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#shouto x reader
cloudytamaki · 4 hours ago
— saturn.
• shōto todoroki x fem!reader • inspired by saturn by sleeping at last • angst (no happy ending), major character death
Tumblr media
shoto clasps your limp hand with his, closing his fingers around yours tightly. he exhales a bit of air, his lips trembling as you turn your head towards him, his eyes finally meeting yours.
the sparks that were once in your eyes are fading quickly; your skin is paling by the minute and the heart machine keeping track of your heartbeat is moving at an irregularly slow pace.
oh my god, he thinks, shutting his eyes and bowing his head down to press his forehead against your intertwined fingers. 
“shoto.” your voice sounds far away and feeble.
tears begin to leak from his eyes, sliding down his cheeks and dropping onto your fingers. he looks up, lachrymose. “don’t leave me.”
“look at the stars for me,” you rasp quietly, coughing as you clear your dusty throat. “every night. i’ll be one of them.”
he releases a quiet sob. “no, you won’t.”
“you’re not gonna be alone, shoto.”
“no.. you – you’re gonna be gone and i’m gonna be alone.” he knows it’s impossible for you to come back; he’ll never see you again.
“light carries on endlessly even after death. i’m still gonna be with you.”
“i can’t let you leave me.”
the room falls silent for a moment before you grip his hand. “listen to me, shoto.”
he looks towards you, and listens. “the probability of being born into this world is one in four hundred trillion. it’s so rare that we human beings even exist —everyone on this earth is a miracle... but isn’t it so beautiful?”
you pause, taking a moment to capture some air to fend away the dark sleep taking over your body. “human life is remarkably rare and full of possibilities. so are you. don’t let it slip through your fingers.” tears begin to well up in your eyes. “you need to step forward and come to terms that you’re going to have to do so without me beside you.”
he sobs freely now, shaking his head as you finish. “i – i can’t.”
the heart machine begins to beep profusely, blinking with red lights. your consciousness begins to ebb away by the second; “i love you, shoto. thank you for being the light of my life, baby. you mean everything to me.”
“i love you too,” his voice cracks, “i’m gonna miss you.”
as the light in your eyes goes out completely and you take in your last breath, shoto todoroki knows he’s going to be alone. 
good night forever, y/n.
i’ll miss you.
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songbirdsingingthings · 8 hours ago
Shouto Todoroki Masterlist
Tumblr media
MHA Masterlist - Main Masterlist
Here you will find all things Shouto Todoroki! Every oneshot, request, and multi-chapter fic I write about this lovable two-toned boy will be right here for you to see!
💗= Fluff
💙= Angst
💝= Includes Manga Spoilers
💔= Major Injury
🖤= Death of a Character
Tumblr media
One Shots:
Girls Day 💗
Daisies 💙💗
Make-shift Heating Pad 💗
Common Sense 💗
Navy Velvet 💗
Can’t Take My Eyes off You 💗
Wishes 💙💗
Polka-dotted Bandages 💗💙💔
Intuition 💗
You and Your Everything 💗
25 Days of Christmas Portions:
Day 3: Traditions 💗
Day 6: Ice Skating 💗
Day 9: Letters to Santa  (ft. Eri) 💗
Day 12: Make it Snow 💗
Day 15: Christmas Market 💗
Day 18: Gingerbread Cookies 💗
Day 21: Sledding 💗
Day 24: Christmas Eve 💗
Day 25: Christmas Day  Katuski Bakugou, Izuku Midoriya, & Shouto Todoroki (Headcannons & Scenarios) 💗
I Burn For You - Status: ongoing 💗💙
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songbirdsingingthings · 8 hours ago
Can't Take My Eyes off You - Shouto Todoroki x Reader
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters, they belong to Kohei Horikoshi
MHA Masterlist - Main Masterlist
WARNINGS: Katsuki Bakugou swearing (I mean, come on. It’s Bakugou)
A/N: WOW IT’S BEEN A WHILE HAHAHA...HAHA...HA. ANYWAYS I’m back! School is officially done and summer break has begun (YAY!) and my sports season has finished (it went really well!). So, for my first one back in a while, I present a not super thought out Todoroki one-shot cause he’s my comfort character and I love him okay, so Todoroki it is! I’ll be working to finish my multi-chapter fic within the next month hopefully, and fielding any requests you all send in for me to complete! If you would like, see my request rules HERE! Hope you all enjoy!
Word Count: 1K
Morning training was the worst, if you asked Shouto Todoroki’s opinion. Waking up at the crack of dawn to all gather in Gym Gamma, just to see 1A’s homeroom teacher, Mr. Aizawa, all wrapped up in his yellow sleeping bag telling his students to work out for 2 hours was not his idea of a good time. He seriously thought that Mr. Aizawa hasn’t accounted for the non-morning people who were both vocal in their woes about waking up at such an ungodly time (Denki Kaminari) and more silent in their discomforts (yeah, Shouto had to admit that he was this kind of person). Shouto’s even started to believe that Mr. Aizawa doesn’t even change out of his sleepwear before he comes to watch his students lunge, block, and parry, but you didn’t hear that from him.
And yet, here they all wear, more of his classmates’ eyelids drooping than those with bright eyes and everyone’s hair resembling the definition of ‘bed-head’. It was a bit chilly this morning, so he - and the rest of his classmates - opted for the long-sleeved version of their gym uniforms which only made them all the more sleepy.
“Alright, your assignments are on the board over there,” Aizawa says, his monotone voice barely loud enough to be heard by everyone as he motions with his eyes towards the corkboard at the front of the room.
“I want you to work on your hand to hand combat without quirks - you never know when you won’t be able to use it. Got that Bakugou?” Even the blonde was so tired that he only managed a grunt in response. “Okay. Get to it.” With that, each student dragged their feet over to see who they would be up against. Scanning the board with tired eyes and bringing a hand up to cover his yawn, he spotted his name. Shouto Todoroki w/ Katsuki Bakugou he mouthed. Great. Just great. Heaving a sigh, he trudged over to his assigned little ‘field’ marked by white lines. Bakugou, who was already standing across from him, offered up his middle finger in lieu of the usual ‘GO TO HELL ICY-HOT!’. Nice, Shouto thought, classy. The red-and-white haired boy’s gaze flitted to the angry, but tired, mess that is Bakugou to the other fields in Gym Gamma. He saw Uraraka matched up against Kirishima which Shouto thought would be an extremely competitive match, Kaminari facing off against Sato, and then… there was you. On the little court 3 ones over from him, there you stood with your sleeves rolled up to your elbows and the zipper unzipped just a bit so that the collar part flared out. Your eyes, just like his, were slightly hooded due to fatigue and your hair was definitely not groomed to how you usually wore it in class. He could’ve sworn if he looked close enough (he did) that he saw a bit of dried spit on your cheek, indicating that you probably just woke up minutes before training started and only had time to throw on your uniform. Currently, with your hands on your hips, you cocked your head towards your opponent, Sero, and offered a tired smile.
“Bring it.” He heard from you, faintly. Tape was shot directly from the boy’s elbows as you countered with your own quirk, creating an interesting scene to watch. Here you were, probably minutes away from passing out in need of sleep on the floor next to you, fighting and looking so graceful. Shouto Todoroki’s mind, body, and soul were transfixed by you. It was like everything went into a slow-mo kind of scene in a movie. Shouto’s seen those kinds of movies before - when the male lead would stop in his tracks in a crowded high school hallway and see the girl of his dreams walk mindlessly towards her next class. The director would purposely have the scene of the girl slowed so that her every move was that much more special. The bounce of her curly hair, the movement of her gaze from left to right, or a sprouting smile. It was designed to let the audience know that the main character was that much overwhelmed by the mere sight of her. 
Well, Shouto knew for a fact that there were no such things as directors or design choices in real life, but wow did he feel just stunned by looking at you. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t take his eyes off of you. Even when your eyes flitted up and met his, he didn’t budge. He was sure his mouth formed a small “o” and that a faint blush crawled its way up and settled on his cheeks, but nothing mattered. Well, he was a little confused when your expression turned into one of major concern, to the point where you opened your mouth in preparation for a shout.
“Todoroki, watch out!” You yelled, but it was too late. Shouto felt a large blast in his side and was knocked to the floor. Closed, open, closed, and then open went his eyes as his head faced the ceiling. Dust swirled up in a cloud all around him which caused a few coughs to escape the red-and-white haired boy.
“OI! ICY-HOT! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?” At that moment, Shouto came to the conclusion that Bakugou had finally ‘woken up’. “YOU ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL OR SOME SHIT? THE HELL IS GOING ON!?” No, Shouto was most definitely not asleep. Well, he hoped he wasn’t once he saw your form jogging towards his sprawled out body. He felt only a couple of things. The concrete floor was cold and smooth and his uniform was weirdly a bit itchy now. He smelled the leftover glycerin that Bakugou had sweated onto the floor. He could taste that awful, dusty cloud. He could hear the sounds of brawling all throughout the gym. But Shouto only saw you, your worried smile, and that little smudge of dried spit on your cheek. So, okay. Maybe morning training wasn’t the absolute worst.
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erenscumdumpster · a day ago
You’re Pretty :)
BakugoxBlackFemReader + TodorokixBlackFemReader + MidoriyaxBlackFemReader
rating: sfw (mentions of nsfw)
warnings: tooth aching fluff
i’ve been busy writing something for eren that has ended up being longer than i expected so i’ll give yall this for the time being.
there’s a trend on tik tok where you call your boyfriend pretty so we’re going to do it with our MHA boyfriends okay? let’s goooo
Tumblr media
it was night by the time katsuki came home. he had been out patrolling all day. nothing eventful happened and you knew he’d be in a sour mood because of that. you were cooking dinner and setting up the table when you heard his keys rustling at the door of your apartment.
you were dressed in these short black shorts and one of his old all might shirts from his middle school days. these were his favourite pieces of clothing so you knew he’d be at least happy about that.
you peered down the hall as the door opened and shut behind him.
he saw your little head poke out from the corner as he took off his shoes. he was in desperate need of a shower. walking around all day in the sweltering heat was a killer. not to mention i to would’ve been optimal time for him to use his quirk on someone, anyone, but it looked like all the villains were too busy on an island somewhere to wreak havoc on the city.
he left his hero costume in front of the door even after you’d lecture him time and time again about leaving his shit in the entrances of the apartment.
“hi lover” you sang as you walked back to the dinner table. you sat his plate down and moved so that yours was in front of his. you poured yourself some wine knowing he’d grab himself a beer from the fridge before even greeting you.
you turned around to see him do just that. he walked to you as he popped the can open. his hand wrapped around your lower back as he landed a fat kiss on your cheek. your nose scrunched up as you got a whiff of his scent.
“you smell so much sweeter today” it was almost sickly at how sugary he smelt. he scoffed as he took a swig of the bitter alcohol.
“yeah, i was sweating like a fucking pig out there. it was so boring today” he groaned before looking at you. he stepped back, kept you at arms length as he looked you over.
“fuck, you look like a wet dream” he mumbled lowly with a smirk decorating his lips. his vermillion eyes were heavy with mischievousness. his hand dipped lower to rest just under the swell of the ass. he gripped the jiggly cheek and slapped his hand over it. you inhaled a breath as he did it again.
“i do?” you asked, acting aloof. he rolled his eyes and moved his hand up to your curls. they were a bit frizzy today since you decided to strip them of built up product.
he gripped them in his large hands and pulled you back. he took another gulp of the beer until his mouth was full. you knew where this was going. you shut your mouth and shook your head.
he looked at you weirdly before yanking it back more. you let out a yelp and he took advantage of the opportunity to baby bird you the beer from his mouth to yours. you grimaced as you swallowed the now warm liquid.
“i didn’t want to drink beer asshole” you wipe your mouth with the back of your hand and he laughed at your reaction.
it was the kind of laughter that made him tip his head back, adams apple bobbing as the laugh echoed throughout the living room. his mouth always opened wide whenever he laughed, he was so exaggerated you swear.
you couldn’t help but smile up at him.
“you’re so pretty” you said happily and wrapped your arms around his torso.
you were surprised at the whiplash he gave himself as he looked down at you.
“p-pretty?” he asked, his voice going slightly higher.
“so pretty” you pulled him to you and his hands dropped. he shook his spiky hair in between his fingers and scoffed.
“‘m not pretty, do i look like a girl to you shithead?” you rolled your eyes and placed your chin on his chest. his hand came to rest on your face, squishing your nose. you could see himno between the he spaces of his fingers.
“you don’t have to be a girl to be pretty. guys can be pretty, anyone can” you’d shrugged. he shook his head and drank more of his beer. he squeezed your face before pulling his hand away.
“what about me is pretty?” he asked, not convinced you were being sincere. he didn’t know why he wanted to know, it was just a thing and he was rolling with it.
“i noticed your prettiness right now after you laughed. it’s so loud that it fills up the room. i like seeing you laugh, makes me warm inside” you grab onto his cheek and pinch it.
“stop that” he whines and tries to push my hand away. he doesn’t do it strong to be successful because you know he likes to be smothered by you. it’s his favourite pass time.
“my pwetty suki” you cooed in your baby voice, knowing it would irritate him.
“ah, don’t start with me” he moved away and sat in his seat. he grabbed your wrist so that you were sitting on his lap.
“feed me shitty woman” you blinked at him and he winked at you.
“i take it back, you’re not pretty” he faked crying until you punched him in the chest.
“alright princess, take it down a notch” he warned you of your behaviour. you looked into his eyes until an idea popped into your head.
“your eyes are big so if i were to put on some of my lashes onto you you’d look even prettier katsu” he shook his head and took ahold of your wrists. he brought them towards his chest so that your face was a few inches away.
“there’s no way in hell i’m letting you do that shit”
not even two hours later was he sitting down on the floor in front of your long wall mirror. he stared at his reflection as he looked over your work on his face.
you didn’t do much, just a little set of fake strip lashes, maybe some eyeliner. nothing too drastic for Lord Explosion.
he agreed with you when he saw the end product, he was pretty.
Tumblr media
the sun woke you up first thing in the morning. you didn’t know if you were grateful for the weather or if you were irritated for not being able to get some extra shut eye. you worked late last night and all you wanted to do was lay in bed with todoroki and be lazy.
you let out a yawn and snuggled closer into his bare chest. he was knocked out by the time you came home so you just undressed and got into bed with him. you found it endearing that even then you ended up wrapped around him. his arm was thrown over your shoulder.
the light was casted on his face just right and it accentuated the structure of it. sometimes you liked to admire him, his different eye colour had always attracted you even though he hated it.
he used to be shy when it came to making eye contact with you because of it. he didn’t want you to think he was weird for the different eye colour. especially when yours were such a pretty shade of lavendar.
he also kept his hair all up in his face because of his scar. time and time again you’d have to push it back so you could appreciate his good looks but he would often push your hands away.
when he was asleep like this it was the only chance you got to memorize his face.
you moved so that your head was on the pillow beside him. his mouth hung a bit open and you could here his little sighs as he breathed in and out.
his lashes lay flat against his cheek and you wanted to kiss his eyelids. he made you want to smother him in kisses till he pushed you off.
your fingertip danced on his creamy white skin. you traced the outline of his red scar. it then fell to his lips where you outlined his cupid’s bow. you quickly pulled back as his nose scrunched up. he moved so that his head was now facing you. his silver hair was now in his face, blocking your view.
you neared him so that you were like an inch away from his face. you liked to be near him. being wrapped around him like a koala. you liked his presence. it felt comforting be around him.
your nose brushes against each other’s and you combed your fingers through his hair. you pushed it back behind his ear before letting it rest on his face.
“how much longer you gonna keep staring sweetheart” your eyes widened as his slowly blinked open.
“who said i was staring?” you tried to cover for yourself but it was too late. his sleepy eyes were half lidded as they looked at you.
he tightened his arm around you and brought you closer into his body. you lifted your leg so that it was resting on his waist.
you were wearing his shirt and panties while he was in his briefs.
“i could feel it” he answered simply and you chuckled.
“i can’t help it” you pouted and placed a kiss on his nose. his cheeks were a slight pink colour and you did it again on his cheek. his face scrunched up and you did it again, this time on his cheek bone.
“stop it” he laughed. his voice was always raspy in the morning but something about his laugh as it vibrated against you made your heart swoon. you swiped your thumb across the shell of his ear and played with the flimsy muscle.
“you’re so pretty sho” you sighed and his eyebrows furrowed. you have him compliments from time to time but it was never....’pretty’.
“pretty?” he asked and you nodded. you brushed your nose against his.
“very pretty bubs” you watched the blush spread across his cheeks and you giggled.
“‘m not....pretty” he shook his head and his eyes casted down between you two. you tipped his head back up to make eye contact and it took everything in him to keep from breaking it.
“yes you are, so pretty my sho” you smiled and his heart skipped a beat. his hand widened its stance on your lower back and his fingers clutched onto the shirt on your body.
“you always do this” he mumbles and ducks down to take ahold of your mouth. his thin lips brushed against your bigger ones and he sighed against them.
“do what?” you asked in between the kiss. it was innocent enough, no tongue poking out, no hurried hands.
“make me blush” you smiled into the kiss and pulled him ontop of you so that his body was in between your legs.
he rested his arm beside your head and continued the kiss. your legs were wrapped around his hips securely.
“i can’t help it, it’s too fun”
Tumblr media
you knew he was pretty long before you two started dating. you couldn’t pin point what exactly was pretty about him, it was more of a combination of it all. his eyes were pretty, you liked how they shined with admiration whenever he’d look at you. his hair was pretty, the mess of curls that rested on his forehead resembled yours. you’d often teach him how to properly take care of his hair because that poor boy didn’t know the difference between a 2 in 1 dandruff shampoo and shea moisture products.
his freckles were pretty too, you liked how they were sprinkled over his nose and some were larger than the others. his lips were pretty too, they were always a soft shade of pink and you liked to kiss them whenever you took notice.
even his scars were pretty. you knew he didn’t think so, he was often insecure about the stretch marks on his arms and legs that he got from working out. he didn’t hate the scars on his hands from when he would break his bones to control his quirk. but you knew it bothered him whenever you’d hold hands and your thumb would brush across the top of his palms.
everything about midoriya was pretty and you felt like he should be aware of his attractiveness.
today he was at your apartment, he came by earlier to help you with a project that you for your economics class.
right now the both of you were taking a break. your head was hurting after hearing him lecture you on free trade and neoliberal economics.
you were in the kitchen making yourself a sushi bake when you felt his arms wrap around your middle. you smiled to yourself as he rested his chin on your shoulder and watched you chop up some salmon.
“watchu doinnn?” he asked sweetly into your ear and you giggled as you felt the wisps of his hair tickle your cheek.
“i’m cooking for the both of us, what are you doing? shouldn’t you be finishing up my project?” you asked and he laughed.
“you know i haven’t done that kind of work since i graduated” you rolled your eyes and pushed the chopped salmon to the side of your board.
“doesn’t mean you can’t lend a helping hand” he scoffed and placed a kiss next to your ear.
“i’ve practically done all the work baby, you have to put some effort in it too” you sighed and pulled away from his embrace. you walked over for to the sink to wash your hands.
his grabby hands turn you around as you dry yours on the kitchen towel. you looked up at him as he wore his goofy smile on his face.
you wrapped your arms around his neck and he bumped his nose against yours lovingly. his lips brushed against yours and you smiled.
“you’re pretty” you mumble and he freezes. he pulls away to look into your eyes and blinks. the words are slowly registering his mind before he speaks after a minute.
“i’m w-what” it wasnt often that izuku would still stutter. he left that mannerism back in high school and it would only come up if he got flustered.
“i said you’re pretty” your hand came up to his head and you pushed his hair back. it was messier than usual today and you made a mental note to put some treatment in it later on.
“i-i..” he was at a loss for words. in the past he’s been called cute, handsome by his mom, one time there was even a mention of sexy, but—but pretty? that’s a first. it was like he was short circuiting. he didn’t know what to do with himself.
you couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction and he as even more confused. we’re you pranking him? where was the camera?
he looked around confused but he couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.
“you’re my pretty boy” his mouth was dry was that sentence left your mouth.
he could feel his ears getting hot and the blush begin to creep up his neck. you knew it wouldn’t be long till his whole face was cherry red.
“i’m pretty?” he asked and his eyes were shining with an emotion you’ve often seen before. you bit your lip as your hand slowly creeped down his chest and settled on his abdomen.
“very pretty” you nodded and he felt like his knees were about to give out. this wasn’t fair, why did it make him feel this way? is this what you felt whenever he called you pretty?
you stood up on your tippy toes and his hands tightened on your waist. with the hand still on his neck you brought him down to your level.
“so pretty izu” you cooed into his ear and his breathing got uneven. he moved a hand behind you to clutch the counter. your fingers tugged on the waistband of his sweats and played with the edge of his briefs.
“don’t tease me” his voice cracked and you smirked to yourself. he was like putty in your hands.
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Could I please request prompt #1 with Shouto Todoroki? Thank you! ♥️
of course! good choice, thank you for requesting!
touching foreheads with shouto todoroki
it's clear that shouto is not used to and a little clueless when it comes to affection, especially physical affection, he's quite touch starved and wasn't even aware of it before you came into his life
with your guidance, shouto is learning and figuring out what he likes, he's very grateful for your patience and help
since shouto is still getting used to all of this, he finds himself liking small touches a bit more than other ones
even the smallest of touches make his heart beat faster and face warm up, you think it's really cute how easy shouto gets flustered
it's usually you who initiates physical affection but shouto wants to change that, he's just not sure how to do that, he wants to make you flustered too
so one day he decides to try that, he's still a little unsure what to do but with you, everything will be fine
you two planned to hang out in his dorm room after classes, you decided to surprise shouto with his favorite food, cold soba
with the dish in your hands, you knock his door then shouto answers quickly, knowing it's you
he looks down to your hands when he smells the soba and let's himself smile, you told him multiple times to not hold back his emotions when he's around you
his happiness makes you smile too, however your smile turns into a surprised expression when shouto slowly leans in, your noses touching and his cold breath hitting your face
shouto rarely initiates kisses, he must have been really happy, you should surprise him with cold soba more
however shouto doesn't kiss you, you open one of your eyes to look, shouto is still in your face but instead of kissing you, he gently bumps his forehead onto yours and whispers a 'thank you'
you close your eyes and smile, pressing your own forehead to his and whisper back 'of course'
after the romantic gesture, shouto lets you into his room before someone sees you two acting so sappy, those gestures are for private after all <3
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izuushi · a day ago
A/N: ya authors going through it tbh
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya: forehead pressed to yours, reminds you how to breathe. “in through your nose out through your mouth yeah? just like we talked about before. there you go, just like that. good job.”
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou: king of distraction. will talk to you about anything or everything to keep your mind off of what’s going on. “what are you making for dinner tonight? oh steak i love steak how do you season/cook yours? really? wow i’ll have to try that.”
Tumblr media
Shouto Todoroki: uses logic to talk to you. “no sweetheart you’re not dying i promise. just control your breathing yeah? just like that see? you haven’t slept or eaten anything that’s why you feel like this. just have some water and then we can get something to eat, okay?”
Tumblr media
Keigo Takami: this man has TRAUMA so he knows what’s going on before you do. “dove you’re having a panic attack. it’s okay. just take some deep breathes with me. your hands tingling is normal okay? it’ll pass i promise you’re not dying.”
Tumblr media
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th0tfairy · a day ago
Uhhhhh so I’m having some thots abt rich boys bakutododeku where Deku is the son of movie director afo, bakugo is the son of a fashion designer, and shouto is the son of a professional boxer and they’re all bratty as fuck and try to flex on u with their daddy’s money lmfaooo and honestly cannot stand one another and lose their shit when they find out you’ve been fucking them behind their backs????
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thunderheadfred · a day ago
❄️Todoroki HC's🔥
Tumblr media
Aged-up pro hero Shouto. NSFW under the cut. Minors do not interact.
- - -
Might as well be tied with Bakugou for the #1 pro hero spot; they seem to pass the crown back and forth every other year. Everyone knows about their intense frenemies uber-rivalry. Well. Everyone but Shouto.
He's asked to speak at a lot of charity events. If he has time to prepare (and hire a speech writer) he is capable of stirring crowds to standing ovations. But if caught unawares... he gets cornered into hilarious on-the-spot interviews. He's been memed. Mercilessly.
He's an OP character, but unfortunately he rolled -500 in fashion sense. Eventually he wises up and hires a stylist. When he finally cuts his hair a slightly different and even more flattering way, it's a national event. People faint in the street.
Does god-awful sleight-of-hand magic tricks when he meets young fans, even though nobody asked him to. The second-hand embarrassment is palpable. But he keeps doing it. God, why does he keep doing it?
Has hovering arm syndrome in every fan photo.
Super into pop music. Not a fan of any particular group or artist, couldn't tell you the name of a single song. But every time he turns up the volume on the radio it's like... really? THIS? Probably pumps that shit through his hero agency to keep up morale. Has no idea what you mean when you tell him his music taste doesn't match his personality.
Similarly, he enjoys brainless romantic comedies and old silent movies. Doesn't laugh at jokes but loses it over physical comedy. Thinks Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd are the funniest people who ever walked the earth.
He's long and limber. Runs practically a hundred miles every day just to "relax." Doesn't even get sweaty doing it. A filthy yoga addict. He'll probably live to be 200 years old.
He can regulate his body temperature for quirk use but in everyday life he's always half a degree outside the Goldilocks zone. It drives him quietly insane; he has an epic love-hate relationship with his thermostat.
Has a therapy animal pet. Doesn't matter if it's a dog or a cat or a bird or an iguana or a teeny tiny rodent. It's the best-behaved animal in the country and speaks more languages than you. It has its own room and an instagram account with millions of followers.
Lives in a traditional Japanese estate that doubles as a national treasure. Probably has government-appointed snipers at the gate, and he's just like, "don't worry about it." You are afraid to touch anything. Fuck, don't even look at anything, just to be safe.
Has an outstanding personal chef who only gets to cook five things unless (thank fuck!!) company comes over. Impossibly picky eater. He rotates between a few "safe" foods and suspiciously side-eyes everything else. If you cook something unfamiliar for him it will be the most awkward meal of your life, because he'd never tell you he doesn't like it. But oh lord, just look at his face.
This clashes directly with his love of traveling. Frequently uses his hero earnings to visit exotic foreign locales over long weekends... but rarely tries the food.
- - -
A grey-ace demisexual disaster. You could count the number of people he's been attracted to on one hand. He falls madly in love every time and always gets his heart smashed to pieces when his crush can't magically intuit the meaning of his frigid longing glances and generically courteous romantic gestures.
Which is stupid, because he gets propositioned constantly. He can't walk out the door without being flirted with. People keep slipping him their phone numbers and he always directs them to his agency like a moron. It's a good thing he will never understand how attractive he is because that's the only thing keeping him from total world domination.
Conventional attractiveness does not compute. Shouto doesn't have a type, doesn't care that he's an eleven whilst you are merely mortal. He will fall for your personality above all else.
Probably falls head over heels because your schedules overlap in a completely ordinary way and he witnesses you doing something endearing or brave or most likely: utterly mundane.
Pick a favorite, because you're his favorite coworker, or his favorite barista, or his favorite random bystander in line at the grocery store. You made him smile once; then he spent the next three months daydreaming about your future together before you accidentally stomped on his foot, initiating your first real conversation.
He's big on healthy communication. HUGE. He goes to therapy and it shows. Will talk through literally everything to the point of delirium. Sometimes his dedication to resolving every issue right away can get overwhelming; sometimes you just need some frickin time alone. But it pays off, because the two of you have practically never have a "real fight." There's just no way for bad vibes to fester.
STILL, his family wasn't exactly... erm... verbally or emotionally supportive, shall we say. For that reason, he might not give you all the compliments you deserve, because it simply doesn't occur to him to do so. He assumes you know how he feels. If you're self-conscious or insecure in the relationship, it might take him a while to notice. But when he figures it out (or even better, when you tell him directly) he will make it up to you with enthusiasm.
Will take you on lavish dates. Spoils you rotten without actually intending to. He's clueless about money. If you wanted a sugar daddy, you just hit the fucking jackpot. But if the word valet makes you uncomfortable, perhaps suggest some romantic picnics instead. He can still go all out with the food and five-star location without making you see cartoon dollar signs.
Chronic Insomniac. Stays up too late watching YouTube every night. His viewing history is an incomprehensible blur of k-pop music videos, serial killer icebergs, and super girly crafty ASMR channels. When he's watching a video, he is unreachable. Please call back later and try again.
He's disgustingly cute when he sleeps. Doesn't snore, but drools. Sometimes the drool freezes and leaves frost trails on his face in the morning. Still sleeps with the giant stuffed cat pillow that his mother gave him when he was like, zero. He'll inadvertently suffocate you with it, and you will welcome death with open arms because awwwwww!!!!!
The first time he tells you he loves you will be after your traditional Japanese shinto wedding. You won't hear it again until you start a family. Honestly, it's a good thing he doesn't say it often and is always holding you when it happens. It's a knee-buckler.
- - -
I don't even need to say it. Shouto is as old-fashioned as they come. You will never open another door or pull out another chair for yourself as long as you live. He will ask before he holds your hand. He will ask before he kisses you. He will stop and check in if you so much as breathe funny during sex.
If you don't orgasm at exactly the same time while staring into one another's eyes, he'll consider himself a failed lover. God forbid you want him to pound you into the futon... cause you are going to have to present that scenario to him in writing first.
Physical intimacy rarely leads to sex. He loves cuddling, craves physical affection. He'll sprawl all over you and turn into goo while you hold him close. He's an amazing, astounding, phenomenally good kisser. And that's... nice and all... but sometimes you have to grab his face and say, "Shouto, I'm horny," before he's like so that's why you're currently dry-humping me?
Even if he isn't technically a virgin the first time (or the millionth time) you sleep together, you won't know the difference. He's a blushing violet. Every. Fucking. Time. This doesn't mean he's a bad lay, oh no. But there's always ten minutes of confused bumbling before he hits his stride and remembers oh yeah, I DO know how to fuck good.
Absolutely silent during sex. Focused. Intense. Sometimes you have to push him a little to make any kind of noise at all, just so you know you're pleasing him (oh don't worry, you are).
His cock is Just Right. Not to big or too small. Perfectly proportioned and symmetrical. Somehow pretty. Like a fucking factory prototype. It truly is not fair.
Gets handsy and restless at night, even if you both have work the next day. Seems to crave sex at three in the morning. You've given him more than one exhausted handjob.
Gets offended if you don't cum. Will go down on you for hours. Of course he uses his quirk to tease you. He doesn't typically use it during actual intercourse, but he's all about foreplay, and he'll use every tool in his arsenal.
His sex drive is completely fucking unpredictable. Sometimes he's all over you, other times he's an icy slab. His line of work leaves him busy and stressed on a near-constant basis, so you can't entirely blame his personality for this one. Just give him some time and help him take care of his basic needs. He'll come back around soon enough.
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shotorozu · a day ago
hello! how are you? Hopefully you’re doing fine! But may i request for todoroki and bakugou where their s/o does the trend in tiktok where they’re cutting cucumbers, carrots, sausages while syncing the lyrics to “happier” of olivia rodrigo.. ty!!!
‘‘happier’ with what?’
character(s) : bakugou katsuki, todoroki shouto (bnha)
based off this tiktok
legend : [Y/N = your name] they/them pronouns used; gender neutral, quirk not mentioned
headcanon type : crack, fluff (x reader)
note(s) : i didn’t know what you were referring to until i stubbled across the trend on my fyp 💀 i decided to do this one because two characters 🤩 and im kinda busy working on another thing— but then i also didn’t wanna disappear for 6 days like last time (and also because i had more inspiration for this idea)
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
this trend appeared on your fyp, and you decided to do this, because all of the reactions looked way too funny for you to skip out on
plus, it’s a relatively harmless tiktok prank— compared to the other pranks you’ve pulled on him, it’s not like it’ll endanger the stability of your relationship
the most it’ll do is have him wincing and uncomfortably squirming because yeah, implications and innuendos 💀
you said you were going to make another tiktok, and that you wanted him to watch you make it
and katsuki acted like he didn’t, care at all like “🙄 do what you want, just don’t drag me in”
but then, he ends up follows you— just to watch whatever you’re about to do. like i’ve said in the past, he doesn’t actually hate it when you bring him into your tiktoks.
raises an eyebrow, questioning when you pull out the cutting board from the drawers, and a mini knife
and a raw hot dog from the fridge
“the fuck’s the hot dog for?” he asks from the sidelines, but you smile— propping your phone up to rest against the kitchen counter
then you start filming, the song resonating throughout the kitchen— katsuki thinks he’s heard of this song before
but the thought’s immediately discarded when he sees the frequent stares you’re shooting at him, cutting the hot dog up with specific slices
and the way you speed up with your slices, as you recite the lyrics “i hope. you’re. happier.”
“why would i be happier—” is what he tries saying, but the sound of your tireless chopping cuts him off
your chopping doesn’t slow down in the slightest, and his expression scrunches up at the sight
he’s confounded because what the hell are you doing 🤨❓ looking at him while chopping a hot dog aggressively
he finally intervenes “what the fuck- stop that shit, you’re not even chopping it correctly!”
without harming you, he forcefully takes the mini knife, aligning the remaining pieces of the hot dog into a straight line, cutting the hot dog in his way (the correct way, basically)
katsuki finally looks over at you, and his face is like 🤨❓❓❓he’s bewildered by your sudden burst of laughter
you end the tiktok, which also him to actually question you “what’s so funny?” he asks firmly, and rightfully so
who wouldn’t question their s/o, who just walked into their kitchen, started vigorously chopping up a hot dog, and then laughed like a madman 💀❓
and then you explained it all to him— the trend, the song meaning and why you were shooting stares at him while chopping up a hot dog
katsuki’s like 😐 ‘why would i be happier with some extra? who’s not even in the damn picture??’
“so that’s why you were chopping like that?” honestly, he’s more concerned about your chopping skills— katsuki says you should know better since he drags you into the kitchen whenever he cooks something
“wait, you weren’t concerned about the fact—”
“i mean, now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s shitty.” he squints, referring to the trend’s implications “i think i take more offense to the idea of you using a hot dog of all things.”
“because you know i’m way bigger than some hot dog—”
“i didn’t lie, now help me clean up this clusterfuck.”
Tumblr media
todoroki shouto
similar to the scenario with bakugou— you came across the trend on your fyp
at first, you didn’t exactly get it. but when it finally came to you, it made you fall onto the floor, crying from laughter
you then scrolled under the sound for more reactions. you saw all kinds of versions (cucumbers and sausages) and they were all equally fun to watch
so you wanted to do the trend too— and yes, your boyfriend was going to be your subject, since all of his reactions are so amusing and authentic
it’s also because the thought of todoroki shouto cringing over a sausage being torn apart makes you giggle like a 12 year old.
you weren’t sure if he’d understand the innuendo, or if he’d react at all— but you decided to take your chances :))
waiting for you to settle down, shouto sees your movements to and from the kitchen. with his interest quipped, he asks “what are you up to, love?”
“oh, i’m gonna make a tiktok,” you mention with a smile, knowing that he’s interested
“can i watch?”
“you’re more than welcome,” you go back into making the impromptu setting for the tiktok, and you smile when he stands by your side
there’s a mini knife, a cutting board, and a banana sitting on the counter. so seeing all of the cooking materials, shouto assumes you’re going to make a snack for tiktok
he’s more than wrong
though he’s curious, he chooses to not verbally question you about this— i mean, all of the context clues are there, so what is there to ask?
then, you start filming, the audio’s clear as day, and it definitely surprises him. the song doesn’t sound very.. upbeat.
“but she’s beautiful,” you go along with the lyrics, taking a look full of ‘emotion’ at him as you make an incision, “she looks kind” you make another cut in the banana
“she probably gives you butterflies,” your actions against the banana grow more and more forceful, and he’s just left staring.
“i don’t know who ‘she’ is, but no, it doesn’t give me butterflies.” you ignored his comment, and proceed with the chopping like normal though you did want to cackle at his comment
he really said ‘it’ instead of ‘she’😭
shouto’s slowly growing more bemused by the second, because one— who’s ‘she’ 😃❓ who are you referring to? what are you referring to??
and two— why are you cutting up the banana with so much force? did you wake up wanting to cut a banana up with all of your might?
he’s worried about your insinuations, and he’s reviewing, reliving everything he’s done that past week, even though his face is like 😐 on the outside
but at this point, shouto’s worried about the chance of you hurting your arm💀
he’s on the right track, because you started chopping up the banana with such intensity, while emphasizing the lyrics with a chop
now, you’re not even looking at where you’re cutting anymore— and you’re just cutting wherever the knife lands on the banana
so your concerned heterochromatic boyfriend intervenes, finally “love, you’re gonna hurt yourself,”
unlike bakugou in his scenario, he carefully takes the mini knife away from you— grabbing your wrist so your oddly aggressive chopping would halt
“chop like this,” shouto demonstrates like a cooking show 💀 cutting the poor banana slowly, and with caution
this is the breaking point, because you burst out laughing— which makes him stop everything
like,, he knows he’s sorta slow at some moments, but HUH 😃❓❓ literally what? is the punchline?? pls tell him, or he’ll suffer
“i know i’ve said i was getting better at understanding the punchlines but.. could you explain?” and of course you explain, because he’s so genuine with his curiosity
you explain to him that it’s another trend on tiktok, and no you weren’t mad at the banana, and no you weren’t making a cooking tiktok with sad music
and that the banana was supposed to be his 😳🥵 /hj (for the second emoji)
he laughs when you’re done explaining, “i was starting to think i did something hurtful.”
“no of course not, i just wanted to see your reaction!”
“as expected,” he shows you a small smile, pressing a kiss onto your temple “but you can’t do that ever again. with that kind of force, you might lose a finger or two.”
you smile at his scolding, “yeah yeah, i won’t cut up my bananas like that again.”
he’s not worried about you implying that his 😳🥵 was like a banana because he knows it’s nowhere close to one 💀
the tiktok blows up once again, gaining 800k likes and 1.2M views. since everyone is thirsty for your tiktoks that feature the two of you but they’re mostly there for his reactions
the comments being like ‘love how he’s not offended about the banana 🤩’ ‘dude the way he held them 😔🖐 haha im so lonely’ ‘are you sure.. his thing is like a banana 😃❓’
the comments were super funny lowkey invasive but still funny and it came to the point that you and shouto spent 3 whole hours just,, reading all of them
but because of this trend in particular— shouto now monitors your activities in the kitchen and especially when you’re cooking while making tiktoks
Tumblr media
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eijisho · a day ago
Got a notif and saw you wanted requests!! I really liked the hcs you did of kinks for some of the boys, so could I ask for something similar with Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki?
omfg u have my notifs on🥺 ure the sweetest bby🥺🥺 mwa~
NSFW under the cut! minors do not interact! 18+ only!
warnings: fem!reader, breeding, choking/breath play, sex toy usage, roleplay mention, (all characters are aged over 21!)
Tumblr media
midoriya i. | breeding
izuku has fat breeder balls, we know this. we also know that he loves kids and would be the best dad on earth... meaning that he will fill you to the brim every chance he gets. lots of talk of 'stuffing you full' and how you'll be his 'pretty little mommy'. izu researches all the best positions for reaching deep into your womb; he never fails to hit home again n' again, making your eyes cross and brain melt. he'll ask if he's doing good or if you need more with big, oblivious puppy eyes, not knowing that he's perfectly fucking you to sleep <33
bakugou k. | choking/breath play
katsuki has amazing self control. except, of course when it comes to you. when hes fucking you nice and deep with a heavy hand clinging to your throat, he doesn't know how to stop himself. you both lose all rationale when it comes to breath play. he adores seeing the little face you make when your mouth is gaping and you're breathing heavily due to your airways being squeezed so tight. katsuki claims that 'your pussy feels tighter this way' and that he can feel you clench so sweetly around his cock when you struggle to inhale. he's so obsessed that he wants you to try choking him too.
todoroki s. | roleplay/toys
shouto's biggest turn-on is seeing his pretty girl in tiny outfits that barely cover your body; the less fabric, the better. he also loves the thrill of 'acting' out a scandalous scene with you, he prefers the fantasy of it rather than taking actual risks in public. and he'll help you shop for toys weekly, spending his prohero paycheck to buy vibrators n' plugs. his favorite thing is watching you melt on his cock with a vibe buzzing your clit to over-sensitivity. shouto can't live without hearing his angel babble about how everything feels like 'too much'.
Tumblr media
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pink-imagines · a day ago
requests: Hello! For the prompts would it be ok for me to request passionate kisses and dancing with each other with Todoroki? Thank you and have a nice day or night! :) (from @gravity-gacha) - good afternoon miss ace! may i please request touching prompt 15 with todoroki shoto? just wanted to say i think your writing is beautiful (especially for todoroki, but generally as well) and i love your blog 💕😍💖 (from @gingerbreadmonsters)
a/n: i really enjoyed writing this, thank you for the requests they made a wonderful combination!
warnings: nothing except for tooth-rotting, sweet, fluff
mha masterlist
hq masterlist
requesting rules
touching 15. dancing with each other kissing 6. passionate kisses
Tumblr media
The water was cascading over the rocks by the sea shore. As a mirror to the sky, the ocean was colored in hues of pink and orange. Your feet stood in the warm sand as you took a deep breath to take it all in. With your eyes closed you felt your body relax as you breathed out. "Isn't it nice..?", you muttered out. Your words were almost drowned out by the waves but luckily Shoto was always a good listener. He hummed in response, his arms were still wrapped around your middle from behind and his head was resting softly on your shoulder. Finally, it was summer and you were going to enjoy it until the very last moment. As the sun started setting the many colors of the sky waltzed together until they finally became a dark blue, dotted with white lights. "It's getting dark, we should get going.", Shoto said and, to your dismay, let go of you. The two of you had been out for dinner by the sea, and took a romantic walk along the coast. Now it was time for you to go home, sleep while cuddled close to each other, and then wake up the next morning to go to work. You didn't want this moment to end, you loved your work but you couldn't say that you loved it more than you loved him. Shoto took your hand and started leading you back to where you came from, the walk to the car which would lead to the ride home... which would lead to work next morning. "Can't we stay for a few more minutes?", you took his hand in both of yours and stopped him from moving any further. "Last time we stayed out too long on our anniversary you complained the next morning.", he chuckled, "You'll thank me tomorrow, now let's go."
You whined, you pouted - but nothing hindered him from pulling you towards your boring tomorrow. He knew it too, what was to come. But unlike you, he had learned to accept it. To be honest, he wanted nothing more than to pause time with you and live here for an eternity. He loved this particular moment and he wanted to stay there. However, Shoto was a realist and knew that couldn't happen.
It was almost too dark to see anything now. The moon could be seen in the waves just as the sun had a few moments ago. Too many moments. Moments wasted with walking, in your opinion. You wanted to stop him and kiss every inch of his body, showing him how much you appreciated him. In your favor, you heard music playing from one of the nearby restaurants and it gave you an idea. For one last time you stopped his steps by grabbing onto his arm. When he turned around he saw you with a big grin. "Can't you dance with me?", you swayed his arm side to side, "Like we did on our wedding." He knew he had recognized the song. It wasn't the song of the first dance, but one that had played later on in the evening. "Sweetheart...", he sighed with a smile, "Here? Now?" "Here. Now.", you nodded and wrapped your arms around his neck, "No one can see us anyways." He gave you the look. The "you know I can't say no to you" look. A small smile, eyes gleaming, and his arms wrapped around your waist. He thought it was stupid, but you looked so incredibly happy to spend this stupid moment with him. You were about ready to burst from happiness. It wasn't anything like your wedding, there was nothing that could match that night, but it was just close enough. The two of you swayed around in the sand, and you swore you could stare into his eyes forever. "Do you know what we can do when we get home?", you said suddenly. "Go to bed? Get well rested for tomorrow?", he suggested but you shook your head. "Me... you... bathtub...", you tried containing your big smile by biting your lip but you were failing miserably, "Hm? How does that sound?" "It sounds wonderful, darling.", he nodded, "But we need to get up early tomorrow." "Can't we forget about tomorrow right now? We're here. You can't see tomorrow, but you can see me.", you chuckled. "... and it's a wonderful sight.", he admitted and leaned down. "I'm wearing red lipstick, you'll get it all over you.", you put you index finger against his lips to stop him. Shoto guided your hand to caress his cheek, kissing you palm softly before putting his hand back on your waist. "I don't care, no one can see us anyways.", he mimiced what you had said before. His forehead was leaning against yours. Your bodies had stopped swaying to the music like they were before. Shoto's eyes were pleading, wishing, hoping, that you'd let him kiss you. And how could you say no? You were the first to lean in and close the distant. As soon as your lips met your eyes fully closed, enjoying a moment of pure bliss. His lips were soft and moved slowly. Your noses bumped against each other, and you realized that you hadn't kissed in a while. Shoto's tongue traced your lips, which you parted. The kiss grew more heated, but kept the romantic feeling and it was evident that there wasn't any other motive but this. Your heartbeat grew more rapid and the hand that was resting against his cheek made it's way to his hair where your fingers made nest. His hair was so soft and you let your other hand wander up into it. Shoto broke the deep kiss, letting you both catch your breath, but he pressed small pecks to your lips which made you break out into a smile. "So...", you started and pressed another kiss to his lips before continuing, "... bath? How about it?" "You've convinced me...", he muttered against your lips, "But if you're face has that much lipstick all over it then I'm scared what I look like. Let's go home, hm?" "You do look really silly.", you admitted with a quiet laugh, "... I love you. Thank you for dancing with me." "Why wouldn't I?", he grabbed your hand to keep leading you to the car, "I love you too."
mha permanent taglist: @theoceanphoenixhasrisen | @raven-r0ses | @darkbeautyswife | @sondering-thoughts | @gowoneandonlyone | @bnhabadass | @queenblackcat | @jayetheanimefreek101 | @witchy-anna | @cutest-celestial-princess | @missymysa | @karebear5118 | @weebartistinc | @crystal-lilac | @brithedemonspawn | @gravity-gacha |
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simpforsadbois · 2 days ago
Dumb Luck
Tumblr media
From anon: Hi, I've had a shitty few days with terrible luck and I hoping a request for you could make things better. Just a simple Shoto x reader story where the reader regards Shoto as her/their lucky charm, because he makes them feel less cursed and actually valuable. (I'm really venting here, but I hope this gets your inspiration flowing, it doesn't have to be very long.)
Date: 6.10.21
Warnings: none
Word count: 2.3k
A/n: I’m so sorry that it took so long to get to, but I hope you enjoy and I hope things are going well for you, anon 🖤
“All right, class, we have a new student. I trust that you will all make her feel welcome.”
Your new home room teacher was addressing the entirety of Class 1A, but he kept his intimidating gaze squarely fixed on a shorter looking boy with purple balls atop his head, who was clearly squirming under Aizawa’s stare.
Making a mental note to avoid whoever that boy was, you scanned the room to peer out at the faces of your new classmates. They all looked nice, save for one blonde boy who’s face seemed to be permanently transfixed in a scowl.
Maybe you should avoid him too? And that’s when you saw the most handsome face you had ever laid eyes on for the very first time. His hair was two-toned, red and white. His eyes were also heterochromatic and one was framed with a large scar, but both seemed to gleam as he offered a gentle smile toward you.
“Go ahead and introduce yourself and then feel free to take your seat at the back of the class next to Todoroki."
That’s when you noticed the empty seat next to him. You cleared your throat, trying to fight off the blush that was creeping across your cheeks.
"Hi, my name is Y/n. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all."
You smiled as you took in some more of your new classmates faces, feeling reassured by the bright smile on the face of a green haired boy who just might have been an actual cinnamon roll in disguise.
"What's your quirk?"
Your attention was called to a girl with horns and pink skin, who also offered a reaffirming smile in your direction.
"Oh, uhm, I have a telekinesis quirk."
Tucking some hair behind your ear, you shifted on your feet as you were about to take a step toward your assigned seat when another male student with bright red hair called out.
"What? That's so manly! I mean--not that you're--that's not what i meant, you're really pretty actually I--," he scratched at the back of his neck, his face flushing the same shade as his crimson hair. "I mean can we see your quirk? If that's okay with you?"
Aizawa sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose as he took a seat at his desk, shaking his head at the awkward exchange that he would rather just not acknowledge.
You laughed it off and blushed in response to the red head's compliment.
"Uh, yeah, if that's okay?"
Looking over at your teacher, he exhaled and nodded, his stoic expression returning to his persistently tired features.
"Oh, and uh pick a number between 1 and 10,000"
Setting your bag down, you nodded toward the boy and watched him bare his sharp teeth as he momentarily paused to think and then nodded in response to your request.
"Okay, I got it."
Maintaining eye contact with him, you focused on his thoughts while activating your quirk to lift his backpack off of his seat, guiding it toward the front of the room with your hands, before returning it to it's rightful place.
"Whoa! That's so cool!"
He grinned in awe as he watched his backpack settle behind him once again.
"Y/n?" The green haired boy had his hand up, looking perplexed, but also so polite as he waited for your attention. "Why did you have him pick a number?"
You smiled as you physically picked up your bag, slinging it back over your shoulder.
"Oh, because there's kinda two parts to my quirk, but actually, could you pick a number? I don't know if I wanna repeat the one he picked."
You watched the red head blush as he shrunk back in his desk, before glancing back at Todoroki, who eyes were still intent on your frame.
"You can tell Todoroki for confirmation, so you know I'm not faking."
He perked up a bit at the sound of you saying his name, the corners of his lips turning up in a shy smile before he leaned over, so that the boy could whisper his number in his ear.
"Got it?"
You smiled at Todoroki, his small smile making your stomach do flips before you found the will to look away from him and back and the other boy.
After a moment of concentration, you announced your guess.
"4,389. Right?"
His green eyes went wide and an excited smile broke across his freckled cheeks.
"Whoa, are you psychic? Telekinesis AND telepathy? That's so awesome! Oh my gosh, can I ask you some questions after class, so I can write some not--"
You nodded, blushing a bit at his enthusiasm. You've always enjoyed your quirk, but no one had ever reacted quite as energetically to it and the rest of the class seemed almost as amazed as him.
"Wait, what was Kirishima's number?"
The perpetually angry looking blonde boy's face twisted in curiosity as you moved to take your seat.
"It was uh, six thousand, nine hundred sixty-nine. Right?"
Your voice was barely above a whisper as your quickly scurried toward your desk, not missing the deep shade of red Kirishima had turned before the blonde boy smacked his arm with the back of his hand.
"Is there some significance to that number?"
Todoroki's gaze followed you as you took your seat beside him, ignoring the laughter that had erupted throughout the classroom, much to Aizawa's chagrin.
"Oh, uh, yeah it's uh--I don't quite know how to explain it though. Uhm," fidgeting in your seat, you slung your bag over your chair before turning somewhat sideways, angling yourself in your seat to face him, keeping your voice low. "Do you not know why the number 69 is significant?"
His expression seemed to only grow more puzzled as he cocked his head further to one side.
"No. I can understand why 6,969 would be significant, seeing as it's 69 repeated, but I don't see why that number i--"
A boy with yellow hair, striped in the front with a bit of black leaned over, interrupting Todoroki's query.
Suddenly, his eyes grew a bit wider and he nodded slightly, the faintest hint of a blush creeping up on his cheeks.
"Oh, I see. Okay. I can see why that would be funny."
His smile was small and somewhat reserved, but it was adorable and the sight of it made you giggle.
"Yeah, that's why I didn't wanna go with his number. Didn't want anyone to think that I was a perv or playing a gross joke or something. I'm not trying to start off on the wrong foot here."
He cocked his head slightly to the side again, turning somewhat in his desk the way you had to better face you.
"Well, I think you have made a good first impression. I like you."
Your cheeks may as well have gone up in flames, you could tell they were beet red.
"Oh, uhm, thank you, Todoroki."
Clearing your throat again, you hoped the excess color would drain from your cheeks in the time you took to stare at the floor beneath your desk.
"You can call me Shoto."
His hand awkwardly extended toward you after a brief pause, flashing in front of the view you had of your feet beneath your desk.
You reached out and shook it carefully, feeling an icy coolness in your palms that you were grateful for as you felt your hands clam up.
"It's really nice to meet you, Shoto. You're uhm, you're so much nicer than anyone I ever interacted with at my last school, so uh, thank you for that."
His brow furrowed in confusion as you both retracted your hands.
"What do you mean? They weren't nice to you? Why?"
You shrugged shifting your weight to rest your elbow on the desk, accidentally knocking your unprotected cell phone straight off the desk, which mercifully landed on top of Shoto's bag, which had fallen to the floor, no doubt saving your phone from what would have been a thoroughly cracked screen.
"Oh--! Oh, wow, I thought that was going to end up broken for sure. That would have been my just my luck."
"Maybe your luck is changing. I hope your experience here at UA is different than it was at your previous school. I'll do my best to make your time here more positive."
His smile was somewhat sheepish, but genuine and for the first time in a long time, you felt comfortable around your peers. Maybe transferring schools was a good idea after all.
//Two Weeks Later//
"Dang it!" You huffed as your hurriedly threw your books into your backpack, scrambling to get up from the desk in the library.
Shoto calmly looked up at you in your frenzied state and stood, beginning to pack up his things as well.
"Where are we going?"
Throwing your bag over your shoulders, you nabbed the last of your books off the desk and made a move to start toward the door, but stopped when you realized Shoto was getting up to follow you.
"I completely lost track of time. I have to catch the last bus to go and pick something up downtown and I think I'm about to miss it."
He nodded and stepped toward you, following you out the library doors.
"Sometimes the buses run a little late. Maybe if you're lucky, it won't have come yet."
You scoffed and rolled your eyes at his suggestion.
"Yeah, sure. Look, I will give you fair warning now; I'm one of the unluckiest people in the planet. The odds are super slim of even something small going wrong? My luck dictates that absolutely EVERYTHING will go wrong. At this point, I'm nearly convinced that a witch cursed me as a baby or something."
He shrugged, coming to a halt at the curb as a bus slowly began to pull up.
"I told you."
Your mouth gaped slightly as you shook your head.
"Okay, wow, well I'm glad you were right about the buses running late."
"I meant about what I said about your luck changing. I hope you've been having a better time here than at your last school. You deserve to, Y/n."
He stepped back and gestured for you to enter the bus ahead of him, a small smile playing on his lips.
"Oh, uhm, I--uh, I hope so."
You climbed up the steps and nearly tripped up the small flight of stairs, but his strong hands steadied your hips from behind before anyone could notice your falter, keeping you from making a fool out of yourself in front of a nearly packed bus.
"Thank you, Shoto."
You scurried toward the first set of open seats that you could find, letting your hair dangle in your face to try and conceal the heat on your face.
"Sorry, I, uh--," Shoto took a seat beside you, actively trying not to let his muscular thigh brush against yours, which was virtually impossible on a crowded bus, "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable with the way I touched you, I--I just didn't--didn't want you to fall or anything."
Feeling a bit more brave in sensing how nervous he was over the interaction, you relaxed and let the arm and leg that were already pressed up against him in the tight quarters press against him a little more intentionally.
"It's okay, I appreciate you not letting me make an absolute fool of myself. Seems like you're always around to help me in that regard."
Giggling, you began searching for the nerve to look up and make eye contact with him.
Hearing him mumble something, you decided to dig deep and look up at him with a curious smile.
"Hmm? Did you say something?"
His left side was giving off more heat than usual as you noticed he was blushing too, scratching the back of his neck nervously with his right hand.
"Dumb luck, I guess. That I'm always around when you need it. I'm glad I can be, I hope I can, uh, continue to be. If you, i-if you would let me be around you more often lik--"
He was rambling, clearly nervous, and it was an adorable sight to see. Further emboldened by his demeanor, you shifted your weight to lean against him, brushing the back of his hand with yours.
"Are you trying to ask me out, Shoto?"
His expression went blank as he nodded, save for the adorable flush on his cheeks.
"I am. Did I do it right? Or---wait, did you read my mind?"
You shook your head as your giggled, knitting your fingers together with his.
"No, I didn't need to."
He smiled, shifting his weight to lean against you as he rubbed the back of your hand with his thumb.
"How did you know then?"
You shrugged playfully before resting your head against his shoulder.
"Dumb luck."
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nocturnalazura · 2 days ago
I need something with Shoto and a chubby reader🥺
I gotcha baby don't worry!! 18+ Minors Do Not Interact
This was supposed to be short, but I kinda got carried away. I’ve been a little insecure lately so here’s insecure chubby reader with reassuring and soft Shoto.
You Belong Right Here With Me
Warnings: mentions of self doubt, Oral (Fem receiving) vaginal sex, unprotected sex.
Wc: 3.4K
Tumblr media
It's always kind of amazed you that you ended up here. The strong arms of one of the most attractive heroes wrapped around you holding you against him, fancy suits and elegant dresses everywhere you look. It's rather nerve racking at times, you're not like them, you don't fit in here, but Shoto never thought that he just wanted you to be with him. Heroes float around the two of you making conversation, congratulating Shoto on his most recent win over a villain. They all smile at you politely and give the obligatory "Hello, how are you?".
You fidget softly with your jewelry, ignoring the way some of the other heroes eye you. The feeling of eyes boring into you finally becomes too much to take. Tapping Shoto's arm softly you point towards the bar in the corner of the room. He gives you a small nod and kisses your temple before releasing you to go back to his conversation.
Silently you walk towards the bar avoiding eye contact, you know they don't think you're good enough. Almost every single hero in the room wants your boyfriend and honestly you can't blame them. He's grown up so much since his days in UA, muscles that were carved by the gods, face soft but serious all at once. Shoto Todoroki was everything all in one pretty package with a caring personality as the bow on top. And you were just here, you weren’t the perfect thin little girl that should be wrapped around his body. No you were soft curves and full cheeks, your skin wasn’t flat and pristine but littered with faint stretch marks. They were right, you did not belong with Shoto.
“What can I get for you?” Chirps the overly happy bartender.
“Um, just a glass of white please.”
He nods making quick work of grabbing the fancy wine glass and pouring the drink before handing it over to you. Smiling, you offer a small nod and turn to walk back over towards Shoto but stop when you notice the group of female heroes that have now surrounded him. Your stomach twists uncomfortably as you take a sip of your wine hoping it’ll calm the anxiety swelling inside of you. Of course it does nothing of the sort, it only seems to make it worse as you take a few more sips before returning the glass and making your way out of the ballroom and towards the bathroom.
As you walk down the hallway head filled with nothing but self doubt you don’t hear the footsteps behind you. A soft warm hand wraps around your wrist stopping you just as tears start to line your eyes.
“Where are you going, love? You disappeared on me.” Comes Shotos' calm, even voice.
He tugs gently on your wrist, coaxing you to turn around and face him. The small smile on his face quickly drops when you look up at him with soft teary eyes.
“Love? What’s wrong? Did something happen?”
He questions bringing his hands up to quickly cup your full cheeks and wipe the few tears that have fallen.
Shaking your head you move quickly pressing against his chest as more tears threaten to fall. His body tenses momentarily as he attempts to think of what could have happened. When your body softly shakes against him as more and more tears fall he easily relaxes and wraps his arms around you pulling you in tightly. Leaning down he presses his nose into your soft hair whispering soft reassuring words to you.
“It’s ok, everything’s ok I’m here for you. I’ve got you.”
His soft murmurs of love and reassurance calm the majority of the swirling anxiety that rushes around inside of you. As your breathing starts to even out and your body relaxes into him, he softly pulls away from you to press a warm kiss to your forehead before wiping softly at your smudged mascara.
“Do you want to go home?”
“I don’t want to ruin your night.” You mumble quietly. “We can stay just, I have to wash up.”
“You could never ruin my night, I’d rather see you smile than force you to be here. Now do you want to go home?” Shoto questions again.
“Yes please.” You whisper looking down at the carpet.
“Ok, stay here and I’ll grab our coats okay?”
Giving him a small nod you watch as he walks off back towards the coat check. As he goes you quickly make your way to the bathroom, wetting a small paper towel you carefully wipe the little black streaks of makeup making sure you look a little more presentable. Self doubt swirls around again as you take note of your red puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks. Taking a deep breath you turn and head back out surprised to see Shoto already waiting.
“Here you go.” He says quietly, wrapping his own coat around your shoulders. “Come on Love, let’s go home.”
You pull his coat tighter around your shoulders as he leads you out of the building towards his car. The scent of his cologne wraps around you as you bury yourself in the fabric, it gives you the same sense of safety as being pressed into his chest. Stepping around you he opens the door and helps you in before rounding the car to get in the driver's seat. Starting the car he reaches over easily, lacing his fingers with yours and bringing them up to press a quick kiss to your knuckles without taking his eyes off the road ahead of him. His thumb smooths over the back of your hand as the car speeds through the streets towards your home.
You chew on your bottom lip quietly as Shoto hums softly as you get closer to your home, until you finally pull up to your apartment complex. Pulling into his parking spot he kisses your hand one more time offering you a small smile before letting go of your hand and stepping out of the car to help you out as well. The elevator ride up the apartment is quiet and oddly tense, Shoto has a hand on your lower back but makes no other move to look over at you. He leads you down the hall to your door before unlocking it and pulling his coat off your shoulders.
“Come on.” He says after you’ve both kicked your shoes off, taking his hand you allow him to drag you towards the bathroom where he grabs you and lifts you, setting you on the counter top. “Stay.”
Nodding you sit there watching him move around to grab a soft cloth before wetting it and slowly wiping your face clean. His eyes are soft as they look over your face
“Can you tell me what happened earlier please?” Shoto asks, stepping in between your thighs to kiss your forehead softly.
“M’ not good enough.” You mumble quietly.
“I’m not good enough for you.”
“Y/n, you think you’re not good enough for me?”
“I know I’m not, Shoto look at you and look at me. I’m not the pretty thin hero you should be with I’m.”
“Perfect.” Interrupts Shoto. “You are absolutely perfect. You are my everything, do you understand?”
You can’t help the hot tears that burn your eyes as you look up at him. “But I’m not.” You manage to warble out as fat hot tears roll down your cheeks. “W-when we go o-out to th-those things they all look a-at me weird because they know I-I don’t fit in.”
“Y/n why didn’t you tell me you felt this way? They don’t have to think you fit in because you’re mine, and you fit with me. I don’t need you to look like everyone else. I love your body.” He says kissing you sweetly. “I love these pretty round cheeks and the way they bunch up when you smile at me, I love that you don’t have a perfect flat belly and that you have these gorgeous hips. Your curves are perfect to me.”
“But Shoto.” You sniffle helplessly.
“But nothing Love. Your thighs are my favorite pillow and you know that, I love the way you look. You are everything I love every little piece of you. Y/n you’re my world, no one else can ever compare to you. I don’t care what anyone else thinks about us because I love you. I wouldn't change a thing about the way you look.”
A soft sob escapes you as your vision blurs at Shoto’s words. You can’t help but pull him towards you as you sob into his chest. He pulls you in close, tucking your head under his chin allowing you to let out your feelings. His hands rub soft circles against your back hoping to help calm you down. As the minutes pass your crying slowly comes to a stop as you let Shoto’s warmth envelop you and ease your mind.
Pulling your head away from him finally you pull him into a long kiss and mumble a small. “I love you.” against his mouth.
“You’re my world and you are so so beautiful to me Love. Don’t ever forget that ok?”
“Thank you Sho.” You say with a soft smile. “You always know how to make me feel better.”
“Of course love. So you feel a little better?”
“Yeah a lot better.”
“Good, now come on.” He says as he pulls you against him, lifting you up effortlessly and carrying you towards your shared bedroom. “Can I show you how much I love you?”
“Yes please.” You say quietly.
Pushing the bedroom door closed he sets you down in front of the bed. Leaning down he tilts your head up to pull you into a long deep kiss. You happily melt into the kiss, moaning slightly as his hands wander your body groping and kneading. A hand easily finds the zipper on your dress, pulling it down and helping to ease the fabric off of you. Once your dress has been kicked to the side it’s only a matter of seconds before Shoto is shedding his own clothes and stripping you of the last of yours before picking up and tossing you gently onto the bed.
“How can I not love this body? Look how gorgeous you are.” Groans Shoto before pressing his face into your chest to pepper soft kisses around your breasts before pulling up to thumb at your hardened nipples. Crashing his lips into yours he swallows the little gasp you let out when he tugs and twists at your sensitive nipples.
Pulling away from you he works down your body peppering soft kisses across every inch of skin he can. His hands follow him down, happily fondling your soft plush body, his fingertips are hot as they press into your skin. Looking down at him you’re surprised to find him already already looking up at you, nothing but pure lust and love swimming around his heterochromatic eyes.
You never break eye contact as he finally ends up settled between your legs.
“God I love these thighs, the feeling of them squeezing around my head when I eat this pretty little pussy.” Groans Shoto before he begins biting and sucking little marks into the soft skin of your thighs. With every harsh little bite he cools his tongue down just a bit to help sooth them, you feel his little huffs of laughter when you sigh and your thighs tense at the cool sensation.
Giving you no warning he licks a long cool strip up your soaking slit groaning at how wet you’ve become. He relishes in the way your legs tenses up and squeeze around his head softly as lets his tongue press into your soft wetness. His nose presses and rubs against your clit as swipes and prods at your hole. You reach down to tug at his hair as he circles your clit with the tip of his tongue before carefully wrapping his lips around it to suck softly. Shoto lets out a low moan as your legs tighten around his head at the stimulation reveling in the little squeal you let out at the vibrations.
He circles the tips of two fingers around your entrance collecting the slick that’s gathered there before easing both fingers into you. With practiced ease presses the pads of his fingers into your spot before working them in and out of you and at a calm pace. It doesn’t take long before he has soft moans falling from your parted lips as his fingers and mouth work over you. Lithe fingers easily scissor inside of you, tongue lapping and circling your clit before soft lips wrap around it and begin sucking lightly. Within minutes he has you falling over the edge moaning helplessly as your thighs squeeze around his head at the rush of pleasure that you’re plunged into. His mouth pulls away from you but he keeps his finger moving within to help you ride out your orgasm.
“Shoto more.” You whine pathetically. Giving you a soft smile he pulls his fingers free before wrapping the same hand around his hardened cock, using it to quickly spread the excess slick across his length. Leaning down for a kiss which you eagerly return as he pushes into you.
Shoto takes his time splitting you open, allowing you to feel every inch of him until his hips are flush with yours. Heavy balls rest against the curve of your ass as he allows a moment for you to adjust before he grabs your legs and nudges you to wrap them high up on his waist. Once your legs are firmly wrapped around him, he takes your hands, lacing your fingers together as his forehead rests against your own.
“You are my world, my perfect beautiful baby girl. You were made for me.” Whispers Shoto as starts with a slow roll of his hips. You let out a quiet sigh as he fills you to the brim again. He’s always been a welcomed stretch inside of you, splitting you open repeatedly and angling his hips allowing him to hit all the right places with little effort.
With every steady slow thrust you feel every inch of him plunge into you, pressing into the little spongy spot that has you seeing stars. Shoto tucks his head down next to your own allowing you to hear the quiet pants and grunts he lets out as your velvety walls clench around him. Little moans fall freely from your soft lips as he rocks into you at the just the right angle.
The warm woody scent of his cologne and warmth of his body surrounds you in a content fog. His hands squeeze your as he speeds up his pace letting the muffled sound of his hips hitting against yours fill the room. “I’ll make sure you know you’re beautiful, I’ll tell you every day for the rest of my life.”
Shoto suddenly releases your hands and taps your legs signaling you to let them fall from his waist. Once they fall back to the soft bedding he grabs them and slowly presses them up towards your chest, holding them there as he speeds up his thrusts again.
“Fuck, look how pretty your tits look bouncing around when I fuck you like this.” Mumbles Shoto with a few pointedly hard thrusts. Heavily hooded eyes stare down at you, transfixed on the way your soft body jiggles with every slap of his hips. “Hold.” He commands.
He pauses momentarily waiting for you to grip your legs holding them up for him. His hands fall towards your center, thumbs delicately tracing along the spot where your cunt stretches around him. He lets out a soft grunt as he watches his cock disappear into you before pulling out admiring the ring of your slick that appears at the base. He quickly brings down a thumb to rubbing quick circles against your clit smirking down at you as your legs twitch and tremble in your hold. Your fingertips dig into the plush skin on the back of your thighs as your toes curl at the stimulation.
“Let em go baby, it’s ok just lay back and let me take care of you.”
Nodding up at him you release your legs letting them fall over the top of his thighs allowing your mind to focus on him. You’ve always loved the view of Shoto hovering above you. Hair falling haphazardly around his face, heterochromatic eyes nearly colorless as his pupils expand and soft pink lips parted as small pants and grunts creep out. Gorgeous blue and grey eyes scan over you smiling softly as moan his name with each powerful thrust and swipe of his thumb.
Clenching around him you get to admire the way his mouth drops open as your walls squeeze around him tightly.
“Shoto I’m so close.” you whine softly up at him. Sighing as your walls clench around him again he nods softly.
Shoto leans back down covering your body with his once again, letting the scent of his cologne and body heat cover you. It wraps you in nothing but love and warmth as he takes his time with you. You feel the rhythmic slap of his heavy balls hitting against the soft curve of your ass every time he bottoms out within you. He’s always filled you so perfectly, thick cock pushing your inner walls apart, blunt tip pressed snuggly against your cervix as heavy balls rest against your ass, throbbing ready to fill you.
“Fuck, good girl. I love you so much.” Moans Shoto as you walls clench around him as his thumb swipes at your clit.
You whine up at him as he laces the fingers of his free hand with one of your own. Crashing his lips against yours he easily swallows the high muffled moan of his name you let out again. Your legs wrap around his waist helping to pull him in closer forcing him deeper inside of you. The slightly calloused pad of his thumb rubs tight fast circles against your sensitive clit. “Hah, that’s it, that’s it Love, can feel you trying to milk me. You can come fuck whenever you want its ah ok baby.”
At his permission your walls flutter around him sporadically pulling the both of you closer to the edge. It doesn’t take long for you to be plunged into your orgasm. Your legs clamp around his waist, toes curling, and back arching up towards his chest as you gush around his cock helplessly.
“That’s it love, that’s my good girl.” He whispers against your lips as he helps you ride out your orgasm. The wet squelch of your cunt echoes throughout the room with each powerful thrust. “You are so perfect my love, made for me in every way.”
Your moans quiet down as your orgasm tapers off into a calming bliss. The little puffs of air escape Shoto’s parted lips letting the warm air ghost against your skin. His brow scrunches as your inner walls pulse around him helping to edge him closer to his own end. The hand jammed between the two of you pulls free to come up and lace your fingers together again as his hips speed up helping him seek out his own release.
Fortunately for you, you get to see the exact moment he hits his peak. Soft pink lips drop open with a low groan, eyes fluttering shut and hands squeeze your own as he tumbles over the edge. His hips press against yours as he fills you with hot spurts of cum, they give a few finally small thrusts before finally stalling. The only sound in the room is Shoto’s soft pants from above you. When his eyes finally open again to look down at you you’re met with nothing but pure love and adoration swimming within them.
“You belong with me, Love and anytime you think differently I’ll prove to you that you do understand.”
“Mhmm” You hum out softly, afraid to open your mouth as tears are sure to follow any true words. The last kiss Shoto gives you of the night is filled with nothing but pure love as he attempts to put all of his feelings into one final act to prove how much he adores every inch of you, and when you fall asleep next to him nothing but his soft and sweet words fill your mind for the rest of the night.
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eijishimas · 2 days ago
Congrats on 1K!!! Could I ask for Shouto with praise and body worship (I’m in a very soft mood, hehe)? And just a normal pro hero AU is fine. Thanks in advance!!!
it’s no worries, hun <3 sorry this took so long, since i had my hiatus and everything but i felt a little soft for shouto today, so here’s some morning fingering
1k event masterlist.
Tumblr media
There were some days where you rarely saw your husband. Shouto would usually come home late, bloodied and bruised from hero work that day only to retire to your shared bed hours after filing paperwork that his sidekicks had left for him to complete during the evenings. He was a busy man, being the third pro-hero according to the ranks and all. There were hardly any moments Shouto got time to relax, to truly settle down and pay attention to what he loved most: you.
Mornings were a blessing to the both of you. They were slow, and you both needed them to be. You two were in no rush, you nestled within Shouto’s arms and his head tucked away in the nape of your neck. Your back was pressed against the muscled chest he had built up over the years of strenuous hero work. You let out a strangled sigh as his hand disappeared beneath your panties, your legs rubbing together as liquid heat pooled low in your tummy. “Shouto,” you hummed with satisfaction, your fingers finding purchase in his two-toned hair.
“I love it when you say my name like that,” he whispered into your ear, hot breath tickling your skin. His voice still held that groggy rasp of the morning. His other free hand skirted up your figure, relishing in all your natural dips and curves. Gentle fingers traced stretch marks, birthmarks and beautiful intricacies of your body. “All of you is so gorgeous, my love,” he murmured, lips latching onto the pulse point of your neck and making your entire body jolt with electricity. You tugged his hair involuntarily, his middle finger of his left hand continuing to draw languid circles on your clit. “You’re being such a good girl for me, aren’t you princess?” he praised in a low voice as your hips lurched forward greedily. You wanted more of him. You wanted him inside of you. And yet, with his hand massaging your breast and pinching your pebbled nipple, you could barely breathe.
“Say my name again, princess,” Shouto chuckled, though you could feel the outline of his cock grinding against your clothed ass. “Sh- Sho…” you began only to be cut off by your own whine as Shouto slipped in a finger within your tight cunt with ease. “Shouto!” you wailed, another moan being pulled from you by your husband. You were drenched for him, your body quivering and keening to his every touch. You shimmied backward, the curve of your ass allowed for Shouto to have the most delicious friction. He curled his finger, adding a second one as a little reward for you. “Fuck,” he swore, but from the way he said it, you could tell he had a bit of a grin playing on his face. You giggled, feeling the coil within you tighten as you chased your impending orgasm. With his fingers scissoring within your squelching pussy, you knew you wouldn’t last much longer.
“Keep going like that. You feel so good squeezing me with your sweet cunt. Just a bit longer, my love. Then I’ll clean you up real nice with my tongue. You’d like that princess, wouldn’t you? My perfect baby, all for me, all mine. Doing so well just for me. Fuck, I’m so lucky.” Shouto was awfully talkative in the mornings, but you didn’t mind. It only gave you more of a reason to adore lazy mornings with Shouto Todoroki.
Tumblr media
all works © eijishimas 2021. do not reuse, modify, or repost.
@lonleyweeb77 @cynthus-no @stoopidnekobish @kiridarling @baku-deku1 @damnitcrowley @foruthemoon @justanotheruselessextra @kurokowrld @cosmic-waves7 @amaejiki @pasteldaz3 @xxcarvingmyskinxx @katonshoko @shiggysvixen @kleeixe @senapioq
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2dwhorxx · 2 days ago
Bakugou,Todoroki and Midoriya seeing your stomach stretch marks for the first time
Summary: You have decided that you’re ready and comfortable enough to show them one of your biggest insecurities and this is how each of them would react
Characters: Katsuki Bakugou,Izuku Midoriya,Shouto Todoroki
(gender neutral reader)
Warnings: One swear word
Hope you enjoy :)
Bakugou sees the anxious look on your face as you reveal the multiple line patterns on your stomach
At first he thinks they’re scars from a recent mission but you inform him that they’re apart of you and how you were scared to show him for a long time
“I thought you’d see me differently” you try and hold back your tears while staring into his eyes
Hes a little confused on why you were scared because he see’s them as a sign of strength
“You’re fucking badass don’t let these make you see yourself any differently.” He says as he wraps you into his arms and fluffs up your hair
You laugh and say “thank you”
You tell Midoriya that you have something meaningful to show him
Knowing Midoriya you know this caused him to over think and get anxious
The day before you wanted to show him he seemed on edge and kept on persisting that you gave him hints on what it was (you didn’t give him any lol)
The night you were ready to show him, he was still anxious but happy at the same time
You show him the beautiful marks on your stomach and describe why they’re meaningful to you
you see the nervous look on his face come to an end and he smiles
You didn’t think he would react that way so this caused you to break down in tears
Midoriya starts shifting and now he’s as confused as before
He doesn’t know what to do so he just quickly pulls you in for a hug and whispers “shhh it’s okay” while rubbing your back
(This ones a little bit longer)
It’s the middle of the night, you and Todoroki are playing card games
You’re having fun and suddenly get the weird urge to ask him about his face scar
“ hey Shouto, I have a question to ask you” you say
“Yeah what’s up” he’s says calmly
You’re scared to ask but go for it anyways
“Do you ever get insecure because of your scar?”
Todoroki stares at you for a while
You can’t tell how he’s feeling towards the question because it’s always so hard to read his facial expressions
“oh I’m sorry if that was a insensitive question, I was just wondering”
“mmm no it’s fine” he says calmly
You still don’t know how he’s feeling but then he says, “My scar given to me by my mother defines who I am and what I’ve been through as a person,so being honest no it does not make me feel insecure”
You both sit in silence after hearing what he had to say
You’re relieved that he isn’t upset at your sudden question and this allows you to finally want to show him what you’ve been hiding for a long time
“I have something to show you Shouto” you say quietly
You’re scared to show him but after what he had said about his scar it makes you a little more confident to show him your marks
“What is it” he says with a little curious look on his face
“I kind of have something similar to your scar, it’s not quite the same but I still want to show you.” You say
Todoroki nods his head slightly
You slowly pull up your shirt and show him the stretch marks on your stomach
His face goes from looking curious to looking a little empathetic
You get a little self-conscious so you quickly put your shirt down
Todoroki raises one of his eyebrows at you in confusion
“sorry if this is it awkward but I’ve been wanting to show you this for a while now but I’ve never had the courage to because it’s some thing I’m insecure about”
You start to tear up a bit
Todoroki doesn’t think that the moment was awkward and really sees it more as you opening up to him about some thing that you aren’t confident about
He sees it as you trusting him enough to show him
Todoroki appreciate you showing him your marks and smiles as he wipes away a tear falling down your face
“For some reason I thought you’d see me differently because of my marks”
“maybe it was just me being paranoid” you sniff while looking down
Todoroki slowly lifts up you face and says “scars, marks, and everything above is what makes you you, you’re not ugly just because you have them, matter-of-fact there what makes you stand out in a beautiful unique way.” He says still smiling but looks a little more serious this time
You look up at him, “thank you Shouto” you say smiling
Todoroki nods his head as he slowly leans back onto his chair and easily goes back to his calm collected nonchalant face
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duskjelly · 2 days ago
What the bnha boys love you doing
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugo x reader
Eijirou Kirishima x reader
Shouto Todoroki x reader
A/n: It’s been a while since I posted so heres a random hc fic while I work on current requests
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Katsuki Bakugo
He loves when you randomly take his things without his permission, his clothes for when you’re cold, his notebooks for the class notes you missed, he even likes it when you take small things like his stationary to quickly write something down in class. He just finds it so possessive of you to act like whatever belongs to him belongs to you too, just as how he acts whatever’s yours is his
He loves when you compliment him. Katsuki’s a prideful man who enjoys praise from others. It feeds his ego and character, not to mention it makes him feel like a fucking king. So when his own s/o who’s words he cherishes most compliments and praises him he can practically feel his mind going on ecstasy. You like his cooking? From tomorrow onwards he’s preparing you a homemade nutritious bento everyday for you and him to eat at lunch. You like watching him train? He’d make sure he’d only train when you’re free to visit him and watch him all you like
Another ego booster for him that he loves is when you ask for his help. He loves knowing the fact that out of all the people you know that can capably help you with your problems, you come running to him first before anyone else. It makes him feel like the he’s the best out of all those damn extras who you know because he’s the only one that can fix your problems
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Tumblr media
Eijirou Kirishima
He loves when you’re positive about yourself. He knows you’re not the most confident in yourself and often put yourself down, so whenever he sees you actually being positive about yourself and being confident he can’t help but feel so proud of you for being so damn strong and beautiful
Another thing he loves is when you constantly hold physical contact with him, be it romantically or not, even just standing next to him with your arms brushing against each other or your hand on his shoulder casually makes him feel fluttery and warm. Somehow it feels somewhat personal to him, to have you touching each other casually as if it’s nothing shows him how comfortable you are with him
Something else he loves you doing is wearing his clothes, especially the ones he wears more often like his gym clothes that he is often seen wearing or his favourite t-shirts. Just seeing your cute frame in his loose clothes that look massive on you makes him feel all happy and blushy to see his lover struggling to fit in his clothes. When you wear his favourite clothes the affect is only 10 times greater, his once favourite shirt quickly becomes his best and most favourite shirt after you wear it, all because of how whenever he wears it later on he can’t help but think of what you looked like when you wore it
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Tumblr media
Shouto Todoroki
He loves when you hold his hand first before he even has to ask you or try hold your hand himself. Todorokis usually someone who takes things to a literal sense, and ever since his friends started making jokes about him being the ‘hand crusher’ he was cutely anxious about actually getting to hold your hand. That sigh of relief and small smirk visible on his face whenever you hold his hand spontaneously always make you melt, because you know how much hes melting behind that cold exterior of his
Todoroki loves when you let him spoil you, he just wants to make you happy, but he’s not the best at physical affection and words of affirmation, however with gifts? He knows all the things you want and memorises all the things you take occasional glances that last too long at from the outside of store windows when you go on your dates with him. He may not be able to give you a romantic speech like those guys he always sees on things like dramas, but he hopes that his meaningful gifts to you convey his words for him instead. It’s why he enjoys it when you overcome your shyness when receiving so many gifts from him, especially when you don’t have something to give back to Todoroki. He just wants to spoil you thats all
Another thing Todoroki finds adorable is how when you’re walking beside him, cuddling up to his side, occasionally you’ll randomly switch sides and start cuddling up to his opposite side instead. He finds it so cute how sometimes you get too cold from cuddling to his cold side, so you go to his hot side to warm up a little, doing the same reversed for when you’re too hot and want to cool off. Just watching you switch from one side to the other is adorable to him. Sometimes he’d use his quirk just a little just to see you switch sides with him
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rainxox0 · 2 days ago
MHA Headcannons : Lover Who's the Daughter of All for One
This seemed like a good idea.
Warnings : Abuse, manipulation, implied character death
The Shouto and Momo stories really wants to make me write a series. Tell me if you would like that.
- Ever since the death of your mother, you father seemed to lose all the love in his heart (if he somehow had any in the first place)
- He wasn't abusive, just... not a father
- You weren't really aware of the world outside of where you lived, as your father kept you isolated, probably in fear of losing you, too
- You were sick of it
- You snuck away one day
- You eventually got lost
- Then you met a nice boy with broccoli colored hair
- It was an immediate connection
- He was already nicer to you in the first few minutes of your meeting than your father had been all your life
- His name was Midoriya Izuku
- You were invited to hang out with him and his friends
- You gladly accepted, wanting to make some friends, as Tomura wasn't the nicest person to you
- You were accepted into the group immediately
- You all went to an amusement park
- Izuku asked you to meet him again, which you accepted
- You kept sneaking out to see Izuku
- One day, your father found out, as Tomura let him know
- He forbade you from ever leaving again, claiming that he'd kill the people you were with
- By then you found out who your father really was
- You escaped, wanting to find Izuku
- It led you to U.A.
- You practically begged to be let inside, but of course you were denied
- Izuku saw you, however, and got you inside
- You frantically told him what your father had said
- Izuku promised that you'd be protected
- There was a villain invasion a few days later
- It was clear what they were there for
- You, obviously
- You wanted to turn yourself over, but Izuku convinced you not to
- The villains were driven away, and you were safe
- But you knew they'd be back
- You had no idea who your father was
- All you knew was that your mother despised him
- You had a stepfather, who you considered your real dad
- You were practically forced into U.A.
- There you met Ochako
- You two instantly became best friends
- You realized your feelings for Ochako helped you come to terms with your sexuality
- Planning to confess, you made a pretty love letter
- You asked Ochako to meet you on the roof, which she agreed to do
- You gave her the letter, and it turns out she wanted to do the same
- You two started dating from then
- Your family loved Ochako
- One day, you received a letter claiming to be from your father
- Skeptical, you decided to talk to Ochako about it
- She advised that you didn't go to the address listed on the letter
- You agreed not to
- You forgot about it for awhile
- Until a villain invasion
- A villain named Dabi claimed they were coming to get you to for their boss, All for One
- The reveal...shocked you, to say the least
- They even provided proof, a picture of you, your mother, and AFO
- You had no other reaction than to be angry
- Dabi received a brutal beatdown
- Ochako was there to comfort you afterwards
- She assured you that your heritage didn't define you
- You told your mother about your discovery
- You didn't hold it against her for keeping his identity from you
- Ochako and you had a nice cuddle session
- Tenya almost had an aneurysm upon meeting you
- You were the exact opposites in every way shape and form
- "Because I want to?"
- A lot of eyerolling
- You'd rather deal with him than you mom, to be honest
- She was quite the alcoholic
- When she was drunk, she often ranted and raved about how much she hated your dad
- His name slipped a few times, and you knew who he was
- "Shigaraki screwed me! Screwed US! Now I'm stuck here, a miserable bitch!"
- She wasn't an abusive drunk, just a sad drunk
- But back to Tenya
- It became obvious that you two had some chemistry
- You enjoyed how secure he was
- He kind of liked the bit of adventure you brought with you, though he'd never admit it
- You two warmed up to each other
- He very formally asked you out, more like a business proposition than anything
- You gladly accepted
- You talked about your families
- Turns out he just wanted to make his brother proud
- You could relate
- You didn't want to end up like your father, so you were trying to make you mother proud by being a hero
- During the next villain invasion, you two fought side-by-side
- Meeting Tomura allowed for your secret to be revealed
- There was no point in denying it
- When Tenya found out that you knew, he was, shall we say, irate
- "Y/N! Your father is ALL FOR ONE?! Why didn't you tell us?!"
- "I didn't want you to view me differently..."
- He apologized for losing his cool
- You promised that you wanted to stop AFO as much as any hero
- Tenya promised to help you
- You two made it your mission from then on
- Your father was mentally manipulative
- Your mother running away to be with a hero made him paranoid that you would defect
- He would lie to you about the outside world
- You could trust him, and only him
- You believed that until your teen years
- You saw a lot of bloodshed when he killed people who didn't follow his orders
- He'd beat you when you "misbehaved"
- He didn't take your Quirk, as he viewed it as useless
- What would simple telekinesis due?
- One day, the base was overrun with heroes
- You were captured
- When it was learned that you weren't really a threat, the heroes decided you should attend U.A. in an attempt to "reform" you
- You weren't evil, just brainwashed
- You were an outcast, as being a former "villain", you should've expected that
- Constant nightmares plagued you at night
- You ate lunch alone one day, until a group of students came to sit with you
- You were part of the Dekusquad from there
- The one who caught your eye the most was Todoroki Shouto
- He was the son of Endeavor, who you father said was a heartless monster
- Shouto would all but confirm it when you two had a conversation about your fathers
- Shouto would be the one to open your eyes to the outside world
- Shouto would help you work on your telekinesis, helping you figure out that it was powered by anger
- You learned to focus the anger you had at your father into your powerful abilities
- You went from barely moving books to being able to hold up buildings
- The villains would attack the school, and by then you were more than capable of defending yourself
- You beat the shit out of Tomura, proclaiming that you were never going back
- Shouto was lowkey proud of you for standing up to the abuse you faced
- You thanked him for making you stronger
- You two started dating from there
- Your father raised you to be the perfect assassin
- It was always a competition with Tomura
- He was somehow always better than you
- You just wanted to make your father proud
- You had to convince yourself that he loved you
- Because he did, right?
- Even after the punishments from his Quirk, you just knew that he loved you
- Your most important mission was to attend U.A.
- You were to take out the young heroes from the inside out
- One of the first people you ran into was Bakugo Katsuki
- While your father told you to try not to kill anyone on the first day, you were tempted to make his death look like an accident
- You knew you could
- Anyway
- You cursed out Iida for bothering you
- Bakugo practically forced you to eat lunch with him and his friends
- He fell in love with you from there
- You viewed him as a bother
- Though you gradually warmed up to him
- He treated you like you actually mattered, actively yelling at people if they even looked at you wrong
- It was nice
- The only time he was soft was when he was with you
- But you loved how strong he was
- You loved both sides, to be honest
- All the while, you were gathering information on the school
- You were aware of the upcoming villain invasion
- However you began to have doubts
- When it eventually happened, your secret was revealed by Tomura, who still hated you
- Though you blasted him away
- You declared you weren't ever going back, and that your father never loved you
- You felt loved here
- Bakugo wasn't even mad about your father
- Love at first sight
- Who wouldn't be attracted to the daughter of All Might?
- You two were a complete power couple
- Fancy dates were common, even if you were against them
- Momo truly cared about you, however, so she insisted, wanting to only give you the best treatment
- You genuinely wanted to spend the rest of your life with her
- Nothing could ruin your happiness
- Well
- So you thought
- One day, you were sleeping over at Momo's, when you two heard a noise downstairs
- Neither of her parents were home
- Turned out to be a break-in
- Nothing you two couldn't handle
- What surprised you was that the perpetrators turned out to be Dabi and Tomura
- Tomura addressed you as his sister, which creeped and confused the hell out of you
- They explained why they were there
- You didn't believe them, obviously
- You and Momo were able to drive them out of the house
- You began to have doubts
- Confronting All Might, you demanded the truth
- Turns out, All for One had a child with one of his associates, but your mother wanted to give you a good future
- That's how you became adopted by All Might
- You ran out of the school
- You had a mental breakdown
- Momo eventually found you
- She comforted you as you explained everything
- Momo swore to you that you were nothing like AFO
- You were kind, compassionate, and lovely
- You believed her
- Momo assured you that she still felt the same way towards you
- To say you were thankful was an understatement
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: shouto todoroki x gender-neutral!reader
warning: fluff, slight angst, aged-up characters
w/c: 1.4k
summary: working one day in your dormitory, you noticed your boyfriend, shouto todoroki, is extremely fustrated, his violin case tightly in hand.
a/n: college au! college au! i love college au! this piece is for @miriobaby's university collab!
Tumblr media
Dorm life was something you’ve gotten used to in the last three years. You memorized the faces of each of your residents, some greeting you by the desk as they entered the facility with friends and family. Although you didn’t enjoy facing the roommate conflicts and noise complaints at life, you had to admit having free housing for doing this job wasn’t so bad.
Working the desk was often a common occurrence to you. Every Thursday, you lugged yourself down and would remain here until the wee hours of the night. When you got off your shift, there was only one thing going through your mind—going up to your boyfriend’s room to chill.
“Still stuck over there I see,” a familiar voice greeted. Kirishima looked down at your position, leaning onto the marble check-in desk. He was another RA that was very popular in this building. He always managed to connect with literally everyone like a magic spell. It was common to see him outside in the grass playing whatever sport he could manage with his friends and residents.
“Yeah, you know how it is. At least I don’t work this weekend. Must suck, huh?” you teased back. Kirishima’s toothy grin quickly formed into a pout—his ruby eyes losing the joyous sparkle they once had. He let out a sigh, letting gravity pull his head down.
“ just reminded me of that. I made plans too. Fuck..” he grumbled. He lifted his head up and shrugged.
“I guess it is what it is. Hey, I’m about to grab something from the cafeteria. Do you want anything?” he asked. You smiled and shook your head. Thankfully you had brought down a snack and your hydro flask to stay hydrated. Kirishima was always so thoughtful.
“No no! Shouto and I were gonna order some pizza and study some tonight. You know the drill,” you replied. Kirishima’s signature grin crept upon his tanned face again. His hand rubbed the back of his dyed scarlet hair, his roots much darker than the rest of it.
“Ohhh! I forgot. It’s the lovebird’s study night,” he cooed out, putting his hands together and pressing them on your cheek. You playfully rolled your eyes at his dramatic behavior. He couldn’t talk at all. You knew Mina was the one he had plans with this weekend. You figured you’d see her at the dorms this weekend because of it.
“Oh shut the fuck up, Eijirou. Fucking hypocrite,” you laughed. You were thankful to Kirishima for keeping your secret. RAs were under a strict rule that restricted them to date anyone in the building, regardless of if they were dating prior to the job. Kirishima was the one coworker who knew.
Just as the two of you were talking, a loud slam caught both of your attention. You leaned over trying to get a glimpse of the culprit, seeing Todoroki’s sour face. His dual-chrome eyes were hung low and narrowed, deep in thought. His eyebrows were furrowed tight, his jaw clenched firmly. The grip on his instrument case was extremely tight, his knuckles now white. His eyes momentarily reached your worried ones before he walked into the dorm, without saying a word to you.
Kirishima let out an awkward laugh leaning away from you. The happy atmosphere between you two dissipated.
“Trouble in paradise?” he asked. You let out a sigh rubbing your eyes for a moment to collect your thoughts. Todoroki was always the type of person who didn’t know how to deal with his emotions. He would always distance himself from you whenever there was an issue or problem going on with himself. As much as you wanted to help and be there for him, at times you felt there was a barrier in his heart—restricting you.
“No...I think one of his professors may have gotten to him. Hey, I’ll text you later okay? Say hi to Mina for me,” you called out. Kirishima nodded, eyes softening in pity momentary before walking out of the front doors. You reached over to your phone—a picture of you and Shouto smiling looking at you back. You exhaled, finger tracing over the boy who rarely smiles like this.
“...I hope everything’s okay, Sho…” you muttered out.
Tumblr media
Midnight greeted you rather quickly, as you collected your things as the person covering the night shift greet you farewell. Your backpack hung low on you, walkie-talkie poking by your pants as you headed up the flights of stairs to head towards Todoroki’s room. Todoroki managed to obtain a single-room dormitory, an expensive rarity at this university.
You stood outside his door, music pouring in on the other side. His violin was something you were always mesmerized by. Seeing him in concert halls, lights fixated on him as his bow ran past the various strings was a gift many people didn’t get the option to see. He was extremely talented in music, everyone knew he would go far. As a result, many of his music professors pushed him too hard.
The exhilaration and glee he once had, was fleeting quickly to stress and displeasure.
As you knocked on the door, the music stopped. It only took a few seconds for Todoroki to greet you at the door. He didn’t say anything, his face remaining how it looked like earlier. You walked in, placing your back by his desk. Music sheets were scattered across the floor. This wasn’t like him at all. He was always so neat and organized with his things.
“Shouto, what’s wrong? Did Professor Kugo say anything to you? Was it Inasa—”
“No…” he grumbled out, taking a seat on his bed. He buried his head in his hands, long hair shifting out of his once neat ponytail. Your eyes softened, feeling the frustration bubbling inside of him before sitting next to him. You placed your hands on his back, leaning your head on his shoulder. His muscles seemed to relax, tension slowly going away.
“...You know I’m here for you, right? For anything...just, you got to tell me,” you muttered, eyes focused on his violin. Todoroki let out a shaky sigh, letting silence settle in for a moment. His tongue went over his lips as he nibbled at the skin. You could tell he was battling with himself to tell you.
“...For our final project, I needed to create a 10-minute ballad. I…” he trailed off. He fluttered his eyes closed before looking up at the speckled white ceiling and turning his head towards you. You lifted your head off of his shoulders, seeing the soft look in his grey and cyan eyes. His frown remained prominent highlighting his sadness and annoyance.
“...I wanted to make a song dedicated to you. I wanted to highlight everything I loved about you and everything you’ve done for me in this song. No matter what though it’s wrong,” he admitted. He exhaled, shaking his head.
“I mean I changed this ballad over 5 times now and it still doesn’t seem right. I have to perform this in three days. I’m going to end up failing,” he muttered. You flashed a small smile, wrapping your arms against the boy.
“You are always so hard on yourself, Shouto. Don’t get caught up with being perfect. You’re not, and I love that about you. I’m not perfect either, so your ballad doesn’t have to reflect that,” you suggested. You placed your hand on his big one as he weaved them together.
“...As people we are multifaceted. There are always different qualities of us that are shown to different people and so on. You wrote 5 ballads, right? Maybe that’s 5 different qualities you see with me. That’s not to say all of them aren’t me, right?” you reminded. Todoroki huffed, the corner of his lips curling into a smile.
“I guess you’re right. I think I’ll clean one of them up tomorrow and begin practicing,” Todoroki stated. He leaned over, pressing a tender kiss on your forehead.
“I’m gonna need you to record it for me. I have to see you perform it,” you cheered. Todoroki chuckled, leaning forward towards his knees.
“You know I can always perform for you for free, love,” he mentioned. You laughed, letting your back fall against the mattress as it sprang up and down.
“I know...I know. You’re my beautiful violinist…” you hummed. Todoroki chuckled louder, laying his own back down with you. His arm snaked over, holding your waist close and pushing you towards his hard chest. The familiar beat of his heart vibrated on your hands, lulling you to relax.
“Just as you are my beautiful angel.”
Tumblr media
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