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emobabe · 8 days ago
Head cannons on how the MHA boys would react to kissing you 🥵
💣 Bakugou Katsuki 💣
— His kisses are commanding and deep.
— His hands are found in one of two places: cupping your ass or holding your face.
— He bites your lower lip a lot.
— He loves it when you place both of your hands behind his neck and stand on your tiptoes to kiss him. He finds it romantic even though he won’t admit it.
— Likes to give you little kisses on your collarbone and neck to mess with you.
— Likes whispering dirty comments to you while whispering in your ear. Sending chills up your spine.
— Moans when you tug his hair or bite his bottom lip back.
— He likes seeing you breathless it makes him feel like he accomplished something.
— Tastes like the darker tones of caramel.
— Passionate.
— Loves to go in deep with his tongue.
— At first, his kisses start off soft. But they quickly escalate as he cups your cheek and deepens the kiss.
— He pays a lot of attention to how you react to each of his little kisses. He takes his time to learn what things you like and once he learns that just him being near you makes you happy… He makes it his goal to make you feel like you’re on cloud nine every time you’re around him
— Leaves you feeling breathless.
— Shouto takes over all of your senses with one hand cupping your cheek and the other roaming down the side of your body, skimming past the swell of your breast and curve of your ass with a touch so light it’s almost to much to bare.
— He absolutely loves when you run your fingers through his hair.
— He whispers sweet nothings in your ear and tells you how amazing and beautiful you are between kisses.
— Todoroki is gentle, however, should never be mistaken for a calm and boring kisser. He knows just the way to put you on edge and leave you gasping from one touch of his cool fingertips against your bare skin. 
— Tastes like strawberries and cream.
🥦 Izuku Midoriya 🥦
— How he kisses depends on his mood.
— Deku will kiss you all over the place. Your cheeks, forehead, jaw, earlobe, neck.
— Deku loves giving and receiving neck kisses.
— When he finally gives you a proper kiss, he likes to nibble at the tip of your tongue. You never get used to it and your spine jolts each time it happens.
— There’s always playfulness in his eyes when he kisses you.
— Deku loves it when your hands are balled into little fists, clutching the front of his shirt as you try to deepen his light kisses. 
— He is a fan of making out in public. Before class, in the common room, in the dining hall. You’re always embarrassed by it but he loves showing you off and wants everyone to know he’s proud that you’re his.
— Playful and teasing, but sweet enough to let you know he loves you.
— Tastes like green tea with a hint of lime zest.
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amitaaa · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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~Summer 2019 🌻
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d3m0nwh0r3 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Istg if Hori will hurt him even more I’ll throw some hands, look at my sweet boy 🥺
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xlovla · 10 months ago
s/o on their period
Tumblr media
Summary: todoroki’s reaction to his lover being on their period. 
Pairing: todoroki x fem!reader
Word count: 915 
Warnings: swearing, body insecurity 
A/n: i just love the thought of the 1A boys caring for their girlfriend because they see her in pain and don’t care about her bleeding🥺
Tumblr media
You  and todoroki have been together for about two weeks and you two were very open about everything and i mean EVERYTHING. Varying from something as normal as not feeling good to something as awkward as your butt itching. So when you found out you were on your period you didn’t feel weird about telling him as a warning. You didn’t know if he would be weird about it or cuddle you because of it. 
You walk out of your shared apartment’s bathroom with a sad look on your face and he automatically knew something was wrong. He got off the couch fast a fucking LIGHTNING and went over to you. “whats wrong..? are your okay? Why do you look so sad?” He asked you so many questions you could hardly keep up.  You sit and stare at him wide-eyed as you try to comprehend what he was asking. After he was finally done interigating you, you told him that you were on your period. The poor boy just tilts his head and stares at you like a confused puppy. He knew what periods were because he has an older sister who would make him go out and buy her pads/ tampons and he didn’t have a problem with it. Only reason he cared was because he knew the mood swings and craving and pain it causes.
“oh.., d-do you need anything?” He asks you scratching the back of his neck. 
“no I’m pretty sure have everything, baby.” You tell him with a smile. You didn’t know if he was weirded out with the thought that you were bleeding from your area or if he just didn’t know what to say. 
Later that day you started to have your ✨mood swings✨ And worst of all you were mad. Mad at him, mad at yourself, mad at your phone for not being at 100%, mad at the food for not cooking itself. Just MAD. 
While you were sitting on the couch scrolling through your phone looking at the Instagram models sighing you started to feel insecure. Todoroki walked by the couch you were on and caught a glimpse of what you were looking at (a girl in a bathing suit). He sat down beside you and gave you a hug, you looked at him confused. “what?” you asked him a tad too harshly.
“i was just giving you a hug?”
“okay, but why?” 
“I saw wha-” you cut him off without meaning to and let out all your anger on him.
“ALSO you can’t be mad at me. Your the one who just came up and squeezed me.” After a few minutes of silence you realized what an ass you were and just looked over at him with tears in your eyes, and then you just collapsed onto him and basically screamed “IM S-SORRY FOR BEING A BITCH SHOTO! I LOVE YOU” you had to pause a couple times to sniffle and catch your breath.
“its fine.” 
A few days later you ran out of pads. And your stupid self didn’t realize it until you were on the toilet. “SHOTO!!!!” You yelled out, about three seconds later you heard the doorknob jiggle and then a muffled ‘what’ come from outside the bathroom door. “I’m out of supplies would you mind goIn to the store and getting me some? Ill pay you back.” You said in a normal tone forgetting that from outside the bathroom you cant hear shit. 
“What did you say?? I cant hear you.” He says back to you. The sentence was a bit quieter than it would have been from the thiCc door that was separating you and your boyfriend but you could tell what he said.
“IM OUT OF TAMPONS!!” You yell again to him
“do you want me to buy you some?” 
Todoroki was the type who wouldn’t be embarrassed of caring for his s/o because he doesn’t care about anyone’s opinions. So he basically threw on some shoes and left. When he got there your text conversation was PRICELESS! It went something like this: 
“where are they?”
 “Isle 4 on the left side. They come in the blue box.” 
“how big is your crotch?” 
“um what..?” you sat there (On the toilet) staring at your phone confused as fuckkk for a minute then remembered, “OH YOU MEAN HOW HEAVY IT IS LMAOO” 
“yeah what size”
When he went to buy them and his cashier gave him THAT look he just looked back at them with the same exact look just 10x more intense (like damn boy calm the hell down we don’t want to have to kill anyone right? ... RIGHT?!)
Overall he will treat you well when you are on your period and you don't have to hide anything about it from him like if you are scared you bled through your pad/ tampon u can ask him “hey babe can you check me? I think i bled through” and he will do it without hesitation. He will also buy you candy or anything else you might want from the store and you don’t have to worry about paying him back because its on endeavor’s card. If you are in a shitty mood he will give you either cuddles or space whatever YOU are in the mood for. 
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1primedj · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
@mvp_raiderette @raiderette_black_ice @raiderettelasfinest . . . #selfie #traveljournal #photooftheday #badass #mexico #shotoncanon #makeup #lifeofadventure #ClickClick #oakland #raidernation #legend #oaklandraiders #oneprimephoto #realtalk #life #beauty #raiderettesdoitbest💯 #TravelPhoto #RN4L #goodmorning #love #TheGlobeWanderer #TravelBlogger #Instago #ILoveTravel @raiders_de_la_baja @raiders_de_la_baja_tj @_losmastumbados @losmalososdemonterrey @losmalososdecancun @raider_donna @raiders_de_la_baja_tj @_losmastumbados @losmalososdemonterrey @losmalososdecancun @raider_donna
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broccoliking · a year ago
Everyone is assuming that Todoroki's fav disney movie would be Frozen. I disagree.
It would be Cindrella. The clasic animated one.
He would be around 7 when he managed to sneak and watch it while hiding. Why hiding?
Well as older sister let me tell you, that we (older siblings) don't really like hanging with younger, because they're the ones to get all the attention. So while Fuyumi and Natsu would be close, Shouto would be excluded from their fun time. He also didn't want endeavor to find him watching movie.
Both Sho and Cindrella had their mothers taken away from them and are stuck with abusive guardian.
Shoto would be moved to tears when he saw Cindrella get her happy ending, because it meant he would get one too.
So that night, before he went to sleep, he made himself a little ice sculpture. It was pumpkin carriage, just like the one from the movie. It would always remind him that he would eventually get his happy ending.
Now, years later at the sports festival he met this green haired boy who even though didn't know Shoto, helped him find/remember something important.
That day Todoroki Shoto was found by his prince.
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anxiousgoddest · a year ago
Sex is cool but....
imagine you and Shouto Todoroki being best friends and having one day of the week just for you two?
Like come with me my fellas
You and Shouto are best friends, and everyone think it's odd because it's like sponge Bob and Squidward being friends, but don't worry you two complete each other oddly well.
And once you guys hung out on your place to watch Mean girls because Shouto NEVER watched and you made your mission to set him free out of that bubble of ignorance.
And wear pink is a must
(Shouto looks GORGEOUS in pink and no other opnion but mine is right ajzjsnsmaks)
So it has become you ritual, you two wear pink on Wednesdays.
Now back to an headcanon that I had that Shouto likes kpop.
So one day you guys pass through a small shop wearing pink (he was wearing a pink hoodie and you had a pink bow on your head) while on the way to go to the market cuz you two got 2 tickets to get soba (don't full yourself honey Shouto gonna have both aksknssmskk).
And it was playing Boy with Luv by BTS.
The song was happy and catchy so you guys went inside, I mean, why not?
The music was coming from a just dance device, and you LOVE dancing so you dragged you bff to dance with you.
(it wasn't hard actually, as long as you were having fun Shouto as pretty much in)
And like, you love you poker face of a friend.
You really do.
But you would be lying if you said that you didn't want to smash his head against the wall that day
So since that day, every Wednesday you two wear pink AND goes to that store because you never gonna give up on trying to get back your dignity that you lost that day.
Your names are on top list, with Shouto on first and you on second.
Seeing on name in that position never fails to enrage you.
And while you blind by competitiveness Shouto is by you side appreciating the determination of his best friend.
He feels tempted to let you win (not like he exactly knows how to without making it obvious because he himself doesn't know how he's so good at it) but he knows better, he's aware that you're smart and you would notice and he knows that this anger that you feel is just friendly competition but if he ever does that you would feel really offended.
And of course he doesn't want to lose his only best friend.
So he patiently waits for the day (that you claim it will be the day the sky will smile upon you) to just see your happy face.
And what do you guys do after that bloody battle of just dance?
Go back to school duh lunchbreak is over dumbasses
And since you tend to get too excited over dancing it often leads you to to be a hot 5 minutes late to class with your panting for air and all sweaty while Shouto is just '---'.
(Whackass hoe he uses his icy powers cheating mf)
And of course you two always earn that good ol glare from Mr Aizawa, a scolding from Iida and some giggles from the bakusquad.
And when school is over??
Well since it's a free day for both of you, you two intercalate to either go to his place or your place.
And let me tell you Fuyumi LOVES YOU
She thinks your so cute and funny and she likes how good you are to Shouto.
(definitely ships you two aksnsnsm)
And Natsuo also likes you too, he likes your jokes and how you are good to make uncomfortable situations funny.
Like once Endeavor and he was arguing and for a moment they stopped arguing having those awkwards moments of silence between yelling and you were at the couch with Shouto watching crappy terror movies.
You were so uncomfortable and Shouto had that serious expression in his face, and you knew you needed to do something for your friend.
So you turned to him and put a hand on his shoulder and said.
"It's like once a very wise man said Shouto." And that make him turn at you confused witch made you smile (little did you know that Enji and Natsuo turned to look at you too curious and confused).
And so you said "It izzz what it izzz"
You made Shouto choke on nothing trying to hold his laugh.
Natsuo didn't gave a flying fuck busting into laughter.
Even Fuyumi was giggling in the kitchen.
And por Enji was there confused mumbling "Who said that?" (And ever the calming and patience person answer him saying "Tiktok sir" and he just like "oh" in witch made the boys truly lose it because their father was probably thinking it was a person not an app of videos).
In moments like this Shouto is really glad to have you on his side, because he knew that no matter what you would always have his back.
Either to make him laugh, to dance or to jump at him happy yelling about having two soba tickets, or to simply give him the "Awkward Hug", you always are a welcome distraction.
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elshoots · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Illumination at its very best . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #neon #neonlights #cycle #bike #cycling #cyclinglife #cyclingshots #cyclingphotos #cyclingpics #night #dark #darkmood #blue #blackandblue #nightphotography #nightshooters #nightphoto #nightout #photography #shotoncanon #canoncanada #urbanjungle #urbanoutfitters #urbanphotography #urban #cityclixks #citygram #city #cityscape (at Toronto, Ontario)
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ciaonihon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Canon: Photo by @lace.andersen: "I love visiting locations close to home, this spot is ...
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thewhimsybookworm · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Look up. Beautiful ceilings at The Coochbehar Palace. November, 2019. . . . #lookup #photodump #ceiling #ceilingdesign #colours #places #interiordesign #travelphotography #indiatravel #vsco #vscoindia #pursuepretty #darlingdaily #nothingisordinary #latergram #shotoncanon #art #travel #indiatravel #onlyinbengal (at Cooch Behar The Royal City)
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jshutterbug92 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Model: Brandy @brandysbliss Photographer: Me @jshutterbug92 Location: Peterborough, Ontario Date: Friday, July 30, 2021 | Thank you Brandy for showing me a bit of Peterborough. It was a lot of working with you and I hope to do so again more often. The sun and clouds were messing with us this day, but it helped to get a nice variety of shots. #model #modeling #peterboroughontario #peterborough #ontario #ontariophotographer #photographer #photo #photography #photoshoot #torontophotographer #canada #canonrebelt7i #canonrebel #shotoncanon #canoncanada #instagram #naturallightphotography #naturallight #outdoors #outdoorphotography #canon #canonphotography (at Peterborough, Ontario)
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