammering his hips into you at an alarming speed, but he’s careful to make sure he’s not hurting you, unless you want him to be rough with you, because that can certainly be arranged.
“K-Kiri!” You’re moaning his name, and just barely at that. He’s going faster, and that feeling of euphoria is rapidly approaching, you won’t be able to hold back any longer.
His cock is stretching you farther and farther. It’s pushing you over the edge as your stomach knots itself up, too much pleasure building up.
“Fuck!” You moan out as you feel yourself orgasm.
Your mind goes blank and you can see stars. Your tongue lolls out and your eyes roll back, and Kiri’s eyes sparkle like the night sky at the sight before him.
He’s cumming on the spot, completely thrown off by your lewd face as you’ve been completely fucked out.
“Woah, babe.” Kirishima is still shocked as he watched your face continue to contort in pleasure as he cums inside you.
“Baby, does that happen all the time?” Kirishima is excited, wanting to go at it again and again just to relieve the feeling of seeing your lewd expression.
»»————- ★ ————-««
shoto todoroki
Tumblr media
»»————- ★ ————-««
Riding Todoroki, you’re pushing yourself to the limit. He’s thrusting up into you, sending that much more pleasure into your core.
“S-Shoto!” You whine as you lean down, your head buried in his neck as he bucks his hips upward into yours.
The erotic sound of skin hitting skin is enough to make someone blush.
You sit back up when you feel like you can’t possibly hold out any longer. Todoroki’s hands are touching you all over, never staying in the same spot for too long, too obsessed with feeling every part of you.
It’s not a shock to hear you moan out his name as you cum, but it’s a shock to see your eyes roll back and your tongue flop out as you cum, your body tensing as you orgasm.
Todoroki’s first instinct is to shove his fingers in your mouth and have you suck on his fingers, but his dick has other plans.
You’re milking him dry as he finally cums, his groans sounding like a song of pleasure.
“Shoto.” You purr as you lean back down, catching your breath.
“That was new, I enjoyed it.” Todoroki mentions the face you’d made. And he’s willing to go another round justs o he can capture the moment in a picture to cherish forever this time.
»»————- ★ ————-««
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azucanela · a year ago
pls some headcanons for Bakugou, Shinsou and Shoto when the reader kisses them infront of everyone. Thank you :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: in which you and the boys kiss in public, and now everyone is screaming. oh no.
WARNING: season three spoliers, insecurities, arguments,
A/N: i wanted to do scenarios bc this was too good ugh thank YOU for requesting this 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you two are already dating but you keep it on the down low because its Katsuki and he’s like ew people knowing i have feelings other than anger? ew ew ew
you’re fine with it, but if he thinks its bothering you he’ll talk to you about it and smother you with affection, but he’ll act like its nothing
wants to rub it in his faces that you are his girlfriend, yes, but also he doesn’t want the teasing that comes with it. he knows for a fact that all his friends would bully him because he is SOFT FOR YOUUU and he’s also just a generally private person
you respect this and like it’s fine woo yeah okay it’s nice being the only one that sees the side of him that’s all soft and cute and affectionate
i can’t really see the two of you slipping up unless it’s influenced by a lot of emotions
where do these emotions come from? you might ask
his kidnapping.
you were a mess, but it was lowkey, real lowkey. and unlike the others you do not support trying to save katsuki on their own, trusting the heroes to do their job is the way to go.
so you don’t go with them. the next time you see your lovely boyfriend is when he’s giving kirishima money
so naturally, consumed by all the fear and panic you felt while he was gone, you kiss him!
and he kisses you back and its really soft and oh-
what a shame the whOLE CLASS IS THERE 
everyone is really confused, but they’re happy because they think that the two of you finally addressed the clear tension between the two of you, all it took was a lil kidnapping
except then you pull apart, completely disregarding them, your hands on his face, “baby are you okay?”
you don’t call someone you haven’t kissed before baby
then it clicks for the rest of the class
so much yelling
oh god have fun with that one
the bakusquad is yelling at him for not telling him, the dekusquad is scolding you for not telling them, there’s just a lot of questionable things
katsuki will get SO FLUSTERED because this is not what we wanted
at least the attention was off of his kidnapping now
maybe that was your goal idk 👀
Tumblr media
Katsuki really wished everyone would shut up about his kidnapping, it wasn’t something he wanted to think about right now, or ever if he was honest. So much had happened in the past few days and he was still struggling to process all of it, and the disgustingly warm welcome he’d received to the dorms wasn’t helping. It was gross. 
He’d shoved cash into Kirishima’s hand, rolling his eyes when he began to panic at the possibility that he’d taken it from Denki, shutting down the idea almost immediately.
And then he saw her.
Y/N was shoving past everyone and heading to him, and he couldn’t help the relief he felt when he saw her. Katsuki was grateful she hadn’t been involved in the little escape plan Deku had hatched out, but seeing her made him feel calmer than even as she practically tackled him, hands coming to his cheeks as she brought him into a kiss.
Their lips molded together perfectly, his hands coming to her sides and holding her like he’d never let go as her hands gripped his face rather harshly. It would have been the perfect moment, had the rest of his class not been there. 
Y/N seemed to disregard this as she pulled apart, eyes darting across his figure as his brows furrowed at her clear distress. “Calm down, idiot.” His cheeks are turning red as he realizes that everyone is staring, but he can’t help but focus his attention on her as he feels a wave of relaxation wash over him as she begins to run her hands all over him in search of injuries.
“Oh, I’m sorry, for caring about your wellbeing.” She grumbled, wrapping her arms tightly around his torso when her hands left his face. “Baby, you scared me.” His arms wrapped around her shoulders securely, as he rolled his eyes, though Katsuki wouldn’t deny he was appreciating all the attention she was giving him, he was beginning to feel embarrassed as he allowed her to hold onto him.
As if the kiss hadn’t been enough to astonish the rest of their class, the pet name simply amplified their shocked as they all cried out, “baby?” Kirishima had exchanged looks with Mina, who looked equally confused before returning their gaze to Katsuki, a look of betrayal evident on both their faces.
Stupid barbarians. “SHUT UP EXTRAS!” Katsuki exclaimed, holding Y/N tighter to his chest as his cheeks flushed red, he could hear her laugh against his chest. “Can’t a guy hug his girlfriend in peace.” 
He was grateful for the subject change, though he didn’t appreciate the fact that his relationship had been exposed, until he looked back to Y/N, who beamed at him. 
If she was happy then it was fine he supposed. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this one will probably have the funniest reaction
you did not just kiss him, in front of all these people, was that a joke?
i think he’s the only one you wouldn’t already be in a relationship with, purely because this is just 10x funnier
so ever since the two of you first started hanging, there have been people criticizing you for befriending him at all, because of his quirk, they just cannot believe that the Y/N L/N is hanging out with Shinsou Hitoshi
but also, ever since the two of you started hanging out, the bullying has lessened immensely, most because you threatened everyone it was really subtle, but they got the message
nobody screws with Y/N L/N
anyways, you two are probably hanging out again, and it’s been a while since you got one of those comments, which is the main reason this one sets you off.
“quit hanging out with that freak L/N, he’s gonna ruin your chances at becoming a pro.” 
shinsou was used to this, and your violent reactions, so he immediately brought a hand to your arm to ensure you didn’t commit a murder, shaking his head at you
you turn back to him, and you’re lowkey glaring at him before turning your piercing eyes back to the other guys
and without breaking eye contact with them, you grab Shinsou’s face, earning stares from everywhere in the cafeteria, and then kiss him
shinsou is shocked
you killed him.
he did not anticipate this um, you kinda caught him by surprise with this one, he genuinely did not think it was possible for you to feel this way for him
when you pull away, the kiss is almost like magic
you don’t mess with Y/N’s friends, much less their boyfriend
Tumblr media
When Y/N beams up at Shinsou, he can’t help the way his heart skips a beat. It’s ridiculous, he knows this, and he hates that he can’t prevent it. Shinsou is no fool, he knows Y/N L/N, a UA student that could potentially be a member of the Top Ten heroes in the future, would never like him. He wouldn’t be shocked if she befriended him entirely out of pity, given how students used to treat him prior to their unlikely friendship. She’d weaseled her way into his life, despite his attempts to avoid her, ignore her, and even tell her off, she’d stuck around. 
And yes, Shinsou had made the mistake of liking her. On days like this, he’d entertain the possibility that Y/N liked him back, because sometimes she hugged him for longer than average friends did, or maybe she’d press a kiss to his cheek, or even hold his hands.
That was probably just something best friends did.
“Hitoshi! Don’t you know what this means?” She exclaimed, hands finding their way onto his shoulders in the middle of the cafeteria.
Yes, she used his first name.
Shinsou rolled his eyes, trying to keep himself from getting flustered purely because her hands were on him, “Y/N it’s not a big deal, and besides-”
“We’re going to be in the same class!” Her hands move from his shoulders to around them as she pulls him into a hug, “I’m so proud of you.”
He’s shocked that she’s saying these things, and its clear she has more confidence in him than he does. Aizawa had offered him daily training to get him onto the same level as the other Class 1-A students, and he’d be joining them the next semester, assuming everything went well. “It’s no guarantee.” He mumbles, wrapping his arms around her torso.
Shinsou felt Y/N swat his back as she pulled away slightly, much to his dismay, “you’re so talented! Of course, he’s gonna let you in.” 
She sounded so sure, and Shinsou felt his heart swell with pride. 
He moves to speak, only to be interrupted by a passerby, “L/N. Come on, quit hanging out with that freak.” Y/N recognized him, James, he’d bothered Shinsou before, and he’d tried to get Y/N to stop hanging out with Shinsou and been unsuccessful. “He’s just gonna ruin your chances at becoming a pro.”
Y/N pulls away slightly from Shinsou, her brows are furrowed as she moves to confront him, only for Shinsou to grab her arm, shaking his head. “Don’t.”
Turning to glare at the guy, Y/N scoffed, “is this because I rejected you?” 
“He asked you out?” Shinsou asked, but Y/N gave him a look that said they’d discuss it later. She could remember the day vividly, he’d asked shortly after she returned from hanging out with Shinsou, telling her she could do so much better, and so much better meant him. 
She disagreed. And now Y/N couldn’t help but feel bothered as their argument begins to draw attention from others within the cafeteria, she can see in the corner of her eye that Izuku has come to a stand. Though Iida is grasping his shoulder to try and prevent him from doing anything irrational, they all knew Y/N could stand on her own. 
James scoffed at her words, “you probably rejected me because he made you.” The implications were dark, the idea that Shinsou had forced Y/N to befriend him and reject James, though he’d never used his quirk on her and swore he never would. 
Shinsou found himself releasing Y/N’s arm, taking a step backwards as he sighed, only for her to grab his hand and yank him closer before taking his face in her hands and kissing him.
She was kissing him.
Shinsou’s mind empties as Y/N pulls away, turning back to James as she says, “my boyfriend doesn’t need to make me do anything.” And the boy practically stomps off in frustration, grumbling about Shinsou’s stupid quirk or something of that sort. Not that either of them are paying attention as Y/n brings a hand to the back of her neck awkwardly, searching her mind for an explanation.
“Boyfriend?” His voice is soft, small, and he knows there are other people in the cafeteria but he can’t bring himself to care about their stares. 
Y/N turns to him, and she feels her cheeks warm as she tries to avoid his eyes, “well. Only if you want to-”
“I want to.” Shinsou replies too quickly, his cheeks flushing.
Y/N nods, “cool.” 
Izuku can’t help but beam as he watches the interaction, hitting Iida’s arm repetitvely as as he exclaims, “does this mean I’ll be able to study his quirk more?”
Tsu just sighs, “this means we don’t have to listen to her pining anymore.” 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
probably the most relaxed about it, not flustered at all, you tried thoughh
your relationship isn’t really a secret, it’s just that neither of you are that into PDA. 
there will be occasional cuddling on the common room couch of the dorms during movie night, but that’s seen as normal to the rest of Class 1-A. during dates, there will be hand holding, a kiss on the cheek, an arm around the shoulder, otherwise most of the intimacy is reserved for your rooms
this lack of PDA is why class 1-A was completely unaware that the two of you were dating, 
though you hadn’t tried to hide it, you also hadn’t made it entirely public, you also lowkey thought everyone knew.
mostly because it was so blatantly obvious that shoto was in love with you, but the entire class thought he was unaware of his own feelings and you were just oblivious 
oh how wrong they were
you come into class one day and you see shoto and you’re just like lol hi babe and you kiss him, he kisses back, LIKE IT IS THE MOST NORMAL THING
he’s temporarily caught off guard because like i said you two don’t really do PDA, but he digs it, 10/10 would kiss you again in front of everyone, mostly because after all of the CHAOS that this kiss causes, the other boys in the class stop blatantly flirting with you
speaking of chaos
the class erupts into PURE CHAOS
so much yelling and screaming, they are so confused, have fun explaining that one
shoto is equally confused as to why they are confused and you’re just laughing because you knew this would mess with their heads. he ends up getting a little flustered by all the sudden attention the two of you are getting, but maintains his apathetic attitude.
Tumblr media
Shoto places his bag beside his desk before pulling his things out one by one to place them onto the desk along with the small cup of coffee. Shoto wasn’t really the coffee type himself, he preferred tea, Y/N on the other hand had an obsession if he was honest. Of course, he enabled this obsession, he liked being the one to bring a smile onto her face. 
Yeah, he was whipped.
He could tell when Y/N entered the room because the atmosphere seemed to change entirely, she seemed to brighten everyone’s mood despite how early it was. Greeting their other classmates, she began to move towards him, seeing that he was holding a cup of coffee, Y/N raised a brow. “You drink coffee now?” She asked as she placed her things down. 
Shaking his head, Shoto extended the hand with the cup of coffee towards him, “it’s for you.” He explained, small smile on his face.
The rest of their classmates watched the interaction, Kirishima punching Kaminari’s arm as he exclaimed, “so manly!”
Bakugou scoffed from beside the both of them, “if he was really manly then maybe he’d actually ask her out.” Crossing his arms, he averts his eyes from the two, finding the class’s obsession with their relationship a tad ridiculous. Though everyone seemed to be at least slightly invested in the potential outcome at this point. 
“Whatever, Bakugo.” Mina says, “L/N has the prettiest boy in class wrapped around her finger- ugh! I want someone to love me like that.” She places her head in her hand, brows furrowing as she stares at the two. Y/N is smiling widely at Shoto, who returns her smile with one of his own. 
And then Y/N kisses him. As though this is an everyday thing. 
Mina practically jumps out her seat, and though Bakugo would never admit it, his mouth gaped open in shock as she cried out, “did you two just kiss?!”
Shoto’s cheeks are red as they pull away, though his face remains apathetic as he looks to the ground and Y/N replies, “can I not kiss my boyfriend?” She tilts her head in confusion, laughing slightly at the outburst and the clear shock in everyone’s faces. 
“Boyfriend?” Hagaruke cried out. “Why didn’t you tell us?!”
Y/N’s brows furrows as she looks to the rest of the astonished class, “did you guys seriously not know? I thought we were obvious, I literally call him by his first name-”
“We thought that was because you two were madly in love with each other but neither could confess!” Momo exclaimed suddenly, her cheeks flaming red at her outburst as she slaps a hand over her mouth.
Mina simply nods in agreement, “exactly! But now he’s buying you coffee and-”
Shoto shakes his head in confusion, “I often buy her coffee, normally she finishes it before we get to class.” He looks to Y/N, a small frown on her face, “today she woke up too late for me to walk her to school so I couldn’t give it to her then-”
“You’re so manly, Todoroki!” Kirishima exclaims, though Shoto simply looks at him in confusion as he removes his hand from Y/N’s waist. 
Shrugging, he takes a seat at his desk and Y/N speaks once more, “I just don’t understand how you guys didn’t know.” Standing beside him as he organizes his things while seated, Y/N runs a hand through his hair, and Shoto’s cheeks seemed to redden once more.
“You guys aren’t normally so touchy!” Uraraka has joined the conversation, shock clear in her features. 
Shoto nods in agreement,  “your behavior today is abnormal, Y/N.”
Now Y/N can feel her cheeks warm as she removes her hand and takes a seat t her desk, “you guys are weird.”
Izuku simply sighs, deflating almost as he watches the interaction and leans over towards Iida, “now I owe Kacchan money.” 
Tumblr media
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ultimate-astridwriting · 7 months ago
Dekusquad getting a blowjob for the first time
Request: Could I maybe ask for a part two of the getting head for the first time headcannons but for the dekusquad
Note: sorry for being inactive lately i’ll try and catch up on some posts later tonight as well as respond to my anons
⤑ requests are open! masterlist || taglist || ko-fi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
flustered as hell
literally sweating his ass off and is constantly letting out nervous chuckles
it does not need a lot of effort to turn him on, just the sight of you on your knees makes him rock hard
the moment you take his cock out it will be dripping with pre-cum
his tip is an angry shade of red and extremely sensitive
might unintentionally bucks up into your mouth because of how good it feels
the first time you took him into your throat, he let out a strangled moan and it was the hottest thing you’ve ever heard
“Ngh— ah! p-puppy, do that again, please.”
huge moaner, he ends up getting lost in the pleasure and forgets about his embarrassment
he likes to cum in your mouth or on your chest
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he doesn’t usually jerk off which makes him overly-sensitive
you don’t mind though, that just makes it all the more fun for you
gets embarrassed when he moans too loudly so he opts for low groans and soft whimpers
will hold your hair out of your face because he likes to see his cock entering your mouth
his face is usually covered in a dark blush and he loves watching you take his cock as deep as possible
if your run your tongue along the thick veins underneath his cock and look up at him with innocent eyes, he will lose his composure
tease him! he will be trying so hard to hold himself back as to not hurt you
but as soon as he realizes that you’re teasing him, he will fuck your face with no hesitation
“You love having my cock deep in your throat, don’t you? Yeah, you ready to be a good girl now or are you still gonna disobey me, pet.”
will cum in your throat but as soon as he’s back to his senses he’s a blushing mess and is constantly apologizing
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he’s probably the most composed out of everyone but if you look closely you’ll see a small blush dusting his face
usually has his hands on top of your head or lightly caressing your face
gently guided you but let’s you do your thing for the most part
amazing at giving praise, it honestly makes you feel more embarrassed than he is sometimes
“God— fuck, baby. That feels amazing, you’re making me feel to good—mph!”
loves it when you lick his cock while making eye contact, seeing you do something so lewd is such a turn on for him
teasing him before sucking him off makes him want you more
kiss down his chest, on his inner thighs, suck on his nipples and his cock will be throbbing begging for attention
will warn you when he’s close so you can decide on where you want him to cum
after he composes himself, he’s the type to kiss you senseless, say thank you and offer to return the favour, because he’s a gentleman
Tumblr media
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rat-zuki · 6 months ago
Head empty only thot is Dilf Shouto
i’m going crazy over the idea of dilf!shouto. happy birthday, dilf!shouto! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shouto swore he’d never be like his father, and he isn’t. He’s better, he has control, he’s responsible, he’s considerate of those around him. Most importantly, he channels his negative feelings in a way that’s positive: you.
You swept him off his feet the moment he laid eyes on you, completely and wholly entralling the aged hero. Sure, he has status, money, fame. But he doesn’t have you; chipper, young, fuckable you.
So, the first time he gets you in bed, he’s sure to do his absolute best. Thick striations of back muscle twitching and flexing as he forces the girthy head of his cock into your little hole.
You can barely handle it either, even after hours of teasing, dragging you around the city, grinding that sweet pussy all over his thigh. You’re something else. Small, precious, and unattainable.
But as you claw fire into his flesh, fingers desperately reaching out to tug at his bicolored locks, one simple word has his world flipping on his head. Something deep, something traumatic, something unshakable rising to the surface like a hidden beast. Your lips part, hips squirming under his hold,
“Daddy, please,”
That’s all it takes for Shouto to snap. He completely loses it, his cool, his control. Once was the stoic, calm hero. Now he’s hungry, he feels ravenous, needs to prove something to someone, but the only one here is you.
He shoves those cute thighs of yours up, flat aginst your chest, ankles past your head in an uncomfortable, choking stretch. Mouth gaping like a fish, you want to question him, but all wind is lost as he plunges that fat cock of his into you all at once.
Prickes of his trimmed hairs, happy trail, grinding into your slit greedily, pulling more and more of Daddy, Daddy like you don’t seem to get it through that head of yours; what you’re doing to the poor man.
He huffs, shoving his hair out of his eyes as he glares down at you, “I’m your Daddy, yeah?” You find it in you to nod in between thrusts, legs quivering like mad.
“Daddy’s g’na take such good care of his—“ He has to pause, gasping at the way your tight cunt milks him, harder than any woman he’s fucked in the last twenty years. “Such good care of his pretty baby, shit.”
“G’na do everything for my baby.” You’re absent, completely fucked out as he rails you like a train, tears streaming down your face as he makes you cum over and over again, the sheets beneath you growing cold and wet and sticking to you so disgustingly.
He makes you cum nearly five times that night, or who knows how many. You can’t recall, besides the fact that you actually passed out with exhaustion, waking up in the wee hours of the night smothered by his warmth.
When you finally rise, with light streaming around the room, you find yourself alone in Shouto’s enourmous bed. But beside it, on the table, lies a note that you shove aside in favor of the pretty, black credit card glowing next to it.
The note reads: For my baby. From, Daddy.
Your heart swells. That’s right, he’s your Daddy, after all.
Tumblr media
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myherowritings · a year ago
hi i love your writing! If you have time could you please do hcs for bakugou and todoroki or whoever really + their reaction to their s/o touching their butt? sorry if it’s weird i just thought it would be cute!
a/n: butts are one of the first things i notice in a guy lolol so i loved this request lots n.n it’s not weird at all no worries! i hope y’all enjoy this because i sure did ;)
Tumblr media
— Bakugou has a booty sculpted by the gods. So really, it’s only natural for you to want to touch it.
— The two of you are lying down on your bed as you watch a movie on your laptop and to get comfortable, Katsuki lies on his stomach facing the foot of the bed while you lean against the headboard.
— Instead of focusing on the movie at hand, however, you find that your gaze keeps wandering down to your boyfriend’s backside.
— His thighs are thick and muscular from all the effort he puts in during training and in the gym, and his ass is somehow even more beautiful. You just can’t stop yourself from giving it a light smack.
— “Oi! What the fuck?” he asks, glancing back at you with furrowed eyebrows.
— You give him an innocent look, trying to fight the flustered expression off your face as you blink up at him. “My hand slipped?”
— He definitely does not believe you, but shrugs it off and continues to watch the movie.
— You’re able to keep your control for a solid ten minutes before you give the rounded bottom a little squeeze, a giggle escaping your lips when Bakugou jumps from shock. 
— “Hey--!” He glares at you. “Did your hand slip again?” 
— “Maybe?” 
— “Baka…” He rolls his eyes as he moves to a sitting position closer to you, a look of mild amusement on his face. “I know you’re jealous of my ass, but you don’t have to be so obvious about it.”
— You gape at him, feeling your own butt somewhat self-consciously. “I’m not jealous! I think my butt is cute! Yours is just too perfect to be real.”
— With the movie playing in the background, you continue teasing each other about your butts before your favorite scene comes on and you quickly shush him.
—You shift to lay down on your stomach with your legs outstretched, placing your head in your hands as you stare at your laptop screen.
— Watching you, Katsuki smirks as he lands a gentle yet sharp slap on your backside.
— “Wha--?” you start, but when Bakugou begins to rub it soothingly, you find yourself at a loss for words.
— “Don’t worry. Your ass is perfect too.”
— Todoroki doesn’t have the biggest booty, but it is nicely toned and just the right amount of perky. 
— You could spend hours on end just admiring it. (Though you would much rather touch.)
— Of course, you refrain from doing so no matter how hard the temptation may be. 
— But one day, he decides to wear black skinny jeans so fitted it should be a sin. You can’t help but admire how the fabric clings to the muscles of his lean thighs, accentuating the subtle yet round curve of his butt. It takes all your willpower not to reach out and touch… 
— “Do I have something on my back?” he asks, quirking his head to the side when he notices how intensely you’ve been staring at him.
— You jolt, his sudden words breaking your train of thought as you draw you hand back at a velocity so fast, Iida would be jealous. “What? No! I wasn’t doing anything!”
— Todoroki blinks. “Okay… Sure.” 
— Your response made no sense to the question he just asked, but he decides not to comment on it. 
— The whole time you two are hanging out, he has the strange inkling that someone is staring at his ass. (It’s you. You’re the one staring at his ass.) And at first, he tries to shrug it off, but while you two are waiting in line for some ice cream, Shouto turns around and catches you looking at his butt so obviously, he couldn’t pretend he didn’t see even if he wanted to.
— You’re so focused on staring you don’t even notice the small smile and gentle blush dusting Todoroki’s cheeks until a sudden noise of laughter escapes him.
— Your eyes shoot up to his at the sound. 
— His eyes are light with amusement when he says, “You can take a picture so you don’t stare holes into my back pockets.”
— “I don’t want to take a picture!” you insist, lightly swatting at his chest as heat floods your face at the prospect of being caught. “Those jeans just aren’t playing fair. Your butt just looks so nice and squeezable. I…”
— “Do you want to touch it?”
— You almost choke on air at his question. Shouto’s tone is innocent enough, but the glint in his eyes reveals the teasing intent of his words.
— “I…”
— “Go ahead,” he urges, trying to stop his grin from spreading.
— Of course, you’d be foolish to pass up on this offer. So with a flaming face and wide eyes, you reach out to cup your boyfriend’s ass and give it a gentle squeeze. It’s somehow even better than you imagined.
— At the feel of his sculpted butt in your palm, you let out an exaggerated sigh, smiling dazedly as you look up at him. “My life is complete.”
— With a laugh, Shouto pulls you closer to him in the line, giving your ass a gentle slap before placing his hand in your back pocket. “So is mine.”
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shoutogepi · a year ago
Jealousy Has Its Perks
Todoroki Shouto
word count : 10.4K holy shit im tired
[  ✘ (nsfw!), ☀︎ ]  sin with a cute ending
themes : jealous,dom!shouto, brat,sub!reader, friends with benefits, degradation, quirk use, edging, overstimulation, general bdsm things, & a sweet lil confession
bio : Even though you’re not his, Shouto can’t help but turn green with envy when he sees you dancing on another man at the club.
author’s note : uhhhh can i get a hell yeahhHHH for jealous fwb trope? lmao my basic ass loves these. hope y’all do too <3
also available on AO3 here
  ─── ・°* ゚✧:* • 。゚:*・☽・*: 。゚•*:✧ ゚*°・ ───
🅂hinsou’s hands land on your waist, cold fingertips pressing into your exposed midriff and guiding your hips along with his. The circular motion has your head spinning, and you let your skull fall back onto his sturdy chest at the feeling of his semi brushing against your ass. Shinsou’s purple locks tickle your neck as he bends and presses his lips to your skin, sucking on the skin just hard enough to leave a ghost of a bruise. His hands cup your hips, squeezing the flesh there softly while his thumbs trace the crest of the bones.
The song blasting through the club changes, a novel and heavy bass causing your throat to vibrate. The sudden need to quench your thirst emerges, and you pull away from the handsome man regretfully. His lavender irises regard you with understanding as you point to the bar, holding up a finger to signal you won’t be long.
Your heels stick to the dancefloor slightly as you cut through the throngs of club-goers, and unsurprisingly a handful of guys attempt to stop you on your travels. Finding a familiar pink head of hair, you slip into the empty spot next to Ashido and let out a sigh of relief as your elbows land on the wooden counter. Perspiration makes the hairs at the back of your neck stick to your skin, and you fan yourself with a cocktail napkin as you attempt to catch the bartender’s attention.
“Not doing so bad for yourself, Y/N,” Ashido grins at you coyly, her words a tad slurred as her black eyes give you a once-over.
You let out a chuckle, painted lips curving knowingly. “Yeah, well… he used to have a crush on me back in the day,” you explain with a nonchalant shrug, finally giving your order to the woman behind the bar. You look at Shinsou over your shoulder, who has returned to his table of friends and is currently being shoved, high-fived, and noogied animatedly.
Ashido gasps exaggeratedly, her mouth turning from an ‘o’ of shock to a grin of delight. “Two heroes wrapped around your finger at once? I can’t believe you,” she laughs, perhaps too hard, because you have to hold her arm tightly to keep her from falling off her stool.
“Hey now, I’m a free woman!” You reason, thanking the bartender as they hand you an icy glass. “I can fool around with whoever I want, thank you very much.”
“Can’t argue with sound logic,” Ashido taps your glass with hers, throwing back the remaining contents of her drink. “You know, you should tap Bakugou, too. Last night, he Lord-Explosion-Murdered this pussy.”
You snort, the alcohol burning your nostrils as it leaks into your nose from the abrupt reaction to Mina’s words. All the pink-haired woman does is laugh with you, the both of you maybe a step past tipsy but not nearly blackout drunk. Not yet, anyway.
“Shinsou though, really? I’m surprised… I thought you were too in love with IcyHot’s dick to tap anybody else,” Ashido teases, poking your shoulder as a frown forms on your face. Her words are playful, but they send irritation surging through your veins. That asshole had cancelled your weekly appointment tonight, which is why you’re here at the club, prowling for a suitable replacement.  
You shrug again, allowing the bitter liquid to drift past your lips before you speak again. “What can I say? He knows how to get the job done, and he’s sexy as hell.”
“You sound a little smitten. He must be pretty damn good,” Ashido wiggles her brows at you, a devious smile making its way to her face.
You disregard her comment, looking away from your friend with an eye roll. Smitten? Your relationship with Shouto is strictly physical. But maybe you had been a bit too disappointed when he’d sent you that text earlier. Shaking your head, you take a gulp of your drink, willing the intrusive thought to disappear.
Ashido’s phone vibrates and you watch her face light up at the message. After a brief moment, she stands, collecting her jacket and purse. “Hmm, seems like Bakugou is calling for an emergency meeting,” she winks at you, flashing you a rather lewd photo of the blonde that was clearly not meant for you to see as she walks away. “Give my regards to Shinsou! I wanna hear about all the nasty stuff he does to you with that mind control quirk of his.”
You can’t help but chuckle at that, sighing as you cross your arms. Would Shinsou really be enough to satisfy your cravings? His quirk does interest you sexually, but it’s unclear if he’d be willing to dominate you like that. He always seemed like the type to go with the flow… and tonight, you really need someone to force you to swim against the current, so to speak.
“Shinsou, huh?”
Speak of the icy devil. The voice behind you makes your body still, your eyes widening at his deep tone. The scent of his encaptivating cologne infiltrates the air around you, and a hand slides around your waist, pushing you backwards against his firm chest. You swallow, your tongue poking out to wet your lips in anticipation. What’s he doing here?
“Already forgetting about me, angel?” Lips ghost over the shell of your ear, his hand gliding across your torso until it reaches the other side of your waist, grabbing there and spinning you around. He catches you as you turn, snatching your wrist with his other hand to steady your half-finished drink.
You look up into his heterochromatic eyes, noticing a new emotion simmering there. Is that… jealousy? His cold breath fans over your flushed face, and you bask in the cool relief it provides in contrast to the stuffy club air. “It was you who cancelled our appointment,” you murmur, feigning innocence as you look to the side in a faux-bashful manner, “I needed to find a substitute. A girl has needs, you know.”
Shouto grins down at you, but it seems like more of a snarl as his eyes glare down at you with hostility. One eyebrow raised in mockery, he chuckles lowly. “And Shinsou Hitoshi is gonna do that for you? Are you sure he’s big enough to fill my shoes, angel?”
Your eyes wander back to the intimidating man before you, lingering on the ridges of his muscular form hidden underneath his button-up and slacks. Feeling brave, you down the rest of your drink, tongue rolling out and over the lip of the emptied glass. Shouto’s eyes burn as they follow the movement, his lips parting slightly while his grip tightens on your waist. Shooting him a playful smile, you tug your wrist free, placing the vacant glass on the bar. “What are you even doing here, Shouto?” You change the subject, hand reaching up to tug on his slim tie as a cheeky grin splits your lips. “You don’t like to have fun.”
The action causes him to lean closer to you, his face next to yours. “I was dragged here against my own will, of course— boy’s night. But would you believe my surprise when I saw my little minx walk in, all eyes on her in her skimpiest dress?” His baritone voice loud and clear despite the blaring music, his lips hover dangerously close. The hand you’d freed strikes your ass abruptly, causing you to jump closer to him in shock. His fingers hold the reddened cheek through the thin material of your dress, gathering you into his chest. No one seems bothered by the blatantly sexual action in the club, everyone distracted with their drinks and their own sensual pursuits. “And then, can you imagine how I felt watching her grind up against mind-control, watching him put his filthy fucking hands on what’s mine?”
You let out a heavy breath, delighted at how responsive he is. How possessive he is. “What’s yours?” You challenge, hands landing on his broad chest. His expression makes you press your legs together eagerly, your body starting to bend to his will.
Shouto’s hand leaves your waist to cradle the back of your neck, forcing you to bend your gaze to meet his. “Mine,” he whispers, his lips inching closer to yours by the second. Your pulse pounding, your fingers curling into the cotton of his shirt, your eyes flutter closed. His lips brush over yours, and then he pulls away.
A whine of protest escapes you, and you shove your palms against his chest in annoyance. But he doesn’t even budge, his fingers slipping into your hair and pulling your defiant face to look at him.
“Let’s get outta here, angel,” he nods toward the exit, releasing you and lightly smacking your ass again before his fingers settle at the small of your back, “I think I need to remind you who you belong to.” Shivers shoot down your spine at his choice of words, effectively drowning the bratty response you were so ready to quip at him. Without even a glance at Shinsou, you allow Shouto to guide you out of the establishment and into the crisp night air.
The brisk walk to his luxurious apartment is silent, but laden with anticipation. Your brain begins to ponder if his words had a deeper meaning. The two of you had been engaging in this affair for months now— you aren’t quite sure how it came to be. Your relationship had remained stringently physical, but you couldn’t help the butterflies that filled your stomach when he held you through the night, when his hands would rub your exhausted body tenderly, and when he would kiss you for hours before you’d slip into a satiated, peaceful slumber. And you did not dare to acknowledge the warmth that would blossom in your chest when you’d drowsily awake, still swaddled against his muscular chest with his arms around you as sunlight peeked through the blinds. Physical, yes— your relationship is only physical… regardless of the fuzzy feelings that ebb through you when you’re next to him.
And when he had proposed to have you come over twice in one weekend, you’d nearly panicked at the raw excitement that coursed through you at the premise. After much consideration you had denied his request, fearful that if you allowed yourself even a shred of further indulgence you’d be entirely consumed by the captivating man. He hadn’t overstepped that boundary since, and you weren’t sure if you felt appreciative or disappointed.
Your train of thought is interrupted as you reach the tall doors of his apartment building. The complex is perhaps one of the most expensive in the city— the lobby boasts flat leather sofas and sleek wooden tables. Lush tropical plants with leaves as wide as tennis rackets break up the space, magnificent orchids dotting the area just sparingly enough, and to top it off, an entire wall with running water rushing over the flat surface, creating a sheet of liquid that trickles quietly as you wait for the elevator.
Next to you, Shouto has his hands in his pockets, a blank expression on his face as usual. But after months of getting to know him, you can easily recognize the irritation lingering on his handsome mug. You are not able to think of any words that could possibly calm Shouto’s crackling, brooding intensity, but honestly, a large part of you desperately wants to find out what exactly he has in store for you. It’s clear that he has no intention of forgetting you were about to leave with another man, and his blatant acrimony brings a sliver of joy to you while jealousy oozes out of his every pore— you know you’re in for a wild night.
When the door closes with a deafening click behind you, your body freezes as you wait with bated breath. Sure enough, two large hands curl around your stomach, coasting down your pelvis in a V shape. His long fingers nearly graze your clothed slit, but he changes direction at the last moment, instead securing his palms on your inner upper thighs. He rubs the flesh there roughly, making your head fall back against his shoulder as you gaze up at him. His smoky eyes are already on you, a smirk decorating his pretty lips as his fingers work on your sensitive muscles. Thumbs brushing against the sides of your panties, his movements push the hem of your short dress up along your hips.
“You need to be fucked pretty bad, huh, angel?” He taunts, analyzing how your ass rubs zealously against his crotch. His smirk only grows as you nod, your hand flying up to grapple onto his bicep. “Bad enough to drop your standards so embarrassingly low?”
You snort at his words, turning your head so your eyes catch his. This asshole has some nerve getting jealous after he was the one who cancelled on you.  “Shinsou is just as hot as you, Shouto,” you reply boldly, wondering what exactly the price of your words will be. How far can you push this envious beast? Will you be able to take his punishment?
Shouto’s expression darkens, allowing his hair to fall over his eyes as his stare falls to the floorboards. His hands leave your skin, and you whirl around ready to dish out another line, but he’s already a step ahead of you. He lashes out, yanking your body against his by swooping his hand underneath your thigh and cupping your bare ass. He lifts your body so your heels leave the floor, rushing to press your back flat against the drywall. He’s hoisted you up high enough to set your ass against the thin, tall table next to the door which usually holds his keys.
Your legs parted with him standing between them, he places his hands on the tops of your thighs. A low chuckle rumbles out of him, his tidy fingernails trailing up your flesh. “Just as hot as me, hmm? Is he really, Y/N?” His left hand jumps from your thigh to your cunt, the only barrier between you two your skimpy panties. The heat emanating off his palm catches you off guard, a moan tearing out of you as he easily cups your covered sex, sending a searing fever through your body.
“Fuck,” you whimper, hips bucking instinctively against his palm, your body hoping for some kind of friction. The heat makes your pussy twitch, stirring as a cat slowly pulled from a deep slumber.
He tilts his head, as if he doesn’t understand why you’re breathless. “Huh? What was that?” He wiggles his fingertips a bit, enjoying how you whine as the ends of his blistering fingers dig into your core through the material of your panties. Your wetness drips through the thin cloth to coat his hot digits, making it easier to glide them against you.
“More, Shouto,” you squeak, panting heavily as his fingers rub along your slit at an infuriatingly slow pace.
Shouto lets out a low purr of satisfaction at your plea, savoring how your smooth leg tenses up underneath his other palm. Your sweet whimpers are music to his ears, his right hand moving around your thigh to meander toward your ass. “No, baby. Not until my angel answers me,” he murmurs, ducking his head down and placing his lips against the delicate skin on your neck.
A wayward moan evades your gasping lungs as his tongue ravishes your flesh, his teeth scraping over the wet skin. Your legs wrap around his waist, wiggling your body forward so your soft breasts press up against his hard chest, your cunt inching closer to his crotch. “Ugh— nooo,” you gasp as a fingertip presses harshly against your core, just barely pushing your panties into your pussy.
“No? No what?” He laughs darkly, his breath tickling your sensitive collarbone. He draws back from you, his intense gaze focusing on the other side of your neck before he looks directly at you, a sinister glint in his eyes.
Your lip trembling, the brat you’d been so ready to let free is for once taciturn at his dominance. Your submissive nature leaking out in desperation, you whine when his fingertip recedes slightly, leaving your panties barely inside of you without the pressure you really want. “No— Shinsou’s not nearly as hot as you, Shouto!” You rush out, heavy breaths making your chest rise and fall swiftly, restless for his touch to return to you.
But Shouto does not seem appeased by your admission. In fact, his gaze becomes a glare, his mouth curling into a snarl as he grabs your hips, crushing your body against his. “I hate hearing another man’s name come out of your pretty little mouth, Y/N,” he growls.
You’re shocked by his possessiveness, your eyes widening like saucers as his teeth skim your pouting lips. His proclamation makes a cocktail of doubt and lust unfurl in the corners of your body, but you’re torn as you wonder if he really thinks of you as his. Before you can ponder the meaning behind his statement, his eyelids shut and he smashes his lips onto yours.
Your arms are around his neck in less than a second, all thoughts vanishing as your nails scratch his scalp through the short, buzzed hair at the base of his undercut. He groans against your mouth, eliciting a moan from you in response. He takes the opportunity in stride, his hot tongue thrusting into your mouth as hot steam puffs out his nose, his calloused hands squeezing your body carnally. Your lips dance with his clumsily, your other hand cupping the corner of his sharp jawline and pulling his lips closer to yours.  
He pulls away from you as your hips begin to grind against his, his eyes still closed with his lips pulling back into a snarky smile. Your needy mewl of disappointment makes his eyes slit open, regarding you with a predatory gaze. He takes in your desirous expression, his stare cold yet sizzling with passion. “You let him defile your perfect skin, angel?”
The hickey Shinsou had left is barely even that— nearly indistinguishable from your skin tone— yet Shouto’s eyes make the flesh on your neck blister with his scalding intensity. Your cheeks flush red, his words fanning the fire inside of you as you bite your lip. You had hoped he wouldn’t notice, but now you realize it was foolish of you to even allow yourself to think his perceptive gaze would skip over something so blatant.
“This heavenly body is mine to mark,” he hisses, a hand fisting your hair and pulling your neck back roughly to reveal the hidden skin from the shadows.  The vaguely purple mark now on display in the dim mood lighting of his entryway, more steam billows from the man as he sneers in contempt. “And only mine. Got it, baby?” He does not allow you to answer— his mouth attacks the bruise, harshly sucking the skin while he washes away any recollection of the other man with ferocious swipes from his strong tongue.
Your back bows, your body wriggling in his grasp at the surge of devastating arousal that pulses through you. You shriek his name, hands clawing hysterically into his shoulder and the soft hair atop his head. Your pussy clenches around nothing, making you very aware of the aching need for him to claim you building in your core. Your legs snag his hips closer to yours, his body crashing into you as he grunts, lips finally releasing your battered skin. Without a doubt, the once indistinct mark is now more akin to the remnants of a punch to the throat, the colors already eclipsing into a deep shade of violet.
The lust crackles in the air between you two like thunder, your body a savannah ready to receive the generous relief of the first deluge in months. God, it’d only been a week since you last saw the man, but the unmitigated yearning for him to ravage you is the only emotion you can process.
“Please, Shouto, I need you to fuck me,” you beg, the words slipping out of you like a wet bar of soap from your desperate clutches. You’re mortified at your shamefully wanton admission, your cheeks still red and your body flushed, nearly shaking. You are not accustomed to this submissive side of yourself, but the brat inside of you only watches on in avid curiosity. If he doesn’t escalate this tryst fast enough, you’re afraid your body will fold like a limp noodle in his strong arms.
Shouto seems just as affected as you, his pupils dilated and his erection painfully straining against the confines of his slacks. His hands leave your frame, going to loosen the collar of his shirt by yanking his tie loose and then beginning to unbuckle his belt. You lean forward, your lips meeting his again as your fingers eagerly land on his cheeks, beckoning him closer to you. He moans into your mouth, fist nearly ripping the leather belt from the loops on his slacks, the metal of the snake-shaped buckle klinking loudly as he discards it carelessly onto the tabletop. Hands trailing up your spine, he tugs the zipper of your dress down your back, effortlessly lifting your hips in one hand to slip the garment under your ass and off your legs.
The inferno of jealousy ignites once again as he appraises your figure, clad in a matching set of white silky lace adorned with satin ribbons on each hip and one beneath the valley of your breasts. You’d worn this and Shinsou had almost seen such a marvel? Seen your delectable body in this gorgeous lingerie that he himself had never feasted his starved eyes upon?
Unaware of his change in mood, your lips move along his, begging for him to kiss you back as your tongue swipes his full bottom lip. His palms slide along your back, moving to cup your ass cheeks as he picks you up. You nibble on his earlobe as he swiftly carries you to his bedroom, his fingers jabbing into your behind in response. He kicks open the ajar door forcefully, unflinching as the doorknob nearly cracks the wall. Sliding onto the edge of the mattress, he sits with you on his lap, your legs still secure around his torso. His rough palms glide over your hips, rounding your waist and seizing your breasts, lifting the flesh to sit more perkily on your chest in perfectly round spheres.  
“Why are you so fucking gorgeous, Y/N?” He groans, eyes closing in pleasure as you feel his cock twitch beneath you. He presses his mouth to the supple skin just above the cusp of the bra, slurping and nipping and leaving a trail of pretty pink marks. “You’re damn ethereal, angel.”
You’re gasping for air, hips unabashedly rolling against his, the feeling of his strained length making your desire for him to fuck you senseless multiply. Your hands latch onto his broad shoulders to steady yourself, your mind spinning dizzily with desire and the prolonged buzz from your earlier drinks.
“Take off my tie.”
The command rouses you from your far-away state, your fingers slightly trembling as you work on the silky material of the tie. After what seems like an eternity, the knot loosens and the tie slides off his neck into your hands. Shouto’s lips cover yours again, instantly enchanting you so that you don’t notice the sleek item slip through your fingers.
All of a sudden your front meets the cool sheets, your lips ripped away from his. Instead your face meets his pillow, engulfing your senses in the sexy, virile smell of him. You moan into the pillow, ass pushing into the air as your cunt throbs between your legs, ready to be taken in whatever manner he decides. His knees land on either side of your hips, his bulge rubbing into your ass teasingly as his hands close around your wrists. Tugging them behind your back carefully, he loops the tie around the both of them and fastens the knot with a firm pull, jerking once more for good measure.
You swallow into the pillow, teeth poking out to capture your bottom lip when he trails a sole finger along your spine. He’d never tied you up like this before, and the concept excites you to the point that your arousal visibly permeates your white panties.
“Do you feel that?” Shouto inquires, rutting his hips against your bottom so his clothed cock rubs between your ass cheeks. He’s panting lightly, his palms groping your ass and pinching the skin torturously. “Can you feel how much I want you, Y/N?”
“Fuck yes,” you answer, your head turning to lay against the pillow so he can see half your face and hear your voice. “I want you too, Shouto— I need you.”
He sighs at your saccharine words, almost swayed by your submissive antics. If he gives in now, his cock could be in your tight hole in just seconds… But then he wouldn’t get to have his way with you.
“Mmm, you’re cute when you’re desperate, baby,” he remarks, grasping your hips and pulling you down the sheets. He maneuvers you over his lap, and your eyes bug out of your skull as you assume position, knowing what comes next— he’d only done this once before but the memories of that night makes your pussy twinge excitedly. Your arms tied behind your back, your face dangles perilously beside his ankle, your forehead almost skimming the wooden floor. Your body is stiff, and Shouto hums as his hands drift along every inch of your back, ass, and the backs of your thighs.
“I wanna give you what you want, angel, but I promised I would remind you who you belong to, didn’t I?” His words are phrased like a question, but his tone implies them as a statement. Unsure what he wants, you keep quiet, waiting for him to continue.
Apparently, that’s the wrong move, because his freezing hand slaps down hard onto your ass. A mix between a shout and a whine falls out of your lips, your fingers clutching onto themselves in apprehension. Your breathing picks up, ascending into a pant as his other hand caresses the reddened skin with a soothing heat exuding from his palm.
“Did you know I was going to be at the club tonight?”
His question catches you off guard, and you think for a moment before replying with a simple, honest “No.”
Shouto lets out a long sigh, his warm hand leaving your ass and making you tense in preparation.
“So you wore this little number thinking you would just show it to whomever you went home with?” Oh, that’s where he’s going with this.
Again, you’re not sure how to answer. Either way will be unsatisfactory— either you say yes and that would certainly result in a jealous smack, or you say no and he’d spank you for lying to him. You cannot come to a decision fast enough, and the next frigid slap across your other ass cheek steals your breath away as you whimper, your pussy clenching in sadistic delight.
“Answer me, angel. Or I’ll turn this flawless little ass of yours scarlet.”
“I bought it for you!” You blurt out meekly, your cheeks flushing with mortification. It’s not a direct answer to his question, but it’s more than enough to amuse him.
The warmth of his left hand feels hotter this time as it curves around your irritated skin. “Oh?” Shouto all but purrs, his brow raised in interest. “For me, angel?”
You nod, even though your head is below his eye level. “I was gonna wear it tonight, just for you,” you whisper sincerely, blush bright red as your thumbs rub over your knuckles in a self-soothing manner. Deciding you’re already deep enough into your embarrassing confession, you finish your thought with your eyes scrunched shut as you prepare yourself for what you know will come next. “But you rainchecked, so I… thought Shinsou might enjoy it instead.”
Shouto remains eerily quiet for a moment, your heartbeat accelerating wildly as he leaves you waiting, questioning just how he will react. Your body jumps as his left hand swirls around your hips, his arm resting on your back to gather your ass higher across his lap. The neat bows on your panties unravel at your hips, the cool air hitting your swollen cunt as the material is snatched away and discarded. He forces you to wait for another dizzying pause, the urge to squirm in his grasp tempting but you force yourself to stay motionless.
Tears spring into your eyes as his palm crashes against you, his arctic hand causing your body to thrash in recoil, and a strong gust of chilled wind slapping against your dripping folds. A shaky breath escapes you, morphing into a distraught cry when his hot thumb plunges into your aching core, rubbing and curling against your shuddering walls with spite.
“I thought I told you not to say his fucking name,” Shouto jeers, taking his thumb out of you to rub mercilessly betwen your petals, spreading your abundant slick with ease. Coasting down to your clit, he smirks as you sob, your legs quaking.
Your hips jut backwards on their own accord, forcing his thumb to penetrate your cunt again. You moan at the stimulation, squeezing the digit and grinding so it presses against your velvet walls.
He chuckles, pressing the finger as deep as he can and savoring the shameless wails the action induces. “How can you look so pure and act so naughty?” He wonders aloud, his frosty hand trailing along your thigh as he works his thumb inside of you. “You’re really just a little slut, aren’t you? Fucking yourself with my finger so brazenly.” He sighs as he feels your core clenching around his thumb, grinning as you whine at the loss of the digit.
“Please, just fuck me,” you exclaim, turning your face to look at his haughty gaze above you,  “Make me forget about anyone else!”  
Shouto pinches your inflamed ass cheek, forcing another whimper to croak out of your throat. “Aha, is that your game, angel? Want me to fuck you so hard I’m the only man you see? Fuck this little pussy so good no other cock can satisfy you, hmm?” He maneuvers your body effortlessly, positioning you to face him as you sit on his lap. The smooth material of his slacks irritates your sore ass slightly, but all you can bring yourself to do is nod, your arms shuffling behind you with the want to reach out and touch him.
His hands settle on the apex of your thighs, rugged fingertips soothing the skin there before he lifts your body, standing and placing you neatly on the floor before him. Casting an innocent look up at him, you shuffle to your knees, arching your back to your breasts and ass pop out for his aerial vantage point.
“You know what to do, don’t you baby?” Shouto snickers as he untucks his shirt and begins to snap open the buttons down the center of his chest, revealing his creamy skin to your lustful eyes. Leaving the shirt on with his abs on display, he undoes the clasp and zip at the front of his hips, slowly unveiling the delicious V tapering south below his slacks. You squirm in impatience, eyes glued to the trail of fine, bicolored hair he uncovers as his slacks sag tantalizingly slow. His thumbs slither underneath the elastic band across his pelvis, lowering the hem just enough to show you the base of his thick, hard cock. “Alright, angel,” he rumbles, and you feel a stray bead of arousal drip down your thigh at his gruff tone, “Convince me you deserve to have this cock in you.”
As soon as he shoves his briefs low enough for his length to spring free, your lips drown his cockhead with haste, your tongue welcoming his hot, heavy tip with eager flicks. Shouto groans when you suck abruptly, your cheeks hollowing as you allow his member to drive deeper into your mouth. His hand landing on the back of your head, you take that as your cue to leap forward, slamming the entirety of his impressive cock into your open throat as your nose brushes into his abdomen.
“Fuck, Y/N!” Shouto gasps, his hips bucking into your face and shoving the tip of his dick into the depths of your throat.
Tears beading in your eyes, you refuse to let up, releasing a loud moan that makes his cock vibrate. Shouto throws his head back, his fingers curling in your hair as his hips recede, leaving only the tip inside your mouth and you gratefully take in a breath of air before he shoves back in.
“You take my cock so well, angel— fuuuuck, just like that,” he grumbles, pistoning into your face at a slow, deep tempo, the back of your throat caressing his tip delectably as a fat tear races down your cheek. Your cheeks flush pink and your chest tightens from the lack of air, but Shouto’s low grunts falling on your greedy ears has your cunt pulsing with need, your spit trickling down your chin. Shouto’s rabid gaze locks with yours, monitoring your wet eyes and your pleading pout as he speaks, “You look so beautiful slobbering on me like this, my little slut.”
You flutter your eyelashes at him, humming on his length as you continue to bob back and forth. Your tongue lathering the veiny underside of his length, the promiscuous flavor of salty pre blooms on your tastebuds. Your head recedes back, keeping just the swollen head inside your mouth as you twirl your tongue in circles around him.
You pop his cock out of your mouth, and send him a closed-lip, coy smile as you smear the slick tip against your mouth. Shouto sighs when your half-lidded gaze meets his, your tongue poking out and curving to dawdle up and down his length.
“That’s enough, baby. Come here.” Shouto bends and picks you up from the floor, kneeling on the mattress and crawling toward the center with you in his arms. Your back collides with the silky sheets, your arms awkwardly stuck behind you with the tie rubbing your wrists. Shouto opens your legs, hovering over your body and making you suddenly feel small in comparison to him. Your cunt parts at the motion, exposing your twitching, saturated hole to him and sending a fresh blush to your cheeks. One hand propping himself up, the other stroking your cheek gingerly, he ushers you to look at him. He whispers to you, his voice calm yet enticing, “You want me to make you feel good, angel?”
“Please,” you implore, your voice hoarse and quiet from his abuse on your throat, “Please touch me, Shouto.” Your mind hazy with a lascivious fog clouding your senses, you can barely find the words to beg.
Even just his hands floating down to your breasts makes you shiver. Your lip between your teeth again, Shouto smirks at you as his fingers pinch the ribbon holding your bra together. Deliberately taking his time, he unravels the neat bow, examining how the silky fabric falls apart so smoothly. The bra cups fall to the side, exposing the smooth skin of your breasts to his feasting eyes. You release a string of mewls as his lips graze the marks he’d left behind earlier, darkening the blemishes with gentle bites. Tongue tracing around your areola, your thighs squeeze around his waist when the warm muscle brushes along a pebbled nipple. Pressing your lips together harshly as he sucks the pert bud into his mouth, your hips jolt against his. His hand kneads your other breast expertly, tweaking your nipple between his skilled fingers. The rough pads of his fingertips only make your nipples stand out more, scraping against you and sending your head spinning.
“You like that, Y/N? Want all my attention on you, don’t you, greedy girl?” Shouto purrs, your breast falling from his lips as he grins at your cheekily.
Swallowing another moan, your breath comes out ragged as you retort, “I could say the same for you, baby.” His fingers on your nipple press together in a pinch, eliciting a strained whimper from you.
Shouto chuckles, poking his tongue out to rove over your other breast, flicking the nub playfully before he speaks a single word. “Touché.” Drifting lower between your legs, his lips leave a wet path down your torso, nibbling and slickening your skin. His mouth littering your body with kisses, an artist eager to make a fresh blank canvas his own. Hot breath colliding with your glistening sex, he groans at the sight of you spread before him. “But damn, angel, can you really blame me?”
Without any warning, he thrusts his tongue into your folds, swiping vertically along your slit and dipping into your entrance with a moan, eyes closed as he relishes your sweet nectar. Your hips dig into the mattress as you struggle to handle the instant relief his touch provides, unfiltered noises of pleasure escaping you. One of his hands slides underneath your thigh to cup your ass and bring your body closer to his face.  
Every time Shouto’s mouth is on you, you’re reminded of just how good he is at pleasuring you. He alternates between rubbing his tongue along your silky inner walls and curling the muscle around your clit, sucking the nerve into his mouth and applying just enough suction to steal your breath away. Your body reacts to his touch naturally, with each moan summoned true and raw.
His fingers prod your sex gently, coating the digits in your essence before they slide into your body at a snail’s pace. The friction of his touch inside of you makes your legs clamp around his head, eliciting a deep laugh from the man that reverberates against your clit. Your eyes roll backwards as he begins to pump the digits at a reasonable pace, knuckles curling deeply in search of that plush spot that makes you fall apart underneath him. Saliva mixing with your arousal, Shouto’s chin is drenched in the sinful concoction as he continues his hunt with determination.
“S-Shit,” you choke as his fingertips push into just the right place, your thighs gripping his head so tight you think you’ll crush him. But Shouto doesn’t seem to care, angling his wrist to gain better access, lithe fingers speeding up as his teeth graze your clit. His vigilant eyes fix on your face twisted in ecstasy, minding how your pussy begins to clench onto his digits in desperation, trying their best to suck them back inside. Your heels dig into his broad back as your body begins to squirm, preparing for your first orgasm of the night.
But just as you’re about to tip over the edge, Shouto pulls back. Your eyes fly open to look at him in distress, your lips parting with a gasp as your climax flees without a trace. “Shouto!” You hiss, regarding his sultry smirk in shock. This man has some audacity. “I was about to-”
He interrupts you, his fingers gliding back into your core without resistance, lips wrapping around your clit again. The sudden pleasure of the intensity stokes the mere embers of your previous orgasm with fervor, your head flinging backwards onto the pillow as your spine bows.
Your palms behind your back are slick with sweat, your hardened nipples cutting into the still air of the room as your body writhes on its own accord. Your thighs tremble ever-so-slightly on top of his shoulders, your eyes shutting again as you try your best to hold in your whimpers.
But Shouto doesn’t like that, his mouth abandoning your pearl to snarl, “If you wanna cum I’ve gotta hear your voice. I wanna hear you beg for me, baby.”
His dirty words send a new wave of humiliation crashing over you, your mind horrified at your body’s betrayal. Your submissive demeanor is by no means akin to your usual behavior during your weekly rendezvous, and you’re honestly impressed and shocked that Shouto had coaxed it out with such ease. Already you can feel the tension building in your core, your body happily receptive of his generous caress. Your chest heaves as you attempt to even your frazzled breaths, but once your focus switches to that, the pleasure increases exponentially between your legs. Your cunt quivers obviously, Shouto’s eyebrow raising as he shoots you a taunting look.
“I’m the only one who can get you so close so quick, angel. Aren’t I?” His mouth leaves your clit to speak but his teeth capture the nerve instead as he speaks, his hot breath steaming against your throbbing cunt.
Your chin against your chest, you nod vigorously, your hips inching closer to close the distance between your cunt and his mouth. Your fingers curled into fists against the sheets, your back sticks to the sheets with perspiration.
Shouto shakes his head, teeth releasing your aching clit as he clicks his tongue at you. “I said, let me hear you, Y/N.” His fingers pull out, the fingertips just barely inside as he rims your entrance, just enough to keep your pussy throbbing. He exhales, an icy breath rushing over your sopping sex.
“N-No!” You wail, your voice nearly breaking as your orgasm fades away once again. You were so fucking close! You let out another sob, tossing your head to the side in humiliating agony.
“There’s that divine voice of yours,” Shouto chuckles, nipping your inner thigh playfully. Taking his fingers away, his thumb replaces them as it glides over your soaked slit, dipping into your clenched core amusedly before tearing it away again. Your destitute whine only feeds his dominance, and he rolls his thumb over your puffy nerve gently, enjoying how your hips buck weakly in response. “Come on now, angel. Just tell me what I want to hear.”
Your chest jolts as his thumb presses down just a pinch, cruising down to rub your entrance brusquely. “You’re the only one that can make me so breathless, Shouto. Please,” your voice wavers as you grovel, eyes locking with his, “Please, make me cum! I need your touch, I need your cock, I— I need you!”
Shouto’s gaze flickers for a moment before he smirks, ducking down to kiss your clit softly. “See, baby? Was that so hard?” He murmurs, his words rumbling on your shivering pussy before his tongue parts your folds, driving deep inside you.
You scream at the intense bliss as his thumb works quickly over your clit, his tongue assaulting your velvet insides. Your thighs weakly tighten around his head, your body unable to stay still as the pleasure wracks through you. Lewd moans and swears tumble out of you as you grind against his face, thrilled by the way his tongue never tires. The pressure between your legs is back and faster heightening, your eyes flying open in shock at how astonishingly fast your climax is approaching.
“S-Shouto, I— I’m—,” is all that you can get out before you seize in his arms, your entire body spasming in ecstasy. Shouto only pins your hips down against the mattress with his free hand, forcing your legs to stay open as he continues to assault your cunt, tongue pummeling your tender core and thumb abusing your clit. You can’t even let out a moan because your lungs are empty— all that slithers out of you a string of shrill and broken cries. The pleasure thrums through your body from head to toe, your fingers and toes curling and splaying as sweat runs down your skin.
Shouto diligently continues to lap at your cunt, slurping up the fresh essence dripping out of you onto the sheets. When he pulls back all he can see is your blissed-out, flustered expression, and your nipples standing upright in arousal. Wiping his chin with the back of his hand, he tears the shirt off his shoulders in one swift motion. His slacks shed just as quick, he grabs your hips and throws you onto your front, your face once again in his pillow. “You came without my permission, angel. You wanna be a slut? I’ll treat you like a fucking slut,” he snarls, rugged palms coiling around your hips and forcing them into the air, bending your spine so your body transforms into a delicious arch.
Your heart slams against your ribs in apprehension, your mind still too woozy to make a complaint as his cock plunges inside of you. Your walls spread for his length welcomingly, your arousal and your cum lubricating your cunt. Your eyes roll back at the fullness— the stretch of him stuffing your cunt with his thick cock so delectably euphoric. You’re so wet that it doesn’t even hurt as he impales you, pleasure the only feeling coursing through you.
Shouto growls, your pussy hugging his length so snugly he has to take a moment for his head to stop spinning. “Fuuuck,” he utters huskily, sliding out halfway and inspecting how your cunt grips his slippery cock so desperately.
You cry out as he thrusts back in, the angle already perfectly locating your g-spot and making stars flash across your vision. Your body shakes as a palm cracks against your ass, more tears collecting on your lower lashes at the pain that hurts so good.
Shouto grabs the tie around your wrists with the other hand, yanking your body backwards to slap against his hard torso. Hands flying to your hips, he drills into you as he holds you upright against him. Your breasts bounce as your back arches, cunt trembling at the familiar tension building deep inside of you.
“You wanna fuckin’ cum already, don’t you, slut?” Shouto barks, a hand leaving your hip to hold your breast, trapping your nipple between his long fingers. The friction he provides is exquisite, and long, unabashed moans float out of your parted lips.
“Yes! Yes! Please— Make me cum, Shouto!” You howl, your toes curling at the sacred pleasure so close to peaking within you. Lips latched onto the claim he had laid on your neck, his teeth pinch your skin. His ragged grunts in your ear make your core clench around him, about to reach salvation for the second time.
“Do it, Y/N. I want my slutty angel pussy to cum all over this cock,” he commands, forcing your hips to crash down onto his so his tip jabs your g-spot harshly.
Your body collapses at his approval, cunt squeezing and fluttering and leaking onto him as you release a lewd scream. White hot bliss shoots through you as sinful tides of delirium pull you under. Your body trembles as the ecstasy pulses in your veins, your jaw unhinged and your eyes rolled into your skull.
Shouto pushes you forward so your torso falls flat against the mattress limply. His hips do not stall, continuing to push into your tightened cunt with determination as he drags out your orgasm. “Where’s my nasty little brat now?” He laughs crudely, slapping your ass gently and grabbing the reddened flesh, pulling your hips back against his. “Nothing to say, hmm?”
As if your brain is functional enough to form words. Your limbs feel like jello, wiggling with pleasure and shock as he advances his plight. Your throat is dry from all the panting, your ass sore underneath Shouto’s oppressive grip. But it feels so fucking good, you can’t bring yourself to tell him to stop.
Shouto sucks a breath in between his grinding teeth, watching how your ass bounces against his pelvis as his cock slides into your depths. Sweat dripping down his chest and along your back, his hold on you is tight enough to cut off circulation. His lip twitches as he recognizes his orgasm creeping up inside, and he groans as he pulls out of you abruptly.
You whine at the loss, but you’re silenced immediately as he flips your body and presses his lips to yours. His kiss is pleasantly soft, a harsh contrast to his rough hands which slide around your back and fumble with the tie around your wrists. His tongue pushes inside your mouth, searching for yours and caressing it at first touch. Once the silky material slips off you, his hands rove over your breasts, massaging the heavy flesh tenderly as his cock brushes along your slit. A string of saliva stretches between you as his lips leave yours, a hot, breathy sigh fanning over your face. “This beautiful body is all mine, Y/N,” he whispers, tip slipping between your folds and entering your cunt with ease.
Your eyelids flutter shut at the feeling of your aching hole being filled once again, but the pain makes the pleasure so much more enjoyable. His lips wander along your neck as he begins to thrust into you, your legs wrapping around his waist. He kisses along your clavicle and down your breast, tongue washing over your nipple as his cock brushes along your velvet walls so perfectly.
The friction has your eyes nearly crossed, and the pleasure only intensifies when Shouto guides your legs to rest against his chest, your ankles by his ears. The angle allows greater access, his thick member reaching new depths that elicit a sharp gasp from you. His left hand pushes your abdomen down slightly, his thumb travelling south to flick along your clit lazily.
“Shit, Shouto, I— s-so sensitive,” you whimper, your hand timidly reaching out to rest on his flexing abdominal muscles. The sensation of him dragging against your g-spot so sensually causes your bottom lip to tremble, a tear sneaking down your cheek to land in your hair.
Shouto’s large hand guides yours to land on your thigh, and he tucks his arm so his own hand covers yours as he pulls your thighs closer to him. “One more, baby,” he moans, the thumb on your clit speeding up.
The extra attention summons that familiar build up in your core, a long whine falling from your lips. “I can’t, I can’t,” you mewl but your body says otherwise, pussy tightening slightly as your ankles cross behind his neck.
“I thought you wanted to cum, angel?” He uses your words against you as he sighs, hips picking up to ram into yours. He holds his breath as you clamp down on him, your sinful expression fueling his impending orgasm. “You gonna make me finish on my own?”
The thought of him blowing his load into you has you biting your lip, your hips shuffling against his. Shouto moans, thumb circling your puffy nerve even faster as he continues to pound into you. The sound of your skin slapping together fills the room, the only noise to interrupt that your huffs and moans.
Steam billows from Shouto’s nose as his eyes nearly close, his abs flexing out of his torso as he fights to keep his orgasm at bay. His heavy breath and visible restraint convince your body to give in, and you weep as you sink into euphoria for the third time tonight. Shouto’s right there with you, a strangled growl mixed with a moan ripping from his lungs as his seed spurts into you, his cock twitching and balls draining as he falls to his elbows above you.
Your body feels sluggish as your limbs tremble slightly, the high from your orgasm still clouding your brain as your arms wrap around Shouto’s shoulders. His cold breath refreshes the moist, flushed skin on your neck, long eyelashes tickling your jaw as your nails scrape carefully down his spine.
When he pulls out your body feels incomplete, but Shouto nuzzles into your jaw affectionately, his hands sliding between the damp sheets and your skin to hold you close. He scatters sluggish, persistent kisses along your throat and up your jaw. And when he moves to your face, they only become longer and more intimate, gently guiding you back to reality.
You sigh in content as you lean in to capture his lips, moving sweet and slow against each other. Your digits amble into his hair, combing back the soft tresses so you can see more of his charming face. He moans at your touch, pleased by the soothing sensation of your fingers feathering along his scalp. His own hand follows your lead, fingers steering a stray hair off your forehead and gliding into your tresses to hold your head in his palm.
The pair of you continue to kiss for who knows how long, touching each other tenderly and savoring the feeling of skin against skin. Your lips melding into one, cradling one another fragilely as if you mutually fear the other will break without your embrace. You could spend eternity like this, high off his ambrosial, tender care.
You are the one to pull away first, knowing Shouto would keep this going until morning if he didn’t think you’d come back down from your high. Not that you would mind that, but you should probably clean up the mess that your passionate session had created— his release beginning to trickle out of you onto the sheets. As he pulls back, the emotions swirling in his striking two-toned gaze shock you. His brow is slightly creased as he nibbles at the corner of his lip, eyes darting around your face.
“I’ll be right back,” he murmurs, sitting up and scooting off the mattress, disappearing around the corner of the bathroom door. The sound of water splashing in the sink fills the silence as you sit still, closing your eyes as the cogs in your brain begin to turn.
Oh god, you’d been so shameless tonight— you’d taunted him and he had made you fall apart and beg in return, bending to his every command. Sure, he had always been the dominant one in your rendezvous before, but tonight was different. He had been jealous, when he had no right to be. But is that why your heart is beating so quickly in your chest? Suddenly you’re anxious, overthinking as usual. This is just sex, right?
But then, why did you leave Shinsou’s side so quickly at the bar when Shouto had been the one to cancel on you? And then there was that, too— why had he just ditched his friends in the middle of boys’ night when it was the reason he cancelled on you in the first place? And he had clearly been furious at the thought of you spending the night with another man. Was it because he knew Shinsou? Or was it because he wanted to be exclusive with you?
Well, if he wanted to be exclusive friends with benefits, isn’t that the same thing as dating? Would he ever date someone like you? Wait, would you even be willing to date him? Do you want him to be your… boyfriend? Your eyes widen and a pink girlish blush emerges on your cheeks at the label. What are you, eight years old? Why do you feel so giddy at the possibility of him wanting you, for more than your body?
Shouto strolls out of the bathroom just in time to catch that embarrassing look on your face, but he only smiles sincerely at you and it makes you blush even harder. What the hell? You’re extra submissive for one night and now you’re thinking about your feelings for him? Wait, did you just admit you have feelings for him?
He clambers over to you in the middle of the bed, a washcloth draped on his slender finger. He leans down and pecks you like it’s no big deal, humming as his lips linger on yours just long enough to make you want more. Your body jumps at the feeling of the damp warmth the towel provides, but you relax as the feeling soothes your aching core.
“Was that okay? How do you feel, baby?” Shouto asks softly, watchful eyes gauging your expression as you look at him. “You seemed like you were enjoying yourself, but, I wasn’t too rough, was I?”
You let out a breathless, mirthful chuckle at his concern, reaching out to put your hand on his strong arm. “No, I’m fine. And it was… great. Mind-blowing, actually,” you smile at him bashfully, hoping it was just as good for him.
Shouto’s eyes twinkle as he smiles back, nodding slowly. “It was, wasn’t it?” He helps you sit up, maneuvering you carefully off the bed and gesturing for you to use the bathroom.
After relieving yourself, you look at yourself in the mirror that hangs above the sink, vision falling on the massive bruise blossoming on your neck. You sigh when you inspect the purple mark, but when your gaze floats back to your face, you’re dumbstruck to find yourself grinning like a fool. Terror and thrill floods through you at the realization that if any other guy had left a mark this nasty on you, you’d be furious. And yet, having Shouto’s claim on you makes you feel like the luckiest girl on the planet.
Shit. Looks like you do want him to be your boyfriend.
You’re half expecting the reflection to show a stupid cartoon character with the way that your heart feels like it’s thumping out of your chest. Taking in a deep breath, you determinedly point at yourself in the mirror and breath out shakily, “You can do this.”
Exiting the bathroom, you return to find Shouto leaning against the headboard, the sheets pulled up to his waist and his fingers rubbing together awkwardly. His eyes on his lap, he almost looks anxious. But he notices your presence right away, peeling back the corner of the blanket and beckoning you to slide in.
Placing yourself stiffly on the side of the bed, you take in his confused expression. “I need to tell you something,” you say as steadily as possible. Man, that’s a scary sentence, even if you’re not on the receiving end.
Shouto’s lips part and he looks like he wants to say something, but he swallows whatever it was down and nods, his expression guarded. “I’m all ears,” he replies, placing his hand on the pillow in front of you.
With the spotlight on you, your throat feels dry as dirt, and you nervously shuffle, suddenly very conscious of your nakedness. “Um,” falls out of your mouth, anything to split the suffocating silence. Your palms are clammy, and your fingers delve into the folds of the sheets to hide your nerves. “I know this is gonna sound kind of lame, but… well, I um…” Shouto’s gaze is burning your face, your cheeks redder than ever as you will this humiliation to just end already. Sucking in another breath, the words blurt out of you. “I have feelings for you.”  
The surprise on his features is unmistakable. All you can do is stare at him, frozen in uncertainty but strangely enough it feels like a weight has been lifted off your chest. A heavy one at that— one whose existence you refused to acknowledge until ten minutes ago.
“R-Really?” Shouto stutters, looking like he’s just seen a ghost with how wide his eyes are.
You aren’t sure how to take that response, but as soon as your gaze falls from his, his hand shoots out to latch onto your wrist. When you look back at him, a different emotion is painted over his face, one of… hope?
“I have feelings for you, too, Y/N,” he whispers, his own blush dusting over his cheeks. His eyes are soulful and hold nothing but candor and content.
Before you can process his words, his hands are rounding your waist and pulling your body toward his. A different kind of high bursts through you as his lips touch yours, joy storming through the both of you and warm, tingly static crackling between you. These kisses feel different— your heart feels like it’s about to pop, swelling with excitement and relief. Shouto begins to laugh against your lips, and the alluring sound infects you, too, as you join him with a giggle. The both of you are laughing at nothing in particular, but you don’t need a reason to let the noises of elation loose.
Once your laughter ceases, Shouto collects your chin in his hand and places a gentle kiss upon your grinning lips. When he pulls back, his eyes contain a wisp of that jealous fire that had consumed him only hours earlier, and he shoots you a mischievous smirk as he squeezes your ass playfully. “Do you think Shinsou could ever make you feel this good, angel?”
You roll your eyes, chuckling in exasperation at this man’s relentless, absurd envy. “Hmm,” you pretend to think for a moment before you lean closer to him, hands hung loosely around the back of his neck. “Shinsou? Never heard of him.”
  ─── ・°* ゚✧:* • 。゚:*・☽・*: 。゚•*:✧ ゚*°・ ───
you reached the end!! thanks for reading this long ass fic lmao, i know it was an investment. I hope the ending was not too cringe, I usually just end my fics after the nut but I wanted to try something new :’)  be sure to lmk if you enjoyed <3
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bleedinqhearts · 6 months ago
we play our fantasies out in real life ways ; shouto todoroki.
pairing; shouto todoroki x f!reader synopsis; knocking up his sugar baby seems (and feels) like a dream come true for the future ceo and youngest son of japan’s richest conglomerate family. wc; 2.7k content contains; subtle/slight yandere au, possessive themes, a lil degradation, breeding kink, dubcon!!!, age gap  author’s note; i wrote this shit in like an hour on impulse, what did u expect, quality content? 
Tumblr media
He can have anything he wants, you know.
And of course you know this. Of course you do. It’s hard to ignore this fact whenever he’s the exact reason your closet is overflowing with more dresses than you know what to do with; why your dresser can barely stay shut due to the amount of lacy lingerie you’ve had to shove in them; why you’re a third year college student driving to campus with a brand new Mercedes that technically isn’t even supposed to be out on the market ‘til next month. 
He can have anything he wants, and because you’re his, by extension, you have the power to make all your material wishes come true, too. All you have to do is ask him.
All you have to do is look up at him and give him those puppy dog eyes of yours and say, “please, daddy, can I cum?” and he’ll let you. You know he will, because stoic Shouto Todoroki, the future CEO and prized son of the Todoroki clan that happens to be one of the most famous conglomerate families in all of Japan, just can’t seem to say no to you. He signs off multi-billion yen deals as easily as one blinks and running multiple companies is just something he’s been born to do. It’s no easy feat to give commands to such a powerful man. 
And yet, one look and a tiny whimper is all it takes to turn him into putty in your hands. 
It’s always an out of body experience when you’re with Shouto. Being with him is like constantly being the main character of a movie. He rents out entire restaurants so the two of you can dine away from prying eyes. He sends you good morning and good night texts every single day. (One time you joked about him forcing his assistant to do it because there’s no way a busy man like him would ever have time to do something so insignificant; he didn’t like that you couldn’t seem to wrap your head around the concept of you being someone very important to him.) Shouto is incredibly good to you, incredibly good for you.
He’s incredibly good with a lot of things. Taking care of you, for one. Taking care of all his businesses, for another. And right now, he’s taking real good care of your cunt when he’s got three of his fingers knuckles deep in you. 
The windows to his sleek, outrageously priced car are tinted so dark, even you struggle to see through the windshield. You always tell him it’s dangerous, but he reminds you that there are always reasons for the things he does. You wonder if getting tinted windows so he could fuck his college student sugar baby with some semblance of privacy is the reason. 
And then all thinking on your end comes to a stop when he nips at the skin of your neck, biting down softly and getting you to let out a tiny whimper. It doesn’t hurt. You don’t think Shouto is even capable of hurting you; not because you’re some unbreakable being, but because you don’t think the calloused hands that have caressed every centimeter of your body is capable of harming you. 
The two of you are currently parked in the lot right outside the building where his main office is located. In about ten minutes, the parking lot will be flooded with employees who have just clocked out and are getting ready to speed home. In about ten minutes, anyone could accidentally (or purposely) become a little voyeur to the activities going down in the future CEO’s luxury car. 
Your back is pressed against his chest. More often than not, you find yourself naked while he’s practically still dressed, and it’s the same thing that’s happening right now. The buttons on his shirt are digging into your back, but you can’t find it in you to complain. Instead, you focus on gripping the wrist of the hand that’s in between your thighs. The sleeves of his button down shirt are rolled up, and if you take your tiny fingers just a bit higher, you can feel the veins running down his arm. 
“Tell me what you want, baby.” The baritone of his voice is smooth, calm, collected — in control. Because you can make any request in the world, and Shouto will fulfill it for you, but that does not mean that you are the one who makes the final decisions. At the end of the day, everything you have, everything that is given to you, is because of him, because of the decisions he makes for you.
His eagerness to gift you the world thinly veils the true depth of your submission to him. A subconscious part of you is well aware of the power imbalance in this relationship, but if all has been well these past two years, then surely it’ll only be smooth sailing from here?
You lean back, leaning into his warmth, breathing deeply to inhale the scent of his spicy cologne that costs more than your textbooks (that he bought for you). 
“D-daddy.” You moan out, trying to coax him deeper in your tight little cunt, as if his fingers aren’t already as deep as they can go, spreading out your hole to prep you for what he knows you truly crave. 
“You’ve got to speak up, love. I can’t give you anything if you don’t tell me what to give you.” His breath is warm against your ear, and it’s so hot in the car. So, so hot. You wonder if it’s just you feeling the heat, though. Shouto seems as collected as ever, not the least bit uncomfortable at all. 
“Mmm — w-want you.” You wriggle a bit in his lap, but his free hand grips your side and squeezes you with a firm, nonverbal command to stop moving. You do, immediately. Because that’s what you always do: follow his command. 
“I know you do.” He coos, finally moving his fingers. It’s agonizingly slow, too slow. The car is silent save for your little pants and the obscene wet sounds that come as a result of his fingers thrusting in your wet cunt. 
“Faster, daddy.” You whine out, looking up at him. The sun is setting, and despite the tint of the windows, the orange glow from the sun still shines against his smooth skin, casting his face into something that’s half sunset/half shadow. It’s a good look; a sharp contrast that matches his hair. Seeing your blatant admiration of him only spurs him to give in and go faster. He had planned on drawing this out for as long as he possibly could. He had originally wanted to coax you into as many orgasms ‘til you were nothing but a fucked out little mess, too worn out to pay attention or even care when he finishes your little session with you plugged up with his cum. 
The lives of children born into the Todoroki family are more cursed than it is blessed, and Shouto had, a very long time ago, made a vow that he would never continue the bloodline. He would have no children, which would be easy because he planned on never having a lover.
And then he met you, started providing for you, realized how much he enjoyed providing, and realized even more that the only way to strengthen this transactional relationship is by forcing your hand. He likes to think that you would stay with him willingly, but there are some chances that he’s just not willing to take; there are some extremes that he’s all too entirely happy to go far to, though. 
Your sweet moans mix in well with the lewd sounds of your pussy getting thoroughly fingerfucked. His fingers are so much longer than yours, can reach spots inside of you that you can’t quite reach yourself. He’s efficient with anything and everything he does, and you’re not surprised when he doesn’t slow his pace. The consistent strokes of his fingers, your lowered inhibitions when around Shouto, and the look on his face (equal parts concentration and adoration) all help in making you cum all over his hand. 
“Good girl.” Shouto whispers, removing his fingers and holding his hand up. The sunlight beaming through makes his digits glisten even more, and you’re enraptured as you watch him bring his fingers to his lips to suck your essence off of them. Piercing heterochromatic eyes never leave yours as he sucks on them, and you have to turn away from embarrassment. How can he keep such a straight face when literally licking your cum off his fingers? 
“Don’t turn away from me.” His hand — still wet — grips your chin and forces you to look at him again. “I don’t like it when you shy away from me.” 
You nod meekly, and Shouto sighs. 
“You shouldn’t be shy around me. I don’t like making you feel uncomfortable, you know that, don’t you?” 
You nod again, a subtle, barely there move. He’s not impressed. 
“Answer me properly.” There’s a hard edge to his tone, and you sit up a little straighter. Shouto would never lay a hand on you with the intent to physically harm you, but he’s not above roughing you up during sex. You’ve heard him get this way before, and the imprint of his fingertips and the purple hickeys littering your poor body took three days to fade properly. 
“I’m sorry, daddy.” You say with a pout, trying to conjure up any sort of leniency he can spare. Judging by his facial expression and the wavering look in his eyes, he’s already softening up. You just have to make it up to him now to have his complete forgiveness.
Maneuvering in the limited space the driver’s seat gives is no easy task, but you manage to shift positions to where you’re straddling his lap, finally facing him properly. He’s leaned back, watching you with a hungry glint in his eyes that makes you feel like the most wanted girl in all of Japan. A surge of heat flows through your body, from the tips of your ears to your cheeks and all the way down to between your thighs. If you were in a different position, you could clench them together, try to rub your thighs in an attempt to ease the need for friction. 
Your fingers make quick work of his belt and his zipper, pulling down on both the waistband of his slacks and his briefs to finally free his cock. He’s already hard, and you admire the way your hand can’t even wrap fully around him. The tip is flushed red, pearly beads of precum already present. 
This is the part where you look up at him, almost as if you’re unsure about what to do. You don’t know what it does to him, to see you sitting on his lap with his cock looking outrageously large in your tiny hands. He can see your pretty pussy practically dripping all over his slacks. Now’s not the time for you to be playing the role of an innocent, unsure little girl, but then it hits him: you’re asking him for permission. He almost lets out a bark of laughter. 
“You’ve already taken it upon yourself to tear into my pants and make a grab for my cock. Surely you don’t expect me to beg to fuck your little hole now, do you?” He has a cold smile on his face as he brings you closer to him. “I thought this was my apology. Don’t tell me you’re going to make me do all the work?”
“O-of course not!” You look startled at the suggestion, eyes going big and round. He looks at you expectantly, as if telling you to do something. 
It always burns when you first take him. It doesn’t matter how many times he makes you cums, doesn’t matter how long he spends stretching you out on his fingers. By now, your pussy should have memorized the feel of his dick, should have been moulded to fit him and only him. And while there’s a tiny flash of pain and discomfort for you (which Shouto hates), it’s hard not to be in love with the feel of just how tight you are. 
The stinging pain is brief, though, and is easily replaced by one of satisfaction from being stuffed by the prettiest, fattest cock you’ve ever taken in your life. 
You moan, rocking your hips back and forth. Maybe this was originally supposed to be an apology to him, but it feels more like you’re using him as your own personal toy, and Shouto really couldn’t care less. After all, if it brings you pleasure, it brings him pleasure. 
“Are you enjoying yourself, baby? What would happen if I never met you, hmm? Are you willing to spread those pretty legs of yours for any man?” He says the last sentence with a tone sharper than usual. You shake your head as you continue to rut against him, chasing after your own high because you might not be a simpleminded slut for anyone, but you are nothing more than a cockslut when it comes to Shouto. 
“Ah — fuck, fuck, fuck!” You moan out, falling against his chest, burying your face into the space between his shoulder and neck. “D-daddy, fuck!”
He holds you close to him as you cum, not even minding the mess you’ve made of his work pants. “Daddy’s got you.” He coos, his hand finding the back of your neck and squeezing you there, gently. “You must be tired now…”
You’re still too fucked out to really comprehend what’s exactly going on ‘til it’s happening, but even with your slow reaction times, you still manage to let out a slutty moan as you feel Shouto thrusting up into you. It must be uncomfortable, you think. This position doesn’t make it exactly easy for him to chase after his own pleasure, but then you remember that Shouto Todoroki doesn’t back down or break down when it comes to challenges.
He perseveres. 
You’re like a rag doll, like a personal little fucktoy, made for him to use (and maybe even break) as he pleases. Every thrust is sharp and intense, and his teeth are clenched as he continues to use you, enjoying the warmth of your tight walls and admiring the ring of white that coats and clings to his dick every time he pulls out. 
It doesn’t take him much longer to finally finish; he grabs you by your hips, raising you slightly before abruptly pushing you down on his cock, making sure that he’s nestled as deeply in you as he can be when he finally cums. He’s breathing a bit harder as he comes down, and then he’s grabbing you by your hair, making you stare at him. 
His cheeks are flushed, there’s some slight sweat building up on his forehead, his shirt is wrinkled. He’s never looked better. You’ve never felt better. 
Or, more accurately, never felt fuller. 
“Shouto, did you c…” You can’t even finish the sentence. Did you cum inside? Not like you have to; you know the answer. Some of it is dripping out of you. 
All he does is give you that small smile, the one that he rarely lets anyone see, and starts up the car. 
If he doesn’t want to talk now, there’s no way you can get him to answer properly. You try to remove yourself from his lap and make your ungraceful, disgusting journey to the passenger seat, but Shouto places a firm hand on your waist, forcing you back down.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
“Shouto, you can’t possibly drive while I’m sitting here on your lap.”
“I bought a Tesla for a reason.” 
Right. Because everything Shouto does has a reason for it.
You think about this on the drive back to his penthouse, a little bit of fear building up in your lower belly. Shouto does everything for a reason, and what’s the reason for any man cumming inside?
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myherowritings · a year ago
hearts intertwined | t.s.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— You and Todoroki have been roommates for months now but have barely had more than a two minute conversation. When quarantine hits and everyone is on lockdown, you find yourself forced to spend more time with him and actually end up...enjoying it? 
pairing: todoroki shouto x reader word count: 3,055 genre: roommate au, pro hero!shouto, fluff warnings: suggestive content, 16+, mc and todo are both mid-20s
a/n: this is written as part of the crackhead sanctuary’s server collab! (pls excuse my server name lmfdkgfdg i have terrible naming skillz) i hope y’all enjoy and pls lmk what u think!! xx sof
Tumblr media
In many ways, Todoroki Shouto was the perfect roommate. 
He cleaned up after himself, always made an extra serving of food and set it aside for you (though it may only have been because he sucked at measuring out ingredients rather than him intentionally planning on leaving you leftovers), and generally kept his volume to a minimum when entering the apartment at ungodly hours of the night. 
There was also the fact that he was the most attractive person you had ever shared a living space with in your life, and seeing him shirtless on his way to his bedroom from the bathroom was a definite bonus.
But despite all that, he was never someone you considered yourself close to.
You needed help paying for rent and expenses and he happened to be a friend of a friend of a friend who was looking for a place in the city to stay. Call it a divine intervention, a gift from the gods, or even fate… But you still wouldn’t consider yourself his friend.
It wasn’t as if you didn’t want to befriend him--Todoroki seemed like a sweet person. It was more along the lines of neither of you having the time. While you spent most of your day in the lab studying and doing research, Todoroki was always working in his office or out in the field to fulfill his new hero duties. 
This quarantine was probably the first opportunity either of you had to be in the same building for more than thirty minutes at a time. Which was why, as the two of you sat side-by-side on the living room sofa, no one knew exactly what to say.
“So, the weather--”
“Looks warm out--”
Both of you opened your mouths and shut them at the same time.
“Sorry,” Todoroki said with a small smile. “You first.”
“I-- Oh… It was nothing,” you managed, clearing your throat in an attempt to compose yourself. “Just trying to make some small talk.”
With a tight-lipped smile and wide eyes, you slowly craned your head away from his view. Who admits they’re trying to make small talk? That breaks all the rules of how to properly talk to someone.
The faint sound of the television playing old infomercials buzzed in the background while you and your roommate sat in silence. You never struggled to talk to him during those brief moments of passing, so why now? 
Looking at the screen to pass time, you noticed an outdated commercial of an older Tamagotchi game playing and felt yourself breaking out into a grin.
“Aw, I miss that game!” you cried as you turned to Todoroki with an excited glint in your eye. “Don’t tell anyone, but in elementary school I used to play it in class and since I was such a goody two-shoes, the teacher never suspected a thing.”
He raised an eyebrow in response. “I see we have ourselves a rebel in disguise here.”
“It’s our little secret, though. To everyone else, I am the epitome of innocence.”
You couldn’t help but notice the way his gaze travelled down your body and lingered on where the fabric of your oversized pajama shirt stopped and the expanse of your thigh started. 
“Sure. I believe you,” he said in what was almost a teasing tone. 
You felt your face growing hot but you paid it no mind. 
“As you should,” you sniffed, crossing one leg over the other haughtily. When he chuckled, you turned back to him. “How about you? Are you a secret bad boy who played with his Tamagotchi in the back of class?”
Todoroki shook his head. “I never had one. I actually never even knew what it was until high school, I think.” 
“Really?” Your eyes widened. Sure, the hand-held game was marketed to girls, but to never have heard about it through your whole childhood? You weren’t sure how that was possible. “Not even your older sister had one?”
Now, you didn’t know much about his personal life (whether or not he was dating someone, if he slept on the left or the right side of the bed, which leg he put in his pants first, et cetera), but you did pick up on a few things about his siblings from the previous interactions you’ve had with him.
“Not to my knowledge,” he said, looking away thoughtfully. “My father never afforded us such luxuries.” 
You frowned. “What about toys like Pokemon? Oh! Or Yu-Gi-Oh cards?”
“Yu-Gi-Oh cards?” repeated Todoroki slowly, as if he was unsure what you were talking about.
Your jaw dropped in disbelief. “You never played--? Oh, never mind. How about family games like Twister or Just Dance?” 
As far as you were aware, Todoroki Shouto came from a rather affluent family. So it was a wonder why he never participated in at least one of these experiences that characterized a whole generation’s childhood.
Again, he shook his head. “Never did those either. I wasn’t exactly allowed to play with my siblings, let alone other kids my age. My father always made me prioritize my training.” 
“That’s not right of him.”
You winced. Of course he never had the opportunity to have a “normal” childhood. How could you be so insensitive? It was no secret Endeavor had a troubled relationship with his family, but you weren’t exactly sure to what extent. You didn’t focus much on the whimsical world of heroes and, ever since you were a child, you know you wanted to pursue the field of research rather than use your quirk. The lives of heroes--even top ranking ones--was something you never paid much attention to. Still, even you have heard some gossip about the estranged Endeavor. 
“Sorry for pressing you,” you said, toying with the hem of your shirt. “I didn’t mean to be so insensitive.”
He gave you a nonchalant shrug and a small smile to let you know it was okay.
“Don’t worry about it, Y/L/N. You didn’t mean to,” he comforted. “Besides, it’s been a long time. It would be useless to hold a grudge against my father for this long.”
You tilted your head to the side. “Forgiveness, huh? That’s very mature of you, Todoroki. I think I admire you.”
His shoulders moved upward in silent laughter. “Thank you. I admire you, too.” 
Ignoring the faint heat you felt in your cheeks, you beamed. “Thanks. Anyway-- You know what I just realized?”
“You did not have a childhood.”
While his face remained passive, you could have sworn you saw his eye crinkle in amusement.
“I suppose I can’t argue with that,” he said in agreement. “My youth was spent quite differently than most.”
You nodded profusely. “Right. And while I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with that, per se, it could be beneficial to do these things you haven’t had the chance to!”
He examined you curiously as you bounced up from your seat on the sofa with an excited grin. After a few moments of silence, he craned his neck, prompting you for clarification.
“You’re bored on lockdown, I’m bored on lockdown,” you stated matter-of-factly. “What better time to reclaim your childhood than now?”
Todoroki didn’t bother to hide the small smile making its way across his face at your determined words. “Okay, then. Count me in.”
- - - - -
When you decided you wanted to help your new friend Todoroki reclaim his childhood, you expected your days to be full of cute Beanie Babies and Webkinz, as well as the presumed amounts of chaos that followed edible bubbles and candy kits. And while the first few days of the week consisted of that, the tone changed rather drastically when a certain game was introduced. Of all things, what you expected least was to be practically panting on top of Shouto as you braced your muscles and tried not to collapse onto him.
“Left hand, blue,” he called after flicking the spinner. 
How he managed to turn the spinner with one hand and keep his body balanced with the other on a Twister mat without toppling over was a mystery to you.
Stupid heroes with their stupid, bulging muscles, you thought crossly as you relived your many previous losses. You tried to ignore the bead of sweat dripping down your face as you struggled to stay up. 
Somehow, you turned your head just enough that you had the perfect view of Todoroki’s flexed triceps as he held himself in a modified pushup position of sorts. There was a look of concentration on his face and, while you found his furrowed brows to be rather cute, you still couldn’t help but focus your attention on his arms. He had a lean type of muscle that you thought would feel especially comfortable wrapped around your waist-- 
“Y/L/N, do you forfeit?” 
You blinked, feeling lightheaded both from this game which you lacked the stamina for and from the lack of oxygen that travelled to your brain as you held your breath while staring at Todoroki. 
Once your mind processed his words, you huffed. “Forfeit! Me? Never! Why would you think that?”
“Because I called ‘left hand, blue,’ minutes ago and you still haven’t moved.” 
Blood rushed to your face and you were thankful you had the exertion to blame it on. It wasn’t your fault Todoroki’s arms were so toned and strong and...distracting.
“No,” you said, unsure if there was even a question asked for you to reply to. “I don’t quit!”
Your eyes scanned the mat feverishly, looking for a blue circle to place your left hand on that would cause the least amount of strain. Shouto had already won the first two rounds and you’d be damned if you were to let him win again. (As much as you loved witnessing him succeed, your pride would simply be too hurt if you lost a third time in a row.) 
“Find a spot yet?” he asked in amusement. “I’m not sure how much longer my arms can hold.”
Of course, just the mention of his arms drew your attention from finding the optimal Twister position to staring stupidly at his triceps again.
As you attempted to tear your gaze away from him, you spotted hints of a smirk lingering on Todoroki’s face.
Did he notice your staring? There was no way… 
You looked at him, wide-eyed and dubious, and almost choked when you saw his shoulders start to shake as he tried to hide his laughter.
His laugh was muffled by his shirt in an attempt to keep his volume down, but it still rang rich and deep in the air. It was the first time you heard him laugh like that and you wanted to do anything to hear it again. 
With a shake of his head, he removed his hands from their spot on the Twister board and sat upright beside you.
“I concede,” he said when he saw you eyeing him with curiosity. “You win this round. My arms were getting too sore.”
After hearing the sweet sound of Todoroki saying, “You win,” you let yourself collapse on the floor, rolling onto your back to get a clear view of your cream-colored ceiling.
“For some reason, I sincerely doubt that your arms were getting sore,” you said, stretching your own--genuinely sore--arms out in front of you. “But seeing as I was about to fall flat on my face if I waited any longer… Thank you for conceding.” 
“Doubt I’d be sore?” he repeated, craning his neck to peer down at your face. He placed his left hand on his right bicep and gently massaged it with his thumb and forefinger. “What for?” 
By then, whatever rational thought was left in your brain had been fully replaced by Shouto’s arms and Shouto’s arms only, and you couldn’t even complain. 
“Mmm, what did you say again?” You blinked, clearing your throat. You suddenly had the desire to chug a cool glass of water.
Todoroki’s only reply was another small--almost imperceptible--smirk. It would have been easy for someone to miss, but to you, someone who was perhaps being more attentive to their roommate and newfound friend than they’d care to admit, it was clear as day.  
“You’re totally messing with me!” you groaned, covering your face with your hands as you continued to lie with your back on the floor. “Aren’t you?”
He let out a breathy laugh and shrugged, the corners of his lips quirking upwards. “Sorry. It’s just cute seeing your reactions. I didn’t know you liked my arms so much.”
You could’ve sworn he flexed once more for dramatic effect and an indignant squeak escaped your mouth.
“I-I don’t!” you protested, making sure to look anywhere but his arms. “I just never noticed how...proportionate they were before! Just thinking about how da Vinci would admire them. For scientific purposes, of course.”
You gaped at the knowing look on his face. “How did you even notice? Aren’t you a bit of the oblivious type?” With wide eyes, you slapped your hand over your mouth. “Wait-- I’m sorry. That was rude to say.”
Todoroki waved it off with a smile to show he wasn’t offended in the slightest. “I guess I was rather oblivious in the beginning of high school. But as I grew up I became more accustomed to picking up on such things.” 
You hummed in silent contemplation. Of course he had to have grown used to people making moon eyes over him. He probably got it all the time.
“I usually pay it no mind,” he continued as he stood up, peering down at you sprawled out on the floor. “But when you do it, I find it sort of cute.” 
As if he didn’t just say something that caused your heart to skip a beat, Todoroki extended a hand out to help you up.
Ignoring the heat rushing to your cheeks, you gently placed your hand in his.
“Thanks,” you murmured as Shouto pulled you off the mat and towards his body, a feeling of lightheadedness overcoming you at the sudden motion.
One hand held yours while his other was placed firmly above your elbow to help you steady yourself.
“You okay, Y/L/N?” he asked, a hint of concern in his voice as he watched you regain your balance.
“Oh, yeah! No worries. This happens all the time, to be honest,” you admitted, vaguely taking note of how your chest was almost fully pressed against his. “Whenever I move my head too fast I get a bit dizzy. And whenever I stand too fast my knees sort of just crack.” 
Your words did nothing to soothe the worried furrow between his brows.
“Is...Is that not normal?” 
He blinked.
You grimaced. “Okay. Guess not. Maybe I need to work out more.” 
“You can work out indoors with me,” Todoroki suggested with a small smile. He looked so sincere you were just about to agree until he opened his mouth for a second time-- “As long as you don’t spend the whole workout gawking at my arms.”
With an indignant cry, you pulled yourself away from his loose grip, face burning with such intensity you wouldn’t be surprised if he were able to sense the rise in temperature. “I never gawked at your arms.” 
He hummed. 
“Well, okay, maybe I did,” you relented with a huff, bending down to fold up the game mat in front of you. “They look very strong. Being a hero must be hard work.”
Todoroki shrugged, helping you clean up. “It’s worth the toll it takes. I can imagine your research requires hard work too.” 
You tried to hide the look of surprise on your face. You briefly talked to him about what you did during the roommate-finding process, but you didn’t think it was anything interesting enough for him to recall. It brought an odd warmth to your stomach knowing he cared enough to remember. 
“I guess. But I’d say it’s nowhere near as difficult as hero work,” you brushed off. “Not everyone has what it takes to be a good hero.”
A faint blush colored his cheeks as he followed you into the kitchen for a glass of water.
“There are lots of great heroes,” he stated, filling up two cups and handing one to you. 
“Yeah, there are. And greatness is one thing, but you’re a good one-- In the heart.” Your gaze flitted to his, unsure why you were filled with the sudden urge to have such an intimate conversation after a game of Twister. Still, you rolled with it. “I know we haven’t talked much prior to this lockdown...but even I can tell how caring you are. And I’m looking forward to getting to know you more.” 
A comfortable silence filled the air as he took a seat beside you. If Shouto was taken aback by your sudden compliment, he did a good job at hiding it, simply giving you a small smile as he let his shoulder rest against yours. You glanced over at the point of contact and bubbled with elation. 
“Todoroki?” you called quietly, the edge of your pinky brushing against his. 
He looked down at the gentle touch of your hand and didn’t move away. Instead, he took the initiative and placed his fingers on top of yours, his hand surprisingly soft despite the calluses on his fingertips. The back of your neck heated at the sudden movement, but you decided you rather liked how his hands felt on yours. 
“Thanks for letting me drag you along to play these childhood games,” you said, letting out a sigh of contentment. “It’s a nice change of pace while we’re stuck indoors.”
Shouto shook his head. “I should be the one thanking you. These are much better childhood memories than the ones from my actual childhood,” he admitted with a light laugh. “I’m glad we had the opportunity to spend more time together, Y/L/N.”
By now your fingers were intertwined with his, his thumb lightly stroking the peak of your knuckle.
He continued, “I hope this continues even when quarantine is over.” 
“I hope it does, too.” You couldn’t stop the grin from spreading wide across your face as you nuzzled your head on his shoulder. “Let’s keep making memories together, okay, Todoroki?”
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katimagines · 8 months ago
Y/N: Onion rings are just vegetable doughnuts
Midoriya, used to Y/N: Sure they are, honey
Y/N: Your stomach thinks all potatoes are mashed
Midoriya: ...Okay
Y/N: Lasagna is just spaghettis flavored cake
Y/N: Lobsters are mermaids to scorpions
Midoriya, crying: Y/N, please stop
Todoroki, fascinated: No, continue, please
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pocky-girl-scenarios · a year ago
Alpha Bakugou, Shoto and Dabi x Omega tries to hid their heat
@flayvus​ - "Hi! Are you still doing omegaverse requests? If so how about Omega(reader) is in heat but doesnt want their alpha to know because they dont want to bother them bc their busy so reader steers clear  of them. But they find out anyway 😋 (Bakugo, Shoto and Dabi) Tell me if this isn't clear enough, Ty! 💫" 
For this, I'm putting this as the first heat that the reader has gone through since dating their Alpha. Enjoy hun! Sorry i got carried away with Dabi’s 
Tumblr media
-Trying to hide your heat is hard in the first place, even with suppressants. But hiding it from Bakugou? Goodluck.
-You had always longed for the explosive alpha before the two of you were an item, but now that you were officially his Omega, that yearning was even worse. 
-Leading up to your heat, you had gotten Bakugou to scent as many things as you could without raising suspicion. A hoodie here and there, a few blankets, and a stuffed bear. 
-The alpha was oblivious to what you were doing at first, seeing it as a way to mark you as his with his scent. It was a mix of espresso and slightly burnt caramel. 
-It wasn't until three days in of avoiding him that he got suspicious that something was up. He's not a scatterbrain like some people in the class are, so it was bound to happen. 
-You had gone back to the dorms earlier in the day after a small talk with Aizawa. He could tell something was up by the slight glow to your skin and sheen of sweat that covered your body. 
-Bakugou decided to wait until classes were over for the day before going to your dorm room. 
-Before he could knock on the door he could hear little mewls coming from your room, and occasionally the whisper of his name.
-This, along with the aroma of your scent wafting from his room made the boy turn red as he realized what was going on. 
-Bakugou was frozen in place, but soon decided to go ahead and knock on your door after he heard the little mewls stopping. 
-You answered the door. Bright red face and half lidded eyes just confirmed to Bakugou that you were in the middle of your heat. 
-"Does my little Omega need help from their Alpha?" Bakugou said, smirking and walking into your room. 
-That's when you learned to never keep your heats a secret from Bakugou again. 😏😏
Tumblr media
-Shoto would be one of the most oblivious to you being in heat compared to anyone in the class. 
-He comes from a family primarily made up of Alpha's with his older sister being a Beta. So he didn't know too much about Omega's and their heats. 
-He could tell that you were avoiding him a bit. As in not sitting with him and your regular group during lunch, and rushing to your dorm room after classes. 
-Shoto wondered what was up. Momo, one of your best friends in your class who happened to also be an omega, tried to explain to him that everything was fine. She knew you felt embarrassed by being in heat and tried to help cover for you. 
-About 7 days in, Shoto couldn't take it anymore. 
-He followed closely behind you on the way back to the dorms, and stuck his foot in the door when you tried to close it without letting him in. 
-The poor Alpha was starting to get worried that you were really avoiding him for a reason that his heart couldn't handle. 
-You were anxious as he let himself into your room, freaking out internally as his eyes went to the nest that you had built on your bed and back to you. 
-Realization as to what was going on hit Shoto right in the face.
-Looking down at your anxious face, he leaned in and brought you into a hug. 
-Immediately you relaxed into his arms and nuzzled your face next to his scent gland, feeling yourself get warm and fuzzy. 
-He made you promise not to keep your heats a secret from him, as he couldn't handle you avoiding him. Shoto just wanted to help you in any way he could. 
Tumblr media
-Trying to get through your heat with Dabi not noticing would be the hardest thing. 
-You were on a suppressant that made your heat happen once every 3 months. And you and Dabi had started dating about two and a half months ago. 
-So you suddenly distancing and avoiding him made his guard go up. 
-Was it his face? Were you sick of looking at the burns that covered his face and body? 
-Thoughts like this were constantly running though his head as he tried to find you. 
-It had been maybe a week and a half since he had seen you last and he was getting fed up. 
-Walking through the LOV hideout he got a whiff of your scent coming from down the hall. 
-Dabi's curiosity peaked and his heart raced as he sped walked to the room where your scent was coming from. 
-He heard voices from inside the room, one was yours but very quiet and almost a whisper. The other was a male voice he couldn't quite make out. 
-Dabi could hear you whimpering on the other side of the door, sounding almost hurt. 
-The alpha couldn’t handle it anymore and barged into your room. Inside, you were curled into a nest you had made and Shigaraki there trying to get you to eat something. 
-Rage filled Dabi, some blue flames flickering around the male. He walked over to the two of you as your gaze jerked towards him, your eyes half lidded and face red as could be. 
-Before Dabi could do anything, you forced yourself up and ran across the room to where he was before he could get any closer to Shigaraki. 
-”It… It’s not what it looks like…” You tried to explain quickly. Dabi just stared coldly down at you with his blue eyes, sending a shiver down your spine. 
-Shigaraki got up from where he had been seated and meandered himself around the two of you. Before he could leave he got Dabi’s attention. 
-”I’m her younger brother dumbass. I brought her food so she would actually eat during her heat.”
-At that, the blue haired male left the room. 
-Dabi’s eyes widened in realization. He had always been jealous at how close the two of you were, but it never clicked in his mind before. Dabi had always thought Shigaraki had called you “Onii” in a joking manner. 
-Clinging onto the alpha, the omega in you released a scent that was almost stronger than anything he had smelled from you before. 
-”Well, well, well… Does my little omega need some help?” The alpha almost purred out, leading you back to your nest. 
-It’s safe to say that Dabi never left your side during your heat, and spoiled your every need during the time, and during all your heats to come. 
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honeyyandere-archive · a year ago
Request: I read your panties thieve imagine and the shouto's part makes me want to request this; a scenario where his darling caught him jerking off and cum on her panties, ofc she started screaming so he had to pin her down and shut her mouth with, well, that panties. And maybe he get turn on again and couldn't resist the idea of giving her a nice creampie 👉👈😳
(A/N) I’m actually kind of proud of this? Also is it just me or does yandere Shoto hit different when it comes to bnha yandere’s? Oh and the panties request they’re talking about is here
(note: All characters are aged up in this!!!)
Summary: You walk in on Shoto jerking off with your panties and he decides to indulge in one of his fantasies 
warnings: Non-con, slight bondage, yandere themes, panties being used as a gag
Tumblr media
You weren't supposed to find out. You weren't supposed to walk in on him with your panties around his dick which are now stained with his cum. He should have just keep doing this in his room, but when he got to your room to take another pair the desperate side got the better of him, now here you are staring at him with disgusts and shock. 
“You weren't suppose to-” Shoto says abruptly standing up, but still gripping onto your dirty panties. 
“What the fuck are doing!” You screech, charging at him. Panic shoots through him and before he can comprehend what he’s doing he’s got you pinned on the bed with your panties shoved into your mouth.
Thousands of thoughts go through his head simultaneously as he tries to figure out what to do next, meanwhile trying to ignore his growing erection. He can’t help it, seeing the tears stream down your face while you try screaming for help, only for it to be muffled by the dirty panties, it’s almost just how imagined it. He licks his lips and looks around, there’s got to be something he can use to make sure you don't run away. Out of pure luck he spots a belt splayed out on the bed, maybe if he’s quick he’ll be able to snatch it up and use it. 
He puts his plan into action and quickly flips you onto your stomach, you try pushing yourself up to throw him, but he is much stronger than you. Lunging for the belt he grabs it and forces your hands behind your back, once tying them together, he flips you back to be facing and he covers your mouth again. He leans in close and shushes you, “I’m not going to hurt you, just be good for me.”
You ignore his pleads and continue struggling, suddenly he has a hand in your face with mist pouring off and little splotches of frost going across it. “I said stop, before I just freeze your mouth shut and your hands together.” Shoto threatens as his tone remains calm, you flinch, but quickly stop. He snaps out of it and begins shushing you again while petting your hair gently, ”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get angry. I won’t do it again, I promise.” Shoto says as he gives you a gentle smile.
He pushes himself away and walks over to the door, he can’t have anyone else walking in on him again, especially now. Locking it he heads back over to you and ignores the way you try to wiggle away. He stays quiet as he plants himself between your legs, too busy thinking of how he’s going to convince you not to tell anyone. You’ll do that for him right? You just need to understand the context behind everything, he refuses to believe that you won’t listen to him, you’re too much of a good girl to misbehave like that.
Shoto rakes his eyes over your trembling body, he’s reminded of his other problem as he takes in your pajama shorts that could be easily mistaken for underwear and a thin tank top which has been pushed up allowing him to see the underside of your breast. His eyes snap back up to your face when he hears your muffled voice whimper out his name, at that moment any self restraint he had is broken and he finally indulges in his fantasy. 
He pushes your tank up further and roughly grabs your tits and starts massaging them, pinching your nipples lightly. You squeal and try squirming away, but he pulls you close to lean down and latch his mouth onto your nipple while playing with the other one. He moans softly as he swirls his tongue and harshly sucks, you’re so soft and warm, you’re everything he’s dreamed of and more. He finally pulls away and starts kissing your neck, his hand going down to take of your bottoms off, quickly getting impatient he just rips them off and the faint smell of burnt cloth fills the room as he singes them. 
He does the same to your underwear and just shushes you as you begin to cry harder. He runs his finger between your lips, god you're so wet, maybe you want this as much as he does? What is he talking about, of course you do. He pulls back from your neck and brings his finger to his mouth to taste you. He lets out a soft moan the moment your addicting nectar touches his tongue, a line of drool connecting to his finger when he pulls it away from his mouth. He’s imagined how you taste so many times, yet he never imagined you tasting as delectable and sinful as you do. As much as he would love to drink you up until he’s drunk on your love he knows he doesn’t have all the time in the world.
“Don’t worry, I’ll go slow princess, I promise.”  Shoto says as he positions his tip at your entrance and slowly eases his hard length inside you, a groan clawing itself out of his throat as your walls seem to suck him in. He stills for a second as he’s now halfway in, his pupils are blown wide and he tries not to cum right then and there from the way you clench around him.  
His hips slowly rock against yours in shallow thrusts, each time inching himself further inside allowing you to get used to the pleasant stretch, he knows he’s on the bigger side. A moan tumbles from his lips when he feels his cock bottom out inside you, his knuckles turning white from how hard he’s gripping the sheets under him.
“You feel so good wrapped around my cock, princess.” Shoto pants, ignoring the way you rapidly shake your head no while trying to squirm away from him. 
Shoto plants his arms on both sides of your head, letting his fall onto the crook of your neck, he allows himself to soak in the blissful moment before snapping his hips into yours. You let out a shriek as he pounds into you, your tits bouncing with each thrust. 
“Oh princess, you’re amazing, so tight and warm.” Shoto groans, lifting his head to gaze into your eyes. “I’m sorry I had to use your panties, I didn’t know what else to use to keep you quiet. Can you taste my cum? These aren't the first ones I’ve used.” Shoto’s not sure why he’s telling you this, but the sudden urge has his filthy thoughts come pouring out.
“I imagined this so many times, making you take my cock, watching as you slowly become addicted to me.” He purrs as his pace slows while his thrusts remain strong, each time a slapping noise echoing out as skin hits against skin. Soft moans now replacing your scared cries, your eyes rolling back slightly with each time he hits that spot inside you that makes you see stars.  
Feeling his own release drawing upon him quickly from your tight cunt clenching around him, his pace picks back up again, growling as his balls slap against your ass. His mouth hangs open with a choked moan forcing it’s way out when he feels your cunt convulse around him, making his hips stutter against you. He rips out your gag and crashes his lips against yours, shoving his tongue into your wet cavern to explore. 
“I’m gonna- fuck- cum inside you, fill you up. You want that princess ah, for me to fill you up with my cum?” He pants into your ear, his release getting closer and closer. 
“N-no please, not inside-” You beg with fresh tears streaming down your face. “Please it’s too much!” That one statement pushes him off the edge as his thrust become borderline painful.
“Yes! take all of my cum- fuck take it all, take it princess.” He growls and thick, hot ropes of cum deep inside you.
He rides out his orgasm with a few more sloppy thrusts before sitting up, hissing through his teeth as he pulls his softened cock out. He watches as your pussy clenches onto to nothing and cum dribbles out of you. He sits there catching his breath, extreme heat pouring off of him while he admires your twitching and sweat covered body. He leans in and presses his lips softly against your temple, you flinch and twist your eyes shut, but he doesn’t care. After all, you confirmed that you felt the same way when you squirted all over his cock. 
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shoutogepi · a year ago
Heart of the Storm
Todoroki Shouto
word count : 11.0k bruh why do i do this
[ ☀︎, ✘ (nsfw!) ]  a lil fluff in beginning/end
themes : igloo sex?? LMAO, shy!reader, steam/sweat kink?, dom!shouto, teasing, temperature play
bio : Shouto warms you up in the midst of the blizzard, in more ways than one.
author’s note : this stemmed from a crack fic idea but damnnnn if it isn’t hot in here now :O this is also a piece for @bnhabookclub ‘s first event— the provisional licensing exam! i’m using prompt #9: “Your lips are really warm.”
tagging: @simplybakugou thanks for beta reading lovely ♥︎ & big thanks for thirsting with me & basically directing the fic @lildreamer93​ ♥︎
also available on AO3 here
  ─── ・°* ゚✧:* • 。゚:*・☽・*: 。゚•*:✧ ゚*°・ ───
🅃he dark clouds approaching the mountain paint the sky in an ominous manner, the wind scraping your raw cheeks. You place one foot in front of the other, the snow crunching with protest underneath your weight. Your nose is runny, tucked beneath a thick scarf, and your eyes are glassy from the freezing winds that only seem to be intensifying. The thick coat does its best to block the wind from your body, but the powerful gusts manage to sneak through the fastenings down your middle, allowing cold to quietly spread into your body.
A hand around your forearm rustles you from your bleary focus on the path ahead of you. Your accomplice’s heterochromatic gaze pierces into your tired eyes, the only parts of your faces that aren’t tucked away under layers of clothes. He gently pulls your arm towards him, and with his gloved fingers wrapped securely around your limb, he guides you off of the path. You enter an empty snowbank littered with skinny, ice-covered trees, almost collapsing on the slight decline of the trail.
Shouto catches you awkwardly, the thick outerwear making his movements slower than usual. But he holds you steady, refusing to let you fall into the thick carpet of white that licks up to the middle of your calves. Pulling your body close to his, his worried eyes fall on your closed ones, making his heart thump against his ribcage. With your head laying on his shoulder, he leans forward and talks in a slightly heightened voice so you can hear him over the screaming winds. “Y/N-san, let’s take a break,” he suggests, but it doesn’t sound like there is much room for disagreement.
You nod weakly, your gloved hand finally coming up out of your pocket to push yourself off of him to show him you still have some strength left. It’s just so damn cold.
Shouto frowns underneath his scarf, his hands falling from your figure as you stand on your own once more. He watches you lean against one of the thin trunks that pierces through the chalky blanket on the ground. He can tell you’re exhausted, and he won’t lie— he’s not feeling his strongest at the moment either. His left hand offered to you, you grab onto his arm for support, mustering up the strength to continue the trek to your destination.
But he steers you into the middle of the clearing, where no spindling trunks break the perfect layer of ivory on the forest floor. He shakes your hold off of his arm much to your distaste, but as soon as he’s freed the limb, he wraps it around your shoulders, collecting your body into his chest. You bend into him willingly, your hidden cheeks feeling warm for the first time in hours.
With you secured tightly against him, Shouto pushes down the scarf covering his face, his teeth gripping the fingertip of his right glove. Your eyes widen as he exposes his hand to the howling, icy winds, and a part of you wants to immediately grab his fingers and tuck them away from the offensive temperature. But you can’t help the awe that blooms in your chest as a stream of frost explodes from his outstretched palm. He flicks his wrist casually, and the ice that lands on the ground builds around you into an effortless, shiny dome. He continues the motion until the bellowing wind no longer assaults your ears, and your eyes are no longer watery.
Your gaze roams over his creation, admiring the way the ice has a perfect sheen, halfway clear enough to produce a distorted reflection that peers back at you. Your shaking hands snake out of the pockets in your jacket, hesitantly hooking the material of your scarf down to tuck under your chin. “W-Wow, Shouto-san, this is… incredible,” you murmur, eyes finally landing on the tall male who’s currently savoring the cute, dazed look on your face.
His mouth curves into a half smile, his expression softening at your pink cheeks and nose. “I’m going to step out and thicken the walls before the storm hits, so just sit tight, Y/N-san. I won’t be long.” He turns and removes his other glove, placing the pair on the glistening snow by his feet. He activates his quirk, blasting a hole half his height into the side of the dome, and leaving your field of vision.
You quickly pull the scarf back up over your face. Even if the formation Shouto had created shields you from the full force of the wind, the powerful gusts still creep into the dome and tousle your clothes. You waddle over to his gloves, collecting the cloth and tucking it under your arm so the snow doesn’t dampen the material. You shake the heavy pack down your shoulders, frowning as it lands unceremoniously into the snow. Your clumsy fingers quivering, it takes a few tries to pinch the zipper— but you finally latch on and pull it sideways triumphantly, your other hand searching for the black, waterproof material inside.
You finally find the tent at the bottom of your backpack, and you unfold it haphazardly, spreading the textile across the top of the snow. Hopefully the fabric will be thick enough to stop some of the cold from the frozen ground from seeping through. Your mind wanders as your hands run over the thick material, thinking back to just days before you were caught in this blizzard.
Your agency had been working with Shouto’s in order to take down a ring of criminals who were known for slipping into the shadows after committing their heinous acts, due to their extensive knowledge of the Japanese landscape. You and Shouto had been in the same group that was to watch over the foothills of the mountains surrounding the village that was known to be their next hit, but the villains had scattered upon seeing the group of heroes. You had each been prepared with packs, clothes, and rations, but the ensuing blizzard was quite the surprise. You weren’t sure how exactly you ended up with Shouto, just the two of you, but you could not muster up even a scrap of a complaint. He was so charming and handsome after all— if you had to be stuck in this storm with anyone, you were glad it was with him. Not to mention his quirk seemed like the perfect match for the cold storm almost upon you.
You’re torn from your thoughts as Shouto’s frame hunches through the hole he had created, his back to you as he seals the tunnel with more ice. You realize how much darker it had become, the ice not nearly as transparent as before. You wonder how much he had thickened the walls of your refuge, or if the dark was due to the icy squall that had begun to howl outside.
Shouto turns, heaving out a sigh as he drops the pile of logs he had carried, the cylindrical segments rolling on the icy snow. He takes in the tent on the ground, and lets out a breath of air as he forces the hood of his jacket off his head, his scarf once again falling down to reveal his face. “Looks like we’ll be here for awhile,” he humors, crouching down in the center of the floor and directing his left palm there. Flames lick his skin as he melts the snow, a puddle forming in the center of the ground before it evaporates, leaving a rocky, earthy terrain underneath. “Perfect,” he murmurs, positioning the logs into a triangular pile, keeping the flame on his palm lit to provide enough light.
You watch as he nods absentmindedly at the wooden stack on the ground, lowering his hand to the logs and letting the flames lap at the bark. You chuckle hastily, making his eyes dart towards your face. At his inquisitive look, your gaze drops to the flames starting to take on the kindlings. “Shouto-san, I don’t know what I’d do without you,” you state bashfully, sitting down atop the tarp. You add a bit quieter, “I think I would’ve froze to death by now if I hadn’t found you.”
A miniscule shade of pink flashes across his cheeks, but it’s hard to tell if it’s from your words or from the cold. He intently watches the flames grow for a moment before his eyes jump to yours, the small smile resurfacing on his rosy lips. “I would never let that happen, Y/N-san.”
Unsure how to respond, your eyes dart away from his, landing on the fire once more. “Won’t that melt the, uh… igloo?” You ask, looking at the high ceiling of the dome directly over the growing embers. Shouto had made the structure a considerable height, so you figured he had accounted for it, but you wanted to change the subject anyway.
“I tried to make the top of the structure far away enough so it won’t… but even if it does, I can just refreeze it,” he assures, standing up and walking over to you. You scoot to the side as he sits beside you, taking advantage of the tent. You nod as if you hadn’t already come to that conclusion, taking a shy glance at him.
He’s a respectable distance away from you, but close enough to reach out and touch. He catches your glance, the gentle smile still gracing his mouth. Your eyes widen as you notice a long scratch on the side of his face, slashing over the bottom of his scar. “Shouto-san! Are you okay?” You scoot towards him, your hands reaching out to touch his face. His eyes widen at your bold gesture, and he stiffens as you take his chin into your gloved hands.
Shouto lets out a stifled chuckle, his hands folding tightly on the tops of his legs. “It’s just a scratch.” Even if it’s through the thick sheepskin mittens, he allows himself to enjoy your touch for a moment. He shakes off his own backpack, your hands sinking off his face as he holds it up in one hand and jerks his head toward it. “I’m better off than this thing, anyway.”
The backpack is torn, the majority of the bag totally missing as if it had been ripped away forcefully; completely shredded. You gape at the object, then check the back of his jacket to thankfully discover it’s totally intact.
“The guy I was chasing had a strange animalistic quirk that gave him sharp teeth,” Shouto looks at the disheveled rucksack, “and claws.” He points at the scratch along his high cheekbone, shrugging his shoulders in a relaxed manner. His stomach flips at the frown that blossoms on your lips.
You turn away from him and rummage through your bag, making an exclamation as you find the small first aid kit you had packed. His eyebrows raise as you look at him shyly, pulling off your gloves in a modest fashion. “Please let me patch you up,” you appeal, grabbing the tube of antibiotic ointment hastily and uncapping it. “I want to feel like I’ve at least helped you in some way today. My quirk isn’t very useful out here,” you chuckle sadly, eyes trailing off to the side of his face.
Shouto nods crisply, his gaze trained on the hand stretching toward him. “Thank you,” he mumbles, watching how your bare fingers shake violently. He knows you’re cold, but it shocks him when your fingertip touches his cheek— the icy feeling making his skin prickle. He allows you to spread the cream across the cut, but immediately once you’re done, he envelops the back of your hand in his own, long fingers folding around yours. “Y/N-san, you’re so cold,” he says almost to himself, his other hand following the same action.
With your hands in his, your face blooms into a heated flush, a gentle gasp escaping you at the tingles that sprout on your skin fed by his natural warmth. Your reaction spurs him on, and he transfers your hand so that both of them are tucked neatly into his left. The burst of intense heat makes your eyes go wide as he activates his quirk ever so slightly. The sheer strength of even a fraction of his power sends a chill down your spine, a fuzzy numbness rushing through your hands as they regain feeling.
“S-Shouto-san,” you gulp, attempting to pull your hands from his to no avail, “you should save your strength, I can use the fire— I’m fine!”
Shouto’s eyebrow quirks amusedly at your request. “This is nothing,” he counters, but upon inspecting your sheepish expression, he begrudgingly grants your wish, his hands placing yours on your lap before disappearing into his pockets.
Your newly-nimble fingers hastily grab a flat, rectangular paper out of the first aid kit. You peel off the strips from either side of a bandage, placing the sticky side diagonally over the scratch on his cheek. He seems satisfied with the way your fingers only barely quiver now, and he doesn’t attempt to take your hands into his again.
“Thank you for helping me, Y/N-san,” he smiles at you, making the cold in your bones feel just a bit duller. You nod, closing the kit and placing it on the ground next to your bag. The conversation dries, and you wrack your brain to think of something to talk about. You and Shouto were friendly colleagues, but you’d never really had the chance to talk to him alone like this, and you were both not really the talkative type.
Reaching into your pack, you produce a cup-ramen and offer it to him. “Are you hungry, Shouto-san? I have two, so I have more than enough to share.”
Shouto accepts the package, a grin spreading on his lips. “Now here you are, saving my life,” he jests, peeling the lid halfway before shoveling some snow into the bowl with the lip of the container, “I could get used to your care.” You laugh a little too hard at his joke, following his actions with your own cup. You hand him the cup and he melts the snow leisurely, the water turning to a boil before he closes the lid, placing the cup on the ground in front of you.
As he copies the actions on his own cup, your hands find the chunky receiver the team had given each member before the stakeout started. Turning the device on, you hiss at the static shriek that pierces your eardrums, quickly lowering the volume before checking each of the channels. “Seems like the storm is interfering with the walkie,” you comment, placing the malfunctioning device back into your bag.
Shouto nods thoughtfully, his fingers laced underneath his chin as if he is in deep thought. “The storm will probably last the majority of the night. We’ll have to camp here for a while and we can check how the weather is at first light,” he explains his plan and you agree.
The pair of you eat your ramen in a comfortable silence, your toes slowly gaining feeling as you hold the tips of your boots close to the fire. You share the filtered water you had brought with the man beside you, both of you drinking only a third of the water combined in a mindful manner.
With the blood rushing to your stomach to digest the processed noodles, your fingertips begin to grow cold again. You push up your scarf once more, covering your pink nose and sticking your palms out toward the fire.
Shouto watches you with careful regard before glancing at his watch. “Y/N-san, perhaps you should try to rest while we wait for daylight,” he suggests, eyes twinkling at how cute you look with your eyelids drooping heavily in near-slumber.
You shoot him a lazy smile, nodding at his suggestion. You find the thick, silky sleeping bag that takes up the majority of your backpack’s capacity, undoing the bands that keep it compressed together. Noticing his lingering gaze on you, you shoot him a confused look. “Are you going to lay down as well, Shouto-san? We can use the tarp here if we lay next to each other.”
He smiles at your offer. “I would rather keep watch in case the villains decide to surprise us.”
You frown at his responsible intentions. “No one is going to be out in this blizzard, though. If the villains are dumb enough to do that, then they’ll surely be popsicles by the time we find them. Please, you should rest too, Shouto-san.” You pat the space on the tarp next to your sleeping bag expectantly.
He chuckles awkwardly, palm landing on the back of his neck. “I… seem to have lost my sleeping bag, actually,” he trails off, looking at the scraps of his backpack that remain. “Most of my things fell out when I was fighting.”
As if the thought comes to you both at the same time, your eyes meet and a flush replaces his usual suave expression. “You can share mine,” you speak before the words register in your brain, and as soon as they do, sweltering heat infiltrates your own cheeks. “I mean— if that would— if you need…  it wouldn’t be w-weird. Besides… we should probably stay close for,” you gulp, “b-body heat.”
“Are you sure you’re okay with that?” He replies a little too quickly for his own liking, cringing minorly at himself. He looks sideways at you, hesitance clear on his face.
You nod at him and he stiffly moves to the other side of the sleeping bag, willing his breath to stay steady. You unlace your boots, immediately sliding your woolen-sock clad feet inside. You wiggle into the slot, heart racing. Shouto takes off his own boots and shimmies into the envelope with you. It’s a one-person sleeping bag so the fit is a bit snug, the front of his jacket brushing against the back of yours. His long arm reaches over your torso to zip the bag closed, instantly withdrawing his hand to his side afterwards.
Now that you’re pushing up against him, he can feel your coat is slightly wet from the snow. “You should take that off— it’ll only make you colder since it's damp,” he whispers in your ear, making you stiffen against him. Shuffling a bit, your bottom skims against his crotch and his breath catches in his throat. His eyes admiring the tight sweater that’s revealed as you shed the jacket, he realizes his jacket is probably the same. He removes his as well, his hips pressing into your ass but they’re gone before you can even blink, his folded jacket a makeshift pillow long enough to cushion both your heads.
With both your jackets removed, he can feel how truly cold you are; your body shivering and your breath slightly hitched. You curl into yourself as much as you can, willing the frost away by brushing your limbs against each other slightly. The sleeping bag has good insulation, but it barely does anything yet since you offer no heat for it to retain. Your hands curl into half-fists, pressing them against your lips in hope to thaw them with your shaky breath.
Shouto’s warm breath on the shell of your ear sends a shiver down your spine. “Y/N-san, you’re shivering,” he comments, eyes raking over the smooth skin at the back of your neck. You gaze into the fire for a moment, begging for some kind of confidence in this situation.
You shift onto your back, rolling onto your other side so you can look at him. The wisp of courage you had scraped up is viciously snatched from you as your eyes meet his.
The emotion in his eyes is something you’ve never seen before, the intensity intimidating you so much that your lungs still mid-breath. His gaze is half-lidded, his hair falling perfectly over his eyes. Hot breath washes over your raw cheeks enticingly, making your skin prickle with apprehension.
“Can I…,” he trails off, and you’re surprised when you feel his fingers sheathe around yours, pulling your wrists directly toward his mouth. Your stomach flips as he breathes out, the warm air caressing your chilled skin. “Can I warm you up, Y/N?”
You swallow harshly, your eyes the size of dinner plates, you’re sure. But Shouto’s expression doesn’t falter, and your silence doesn’t bother him as he places the softest kiss on your knuckle. You’re shaking again, even though the cold in your body is pushed far into the back of your mind. “S-Shouto-san,” you peep, your voice an octave higher than usual. It feels strange to say his name so intimately, but he seems to enjoy the sound.
He lets out a long exhale, closing his eyes as his thumb presses into the middle of your palm, forcing your hand to open. “Your teeth are chattering— you’re so cold,” he states, a hand letting go of your wrist to jump to your waist.
It’s true, your skin is shockingly frigid against his, and your teeth rattle slightly at the loss of your jacket. His lips press against the next knuckle, keeping your gaze captured to his magnetic stare. His eyes are so intoxicating; one a refreshing aqua and the other a swirling storm of gray. They both hold an unspeakable passion; a force that quiets all your worries as soon as they sprout.
“I said I wouldn’t let you freeze, Y/N.” His fingers on your waist tighten and he pulls your body flush against his in one swift movement. Only the thick sweaters keep your skin from touching, and his hand slides up the curve of your waist, underneath the hem of the knitted fabric. You gasp, watching his wrist disappear at the bottom of the sweater as his hand glides across your skin. Even though this is his ice side, his touch is so warm compared to your flesh. You look back up to see he’s inched closer to you, lips nearly brushing against yours. “Are you gonna let me keep my word?”
You can’t seem to find any words, your body overwhelmed by his hot fingers dragging along your side. His stare demands your attention, and no matter how desperately you want to look away, your body refuses to follow your wishes. You can feel your nipples hardening against the cup of your bra, a warm tingle emerging between your legs. Your pussy flutters underneath your panties as he continues to kiss your hands, lips wandering over each knuckle, fingertip, and line along your palms. The realization that his touch is doing things to you only makes you feel more flustered.
Shouto’s hand weaves over yours, heat radiating off of him as he places your hand on the cusp of his jaw. “You’re still shivering,” he states, finally breaking eye contact only to glance at your lips briefly before his gaze returns to yours.
You find yourself nodding slightly, unconsciously welcoming his next intentions. Your fingers, now warmed and feeling fuzzy, push into the hair behind his ears, gently guiding his face toward yours. Your lips part with a soft whimper as his hand underneath your sweater flattens, the entire palm introducing a pleasant heat to your chilled skin. Shouto gathers you closer to him, strong arm wrapping around your waist tighter and pushing your face to fall only a short distance away from his. You can feel his breath on your face, warm and soft, as his eyes search your face for any hint of reluctance. He closes the space between your mouths at a turtle’s pace, allowing you ample opportunity to push him away.
But you don’t— you grab the front of his shirt with your free hand, the hand behind his ear pushing him forward so his lips lock with yours. A shared, strangled moan resonates off the walls of the igloo, lips pushing and pulling against each other at a feverish pace. The kiss is hot, and his lips feel like heaven against yours as his hands feather down your spine.
“Your lips are really warm,” you murmur as you pull away to catch your breath, eyes still closed and lungs feeling tight from a combination of the lack of air and the excitement— lust— pumping through you. Heat floods your cheeks as you realize you’d voiced your thoughts, an entertained look crossing Shouto’s features.
“Good,” he says as his lips touch yours again, this time more delicately than last. He kisses you for a moment, just long enough for you to lose your train of thought, before he pulls back quickly. “I’m gonna get you nice and warm, Y/N— I promise,” Shouto vows, capturing your mouth and claiming it as his, his tongue separating your lips and exploring your mouth.
You moan at the new sensation, allowing the wet muscle to dominate yours, body feeling weak, and hot, and wonderful. Shouto’s hands are still wandering over your skin underneath your sweater, rounding your waist to creep up your chest. Just as he’d been to initiate the kiss, his touch rises slowly, pausing just underneath the swell of your breast. The warmth seeps into your ribs, and you surprise yourself when your own hand leaves his chest to push his elbow up, moving his hand on top of your bra.
Shouto groans into your mouth, and you swear you can feel your panties dampen at the noise. Vibrations against your lips, your hand in his hair pulls gently at his scalp in response, only to elicit a second, similar sound from his throat. His hand squeezes your chest just the right amount— not too rough, but not gentle either— making you whimper into his mouth. He thumbs over your nipple through the thin silky material, lips curving into a satisfied smirk when you moan louder this time, fingers tightening your hold on him.
Your tongues tangling in a slow, sensual embrace, you drink up the heavy breaths that leave his open lips, high on his warmth and his touch. The thumb rubbing along your bra traces the edge of the cup, toying with the soft flesh underneath.
“Is this okay?” Shouto inquires huskily against your lips, inducing shivers to shoot toward your core. He’s crawling atop your body to hover above you, the sleeping bag rustling as he stays close to you, one leg splitting between yours and the hand not on your breast moving to prop himself up.
“Y-Yes Shouto-san,” you whine, eager to feel his tongue back on yours already. Your limbs are still shaking from the cold, but the excitement that blooms from his touch mixes into your veins like warm nectar to combat the icy frost that lingers there. His knee isn’t quite high enough to touch your pussy, but your cheeks become warmer at the realization that you want it to be.
“I’m gonna take care of you,” he murmurs before his lips press against yours again, eliciting a weak moan from you. His kiss is warm and intoxicating, yet firm. Tongue invading your mouth again, you sigh contentedly as his hand squeezes at your breast, thumb dipping underneath your bra to brush against your pebbled bud. He starts to move his body just enough to create some friction between the two of you, and you moan again at the novel sensation, your hand moving around his broad shoulders to dig your nails into his sweater.
Your mind is hazy, unable to focus on anything as his mouth lands on the skin of your neck, a breathy moan washing over your throat as he begins to kiss and suck there. You squirm underneath his wide frame, the feeling of his tongue rolling against you stoking the fire between your legs. Your body is beginning to feel warm, your heart beating erratically against your ribs.
Shouto’s hand wanders further up your torso, the hem of your sweater sliding up to rest on the top of his wrist. He smiles against your neck, pulling your bra down so your breasts fall out of the cups, his calloused thumb immediately caressing your nipple again and rubbing over it gently. “Do you like that?” He asks, lips trailing to kiss the underside of your jaw. “Because I really like that.” A forefinger joins his thumb and he pinches the nub, causing it to harden under his warm touch.
You cry out, head thrown to the side in pleasure. It seems that was Shouto’s plan all along, because he ravishes the newly revealed skin on your throat, altering between roving his tongue along your flesh and nipping his teeth softly. “Y-Yes, I like it, Shouto-san,” you answer breathlessly, your legs curling to draw his hips closer to yours. The feeling of his body flush against yours has an incredible heat surging through your entire being, caressing your bones and fluttering in your core.
Shouto’s purr rumbles along your skin, his head dipping down to place a path of kisses along your collar bones. Your hand flies up to grab onto his red and white locks, fingernails scraping his scalp gently and causing a moan to fall from his parted lips. “You’re so beautiful, Y/N,” he praises, lifting your sweater over your shoulders and off your body. Before you can feel self-conscious, he swiftly delivers another kiss to your lips as he tears his own sweater above his head, revealing a pale torso rippling with firm muscles. Your breath catches in your throat at the sight hovering above you; his hair slightly messy from taking his shirt off as his gaze holds your own, a hunger blatant and all-consuming in his eyes.
You whimper as his mouth crashes to yours once more, your spine arching naturally as his arm curls around your waist, fingers moving to undo the clasp of your bra and succeeding swiftly. His kiss is slow and soft as he pulls the straps from your shoulders, tossing the item onto the tarp beside the sleeping bag.
Shouto looks at your naked form below him as if he’s a man starved, and you the most delicious feast he could possibly imagine. His hand moves to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, eyes half-lidded and tongue poking out to roll over his lips. You watch as he leans down, warm lips brushing against your jaw and moving to trail down the length of your neck. But he doesn’t stop there; his mouth wanders further down, prospecting the soft flesh of your breast with kisses and long swipes of his tongue.  
“S-Shouto-san,” you call his name when he finally reaches your nipple, mouth enveloping the bud and rolling his tongue around it leisurely, showering you with kitten licks that makes your pulse race. A long moan escapes you, your head thrown back onto his jacket and your eyes drifting shut as he begins to suck on your sensitive nub. “Oh, that feels—” you cut off as his teeth scrape your flesh, hips bucking up into his instinctively.
He only smiles, gently pulling your nipple between his lips and continuing to wash your skin with his hot tongue. “Does that feel good, angel?” He asks, his free hand moving to cup your other breast.
You nod even though he can only see the bottom of your chin, your mouth agape as rushed pants tumble out. Your pussy twitches in your panties when his mouth moves to your other breast, ravishing it in the same fashion. Your brows cinch, fingers woven in his hair and grabbing frantically at the roots as your body welcomes the waves of pleasure Shouto provides. A hand lands on the thick muscle atop his shoulder, gripping onto him and fingernails nearly breaking his perfect skin. Your hips buck again when his teeth graze your nipple, and heat bursts through you as your thigh rubs against something hard.
Shouto moans at the friction, the noise sending vibrations through your chest. “Fuck, Y/N,” he grumbles, popping off your breast and returning to hover his face above yours. “You know you’re absolutely gorgeous, right?” He doesn’t allow you to reply, lips conquering yours and sending a sweet chill through your body.
You make a noise of surprise when he begins to gently grind against your crotch, rubbing his erection onto you. The action has your brain short-circuiting, lust surging through your body now more than ever. God, you want him. You want him bad.
Shouto seems to feel the same way, for he presses your bodies flush against each other, and you whimper when his hot skin touches yours. Another meek noise floats out of you as he shuffles the two of you into a new position, landing on his back with you hovering above him this time. He’s kissing you again, and your brain can’t seem to catch up with him, for he now has two free hands and he uses them to grab your hips, guiding them to move along his own and continue providing the friction of the grinding from before.
Your head is spinning at the stimulation, your slick clit rubbing along the inside of your panties. And even though there’s two pairs of thick pants between the two of you, you can feel your pussy right above his clothed cock, dragging deliciously against him.
His fingers move to the front of your pants, ripping the zip downwards and digging his thumbs into the space between the material and the flesh of your hips. Shouto pushes the cloth off your body with surprising ease, your ass coming into contact with the sleek lining of the sleeping bag. Leaving the material bunched at your knees, Shouto places his hand on the back of your neck and guides your lips to land on his, his tongue tracing your bottom lip before he pulls it into his mouth gently, a growl-like moan rumbling in his throat.
You jump slightly when a hand lands on your hip, long fingers sprawled out over your panty-clad ass. His dull fingernails drag along the cloth, digits looping underneath the band at your hip and toying with it— pulling it down gently before putting it back in place, and repeating the action. You whine against his mouth, falling to your elbows on either side of his head, your hair cascading around your faces.
Shouto’s hand slips between your legs, cupping your pussy in his large palm. “Do you want more?” He teases, tone dark with desire and a hint of playfulness. He kisses the corner of your mouth as you moan quietly, trying to grind yourself against his hand. The action only makes him grin, his other hand cupping your chin and guiding you to look at him. “Answer me, beautiful.”
Your throat tight and mind foggy, you whine at his demand, eyelids falling closed as you lean into his touch. “Yes, I want m-more, Shouto-san,” you respond, humiliation spurring a heat to rise to your cheeks. You’d never begged for a man’s touch like this, and the thought has you both wanting to hide in mortification and spread your legs wide for him.
“Mmm,” he mumbles, moving your face to place your lips on his again. The very tips of his fingers begin to move along your slit through your underwear, starting with gentle circles on your entrance and trailing up to your clit.
His touch has you gripping his hair again with both hands in trembling fists, broken whimpers dislodging from your throat. His long digits toy with your pussy through the sheer, soaked material, separating your folds with his pointer and ring finger for his middle to dip into you just a tad, pushing your panties inside yourself slightly. You cry out, for even at such a shallow depth, the heat leaks from his fingertip into your pussy, melting away your inhibitions. It’s not enough to stretch you, but your walls twitch in anticipation around the digit, causing a smile to spread on Shouto’s lips.
He kisses the other side of your mouth, your eyes still shut tightly and your lip caught between your teeth. “Do you want even more?” He murmurs, stroking your cheek with the back of his fingers. “Say my name, Y/N.”
His command is absolute, tone gruff, like he can’t seem to catch his breath—  it makes you look at him, only to send another shocking thrill toward your cunt at the lustful fervor in his gaze. You lick your lips, croaking out a shy, “Shouto-san.” His thumb grazes over your clit in reward, but you only push your hips down in search of that searing fingertip. When he moves his fingers in accordance with your body, you let out a distressed whine. “Pleaseee,” you whimper, placing a hesitant kiss on the column of his neck.
Shouto sighs at your appeal, deft fingers curling around the edge of your panties to gather them to the side of your throbbing pussy. Your body jolts as he brushes your slick folds with the lightest touch, another noise of desperation floating past your lips. “No, beautiful,” he murmurs, voice deep enough to drag you under like a powerful tide pulling you lost into a sea of pleasure, “My name— just my name.”
The gasp that you surrender surprises you, and you’re not sure if it’s more from his request or from his thumb beginning to circle your needy clit. A string of low moans flees your throat as he presses harder against you, the digit sliding around the bundle of nerves with ease, slick with your arousal.  “But… but Shouto-s-san, I…,” you trail off, distracted as two hot fingertips begin to play with your entrance, curling just enough to hook against the edge of your walls and tease another groan out of you.
“You…,” Shouto continues for you, that taunting tone dripping from his voice again, “You don’t want it, Y/N?” He’s teasing you, but only because you’re so delectably responsive to him— he can feel your pussy twitch against his fingers, your slick drenching the digits and making it irresistible for him to go even further.
“No— I want it,” you hurry to respond, fearful that he’ll withdraw his touch before you have the chance to feel him inside of you. Anything for that. “I want more,” you take a small breath, propping yourself up with your hands on either side of his neck, your eyes finding his. “Please, I— I need you… Shouto-s—”
Two fingers slide into you with ease, stealing away the chance for you to utter the honorific, instead rendering you helpless as a loud, wanton moan erupts from your lips. Shouto’s fingers are long and thick, the pads rough and already rubbing against just the right place. His other hand rests on the front of your hip, digits curled around your side as his thumb stretches to stimulate your clit. Your eyes roll back as he pulls out, your velvet walls shuddering and another sound of pleasure filling the still air inside the igloo as he pushes back in. You’re already embarrassed enough from his teasing and him cheating away the respect the -san represents, but a new wave of mortification crashes over you as the spring inside your stomach begins to compress. You’ve never been so turned on in your life, so embarrassed, so naughty— desperate.
“You’re gonna cum already, aren’t you?” Shouto’s voice cuts through your foggy, aphrodisiacal headspace, and you can only nod, jaw hanging open and broken mewls tumbling out. Your hands fly to grab onto his shoulders in favor of the sleeping bag covering the ground, nails grappling into his skin. You can’t even find the sanity to shield your dissolute, wrecked expression from his watchful gaze underneath you, which he laps up eagerly— only fueling his plight as he begins to curl the digits toward himself. He’s rewarded with a higher-toned squeal, your cunt squeezing around him until he can only repeat the ‘come here’ motion. “Go ahead, beautiful. I wanna see your pretty face when you cum for me,” he implores.
That’s all you need to topple over the edge. Your pussy grips his fingers snug, fluttering as a numbing bliss explodes between your legs. Hips rocking shakedly against his grasp, you release a ragged groan as he continues to rub circles on your sensitive pearl. Your entire body is filled with a blistering warmth; you can feel it from the tips of your ears to your still-curled toes. Collapsing onto his chest, your lungs gasp for air as your head continues to spin, a content thrum pulsing through your bones as your pussy continues to spasm upon his hand. “S-Shouto,” you sigh, one hand slipping down to rest on the other side of his chest, fingertips biting into his skin slightly.
Shouto exhales a similar sound, fingers leaving your sloppy hole as he wraps his other arm around your waist. Bringing his fingertips to his lips, he keeps his gaze locked with yours as his tongue darts out, concealing the first knuckle from your sight.
Horror floods through you at the sight; dirty, nasty thoughts pouring into your mind. You try to get him to stop, your cheeks feeling hot once again. “Shouto-san, that’s—”
You succeed to some degree; he pulls his fingers from his mouth, but only to press them against your lips, sliding the digits deep into your mouth until they hit the back of your throat. “Bad girl, using honorifics,” he admonishes, tone suddenly dark and not at all warm nor soft as it was before— yet somehow it makes your cunt flutter in excitement, reawakening and already aching to be filled again. Your eyes widen in surprise, but you don’t gag, and Shouto only groans at such a discovery. “Don’t you think we’re past using formalities?”
He has a point, so you just flutter your lashes at him and moan onto his fingers, lips pursing around them and sending a shiver down his spine.
“Taste yourself— see, angel? You’re so sweet— god, you’re sexy, and you’ve no idea, do you?” He seems to be saying that last part to himself but you still nod, tongue wrapping around his fingers and making sure to clean him well. You want to show him you’re not bad; you’re a good girl, you can be a good girl for him.
Shouto swallows, eyes following your tongue as it wanders along his finger to poke between your lips, washing against his skin. He growls at the sight, ripping both hands away from you and ensnaring your wrists in his palms. With just one solid movement he tosses you underneath him, your back sliding against the silky lining of the sleeping bag and warming at the heat his body had left behind. You’re trying to find your bearings as Shouto fumbles with his pants, finally managing to rid one leg of the thick material and slip himself between your thighs.
Your heart begins to thump rapidly in your chest as you feel the smooth head of his cock drag against your folds, your cunt clenching in desire and your lip held prisoner between your teeth. Both of your ragged breaths tangle in the small space between you, your hands reaching to grasp the tops of his shoulders, legs spreading as much as they can in the confines of the single-person sleeping bag. Tossing your head back in agony as he teases your opening, coating himself in your slick, your cum. You’ve never felt so needy before— the urge to be filled and stretched around him dominating your every thought.
“Please— god, please Shouto,” you beg, and for a brief moment you find yourself wondering what exactly his cock looks like, the realization that you haven't actually seen it hitting you and yet here you are pleading for him to just put it in. What if he’s hung like a horse? And you’re about to be split in two— or what if he’s an average joe? Well from the foreplay he definitely knows what he’s doing so maybe—
Your entire body stills and a breathless squeal escapes your lungs as he thrusts into you in a single, swift movement. Your walls quiver in fiery pleasure as he penetrates you, his thick cock spreading you and filling you and reaching deep inside of you as his hips bump yours. You didn’t realize you were this wet; he slid into you in one go and by the feel of him, you know that’s no easy feat. But your mind doesn’t have any time to process it, for Shouto lets out the most sexy groan you’ve ever heard in your life. His head falls to rest against your throat, soft hair tickling your skin as you feel gentle pants wash over you.
“You’re so tight, Y/N— shit,” he moans again as his hips retract, pushing back inside of you slowly as if to test the waters. His cock glides inside of you, thick veins rubbing against your silky walls and making a soft whine struggle to evade your lungs. It’s the first time you’ve ever heard Shouto swear, and a twisted sense of pride fills your chest at the thought of him being so into this— into you— that he’s lost all his usual self-restraint.
A few more tentative thrusts have you crying out for him, another flash of intense heat spreading through your body and each of your limbs. Shouto cradles the back of your neck in one palm, the other hand slipping around the back of your waist in order to bend your back to his liking. The angle pops your breasts up against his chest, and he swears again as your hard nipples drag across his skin. Claiming your lips as his once again, his hips begin to push into yours at a steady pace, setting the tempo at a slow but hard pace. With each crash of his hips against yours, you feel like your lungs have lost all function— his balls slap heavy against your ass, sweat starting to trickle down your thighs that come around to draw his body closer to yours, your wrists crossed around his neck and his lips slotting against yours messily.
If your mind was foggy before, now you cannot even see your own hands in front of you; your brain is dizzy and oxygen-starved, mind spinning in circles every time his hips knock into yours. Each thrust has him burrowing far inside of you, your pussy trying desperately to keep up with his quickening pace but failing— leaving you butterflied, completely open for his assault to continue. When your ankles lock behind his waist, heels digging into his firm ass, his cock begins to hit a new spot inside of you, and you wail out in shock and ecstasy.
“Shouto!” you exclaim, brow furrowing and letting out a particularly wanton moan. Your eyes nearly cross at the powerful sensation, that embarrassed feeling returning and rekindling the heat in your cheeks. From just one particularly angled thrust, the spring in your stomach makes its presence known once again.
Shouto is quick to take advantage of the weak spot you’d just revealed; his grip on you tightens as his hips begin to crash against yours, mouth sucking in your lower lip to hold hostage. Your eyes can barely stay open, but you fight yourself to maintain the eye contact Shouto offers. His stare is searing; sparks flying between the two of you as he scrutinizes every hint of pleasure you render.
The intensity has you gasping for breath, suddenly feeling hot— so hot; the sleeping bag retaining all the heat your feverish session provides. Even though you’re so close, your hands land on his chest hesitantly, tapping his sticky skin. Instantly his hips still, and he begins to examine you, a concerned expression overtaking his handsome face.
“Are you alright, beautiful?” He asks, not skipping a beat. Examining the flush on your chest and cheeks, he seems to come to the correct conclusion, turning to tear the zipper down the track toward your joined hips. Cool air washes over your sweaty skin, and you sigh at the refreshing sensation licking over your skin. You whimper as Shouto leans down toward you, frosted breath swirling over your clavicles and offering you instant relief from the hot flash that previously took over your whole being. “Guess I warmed you up too good, huh?” Shouto chuckles, and you smack his chest with a weak fist. He shifts his hips forward in response and you keen as his cock shifts deeper inside of you.
Shouto allows you a moment to catch your breath, continuing to blow cool air along your throat and chest. You bask in the revitalizing sensation, whimpering lightly as Shouto keeps a subtle and gentle pace, cantering into you just enough to keep himself hard. He kisses your neck and jaw, lips chilly yet sending hot tingles zipping through your body. “S-Shouto-san,” you mewl, sprawling out into his caress like a cat.
He only smiles against your skin, lips wandering all over your chest. The cold air radiating off the icy walls of the igloo collides with your hot skin and sends shivers down your spine. “San?” He hums, icy lips trailing along your breast until his tongue pokes out to greet your nipple. Your pussy constricts around him, his ice-cold muscle twirling round the sensitive peak and slurping it into his mouth, only to pull away with a pop. “I thought we were past that, angel.”
You groan as his cock recedes from your folds, leaving you empty and eager for more. Large, hot hands guide your hips to roll over, steering you to your face the wall of the igloo on your hands and knees. With just a cavalier flick of the wrist, a shiny coating of fresh ice blankets the interior wall, creating a cloudy reflection that brings more heat to your cheeks. You can see Shouto behind you; firm, abundant muscles lining his wide frame and his hair tousled back atop his crown, those bicolored eyes regarding you with unwavering desire. Your forehead falls to brush against the plastic of the tarp as he traces the head of his cock along your slit, your hips jerking when he nudges your clit.
Your eyelids flutter open weakly when warm kisses dance across your shoulders, a shaky moan leaving from your lips as Shouto presses into your slippery cunt once more. He sighs beside your ear, and you watch as he closes his eyes, heated lips meandering up your jaw to take the tip of your ear between his teeth. “Don’t hide from me,” he whispers, sucking cold air along your skin when your pussy grips him tight in an automatic response. He nibbles at your cartilage, thrusting halfway inside as his hand collects your chin. Turning your face, he pushes his lips against yours, silencing your moan when his hips press flush against yours. The new position has your eyes rolling back, his cock massaging that sacred spot nestled deep within your core. His tongue starts to wrestle with yours in your mouth, his palm leaving your face to press flush against your pelvis, perfectly lining up two fingertips to greet your clit.
Your jaw falls open at the added stimulation, pussy winding tight around his length and pulling him deeper inside. That familiar coil is present again in your stomach, your pulse racing and perspiration gathering down your back and above your brow. Shouto’s tongue only drives further into your mouth, toying with yours. His hips begin to smack against your ass, balls slapping the fingertips that rub steady patterns on your pearl of nerves. You can feel your orgasm building, pressure heightening at a surprising speed, and you begin to whimper onto his lips, fingers curling into the tarp underneath your hands.
Shouto takes his tongue from your mouth, a silver string of saliva connecting your mouths. “Look up, beautiful,” he instructs, nodding to the wall in front of you.
Your elbows almost give out at the scene before you, and Shouto grabs your shoulder to pull you upright, thighs spread wide to showcase where his body connects with yours. Your eyes can’t decide whether to stay on his slick cock pumping in and out of your tight hole, fingers working diligently on your clit, or to linger on his face, his scorching eyes half-lidded and teeth clamped gently on your shoulder. He kisses your neck sloppily, free hand curling around you to cup your breast and pinch your nipple with cold fingers. Your back arches, ass pressing against his hips as he starts to pound into you, your cunt quivering and trying desperately to keep up with his insatiable pace.
“See how pretty you are, Y/N?” Shouto goads in between kissing and nipping the soft skin on the side of your neck. You take a glance at yourself, that embarrassed feeling leaking through your pores again when you see how fucked-out your expression is; pupils blown in lust and mouth hanging open, tongue resting on your lower lip. “Who’s making you make that pretty face?”
You can barely find your voice, pussy pulling snug around his thick length as you hurtle toward your climax. Throwing your arm backwards around his neck, your hips try to meet his rapid tempo, and your face turns to nuzzle against the smooth expanse of his cheek. “Y-You, Shouto,” you cry, his fingers on your breast pinching tighter and beginning to roll. The honorific dangles on the tip of your tongue, but you bite your lip in order to seal it away. “I’m so— so close,” you warn, but he does not slow. His hips keep their frenzied pace, and the fingers on your clit suddenly surge with a searing heat, leaking into your pussy and pushing you over the edge.
Shouto bites out a swear, his corded arm holding you upright against his torso as your slouch onto him. Your thighs tremble as you fist the hair at the nape of his neck, the other hand flying to hold onto the wrist glued to your abdomen. Euphoria rushes through your body and your pussy clutches onto his cock like a vise, a string of incoherent babbles and moans jumbled together slithering over the skin on his throat. You want to beg him to stop, to give you a second to catch your breath, but your voice is silent as he continues his ministrations on your overstimulated clit, hips never stalling. He carefully pushes your shoulder, allowing you to catch yourself on your shaking hands, parallel to the tent. With your cheek pressed against the plastic, both his hands fly to your waist, fingers turning white as he rams into you with renewed vigor.
Unaware that he’d been holding back from full force, you scream out in absolute ecstasy at his new tempo. His cock draws along your swollen walls, balls smacking your puffy clit, fast and rough. Blearily you look at the reflection in front of you, already feeling another orgasm approaching at an alarming rate just from the sight before you; Shouto’s eyes in thin slivers underneath a furrowed brow, focused on the bounce of your ass in front of him, jaw hanging open unabashedly and hot puffs of steam billowing out. A cord stands out along his neck as he strains to deliver you such pleasure, muscles taught and tense along his torso. Both of you are breathless and about to cum, perspiration rolling along your skins from the steam and heat trapped inside the igloo.
His eyes meet yours in the reflection and you give in, cunt spasming around him, your fingers grappling onto the tent in bliss, and his name falling from your ajar lips. Through your haze of euphoria you hear him swear, a loud groan bouncing off the icy walls of the structure before he pulls out, hot ropes landing along your spine, all the way up to the curve of your shoulder. Your pussy flutters as you ride out your orgasm, vacant and craving to be filled by him again. Shouto’s hands are gentle on your hips, one turning to trail his knuckles along your skin.
Shouto leans forward and gathers you against his chest, despite your protests about the sticky fluid dripping down your back. You can feel his hot cock against your spine, still slick and hard. He carefully pulls your hair to the side, tilting your head to place his lips on yours. You melt into his embrace, feeling peaceful and satisfied. His lips curl into a soft smile to mirror yours, and you deepen the kiss for a moment before pulling away.
“Warm enough?” Shouto asks after clearing his throat, that charming smile still turning up the corners of his mouth.
You chuckle at his question before you pause, your brain beginning to come back to reality. “Definitely, but… getting cold now, actually,” you realize aloud, head swiveling around as you take in the icy walls of the igloo still standing tall, sheltering your naked bodies from the storm.
Shouto lets out a quiet noise of agreement, one hand leaving your body in favor of searching through his disheveled backpack. He swiftly returns his hand to your body, a handful of unused napkins from your earlier meal in his palm. He also cups his other hand into the snow on the ground, melting it and heating it before he lets it glide down your skin, following the rivulets with the napkin. “If we were in any other situation, I hope you know I’d take much better care of you right now,” he comments, a hint of humor in his deep voice.  
You smile at his statement, letting your hair fall in your face as you lean forward in order to aid him. “That’s alright, I think you’ve taken care of me enough,” you reply cheekily, moving toward the sleeping bag once he taps your ass gently, signalling he’s finished.
Shouto raises a thin brow, eyes trailing over your naked breasts as you slip your bottom into the sleeping bag. His hand runs over his sculpted chest, repeating the same procedure he’s just completed on his own skin. “What, now that I made you cum three times, you’re not shy anymore?”
Your cheeks flush at his remark, and you slither into the safety of the sleeping bag, shielded from his perceptive gaze. Your refuge does not last long, for Shouto shuffles inside the bag too, his warm skin pressing against yours. After he zips the compartment closed, he gathers you in his arms, shifting you so your head lays on top of his chest. You can hear the quick thump of his heart underneath your ear, blood rushing through his veins and sounding like a sweet, soothing melody. When he speaks, it rumbles in your ears, shivers swirling underneath your skin.
“You know, you’re pretty cute whether you’re shy or not,” he confesses. You make a squeak at his compliment, your cheeks feeling hotter than ever. Shouto only laughs, the addicting noise ringing off the walls of your haven. “Well, especially cute when you’re shy.”
Shouto wonders how you can be so timid after he’s fucked you senseless, but he doesn’t push his luck. He only grins as you smoosh your face onto his pec, a hand covering your inflamed cheek. You’re more than grateful when he changes the direction of the conversation.
“You should sleep, Y/N,” he suggests, fingers tracing along your hip. “You’ll need to be well-rested for the return down the mountain tomorrow. Most likely my agency already has reinforcements on the way here— it’s protocol— so we won’t have to pursue the villains any longer. Though I doubt they made it through the blizzard.”
You nod, eyelids already drooping with exhaustion. You hadn’t realized you were so drained, but after hiking up a mountain and trekking through a snowstorm, you suppose it’s only rational your body is so spent. Not to mention you’d just had the best fuck of your life, with probably the most handsome, dapper man you know.
Before you can submit to the alluring tendrils of slumber, Shouto smooths his warm palms along your spine, his voice soft and sweet like honey. “Are you sure you’re warm enough? Just tell me and I’ll heat you up, for real this time,” he murmurs, a quick wave of heat emanating from his palm as if to prove his offer holds legitimacy.
“No,” you sigh, never having felt this warm, and safe in your life, “This is perfect.”
Shouto holds you as you succumb to slumber, and he hopes you don’t notice how his heartbeat quickens, a flustered pink dusting his pale cheeks.
The trek down the mountain the next morning is light-hearted and much easier than the journey up. The sun high in the sky, the perfectly smooth snowbanks reflect the bright light of day, nearly blinding if you gaze at them too long. Shouto trudges through the knee-deep snow ahead of you, creating footholds for you to step into with more ease.
Without the heavy storm from the former night, it’s easier to see where the pair of you are going, and you make your way down to the sloping foothills of the mountain in good time. The expedition feels less cumbersome without the icy storm biting into your body, but also because Shouto talks with you the entire time. He touches your waist, holds your hand for a moment too long when he offers you his support, and grins at you without restraint. Your heart races at every interaction, giddiness trickling through your veins.
When the pair of you finally reach the base of the mountain, you’re greeted by the rest of your team. They’ve set up a makeshift camp a short distance from the mouth of the trail, just through a small spattering of trees.
Relief surges through you at the sight of your coworkers, your eyes widening and your foot automatically taking a step toward the group. But Shouto grabs your wrist, spinning you around and pulling your body close to his. The weather isn’t nearly as freezing at the bottom of the mountain, and the heat that rushes into your cheeks at the action is much more noticeable. His arm wraps around your waist, leading you to the side of the path slightly and blocking your figures with the trees.
“Y/N,” Shouto starts, eyes cast toward the side and a boyish blush on his cheeks. The sight of him so hesitant makes your stomach drop; you’re not accustomed to seeing the pro hero anything but confident and collected. Yet his voice is still just as deep and calm as he speaks, despite his flustered disposition. “Before we rejoin the team, I wanted to ask you something.”
You place your hand on his chest, fighting your bashful demeanor to comfort the man before you. “Shouto? What is it?” Head tilted to the side, your fingers spread and retract over his coat, smoothing over the stiff material there.
Hearing you call him by just his name makes him smile warmly, his stare flickering to your hand on his chest. “I know this is kind of backwards, but… I wanted to know if you’d like to have dinner with me,” he chokes out, shocked that the words come out sounding effortless and suave. “I want the chance to show you that last night was more than just sex to me.”
The rock-like feeling in your stomach dissipates, your frown melting into a timid smile. He wants to have dinner with you— a date! Last night meant something more to him; he wants to spend more time with you. Your heart swells in your chest and you nod eagerly. “Yes!” You nearly shout before you attempt to reign in your eagerness, “I mean— yes, I would— I would really like that, Shouto.”
The grin that splits across his face is more blinding than the snowbanks. It makes butterflies swarm your tummy and you can’t help but smile in return. He chuckles and the arm around your waist tightens, your body pressing against his. His lips graze your forehead and your breath catches in your lungs, a soft laugh falling from your lips.
Shouto holds you for a moment before he lets you go, dusting off his gloved hands on his pants. The faint pink drains from his cheeks, his usual indifferent expression sliding back onto his face. “Alright, let’s join the team, then,” he gestures for you to move back onto the path, and you take a step forward in front of him. A strangled noise of surprise catches in his throat when you press your lips to his in a quick, gentle kiss.
You pull away and examine his bright red cheeks, two-toned eyes wide and lips parted slightly, clearly unexpecting your sudden affection. You laugh at him, taking his wrist and tugging his stiff body back into the camp’s line of vision. Shouto seems to recover rather quickly, pinching your ass as you begin walking toward the camp. You’re about to swat at him, but your coworker notices the two of you approaching, and begins to run toward the pair of you. You shoot him a playful glare and he only smirks.
The team of fellow heroes pulls the two of you apart, fussing and showering you with a million questions— but you don’t really pay attention to any of them. Your eyes meet a blue and gray gaze through the commotion, and even without a raging storm to freeze your bones, your heart fills with warmth once again. 
  ─── ・°* ゚✧:* • 。゚:*・☽・*: 。゚•*:✧ ゚*°・ ───
o my frickin god you guys i cannot believe this fic turned into such an absolute monster. 11k words— i am so mf extra. i hope it was worth it though, please lemme know if you wanna be trapped in an igloo with shou too LOL 🤪🥶🥵
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justabstractthings · a year ago
“You’ve always got me” | Todoroki x Reader
Pairing: Todoroki Shoto x Reader
Warnings: Angst. You have been warned. (But it’s also a bit fluffy so there’s a little cushion there for ya)
A/N: So this is the same Todo angst I deleted earlier. I freaked out and deleted it. So deep breaths and let’s try this again. I didn’t change much of it for those of you who read it before. Maybe a few word changes here or there, but still the same storyline. I still think it’s trash. Todo trash angst. Oh welp. Enjoy!
Word count: 4.9k
Tumblr media
When you were little, you’ve always wondered what was behind the tall wooden fence that surrounded the biggest Japanese style house in your neighborhood. You’ve tried many times to climb and see over the fence, but it always seemed impossible. You’ve tried listening, and it was so quiet that you almost thought no one lived there. You’ve seen a few people come in and out of the gates, but they would leave so quickly before you could see their faces. 
Until one day, you were out playing by yourself and you heard sobbing coming from the other side. You were apprehensive at first. Who would be crying on a beautiful day like this? You approached the fence where the cries were heard the loudest.  “Hello?”
You heard a gasp and shuffling sounds. “Who-Who is it?” It sounded like a boy. Why would a boy be crying? That’s odd. You introduced yourself and smiled when the sniffling sound got quieter. “What’s your name?” you asked.
“To-Todoroki. Todoroki Shoto. I’m five years old,” the voice whispered.
“Me too!” you exclaimed. You excitedly slammed your hands against the wood and that surprised the boy at the other side. “Do you want to be my friend, Todoroki-san?”
“W-Why?” Todoroki asked.
“Well, you sound like you could use a friend right now. Why were you crying anyway?”
“I-I..” Todoroki began to cry again and you didn’t want to make your new friend cry.
“Please don’t cry! I’m sorry!” You tried to console him until the crying began to quiet down into light sniffles again. “It’s okay. I’ve got you, so don’t cry, okay?” You tried to peer through the slits of the fence. All you could see was white and red. 
“Okay,” Todoroki whispered. 
“Do you want to play with me, Todoroki-san?”
“I can’t right now. I have to go train soon.” Train? What would he be training for? Maybe it’s just like the ballet classes your mom is signing you up for. 
“Oh okay! Maybe we can play tomorrow!”
There was silence for what seemed like the longest time. You weren’t sure if your new friend was still there or not until he spoke. “I would really like that.” 
You shouted in excitement and promised to be back tomorrow to play with him. As you began to tell him what games you could play, a shout scared both of you to silence. Todoroki stuttered an apology and ran away from the fence. You stood there for a few minutes. Sad that your new friend had to go, but happy that you had a new friend. 
After that fateful afternoon, you and Todoroki would meet at the same spot and at the same time to play and talk. You learned that his quirk was half-cold half-hot which meant one side was ice and the other side of fire. It was really cool. Both of you talked about your favorite heroes and what kind of heroes both of you wanted to be. He also said that he has three older siblings but he couldn’t really play with them. You asked him why and he said he was too busy training with his father. You asked him what he was training for. He wasn’t really sure except that his father wanted him to be better. You told him that that’s stupid. He should just be himself and be happy. Todoroki said he was happy to hear you say that but asked if you could stop asking about training. You started telling him about school and all the weird things that happen and that made him laugh. 
You liked his laugh. You loved spending time with him even more. 
However, it didn’t last very long. 
One day, he stopped coming. You waited for what seemed like hours until you had to go back for dinner. Maybe Todoroki couldn’t play today. You told yourself you would try again tomorrow.
You came back the next day and the day after that, but he never came.
You didn’t see Todoroki for two weeks. You missed him. You were back to staring at the fence and wondering if anybody was still behind the fence. Did Todoroki leave without saying goodbye? Did he think you were annoying just like everyone else? Were you not friends anymore?
Like every day, you went to the fence to wait for him, but you didn’t expect to see the sight before you.
There on your spot was a boy hunched over with his head buried into his knees. He was audibly crying. His shoulders shaking as he hugged his knees closer to himself. You knew who he was by the color of his hair.
“Shoto? What’s wrong?” You crotched in front of Todoroki, waiting for him to lift his head up.
It wasn’t for another few minutes until Todoroki’s cries turned into sniffling and he lifted his head up. “What happened to your face?” you exclaimed. There was a bandage wrapped around the left side of his face. It was wet from all the crying. 
“Mama threw hot water at my face and Father got angry. Father told me that he made Mama go away for hurting me.” Little by little, you felt the air beside you get warmer. Little by little, you noticed Todoroki getting angry as he glared into the ground. “But it wasn’t her fault. Mama did nothing wrong. It was all his fault. He did this. It’s all his fault.” 
In an instant, Todoroki’s left side went aflame. You gasped away from the heat. Todoroki had tears streaming down the right side of his face while large flames roared to life on his left side. 
You didn’t know what to do. You’ve never seen Todoroki like this. You’ve always been fascinated by this quirk. But right now, it frightened you. You flinched away as the flames licked closer to you. The flames could hurt you, but your best friend was hurting even more. 
You pulled Todoroki into a hug without thinking. You gritted your teeth when you felt the flames cover your right arm. You buried your face into his right side to keep yourself from screaming out loud. It hurt so much. 
Then it was gone. Todoroki stopped his flames and cried out when he saw the identical burn on your right arm. “Why? Why did you do that?”
“I always feel better if someone gives me a hug.” You tried to smile at Todoroki but it came out as a grimace as tears escaped your eyes. “Don’t worry. I’ve got you.” That was the last thing you said until the pain caused you to pass out. The last thing you remember was Todoroki calling for your name as your mind slowly faded into darkness.
You didn’t see Todoroki for months after that.
When you woke up the next day, you had bandages wrapped around your right arm. The doctors said you had really bad burns on your arms and that it would leave a scar. You didn’t care about that. You wanted to know if Todoroki was okay. None of the adults could answer your question.
You left the hospital after a few days and went straight to the fence, hoping that Todoroki would be there waiting for you. You missed him while you were at the hospital and you wanted to tell him that you would be okay, that you were still best friends. But all you saw was a spot of burnt wood where Todoroki was sitting. 
Just like before, you would go back to the fence every day to see Todoroki. But he never came. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. You tried to peer through the fence. You tried listening for his voice. You tried calling for him. Nothing.
Until one day, you saw someone leaving the house. You excitedly ran to the corner of the fence, hoping to see the boy you’ve been waiting for. There he was. He was walking behind a very large and tall man, but that didn’t stop you from calling out to him. “Shoto!”
They both stopped walking, but Todoroki was the only one who turned around. You were about to run to him and tell him that everything was okay and that you were okay, until you saw his eyes. Your bright smile crumpled when you saw an unrecognizable look in Todoroki’s eyes. You had never seen Todoroki like this and it scared you. You felt the scar on your arm burn as you shrunk under Todoroki’s intense eyes. 
Todoroki didn’t expect to see you today. It surprised him when he heard you call out for him. But you shouldn’t have. He turned to tell you to go away until he saw the bandages wrapped around your arm. It made his chest tighten. He did that to you. Todoroki bit his lip and turned away without a word. You would understand. You didn’t need him in your life. It would be better this way for you. Todoroki wasn’t going to end up hurting you like his father did to his mother. 
For the next few years, you and Todoroki rarely saw each other. It always ended up with Todoroki either avoiding eye contact, glaring at you, or turning the other away. You eventually stopped waiting for Todoroki by the fence. Every day you waited was heartbreaking. You didn’t understand when it started. 
Maybe it was your fault for being too scared to speak up to him that one day. Or were you too clingy? Were you a bad friend? Did he hate you? All these thoughts began swirling around your head until it became too much for you to the point where you forgot about your friendship with Todoroki. 
It was for the best.
After a particularly normal day at your new high school, you decided to take a short walk around the neighborhood. Subconsciously, you found yourself walking by the fence. It was still a bit too high for you, but it wasn’t as enticing to see over the fence as it did when you were younger. You knew people lived there and people who live surrounded by a fence tended to keep to themselves. 
As you rounded the corner, you stopped in your tracks. A sense of deja vu overcame you. There was that boy again, hunched over with his head tucked close to his knees. You haven’t seen him in so long. But you would recognize the color of his hair anywhere.
Todoroki widened his eyes and looked up. There you were standing over him in the exact same spot ten years ago. You were dressed in your high school uniform. As his eyes traveled up, he saw your arm. He felt his throat tighten as he studied the identical burns both of you shared. Darker than your natural skin tone. A blemish to remind him of his actions years ago. His fire caused it. It was his fault. 
Todoroki remained silent as he stared at you. Not entirely sure what he could say to someone he considered a friend so very long ago. But he didn’t have to.
Before he could make a move to leave, you plopped yourself down a few feet away from him to create a comfortable space between the two of you. Todoroki’s eyes trained to your movements while you began drawing on the ground. 
“I saw you on TV today.” She saw him use his fire. “You looked so cool.” She saw him use his fire on Midoriya. “I can’t believe how strong you are, Todoroki-san.” She saw him use his fire that burned her arm ten years ago. “Are you okay?” She-what?
Todoroki stared at you in disbelief. You looked over at him with a small frown on your face and genuine concern. Something he hasn’t seen in years. Maybe from his older sister, but he rarely spoke to her as it is. 
“Are you okay?” You asked again.
“I’m fine,” Todoroki said hesitantly.
“If you want to, we can talk about it.” You saw the grimace in his face. “Or, you can sit there and I’ll talk.” 
After a moment, you broke the silence. “I forgave you.” 
Todoroki scoffed at those words. Maybe he would have felt relieved when he heard those words a few years ago, but now, confusion and anger filled his heart. You shouldn’t forgive him. You shouldn’t forgive the monster that burned your arm. The monster that turned into the very thing he resented the most. “Why?” he asked curtly.
Todoroki watched as you ran a hand along the burn that covered your whole arm. “I never blamed you in the first place. You were hurting and I wanted to save you. I just wanted to see you smile again. That’s what friends are for, right? I’ve always got you.”
There. That smile. It was the same smile you flashed at him whenever both of you would spend afternoons together. It was the same smile that made him feel better after the long training sessions with his father. It was the same smile you had even after he burned your arm. It was the same smile that never failed to make his chest swell, even ten years later. But he wasn’t going to tell anybody that.
For years, Todoroki has had deep burning anger raging inside of him. Most of the time, it was directed at his father. Unfortunately, his anger spread towards other people as well. He was angry at the world, plain and simple. Angry that he had such an abusive father. Angry that he was the cause of his mother’s departure. Angry that he burned you.
However, for the first time in years, he felt no anger. There was a different kind of fire coursing through his veins. It was warm, soothing, and familiar. Almost like his mother’s embrace, but different at the same time. 
Todoroki doesn’t remember the last time he genuinely smiled. Although it was small, it was a smile nonetheless. Earlier today, he was unsure of the path that he should take after his fight with Midoriya. Everything was so confusing. But as Todoroki listened to your words, he understood what he needed to do. But first, he would pay a visit to his mother and, hopefully, see her smile again.
Both you and Todoroki spent the rest of the day talking. For Todoroki’s case, it was more grunting and a single word here and there. You talked about the Sports Festival of UA (with Todoroki interjecting a bit about his classmates), the new ballet studio you’ve been practicing in, and just anything you could really think of. It was as if the time you and Todorki spent apart never existed. Although there was a bit of social awkwardness on his part, Todoroki welcomed your presence as your smile radiated a sense of warmth and relief in his heart.
At this very moment, kindling feelings roared back to life. Whether you and Todoroki realized it or not. 
A few years passed.
Todoroki was a hero in training at his father’s hero agency, making a name for himself and securing a spot at the agency after graduation, which is in a few weeks. 
While it wasn’t as frequent as it was when you were kids, you still met him by the fence and talked about anything and everything. You listened to his stories about his classes, friends, hero in training work, and everything in between. You were there through it all. You became the best of friends. 
But it never escalated more than that.
And that was okay.
After a long day at school, you usually spent a few hours practicing at the ballet studio until it was late at night. The same ballet studio that was conveniently right next door to a small grocery store. As you stepped out of the studio with your dance bag draped across your chest, you decided to stop by the little store to grab snacks on the way home.
It was late at night. The store was empty except for the employees and a few night owls. You bee-lined for the instant ramen that was near the back of the store. As you turned around the corner, you ran into something hard that let out a deep grunt. You almost lost your balance as you felt arms grab your waist. Your own hands automatically grabbed onto anything to keep you still. You were about to snap and recoil back until you looked up.
Heterochromatic eyes looked down at you with a neutral stare. 
“Shoto, you’re here,” You exclaimed as a smile immediately stretched across your face, hoping that he didn’t feel your heart leaping out of your chest. You haven’t seen each other in a while because of your schedules and graduation looming around the corner. “What are you doing here?”
“Soba.” Oh, yeah. The soba and ramen were in the same aisle. “Are you okay?”
You felt a light pressure on your hips and you were instantly hyper-aware that Todoroki basically had his hands on your hips as he prevented you from falling early. You stepped back as you tried to hide the blush on the face. While Todoroki was pretty perceptive when it came to heroics, you were lucky he was as dense as a board with everything else.
You gulped and clutched your bag tighter. “Oh yeah, I’m fine. Just getting some snacks.”
As both of you paid for your items, you felt Todoroki’s unwavering stare on your back. After a long day, it took everything you had to keep your heart racing from your chest.
After exiting the store, you and Todoroki took an evening stroll towards the direction of your houses. Like always, you both caught up with each other. You told him all about the dance studio, your classes, and your plans to attend a prestigious dance program in Tokyo immediately after graduation. You told him you would be leaving in a few weeks. You asked him about his hero training, but as always, he kept it short and brief. You didn’t understand much of the logistics, but you liked hearing Todoroki’s soothing voice. 
During your walk, you heard the restraint in Todoroki’s voice. While other people may not hear any differently, you were his best friend for years. You’ve always had a sixth sense for things like this, especially when it came to the man next to you. Something was bothering Todoroki, but you weren’t going to push him until he was ready to tell you.
With the silence and coolness of the night creating a tranquil atmosphere, you stood under a street light on the corner of the familiar fence. Memories of afternoons spent with Todoroki encased in one area. There were good memories as you remembered the amount of laughter and smiled both of you shared. Dark scars peaked from under your sleeve as you were reminded of the bad memories. But you wouldn’t want to change a thing because they were all spent with Todoroki. 
You didn’t realize you zoned out until Todoroki called for your name.
“Sorry. Were you saying something?” You asked as you looked up at Todoroki. You had to strain your neck back. When did he get this tall?
“Are you free tomorrow?” Todoroki asked.
“I have to help out at the studio tomorrow, but I can meet you after. Why?”
Todoroki audibly gulped and looked off to the side. “I would like to talk.”
You cocked your head to the side. “I mean, we’re talking right now. Why not just-” Todoroki gave you a look. Different kind of talk. You clamped your mouth shut and nodded. “Okay. We can talk tomorrow. Pick me up at 7 at the studio, ok?”
Todoroki gave you a curt nod. Before he could make a move to leave, you grabbed his jacket sleeve. Todoroki stared at you expectantly as you looked down on your shoes. 
You gulped and smiled at your best friend. “If there’s something bothering you, you can tell me. I’ve got you, Shoto.”
Todoroki didn’t say a word as he turned and entered his childhood home. 
And that was okay. 
You told yourself that whatever Todoroki wanted to talk about tomorrow, good or bad, you would always be there for him. Because that’s what best friends do for each other. Feelings or not.
And that was okay.
You weren’t going to deny that you held feelings for your childhood friend. You had heart pounding, heart aching, breathtaking, mind jumbling, and gut-wrenching feelings for the heterochromatic man. Albeit unrequited, they were there. You weren’t sure when it started but you knew they’ve always been there. 
And because they existed, you did everything you could to keep them locked away. You told yourself that Todoroki only saw you as a friend and nothing more. You didn’t want to ruin the relationship you had with him. You were just friends.
And that was okay.
You’ve got him and he’s got you. 
Even during long patrols and villain attacks, Todoroki could not get your doe-eyed expression out of his head. Even when he closed his eyes, all he could see was your warm smile. His father and the sidekicks noticed his distraction the whole day, but he dismissed their questions and continued on. This was between him and you and the thought of talking to you tonight gave him more motivation to finish his day.
When he returned to his father’s agency, he quickly took a shower and changed into his civilian clothes. It wouldn’t take him too long to get back home if he took the train. He was nervous to say the least. As Todoroki gripped the rails, he could feel his right hand getting unusually sweaty as his throat became dry. He needs to tell you before you leave for Tokyo. Before it was too late. 
His heart raced as he glanced at his watch. It was already a quarter past seven. When the train doors opened, he quickly moved through the station and ran home. 
Todoroki felt his heart thump against his chest. 
He was finally going to tell you. After hours of talking to his sister and friends, they helped him understand his feelings towards you. He explained to them how his chest tightens and swells every time he sees your smile, how he feels the need to freeze and burn whatever causes you to cry, and how he always gets this warm and soothing feeling every time both of you are right by each other. Todoroki wasn’t going to deny that his lack of social skills delayed this discovery, but he wasn’t going to wait any further.
For years, he was controlled by the hatred he held towards his father. But for the past three years, he was able to understand what kind of man and hero he wanted to be. He was not going to follow in his father’s footsteps. He was not going to lose you like he lost his mother all those years ago. He was not going to let you go. 
While he doesn’t have a deep understanding of these, according to his sister and friends, “romantic feelings” towards you, he knew he wanted to see your smile every day. He knew he wanted to see your eyes light up every time you talked to him. He knew he wanted to be with you for the rest of his life. 
This was his choice. Not his father’s. His decision. Not his father’s.
All he needs to worry about is how to tell you. Thankfully, he practiced. In his head, of course. 
Todoroki could hear fire sirens resounding throughout the area. Even from a distance, he could see smoke rising in the sky. His hero instincts kicked in as he raced through the crowds of onlookers. A million thoughts ran through his head at the kind of danger that occurred in his neighborhood. Due to his training at UA and at Endeavor’s agency, he already had a strategy for any kind of scenario. 
One thought, in particular, kept popping into his head: You. 
Where were you? Still at the studio? At home? Were you mad at him for being late? Were you safe? 
Todoroki shook his head as he tried to focus on the chaos ahead of him. He didn’t have time to think about you right now. He was a hero in training. He needed to keep everyone safe. You would understand. 
Smoke and ash rained down on the area, making it even more difficult to navigate under the starry night sky. Until he saw the fire, dazzling bright and raging against the darkness of the night. Fire escaped through the broken windows as firefighters and heroes tried to contain and extinguish the flames. Some were helping people evacuate out of the building. In a heartbeat, Todoroki would have rushed into the fray and helped as much as he could.
But his heart didn’t beat. He heard nothing, felt nothing. All he could focus on was the fire blazing into the night sky and the building. Your building. Your dance studio. The studio that was currently burning in front of his eyes. 
Todoroki searched the crowd for your face. Just a glimpse. A glimpse would ease the heavyweight in his chest. Just a glimpse of your smile. Todoroki could hear his heart pounding in his ears as he trailed his eyes along the crowds. 
You weren’t there. 
Todoroki felt bile rise up his throat as an unnerving feeling settled in his stomach. Never had Todoroki felt this way before. Not when he fought the tough adversaries. Not even when his father would brutally train him as a child. This was a different kind of fear. 
The fear of losing something precious.
He needed to move. But as much as he tried to, it felt like his legs were locked in place. “Move, dammit,” Todoroki whispered to himself. He felt an impossibly heavyweight in his chest. Todoroki clenched his fists as water streamed down his face. He needed to move. 
“MOVE!” Todoroki screamed as he raced into the burning building. He ignored the cries of the heroes as he felt the fires licking his skin. Todoroki kept a hand on his nose and mouth as he searched in everyone he could access. He needed to be careful. While his left side was practically immune to the flames, he couldn’t use his right side in case he accidentally freezes you. Any ice structure he makes would be instantly melted by the fire.
As Todoroki made his way to the back of the building, he called for your name again and again. He strained his ears to hear anything but the crackling of the fire. He knew he could not stay inside any longer. His lungs were burning as he tried to conserve as much oxygen as he could.
He’ll be damned if he didn’t get to talk to you. Didn’t get to tell you how he really felt. You’ve saved him countless times as children. He was not going to give up until he saved you and he saw your smile again. 
When he reached the last room, he could hear a slight banging noise. Like steel against steel. It was constant. It was there. He called for you again and his heart leaped out of his chest.
He heard your faint voice. You were on the other side of the door. 
Todoroki tried pushing the door open, but it would not budge. He checked to make sure the burning structures around him were stable enough. He froze the beams around the door. Hopefully, it would buy him some time before it melted away. 
With his left shoulder, Todoroki used all of his body weight to force the door open. With one big push, the door opened with a loud bang as more smoke escaped from the room. Todoroki scanned the room for any sign of you. He was sure you were here. You had to be.
Todoroki stopped in his tracks when he finally saw you. Without a moment’s notice, Todoroki pulled your unconscious body away from the fire. He needed to get you out of the building as soon as possible. The hot and cold user ducked as low as he could to avoid any more smoke inhalation. You felt so light, so weak in his arms. Your head tucked into his chest. Todoroki was determined to save you.
When he finally stepped out of the building, heroes and medics surrounded him. He coughed as fresh air filled his lungs. He ignored the people around him as his eyes focused on you. 
He called for your name. His heart dropped little by little every time you wouldn’t answer his calls. It felt like centuries passed until you fluttered your eyes open. Your vision was fuzzy but you recognized the red and white colors instantly.
“Shoto,” you whispered, throat hoarse from the smoke.
Todoroki gasped and pulled you against his chest. “I’ve got you. I’ve got you, okay? I’ve got you.” Todoroki kept repeating those same words as if they were a life-saving mantra. 
You felt Todoroki’s strong presence surround you. Warm and inviting. Cool and relieving. You weakly pushed against his chest to look at him. Soot covered parts of his face and the tears streamed down his face. You lifted a hand to wipe the tears away from his scarred face.
 “You’ve always got me, Shoto. My hero.”
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six feet apart || todoroki shouto
Tumblr media
Pairing: Todoroki Shouto x Female!Reader Warnings: Smut (18+), Mutual Masturbation Word Count: 2356 A/N: This is a part of the bnharem kink experimentation collab that can be found here! Please be sure to check out everyone else’s amazing work! I’ve listed the kink I chose in the warnings, please let me know what you think! ❤️ also tagging @brattyquirks​ cause she asked to be tagged ily
Tumblr media
It had been ten days since Japan had ordered the entire country into mandatory quarantine, only providing essential employees authorization to leave their homes for work. You were one of those the government deemed essential, being a registered nurse in one of Tokyo’s largest hospitals. Ten days since the pandemic began to sweep the nation and you were put to work for almost all of it. You could manage taking naps in the staff’s office, cold showers, and swapping your diet to hospital food, but you were beginning to miss the company of your longtime partner, Todoroki Shouto.  
He had been advised under strict ruling by the Hero Commission to follow quarantine protocols unless absolutely needed, which in turn meant he was spending a majority of his time in your shared apartment by his lonesome. When the opportunity struck, you would facetime him and shoot him brief text messages, but it was always few and far between. 
Just as you longed for Shouto, he was just as antsy for you to return home. With nothing but time on his hands the pro-hero found himself bored out of his goddamn mind. Television was uninteresting, video games grew repetitive, and overall he was tired of being by his lonesome. Shouto understood wholeheartedly that you were most needed at the hospital, but the selfish side of him wanted to storm over to your job and snatch you up over his shoulder to bring you home. 
Retreating to your shared bedroom, he threw himself onto the large bed and reached for his phone in hopes of a message from you lighting up both the screen and his sour mood. When no notifications appeared, he decided to take it into his own hands and ask you if you would be coming home today. 
Just as he went to click on the messaging icon, his thumb slipped and selected the next app over. His photo gallery illuminated on the screen, a collection of folders he made throughout the years appearing to him. There was one folder in particular that he hadn’t peeked at in some time, which was labeled with your name. 
Against his better judgement, he tapped on the folder and watched as it expanded with a multitude of photographs of you throughout the years. Many were innocent, from photos he had taken of you candidly while on dates to silly videos of you around the apartment, they all held special memories in Shouto’s heart. 
What caught his attention next was a photo he had taken of you only a few months ago, your mouth stuffed with his cock. Drool has begun to accumulate as it spilled past your bottom lip, wide eyes peering up at both him and the lens. His breath caught in his throat as he recalled the memory, his sweatpants growing tighter in direct response. 
The next piece of media that he opened was a video this time, your hands and knees pressed firmly into the mattress as he pounded into you from behind. Shouto had aimed his cell phone in this video at the mirror adjacent from your bed, reflecting the debauchery for his phone to capture. 
“Dammit…” He cursed to himself as your soft pants projected out of the speaker, his cool hand slipping underneath his sweatpants. Palming his growing erection, Shouto continued to swipe through his collection with his other hand as his breathing grew heavier by the minute. 
Eventually, his phone slid from his grasp as it bounced against the mattress, his cock hastily yanked out of his sweats. It was only going to be quick, he told himself, just a way to pass the time. 
On the other hand, after ten days of working yourself to exhaustion, your supervisors instructed you to take a few days off to recuperate. The first thing you did before finishing your shift was text your boyfriend with renowned enthusiasm, using an obnoxious amount of emojis to express how escastic you were to have some time off. You weren’t surprised to receive nothing in response, hoping it would put a smile on Shouto’s lips when you saw him again.
It was also unsurprising to find the apartment rather quiet when you finally made it home, slowly pushing the door open as you stepped into the familiar space. You were just about to call out his name when a loud, elongated moan echoed down the hallway from your bedroom. 
Your legs moved faster than your brain, curiosity plaguing your body as you made your way down the hallway. With the pads of your fingers pressed to the bedroom door, you gently pushed it open only to find Shouto with his fingers curled around his cock. 
His eyes were squeezed shut in concentration, two-toned bangs sticking to the perspiration forming on his forehead. The temperature in the room rose as you watched him slowly stroke himself, your legs rubbing against one another as the heat began to pool in your panties.
“Shouto.” You whispered, a sly smirk forming on your lips as his mismatched eyes flew open to the sight of you across the room. He stopped his ministrations, attempting to meet your gaze with a stoic expression but the flush across his cheeks wasn’t doing him any favors. 
There was a stagnant pause before he finally spoke up, “I didn’t expect to see you today.”
“I sent you a text, babe.” You gestured to his phone that was face down only a few inches away from him, “Besides, what a nice surprise to come home to, hm?” 
Shouto pouted childishly, watching you as you slipped out of your scrubs and reached for your silk black robe. His eyes drank in the sight of you in just a bra and panties before you wrapped yourself up, his hand squeezing the base of his cock.
“Have you missed me, Shouto?” Your voice dripped with amusement as he waited with bated breath for you to join him on the bed and do something, anything to get him off.
Instead, you began to make your way over to the leather chair that was positioned in the corner, angled towards the queen-sized bed. 
“Y/N…” He warned, his eyes narrowed in your direction, “Join me on the bed.” 
You shook your head as you seated yourself on the cool cushion, the heels of your feet pressed into each side, “We’re supposed to be practicing social distancing, love. Haven’t you seen it on the news?”
“I don’t care, come over here now.” 
“I think they said six feet apart from each other?” Shouto easily could have stood up and slung you over his shoulder like he desired all those days you spent at work, but a part of him was entranced with curiosity to see what your intentions were. Specifically, his eyes trained themselves on the damp spot on your bright panties.
Your fingers came into his view as you toyed with the lacey material, slowly moving them to one side but snapping it back into place before he could truly see anything. His fist tightened around his shaft, waiting to see what your next move would be.
“Let’s try something...different tonight, Shouto…” Your hands reached up to undo the tie of your robe, removing the material just as quickly as you had put it on, “Stroke yourself for me.”
His eyes met yours again, one of his eyebrows raised as if to challenge your dominance, “Why should I?”
With a glimmer of mischief in your eyes, you answered by dipping your hand back down until your fingers slipped underneath your panties, refusing to give him a glimpse of your soaking wet folds. Your other hand reached up and pushed itself past your bra, squeezing the soft skin of your breast.
In all honesty, you were just as touch starved for his attention after spending so long away from him. Except, that didn’t stop you from dipping two fingers inside of your heat and watching the way his expression suddenly reflected yours. Eyebrows furrowed, lips parted with your tongue just barely peeking out over your bottom lip. 
You bucked your hips gently, falling into a smooth rhythm as you fucked yourself on your fingers. Shouto’s resolve was wavering, the sight of you touching yourself but being unable to actually see anything driving him insane. 
“I’ll take off my panties only if you start stroking yourself.” It was blatantly obvious to you what he desired, his eyes burning holes into the flimsy material. If only his eyes actually held the power to burn through your soiled panties...
With a heavy sigh of submission, Shouto began to move his hand up and down his length once more as you watched with utter glee. He kept an even pace, making sure to watch you as you stood up and removed the rest of your clothing before him. 
Your hands returned to their previous positions the moment you sat back down, toying with your pebbled nipples and stuffing three fingers inside of your wet cunt. Shouto made sure not to miss anything, adoring the soft moans that began to spill out of your mouth as you pleasured yourself.   
He was surprised though to hear you begin talking despite your debauched state, “Do you like watching me, babe?”
“Yes.” Quickening his pace, he noticed your juices began to dribble out of you and puddle onto the cushion, craving nothing more than to bury his face between your parted legs and get a taste for himself. There was something about watching instead of touching you himself that had him squeezing his shaft harder, though, “Fuck yes.”
Your half-lidded eyes made sure to meet his once more as you slowed down your ministrations, gathering a small pool of your own cum on your fingers before shoving them onto your tongue. With lips now closed around your digits, you hummed in satisfaction at the taste of yourself and the look of desperation on Shouto’s complexion. 
“Use your precum as lubricant, baby.” You instructed him after returning your fingers back to your heat, “You’ll be able to move your hand faster.”
He did as he was told, not having realized just how much oozed past the head of his cock. Shouto whined at how slick the sensation was, imagining his fist was your tight pussy clamping down on him instead. 
“That’s it, are you pretending I’m the one fucking you instead of your hand?” Your dirty talk was exactly what he needed, groaning at the mental image his mind was creating for him. 
The noises your pussy was making as you fingered yourself was only enhancing his imagination, “Please…Y/N…”
“Tell me Shouto, tell me what made you decide to touch yourself.” You wanted to know, the curiosity eating away at you since you first stepped into the bedroom.
“I was looking through pictures of you…” He admitted, bringing his unoccupied hand down to tug at his sensitive balls, “The one of you sucking me off, the video of me fucking you… shit I missed you.”
If you weren’t three fingers deep inside of yourself, you would have awed at the sentiment, “I missed you, too. I couldn’t stop thinking about how good it would feel to bounce on your cock; you always fill me up so good.”
“You’re such a tease.” He snapped, his hand stuttering as he grew infinitely closer to reaching his orgasm with the mental image engraved in his mind of you riding him.
You watched as his quirk began to act up, frost meeting the hot skin of his erection and melting away just as fast as it appeared due to his burning body temperature. Shouto found himself enjoying the sensation, letting out a low groan in pleasure.
No longer stimulating your breasts, you began to rub tight circles against your clit as your end was fast approaching with every succession. Shouto was practically panting from the bed, wishing he was the one between your shaking legs fucking you against the old chair. 
Your eyes squeezed shut as you tried to focus on bringing yourself over the edge, giving Shouto the perfect idea. Slowly throwing his legs over the edge of the mattress, he quietly began to walk over to the leather chair as you cried out his name. 
“Look at me.” He grunted once he was directly across from you, continuously stroking himself as he got a closer look at your trembling form. Your eyes snapped open and met his, his gaze intense as he hovered over you, “Are you close, princess?”
Your mind was spiraling with how quickly he turned things around on you, “Yes.”
“Good, you know if you would have listened to me earlier that could have been my tongue on your pussy instead of your fingers...what a shame.” Tears began to prick the corners of your eyes, a sign your impending orgasm was going to be powerful after so many days of pent up stress. 
Shouto found himself enjoying this, smirking to himself at how much his words alone had an effect on your body, “Come on, love, I want to see you cum to the thought of me.” 
Finally, with a choked out cry you came hard, remnants of your orgasm flowing out of your tight hole and spilling all over the cushion as you shouted his name like a mantra.
“Such a good girl.” He whispered, the sight alone triggering Shouto’s own orgasm. White ropes of cum landing on various parts of your sweaty figure as he let out a guttural moan at the feeling of finally getting off. 
The only sounds in the bedroom that could be heard was both of your heavy breathing, desperately trying to calm down after such intense orgasms. When you glanced up at Shouto’s cocky demeanor though, you knew the evening was far from over.
“You know, this isn't six feet apart from one another.” You teased, using your foot to push against his thigh. 
Shouto grabbed your ankle around his fingers in defense, tugging you nearly off of the chair, “I really don’t care, now let’s add more photos to my collection.”
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myherowritings · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
part 0 - introductions
— you’re an aspiring writer with a longtime crush on the ghost hunter on campus, todoroki shouto. when you two are paired up for a semester-long journalism project, you come up with the perfect, foolproof plan to get him to fall for you.
series masterlist
a/n: welcome to the start of a new chaotic smau 👀👀 ghosthunter!todo was in popular demand so ofc i had to deliver since he is the loml 😌💞 plus it’s a messy college au ayeee 🤟🏼 rated 16+ bc i make too many dirty jokes and talk about weed and alc shjdjdj proceed with caution !! can’t wait to start the au ahhHHHHH i hope y’all will enjoy !! 🥰 xx sof
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honeyyandere-archive · a year ago
Yandere erasermic, torodeku, and kiribaku hc's
(A/N) I love the concept of poly yanderes so I decided to write what I think would be the best poly yanderes to have
Warnings: stalking, possessive behavior, yandere themes, stalkhome syndrome, slight nsfw (it's barely there tho)
They are the most self-aware yanderes and understand that a lot of their yandere tendencies sadly aren't going to win their darling over. They’ll of course stalk you, trying to learn everything they can about you, all of your hopes and dreams, your fears, your secrets, they want to know it all. Hazashi and Aizawa will often times talk about how wonderful it’ll be when you finally come around, about how many kids you’ll have, what your official first date will be like, etc. They won’t kill anyone, they won’t lock you away (tbh Hazashi enjoys people knowing you three are together more so he can rub it into their face), as much as they want to and Aizawa getting very close to wrapping you and presenting you like a gift to his husband many times, it will in the end just scare you away. 
So they wait for the perfect opportunity to strike and make their way into your life and sweep you off your feet. By the time they do have you you’ll be so in love with them you won’t care about their odd and possessive behavior. Everybody will tell you there’s something wrong with them, that your relationship isn’t healthy, but you won’t see how. They are horrified by the thought of just yelling at you, much less hurting you. And they're not possessive, they're just being the protective heroes they should be. Not to mention how great the sex is, for once you don’t have to finish yourself off since they’re are so eager to bring you pleasure, they always seem to focus on you and how many times they can get you to scream their names. You figure people are just jealous, that’s what Hazashi and Aizawa tell you, and when have they ever lied to you?
Now unlike Aizawa and Hazashi, these two are extremely delusional and truly believe that you're already in love with them so they will end up kidnapping you. You soon found out that they stalked you for months already before they do, explaining why Deku has notebooks upon notebooks of things about you and Shouto being able to design your new bedroom to look identical to your old one. You also find out that they are complete push overs. They try to be strict and firm, they really do, but they just can’t. They love you so much, you’re their precious angel who fills them with so much joy it’s almost painful, they could never bring themselves to hurt you. Deku gets the closest to disciplining you, but the moment you shed a tear he'll instantly go cold and do everything he can to make you stop crying. With Shoto he doesn’t even get close, anytime he starts to do something, even if it in the slightest reminds him of how his father treated his mother he’s gonna stop. 
The first time you ran away, you hadn’t gotten very far when they caught you. They dragged you back while you kicked and screamed, Deku trying to softly comfort you so you calm down as Shouto quietly holds you tightly to him with an expression you can’t quite describe. When you get back you expected something horrible, you had already given up from exhaustion when they got into the house. They sat you on your bed and you braced yourself, trembling as squeeze your eyes shut, but Deku surprised you and pulled you into his lap as Shouto got a med kit and cleaned you up. Deku only muttered something about how one day your gonna realize that you love them before you all fall into a silence. Knowing that this won't be the last time you try to run away.
Bakugou by himself would be a horrible yandere to have, but with Kirishima thrown into the mix he becomes a lot more tolerable to deal with. Kirishima kind of acts as a defuser, when Bakugou gets tempted to lash out because you almost ran away or you keep flinching when he hugs you, Kirishima is there to help calm him down. He also made it easy for Bakugou to get closer to you in the beginning, Kirishima calm and friendly personality made it easy for him to convince you to let his boyfriend tag along when you hanged out together, telling you that Bakugou is a great guy once you get to know him.
You come to realize quickly that Kirishima is the only thing keeping Bakugou from blowing you to bits so you relax into a sense of security, but then one day you’re left alone with Bakugou with no sign of Kirishima coming back from work any time soon. You tried your best to behave or at least make sure no attention is drawn to you, only that pissed off Bakugou more. Cant you see that he clearly cares for you? Sure he has a temper, but that doesn't mean he dislikes you, he wouldn't kidnapped bring you home if he disliked you. He wanted to tell you this, but bakugou doesn't do well with feelings. When you two laid in bed that night with his arms wrapped around you and your back to his chest, you were stiff against him and unable to fall asleep.
“I’m not gonna hurt you dumbass so stop being weird. Besides, Kirishima didn’t convince me to have you as a girlfriend, we both wanted you.” It was blunt and oddly out of character, but in Bakugou’s mind that was the best way to get his feelings across. And you did relax so to him that was a win.
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