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#shoulder angel

Just a little bit of silliness that’s been running through my head, not to mention an excuse to draw evil Odile again.

Odile’s “good” side looks like her gf because A) She’s the only reason Odile stopped being evil in the first place, B) Odile doesn’t actually think she’s capable of being good C) Odile runs all of her morality through a “what would my girlfriend do” filter, or D) all of the above.

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Pathfinder art dump for the week


Me Me, from the one shot game, gets her sorcerer class from the demon in her head. The demon only speaks Abyssal and Me Me does not.


Also one-shot related. Before Odile became true neutral, got a girlfriend, and started following Desna, she was a neutral evil gaurd for House Vexidyre in the Darklands.


And in Age of Ashes, our half-orc can get REALLY big, at which point more often than not the shorty squad end up on his shoulders.

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This is for cmara’s Shoulder Angel and Devil Contest on DeviantArt:

Gulper isn’t sure if he would ever drink the soda and go on a rampage, causing his shoulder angel and devil to appear and convince him.

Drawn on Comic Workshop 2.

Gulper © Activision

Comic Workshop 2 © Collavier

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