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#shouta aizawa

Glad you like the AU! I’ll be focusing mainly on Shouta and Hizashi in this ask considering they seem to be who you’re mainly asking about. 
They were first captured at the ages of 16 (Hizashi and Shouta) and the age of 17 (Oboro).
Shouta was in the fighting pits until he was probably about 25 and was considered a “Champion” by his handlers. He saved by Yuuei Zoo at 25 was was there until around 31 then the Liberation Group struck their Zoo and freed the Hybrids there. 
Hizashi, meanwhile, was used as a stud in the breeding facility up until it was shut down when he was 30 and then was bought by Yuuei Zoo when they auctioned off the studs and breeders. He was then reunited with Shouta and then a year after that he was freed along with his mate by the Liberation Group. 
Oboro was in the Fighting Pits for only a few months before he was seriously injured and was considered no longer a usable Alpha and was sold to a research facility. He was suffering from amnesia at this point and was only known as a number up until the Liberation Group saved him and several others when he was around 21. He’s been with them ever since and had taken the name of Kurogiri. He’s been slowly regaining his memories over time. 

Stuff below gets dark btw, read at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I don’t go into like…deep detail, but things are def implied. 


You’ve guessed right about Shouta. His experience had turned him into a highly anxious and aggressive person who’s honestly easily startled and highly paranoid. Prior to this he was a mostly mild tempered, snarky and somewhat lazy teen who had a talent in hunting and tracking in his village. He had trust issues, obviously. Serious ones, along with with just general aggression. He was an Omega in the fighting pits, which lead to quite a bit of trauma. They used him as bait to make Alphas fight each other (put him in a cage over looking the arena and put him in distress so that the scent of his distress would edge on the Alphas below). They would also make him fight other Omegas and Betas for sport. Worst of all they would pit him in the ring with Alphas hopped up on a drug to simulate rut and he would have to either kill or knock out the Alpha to protect himself. Not to mention the first fight the ever used him as bait was the one that “killed” Oboro, who was one of the competing Alphas.
They’re brought in other Alphas before Hizashi and some of them even got killed because they approached Shouta the wrong way. Also the reason they brought in Hizashi was that he was their last ditch effort to temper Shouta since they believed having a mate would temper him since he’s an Omega. Hizashi was a lot more docile and mild mannered than the other Alphas they’ve introduced. 


The breeding facility was cold and sterile and honestly, while they treated them physically better than the fighting pit would have, it was still horrible in it’s own right. Hizashi was never willing in his role as a Stud and was often pumped with drugs to make him breed with Omegas he was paired with. The drug made it painful not to do so. His wings flight feathers were also painfully clipped regularly and he was beaten when he tried to rebel or act violently towards the humans there. Things like even kissing were made hard for him to do after he was free from that place and in the Zoo, even though it was with Shouta. They had to take it really slow and it took almost a year before they could actually honestly mate. He also has a violent fear of needles that activates his flight or fight so badly. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad what’s in there, he just does not like them. He also has a strong, strong dislike, boarding on even hatred of humans. Hizashi used to be a carefree and outgoing teenager who had a future in possibly being a representative of his village to other hybrid villages  and a passion for music but this had really crushed a lot of those hopeful and optimistic parts of himself. I would venture to say because of what they made him do Hizashi feels a bit like a monster sometimes. 

The Liberation Group is a group made of humans who realizes that, yeah, Hybrids are sentient creatures along with hybrids that choose to stay with them to help the cause rather than trying to go back to their villages. And yeah, it’s made up of LOV plus others. Cause….yes. 

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You have chosen… a lot of Hanahaki. Also, high key annoyed - this entire post deleted itself before I was even done with it. Bleh. Also, some non-hanahaki in here, I promise, heh. Thanks for asking! 

You Make Me Bloom (Like Flowers in My Lungs) - This is an EraserMight endgame fic, where Yagi is an idiot for awhile. This author is one of my favorites, please check out their other work afterwards! 

Sincerely Yours - An EraserMic hanahaki fic by my other favorite ao3 creator. Please, check them out. This time Shouta Aizawa is the one falling in love, and once Hizashi Yamada finds out he’s in love with someone, he makes everything a whole lot worse. 

Wet Cement - ShinDoriya hanahaki! Shinsou starts coughing up petals one day, and he’s not sure why. Turns out, you can fall in love without noticing it. 

The Sun Came Out Today - What’s more painful than flowers coming out of your lungs? Bringing flowers to the grave of your best friend. An Aizawa centric fic, saying hi to Shirakumo. 

Undergrowth - Another EraserMight fic, because shipping, but this one isn’t hanahaki. Basically, you grow flowers in your hair when you fall in love. Shouta has never gotten petals… before now. 

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@thisisonlymybackupblog put “hide” in the comments of my post asking if people could give me words to suggest BnHA fics. Here’s what I got. 

Media Darling - This is an EraserMight fic, where their relationship is outed and they can no longer keep it hidden, ha. I honestly love this author, read everything they have. 

You Anchor Me Back Down - In this fic, Shouto Todoroki has had a crush on Midoriya for as long as he’s known the guy. During their third year, he gets hit with a Quirk that makes him float when he’s happy. It’s gonna be hard trying to hide this one, ha. 

The River Walked Me Home - In a world where Shouto Todoroki can no longer hide the abuse he’s gone through, his friends and teachers help him through it [amazing, 10/10, please read]. 

I love doing this stuff, thanks for giving me a word, ha!

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a/n: I’m crying, don’t look at me.

“Please marry me.” x shouta aizawa


Aizawa knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. He’s more sure of that than anything else in his life. Of course, people are constantly asking the two of you when you’re going to get married, and you both brush off the questions as politely as possible. To Aizawa, marriage and commitment are two totally different things. He can be committed to you forever without putting on a big show of it. He hates the idea of so much attention being on him for an entire day, and besides, you both know you’re in love, so what would a ring prove? He’s not so sure he ever wants to get married, even though he’s 100% sure about you.

But he sees the way your face looks when you attend the wedding of a friend together. He feels the way you always squeeze his arm a little tighter when someone refers to you as his wife. And on one single occasion, he happened to see you wiping a tear out of your eye when some prick at a work party joked that, “Aizawa better put a ring on it before someone else does.” But you never said anything to him, never complained that you weren’t married or nagged him to propose. You never pushed him into it, and for that, Aizawa was grateful to you.

It was a normal Thursday evening when Aizawa realized that he didn’t just love you for the big things: for your personality, your brains, your talent, or your looks. He loved those things, but even more than that, he loved you for the little things, the domestic things, the little eccentricities that made you so perfect.

It had been a long, stressful day of teaching, and he just wanted to push all of his grading work to the side and climb into bed. You weren’t home; maybe you’d run to the store or somewhere, he wasn’t sure, but you left a note saying you’d be back soon. Before collapsing onto the bed, however, Aizawa spotted something in the corner of the room: his laundry basket.

He’d been letting the laundry pile up for days now, and he was running low on some of the essentials. Apparently, you’d noticed. The mountain of laundry he’d been meaning to do was washed, dried, and folded, just waiting in a neat pile to be put away into his closet and drawers. He hadn’t asked you for help; he’d been fully planning to get it done himself, but you’d taken it upon yourself to do it anyway. He wondered if it had anything to do with some seriously stressed-out texts he’d sent you earlier.

You were always doing things like this for him, taking care of the things he didn’t have the capacity to handle at that exact moment. Not that he needed you to take care of him. He could do that just fine, and he had for a long time before you came into his life. But you picked up where he left off. You filled the gaps in his life, and he couldn’t imagine it without you.

He heard the front door creak open and closed. “Shouta, are you home?” you called from the front door. Aizawa rose from the bed and met you in the front hall, your arms full with two paper grocery bags. He kindly took one for you and helped you carry it to the kitchen.

“Thank you for doing the laundry. I owe you one,” Aizawa said as he unpacked the vegetables from the bag.

“Nah, don’t worry about it,” you said. Then you pulled something from the other grocery bag. “Oh, and look! I got your favorite cookies.”

Aizawa thought for one second more before he turned to you and said, “Please marry me.”

You froze for a moment, not looking at him. “W-what?”

And for a moment, Aizawa doubted himself. Should he have done this differently? Were you disappointed? But what was done was done, and he supposed, it was speaking from his heart that mattered most. But the least he could do was get down on one knee and take you by the hand.

You turned to face him, your eyes already welling up with tears of joy. You were wearing old jeans and a sweatshirt, your hair a bit messy from the wind outside. To him, you looked beautiful as ever. He cleared his throat before he spoke again, feeling himself getting choked up too. “I haven’t bought a ring yet. I’m terrible at that kind of thing, so maybe you’d like to pick your own. But I know that I love you. I know that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Y/n, will you marry me?”

You were so surprised to see him kneeling right there in your little kitchen, you could hardly speak. So you nodded as hard as you could, squeaking out a, “Yes,” in the process.

Aizawa was on his feet immediately, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into a kiss. He could feel the tears rolling down your face, and figured you could feel the same from him. But he couldn’t let go of you, not yet. Aizawa never thought the prospect of getting married could make him so happy, but with you, everything was different. You deserved the entire world, and only he could give you, “I do,” so that’s exactly what he was going to do.

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(hitoshi shinso) + (shota aizawa) 

(*≧∀≦*) fluff (*≧∀≦*)

quirk: cat: gives user cat ears and tail and heightened senses but it also gives them the need to sleep a lot and extremely sharp nails and other cat stuff

warning: slightly suggestive at some points



  • You both met for the first time during the joint training battle 
  • Once he got transferred onto the hero course, you both got closer (mainly because you had the same napping spots has him in the dorms) 
  • Sometimes you nap together if you’re both tired enough 
  • He finds it adorable how you sometimes purr in your sleep 
  • “Didn’t pin you down as the type of kitty to purr.” 
  • Even before you start dating he lives to tease you and make you flustered
  • He asks you out during one of your napping sessions  
  • Your first date is at a cat cafe and he finds it adorable how all the cat are attracted to you 
  • After that dates are either at the cat cafe or in your or his rooms 
  • His nicknames for you are ‘babe’, ‘kitten’ and ‘kitty’ 
  • If you place your head in his lap while he’s playing video games he’ll scratch you behind the ears and pet you in between rounds 
  • He loves your cat aspects 
  • The way you ‘make biscuits’ against his chest unintentionally before getting comfortable or purr when he nuzzles against you makes him go all soft 
  • “You done with making biscuits kitten?”
    “I can’t control it, it’s instinct plus I know you like it so shush.” 
  • Sometimes he wakes up with scratches because of you  
  • The only down side (well half down side) he sees with your quirk (minus the scratches) is when you go into heat and get all needy, demanding attention from him when you could 
  • Overall, he’d love and adore you no matter what quirk you’d have but something about a cat based quirk makes him all soft and cuddly 


  • You met him thanks to his frequent visits to the cat cafe during his free time 
  • You would always be on shift when he came, light flirting between the both of you becoming frequent (unless you’re taking a nap)
  • He finds it adorable how you’re basically an oversized/humanoid cat working at a cafe with cats, especially when you seem to speak to them 
  • He asked you out on a date after you left your phone number on his coffee cup one day with a lil doodle of one of his favourite cats 
  • Once you officially become a thing, he won’t have to go to the cat cafe to see you anymore 
  • When you both get time together it’s basically just nap time 
  • He’ll invite you into his sleeping-bag 
  • If you put your head in his lap when he’s grading papers he’ll use hand to pet you gently to calm himself and for motivation reasons 
  • If you bring him lunch at school he’ll go so soft 
  • If it wasn’t for the students he would cuddle and pet you to your hearts content just for being so caring toward him right then and there
  • Honestly he finds it a miracle that he manages to squeeze you into his insane schedule but he always makes sure to visit you at the cafe or your apartment at least 4 times a week 
  • He doesn’t mind when you leave him with scratches, for him it’s just part of you being half cat 
  • He gets you a pass so you can sleep at the teachers dorms to pass more time with you 
  • After a long night of grading papers, seeing you, asleep or not, in his bed makes his heart swell 
  • He’ll sit next to your sleeping form and pet you while daydreaming about one day being able to come home to this sight every night in his own apartment 
  • He honestly wants to be domestic as fuck with you 
  • When you go into heat he feels bad because he has to ignore your whines and cries for attention (sometimes he’ll cave in but he is a very busy man) but he will let you sit on his lap and cuddle him while he completes paperwork 
  • He loves that you have cat tendencies and finds comfort in them + the fact that you sleep a lot is a plus for him    



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I think they’re getting along :D

after a while of nagging and persuading, Oboro finally convinced Shouta to give the mysterious fire nation citizen a chance to explain why they should trust him. The Airbender pretty much believes Hizashi is harmless, plus he’s one of them!! What’s wrong with letting another runaway join the gang? A trio of homeless 14 year old Benders?? sounds fun

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Hey, hey! The rest of the competitors are catching up, too! And what’s this? Can our two leaders fight each other and stay in front of the competition?” Ruby wanted to shout. She couldn’t lag behind. If she wanted to stand out, she had to make it to the next round at least! But her Quirk… if there was some way to move across the field without having to touch it…

Her mind flashed back to the food fight. Maybe there was a way for her to do that. If Ruby could somehow pull off that move again… It was worth a shot.

Ruby thought hard about what exactly had happened that day. With her plan secure in the mind, she kicked her speed as fast as it could go right then and there and forced herself to stumble. She tripped, and flipped her body to make herself spin.

All Ruby succeeded in doing was tripping. She let out a yelp as she landed harshly on the ground. Another yelp came out as the bombs beneath her went off, sending her flying across the field. Lucky for her, where she landed either had no mines or already had them set off. Ruby groaned as she got back to her feet.

Okay, that was a very bad idea. Ruby looked backed behind her. Well… not entirely. At least it disoriented a couple of the others. Ruby picked up her pace as she got going again, doing her best to avoid the bombs this time around. She had to be careful, but also be quick in order to make up for lost time.

Todoroki and Bakugo are neck and neck for the lead and knocking on the finish line!” Present Mic exclaimed. Well, Ruby definitely wasn’t going to place first or second. Maybe not in the top ten with how much stamina she just used to go that fast… but still, she could get in the top twenty if she got going now.

Ruby’s thoughts were cut short by the giant explosion that erupted behind her, making her loudly yelp in surprise.

What’s with that huge explosion in the back?! That was way more power than it should be!

The dust began to clear. She then saw what had probably caused it. Ruby caught sight of none other than Izuku Midoriya flying over the minefield, still clinging to a piece of debris from the robot obstacle. That explosion must’ve been his doing. It had to be a lucky move, because he was soaring above the rest of the competitors without much of a problem.

Incredible! What just happened?! Whatever the case, Class 1-A’s Izuku Midoriya is sudden in hot pursuit of first place! Strike that! The lead is his!” Ruby’s eyes widened. Midoriya had passed Todoroki and Bakugo. At this rate…!

Ruby moved as fast as she can to catch up. She had to make it to the next round. She wasn’t going to let herself be knocked out of the running this early in the game!

Look at that plot twist! Those two aren’t fighting anymore! They’re chasing Midoriya! That’s what having a common enemy will do in this competition! This fight is still far from over, though!” Out of the corner of her eye, Ruby spotted a long, trailing path of ice. That had to be created by Todoroki. He was really trying to hold onto that lead, huh? She bit down on her lip. The ice path wouldn’t trigger the bombs, even if she stepped on one. But it also just might… Crap, should she…?

Up ahead, Ruby saw Midoriya stepping on Todoroki and Bakugo’s shoulders. He stood on top of them, using them to brace himself as he slammed his shield into the ground, directly on top of what looked like to be a thick area of mines. The reaction was almost instant. The mines exploded, stunning both Bakugo and Todoroki while launching Midoriya forward once again. He had just blown himself into first place.

In a stunning move, Midoriya has blasted past his classmates from 1-A! I don’t believe it! He cleared that minefield in an instant!” shouted Present Mic. Ruby sighed, resigning herself to her fate. She really didn’t have a choice here any more. She pulled the Iida method of getting through the minefield, running as fast as she can to try and avoid Todoroki’s ice path as she ran alongside it. “Eraserhead, your students are amazing! What the heck are you teaching them?!

This has nothing to do with me,” replied Mr. Aizawa. Ruby started to push herself a little more, trying to get beyond her current stamina limit. But she had used so much of it already… “Each of them is powered by their own drive to succeed.

There ya have it, Eraserhead is a terrible teacher!”

I’m what?!”

Who would have imagined at the beginning of this race that the climax would be a non-stop mega-mix of surprises?! The first to make it back to the stadium is the first place winner… Izuku Midoriya is our champion!” Ruby could hear the audience cheering as she approached the stadium’s tunnel.

Okay, Midoriya won, that meant Todoroki and Bakugo probably have second and third places. Ruby wasn’t going to be the last! She pushed herself to go farther, using up the rest of her stamina to zip ahead of the students. It looked like she’s going to get a decent place—!

Ruby misplaced one of her steps… and she stepped directly on Todoroki’s ice path at her current full speed.

The full chapter will be up on Ao3 on June 6!

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So this is a recent au a friend of mine and I made and I?? Love it. Until I can come up with a more creative name the species shown here are called hybrids and they’re humanoids with a mix of bird, feline and some canine traits. Humans see them as just “animals” so to speak and treat them as such. They kidnap and use them in fighting pits, or breeding facilities because they’re also popular “pets”. Some are rescued and kept in Zoos, which while better are just as bad in terms of acknowledging that they are you know…sentient. They are capable of learning human speech and understanding it but often their use of human speech is written off as them mimicking humans…along with a lot of their other “human-like” behavior. 

In reality they often live in small hidden tree top villages and have a rich culture all their own. I’ll go into detail on that if anyone wants me to. The top picture shows Oboro, Hizashi and Shouta when they were younger before they were captured by humans. They were part of one of these villages. 

Story line wise they were all generally fucked over. 

Shouta and Oboro were originally sold to the fighting pits. Oboro “died” trying to protect Shouta and was later used for scientific testing for a bit before being rescued by a hybrid liberation group. Shouta meanwhile was later rescued by a Zoo. Hizashi was originally sold to a breeding facility and used a stud…which is also pretty fucked. He’s later rescued by the same Zoo that houses Shouta. He was later introduced to Shouta as a “potential mate”. Needless to say they were thrilled to see each other again. 

Also, since it’s a huge guilty pleasure of mine Hybrids are A/B/O (Omegaverse) based cause it can lend to a really interesting cultural difference between them and humans. 

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It was bnha, and Class 1A had to go through an obstacle course of giant flowers and plants. Once they all made it through, they were shown to where they all (even All Might and Eraserhead) would be sleeping, and it was basically just a garden with walls and windows everywhere, and they were expected to make due with that was provided, like sleeping in giant leaves and making a fire with the dead ones to keep warm. At some point Eraserhead and All Might were in the foreground talking to one another, Eraser was concerned about something, but i cant for the life of me remember what it was, because dream-me was too busy laughing at what was going on in the background, which was Aoyama very timidly climbing into a cup-shaped flower and taking a shit as subtly as possible. X"D

And that was it. That was my dream.

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I have a bunch of deep tissue massages balls and needed a new carrier.  The old bag didn’t stand up so my husband kept on making jokes about my unruly balls falling out of my ball bag and rolling around everywhere.  He already dubbed my new Aizawa bag my sack before it even arrived.

Thanks to @inorganicone2230 for telling me I should put a tea bag in there for the husband to find when he invariably wanted a look at my new buy.  Getting chased around the house and threatened with a real tea bagging was NOT on Saturday’s agenda.  lol

Thanks my friend, you make life interesting.  And after having my life flash before my eyes as I ran for it, you make me appreciate life too.  Here’s to our friendship and shared hope that our partners never meet. lol

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